Brother fucks his stepsister in the ass until she cums

Brother fucks his stepsister in the ass until she cums
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Hi, name is Becky Miller. I'm 16 now, my birthday was last week, and i wanna tell you what I did to celebrate.

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For the past three years i've been feeling really grown up. My chest was really flat before that but after i turned 13 i filled out fast. My boobs are nice and big now, 32-C, and i've lost alot of baby fat cause i started running track when i got to high school. The guys all stare at me in class and tell me i'm gorgeous, and i think their right. My waist is only 20", and my hips have flared out this last year, to 34". When i'm feeling like a tease i twitch my ass as i walk down the hall at school, and i love the whistles they give me.

Last year after my fifteenth birthday i started dating this guy from down the block. He is alot older than me, like 22, but he was really cool, and he had his own apartment. My bitch of a mother hated it when he'd pick me up, she always yelled at us and we'd leave really quick, go over to his place.

I lost my virginity with him, and he made me realize how much fun sex can be. At first he was this really gentle lover, but after a week of nice slow screwing he told me he wanted to try other things with me, and i found out he was really kinky.

He scared me when he wanted to fuck me in the ass, but he wouldn't take no for an awnser. I had this really huge crush on him by this time, and he got me all hot and wet by eating me drove me wild cause he liked to softly chew on my pussy, and that would have me squealing and thrashing all over the bed.

By the time he started to put it in my ass, i had already cum alot from him eating me, and my asshole was real slippery cause he had been shoving his cum-drenched fingers up there for a while.

He had streched me so much with just his fingers that it didn't hurt, just felt really weird. I was surprised, I had always heard that it would hurt really bad. He was slow and gentle, and when he began to slide in and out, started to fuck my virgin ass, it was a real turn-on. And then he did it. While he was fucking my ass, he started to rub my pussy. I lost it. I squealed and came all over his fingers, and these waves of heat and cold were rushing through me, and i just kept gasping through one wild climax after another.

I have no idea how long he fucked me, cause I was too busy cumming to know. It was the best thing i had ever felt.something about a hot, hard dick in my ass and the sensation of something sliding into my pussy at the same time drives me wild. After that i talked him into buying a dildo for me, and we'd have sex almost every day.

I found it didn't matter wether he slid into my ass or my pussy, the dildo in me along with his cock was pure heaven. It felt so much better than regular sex.I enjoyed being stuffed full of hard cock, even if one was just flesh-warmed rubber.

I know "girls" my age aren't supposed to be so sexually active, but i think thats bullshit.

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I'm a young woman who loves to be fucked, not some silly little girl in the third grade. Another thing i learned when i was dating him was how much of an oral fetish i have.

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Something about taking a warm cock into my mouth, licking and nibbling at the shaft, and feeling the guy shudder when he fills my mouth with hot cum really makes me wet.

Even the taste.kinda sweet-sour like that hard candy you get from a gumball machine.i always liked those. He really loved it when i'd make him shoot his cum in my mouth.

He'd groan and shake, and i think his cock got really sensitive when he came.i'd suck and run my tongue over the head of it, and that drove him wild. After a seven months of sex every other day, he just dissapeared. I think i wore him out, or maybe he got bored with me and figured it would be easier to break up with me that way.i dunno.

And sex with boys at school is just kinda dissapointing.they don't care if i cum or not. Thats no fun for me. Before you ask Yes i'm on the pill.if not i'd be Soo pregnant by now.


I wouldn't have been that lucky for that long. So I turned 16 last week, and realizing that these younger guys were all alike, just out to please themselves with no regard for my feelings, i decided to look for an older man.

I had caught my uncle Rick staring at my boobs last Christmas dinner and at the family picnic, and it made me feel grown up and sexy. He's like 36 or so, and i always thought that was Soo OLD.but now i realize i was wrong.

He's really good looking, he's old enough to have gotten some experience, and since he liked to look at my body, maybe i could seduce him, even though having sex with me could get him arrested if anyone found out and blabbed.

So the day after my birthday i went over to his house. He's divorced, and he lives alone.

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I just skipped school and changed into different clothes at the gas station down the street from his house. I chose sheer stockings with lace tops, a thin white silk blouse that really showed off my puffy nipples and cleavage (no bra), and a loose green skirt that just hid the lace tops of the stockings, about mid-thigh.

I wore white sneakers cause i hate high heels and i looked like a whore in them. I almost left off the panties, a skimpy little lacy pair, but i thought i would look sexier in them if i decided to take my skirt off first. I looked kinda underdressed for my age but with my bookbag on my shoulder it wasn't too bad. Uncle Rick awnsered the door and his eyes went wide open for an instant. He recovered quickly though. "Hi Becky.", he said, grinning a little and giving me a hug. I stepped right up against him and hugged him good, crushing my breasts against his abdomen and kissing him briefly on the lips, not the cheek like i always had before.

He looked surprised again, his eyebrows rising as i pressed my body against his, and i grinned. Not letting go, i leaned back so he could look down my blouse, which he did. "Feels like my favorite uncle is keeping in shape", I said, and i rubbed my right thigh against his pant leg, running my nearly naked leg over his.

He looked embarrased and stepped back. "Uh, yeah, well.gotta stay in shape." He looked up and down my body, his eyes lingering on my boobs. He cocked his head to one side a little and narrowed his eyes. "Not skipping school today, are we?" I giggled and said "Yup.gotta be a bad girl once and a while." I leaned on the doorframe and teasingly ran my fingers down between my breasts, enjoying seeing his eyes follow.

"Mind if i come inside.? I wanna talk to you about something that's been bothering me." He stepped aside and gestured me past him. "Sure Becky.come on in. Want a soda?" I walked in and heard him close the door behind me. "Sure Uncle Rick.that'd be nice." I leaned back against the back of the couch to let him go by me. I saw his eyes flick down and realized that my skirt had slid up and revealed the lace tops of my stockings.

I looked casually to my left into the front room and sat back on the couch back, drawing my leg up so my skirt rose way up, but he tore his eyes away as he passed me and headed torwards the kitchen. Too bad, i wanted to see his expression when he saw how my panties had slipped in between my pussy lips.

I sighed and pulled them back out and proper like, then stood, wondering what to do next. "Want it in ice?", he asked from somewhere down the hall, probably the kitchen.


"Sure.thanks Rick." I went towards the kitchen, and found him with his back to me, pouring soda. He turned and sat two glasses on the table between us.

"So", he asked, sitting down, "What's bothering you, sweetie?" I put my backpack on my chair, picked up my soda glass and took a sip. "Boys at school, kinda", i said, caressing my tummy through the silky fabric of my blouse. He laughed. His eyes were on my hand, on my flat abdomen, as he said, "I bet the boys are crawling all over you, now that you're 16." He coughed. "Only when i let them, and they never seem to satisfy me", I replied, leaning forward to set the glass down.

He got a great look at my naked blouse fell down away from them as i leaned over and he saw them good. He heard what i said but it hadn't gotten through yet. I lifted my right hand to my chest as i straightened, my left going from my tummy down the front of my skirt a bit. His eyes were starting to widen as i caressed my breast through my blouse, pinching my hard nipple between my fingers as i continued, "After they cum they just forget about me.I've got needs too", I said, pouting a little.

Rick was staring at me, just realizing exactly what i had said. I licked my lips and dropped my right hand down, cocking my hips to one side and running my hand over my hip, down my thigh. "I've seen the way you look at me.", i said as i drew my hand up between my thighs, drawing the skirt up with it, ".now that i'm not a little girl anymore." I lifted my leg up and put my foot on the chair, my bookbag falling to the floor.

His breathing got faster, he seemed mesmerized as he watched me push my panties aside and slip a finger between my labia, pull it away glistening with my excitement. "I want you Rick", i said, grinning as i raised my finger to my lips and licked it, sucked on it.

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"I want a hard man who will fuck me hard, make me cum hard, not like these stupid boys i go to school with." I stood and moved away, torwards the front room again, tugging my skirt down as i walked. As it slipped down my legs and i kicked it aside, i heard his chair scrape back behind me.

When he came into the room i was so hot, so wet. He was still unsure, i could see from the way he hesitated. I began to rub my crotch against the corner of the couch back, my left hand undoing the buttons on my blouse as i caressed my bare ass with my right. My thighs were spread wide and i started moaning softly as i began to fuck myself against that couch, my desire taking over.

The sudden sensation of him against me from behind, the last button of my blouse flying away as he tore it open, was almost enough to make me cum. He was pressing against me, his arms around me, his big hands on my breasts, pinching my nipples. I moaned loudly as his hard cock poked the back of my waist through his pants.he buried his face in my curly brown hair and kissed my scalp.

I twisted around in his arms, facing him just in time to meet his hungry kiss. Rick slipped his tongue inside my mouth and kissed me softly, his hands on my breasts becoming more gentle, slipping one hand down to caress my ass. I dropped my hands to his crotch.soon his pants were undone and i was holding his amazingly large cock. I giggled through our kiss and broke away.

"God, Rick, this is the biggest damn cock i've ever held." I grinned up at him as i sank down to my knees on the carpet. "Wonder if it tastes as good as it looks?", I wondered aloud, licking my lips. "God, Becky.", he stammered suddenly, turning red.

"I can't let you do this." His protest turned to a groan as i licked the glistening drop of pre-cum from the tip of his cock, then kissed the head, letting my lips go around it a little, and caressing it with my tongue as i enjoyed the familiar taste. I pulled back, licked slowly along the underside of his shaft, then sucked breifly at the head again.

Grinning up at my uncle, i whined "Please let me suck your cock, Uncle Rick." Holding his cock with my right hand I took one of his balls in my mouth and caressed it with my tongue, sucking gently. He groaned.

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I kissed his cock again. It was wonderfully thick fingers didn't meet around the shaft. I giggled as i let go and reached around to caress his hairy ass. His prick bobbed with his heartbeat, inches from my mouth.

I breathed on it gently, making him groan some more. With my hands still caressing his ass, i took his cock into my mouth, and then supressing my gag reflex I let it slide down my throat.

He really groaned then, his hands going to my head but just to caress, letting me gurgle happily, in total control of my treat. I hummed and felt him stiffen, then I swallowed, making my throat muscles massage his cock, and driving him wild.

I pulled back to breathe and then licked my saliva from him, and giggled. "Fuck, Becky, where did you learn that? I almost came right woman has ever done that." He took my hands in his and pulled me to my feet.

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He ran his hand through my hair as we embraced there in his living room. I kissed his throat and smiled up at him. "So i've got permission to suck your cock, Uncle Rick?", I asked teasingly. He brushed the blouse off my shoulders and it fell to the floor. "Anytime, hon, anytime you like. I never dreamed my niece Becky was so naughty." He knelt slightly and took my nipple in his mouth. The feel of his lips on my breast as he sucked and nibbled was really erotic, and i whimpered slightly.

He drew back sharply.

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"Hurt?", he asked. "Nope. Was very good", i replied, taking his hand and kissing it, then placing it between my legs.

He grinned, and slipped his fingers under my panties, then inside me. I whined with desire as he easily slid one, then two fingers deeper and began to finger-fuck me slowly. I sat back on the couch back and spread my thighs wide. He paused to tear the panties at each side and then drew them down and away. Then his fingers were slipping back inside me, and i was moaning and swaying, totally into being fingered by my handsome uncle.

He knelt, and still fucking his fingers in and out of my pussy, he placed his mouth on my engorged clit and began to suck hard. I squealed loudly, sobbing tears as i came really hard. His fingers came out and his tongue went in, and that was twice as fantastic.

I was crying, it was one of the best climaxes i had ever had. I couldn't keep from grinding my cunt into his face, up against his wonderful tongue. About this time i lost my balance and flopped over backwards onto the couch, Rick keeping hold of my lower legs.

"Oh, wow, Oh fuck", i gasped as my orgasm faded. Rick came around and knelt beside me. "Having fun yet, darling?", he asked with a grin.

"Fuckin A baby", i replied with a giggle, sitting up. I could feel the thick cream that was oozing out of my pussy, and i pulled my thighs apart and stuck my hand down there, getting my fingers all gooey. I raised my hand and began to lick my juices off, staring at Rick. He grinned and slid onto the couch next to me. He put his hand between my thighs and caressed me, making me moan, then let me suck my cum from his fingers. That made him chuckle, and he leaned forward and kissed me for a bit, letting his fingers play with my pussy some more.

Even though i had cum alot already, my uncle fingering my pussy as he tenderly kissed me made me horny as hell after awhile. I began to moan and squirm, humping up at his hand. He stopped kissing and fingering my body to look at me with awe. "You can't be wanting more.not after you just came so many times." "Mmmmm.", i groaned in reply.

"I always want more.even soon after just having had some." I rose to my knees, pushed him back on the couch, and straddled him. I reached between my thighs and grasped his lovely cock in both hands. "You have a very nice cock, Uncle Rick, and i want it inside me now.please?" I lifted my hips and, placing the head between the lips of my pussy, let the big hood of it force me wide and go inside. I whined as i wiggled my hips, and felt more of his thick shaft go up into me. I began to pant, because it was bigger than i thought and it was hurting a little, as it streched my muscles and slipped further into my body.

I stopped and looked down, and realized i had less than half of it inside me. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Want more?.If you like it i'll write more.