Who want to swallow this up

Who want to swallow this up
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I stayed a little longer at the office to have access to the Internet at the computer, without anyone else there. After having checked for mails to me I went to one of the chat-rooms, a local one, and I went into the group that wanted to find a sexual partner. After having looked some time on the messages that went down the screen I felt that I had to do something special to get attention.

First of all I had to make me a name that would catch interest among the girls, especially those that would be interested in bondage. In Danish the word crazy is very similar to binding (knots) and the I further more asked for a BLIND(folded) date, and believe me a girl responded.


After some time corresponding name to name we got a little closer to each other and she agreed to call me by telephone. She was married but was out for an experience, and she had not believed herself reacting to those things I had put on print.

She was surprised that it had such a massive reaction on her. She admitted in the phone that she was already turned on. Her husband was on a business trip for some days and she had the possibility to have me come to her place.

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To turn her really on I told her a little about what I would enjoy to do to her, when I came to her house. But she had to do things in advance, first of all she should leave the backdoor open, then she should strip to only stockings, garner belt and a bra, and then blindfold herself and then wait for me to come.

At first she would not but I persuaded, and I could hear by the way her voice sounded in the phone that she was turned on even by the idea. Half an hour later I was in front of the house, went directly to the backdoor and had a single glimpse of her through a window, WOW, I could almost see her trembling.

As I opened the door and went in I said hello and she answered very fast, with an exited voice, she was ready! I did not expect her to have any rope or other playthings to this little event so I had brought myself in my briefcase. She was really exposed as she stood there in the middle of the living room.

I kissed her on the mouth, to make her know that what I saw, I liked. My hands went exploring her entire body, helped her breasts out of the bra and played with her nipples, both with hand and my mouth.

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Her breathing was very short, and as my hands went between her legs I could feel that she was dripping wet. it was time to tie her op! I opened the briefcase and took out the handcuffs and put it on her with the arm in front of her.

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There were no hooks in the ceiling, so I had to use a door instead. A string over the door and tied to the handle on the other side stretch her out, I ordered her to stand with the legs wide apart, and a second string around the door made sure that they were kept apart and made her feel that she could do nothing.

It was time to make her come for the first time, so I started caressing her body, her tights, her stomach and the lover part of her back.

My advantage is that I know a lot of those small points on a woman's body. But I had not to be "Einstein" to make her come with a lot of noise. Her legs could hardly carry her. After having "cut" her down I lead her to an armchair and once more she was tied with the legs apart and at the back of the chair and the over part of her bode bent over the seat, presenting her ass and count to me in the most useable way. Once again I started caressing her body but this time my fingers also went inside her two holes, searching for those spots of pleasure hidden there.

She did not last long; once again I could enjoy the sound of her coming. -- I was still fully dressed, but I felt that now it was time for me to have physical pleasure too. I unzipped my pants and made her still blindfolded, take my cock in the mouth. The way she sucked it told me that she had been more than satisfied with handling her the first two times.

I stopped her before I came I had something else in mind. - I untied her and lead her to the sleeping room, still blindfolded.

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I made her take off the diminutive wearings of hers and then I tied her up! Face down and the ass in the air she was ready to mount. But before I did, I took away the blindfold, the way she was tied gave her no possibility to protest and she was aware of that.

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I placed my cock in her pussy and started moving, what a feeling, hot, wet and open and eager to have me there. As I neared the time were I could not go back, I desiccated to finish in her ass.

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I started with a finger dipped in her own juices, just to make sure that she was open, and willing to accept my penetration, from the sounds coming from her I could hear that it was OK even she never had done it before.

As I penetrated her I could feel how she opened to allow my cock going into her ass. As I started mowing in and out she just came, trying to cut her noise down by eating the pillow.

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At the point I was I could not help coming feeling her coming, one of those few times were I felt that all of my spine went out through my cock. Do I need to tell you that she just hold me very close for a long time after I had released her from the ropes!


Just wait for the next time she feels like having a quest when her husband is abroad.