Spanische Schlampe mit Brille wird am Strand hart dicked

Spanische Schlampe mit Brille wird am Strand hart dicked
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I was nine years old the first time I kissed a boy. I enjoyed it so much most of the time in school I was kissing boys out of the teachers view. The feel of his lips on mine and the feel of his tongue in my mouth was mesmerizing and intoxicating.

A few months before my eleventh birthday I went to an end of summer party; a boy that I had dated a year before was there and we found a nice secluded spot and started kissing as if we hadn't stopped for a year.

That night was the first night I had ever let a boy take off my shirt and feel of my breasts and to kiss and lick on them. The stimulation from his mouth and tongue on my nipples stimulated me like not even I could do when I played with myself. My crotch got wet and warm like never before. From then until my freshman year in high school I was always kissing boys, letting them feel me up and lick on suck on my tits.

My last year before being a freshman in high school I gave a guy a hand job. His penis was beautiful. Some of my other girlfriends had done such things with their boyfriends but they all said their boyfriend's dicks were ugly and they hated doing it.

I didn't I was in a trance as I watched my small white hand pull up and down the shaft. He was cut and his hood made my mouth water but I was absolutely not going to put it in my mouth, even though I was not going to do that I still loved the shape and form of his penis and how it felt in my hand and got harder and warmer at my touch.

This same boy and I dated into my freshman year in high school; close to the end of the school year I let him stick his penis in me. It was my first time and he took my cherry and the entire process took no longer than five minutes.

He crawled between my legs and busted my cherry and pumped a few times and then had his orgasm into his condom and that was it. It was very painful and I did not like it. I bleed so much that I swore I would have to go to the hospital but the bleeding stopped. I decided then that intercourse was way overrated. Over the course of the summer between Freshman and Sophomore year my boyfriend that I let have my cherry was constantly begging to have me again. I always refused and at the end of the summer he found out that his father had taken a new job out of state.

He begged for one last time in me and I refused but I told him that I would give him a blowjob.


I really didn't want to do that either but between him in my pussy or in my mouth I much preferred having him in my mouth. From the moment I took his little penis in my mouth I absolutely knew that I enjoyed sucking dick. The feel of his head in my mouth and on my tongue was like that first kiss with a boy.

Of course I had no idea what I was doing so I wasn't even applying suction but he seemed to enjoy just having his dick in a warm wet place. He cam in my mouth and on my face and I discovered that I liked his taste even the small amount that he shot into my mouth.

After he and his family had left I was hungry to suck another penis. Anytime I thought of the process, me going to my knees and seeing that beautiful penis inches from my mouth made my mouth water and my pussy damp. Shortly after the start of my sophomore year I hooked up with one of my old boy friends from years past.

It took one date before I was lying in his front seat with his dick in my mouth. For about two months I sucked on him at least twice a day and sometimes three or four times. We found every secluded space in our school for me to perform on him and as time progressed I got better and better. My new boyfriend always wanted to fuck me but I always staved him off with a blowjob or a handjob. He must have grown frustrated over the two months we were together and he got with some other girl.

The rest of the year I decided to not limit myself to one guy and so anytime some guy peeked my interest I would soon find myself on my knees with his penis in my mouth. For the entirety of my sophomore year I must have given thirteen or fourteen different guys blowjobs and around the school I was getting a reputation.

The guys were always smiling and would always tease me by saying shit like, 'Heather, you want to take a knee?' or something of that sort. The girls were already calling me a slut, which I did not understand since I was just giving guys blowjobs. None the less I was getting a reputation for being easy. I didn't care because the passion I felt when with a guy was far more powerful than the urge to be accepted by a bunch of girls that one probably were terrible at sucking dick and two thought that I had to meet some bull shit code or standard to be excepted by them.

Summer between my sophomore and junior year I spent most of my time on dates with different guys that ended with their cum on my face or in my mouth. I still hadn't had intercourse with anyone besides my boyfriend from my freshman year. I did let guys finger me as I gave them a handjob and a few of the guys had returned the favor of my very nice blowjobs by eating my pussy.

One night the guy that I had been seeing at the end of the summer took me to a party. Me and the guy that brought me to the party were not really 'in love' we were just enjoying sucking and licking on each other, even though he did tell me every time we were together that he wanted to fuck me.

Anyway, at the party we danced and drank, someone's parents had gone out of town for the weekend so hence, party time. There were about a hundred people there and as the night went on we all got drunker and drunker.

As the party was winding down most of the hundred had left or passed out. There were about twenty of us still drinking or smoking pot and making out with each other.

There were five girls and about fifteen guys. A game of truth or dare got started which lead to a game of spin the bottle. I was high as a kite from the koosh and drunk to boot and had no problem whatsoever in striping to my underwear for the game.

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Most of the guys were in my class but a few of them had already graduated and were waiting on dates to go to their colleges or into the military. Most of the guys were white but there were two Middle Eastern guys there and a Chinese guy and one guy that was black.

The black guy was named Byron and he had graduated this year and was going to play basketball for the local college here in town on a full ride scholarship. I had never dated a black guy but we girls had talked and apparently he had a really big dick. I was anxious to see it but I knew it was taboo for me to date him or do anything else with him.

I mean this IS the bible belt of Texas and everyone is so conservative. As I got the reputation in school of being a girl that liked being on her knees the black guys were always scanning me and smiling at me and honestly it unnerved me because of what my parents had always said about white girls with black guys and what they said was never anything nice.

It was a shame really because the guy was fucking hot as hell. He was tall and thick and muscular and honestly I had thought about approaching him this past year of school. Whether it was curiosity from the stories we girls had shared or maybe me wanting to be rebellious against my parents, none the less, I had always been attracted to this one guy. We played spin the bottle until everyone was down to their underwear and one of the Middle Eastern guys said we should have a rainbow party.

I had no idea what he was talking about so I did not immediately object, but one of the girls knew exactly what it was and she told him she would never do such a thing, much less with him. That offended him and he was really drunk so he and his friend got dressed and left. I asked the guy that had brought me to the party what the hell they were talking about and he explained it.

I was too drunk and high to be shocked by the idea and I just nodded and smiled and started listening to the debate. A couple of the other girls didn't know what a rainbow party was and when they found out they acted all shocked and grabbed their clothes and boyfriends and left. So it was three girls and eleven guys and we were still debating if this was going to happen.

Breaking the stalemate the guy that lived in the house went into his sister's room and brought back three distinctively different colors of lipstick and passed them out to us three girls.

We three girls looked at each other nervously and I took the leap and started putting on the lipstick. The other girls followed suit. The guy that got the lipstick got a little nervous and asked everyone still awake in the room if we really were going to fucking do this. All the guys in the room hesitated and then Byron spoke up, "Fuck yeah we are gonna do this, these girls want to party and so do I." The guy that owned the house then asked one of the girls, his girlfriend, to get up and get on her knees in the center of the living room.

She did with a little coaxing from a few of the guys. They didn't need to ask me I got up slowly, trying to act all sexy and alluring. I stood next to the girl on her knees and without thinking I reached behind my back and unfastened my bra and took it off. This drew a cheer from the guys and then stunned silence. I went to my knees slowly as the girl next to me took off her bra drawing another cheer. The third girl was sheepish now and I thought she might chicken out but one of the guys whispered to her and handed her a shot of vodka.

After slamming her shot she stood up quick and pulled off her bra and took her place on the other side of the girl next to me. A minute passed and the guys just stood there and looking at us. The silence and staring was stopped when the girl next to me announced, "Well I thought this was a rainbow party, get them dicks out!" In an instant five of the guys were rushing to get their dicks out of their shorts and get in front of the girl they wanted to put their dicks into.

Some guy that had always hit on me but we never had a chance because he was in a relationship or I was stood right in front of me. His cut penis was hard and erect and inches from my mouth. Two guys were wrestling to get the first spot in front of the girl at the other end and the girl directly next to me was matched up.

Again another brief pause, as if this was the last chance not to do this. Again I took the initiative and grabbed the smallish dick in front of my face and began stroking him up and down. The other girls repeated my actions so I took the next step and officially got our little rainbow party underway.

I gently took the guys dick head into my mouth and began sucking on it; just the head at first as I bobbed my mouth up and down the top third of his dick. The other girls were doing the same. Throughout the year and my numerous blowjobs that I had given I was becoming adept at taking a dick all the way down my throat.

So I grabbed the guys hips in my hands and pulled his dick into my throat. I gagged a little but kept holding it as I took him completely in my throat. I held him in my throat for a few minutes and then pulled off quickly to get a breath.

I realized that the other two girls had stopped and were watching me deep throat the dick in front of my face. They had shocked expressions on their faces. I smiled at them in a way to say 'Gee I can do that, can you?' The girls both took a deep breath and then tried to deep throat the dicks in front of them.

The girl on the other end was able to take her guys dick all the way but the girl next to me had trouble with it. I leaned into her and whispered some pointers on making sure she drew breath through her nose when it's in her throat. It took her a few tries and she finally took him. We spent another few minutes on these three guys in front of us.

The girl next to me brought her guy to climax and he came on her face before one of the other guys waiting his turn told the guys to swap and share us. The other two guys pulled back from me and the girl on the end and the other guy went and got a towel from the bathroom for the girl with cum on her face. When he returned she wiped the cum off her face and we reapplied our lipstick and each drank a shot.

The guys were lined up in front of us and when I saw the dick that I was next to have my mouth on my eyes went wide and I let out a gaspy 'holy shit'. Byron was standing right in front of me and his huge beautiful dick was hard but still arching downward because it was so big and thick. By far it was the biggest dick I have ever thought of sucking. Fuck that this wasn't a dick this was a COCK! I looked up at him and saw him smiling down on me and then I looked at the other girls with a surprised grin on my face.

They each had the same surprised look but they were not smiling. The looks they gave me seemed to be saying, 'are you really gonna suck that black dick?' I turned back to Byron's magnificent cock. It had to be ten inches long and so thick that I doubted I could get my hand around it. I reached up feeling a surge of electricity shoot through my body as I did. I grabbed his cock with my little petite hand and as I suspected I could not wrap my fingers all the way around it. How in the hell was I going to do this.

I slowly began stroking his cock up and down. I leaned in and drew in a deep breath through my nose, his cock smelled more manly more musky more intoxicating than any cock I had ever had before.

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I slowly opened my mouth and looked up at him as I let my tongue press out of my lips. I saw in his eyes exactly what I felt. I was a woman with untold seductive powers and I was going to do something that even though rewarding and very seductive burned in me as what my purpose in this world is. I never before had this feeling, it was almost a feeling of wanting to fulfill a circumstance of servitude for this powerful black man in front of me.

I felt as if I was being controlled in some way, something inside of me wanted to take my time and enjoy every inch of this beautiful cock on my lips and my tongue. My pussy was burning and my panties wet and warm than any time before. I felt the taboo of it all flow through my body as mental pictures of me on my knees, my small petite almost angel white frame in front of this huge black stud and his cock inches from my mouth and my tongue reaching hungrily to feel the hood on it.

My tongue touched his head. I pulled my tongue slowly over his head as I looked up at him. In my peripheral I could see that the other girls were watching me lick the giant head of the black cock in my face.

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I gave a few wipes with my tongue then I took his cock head into my mouth. It was so huge that I could barely get my mouth around it.

I opened my mouth as wide as I possibly could and began slowly pushing and pulling my mouth up and down his cock head. I pushed further down his shaft and each time I came up I sucked tight on his cock.

I started out slow at first then picked up my speed using my hands to caress and stroke his long thick black shaft. In no time his cock was pressing against the opening of my throat.


I grabbed his hips in my hands and began forcing as much of his cock into my throat as I could manage.

Immediately I began choking on its mass. I pulled off quickly telling myself to remember to breath, remember to breath. Catching my breath I looked at the other girls both were astonished one still with one of the guys dicks in their mouths. I immediately turned from them and took his cock back into my mouth and pulled him straight into my throat. I gagged and choked but I was determined to take all of his cock.

It took me three tries to take him but finally I had his cock all the way down my throat and I was able to hold him for almost a minute. When I accomplished the feat I looked at the other girls smiling. The girl next to me looked at me and mouthed 'How the fuck did you do that'. The other girl at the end was busy with two cocks now and that sort of shocked me.

I sucked some more on Byron's cock and then one of the guys that was in waiting called out that they needed to swap so we did. I didn't bother with applying lipstick. I just got up and got a drink and then went back to my spot, where now two guys were standing. I went to my knees and immediately started sucking both dicks in front of me in turns. The girl that originally was next to me was still in the middle of us two girls on the ends but was facing the other way and was sucking and jerking three guys off now.

I worked on the two dicks eagerly, still drunk but coming off my high. Now the sexual intensity was driving me. As I sucked on the two guys in front of me I felt warm splatters hitting my back.

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I pulled off the dick in my mouth and looked back and saw one of the three guys on the girl in the middle jerking off and shooting his cum on me. My initial reaction was to be pissed off but then I saw that it was Byron shooting his load on my back, then all I felt was kinky and taboo and I loved the feeling of electricity that shot through my body.

We three girls spent another thirty minutes or more sucking cocks as they were put in front of us. Things were getting heated now, a few of the guys were rubbing our tits and one guy was eating the pussy of the girl on the end as Byron shoved his cock down her throat with her on her hands and knees.

Without asking the guy eating the girl on the end mounted her and pushed his cock in her pussy. The girl in the middle was so shocked that she stopped sucking the guy she was on and got up and went to the bathroom. I was still sucking a cock but one of the guys tried moving my panties to the side and started fingering my pussy. I pulled the cock out of my mouth and told him to stop. He did not so I got up and grabbed my clothes. Sucking dicks was one thing but I was'nt about to let just whatever guy stick his dick in me.

For one thing intercourse wasn't pleasurable for me. Granted I had only had one man in me, ever, but that was something I intended on saving for someone really special. I got dressed as some of the guys begged me to stop and stay and have fun. I told them no thank you that I had no intention of being a gang bang girl.

I went to the restroom to catch the other girl and see if she could give me a lift back home, but she wasn't there. She had already left while I was putting on my clothes. I sat in the bathroom, cleaning myself with a damp towel and then just thought to myself as to what I was going to do. Finally I decided to go back and tell Jeff, the guy that brought me to take me home. When I got in the living room I saw something that I never imagined seeing in real life, it looked like something from one of my brother's porn videos.

The girl that had been on her hands and knees now had three guys in her. She was on her hands and feet backwards behind her as she rode one cock in her ass and another guy between her legs fucking her pussy all the while she is sucking on a cock. I looked around for Jeff and found him, he was on the floor on his back with his cock in her ass. I asked him to stop and take me home. He told me to relax and get on my knees. I was now pissed so I told him to fuck off and left the house where the party was.

It would take an hour but I would just walk home.

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I got about a house down when Byron chased me down and said he would be glad to take me home. I agreed after deciding he wasn't too drunk to drive.

Byron started the car and as we drove we made small talk. He asked me if I had ever done anything like what happened tonight before. I told him that no, I never had and that the booze and smoke was the reason that it happened now. He then surprised me by saying that he always wanted to get with me. He said I had the reputation as the best cock sucker in high school.

I blushed a little and told him that he had a reputation as well as having the biggest cock in school. I knew I had a rep and that didn't bother me, but if my parents found out that I had spent the night sucking eleven cocks and one black cock to boot that would be the end of my life, I was a hundred percent sure.

He asked me if he was the first black guy and I said yes.

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We then changed the subject and we talked about his college and my high school year to come. He pulled up to my house and asked if he could call me so I gave him my number.

I got out of the car and went straight to my bathroom and got in the shower. I masturbated thinking not of all the cocks that I got to suck tonight but just of Byron's. His thick dark brown dick was what made me hot, that and the taboo of it all. I made up my mind as I crawled into the covers that if Byron came a calling I would answer his calls for sure.