Electrifying one eyed monster riding enjoyment

Electrifying one eyed monster riding enjoyment
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Fat Dad Pt 2 Part 2 of a series, if you just came across this you need to find part 1 The trip to buy workout clothing was a real eye opener. Mom had changed into some loose fitting shorts and a low cut summer top. She had a bra on that pushed her tits together to show off her cleavage better.

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We really didn't have to go out, I had shorts I could, wear but she said I was coming. Mom got in the car just ahead of me and tossed her purse on the floor where my feet were to go. She immediately apologized and bent over to pick it up. I had bent over too and she said no I got it.


I looked at her and was looking right at her tits. The top had fallen open and the bra was low enough to show a whole lot. Mom picked up her purse without acknowledging that I had just ogled her tits. She set it on the seat next to her and started the car. Mom started the conversation by saying that she would be leaving dad when I left for college. That we were mostly living off dads disability and she was putting her paycheck in the bank to pay for my college.

That if I stayed home and went to community college, that by the time I graduated she will have saved enough to buy a house outright without a mortgage.


I mumbled what about this house. Mom said that dad inherited the house from his parents so she would get none of it. Also that she had already talked to a lawyer who told her that if she could hold on she should, unless she can get dad to file. I guess the court thinks that who ever files for divorce, must already have a plan for what they will do next. So she needed him to file, not on her own.

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I was really dumb struck, mom took that as reluctance on my part and suggested that if I stayed local, we could keep working out together. I immediately blurted out I would be going to the community college.

That brought a smile. We finally pulled up to the mall, mom picked a spot out further than where she normally tries to park and asked me if I'd open her door for her. I ran around and opened moms door, she slid one leg out spreading her legs open. Then she remembered her purse and turned to get it leaving me an unobstructed view up her loose fitting shorts to some sheer looking panties, her brown muff was clearly visible through them.

She looked back totally catching me staring at her crotch, she smirked and said "you do get rewards when you're helpful, thank you kind sir for opening a ladies door for her" I mumbled my god yes.

We spent about 30 seconds looking for shorts for me then went to the ladies section. Mom pulled out all sorts of revealing work out outfits finally settling on a couple of sets that are bottoms only.

She said they would go with her sports bras. Then we went to the exercise equipment and got a multi type exercise thing that lets you do curling, rowing, incline sit ups, all sorts of stuff. All on "her" plastic. Oh yea, she got a little spray bottle. At home dad was demanding food so mom started Mac an cheese while I put up the new equipment. Mom came down wearing her sweats and carrying that spray bottle about the time I came back down with the new shorts and a t shirt.

Mom told me to take off my shirt. As I did she locked eyes with me and pulled down her sweat pants. She was wearing her new workout bottoms, I could clearly make out the white lines of her bikini panties. Mom kept looking at me and pulled off her sweatshirt. Now I gasped, she had on a white sports bra! This thing showed off her large brown nipples in beautiful detail. Mom looked down at her own tits and asked "it's not too revealing is it?" I was able to whisper "no its beautiful".

I tried the rowing and was so turned on I rowed till I had a sheen of sweat showing, mom said she wanted to try that too. We put it to a lower setting, mom got on and looked down at her huge brown nipples poking out her thin white sports bra and commented that by the time she was ready to start looking that I would have her in great shape. Mom worked for a while, I could tell she was getting tired and she looked frustrated.

She looked around and said she was getting hot, she wanted the spray bottle. I grabbed it from the bar top where she'd put it. She said "spray me" I spritzed her back. She said "my front" I did, then she said "more" I started spraying her chest and moms bra went transparent. When I got both nipples visible she smiled and said that's good. Mom rowed, I stared. I was ready to go off in my shorts already, mom quit rowing and slid down on the bench she was on and laid down with her nipples openly on display.

The evaporating water had her nipples jutting up against the cotton bra. Mom looked over at me and asked "do you like mommies breasts?" I nodded yes.

"Then would you like to see more"? Again I nodded yes. Mom lifted up her bra letting her breast flop free. It immediately hung down off her side with gravity having taken over. We both instinctively reached to catch it, when she realized I was reaching for it she pulled her hand away and smiled. I picked it up and brought it to my mouth. Pointed her big meaty nipple at my mouth with her nipple standing out almost half an inch and sucked it in.

Mom cooed, I started hunching my hips, I was so close I knew it wasn't going to take long.

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Mom reached down and pulled my shorts over my cock and down. She just began to wrap her cool feeling fingers around my shaft when I started throbbing it off. Mom pointed my cock at her side and I started shooting onto the side of her sports bra and on her forearm.

When I finished I had come dripping off the side of her breast that I was sucking on plus her bra and her arm. Mom looked at me and pulled up her bra the rest of the way to show off both her tits. She sat up and wrapped her arm around her chest to wipe my sperm load off on her breasts. She then scooped at the load clinging to the side of her bra and rubbed it on a nipple.

She smiled at me and told me that as long as I worked her to where she was sweating naturally then she would make sure to "take care of me too" this way she will get in shape for sure. That ended our work out session for the day but changed every thing else in my life. From that point forward mom became more forward with her flirting language around the house. It was infuriating my dad but all he would do was eat and drink more. Mom would also bend over while wearing a top that would fall forward showing off her cleavage or hike up a dress to work with a shoe showing off her panties.

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She would do all this just out of sight of dad who was usually sitting in the living room eating and watching TV. One night dad started screaming at her about her language, that I was her kid and she should try talking to him the way she talks to me. Mom stood right behind dad and grabbed the hem of the skirt she was wearing.

Right while she was talking to him she grabbed the back of the dress and flipped it up to show me her panty covered ass. Thing is dad saw that in the reflection in the window and started screaming at her.

He told her to take it up stairs if she was gonna slut herself off in front of her son. Not all around the house for everyone to see. Well that got uncomfortable enough for me that I escaped upstairs to the relative safety of my bedroom.

Dad was so fat now he rarely made the trip upstairs any more. I was in my room and heard mom walk up the stairs. Hoping to have something happen since dad had obviously pissed her off I started stripping.

I'd never been able to fuck her yet although she had been getting me off almost daily now since that first time almost a month earlier. And yes we were really working out a lot, the sex started after a good workout session. Mom walked past my room to their room, even though dad pretty much sleeps in the living room now since he can't do the stairs. I got naked and got into bed.

I heard mom coming back and she knocked while walking in on me. She was wearing a open robe with a sheer nightie underneath.

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I was looking at her naked breasts under a transparent top and the brown triangle of hair covering her pussy, no sign of panties at all! Mom said "we should be safe up here" and came and sat down next to me on the bed.


She started saying that she was really going to have to be more careful around dad since she didn't want to give him any good cause for divorce that would make her look bad. I really didn't want any of this to stop so I blurted out that he'd have to have pictures as proof since I would never admit to anything. That if we both denied everything we could make him look like he's delusional as well as fat and disgusting. The look on moms face was a combination of lust, shock and god only knows what else.

She stood up and pulled her nightie up to her neck showing me her naked breasts and pussy. She then sat back down on the bed after throwing the covers off finding me naked and hard.

Mom asked me if there was anything that her little boy wanted to do with his mom? I told her I wanted her to show me how to suck a woman's pussy. Moms face said yes but she told me no, that this would be going too far. But maybe I would like to suckle on mommies breasts? All while leaning forward to let a nipple hang down to my mouth. I immediately opened my mouth and felt her hand wrapping around my cock.

I knew that I wasn't going to last long but I had the feeling that this was just revenge for her against dad and all she wanted was to get me off. I was sucking on moms nipple when I heard dad start yelling about what the hell were we doing up there.

God no! He was making the sounds he makes when he's trying to get up out of the chair! I started pumping into moms hand and mom reacted by slowing it down like she was going to stop because dad was coming. I was thinking with my dick now and just wanted to get off.

I was trying to pump into moms hand and she just let go.

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I strained a cry of "please" and I could see moms head turned to listen for dad. He was on his second oommph of trying to stand, it usually takes three for him to get up. She grabbed my cock and looked at me telling me to stay still. I froze, mom started slowly jacking my cock. We heard the thuds of dads feet coming through the living room towards the stairway. Mom started shifting over so that she was laying more on top of me.

Mom kept jacking my cock while she straddled over me. It felt like she might be lining up to impale her self on my cock so I started pushing more to try to get there. Mom tilted my cock up wards towards her pussy and I felt the head of my dick rub against her brown curly muff.

I heard dads feet thumping to the bottom of the stairs. I was there! Mom felt it. Just as I was about to cum mom slid her hand to the base of my cock and pressed down hard, inside my ball sack. What the fuck? She somehow made me hold off coming!

I was trying to squirt but she was holding it back, while rubbing the head of my cock in her hairy muff. Dads first foot hit a step, there are 6 steps up to the upper part of our tri level. Mom rubbed my cock head through her hair and down over her wet slit. I felt some part of my orgasm building in my head while my toes were starting to throb, but it was held off by moms fingers pressing down at the base of my cock.

Dads second foot hit another step, he was actually coming up the stairs! Mom drug my cock back up to her belly and let go of the base. I started shooting, I could feel my load firing off with force I'd never felt before.

My sperm actually made a sound as it hit moms sagging breasts. I lost my hearing, all I could feel was the throbbing of my cock as I went off. Time was almost standing still for me because of the panic from my dad coming. I counted 8 shots of load that I fired off full force onto moms belly and tits.

It was splattering and dripping onto my chest. My hearing came back after the 8th full force squirt. Dad was in the hallway! Maybe four and a half feet from my door. I heard his hand hit the wall to steady himself after the exertion of climbing the stairs. Mom stood up, her nightie was tucked under her chin, still naked to my eyes with my sperm splatter all over the bottom of her tits and belly.

She flipped the covers back over me while my cock was still letting out the last dribbles of cum. While doing that she gave a twist and her heavy breasts swung back and forth on her chest spreading my load across her skin showing s shiny wet sheen while she used her hand to massage my sperm into her lower belly where her breasts didn't reach.

She tilted her head up letting her night gown fall down. Put her hand under my covers to wipe my sperm off her hand and closed her robe finishing tying it just as dads hand hit the door knob. Mom spun and sat as dad opened the door. Dad saw nothing. Dad came in breathing hard and screaming about what the hell are you doing in her with your son. Mom said nothing at first. Dad was purple in the face with rage yelling that he was her husband and she should be dressing like that for him, not in front of our kid.

Mom finally opened her guns, almost politely she asked "do you want to have sex with me?" Dad was shocked quiet. Mom walked to the end of the bed, with her robe closed dad had no way of seeing that her breasts and tummy were coated with my sperm. Mom dropped to her hands and knees in front of dad, she reached back and flipped up both her robe and night gown. I could see a side view of moms bare ass pointing at dad.

Then I saw her ass lower some as she spread her legs baring a clear view to my dad of her hairy slit. With her robe closed there was no way for any of my load to drip to the floor. Dad was shocked speechless. Mom quietly said "if you want it, here it is, just go ahead and put it in. I'm sure Alex will leave the room if you can get it in." Oh my god I realized that with dads sagging belly he'd have to have a three foot dick to get maybe two inches into her.

Dad groaned, "you know I can't do it that way, you have to help" that's when moms voice got loud and mean. That is when she yelled at him that he couldn't do it in any position.


That he'd made his choice when he took food and drink over his family, his health and his career. The only way he can have sex is if she does it all for him and by god if she's going to have to work that hard at sex it isn't going to be with someone who loves food and beer more then family, sex, work or life itself.

She even finished by saying that the only fuck he was going to get was if he could fuck himself and by god she thought he was too fat to even reach it himself.

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Dad screamed that this was his house and she could get the fuck out. Mom retorted with then divorce me.