A pelo con el culon de secundaria

A pelo con el culon de secundaria
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The Rosetta girls part 6 Linda got up this Sunday morning feeling like she would throw up. She managed to drink some orange juice and forced herself to eat some of the breakfast she prepared for her family. She managed to keep it all down and told Mike of her problem. She called it morning sickness but it lasted most of the day.

She had to force herself to eat and drink fluids to stay healthy. She went to the local gym with Mike and both of their daughters. Alexis unloaded about the resume she had to write today for the college recruitment day next week and the SAT that she had to prepare for by the week after that. Linda told her she would help because she knew the format needed for that sort of thing.

Linda got a call from the hospital gynecology department saying they had a cancellation and she would be welcome to come in two days from now at 9:40 AM. Linda told them it would be convenient for her and wrote down the time and place she had to be on Tuesday morning. She looked forward to being able ask for something to cure her nausea.

It felt very unpleasant all day, why did they call it morning sickness. She made a notation on the calendar in the kitchen and then helped Alexia to organize her resume. She was proud of her daughter being able to do so well academically while being in the band and acting in school plays.

Alexia had a resume prepared and it looked like she could walk on water. Linda told her: "It looks fine to me" "I wish I could or should have done good as you have when I was your age." Alexia took a break form her academic resume and knocked on the door of her sister Lyn to ask if she would like to experience the pleasure of the Symbian sex machine.

Linda was finished putting the dishes in the dishwasher. Alexia came down the stairs and asked her: "Mom, do you want to join us on the orgasm machine." Linda thought for a few seconds before answering her daughter and replied: "I will be with girls in a second." Linda went into her room and took off her shoes, shorts and shirt and walked upstairs naked.

She met her daughters in the extra room as naked as she was. Linda asked Alexia: "could I control the controller this time?" Lyn sat on the machine and Alexia handed the control to her mother. Linda was a freshman at this but knew what she wanted to feel and brought Lyn to a powerful orgasm in only a couple of minutes. She told Alexia to: "Prepare for some pleasure." Lyn stepped aside dripping with pleasure and Alexia got on her knees and lowered herself on to it.

Linda wanted to see what the dial that rotated the dildo and kept it there for thirty seconds or so and brought in the vibrator to a lower setting turning it up and back until Alexia looked like she would succumb from her orgasm. Linda got down and smelled the dildo to detect the odor of Alexia.

She then lowered her vagina into the dildo portion of the machine. Alexia brought her to giant orgasm in a short time. Linda was barely able to stand after the orgasm she experienced but did and she hugged her older daughter kissed her on the lips to indicate how she was grateful of the experience. The three of them walked down stairs with out bothering to put on any clothes. It has been two days since they helped each other wax off any pubic hair and there was no sign of any more of it showing.

Linda looked at the young pussies of her daughters and they inspected her as well. They all walked into the back yard into the sun and all soaked up some vitamin D for a few minutes. It was something new to watch each other naked in the bright sun. All the females went back inside to experience another orgasm on the sex machine there. They checked out their asses to make sure there was no sign of any hair growing there.

Alexia commented: "One of the best things about being a female is the ability to experience orgasms one after another." "It is very rare for a man to be able to blow his wad more than once every day or so." The two girls and their mother took only seven minutes to bring all of them to another orgasm. It was 6:15 and Mike got home from work and went to the kitchen to pull out a cold bear on this warm day. While he was enjoying it he could not help but notice his wife coming down the stairs completely naked.

He got the message as his penis began to stiffen from the sight of this beautiful woman. Mike asked her if she would "mind having sex with me now". Linda replied: "Mike, I love walking around nude inside this house but I have to admit wanting to have sex with you." She continued: "Would you mind if our daughters watched again?" Mike replied: "I have to admit I never was more turned on by the sight of out daughters standing there naked." Linda began to go upstairs to ask her daughters but saw them both coming down the stairs naked.

Mike had his clothes and shoes off with his cock, sticking strait out and he was ready to make love. Linda brought in a blindfold and put it on him. She asked: "Mike will you now lie on the floor while I let you fuck me." "Our daughters will be her watching and you will not know whose pussy impales themselves on your penis.

She got down and began to give him a blowjob to and later lowered herself on him and allowed him to fuck her. Linda enjoyed the experience even after enjoying a orgasm several minutes ago.

Mike's mind was imaging his nude daughters and he was able to hold on after Linda demonstrated an orgasm from him and stood up. She whispered to Alexia: "would you like to test your father's erection in your vagina for a few seconds. Alexia quietly straddled him and lowered her self on his still stiff penis.

Mike thought it may not be his wife but Linda assured him he would never know he blindly fucked someone else other than his wife. After only a minute, Alexia withdrew herself from her pussy and turned around at the direction of her mother to give him a blowjob.

Mike knew the vagina that came down on his swollen love tool seemed much tighter than his wife and he nearly blew his seamen into her. He knew he was getting a blowjob and heard his wife tell him: "to come in her mouth" She already talked to Alexia and she was happy to experience sucking on a stiff penis and agreed to let him cum in her mouth.


After only a minute or so he began to feel he was about to cum and told who ever was sucking on his cock this. Alexia was able to take his entire penis into her mouth and felt the warm liquid shoot into her mouth. It had nearly no taste and Alexia swallowed the whole thing and continued for a few seconds to continue to let him fuck her mouth.

Alexia got up and Linda grabbed his softening penis and licked it a couple of times. She removed his blindfold so he could she her and his naked daughters. The sight of all these naked girls restored his erection. And Linda put him in her pussy for ten minutes of sex while looking at his wife and daughters standing behind Linda. She continued to work back and forth working herself into another orgasm. Mike unloaded small load of his cum into her pussy a minute later.

Linda thanked him for the orgasm she had given her and kissed him, as he lay naked on the floor. Mike got up and dressed himself again and Linda asked him if he "would like to watch Alexia and Lyn have orgasms on the Sybian machine upstairs." Mike replied he "would like to see this." He walked upstairs with his still naked wife to the extra bedroom that contained the machine the females in this house used on a regular basis. Lyn was getting ready to mount it when her parents both walked in to see her sister each have an orgasm on it.

Mike found it interesting and he saw his wife drip some of his cum on the machine as she mounted it. With Alexia at the controls, Linda was able to have another orgasm in only two minutes. Linda told her husband about why being a woman is good because we are able to have one orgasm after another over and over on this thing. Linda told Mike: "I got a phone call from the obstetrics' department at the hospital and they want me to come in tomorrow morning at 9:40." They want me to avoid having to pee before to enhance the chance of seeing something on ultrasound." "It works better with a full bladder." Linda began to enjoy being naked in the house and advised her husband of this.

He said: "I don't mind but be prepared to be fucked at any time because it is a powerful turn on for me." She began to prepare the evening meal naked for the first time ever.

When dinner was ready the two girls saw their mother nude and they came down to eat naked. Mike told them all: "Thank you all for giving me such a tremendous view." He asked his wife: "Linda, would it someday be alright for me to taste the pussies our daughters?" Lyn replied: "Dad, you can eat me for desert." Linda said: " This must remain a secret from never being discussed outside of this house." Alexia replied: "Don't worry we will never say anything about this sort of thing to anyone ever." After eating dinner, Lyn sat down on the couch and spread her legs and told her father: "Dad, are you ready for desert?" Mike saw his daughter sit down and expose her pussy and watched as he put his finger in his mouth and put two fingers in her vagina and suck on her clitoris.

Lyn felt the pleasure of this and thanked her father "for providing this pleasure to me now." The finger fucking and licking brought Lyn to her to the fourth orgasm of today and she thanked her dad for it.

Alexia sat down and spread her legs and she asked: "Dad, do you want to taste me?" Mike told her: " I need more desert." Mike did the same using his finger on her tight vagina and sucked her clitoris while she began to tell him: "Please don't stop now, this feels so good." Mike enjoyed pleasing the girls "the old-fashioned way to have an orgasm." He thanked Alexia "for letting me taste her". He asked: "Linda, could I eat your pussy too?" Linda sat down and let him suck on her bald pussy that was dripping with moisture.

He put a finger in her vagina to stimulate her G-spot while sucking on her clitoris and worked it back and forth in her vagina for ten minutes before she had to tell him: " you can stop soon but not now, because I am about to have another orgasm." Her vagina tightened and she couldn't help from vocalizing from her orgasmic experience. Linda laid herself down on the carpet and told mike "please fuck me now." Mike undressed and got down on his knees put his swollen penis into Linda's very moist vagina.

They began to sex on the floor while their naked daughters watched when Alexia knelt next to them and began to gently message her mother's clitoris as her father was fucking her.

Linda loved the feel of her husband's penis inside her plus the feeling of her clitoris from Alexis. It wasn't long before she cried out when she had an orgasm and Mike pulled out and Linda grabbed his penis and began to put it in her mouth, when Lyn came up and said she was "very thirsty and I want to swallow daddies semen." Linda stroked his cock and moved out of the way while Lyn began to eagerly suck on his erect penis.

This excited him from the thought of all very sexy nude girls and getting to fuck a fresh face. Lyn was able to suck his penis deep in her throat until blocked her from being able to breathe. She then grabbed it and stroked it while the end of his penis was still deep in her mouth.

For Lyn it tasted like her mother's vagina. It didn't take long before Mike began to grown "I am about to cum" and Lyn felt the warm liquid at the back of her throat.

She needed to sallow twice to get down every drop of his semen. She looked at her father and opened her mouth and smiled as she stuck out her tongue to prove she swallowed all of it. Lyn told her dad "Thank you dad, I am not thirsty now." Mike said, "Thank you Lyn, you really know to do this." Mikes penis sagged until he stood up and saw his nude wife and nude daughters that looked so good naked.

He went into his bathroom and masturbated privately and was able to cum once more. Mike took a shower before getting dressed and he was very surprised to find his wife and daughters still naked talking to each other in the kitchen.

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What he didn't know was they all had another orgasm on the machine while he was in the shower. Linda saw him and told him, "Is it alright with you if we stay naked inside the house today?" Mike said, "I could never dream about seeing all you naked." Mike sat down and turned on the television and began to surf channels while the girls helped their mother prepared a supplemental supper for themselves and Mike. Linda called him in to eat as she finished the egg sandwiches she then put on plates in the dining room.

Mike couldn't believe the rest of his family was sitting at the table naked. He could see their small breasts as he was eating. He knew his daughters were teenagers but his wife didn't seem to look much older than them. Linda looked very good and not at all bad in spite of being 38 years old. Linda was 5'7" tall and weighed only 120 pounds. Mike asked his daughters how tall they were and Alexis answered first and told him, "I am 5'8 and weigh 118 pounds." Lyn said, "I am the smallest of us at 5'6" and 112 pounds but I think am still growing." Mike could barely see some of ribs on his females.

He told them "I am 6'1" tall and weigh 168 pounds" Linda cleaned off the table and stepped on her chair and the table and stood above her husband and spread her legs. She said, "How do you like my waxed pussy and ass?" She squatted down to show off her completely bald privates. Mike stood and reached behind her as he began to suck on his wife's clitoris. He was entertained by seeing his wife like this and wanted to make her feel good.

Linda stayed squatted but stood up a couple of minutes later and told him, " If I have another orgasm, I may pass out." "It sill felt good Mike." The two girls put all the dishes in the dishwasher and cleaned the counter.

They both noticed their mother nearly sitting on father's face. Lyn told her father, "Dad, you can taste me and I will not pass out from an orgasm. She stepped up on the table and Mike was able to sit and smell her pussy and he couldn't resist finger fucking her as he sucked on her exposed clitoris. Lyn was very moist from an orgasm on the machine but Mike was doing it just right to bring her to another orgasm in a few minutes.

She began to drip from her vagina and Mike caught all of it with his tongue. He told Lyn, "You taste very good Lyn." "It pleases me to please you." He was beginning to notice the slight difference in the odor and taste of the pussies of his wife and daughters. Alexis was on the table now standing over him with her legs spread. She lowered her pussy to his face and Mike eagerly licked her clitoris while finger fucking her.

He noticed as Alexia's vagina began to contract as she nearly shouted out she was about to orgasm again.


Mike used one hand her rear cheeks to hold her in his face and made every effort to lick up all of Alexia's secretions that were dripping from her vagina. When Alexia got down mike found a time to suck on her nipples. Alexia's eyes rolled back after seeing her nipples pop up and harden from his stimulation.

Alexia's breasts were broad but didn't stick out very much. She was a beautiful young woman with a great body. Linda walked up to him and said. "Kiss my nipples too Mike." Linda's breasts were similar to Alexia but slightly bigger and Mike commented to her, "Linda you have a very nice body with perfect breasts." All three of the females totally enjoyed being naked inside this big house tonight.

They were all very good looking and were proud of being able to show off. After walking back from the school the next morning Linda walked home quickly to giver her plenty of time to get to see her doctor. She spent some time putting on makeup and got in her care and drove the medical offices where she had the appointment. She felt her bladder contract but that was what they wanted.

She 15 minutes early for her appointment but was seen slightly early. They took her blood pressure and weighed her in one room and she waited in another to see what they would do. She was then taken to where she would get and ultrasound and was surprised when it was mentioned she had a slightly larger uterus they were able see early evidence of pregnancy. They gave her a cup to collect urine. They told her begin to pee before filling the cup and then finish urinating.

Linda gave them the cup of her urine and she was told she could go home and they would call her with the results. Linda felt better after being able to pee and got in her car and drove home. An hour later, the phone rang and it was woman at the medical office, "after seeing your husbands semen, we had some doubt about you being pregnant but you are pregnant." "The doctor took a look at your ultrasound and said it looks like you may be pregnant with twins." "The babies are only about 10 millimeters long but there appears to be two of them." Linda was proud of herself for proving she was pregnant and not only that it were probably twins.

Not bad for a 38 year old woman. She started to reach for the phone to call her husband when the phone rang before she picked it up. It was Mike calling from work and he asked her how her appointment went this morning. Linda said, "I was about to call you when the phone rang and it was you." "They gave me a pregnancy test after the ultrasound and I was told to go home and they would notify me.

Three minutes ago they called me and told me I was pregnant and it was probably twins." "I felt good about it because they were so sure I couldn't be pregnant at my age with your low level of sperm." "Mike please don't think I may be unfaithful to you because I don't even dream about this." Mike replied, "Linda, you are the youngest and best looking 38 year old I have ever seen or heard about." "I will always love you and our daughters." Mike indicated he may be home early tonight and they ended the call.

Mike let other's at the station know of what his 38 year old wife said about "being pregnant from my very low sperm density from a vestigial vas deferens that was overlooked when he had a vasectomy 16 years ago." He also mentioned, "Doctors say it would be very difficult for even a much younger woman to be able to get pregnant from this." Mike also confessed to some of his closer friends at work how his wife has "become a sex goddess in the last month or so and the Sybian machine has have had an effect even on his teenage daughters who used this machine on a daily basis." Linda was having a problem of nausea that made it hard for her to eat the lunch she had prepared for herself.

Once she managed to get some food in her stomach she felt a little better. She went in her bedroom and stripped off her clothes and shoes. She went upstairs to be able to giver herself an orgasm. She rarely cleaned the four-inch dildo attachment because it generally dried up after use except when she and her daughters used it one after another. No one has complained of any kind of germs. Linda spread her legs and began to rub herself to become lubricated before lowering her vagina onto the thing.

She held the remote control and was able to experience a powerful orgasm in only a couple of minutes. She turned it off and just sat on it for a minute before attempting to walk. She walked down the stairs still naked and walked into her bedroom to see herself in the mirror. She liked the way she looked She inspected her pussy and underarms for any sign of hair was pleased to find not a single one. She remained naked while she grabbed some shorts and tight fitting shirt and took it with her to the dining room and threw them over a chair.

She went back to her room for some shoes that she would need when she walked over to her daughter's school. Linda was alone in the house and enjoyed being nude.

It was warm inside the house. She found her digital camera and set it on the edge of the table and set the self-timer on it after turning on the lights She backed away until the flashing red LED went out. She brought up the picture so she could see the 3 X 4 inch screen on the back of the camera. On it was a smiling naked woman with a terrific body. In the near future she would begin to look very pregnant but that was not the case now.

She took the camera to her computer and removed the SD card to transfer the images to the computer. She looked at the time and put on her shorts, tee shirt, keys to the house and shoes and set the alarm to walk to school to meet her daughters. She met other mothers doing the same thing. After the kidnapping everyone was careful not to let anyone try to abduct children here. Linda walked fast and got to the school in plenty of time for the end of classes. Alexia and her sister Lyn saw their mother and walked over to her.

They all walked home and Linda disabled the alarm and her two daughter went upstairs to their rooms where they both took off all their clothes and went to the Sybian machine. Linda met them there and removed her shoes, shorts and shirt and stood naked as her daughters walked in to meet her. All were naked and Lyn was the first to lower her vagina over the dildo-like attachment and Alexia took the remote to allow Lyn to experience a powerful orgasm in a couple of minutes.

Lyn got up and Alexia got on for the sexual experience she looked forward to having when she got home. Linda could see no reason not to have another orgasm and sat on it and Alexia gave her plenty of pleasure before the orgasm she again experienced.

Linda asked her daughters "Would you girl like anything to eat down stairs." Linda grabbed her clothes and shoes and took them downstairs followed by her daughters that were also wearing nothing. Alexia opened the refrigerator and took out some ice cream. Lyn took out three bowls and they all were able to enjoy some ice cream. Like Linda they were all naked. Alexia asked her mother, "Mom would it be alright with you and dad if I let him fuck me?" Linda replied, "that would be incest and he would go to jail if you and your sister talked about it" Alexia said, "I will never say a word about this" Lyn repeated the same.

Mike got off a little early today after selling advertising for his employer. As he was driving he thought of the naked females yesterday and hoped they all would be naked today as well. When he got home and opened the door he found naked young females he looked forward to seeing.

Just after walking into thru the door, Linda lowered his pants and took off his shoes. Lyn unbuttoned his shirt and he naked as well. He said, When a girl gets sexually stimulated they can hide it but a man cannot They all watched as his penis became bigger and harder in seconds. Mike decided not to hide it and went to his wife to ask her if she could help. "Linda I need your help to soften my erection." She replied, "Mike, Alexia asked me if she could be fucked by you." She would like to feel how you compare to the machine upstairs." Mike replied, " Only if she wants to and I could possibly make her pregnant if and I would pull out of her long before that." "Could I fuck you afterward." "You can't become more pregnant than you are now." Mike noticed Alexia sitting on the floor looking at him, waiting to be fucked.

He walked over to her and told her about incest and all that sort of thing and she replied, Dad please fuck me and I put some lubrication in my ass so you could finish and cum there. Mike said to her, " I have never fucked anyone in the ass and it may hurt you," "I don't want to hurt you" Alexia said, "You can try, or I could let you fuck my face." "I love to do blowjobs." He put his finger into her vagina and was surprised how wet it was.

Alexia said, "I recently sat on the sex machine upstairs." Alexia gave her father a short blowjob and grabbed his penis into her vagina. Mike was surprised how tight she was compared to her mother. He eased his penis slowly in to her she was well lubricated. Linda kneeled down to stimulate her clitoris while being fucked.

Mike fucked his daughter while his wife rubbed her clitoral hood. Mike felt as Alexia had an orgasm and her vaginal opening contracted. Mike pulled out of her and she rolled over to ask him to try to fuck her ass.

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He put his finger in her ass and found she did lubricate it. Mike was not endowed with a long thick penis but he did fuck her slowly in her ass. It was tighter than her vagina but she seemed to enjoy this. Linda continued to reach around and rub her clitoris as her father did what she wanted.

It took Mike only a minute or two and Alexia felt the warmth as he shot his load into her ass." Mike was surprised by the size of her ass opening when he pulled out. Alexia began to leak some of his cum from her ass. She said, "Thanks Dad, you felt very good, nearly as good as the machine upstairs." Linda remained naked as her daughters did while Mike washed off his penis and put his clothes back on.

Mike said, " Thanks for being naked, all the nude girls here are better than the view outside. They all smiled and looked at him.

Linda got out her camera and asked him to take picture of the naked girls here. She handed him the camera and they stood together and he took several pictures of them standing and hugging each other. Mike asked Linda, "How long before you begin to swell up from being pregnant. Linda answered, "Right now I feel like a sex goddess and it feels wonderful." After supper Linda and girls were still naked and he asked Linda may I fuck you?" Linda went to the carpeted floor and sat down and spread her legs for him.

Mike finger fucked his wife and liked her clitoris to get her ready to fuck. He then put his again hard penis into her vagina. Lyn reached around to gently rub on her mother's clitoral hood as she was being fucked buy Mike. It was very pleasant for Linda and she told mike to cum inside her and not stop and she told Lyn, " Don't you stop either Lyn." Mike felt when her vaginal opening began to tighten as she experienced an orgasm.

He kept on fucking her until she felt the warmth of his cum inside her. Some of his cum leaked from her vagina as he pulled out of her vagina. Mike said to her, "Thanks a lot Linda, it is very nice to be married to a sex goddess." Each of the girls went up to their room to do the homework for tomorrow's classes.

They each sat naked at the their computer doing their writing assignments to be followed by typing out their class notes and doing any reading they had to do. The girls felt comfortable naked even with their father. Their mother was nearly the same and still looked very good nude.

She was slim and had firm breasts and no hair except on their heads. The girls were excellent students that never got less than an A on every class they took. When they both were finished with their homework they spend two minutes each to get their third or fourth orgasm of the day. Alexia called her mother's cell phone to invite her for the last orgasm of the day and she bounded up the stairs still naked. All of the girls were able to get a powerful orgasm from the machine they used two or three times a day.

Linda was allowed the first orgasm and controlled the remote for both of her daughters. All of the females in this family now went to bed nude after laying out the clothes they would wear tomorrow. Linda did not know it but she was not the only one that wore no underwear.

Linda wore a bra most of the time. She felt she needed to support her breasts. The whole family had to get up early on weekdays and ate breakfast together before Mike had to drive to work and the girls needed to walk to school.

Linda went with them and went home only after making certain they were safely in school. When she got home she organized her coupons and got in her car to do the needed shopping. While she was at the market she met a woman she hadn't seen in several years. Norma was a college roommate. She was 39 years old and told Linda, "I seem to have plenty of libido, my husband doesn't seem to want sex and it feels good for me when we do but he seems to have lost interest in sex most of the time.

Linda invited her to her home to show her Sybian machine she had and see how she reacts. Martha followed Linda home and she went in with her.

Martha was impressed with the house and she was surprised to need to walk up the stairs Linda. She led Martha into the extra bedroom and Linda stripped off her clothes and Martha did the same. Martha's breasts were large and hung down a little. Martha was impressed with Linda's bald pussy and Linda asked her, "Would you like me to help you wax off the pubic hair like me Martha was 5'5" and not overweight at all.

She said to Linda. I used to shave it off but it always grew back. Linda got out some scissors Martha watched while she trimmed her pubic hair shorter. Linda turned on the waxing machine and took a little off at a time before Martha had no hair there or around her ass.

She asked about the redness and Linda answered her, "Look at me, the first time I used this waxing I was red for a day or so before it faded away." She said to Martha I would like you to try his machine before getting dressed and I will control it.

Linda cleaned the dildo and passed some lubricant to Martha who then let the projection into her vagina.

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Linda turned it on and adjusted the internal rotation and vibrator and watched Martha reach an orgasm she didn't expect. She told Linda, " I have never had such a powerful orgasm in a short time." "Where can I get one of these things?" Linda showed her about the remote control and how she is able to bring about an orgasm just like you had.


Linda asked her I she would mind I Linda could use this now. After her orgasm, Linda led her to her computer and got on the company web site to show Martha where she could get it.

Martha forgot she was naked and walked back to get her clothes. Martha got out one of credit cards and typed in her name and address and ordered one the things for herself. She said her husband would love this for her. She also ordered one of the waxing machines for herself to have shipped to her home.

She told Linda, "I work at home part time and my husband is a sales manager who bring home nearly $9,000 every week." "He is very good at what he does." Martha put her clothes back on and Linda told her, I have two teenage daughters and my husband now thinks of me as a sex goddess because of things like being naked when he comes home form his job I am naked for him." "We used to have sex once a month or so but now we do it every day." She told Martha, "A man can have only one climax per day but a woman can have one orgasm after another." Martha told her, " We have a house at the beach and a pool.

If you ever want to swim or anything, just give me a call." She handed Linda a card with her address and phone number She said, "Thank you very much for the wax job and the orgasm form this machine." Linda gave her one of her husband's business card and put her cell phone number on the back. Martha told Linda, "I have a grown daughter and my son is married with a wife who would enjoy this sort of thing.

Linda led her to the door and began to step outside but realized she was naked. She said to Norma, "Please keep in touch." Linda was alone again and put away the groceries she bought and sat down. She reached down and messaged her pussy while seated and walked back to the extra bedroom to look for her clothes.

When she got there she couldn't resist having another orgasm. She sat on it and a couple minutes later, she felt sexually satisfied for the present time. She took her clothes downstairs with her but remained naked until she put on her clothes and shoes. In 20 minutes she had to leave to pick up Alexia and Lyn.

Linda typed in Martha's address in to Google Maps she found that Martha lived in a home on the beach with a pool in the back yard with a wall and some trees separating it from Pacific Coast Highway. It occurred to her that Martha had implants in her breasts but it was tasteful unlike many women who have implants that make each breast bigger than her head.

Linda locked her door after checking to make sure she had a key and set out walking to the school. She was a little behind schedule and had to begin jogging to get there in time. It occurred to her that this was good exercise.

She checked her pulse on her watch and found she found her heart was beating 170 times per minute. She slowed to a walk to catch her breath. She saw her daughters and waved at them to get there attention and they ran to her with their backpacks on. During the walk home Linda thought of the sexual experimentation of her daughters.

This was done by them asking for and getting her and her husbands permission. The sex with Mike was done in the presents of her and the whole family. She thought the girls she was walking with had tasted Mike's semen and felt his penis in her vagina and ass hole. When Linda and he girls got home Linda told her daughters, "I have been thinking of the sexual experimentation with your father and I want to know if each of you is done with giving him a blowjob or being fucked by him." "I thought it was experimentation." Alexis told her, "For me that is exactly what it was and doesn't need to be repeated." Lyn chimed in, "I feel the same way, but I still like watching you and dad having sex and want to help if you want me to." Linda asked her "What help." Lyn related, "I was rubbing your clitoral hood with my hand while you were having sex with dad." Linda told her, "I enjoyed that a lot" Linda told them, "Mike told me he really likes the looks of all or your nude bodies standing around." "Also, I find I enjoy being naked inside the house when you are around and when I am alone here." Alexia said, "You have a nice body mom, I experience an orgasm on the machine and don't mind staying nude.

Alexia told her mother, "My counselor told me I could be the school valedictorian if I keep up having nothing less than an A on all of my classes for the rest of the term." "This Saturday I have to go to meet college representatives at UCLA and give them my resume of academic accomplishment as well as club memberships and membership in the school band." "Next week I need to take the SAT for the last time." "I can drive there in the car and mom but you can come with me if you want." Linda replied, "I would feel better driving you there Alexia, I have been driving since before you were born and I know my way around UCLA because I went there for four years." Linda continued, "I am very proud of you for getting such good grades even on the advanced placement classes that seem to require so much work." "I think your father would like to go with us also." Alexis also told her mother, "There is an awards banquet in two weeks." "It will be on campus in one of the larger rooms." "You and dad can come to this also." Linda said, "Thank you Alexia, I will be there as well.

"Mom, do you want to join us at the orgasm machine?" Linda said, "In a minute, I have to strip off my clothes. Linda met her naked daughters ready to use the machine to bring about a orgasm. Lyn was first. She was 17 years old today and her first birthday present was a powerful orgasm. Her sister Alexia was at the controls and Lyn was extremely pleased with the orgasm she experienced. Linda let herself be fucked by the moving dildo that vibrated and the woman could barley stand afterward.

Linda and her daughters were like Pavlov's dogs in since and they all became turned on by the sight of each other's nude bodies with anticipation of orgasms like this one. After Alexia's orgasm the three walked downstairs, still naked and Linda lifted Lyn to the table and spread her legs to give her some old-fashioned lesbian sex using tongue and fingers do the work.

Lyn enjoyed the extended pleasure that her mother was giving her. It took her nearly twenty minutes to come to an orgasm and she got down and hugged her mother and the two of the kissed each other on the lips. Linda and her two daughters remained nude for the rest of the afternoon and when Mike got home he was very pleased to find his wife and teenage daughters nude.

He put down his briefcase and stripped down to be as naked as everyone. He opened a box he brought in and gave the flowers that were in it to Lyn and told her, "happy birthday Lyn" Lyn blushed a little as she accepted the flowers and her mother found a vase to put them in and put it in the middle of the dining room table.

Linda then walked to her husband and asked him to have sex with her on that sane table.

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Linda got a towel and moved the flowers to put the towel on the table. "Mike, will you please lye down face- up on the table." Mike climbed up on the table and laid down with his face up and his penis standing strait up. Linda came to him and gave him a short blowjob and mounted him.

The two of them had sex in front of the two 17 year-old nude daughters looking on. Mike could see them and was entertained by the view he was getting.

Linda leaned forward while being fucked and kissed her husband with pausing pumping herself up and down on husband.

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Linda began her third orgasm of the day and Mike was able to feel her vaginal opening tighten. He looked at her over him and his nude daughters as Linda got up and put his still hard penis in her mouth and contained every drop of his cum and swallowed it After Linda and Mike got down Lyn laid on the table while her sister Alexia used her tongue and fingers to make Lyn feel very good.

Mike and Linda sat down at the table to watch Alexia bring Lyn to another orgasm. When Lyn and Alexia got down Linda removed the towel and replaced the flowers on the table. Mike said, "Why don't we all get dressed and go out to eat tonight." "We can have some real good food and be home early enough for you girls to do your homework." Mike put on one of his suites and ties and Linda dressed up in a red and black dress that came down to her knees. She had panties on but no bra and used some double-sided tape for insurance against exposing her nipples.

Mike looked at her, "Linda, you look beautiful in this dress. Mike had reservations at 7 PM and the family walked in looking good. Alexia and Lyn were dressed in dresses a little shorter than her mother and they all wore high heel shoes.

Linda and her daughter looked very sexy while being fully dressed. They were served salads to start and Linda looked around and was surprised when she saw Norma and her husband walking up to them. Linda stood up and said "Norma, please meet my husband Mike Rosetta and my daughters Alexia and Lyn." "Mike, Norma was a roommate in college at UCLA I met again at the grocery store yesterday" "Today is my daughter Lyn's 17th birthday." Norma said, "Please meet my husband John Hardin" "He works as the sales manager and we own the Honda dealer in Hollywood" "We have a son John Jr.

and a daughter Ashley. John lives in North Hollywood and works at NBC, and our daughter Kris lives with her husband Kelly in Los Angeles. Kelly works at USC. as a professor of English." He has a PhD and has written two books," John said You folks all look very good tonight" They all stood and shook hands and parted to a table not far away.

There was steak, seafood and more at this place and everyone in the family enjoyed it. They managed to get home by 8:30 and Alexia and Lyn went to their rooms to finish their homework for school tomorrow. The next morning Linda walked her daughters to school. They were up later than normal last night typing up notes and doing the required reading for school.

Linda was with them until they walked though the gate. Linda managed to be able jog all of the way home without getting winded. It was cool this morning and she continued past her home before finally having to slow to a fast walk. She went all the way to PCH and ran uphill to her home.

Linda had been running in college and it felt good for her to be able to do it now. When Linda got home she felt warm and sweaty and took a shower to clean off. After drying herself she went upstairs to get a quick orgasm on the Sybian machine. She walked downstairs feeling good and sexually exhaustion and ate some ice cream. She felt she needed to replenish her output with more food. She didn't feel as nauseated as before today.

Linda collected some of Mike's clothes that needed washing and got the washing machine going with the first load. She made note that she was still naked this morning and thought this would mean less dirty clothes. She found the newspaper and sat down to read it. She put some more water in the vase on the dining room table found the book she was reading and sat reading it when she noticed that she was unconsciously rubbing her pussy.

End of part 6