Slender abbie delivers an amazing footjob masturbation pornstars

Slender abbie delivers an amazing footjob masturbation pornstars
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After I read my mother's diary she said she would try to arrange for my sister to have sex with my father. I decided to try to find out if it ever happened. My sister went to the bathroom one day and from the door to her bedroom I could see her computer screen saver had not kicked in yet.

I rushed in and before it locked up I was able to see she was posting to an online diary website. I was able to find the name of her user account from the site's profile page. But I did not know her password. After a week of trying to figure it out I finally found her password written on a piece of paper taped to the bottom of her desk draw in her room.

I started wading through all her diary entries. It took me a while because it turns out my sister is one crazy little fuck monkey.

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Several times I had to stop reading and go spank out some relief. I found this entry to be one of hottest ones I read: I had sex with my mother again last night. I still can't believe we are now having sex together.

The first time we were together she was driving me crazy with her fingers. She made me so freaking hot. Things just avalanched after that. Her licking me was amazing. It still gives me chills thinking about it. My mother and I have always been very close. I love her very much. We know each other so well.

Sometimes it feels like we are the same person. It's Sunday night again and I knew she was going to have sex with my father. I had to see what she meant about him being her "sex slave". So I timed it just right and snuck into their closet and hid myself under some hanging cloths. My parent's closet has pairs of hanging folding doors so I knew I could just crack it open once they got started.

I was so hot waiting for them to start. I must have been dripping wet with sweat. It took forever for them to get started. The anticipation was almost unbearable so I started rubbing myself and fantasizing over what they might do.

There was a moment when I thought I was caught. Mother spreads out a quilt on the floor then comes over to the closet. It's a double closet and she opens the other side. She pulled out a box that was underneath some stuff. She goes over to the bed. She puts the box down on the bed and in a somewhat authoritative voice tells my father, "take off your cloths and assume the position." I've only caught glimpses of my father naked.

It was very exciting to be watching them secretly. He's now standing their naked. I think my brother's cock is bigger than his but I'm not sure. My father then kneels down on the quilt. He puts his hands behind his back.

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My mother slips a mask over his head that she took out of the box. The mask was made of leather and it did not have any holes for the eyes.

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The mask only had one hole for his nose and mouth. She then tied his hands behind his back with a piece of white rope. She then put on him what looked like a dog collar with a leash. She drops her bathrobe and is now completely naked. She then gets down on the quilt holding the leash. She's on all fours with her ass up in the air and says, "Lick my asshole slave." And she pulls his head forward with the leash.

My father starts licking my mother's asshole. He starts digging into her with his tongue and licking furiously. As he is licking and probing my mother she is letting out soft moans of pleasure. It's really hot to watch. I find myself rubbing myself vigorously because I am so turned on by what they are doing. She then commands him, "Now fuck me up in the ass slave.

Fuck me hard." My father then takes his dick into his hand and inserts it into my mother's asshole. He starts fucking her up the ass. He's thrusting his hips back and forth and I can see my mother's tits swinging back and forth.

My mother continues to moan in ecstasy with each thrust. I am very excited at this point. I am one or two rubs away from having my own orgasm.

Before I do my father lets out a groan thrusting his hips forward and his body remains tense for a time. I can see he's releasing his load of cum into my mother. Eventually he pulls out. My mother turns around grabs his cock and she starts sucking and licking on it.

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Her head was bobbing up and down for some time. Seeing my mother suck on my father's cock was so freaking hot! She then reaches around and digs her finger into her own asshole. She then takes it out and starts sucking the cum off her own finger.

She does it again accept this time she shoves her finger into my father's mouth. He just starts licking his own cum off her finger! She then says, "Slave, clean up your mess." She then turns around and returns to being on all fours with her ass up in the air. She pulls on the leash again. My father starts licking his own cum out of her ass!

My father really is her sex slave! I just can't hold back any longer and I orgasm in the closet. I accidentally let out a slight moan as I did. My mother turns and looks right at the closet! She definitely heard me moan! After several intense seconds staring at the closet, she turns around and grabs him by the chin. She leans over and starts French kissing him. I was thinking they've must have been tasting cum in each other's mouths.

She then pushes his chin away and says, "I'm done with you slave, get dressed." My father was completely limp at this point. My mother removes his mask and puts the collar and leash back in the box. She then turns to my father and says with a sweet and gentle voice, "Honey, go downstairs and watch TV.

I will be right down." I was like, "Wow, that's a switch!" She then kisses him sweetly on the cheek. My father must have still been in slave mode because he just got up, got dressed, and did exactly what she told him to do.

She walks over to the closet and says, "Kim, come out, I know you are in there." She looks a little irritated with me and she seems a little embarrassed by what I had just witnessed. She started giving me excuses like, "When you've been having sex with someone for a really long time your needs change.

Your needs become more sophisticated." This went on for a couple of minutes. I finally said, "Oh shut up mother. I've seen a thousand times worse on the Internet. What you and daddy were doing was tame by internet standards." This wasn't exactly true.

I think what I saw was pretty much a 10 on the freak scale. I then said, "But it was sure fun watch!" She stopped talking and just stood there thinking about what I had just said. I then said, "What does it taste like?

I really want to taste what sperm tastes like." She looked at me and she just knew I wasn't going to take no for an answer. She replied by saying, "Well, I still taste it in my mouth.

You can kiss me if you want." Without thinking I leaned into her and started kissing her. I moved my tongue in pretty far exploring around because I want to get as much flavor as I could out of her mouth. It tasted really yummy to me but I wanted more. I then said, "Bend over momma. I want to do what daddy was doing".

She said no at first but I pleaded with her using my soft manipulating voice, "Please." She then reaches around and using her finger she presses it into her asshole. She wiggles it around a bit to get some cum on it. She pulls it out and brings it up to my face. I practically swallowed her finger when I sucked on it. I told her I wanted "More, more, more!" She finally agreed to bend over. I scooted around and got on my knees. I spread her butt cheeks and started licking her asshole.

I never did this before but once I tasted the sperm still oozing out of her asshole it was so hot! I was so out of control. I just started licking and lapping it up as fast I could. It tasted so good. I was fingering myself the whole time and eventually I had my second orgasm.

I could tell my mother liked what I was doing because she began pressing her ass into my face. It was so freaking hot.


Every now and then she would squeeze her muscles a little and more cum would start oozing out of her asshole for my eagerly awaiting tongue. My clit is tingling right now as I write this. She then tells me it is my fault my father is watching TV instead being with her. She said I would have to be her temporary sex slave and finish what her father has started.

I eagerly agree and ask her what she wants me to do. She gets on the quilt and tells me to start licking her pussy.


I just wanted to please her. I would have done anything she ask me to do. It does not take long for my mother to finish. After that I helped her straighten up and I then went back into my room. I spent the rest of the night watching internet porn. I never knew so many people were into licking assholes before.

It was so freaking hot watching people licking assholes. I orgasmed a third time after watching a really hot video. In the video a guy was commanding his little sister to lick his asshole.

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Oh my God, it was so freaking hot! My brother would never tell me to have sex with him. He's too much of a computer nerd. My brother and I and been flirting with each other the last few days.

We've been masturbating in front of each other while watching porn after our parents go to bed. I was so close to giving him a blowjob the other night but he went off into the bathroom the stupid jerk. Tomorrow night or the next I'm going to go for it. I just need to get up a little more courage to give him a blowjob. It just looked so big in front of my face I think I was afraid of it. After tonight I think I can really do it. I just want to taste sperm again! The taste of sperm is just so amazingly hot!

When I was younger we lived in smaller house on the other side of town. There was a Callery Pear tree outside my bedroom window. I just loved the way it smelled in the spring when it was blooming. It's one of my best memories growing up. I swear sperm tastes just like the way my Callery tree smelled!

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I loved that tree.