Sex in style gay and straight porn ebony Dustin Cooper wants to give

Sex in style gay and straight porn ebony Dustin Cooper wants to give
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As Jason and Joey both just sat there still stunned by what they've just walked in on, Joey notices the wine bottle I bought for me and their mother for our wedding anniversary that was half empty.

Then Joey begins fuming(as they both begin to put two & two together, immediately suspecting Kayleen)., "Let me take a wild stab, this is the stupid little cunt who's been stealing booze from out of the house. Is that right?" "How'd you guess?" Beth said. Then Jason replies as if he's came up with an interesting theory, "Ironically, dad said the last two times she was over, I noticed each time that there was an empty wine bottle.

I thought maybe you and mom had a few drinks together. But now it's becoming clear, but this my be the tip of the I e berg on a more serious problem." "What problem is tnat?" I asked. Then Joey continues to feed us with a stunning revelation, "Well both Jason & I ran into Kayleen's ex-boyfriend about a month ago and he said he's been hearing some crazy shit about her and what she's been doing to other people." "You guys are are full of shit," snapped Kayleen.

"And what the fuck business is it of yours anyway?" Then Jason snapped right back at Kayleen, "First of all, you don't speak for the rest of us here in this house. Second, you're the reason both Katie and I broke up, because of all the so-called accusations you told her about me that weren't even true in the first place." "Although what you do on your own time is your business," Joey said, "but you can't keep on fucking people over like you just did tonight.

And what's worse, you being a real back-stabber of a bitch. Translation: You mess with the bull, you're gonna get the BIG HORNS." Then I said, "And it wasn't bad enough she got caught guzzling down a half bottle of wine, but I also caught her in the act masturbating on our living room sofa." "Wait a minute, what this?" Jason asked.

"You're nothing but a twat of a whore. Begs the question., have you been fucking around at other people's houses and behind your ex-boyfriend?" Then my wife says, "She doesn't even have to answer, you're father & I can answer that one for you two boys." "What are you two talking about?" Joey saked. "Is there something we don't know about?" Then I said, "She might a stuck-up twat, but a whore she isnt-until now." "What the hell are you & mom talking about?" Jason asked.

Then my wife Beth reveals to the twins, "Well I don't know how to tell you boys this, but I had your father pop her cherry tonight." "WHOA!!! NO FUCKIN'SHIT!!??" exclaimed both of them simultaneously. Then their mother continues, "We've been teaching her lessons into what happens when you fuck with the wrong family." "So first," I said, "I popped her cherry, then I breeded & seeded her.

And she was told to eat your mother's pussy. After that, she gave my a blowjob, while I showed her how a real man eats out a real woman's pussy. I had her swallow my entire load." Then one of the twins asked, "Then what happened?" "Well," my wife Beth says, "then you're father & I showed her how a real couple has great intercourse as we're trying to concieve.

So while your father was breeding me, I ate Kayleen's young pussy. And that's when you two buys walked in on us." Then Jason totally agrees and says to Kayleen, "Well of all the shit you've been allegedly getting away with, it was a long time coming before you had to be taught a few valuable and painful lessons. And at the same time, repaying your debts." "Speaking of painful lessons & repaying debts," said Joey, "you're not out of the woods with us. I seriously think since dad tapped that ass, I believe it's our turn now." Then Kayleen says as she begins to sob, "You're right, I'm sooo sorry.

I'm totally fucked, how do I repay all of you?" "Well like my boys just said," I told her, "you've been playing ALL of us like some dumb-ass fucktards. And if you thought I was huge, my twin boys' cocks are a little bit longer and wider." Then my wife Beth says again, "I saw them when they were babies, the nurses in the maternity ward told me to watch out for my babies when they get older.

And they were right." "See," Jason said, "even my parents know how huge we are. So are you ready for what might be your final lesson?" "I'll do anything you guys ask," begged kayleen. "Just down tell anyone and be gentle." Then I said, "Good, see how easy that was?" And so after aabout ten minutes of questioning and lecturing and coming up with yet another form of blackmail, the boys got up and went into their bedroom and change into their loose boxers.

About five minutes later, they both came back out ready to get it on. That's when Joey suggests, "Why don't we let mom & dad take a break from all of this, and let me and Jason pound away on Kayleen here." "But what's gonna happen is you gonna give one of us a blowjob, while the other fucks you in the ass here." Jason said.

"And then after we cum, we'll switch. Sound good?" Then Kayleen says, "Sure, anything to repay a big debt." "Now that's something that hasn't been touched yet," my wife Beth said.


"Ram it in her nice and hard. But when you're ready to erupt, pull it out and cum in her pussy." Then Joey said, "Sounds good to me. You wanna do the honors first by tapping her tight ass?" "Sounds good to me brother," Jason says.

But before he could enter her tight ass, he pulls a small bottle what looks like a travtl-sive conditioner. Then my wife asked, "What's the meaning with the little travel bottle of conditioner you have in your hand Jason?" But I think I know what else it's for. "Well mom," Jason said, "you know how when you're in the shower and when using the conditioner and your hands tend to slip when washing out your hair and your bush with this stuff?" Then it dawned on my wife when she replies, "Of course!

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It acts as a lubricating compound when your cock is wet." So then Jason get his finger wet, then applies some conditioner on his wet fingers and then fingers Kayleen's tight virgin ass.

At this point, she's moaning a little as she wants more. So while Jason's getting her ass lubricated with his fingers, Kaylenn begins to slowly go down on Joey's massive cock until most of it disappeared right in front of me. I could also see that Jason is continuing to loosen up Kayleen's asshole with his two fingers, which I could now see loosening up a bit.

So after a couple of minutes(as Kayleen begins to gag & choke on Joey's long, thick shaft), Jason says to Kayleen," Better hold your breath sweetie, here comes the other huge hunk of meat." And so after Jason takes out both of his fingers, he wets his cock a little, then he put some more of the conditioner not only on his shaft, but also in the rosebud of Kayleen's asshole.

Finally, he was ready. So at first, he slowly puts his humungous shaft in nice and slow. At the same time with Joey's cock in her mouth, I could hear her scream, "OOOOOOWWWEEEEEEEE!!!!" Jason says to me and his mom, "Holy shit!!

She's either extremely tight like a anal virgin, or I'm so fuckin; HUGE!!" "More than likely, both," My wife Beth said. "I guess after a while, she'll get used to it." And just at the pace Jason was going, it would be a little time before Kayleen was really loose. But none of us really gave two shits about it, because Jason started picking up the pace a little.

And before too long, he was pumping and pound away at Kaleen's tight little asshole with what looks like harderm deeper thrusts. Jason started moaning and grunting., "Oh, Oh, Oh, OHHHH GOD!! THIS BITCH IS SO FUCKIN' TIGHT!!!" "OH, OH, OH, OH, GOD, HARDER., FSTER!!" Kayleen said as she continues to suck, bob, choke & gag in Joey's Then incredibly(like two twins more than likely would), both twins said they were about to come- possibly simultaneously.

First it was Joey, " Oh, Oh, Oh, I-I-I., I., think., I'm ., gonna., CUM!!!!!" "Oh., oh., oh., same., here., Joey!!" grunted Jason. And so Jason quickly pulls his giant cock out of her asshole, and into her not-so-tight pussy right before he was about to explode.

And in an instant, they both led out huge grunt before they each shot there loads- only less then ten minutes after they both started., "OOOHHHH GOOOODDDD!!!!" My wife and I both watched, as my boys emptied their balls in both Kayleen's mouth & her pussy.

Kayleen manage to swallow Joey's entire load while Jason shot his load of baby seed into her fertile womb. "Holy shit," Joey said in astonishment, "she swallowed my entire load. DAMN!!!" "No shit!?" exclaimed Jason as he was spent. Then Jason pulls his cock out of Kayleen's pussy, which had his jizz oozing out of it. Kayleen now had TWO gaping holes, her asshole which is now red from Jason pounding & pumping inside of it.

Both the twins and Kayleen were all spent and had to take a quick break, but then they were all itching for more(Yeah, Kayleen was enjoying the sensation now). But they switched. this time, it was Joey slamming her now gaping asshole, and Jason getting sucked by Kayleen.

And just like before, the same thing happened.


All three of them had a simultaneous orgasm. Each of them said all at once in between their heavy breathing., "WE'RE ALL GONNA CUM!!!" And just like what Joey did, Jason took his monster cock out of her asshole and slammed it and cummed deep in her pussy- while Kayleen swallows Joey's load in her mouth. "Oh man, oh man, oh god., that was the best," Jason said as he was breathing a much needed sigh of relief. Then my wife, their mother asked, "Well boys, did you both enjoy that as much as Kayleen did?" "I don't think we couldn't've felt any better than how were feeling right now," Joey said, as he's now spent inside of Kayleen's mouth.

Then he finally pulls it out after Kayleen gulped and swallowed all of it. Then Kayleen said, "Man, that felt sooo good inside of my asshole.

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At first, it was extremely painful. But I'm used to it now." "Well Kayleen," I said, "I hoped you really learned your lesson now." "I did," Kayleen said. Then my wife said to her, "You are NOT to breath a word of this to anyboby- and I DO MEAN ANYBODY!!

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Do you understand us clearly?" Then Kayleen said, "Absolutely clear." "Good," my wife Beth said with a rather stern voice. "You may now get up, wash up, get dress and go home. You're done here." Then Kayleen said, "Okay, see you." So it took Kayleen no more than ten minutes to hurry and clean herself off the sticky jizz that all three of us dumped inside of her, get dressed and slowly staggered out through the front door.

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"Bye guys, enjoy the rest of your night," Kaylenn said. Then she finally left, about an hour and a half after Beth and I both got home. But before my boys were about ready to get up, my wife/their mother said, "Stay right there boys, your father & I aren't through with you two." "What did you & dad want to discuss?" Joey asked. Then I started, "Well, your mother and I don't want you to be bragging about this to anyone either.

You both said so yourselves, that stuck-up, lying, no-good cunt we called our babysitter got exactly what she deserved." Then Jason says something really interesting, "Well, neither you guys OR Kayleen has heard the worst part." "What's that?" Beth asked. Then Jason continued, "Well, remember how we told you that Kayleen and her ex-boyfriend broke up because of all the shit she's been doing to him AND to other people?" "Yeah," I said.

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Then Jason continues on, "He dropped a dime on her. He says if he ever found out that she was messing around behind his back even after they broke up, he was gonna beat her to a pulp.

And he will not hold anyone else responsible, even if she got knocked up by whoever else." "So another words," Beth said, "she's fucked in more ways than one." "Wow, unbelievable," I said. Then Joey said, "Oh, it's gets better. She's also in deep shit with her younger brother." "Why, what'd she say or do?" I asked. Then Joey continues, "Her brother found out from their mother that she was stealing his money to buy beer with a bogus id." "Although neither Joey or I have told anyone else this," Jason said, "we really have no other proof about what she's been doing to anyone." "Except for tonight here," I said.

"Why don't you boys stay out here with your mother and I and watch the film that we've picked up on the way home." "Sounds good to us," Jason said. Then their mother said, "It's actually a romantic comedy that we can all watch." And so within just a few minutes after Kayleen left, things were slowly getting back to normal.

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Although we both ask them to stay in the nude, they wanted to get up and stretch a little. They both got up, went to the bathroom to wash up and then went into the kitchen to get themselves an ice-cold drink after a rough session of sex with the babysitter. UP NEXT, THE FINALE!!!!!! LEAVE FEEDBACK. THANKS YOU.