Dickriding babe anally banged by bbc

Dickriding babe anally banged by bbc
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This chapter includes Futanari's (women with dick and pussy), Monsters, rape, drugging (aphrodisiac), and a few other things I do not wish to put in here because it might ruin it. If you do not think any of these things are up your alley, please turn back now. Chapter Three "Right, so over here is where you can pick up the quests for the region close to town and in the town itself," Eryis explained, pointing to a large wooden board up against the entrance wall of the building they had just entered.

The board was covered in slips of parchment with quest details written on them, each one with a level requirement at the bottom of it in large and bold letters.

Only a minute or so had passed since Rebecca, Eryis, Markum, and Bellis had witnessed the monster of a woman Amma brutally fuck another player in the middle of the city, and now they stood inside the building it had taken place outside of. Eryis was currently trying to explain things to Becca, but in that moment her head just wasn't there. She couldn't shake the image of that large and magnificent cock from her mind and she wished she hadn't stopped herself from rubbing her clit when she was so close to an orgasm.

She needed to cum so bad. "And over here you can pick up bounty missions and specialty missions, but I'd stay away from those until you're a higher level. They can be pretty nasty," Eryis continued, bringing Rebecca back from her sex filled day dreams. "Hmm? What? Oh, right. Thanks. I'll make sure to do that." she tried to smile back, but it faltered before her lips could even begin to turn up. The three others standing in front of her seemed to realize what was wrong with her, because they all sighed together and then flashed a knowing and sly smile at her.

"Well, as long as you know where this place is. I guess that's good enough," Markum chuckled, a slightly feminine action and sound despite that large and burly appearance of the man.

Rebecca had to remind herself that it was actually a woman playing as a male character. "Sorry. I'm a little out of it. Thank you though, for showing me around," Rebecca apologized and then thanked the three of them, really meaning it from the bottom of her heart.

If it hadn't been for them she would probably still be out in the middle of the woods in a high level area, getting ravaged over and over again by animals and monsters.

Then again. would that be such a bad thing with the mood she was currently in? "No worries. Amma tends to get that kind of reaction. Don't feel ashamed about it. It's that kind of thing that we play this game for, right?" Eryis asked with a genuine smile, and Rebecca couldn't help but smile back and blush slightly.

She was right though. That was exactly the kind of thing she had been hoping for when she had bought this game and installed it.

"Good. Now how about we get you a good starter quest and then get you some gear to do it." "I don't think I have any gold or anything though," Rebecca quickly checked, confirming her suspicion. She had no gold and all of her gear had been destroyed when that Minotaur had beaten her with a single attack. "Don't worry about that.

We'll pay for your stuff. It's what we do, remember?" "Yeah, but. you don't have to go that far. I'm not really sure I'm comfortable with someone buying me stuff, even if it is just in a game." "Don't get the wrong idea, it's not like you're the only person we're doing this for," Bellis laughed, slapping Rebecca on the back hard enough to bring up a player contact warning notice. "We do this for all new players we come across. We find them, we clean them up, given them something to wear so they aren't naked, bring them to a safe place, and then make sure they are prepared to play the game.

So don't worry about it. Just think of us as helpful NPC's with a starting package for you." "Oh. okay. I guess that's a little better then," Rebecca sighed and all three of her new friends laughed at her meek behaviour.

"Which. which quest should I take first then? Something easy would be nice to get started with. That tutorial kind of took me by surprise." "Yeah, that's the way it was designed," Eryis chuckled and now walked closer to the quest board. She took a long look at all the available quests, but didn't seem to find anything that she liked. When she turned back around though she didn't seem all that surprised and it looked like she already had another idea ready to go.

"I was hoping there might be a quick gathering quest available, but no luck. Guess we'll have to go with a player made dungeon," she said and suddenly Rebecca felt the bottom of her stomach fall out. "A dungeon? I don't. I don't think I'm ready for a dungeon. I'm only level one." "Don't worry about it, you'll be fine," the blonde woman tried to reassure her, but the happy smile didn't alleviate her tension this time around.

"Dungeons can be done solo or in a group, and player dungeons are a good way to get levels if there are no good quests available. There are some people who make easier dungeons for new players or players who are just trying to get some experience or gold." "How easy? Wouldn't making a really hard dungeon and then putting the word easy in the name be a good way to troll people?" "Well yeah. but we test out most of the new ones that say they are easy.

We have a whole list of which ones are safe and which aren't. You don't have to worry about a thing. In fact we have the perfect starter dungeon for new players. The Sewer Trials." "Trials? That doesn't sound like something that would be easy," Rebecca laughed, garnering a laugh right back.

"It's designed to give new players a taste of the trap system that is in the game, without too much difficulty. The designer made it so that ninety nine percent of what you will encounter in the dungeon is just traps. There is a final boss at the end that changes depending on what your kink settings are, so you won't know what to expect with it until you get to it. Oh, that reminds me, do you know about the kink settings?" "She doesn't, because you never told her, you idiot," Bellis sneered playfully.

"Right, my bad. Getting caught up in that show earlier kind of frazzled my brain too. Anyways, unlike in most games where the encounters are pretty much set in stone, Rindr has greater customization or randomness even in monster spawns. In the normal servers it asks you to set up your kink list before entering the game for the first time, but on this server they just throw you to the wolves.

So we should probably get you to set up your list before tossing you into a dungeon. But first, hold your hand over me and close it into a fist really quick." Rebecca did as she was asked and suddenly a slightly opaque list came up, with options like Trade, Inspect, Add to Friends, Follow, and Ignore.

"Good, now click on follow and just let the computer do the rest," she then instructed and once more Becca complied. She realized that this could easily be abused, but she trusted Eryis and the others and she knew they wouldn't drop in into a hive full of monsters and then watch as she was mercilessly raped.

"Just try to ignore the feeling of moving without making your body actually do anything, and now open up your menu and click on settings. In the middle of the list of settings you should find one labelled Sexuality. That's the one you want to click. Once it's open you can change your gender preference and go through the long list of kinks.

They're on a slider, with the extreme left meaning you never want to deal with it and the extreme right meaning you love it. Just move everything around to where you think you'll like it, and if you have any questions just ask. That's what we're here for." Rebecca nodded and thanked the taller woman, then immersed herself in all the options she found inside the settings menu. She had no idea just how many kinds of kinks this game included until she saw the full list, and for a few moments her head spun as she was overwhelmed.

It seemed to have everything, from the tame stuff like double penetration and gangbang, to the extreme like scat and water sports. Rebecca took it from the top of the list, going one by one and trying to figure out what exactly she wanted and what she didn't want. Things like anal, DP, and gangbangs were turned all the way up, while the scat option was turned all the way down. She did not want anything to do with poop at all; it just wasn't her thing.

There were other, more obscure, settings after those; ones that she had seen in hentai and online before but knew were never possible in the real world, or just didn't function the same way. Take urethra penetration for one. It was technically possible in the real world, but never in the way it was depicted in the hentai she read and watched. Whereas nipple penetration really wasn't possible at all in the real world, but in this game it had it's own setting.

For both of these Rebecca put them at about seventy five percent, knowing that if she came to find that she didn't like them she could turn them off or just turn them down. It took Rebecca the better part of ten minutes to fiddle with her settings, and when she finished she went down the list one last time to make sure nothing had snuck in.

When she was finished she hit the save button and then closed her menu down just in time to find that they had arrived at their destination, a small and dirty looking show near the edge of the town that was stuffed full of low level looking armour and weaponry.

"All good?" Bellis asked, first to notice that Rebecca was no longer just following behind. "Yeah, I think so. There were some things that I put on that I'm not sure if I want or not, but might as well try them in the safety of the game, right?" she asked and the woman nodded with a smile. "I do have one question though: what happens when you're in a group?

Especially in an instanced area? If everyone loses do the scenes take each characters list into account, or does something else happen?" "No, it doesn't. When you join a group it will notify you that your settings are a copy of the group leaders. It only lasts while you are in the group though, so you won't have to go through your list again after you are done.

But you should be wary when joining a group with new people. Some of them will probably have things you don't want, so always make sure to ask the group leader before hand." "Okay, thanks." "When you unlock the group finder at a later level it will sort your options based on which group leader has the most in common with your own settings. But until then it's all kind of hit or miss, and some players take advantage of that.

Only group with who you trust until you unlock the group finder feature," Markum added. Rebecca nodded and then turned to look at the leader of the three friends, Eryis. She had been standing off to the side looking over some gear that was on a shelf, only seeming to pay half attention to what was being said. However when she noticed a lull and found that the conversation had ended, she turned her attention back to Becca. "Now I know this place doesn't look like much, but it's a great store for low level and poor players.

It's also the only place in town that sells the Noob Guide, which is a must for new players." "Noob Guide?" "Yep. It's a guide book made by experienced players for new players. It started out as something that players just created and then traded amongst themselves, but eventually the Dev's learned of it and then implemented it as an actual item that can be bought and sold.

Inside the book is pretty much everything you need to know about playing the game on this difficulty. Well, mostly everything at least. It's still great to have though, and we're going to buy you one. We're also going to buy you two sets of armour and two weapons to start off with. You just need to pick out what type of style you want to play as. Heavy, medium, or light armour, and do you want swords, shields, bows, axes, daggers, or any other type of weapon?" Rebecca didn't take too long to chose, as she had already made a decision on what kind of style she wanted to play before even entering the game.

"Medium armour with a bow and a long sword. Why do I need two sets of armour though?" "Always have two sets of armour ready and available at all times when you are questing. Same goes for weapons. When you are defeated most times your armour will be destroyed and your weapons will be lost, which sucks when you are at the end of a huge grind and still have to fight your way back out.

Without anything to protect or defend yourself with you'll be easy prey for all types of mobs, and what might have taken you twenty minutes to clear through will take you the better part of a day to get back through while being raped every inch you take," Eryis answered and Rebecca nodded, finding that it made sense.

After the Minotaur had beaten and raped her she had been left with nothing after all. Eryis quickly picked out some random items from the list of what Rebecca told her she wanted and then walked them up to the dusty counter near the back of the shop. There was no NPC standing there waiting to help players out with their purchases, but with the way the tall and slender blonde woman was moving her hands through the air it didn't seem like it mattered.

It probably just prompted you with a buy screen when you got close enough to it. She then quickly returned to the group standing near the front of the store and opened up a trade window with Rebecca, depositing the newly bought gear into the list with a wave of her hand. She also added in ten health potions, some food to heal health outside of combat, ten gold coins, and the Noob Guide as well.

This was probably what the welcome package that they provided was, and even though Becca felt a little bad about accepting it she still hit the button and the items were deposited into her inventory. "There you go. Now you're ready to go kick some monster ass in revenge for what happened in the tutorial," Bellis laughed, but Rebecca only gave a dry chuckle.

She doubted it was as easy as that, and now that she had some gear and was ready to go, there was a knot growing in the pit of her stomach about actually getting back into combat.

She was a veteran VRMMO player and had never been afraid to get into a fight before, but that all seemed to have changed now. She was still horny as all hell, but that didn't stop her from feeling fear and trepidation. She sure as hell didn't want to be one of those people who purposefully lost a fight either.


"You ready to go?" Eryis asked, tilting her head to the side as she was probably reading the hard expression on Rebecca's face.

"If you're not feeling up to it you can just log off for the night. No one would blame you. The first time I went through the tutorial I logged out and didn't come back on for two whole weeks." "N. no." Rebecca forced herself to say that word, gathering whatever courage and will power she had left.

"I'm fine. I can. I can do this. Where do I go though?" "The entrance to the sewer dungeons is just down the road. Come on, I'll show you." Rebecca was led from the shop and out onto the empty streets. The sun, which had been shining down on her the entire day, was beginning to set and now the sky was stained with a beautiful orange that felt warm and peaceful. However that feeling of peace was lost on Rebecca, and each step she took felt like she was walking to her own execution.

A block and a half later, and after putting on her armour and equipping her sword, they had come to their destination, a sewage trench that led to an open pipe that had a red slightly invisible wall in front of it. This denoted that the area ahead was partitioned off from the rest of the world, or an instance as it was normally called, and the group walked up to it and stopped a few feet short.

"Here we are.


Any dungeons that are for the sewers in this town can be entered from right here. But before you go in I have to share the dungeon quest with you," her guide smiled and then moved her hands a few times, scrolling through her own menus. A second later a quest appeared before Rebecca and she accepted it, but only after making sure it was the right one.

"Player dungeon quests can be found in their own menu, which is in your main menu. Just so you know for the future." "And don't worry, we'll meet you on the other side when you're done," Markum added, getting the other two to nod in agreement. "Good luck." Rebecca, unable to talk as her nervousness was now full blown, simply nodded in thanks and then turned towards the barrier guarding the entrance to the sewers.

What had been red before was now green, showing that she had permission to enter because of her quest, and now Becca took a shaky step forward. One step turned into two, and then two into four, and before she was even fully aware of it she had passed through the instance barrier and was now officially inside the sewers.

The first thing that hit her was the stench of the place. It did smell a lot like a sewer would, only with a little less human waste stench mixed in. Still, it was pretty bad and Rebecca resisted the urge to cover her nose and mouth. She did however breath though her mouth only.

The next thing she found was that it was pretty dark inside the sewer tunnel, and she could only see about ten feet in front of her. And even for that ten feet everything still seemed to be shrouded in shadow and darkness, making it hard to see where she was even putting her feet.

And that really didn't bode well for her at all, especially as a few seconds after walking into the place she was reminded of what kind of a dungeon this actually was. It was a trap dungeon. Her foot triggered one of these traps just ten feet into the dungeon, and the second it happened Rebecca knew she had messed up.

She heard a loud click from beneath her as her foot sunk into the ground an inch more than it should have, and for a moment she froze in place as she was unsure what she should or what was happening. Was this a pressure plate that would release the trap when she lifted her foot? Or was it triggered when she first stepped on it but the trap was already dead?

Nope. It was the second one, but the trap sure as hell wasn't dead. A second after it had been triggered small holes on the walls on either side of her opened up and some kind of mist was sprayed out of them. It hit her in the face and all over her armour clad body. A sickly sweet and powerful scent suddenly filled the void a second later and Rebecca's head began to swim as she wobbled back a step and had to lean up against the wall to make sure she didn't fall.

All of a sudden she didn't feel so great anymore. Her head was fuzzy and started to go blank and her body started to get hot. It was like she was burning up from the inside, but it felt good.

Too good. In fact it felt amazing, and the hotter she got the more amazing it felt. "Wait. no." she groaned, pulling herself back up and straight as she tried to clear her muddled head. This wasn't right.

Feeling like that wasn't good at all, no matter how good it might feel. She had been poisoned or something.

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It was that damn trap, and it was messing with her ability to fight. Making her an easier target for whatever monster lay in wait at the end of this place. The idea of going back the way she had come and abandoning the quest was appealing, for about a split second. It was the safest thing to do. She had no antidotes or cures after all. But that sane idea was pushed aside as her mind grew even more cloudy, and now she began to walk forward once more as her whole body began to ache with a feeling she couldn't describe.

However, despite how hard it was for her to think now, Rebecca was on full alert for any more traps as she went. She found another pressure plate a few minutes later, and this time she was able to completely avoid it. However, once she was sure she was at a safe distance, she pulled out her bow and aimed a shot right at it to see what exactly she had just missed.

And boy was she glad she had seen it, because as soon as her arrow triggered the trap, compartments in the walls opened up and gripping mechanical claws came out and grabbed at the air where her arms would have been in the same moment that some kind of magical or mechanical dildo came out of the ground and began to thrust in mid air where her crotch would have been.

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The dildo seemed to be made of iron or some other kind of hard metal and was covered in a lube that flew off and into the air with each mechanical and frantic thrust. It was probably about the size of her most prized vibrator back in the real world, and as Rebecca watched it her loins began to ache as all she could think about was how she wished she had actually stepped on the trap.

"NO!" she yelled, slapping herself on the face and then shaking those thoughts from her mind. She was just horny, that was all. She had to finish this quest and get the hell out of her before she got trapped. That was all that mattered. If she survived this she could go and rent a room at an inn with the money Eryis had given her and just masturbate until she couldn't cum anymore. Deeper and deeper into the sewers she delved, sweat forming all over her body as she went.

As the minutes passed and she avoided every other trap she came across, not trusting herself to see what they did, Rebecca noticed some changes in her body. Her perky nipples were now as hard as they had ever been and they felt uncomfortable and a little painful as they pressed into her leather tunic. Her horniness had also caused her to get extremely wet and her juices were running freely down her legs, dripping onto the stone floor with each step.

And holy crap did her pussy ache. It was so engorged with blood and so puffy that Rebecca actually had to walk a little bowlegged, just to relieve some of the pressure. She didn't think she had ever been this horny in her entire life before and all she wanted to do was strip down and shove four fingers into her snatch while twisting her clit between a her thumb and a finger.

She needed to orgasm, and she needed to do it in the worst way. If she didn't get this over with quickly and take care of her growing lust she would end up doing something she would regret, like throwing herself into the next trap or letting the boss beat her without even putting up a fight. Thankfully it seemed like she was getting close to the end of the dungeon after nearly half an hour.

She came up to a blockage in the pipe where it looked like there had been a cave in, and the only way forward was to drop down eight feet into a passage that had opened up underneath it.

Once inside this new tunnel she found that it was completely different from what she found before. Gone was the circular pipe that smelled badly, and now instead she was in a cramped tunnel carved from the stone of the earth that led towards a source of light a little ways down.

Rebecca, struggling to remain in control of her growing libido, trudged ahead and quickly came out into a large and open room surrounded by water on all sides.

This room was a lot larger than she thought it should be, given that it was underground an all, but four statues were on the edge of the platform she was now standing on. The statues were of creatures she had never seen before, and they looked old and about to crumble at any moment. However Rebecca's eyes were drawn to the very middle of the platform where she found an ancient and ornate looking chest sitting there, completely unguarded and humming with a soft glow that beckoned her forward.

And like the sex addled idiot she was in that moment, Rebecca did just that. She walked straight at the chest like a complete noob, and she almost payed for it. Five steps away, her hands stretched out and her sword dangling from her hip instead of being in her hand to protect her, something came shooting out of the water and straight at her.

It rushed at her so quickly that it was nothing more than a blur, but Rebecca's reflexes from playing these types of games for so long kicked in and she dove out of the way at the last second. It soared over her head and landed in the water on the other side with a splash, disappearing into the murky depths that she couldn't peer into. Becca quickly pulled her sword free and jumped to her feet, ready to take on whatever had decided to pick a fight.

A moment later another of whatever it was flashed out of the water from her right side, and once more Rebecca jumped out of the way. Only this time she slashed her sword through the air in a counter attack that even players would find hard to avoid.

Something hard struck her blade and fell from the air a second after Rebecca finished her somersault, and as she looked back she found what kind of an enemy she was up against. It was a Slime. The Slime was a small blob maybe double the size of a ripe watermelon and was a deep and slightly translucent purple colour. It didn't look all that imposing, but Rebecca wasn't going to take any chances. Her body was still aching and hot, and she had to finish this quickly before it betrayed her.

Deciding not to give her enemy a chance to get back to the safety of the water, Rebecca quickly pivoted on her heel and jumped at the Slime. Her sword flashed through the air and struck it directly where she had aimed, the hard metal hissing through the air as it went. When her blade struck home though it didn't cut through the Slime's body, instead simply bouncing back slightly and doing next to no damage at all.

Rebecca didn't even need to look at the at the health bar floating over the Slime's head to see that she had done less than ten damage in total. The Slime's counterattack was much more effective however. It bounced up in the middle of her trying to get her sword back into position and slammed right into her chest. It hit her like a bag of bricks and sent her off balance, while at the same time dealing fifteen points of damage and bringing her bar down by nearly a quarter. And not only that, but the attack had apparently done something else to her as well; something that she only realized after she looked up at her own health bar and found a pink bar directly underneath it.

Focusing on that strange bar the word 'Resistance' appeared right under it. She really had no idea what it could have meant, as in other games resistance was a defensive stat against certain types of abilities or magical attacks; so what that stat had to do with a bar located right under her health was a mystery to her.

However she did take in to account that the bar was nearly full, but she didn't know if that was a good or a bad thing.

She couldn't focus on that entirely though, and once she regained her footing she turned her full attention back to the Slime in front of her. Seeing as how a slashing attack hadn't worked, Rebecca went in for a stab this time. She hoped she could pierce straight through the creature's body and finish this fight before she became overwhelmed, but once more her attack seemed to have no effect on it. Once more her blade simply pushed into the soft jelly flesh of the monster and then bounced right back like it was bouncing on a trampoline.

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And it was then, in the moment that she was once more thrown off balance with her sword no where near a position to be of any use, that Rebecca realized why her attacks were doing no damage against this small and weak looking creature.

In some games Slimes could only be hurt through non physical means, mainly magic. Everything else would just have no effect on them, much like what was happening at that very moment. Rebecca didn't even think about that until now because it wasn't like that in her last game, and that was what she was used to. The bad news for her was that she had yet to check to see if she had access to any magic, as she rarely played magic based classes. But it was just like a sadistic difficulty server to penalize her for that.

She really had to hammer it into her head that she had to make sure she was prepared for every eventuality before she stepped foot out of a town or city. Then again, it wasn't like she could think all that clearly in that moment anyways, and a few moments later it only got worse. The Slime's next attack struck her in the chest again, this time doing seven damage.

However, another attack she hadn't been expecting suddenly hit her in the back of the head as another slime shot out of the water and came at her from a blind spot. The two attacks hit within seconds of each other, and the hit to the head did another nine damage. But it wasn't that loss of her health pool that had thrown her completely off balance, but rather the strange sensation that ran through her spine and throughout her body.

The heat that had been clinging to her body and clouding her mind suddenly grew more intense and a shock that felt like electricity ran down her spine and through her extremities. The pink bar under her health bar flashed brightly as it filled up a bit more, the colour now nearly touching the end of the bar. What she was feeling, what she had been feeling, seemed to be directly linked to this bar, and suddenly it clicked into place. She knew what she had been hit with by that trap; it had been the same thing that Kara had told her had happened to her.

Rebecca had been hit with an aphrodisiac. The heat she was feeling, her rock hard nipples, her slick and engorged pussy, and the fact that she couldn't think straight was all the evidence anyone would ever need to know.

And that bar at the top, listed as resistance, was telling her just how horny she really was. What would happen when that bar reached the end she didn't know, but she was pretty sure she would find out shortly. The new Slime, the one that had hit her in the back of the head, had landed a few feet away from her; right next to the one that she had been fighting a moment ago.

They both jiggled back and forth, up and down, as if they could sense that the fight was close to an end, and they were getting excited. And why shouldn't they be excited? Rebecca had no way to fight back the she was aware of, and they probably knew that. What were they waiting for though? Two on one, against an opponent who couldn't fight back effectively, it should have been simple.

All they had to do was come at her hard enough and it would be over. Yet they just sat there, shaking, as if they were waiting for an opening. No, not an opening. They were actually waiting for something. The sound of churning water from behind her caught Rebecca's attention and she slowly turned away from the blobs of jelly to see what was appearing now.

And there, coming out of the murky water that surrounded the room, was a massive purple slime. It was over ten feet tall, and probably around seven or eight feet wide, with several crystal like objects inside the heart of it's body that glimmered and seemed to pulsate with life of their own. And above it's head, where there was not one, but three health bars completely full, was the name 'Guardian Slime'. This was the real boss of this dungeon, and Rebecca had made a huge mistake in coming here.

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She screamed out in real terror at what was now crawling slowly from the dark water and tried to run for her life, but it was already too late. The two small Slimes behind her had been waiting for this moment, and as soon as she had turned her back on them they had launched their attack. They leapt at her from behind, catching her completely off guard, and latched onto her hands.

The sword, which had been held in her right hand, was forced from her grip by the surge of strength from one of the Slimes and it clattered to the floor a moment later.

In the very next second both Slimes sucked her hands into their bodies and hardened, effectively becoming slightly softer than rocks; and with this change in their body structure they also grew in weight as well. Now it was like she was trying to carry a few hundred pounds in each hand, and the suddenness of the change dragged Rebecca down and onto the floor where she landed in a heap.

She was now completely vulnerable, and no matter how much she struggled she couldn't get the monsters off of her hands. Nor could she lift them any more than a few inches from the ground.

They simply weighed too much, and they kept her relatively secure and in place as the Guardian Slime dragged it's massive and heavy body closer, leaving a trail of something sticky and wet behind it like a slug.

"Get back!" Rebecca cried out in vain, thrashing about in a last ditch attempt to get away from her attacker. If the Slime understood her though, it showed no sign of it. It continued it's laboured journey, and within thirty seconds it was upon her. As the massive shadow of her soon to be attacker fell over her, the slimes holding her hands melted a little and began to pull her arms, and by extension her body, into a prone position with her back on the cold stone floor.

It was uncomfortable being in such a way, but things only got worse when she was in position and staring up at the massive and jiggling blob of goo hovering right over top of her. The purple creature's body shifted and out flashed two long tendrils of slime towards her. They caught her legs before Rebecca was able to kick them out of the way, and as soon as the slimy tendrils touched her they tightened their grip painfully.

And then, with one powerful tug, her feet and knees were pulled up and apart, despite her trying desperately to keep them closed tight. "NO! Leave me alone!" she screamed out in terror, but her plea fell on deaf ears. If this thing even had ears, which she didn't think it did. Being completely splayed open like she was, and unable to move her body in any meaningful way, all Rebecca could do was cry and watch as the blob before her began to shake and jiggle some more and several other tendrils came out of it.

These ones moved slower, knowing that she wasn't going anywhere. The four of them touched her all at once, landing on her knees with two on each side, and began to crawl up her body in an agonizing way. Even though they weren't actually touching her skin, the slime trails it left quickly soaked through her clothes and set her nerves on edge.

It was so warm and so gross feeling, and Rebecca couldn't help but involuntarily shudder as the strange limbs climbed towards her midsection and get closer to the one spot she didn't want it touching; her groin. However, to her surprise, the tendrils didn't spend any kind of time on her groin area and instead continued to move until they were on her waist and hips. But that surprise only grew in intensity a second later as she realized the real aim of this creature, and the tendrils slipped under her clothes and armour at the waist where they separated into her top and bottoms.

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The instant the warm and gooey tentacle touched her a jolt of electricity rushed through Rebecca's body and she groaned through her tears as her body rocked gently. It was like being shocked by static, and it touched every single nerve ending in her and set her body on fire even more. It was the most intense feeling she had ever felt, and she had to grit her teeth as her body betrayed her and began to get even more turned on. In fact she had never felt hornier in her life, but that didn't stop her brain from hating every second of it.

It was disgusting and she didn't want it to happen, even though her nipples were getting stiff under her padded leather armour and her pussy began to drip and create a mess in her pants. For every inch the slimy appendages moved across her skin, the same electric jolt of pleasure rushed through her body over and over again.

And as two travelled down and the other two travelled up, the tears rolling down her cheeks nonstop were now accompanied by saliva as her mouth hung open and she slobbered on herself in pure orgasmic pleasure. She was in both heaven and hell, split between the two and unable to fully commit to one other the other. It was torture, plain and simple. Then something changed when the two moving towards her aching and engorged lips moved over the area just above her tingling clit.

The slime coming off the tendrils coated her pubic area and the wave of pleasure that washed through her body and mind triggered something else inside of her, and a new desire and hunger began to rise as her skin began to prickle and feel like it was stretching out.

The strange sensation lasted for a solid five seconds while the tendrils continued to rub that exact spot, and when the feelings passed they began to move up and down something long and hard that hadn't been attached to her before, and sending spikes of pressure and ecstasy through her overworked nerves.

Completely out of it, Rebecca lifted her head off the ground and looked down her body. She could see the two tendrils moving towards her breasts slither slowly through her padded clothing, and further down she found the other two stuck in the top of her pants and creating small bulges towards her pelvis. Then, right above her clit, Rebecca spotted another and larger bulge that she couldn't account for, the two tendrils moving up and down and slithering all around it as they stroked the object off.

And then, as the pleasure of that action forced her to moan loudly, Rebecca realized that the cock she had, the cock that was supposed to be hidden at all times, had been pulled out without her permission and the slime was jacking her off. "Oh fuck." she groaned as her vision filled with thick tears and her drool dribbled off her chin and onto her chest. The sensation of actually having a penis and having it be stroked like that was overwhelming, and her head flopped back to the ground as one of the tendrils wrapped around the head of her animal like cock and squeezed tightly.

Pressure began to build up at the base of it and the muscles in her legs and butt clenched tightly as her mind began to grow blank with pleasure, but this turned out to only be the beginning. With a quick twist and pull, the slime tentacles lifted up off of her body and shredded her clothes completely, both top and bottom. Cold and damp air quickly rushed in and slapped against her skin in an almost painful way as her over sensitive nerves cried out in protest, and the cold shiver that ran down her spine and throughout her body resonated with her soul in that moment.

However the warmth returned a second later, and the four bits of the slime monster once more touched her skin; but it was different this time. The two tendrils on her torso moved with a purpose towards her breasts and quickly coiled around them. There wasn't all that much for them to squeeze, but somehow they managed to do it well and tight enough that pain rocketed through Rebecca's body as her breasts were pushed and pulled up, so her hard nipples were pointing straight up to the ceiling.

And then, below her waist, one tentacle wrapped around her turgid and hard horse cock and squeezed just as tightly while the other moved towards her swollen and closed lips and began to rub up and down against them; hitting her from clit to asshole in one motion before moving back up and covering her in icky slime that still sent waves of pleasure crashing down on her. Then, all of a sudden, the pressure on her cock and breasts and the motion against her pussy halted all at once, and an unsatisfied growl actually escaped Rebecca's lips even though she was glad.

Looking up once again, finding her naked and slime covered body on full display to the horrible creature violating her, she then witnessed three more nodules come out of the main purple body and move towards her. As they grew closer the three of them changed shape and size, getting bulbous towards the tip and flaring out until they were open in the center. These three immediately latched onto her body, sliding over both of her breasts and her large and angry looking cock.

They then shrunk and jiggled until they resembled breast pumps and a cock pump that Rebecca had once seen in a porn, only these were made from slime and felt both amazing and disgusting against her excited flesh.

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The ones on her breasts tightened so much and began to suck on her that her tits were sucked up into them, squeezing into the smaller tubes as her nipples screamed out in pleasure and pain.

The sucking didn't stop there though, and once they were all the way in and the bottom of the cup like tentacles were against her chest and not just around her breasts, the sucking motion started and stopped over and over again in a near orgasm inducing dance. Her breasts were squeeze and her nipples pulled up before the pressure released for a full second, and then it began again. The one that had swallowed up her meat bat (which was what her large horse cock was essentially), did something similar to the ones on her breasts, only this time it vibrated as well.

It sucked her cock up into as the walls vibrated, but the suction didn't turn off and then start over again. Instead it continued to suck, and the appendage itself began to move up and down; almost like it was giving her a blow job. Actually, that's exactly what it was like, or at least what Rebecca thought it was like.

The heat, the suction, the wetness, and even the sliminess of it felt all so amazing that she could no longer ever hope to control her moans or her body, and she succumbed to the pleasure and leaned back against the ground as this monster played with her like a toy. She quickly became oblivious to everything as the pressure in the base of her penis began to build steadily, and she didn't notice that the other piece of the slime, the one that had been rubbing her pussy, had now moved off of her skin and lined up directly with her hole.

In fact she only became aware of it again when she felt something hot and gooey slam into her cunt and impale her in one thrust, forcing her to scream out in pain as her hymen was broken for the third time in her life. However, unlike an actual cock, this appendage didn't actually fuck her.

Instead it pushed through her heated and wet folds like a bulldozer and pressed up against the entrance to her womb. Sadly it didn't stop there, and as the sucking on her breasts and the action on her cock began to grow in intensity, it pushed through the small opening and moved directly into her womb until it hit the other side painfully, forcing Rebecca to cry out and tense up, her head shooting up so she could get a glimpse of the purple slime tentacle shoved into her snatch.

The colour of blood dribbling down the slime didn't escape her notice either. The pain and pressure from having her womb invaded nearly knocked Rebecca out, and her head lolled back to the ground. Then, a second later, something hard and prickly was pressed up against the interior of her womb as nothing but pleasure took over and she nearly came right then and there. Even the painful pricking sensation, something that felt like someone had taken a needle to the soft walls of her uterus, felt amazing suddenly.

Sadly that feeling disappeared almost as quickly as it had come, and now the long tendril stuffed into her soaking wet mound was pulled free and hot slime leaked out from her closed lips and dribbled down her crack and over her asshole. The feeling of the tentacle didn't go away though, but now it seemed to have morphed in shape as well and she felt two different parts touching at her exposed lips.

They pressed into her soft flesh and then pulled back, peeling her lips open and exposing her hole and her clit to the fresh and cool air. At this point, the tentacle sucking her cock off, had two more appendages sprout from it right near the top of the bulbous point gripping and fucking her cock.

Out of the corner of her tear soaked eyes, her brain nearly fried from delirium, Rebecca watched as one moved up her body and the other moved down. The one moving down reached its destination first, and without warning it plunged into her open pussy and pressed right up against her womb again; but this time only kissing it as it was held in place.

The second one snaked between her swelling breasts, moving through her cleavage and across her chin until it was right in front of her mouth. Rebecca knew what was going to happen next, and her mouth was already open from gasping and panting so much at the attention her hard dick was getting, but she was unable to close it before the tentacle entered her mouth and sat against her tongue. The second the slime touched Rebecca's tongue she realized that it was tasteless, but this still did very little to stop her gag reflex and she still spluttered around the foreign object that had just been shoved into her mouth.

Her discomfort was meaningless to this mindless creature though, and now it began to thrust inside her mouth like an actual cock as Rebecca dribbled saliva around it and gagged like she was going to throw up. Suddenly the pace on her breasts, nipples, and in her mouth picked up and Rebecca's body was pushed closer and closer to an orgasm as she burned up with lust from the inside out.

She was so hot, so horny, and she wanted to cum so badly; and it was almost like the monster could sense this. The suction on her boobs and nipples sent shivers throughout her body and the now rough sucking on her hard and slightly sore cock began to pull at something deep within her hips and pubic region as every muscle down in that area clenched and unclenched in quick succession.

She was even moaning around the slime cock in her mouth as it drove in and out, never escaping her lips or going down her throat. It just seemed to like being right near her throat and over her tongue, which was doing nothing to pleasure it. She refused! Absolutely refused. It was probably the one sane part of her left.

The attention on her cock was what was going to do her in though, and to top it off she had some kind of slime tentacle cock nestled right up against her womb and pressing on her g-spot all at the same time to contend with. She was a goner, that much was certain. Then it came; or rather she came, all at once and with such aggressive force that it felt like she was exploding into a cloud of tiny stars and sparks. Her cock, loins, pussy, ass, legs, stomach, arms. hell, her entire body seized up and exploded all at once as a massive and soul crushing orgasm shot through her body and mind.

She screamed out in sheer and total pleasure as her cock tensed and then spewed thick, hot, and white cum into the slimes appendage as it continued to suck on it greedily, slurping up the cum directly from her still spasming and spewing dick. Only, with wide eyes and a new fear burning at her mind, Rebecca saw her cum travel up the slime tube and then branch off in two different directions; one to her pussy and the other to her mouth.

It was actually going to fill her up with her own cum, and there was nothing she could do about it but watch as it quickly made its way through the tubes and to her waiting orifices. Once again the tube in her cunt was the first one to get serviced, and a moment later she felt her own hot juice splash up against her cervix and seep through into her womb because of the pounding it had taken only moments earlier. And, once it had filled her womb with her own seed, a sudden and new orgasm rocked her completely out of nowhere.

It was so powerful and so amazing that Rebecca opened her mouth and throat wide in a powerful groan that was more like an animal than a human, and right in time for the cum moving to her mouth to come splashing over her tongue and down her throat with no resistance.

She was instantly hit with the salty taste she had no real liking for, and the slimy gunk slid down her throat and directly into her stomach as she was pumped full from both ends. She couldn't even string together a thought long enough to realize that she was cumming far more than any normal person should, and all she knew was that she felt extremely full. Her stomach gurgled slightly like it was happy with being filled full of cum, and the sloshing in her womb warmed her up in a way she never knew possible.

To put it simply, Rebecca was in heaven. Her cock continued to cum for several more moments, forcing her own junk down her throat and into her womb until it felt like she could take no more.

Then everything stopped. The earth shaking orgasm she had had that lasted over two full minutes, the sucking on her sore and red breasts, the sucking on her now semi-flaccid cock, and even the cum being poured down her throat and into her stomach.

It all just stopped. Then, with some pops and the feeling of no longer being comfy and full, the slimes tentacles were removed from her body and she now lay on the floor; nude, covered in her own cum and with some even leaking out of her cunt and forming a pool right beneath her untouched ass.


With its task done, the large slime now released its hold on her legs and slowly jiggled and crawled its way back to the water it had come from, sinking into its depths a few moments later. Then, as if they had been waiting for that, the slimes holding her hands down turned to jello once more and bounced away as well, leaving Rebecca laying there in her own filth and covered in thick purple slime that still made her skin tingle.

She was beaten and coming down from an amazing high the likes of which she had never felt before, and for several long minutes all she could do was sit there on the ground and pant in exertion as she tried to catch her breath and settle her nerves down. It wasn't working very well though, and without her knowledge one of her now free hands had moved down to her limp dick and began to stroke it while the other gently rubbed her clit in circles, bringing herself back to one more orgasm that was nowhere near as satisfying as the ones she had just been forced to endure.

She didn't know if she could ever feel that good again, and that thought actually saddened her aphrodisiac clouded mind.