Big tits camgirl hottalicia gets fucked

Big tits camgirl hottalicia gets fucked
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It was a slow day at game shakersdouble g had taken triple g and his entourage to a music festival in Vegas for the week.


Hudson was busy with his family reunion in Florida. Babe had gone to New York City for a meeting with a big company that wanted to work with game shakers. Kenzi was left behind to handle anything that might come up that would affect the business. Other than kenzi no one would be at game shakers for the entire week.

Kenzi entered the main room at game shakers and she was dressed as she usually was in a short dark blue skirt that showed off her shapely legs and a pair of flat shoes and a light blue loose sleeveless shirt that buttoned up the front she had left the top three buttons open exposing the tops of her small but firm perky breasts.

As she walked around the room she realized she was alone and could do anything she wanted. She started pulling off her clothes dropping them at random around the room. She didn't realize that double g had installed new security cameras that were top of the line HD video and automatically uploaded the video to the game shakers web site for their fans to keep track of his activities.

Kenzi slowly stripped down to her thong panties and tiny bikini like bra. She stopped there at first but then thought what the hell no one can see me and pulled off her bra and panties tossing them into the donut pit.


Kenzi stretched twistingturningand bending over enjoying the feeling of being nude but also showing her naked body to all of the watching fans. Her fans were awed as they saw her incredible body. Her body was petite around five foot even well toned and tanned all over showing that she must sun bath in the nude.

She had grown her silky brunette hair out so her locks fell down her back to the top of her asswith her curly hair tumbling in waves. She wore a pair of dark framed glasses and now stood in the center of the room naked except for those glasses. She closed her eyes and ran her hands down the front of her body caressing her firm small breasts pinching her nipples as her hands passed over them. Her nipples hardened as her hands passed over them and the chill air of the room brought her body to arousal.

Her hands moved down over her flat toned abs then continued down to the lips of her vagina. Pinching them and pulling her nether lips apart she slipped two then three fingers into her pussy. Her body started to respond to her manipulation getting wet and swelling with desire.

She lay down on the lounger spreading her legs exposing her smooth shaven pussy and started masturbating using her fingers at first but then she reached out picking up the half empty bottle of soda from the table next to her. Inserting the top of the bottle into her pussy the bottle spread her lips wide showing the pink inside of her cunt to her fans.

Rapidly thrusting the bottle into her vagina the remaining carbonated soda started to spray up into her pussy. Moaning loudly as her ministrations slowly brought her closer and closer to an orgasm. As the pressure built between her legs she shoved the bottle deeper and deeper into her cunt.

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Her orgasm hit her and she lost her grip on the bottle and it slid out of her grasp slipping freely deep into her womb. After coming down from her orgasm she started to panic how was she going to remove the bottle from her snatch. Spreading her legs as far as she could she shoved her hand into her body fishing around trying to capture the bottle and remove it. Kenzis actions were being put on display to a growing number of viewers many of them had started jacking off to what they watched her doing.

Kenzi finally managed to catch the bottle and pull the now cum coated bottle from her vagina. Laying there panting she put the bottle to her lips and without thinking took a long pull from the bottle tasting black cherry soda and her own juices. This action brought many viewers to violently ejaculate.

Kenzi lay there exhausted when the robot the game shakers had built and deactivated storing it in the corner came on and started walking towards her. Triple g watching on his tablet had used the app to activate the robot and control him from where he and double g were in Vegas.

Triple g had the robot hold kenzi in place and push his other hand into kenzis pussy making the robot jackhammer his limb into kenzis pussy she screamed as the friction from this burned her vagina until her arousal lubricated the entrance to her womb.

Kenzi lay there screaming as waves of pain and pleasure hit her unprepared body. Blood coated the robots hand as it repeatedly entered her cunt bringing her to orgasm after orgasm to the great pleasure of the watching web crowd. Finally the robot finished with her and returned to the corner leaving kenzi to lay panting unable to muster the strength to move from where she lay.

A nearby group of fans had traveled to the game shakers building thinking to go in and fuck the now helpless kenzi. Arriving outside of the building they found a large pack of dogs circling around the building. The leader of the teens said hey you want to give the viewers another perverted action to watch.

Yeah the group agreed what are you thinking. This he said as he went to a local store and bought a couple pounds of meat going back to the game shakers front door he waved the meat around attracting the pack of dogs then he opened the doors tossing the meat into the room near where kenzi lay. The pack of dogs rushed into the room fighting over the meat and the teens pulled the doors shut and went back to their home to watch the action on their large HD television.

The dogs quickly finished the meat and started sniffing around for more soon found kenzis wet wonderful smelling pussy. The alpha started licking kenzis pussy causing kenzi to moan but she didn't have the strength to do any more and as the dog kept licking he pussy his tongue diving deeper and deeper into kenzis snatch bringing her to orgasm.

The dogs all took turns at kenzis naked body that was too exhausted to do anything to stop them. A group of female teens from Kenzis school that were not fans of the game shakers hearing about what was happening to kenzi gathered outside of the game shakers building. Putting on masks they entered the game shakers building walking into the room where the dogs were gathered around kenzis supine body.

The girls picked up kenzis body putting her into the perfect position for the dogs to fuck her then they tied her into that position so she couldn't stop what the dogs were about to do to her. Spraying her cunt and asshole with a bottle of liquid from female dogs in heat they left her to the mercy of the dogs. Aroused now from the smell of females in heat the first dog entered her vagina fucking her poor abused body unmercifully.

Bringing her to an orgasm the only thing kenzi had the strength to do is moan and spew cum from her cunt. As the dogs took turns at her she didn't have the opportunity to recover enough to stop them or escape from them. The number of watching viewers was quickly increasing approaching 10 million watchers. Double g taking advantage of this started charging viewers to become members to watch the web site.

Kenzi whimpered as her abused cunt was continuously ravaged by the large cocks of the dogs. The viewers watched as the dogs fucked her and found it amusing when some of the dogs found the wrong hole spearing their dicks deep into kenzis asshole.

All kenzi could do is lay there whimpering as the dogs continued to assault her body. As the viewer count continued to grow they started leaving comment and suggestions on what was and should happen to kenzi.

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Reading these comments triple g was intrigued by one of them so he contacted some friends still back in the city and had them go to game shakers and set up kenzi for the perverted idea that had been suggested to happen to kenzi.

The teen friends of triple g entered game shakers wearing masks proceeded to chase the dogs out and they set kenzis body up for the planned abuse. Moving everything out of the room they set up a tank of clear well lit water and focused the cameras on the tank. Slipping kenzis body into the water in the tank they strapped her to the side of the tank so she wouldn't slip under the water only leaving her head above water.

They then put a bucket of eel like creature into the tank with kenzis body. The viewers watched as the eel like creature swam around kenzis body some of them latching onto her nipples sucking on them making them harden in response and then amazingly started lactating. The creatures greedily sucked up everything kenzis nipples produced. The watchers couldn't believe it as the creatures pushed through lips of kenzis pussy swimming into her one by one and then exiting her pussy.

Unknown by the watchers each eel like creature were actually aliens and each one was leaving an egg in her womb attaching each egg to the walls of kenzis womb.

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The viewers continued to watch as the alien creatures brought kenzi to mind numbing multiple orgasms they watched as kenzis breast swelled and started lactating which brought even more of the eels to suckle at kenzis breasts.

The alien eels finally finished breeding kenzi floated to the top of the tank dead. Kenzi who's body finally was left to recover her strength which she did after a few hours.

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Slipping free of the restraining straps kenzi stepped naked from the tank. Rubbing her sore tender sensitive lactating nipples kenzi started pulling dead alien eels out of her pussy and anus removing five of them from herself in total.

Kenzi standing there totally naked heard a knock at the door and went to answer it. She found a female police officer and a large Male officer at the door.

We have been getting reports of a perverted video being broadcast from this apartment. Go away kenzi said and pushed the Male officer back away from the door. Hey said the female cop you can't assault us. Sure I can kenzi said what are you going to do about it. This the Male cop said as he pulled his baton pushing kenzi back and hitting her over the head knocking her out. What do we do now asked the female cop.

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I think we needs to teach her to respect law enforcement. Picking kenzi up they placed her on her lounge chair and hand cuffed her spread eagled to the chair. The Male cop proceeded to use the baton to fuck kenzis pussy shoving his baton all the way up into her vagina watching as the two cops could see the outline of the baton on kenzis flat stomach.

Kenzi orgasmed as the baton was continuously thrust into her pussy and she whimpered as her body continued to be sexually assaulted. In the meantime the female cop had discovered kenzis lactating nipples and latched on to one drinking deeply of the sweet milk kenzi was producing. The two cops shut down the web site but many believe the cops took kenzi back to their precinct where she is still being raped by the cops and when she gave birth to the baby alien eel like creatures they flushed them into the sewer system where they are growing to adult hood crawling up the pipes into toilets around the city where they sexually assaulted any females they found on the toilets impregnating them with alien eggs left in their wombs but that is another story about the alien invasion.