Black Shemale Beauty Fucks Another Shemale Hard

Black Shemale Beauty Fucks Another Shemale Hard
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This is a true story and it happened a month back in January, Name of person has been changed. This will also be my first time writing a story so please bear with me if its got a few mistakes here and there and if it seems a bit rushed.

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A little about myself, im 19 years old and 5ft5, brown skinned with black hair and look very bear like with a lot of hair (due to my hair colour being black, the hair is more obvious on my brown skin) and im chubby. AT THE GYM It was nearly 2am on the 2nd of January and I decided to go to the gym in the city centre that im a member of.

This good thing about this gym is its open 24/7, which allows me to go there at ungodly hours. I got to the gym around 2:20am, got changed into a black t-shirt and grey sweatpants with a pair of light grey jockstraps underneath and then went down to the gym floor and saw that there were only three other people there, two ladies both looked in their mid 20s and a man in his early 30s.

I went about my usual routine, put my headphones in played the music and went to treadmill then on to the cycle and then the rowing machine and lastly did a little weight training all the equipment are spread around the gym so have to walk from one end to the other etc.

The whole time I noticed the two ladies working out at one side of the gym on the steppers and the man would constantly move around the gym to a machine not immediately next to mine but nearby.

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This seemed a little weird at first but then i thought nothing of it and continued to work out listening to my music. At 3:45am I decided that I had worked out enough for the day so went upstairs to the changing rooms to have a shower and get changed. I got to the changing room it was a nice spacious area, in through the doors down a little corridor into a rectangle room with a long bench in the middle down the length of the room and lockers on all the sides but one that had an archway leading onto a corridor to another smaller rectangle room on the left with a few more lockers, down the corridor on the far right a shower area with individual cubical and on the far left the toilets.

I always went into the room with the fewer lockers as there's hardly ever anyone there and I don't like getting changed in front of a lot of people I don't know. I got to my locker and took out my towel and placed in on the bench then continued to get undressed, just as I took off my t-shirt I noticed the guy that I thought was following me around the gym was there in the locker room and his locker was just one down from mine on the left. This was the first time I got a proper look at him he was taller than me by a few inches and was in good build he was wearing a red t-shirt and black shorts down to his knee, he had a pale skin tone with a slight tan to his skin which made his muscles really stand out.

He went and sat on the bench and drank from his bottle and now I started to feel a little uncomfortable. The feeling of being followed came back to me. I turned my back to him as to avoid eye contact and continued to get undressed, took my trainers and socks off and with my back still to him I pulled down my sweat pants and I placed them neatly in a pile on the bench then I realised I was wearing a pair of jockstraps, my butt cheeks were on show, quickly turned to face him praying he didn't notice and saw him suddenly look away in the other direction.

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I wrapped my towel around my waist and pulled the jocks off and placed them on my pile of clothes and went to the drinking fountain, as my throat was now painfully dry after being so nervous. There were two drinking fountains in the changing room one was in the room where the shower cubicles were and one in the first corridor when you enter the changing room. The one in the shower area was closer so I went there.

I drank some water then headed back to my locker as I forgot my shampoo and shower gel. I walked down the corridor bare foot, which meant I made no noise, and I got to the archway into where my locker was and there was the guy sitting there with my jocks in his hand and his nose buried in them, eyes closed shut.

Initially I was shocked and really angry and wanted to storm in there and smack the guy across the face, but a part of me was turned on by what I was seeing, so I silently watched him sniffing my jocks and stroking his cock that was forming a nice tent in his shorts.


A few minutes passed and I decided it was time to walk in on him and when I didn't I cleared my throat and his eyes shot open, his hand fell from his face and my jocks fell to the ground. Look of complete shock, embarrassment and panic were over his face. He shot to his feet, looked anywhere but towards me and was constantly mumbling out apologies. Honestly I found that whole situation a bit funny and tried to suppress my laughter.

He was in a hurry to gather his stuff and leave and it was obvious he was really panicking was constantly dropping things. I was still turned on from what I had seen, my tent very visible with the towel wrapped around my waist. "Do you have a thing for jockstraps or underwear in general?" I asked him "Yes" short and blunt he mumbled out.

I wanted a proper answer from him. I dug deeper "What is it about underwear that you enjoy?" "I like the smell of used underwear especially ones after a sweaty workout." He mumbled out as if he was disgusted at what he does "I noticed your workout was pretty intense and you were sweating a fair bit" By now he had relaxed a little, he must've realised I wasn't angry at what I saw and I was curious about it.

I was really interested in why he did what he did. "Have you ever been caught sniffing underwear here before?" "No" he replied "this is the first time I've been caught, I thought u left to go to the shower, so I thought I had enough time to…" he went silent "Do you always wait for people to go to the shower and then sit here and sniff them?" His response to that question got me angry but only for a few seconds. "No I'm never in this early, I'm usually here when there's a lot of people and when the rooms empty I pick up all the abandoned and forgotten underwear left behind, and occasionally take them from open lockers, if I cant find any abandoned ones." He paused for a few seconds and then said it "a month back I stole your briefs from your locker, I'm really sorry, I'm so sorry" he was back to panicking "Well in that case you owe me new undies and a jockstrap" I joked trying to relax him His face lightened up "Yes of course, I'll get you some new underwear" He then asked me if I got turned on from seeing him sniffing my jocks and I admitted that I did.

We exchanged names and got to know each other, he worked as an architect and his name was John, all the while I was sporting a hard cock under my towel. He asked me if he could keep my jocks and I agreed, must've been down to me being so turned on. It was now 4:30am and a few more people started to come into the locker room.

I was in no way finished speaking to my new friend so I got dressed back into my gym clothes including the jockstrap and we both left the gym and he asked if I wanted to go back to his place, he lived 10 minutes from the gym. He lived in a top floor, one bedroom flat with an open plan living room and kitchen. He asked me to get comfortable and if I wanted to have a shower I could, the sweaty clothes were starting to cling to my skin so I got undressed and stood there in his living room in my jocks, John returned from his bedroom with a box in his hands and placed it on the coffee table and noticed that I was standing there in my jocks and his mouth dropped wide open.

He asked me to sit on the sofa with him and opened the box. Inside the box were all the underwear he had acquired over the months, he had a pretty big collection of underwear sealed in airtight bags. He told that by sealing the bags it kept the smell fresh. He pulled out a pair that id seen before in fact they were mine the ones that were taken from my locker a few months back.

There were my black briefs in his right hand and his left hand stroking his cock through his shorts. I watched as he took my briefs and held it up to his nose and inhaled in deeply.


My cock grew hard in my jocks as I watched his every action. I took his hand and placed it on my thigh and he took the cue, he moved the coffee table and got down in-between my legs and brought his nose up to my crotch and inhaled deep, sent chills down my spine, precum was forming a spot on my jocks and he licked at the area, slowly he opened his mouth and brought it down on my jock covered cock.

I couldn't help but let out a long moan, the soaked jock clung to my shaft and John was not letting the pace slow down, he bobbed up and down. He stood me up and pulled my jocks down and now there I was naked in front of him, with my cock pointing out towards him. He stripped down and I saw his cock for the first time 7 thick inches of cock in front of me, he went down onto his knees and took my cock into his mouth while squeezing my ass cheeks and running his hands up and down the sides of my legs.

I was close to cumming and im sure he sensed it as he picked up my jocks and wrapped it around my cock and sucked me off into it. I cummed hard and I cummed a lot into the jock. He took the cum soaked jocks and licked the cum out of it.

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I had all the energy literally sucked out of me and I fell to the sofa. I learnt something new about John then, he had a foot fetish. He picked up both of my feet and brought them together and started to suck on them, must admit it was ticklish at first but I was to horny to refuse, he put his cock in between my feet which are now slick with his saliva and started to pound them, he varied his speed, going fast then slow, he didn't want this to end.

My cock grew hard watching him.

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He shot his load all over my feet and I added to it with my load which he happily licked up clean. It was now 8am and I really had to get home, I took a shower at his house and left for home, but before leaving he agreed to buy me those new underwear and would give me them at the gym. THE END Thanks for reading and please do leave some feedback in the comments about how I can improve or if you would like to hear what happens next's and please do rate the story.