Here are two sexy blonde twinks having some hot anla sex

Here are two sexy blonde twinks having some hot anla sex
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BIG FUCKING DISCLAIMER: First, obviously, READ THE TAGS! If anything in those tags might offend you, don't fucking read this. Seriously. You WILL get all butthurt and want to bitch about how disgusting this story is. If you DON'T LIKE even ONE OF THE TAGS, DON'T FUCKING READ THIS. Second, EVEN MORE obviously, this is a work of FICTION, and I in no way condone ACTUALLY DOING any of these things!

The people who made Die Hard aren't bank robbers in real life, it's JUST A STORY. NOTE: The tags cannot convey emphasis, so let me highlight the themes of extreme, violent rape and humiliation.

While the other tags are accurate, this is primarily a story about brutal, remorseless, unrelenting rape and abuse. New readers are directed to "Mandy and Daddy" for some insight into Mandy's typical home life.

Mandy and Danny It was Wednesday, and on Wednesdays Mandy's daddy worked late. She said goodbye to her best friend, Jenna, and began walking home, thinking about what she would cook for daddy.

It was October, and the sun was low in the sky, casting long shadows and yellowing light. Mandy never saw them coming. One boy grabbed her by the hair with one hand and slapped his hand over her mouth while another pulled up on her ankles.

She tried to struggle, but the hand was wrapped in a sweaty t-shirt, muffling her screams and thwarting her bites.

The sides of the main road were heavily wooded, with no trails and thick undergrowth. No-one walked any dogs or went for a run back in this highway forest, and the two boys, Danny and Trey, had found a clearing when they were only nine, a secluded patch of grassy mud hidden among the trees, where no-one would bother them.

When they arrived the boys dropped her legs. She began to kick, but the first one put her in a headlock and forced her into a sitting position. The one in front of her pulled out his pocketknife and held it to her cheek, the metal cold and sharp and terrifying.

"Now," the other whispered, his breath hot, his tongue caressing her ear as he spoke, "Nobody on the highway can hear you, so you're just going to annoy us if you keep screaming. How about you be quiet and do what we say, and we'll leave both your ears attached to your head, eh?" He kissed her neck passionately, sucking and biting, like her daddy sometimes did, and she started to cry.

Danny could feel her trembling in his arms, and he could feel his erection growing harder and harder. He was three years older than Mandy but since the first time he saw her, he had found her gorgeous in a shy, antisocial sort of way. Her eyeliner was heavier and darker than what was in fashion, her skin was purposely pale, and her clothes tended to be loose-fitting.

She made an excellent contrast to the last girl they had taken to this secluded spot in the woods: Tara, the head cheerleader from Danny's own eighth-grade class; a tan, blonde, athletic girl. All the boys wanted her; only Danny and his best friend Trey had had her. Danny smiled at the memory: they shared a class, but Tara was still afraid to look at him. Mandy tried to stifle her crying for a moment, and managed to stammer out: "Wh-what do you want?" She didn't know what to do, but someone was kissing and biting and fondling her and it wasn't her daddy, and it was making her sick to her stomach.

Danny smiled again at the question. He slid one hand down to cup her tiny breast. "We want you to be a good girl," he whispered, and then more loudly: "Now let's get to work." Trey traced the knife gently down Mandy's cheek to her breastbone and pulled her baggy t-shirt collar down to expose her bra.

He slid the knife under it and, with one upward pull, cut the center strap. He withdrew and Danny pulled her shirt off over her head, exposing her small, barely-developed breasts. "You see," Danny said as he caressed the tiny mounds, playing teasingly with her nipples, "You're gonna be a very good girl, or we're gonna cut you into little pieces." Tara had been an athletic girl, and the same age as Danny; Mandy was just so small, and it was making Danny harder and harder.

Mandy's heart pounded. He was touching her in places that belonged to her daddy, and she wanted him to stop, but she was too afraid to move. The two boys were much older, in eighth grade at least. She had never been so afraid.

The boy behind her let go of her neck and stood up, but before she could move he lifted his leg and brought his brown, mud covered boot down on her chest, catching her right breast with his heel, forcing her down into the wet, grassy dirt. She could barely breathe, and the pain as the thick tread crushed against her tiny nipple was excruciating. She let out a scream, but quickly stifled it - but not quickly enough.

The boy glared at her and lifted his boot off her chest - and brought it back down on her throat. He pressed his foot down, but not with all his weight. Her gurgling, choking cough caused his erection to pulse, and he laughed as her skinny arms flailed against his leg. He pressed down harder, making her face turn shades of purple.

"Are you ready to be a good girl?" he asked, casually examining his fingernails. She nodded. Her daddy had always taught her to be a good girl, and she had always tried her best. She didn't know what she had done, but she started to think that these two boys were hurting her because she must have been bad.

Yes, she thought - it was the only explanation. She had been a bad girl, and just like daddy had told her, life punished bad girls. Tears began to fill her eyes. She only wanted to be a good girl.

Trey hastily removed his pants and underwear while Mandy squirmed under Danny's boot. He cut the button off her jeans and wanked them off, tossing them in a pile on top of her shirt.

He kneeled over her and sat heavily on her chest, straddling her head. "C'mon, Danny, let up. I wanna see her lick my balls," he said. Danny pushed down again, hard, before removing his foot. "Don't be too slow," he warned her, and stepped away to begin undressing. Mandy gasped for air, but the boy on her chest grabbed a fistful of her hair and yanked her head upward.

She let out a tiny mewl of pain - her scalp still burned from being carried by her hair into the woods. But once she recovered, she was secretly a relieved. Her face was pressed hard into the boy's sack - and she knew what to do, now.

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Her daddy had told her exactly how to be a good girl. She flicked her tongue out a little teasing at first. Then she sucked on the loose skin, then opened her mouth wide and began tonguing them all over, just the way her daddy liked.

She played her lips across the wrinkled, downy skin, feeling the boy's cock pulse, just like her daddy's when she did a good job. Trey looked down in wonder. Tara had been clumsy, awkward with her mouth. This little girl was amazing. His cock grew harder and harder, and to his amazement she reached up and started stroking his shaft, tugging with the perfect amount of pressure. He let go of her hair in astonishment. Danny had finished undressing and, on his hands and knees, worked his way up from her feet, tracing his fingers along her pale white calves and thighs.

He spread the girl's legs open wide. She barely struggled; far less than Tara had. He kissed and licked his way up her thigh to her tiny, bald slit, where he began eating her, sucking and kissing her lips and clit. Her face still pressed hard into Trey's balls, her scalp still seared with pain, she nonetheless gave a tiny jump as she felt Danny's lips and tongue on her tiny snatch.

Waves of pleasure racked her body, and she started to cry, her tears welling up and spilling onto Trey's pubic hair. She had, for a moment, enjoyed the boy doing something which good girls only let daddy do. She had been a bad girl already, despite trying so hard. She wanted to leave, to run away, but they were big and fast and the knife had been so cold. As her face was still buried in his balls, Trey felt rather than heard her crying.

He stroked her hair. "Don't cry, sweetie. Good girls don't cry. Bad girls cry, and they get cut the FUCK up." With that, he grabbed her hair near the scalp and slammed her head into the ground. Gently sobbing, Mandy tried to turn over, but he was too heavy and she was unable to move.

He leaned forward and she opened her eyes to find his cock in her face. He hadn't showered after gym class, and the stench was new and nauseating even to Mandy. Before he could say anything, she knew what to do - she took his cock in her mouth, just like daddy had taught her.


A hundred spankings and slaps to her cheek had formed her technique, and she practiced with careful, honed precision; swirling her tongue along the tip, stopping occasionally to lick down to his balls and back up his shaft.

She felt the other boy's fingers slide into her pussy, and she cried harder, trying not to make a sound as she twirled her tongue around one of his balls, her sobs gently shaking her body.

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Trey couldn't take any more - his only other sexual experience had been Tara; desperate, unskilled, and unwilling. "Oh, shit," Trey yelled, his cum spurting unexpectedly. Mandy tried to move her mouth to catch it, but the first blast landed in her eye, mixing with her tears and sending a jolt of pain through her.

Fighting to ignore it, she tried to be a good girl, swallowing as fast as she could, her tears streaming harder, mixing with her black makeup and Trey's pale cum to leave mottled streaks down her cheek.

She hated his cum, and wished it was her daddy's. She knew he would be so angry that she had eaten another boy's cum, but she didn't know what else to do. She had to be a good girl, or they would hurt her even more. Trey finished cumming and looked down, expecting to be amused by her spluttering and coughing.

But unlike Tara, Mandy had simply gulped the cum down. Reluctant to stand up but knowing Danny would want to see the girl's face, he slid off her chest and sat on the pile of her clothes, watching the girl squirm and stroking his still-hard cock Danny slid his tongue up her slit to her stomach and chest, and then began sucking on her nipples, gently biting and kissing the tiny brown circles awash in the porcelain ocean of her pale white skin.

He stopped to looked down at her perfect features, her big dark eyes rimmed with running black makeup. He leaned forward and licked her cheek, and then began to rub the tip of his cock against her clit. Mandy's eyes widened as she felt his cock touch her pussy.

She knew what was next, and she knew that having a boy's cock in her pussy would make her a very bad girl. She tried to force out a plea for him to stop, but his hand was already clamped over her mouth. She tried to squirm away, but he was too heavy. She tried to push him off, but he pinned her arms to the ground above her head. Helpless, trapped, and terrified, she felt his cock rip into her in one long stroke, tearing open her virgin pussy.

She felt a deep, aching shame that another boy was taking what belonged to her daddy. Her daddy had talked for years about the day he would finally fuck her pussy, how it would mean she was a big girl, a grown-up. She tried to cover her face, but his hands held her wrists like she was a ragdoll. The impact hurt her back and her tailbone, each thrust sending a dozen sources of pain screaming through her insides as her fragile body was mercilessly beaten by Danny's pounding.

Danny was in awe. Her pussy felt amazing, tighter by far than Tara's. He squeezed her little butt cheeks, amazed again by how small and helpless she was. Tara had struggled, clawed at them with her nails, kicked at them with her feet. But Mandy was too little for it to matter. Moreover, now that he was inside her, she simply didn't seem to be fighting. Her little body was wracked with sobs, and her tears made beautiful dark streaks as they carried her makeup down her face, but she didn't fight.

She shut her eyes tight, one still red and puffy from Trey's cum. A light, stinging slap across her face made Mandy open her teary eyes to find Trey's cock waiting next to her mouth again. Desperate to find some way to still be a good girl after losing the one thing her most precious to her daddy, she sucked as best she could while Danny's cock tore up her insides.

She was afraid of them, but she was becoming more and more afraid of what daddy would say if he found out.

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Danny had let her hands go in order to squeeze her breasts and pinch her nipples, so she used them to work Trey's cock in and out of her mouth while gingerly fondling his balls.

Trey came again, this time entirely in her mouth. She sucked it down rapidly, and put both hands on his cock and stared up into his eyes, expectantly, her body still being shaken by Danny's pounding and her own uncontrollable crying, but ready for him to piss in her mouth, like daddy always did.

Trey pulled away, his eyes once again wide in disbelief at the way she ate his cum without complaint. "Danny, this girl is a real fucking slut, man." Danny had watched the entire thing, and he nodded. He stopped fucking her battered pussy and stood, yanking her up by her hair and placing her head on his cock. She silently began sucking him off, her hands working magic, her mouth working miracles.

Danny couldn't stop staring at her tiny frame, her perfect face, all the more beautiful now that it was streaked with black makeup and wet with tears, with a few dribbles of Trey's cum at the corner of her mouth.

She didn't have to work for long. Danny ordered her to look into his eyes, just like daddy, and just like daddy it made him cum. She swallowed without stopping, and she kept sucking his shrinking cock for several minutes, in case he was going to pee. To her confusion, he didn't, instead tossing her head roughly back into the dirt. Dazed by the impact, she was too scared and nauseated and horribly ashamed to enjoy the relief from Danny's incessant, near-total destruction of her pussy.

But the respite didn't last long - the other boy came back, flipped her onto her stomach, and forced himself inside her. "Jesus, you fucked her like a crazy man and she's still this fucking tight?" she heard him say, incredulously. He stabbed his cock into her over and over and over, his hand on the back of her head, forcing her face into the mud, lifting it occasionally for her to breathe only to slam it forward again with greater violence each time. Her head swimming, she wished for her daddy to come save her.

but then realized that she had been a terribly bad girl, that she had let two boys who she didn't even know take her daddy's special prize, the gift she had saved for her daddy her entire life.

Her mouth full of mud, her stuffed with a stranger's cock, she did the only thing she could - she cried. Long, heaving sobs wracked her body as Trey finished ruining her, thrusting one final time to deposit his load deep inside her bruised and battered cunt. He pulled out and turned her back over, and she lay there, limp. All she could feel was her own crushing worthlessness, her shame eclipsing her fear of the boys but serving only to paralyze her even more thoroughly.

Danny looked at Trey "We ready to finish this up?" he asked, and Trey grinned. Standing above her as she lay naked and spread-eagled, still shaking and crying uncontrollably, the two began to piss on her pale, smooth body.

They had seen it in a movie, and when they had done it to Tara, she had finally stopped struggling and started simply crying as her blonde hair and fit body were slowly soaked with piss.

Mandy felt the hot piss hitting her body, washing away the mud, and felt herself rally. She may have been violently deflowered, and maybe she could never be her daddy's good girl again, but her daddy had taught her how to be a good girl, and was going to be a good girl as long as she could. So she sat up, opened her mouth and started to drink - first a bit from Danny, then a mouthful from Trey.

After a moment to think how she could be good and not miss any of the piss which streamed over her body, wasted, she grabbed both their cocks and aimed them at her mouth, filling it faster than she could swallow, piss spilling out of her mouth and running over her immature tits down to her bruised snatch.

She was still wasting too much, she knew, but she was doing the best she could. Dusk had arrived, and the air had grown cold, but the hot piss in her belly made her feel a little warmer, and the familiar taste was at least a little comfort amidst the horror and cruelty of the evening. Danny and Trey looked at each other in disbelief as she guzzled their piss, gentle sobs still shaking her body occasionally.

Danny finished pissing and watched Mandy suck down the last drops directly from his cock, which was growing hard again from the sight. Trey, finishing shortly after, shook off his dick and used her hair to dab it clean. "You are one sick fucking whore," he told her, and spat on her face.

Mandy stretched out her tongue, licked the saliva off her face and swallowed it, just like daddy had taught her, crying again at the thought. The boy shook his head and sat back down on her clothes, and she realized that his cum had started dripping out of her once she sat up.


Still crying, she reached down and scooped it off her thigh, pausing in horror as she realized that her finger was covered in her own blood as much as the boy's cum.

She sucked it clean, the salty cum mixing with the coppery taste of her own blood and the musk of her pussy. Danny looked into her gorgeous brown eyes for a moment as she trembled weakly, having apparently cried as much as she could. He laid down on the thin grass and sat up to grab her hair again, pulling her head toward his cock as he lay back down.

The sun had almost finished setting, and he wanted to feel her mouth again time before he had to leave her here, naked and cold and alone. As he expected, she dutifully stroked his cock and began licking his balls, her lips and tongue squirming against him in a symphony of pleasure.

Mandy could barely focus through the pain from her belly and groin. The piss in her hair and covering her skin had cooled, and she was now wet and freezing in as night began to fall in earnest. She knew what to do, of course, as soon as the boy had lain down. Her daddy had taught her what that meant. She moved down to his taint, not as hairy as her father's but stinking from sweat. He stiffened as her tongue danced along the sensitive skin, and she paused to suck with her whole mouth for a moment before moving farther down and, tears of shame still burning in her eyes, started licking and sucking his sweaty, poorly-cleaned asshole.

Danny sat straight up. "Jesus," he said, his eyes wide. "You really are a filthy little whore." She stopped to look at him, confusion and pain and fear brimming in her eyes. He realized she was about to start crying again. He stroked her forehead.

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"You just keep going, little girl," he said softly. "Lick my whole asscrack clean." Trey, sitting cross-legged a few feet away, had put his pants back on but now pulled his cock out again, stroking it gently as he watched the little sixth-grade girl bury her face in his friend's ass. Mandy plunged her tongue back into his ass with renewed vigor. She ran her tongue from his tailbone up to his taint, then down the inside of each cheek.

She repeated this twice until she couldn't taste anything but her own saliva when she did so, and then moved back to the brown knot of his asshole. It was unlike anything Danny had ever imagined. He could feel her tongue tracing the circle of his asshole, flicking inside for a moment, then plunging in. He could feel her circling it around inside to clean the walls of his anus, feel her curling to extract something. Dumbstruck, he watched as she came up with a tiny brown turd in her mouth - and closed her eyes, and gulped it down, coughing and choking afterward but descending back to continue cleaning his asshole.

Mandy could feel the chunk of shit sliding down her throat, feel her stomach heaving not only at the foul, bitter taste of his waste, but also at the deep, lingering shame that she had betrayed her daddy again.

She had been daddy's toilet, not just anyone's. But not anymore. Now she was just a worthless slut, and her daddy would be so very angry with her. The whole time, her tiny hands had been working his shaft faster and faster, and when her tongue re-entered his anus, the boy suddenly came, spurting an even larger load than before all over his own stomach. A few sobs heaving her chest, the pain in her ruined snatch reduced to a dull ache, and freezing in the October air, she was determined to do as her daddy had taught her, no matter how ashamed it made her.

Sucking hard on his asshole, Mandy felt another small piece of shit emerge. She opened her mouth and showed it to him, just like her daddy liked, and she held it in place as she slurped the cum off his chest, using her finger to wipe up the brown streaks her shit-covered lips left on him. The boy stayed silent as she stuck out her cum-covered tongue and rolled the piece of shit around in her mouth, covering it with sperm. She closed her mouth worked her tongue for a moment, couching and retching - she had done this hundreds times for her daddy, but it was always hard.

She pulped the shit and cum into a wet slurry, trying to pretend it was her daddy's shit and her daddy's cum.


But thinking about her daddy at all made her want to throw up this stranger's excretions, and she knew that would make her a bad girl. And even more than she was afraid of the boys hurting her more, she was afraid of what her daddy would do if she didn't try her best to be a good girl.

So she closed her eyes and put forth all her effort to control her rebellious gag reflex, and swallowed the boy's revolting deposit of sperm and feces.

Coughing and choking, desperately fighting not to vomit, she collapsed and curled into ball on her side, cradling her abdomen, crying again in earnest now. Danny stood and began to dress as Trey walked over to her, jerking his once-again-stiff cock as full speed. Seeing her lips stained with Danny's shit, her hair soaked their piss and her eye red and swollen from his own cum, he felt one final orgasm approaching, and aimed his cock before firing a final load.

She felt the warm wet splash of her cum on her face as she lay crying in the dirt. She knew she should wipe it up and eat it, but she simply couldn't.

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The pain in her gut and the freezing cold were overpowering, and they were merely icing on the cake of her deep, throbbing shame and humiliation. Her daddy had trusted her to keep his prize intact, and to be faithful to him, and she had failed.

Despite all her efforts, she hadn't been her daddy's good girl. Sobbing uncontrollably, she covered her face with her muddy hands and wished it could all go away. Picking up her clothes, Danny took her phone from a pocket and examined it for a moment, ensuring that the vibrate function was set to maximum intensity. He savored a long look down at the shuddering girl before doing exactly what they had done to Tara.

Pulling open her tiny, round ass cheeks, he jammed the phone into her clenched asshole. He heard her whimper and retch into her hands as he used his middle finger to shove it as far up her ass as he could, past where her own tiny hands could retrieve it. He wiped the brown streaks from his finger with the girl's sock as Trey picked up a two-foot-long stick, about two inches in diameter.

It was caked with mud and covered in sharp protrusions, and the little girl screamed when Trey rammed it into her bleeding, bruised cunt, bashing the jagged tip against her cervix until he was sure it couldn't go any farther into her battered and broken body. Slapping her hands away from her face, Danny took the shit-stained sock and stuffed it into her wailing mouth. "We'll be back in the morning," he said. "If you've moved anything, I'll cut you open and leave you out here for the animals to chew on." Trey grabbed her clothes and tucked them under his arm, and the two began making their way back to the road, with no intention of actually returning.

Naked, cold, and alone, covered in piss from two boys whose names she didn't even know, her stomach full of shit and cum and piss from two boys who weren't her daddy, all three holes filled, and with more cum slowly drying on her face, she lay in the mud and sobbed for what seemed like hours. Each sob shook the jagged stick in her cunt, and the taste of her shit mingled with her sweaty sock and the rest of what she had sucked and swallowed, and the miasma filled her mouth and nose until her entire world smelled and tasted of nothing but filth.

She managed to stop crying for a moment, but just then, she was jolted by the ringing of her phone, deep in her bowels - it was a violently nauseating, painful sensation, made even worse when she recognized the muffled ringtone - it was her daddy, calling to see why she wasn't home. It rang for a full minute, each vibration twisting her insides into a painful, debilitating knot.

As the ringing finally stopped, feeling the blood from her cunt dripping down her thigh and pooling an the muddy grass, she began crying again. The phone rang a dozen more times throughout the night, but besides being too deep in her ass for her to retrieve it, she had lost the will to move at all.

She lay shivering in the dirt for hours and hours, each ring re-igniting the pain in her gut and cunt. Her daddy called over and over again, but eventually stopped. After it became clear he had stopped calling, she became truly terrified. Her daddy had given up on her. She had been a bad girl - she hadn't come home to make his dinner, and she had given up what was his to a pair of dirty young boys who she didn't even know. He wouldn't want her back. She had been a bad girl.

Breaking down under the crushing guilt, she found herself unable to breathe. Her heart raced in panic as she realized that she would lie here all night, and that her daddy would never want her worthless holes again.

She screamed, then, a wailing, desperate scream, stifled by her shit-stained sock and finally petering out under her own guilt and self-hatred. She cried until she couldn't cry anymore, and froze until she could feel nothing but the pain from her violated, abused cunt. Every moment was spent re-living her failure and deflowerment, or imagining her daddy's disgust at her pathetic failure.

For hours and hours she lie there, consumed by her guilt and shame and terror, pain wracking her every breath. But finally, after an eternity of misery, as dawn was just beginning to break, she heard a voice calling her name. Her daddy's voice. She tried to move but couldn't; all she could do was open her eyes to see her daddy's boots running to her.

He stopped and she could feel his body heat as he bent down over her, see his face as he rolled her, unresisting, onto her back. She began to cry anew as she looked into his eyes. She saw him look her beaten form up and down, and she mewled in pain as he yanked the stick out of her pussy, each bump and point tearing her flesh again on its way out.

He stood up and called her phone with his, causing the sickening vibration to fill her insides again. He leaned down, his eyes blazing with anger, his face only inches from her own, and he pulled the sock out of her mouth, tossing it aside. His eyes flicked over her body again, pausing on her pulverized, bloodstained snatch. He drew back his hand and struck her cheek with a force she couldn't have imagined, leaving her ears ringing and adding another stinging pain to her cacophony of torment.

He spat on her face, and then slapped her again when she tried weakly to lap up the spit with her still-brown tongue.

Lightheaded from the twin blows, she tried to be a good girl and keep from crying, but she couldn't stop the tears from filling her eyes. He grabbed her by her ankle and began dragging her broken, limp body through the woods, her hair catching in the bramble, her head bashing against the twisting mosaic of tree roots, mud filling and leaves filling her soiled mouth. As he yanked his sobbing daughter across the rough undergrowth back toward his car, her daddy stopped to jam a pile of mud and leaves into her mouth to shut her up, slapping her face again for emphasis, her right cheek now a motley of deep purple and vivid red.

And although she was barely audible now through her new impromptu gag, she cried even harder; not because of the pain from her cunt, nor the constant bashing and battering as she was dragged across the forest floor, nor the fear of her inevitable punishment. As a half-dozen centipedes and beetles began crawling out of the leaves and into her mouth, Mandy he cried because she had been a bad girl, and she hadn't made her daddy happy.