Young asian girl makes a dripping handjob

Young asian girl makes a dripping handjob
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The Dorm My experience at the sleepover had convinced me of the benefits of having several females available at the same time. Just thinking about what I had been able to do that night had me aching with the desire to repeat the experience.

Unfortunately no conversations about sleepovers happened where I might hear them. I decided I needed to come up with a plan that didn't depend on such random chance. Going to the library I began looking up colleges.


I was planning my future but not after high school. Instead I found an all girls college over in the next town. I carefully took down directions and made plans. That afternoon I motored over and found the campus without much trouble. I had never known it was there but that was not surprising as how would I know or care about a girls school before now.


I drove around fixing the locations of the dorms in my mind. There were several guys wondering around both with girls and by themselves so I didn't really stand out that much. One of the dorms in particular caught my attention. It seemed to have the best looking girls going in and out. Also it backed onto a wooded area. I could use the woods to approach the dorm so I would not be seen. Leaving the girls behind I drove around to check out the roads adjacent to the woods.

There was a road not far away with a few houses near the front and then woods beyond. I drove home and spent the rest of the afternoon working on homework.

It was difficult to concentrate as I kept thinking about both the opportunities and potential problems my plan might bring. While longing for those pert breasts and long thighs I had seen I also worried about being seen or how I was going to get into the dorm. I told my parents I was going to take a nap and went to bed. I wasn't tired but I needed to rest so I used the same trick of putting my alarm clock under my pillow and setting my device for 5 minutes.

I awoke at midnight and quickly figured out that my parents were asleep. Packing my day pack I snuck out, pushed my bike down the street, and then motored off in the direction of the dorm. It seemed much farther driving it in the dark but finally I was there. I didn't go directly to the dorm. Instead I went to the street behind the woods and parked my bike behind some trees there.

I sat on it for a few minutes to see if anyone had noticed me but all was quiet. Leaving the bike I made my way through the woods. Fortunately there was enough light that I didn't need a flashlight.

Peering around a tree I studied the back of the dorm and the surrounding area. The good news was that I would be able to make my way to the rear of the dorm without being seen from the surrounding buildings. There was a light on over the back door but I would just have to take my chances on being seen from one of the dorm windows.

With my helmet on, shielding me from the device, I activated it and made my way to the back door. It was locked. So much for the easy way. There was no key under the mat nor in any of the other obvious spots I quickly tried. I checked the windows on either side and the one on the right, though a little stiff, opened. I felt very exposed as I climbed in the window.

Once inside I ignored the room and stared out to see if anyone had noticed me. All was quiet. Switching off the device I quickly changed from helmet to my foil lined ski mask. Then I went hunting. Up the stairs I tried the first door.

Twin beds and a lump under the blankets in each. I entered and pulled back the covers on each. There was enough light to see that I had two very good looking females. I locked the door, just in case, and then turned on the desk lamp. Moving back to the bed I looked over my first two girls for the night. The girl on the left was brunet, not very tall, and a bit thin. The one on the right was also brunet but taller and with a fuller figure. I quickly stripped both girls of their nightgowns and underwear.

I was right about the girl on the right having a better figure. She had nice breasts, maybe enough for a good tit fuck. I stripped off my own clothing placing it neatly on a chair. My package of condoms and wipes went on the desk between their beds. Then I moved over to the thinner girl and spent a few moments fondling her breasts and thighs before dragging her around until her head was hanging over the edge of the bed.

Dropping her pillow on the floor I knelt on it and slid my prick into her mouth. After dragging it around for a moment I had it wet enough for deeper thrusting. I used both hands to grab her nipples and pull them up stretching the skin of her breasts from flat to perky cones as I slid deeper into the warm slick wetness of her mouth and throat.

Experience had confirmed that even gagging would not wake a person from the effects of my device. Although I had been initially cautious about this my desire had won over enough times that I no longer had concerns. In fact I now liked the response as it was the only one I got out of my otherwise passive subjects. I began probing my shaft into her mouth until she gagged, holding it for a few seconds and then withdrawing.

Finally I thrust firmly down her throat and held it there moving only slightly and feeling the squirming muscles try to expel it. After thirty seconds I withdrew and left her panting as I turned to the girl with the better figure.

Straddling her waist I placed my still moist cock between her breasts, pinched the nipples together and began a slow thrusting between them.

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As was usual at the beginning I was already beginning to feel the need to cum. Not wanting to bother with a condom I kept on thrusting building up speed and pressure until I came. I continued to thrust as I came so my cum went flying over her face, hair, and neck.

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I gazed down at my handwork for a moment and then quickly moved back to the other girl, kneeling on the pillow and inserting my slightly spermy cock into her mouth. I wanted to keep my hard on going so I thrust gently into her mouth as I again played with her nipples. As the post-cum sensitivity passed I was able to handle a quicker and deeper thrusting.

I reached out with my right hand, stroked it across her pussy, and hooked my middle finger in her opening. Pulling on her body with that middle finger I slid deep into her mouth and held myself there as she gagged and squirmed under me. I held this position for about half a minute before I relented and pulled out.

I had to have more of that but she would not be able to take it for that long. I grabbed a wipe and wiped off the worst of my cum mess from the other girl. Pulling her upright I moved her to the other bed and layed her down next to her roommate. I squeezed them shoulder to shoulder so their heads were side by side, both hanging over the edge with the pillow between them.

Now I had two mouths to bury my cock in. Moving to the girl on the right I knelt on the pillow and began probing her mouth with my penis. Finding the right angle I slid in deep and played with her breasts as she gagged and spasmed under me. I knelt there enjoying the sensations, checking my watch until 30 seconds had passed. Then I switchd back to the girl on the left, shoved my cock home, and started another thirty seconds of intense sensations. As I pulled out I realized this was great but was going to need more girls.

The one on the right was still panting. I went next door and found a couple more cuties. I stripped them in their own rooms and then tried to figure out how to get them to the first room.

There was a wheeled desk chair and I managed to drag one girl onto the desk chair and then used it to wheel her into the other room, I added her beside the two previous girls and went back to the other. Soon I had all four side by side with their heads hanging over the edge of the bed, Now, with four girls I should be able to rotate between them and still give them time to recover in between. I tossed another pillow on the floor below my two new arrivals and, taking the next in line, slid my cock into her mouth.

I must have lucked out or was getting better because I slid in to the hilt with no obstructions.

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She didn't respond much so after a few seconds I started stroking in full depth and pulling about half way out. After about half a minute of this I pulled out, scooted to the right and slid into the 4th girl's mouth. It was tight and as I probed to enter her she reacted big time, lifting her breasts and hips off the bed.

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I finally got the right angle and forced my way in. There was no need to thrust; her own motion was providing plenty of action for my cock. It was a double treat as I got to see the bounce of her breasts and hips as she struggled on the bed. I pinned her head to the edge of the bed with my cock and hips and just watched her dance. After half a minute I moved back to girl number one and began a slow slide in and out.

I continued this with girl number two also massaging and tugging on her breasts as I slid in and out of her throat. At the end of the half minute with her I was starting to get close to cumming again in spite of having just cum a short time before.

When I switched to girl number three I took advantage of her passivity to just slide all the way in and relax. No thrusting, no fondling, just a warm wet surrounding sensation. At the end of the half minute I pulled out and reached over to the desk for a condom.

Moving back to girl number three I slid back in and remained inserted as I opened the condom package. Sliding out I quickly rolled the condom onto my penis and then added some spit and inserted it into girl number three's mouth again. I wanted to finish in girl number four's mouth. The reaction she had to deep throating was so intense I just had to cum that way. I moved back to girl number one and began a pattern of thrusting that I knew would get me close. Each half minute I switched between the first three girls, leaving number four for the finish.

Number three's lack of response was annoying but I compensated by just using her more aggressively. I grabbed a tit in each hand and started thrusting hard with my balls slapping into her forehead on each trust.

Back to girl one for thirty seconds and I started to feel close again. The distraction of putting on a condom had set me back a little but now I was getting that feeling again. With the second girl I continued a steady slow pace that built up my need to cum.

On the third girl I put just the head of my cock into her mouth and then used my left hand to hold her tit and my right reached out for her cunt.

Hooking a finger inside her hole I used it as well as my hold on her breast to pull her to me as I thrust into her throat. She stayed passive as I pounded into her. I gazed down at the four nude female bodies I had to play with and was grateful for what my experimenting and a little good luck had made available. Suddenly I was so close there was no time to waste. I shifted right to girl number four, grabbed her head with both hands, and forced my condom covered cock into her mouth.

She started bucking and gagging immediately. I rested my right hand on her left breast lightly to enjoy the feel of her bouncing up and down. Her right breast was bouncing around and I divided my attention between that and her churning hips.

My left hand went to girl number three's left tit which I grabbed and held rather firmly. My cock started spurting and I jerked my hips for the first few and then let her spasming throat and attempts to breath work the rest of the cum out of me. Her movements grew more intense and too much for me so I pulled out and move back to the passive third girl. I stayed in the warm comfort of her throat while I calmed down and got my breath back. Tempting as it was to just start all over again I knew there were other rooms and other girls.

Pulling out and cleaning myself up I redressed first myself and then started putting the girls back in their nighties and beds. When everyone was back in their place I collected my pack. With a final check of the room I moved on down the hall. Having cum twice I was looking for something special.

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I moved from room to room. Some girls got just a glance. For a pretty one I would stop and lift up her night gown and fondle her breasts. By about the third room I was getting hard again and tempted to stay but I forced myself to move on.

I intended to survey the entire dorm before making my decision. It was a good thing I held out. I found her in the last room. The unknown blond godess from the sleep over.