Mi Charapita Madurita no se deja grabar peru

Mi Charapita Madurita no se deja grabar peru
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As always: The characters here belong to Vyper269. Don't be a douche! Don't steal the writings of others and claim them as your own. We've lost one of our most brilliant writers to these assholes! If you have requests, feel free.If you like it let me know, if not.I still don't care! Peace my friends! Enjoy!!!! ################################################################################################################################################################################### I step through my door to find you standing in my living room wearing only 4" blood-red fuck-me pumps.

Your arms behind your back, palms clasped over each elbow. From the sheen on your skin glistening in the light, I can tell that you've begun playing without me. I walk over to you and grab a handful of your hair pulling your head back and exposing your throat to me. I kiss you on the side of your neck, and lick all the way up from your collarbone to that lovely tender soft spot, just behind your ear.

I suck your earlobe in hard and pull back as far as I dare. You suck air in, just before I stop. I slide my middle finger between the folds of your pussy and draw another breath from you, and girl-cum all over the length of my finger. "Shame on you." I say as I lick my finger clean of your sweet fluids.

"Not a word for the two weeks before I left, and now that I'm back, you show up and dare start down the path to orgasmic bliss without me?" I look into your smoldering eyes.

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"Tsk tsk. Bad girl.no orgasm!" I pull your hair again and pull your head back. I run my hand down the front of your body between your breasts, stopping to take each one in turn and knead them roughly, the way I know you love. When I hear your breathing grow deeper and huskier, I can tell you're building to a crest, so I stop and continue my tactile slide down the front of your warm and glistening body until I reach your pussy.

I cup your sex with my hand and apply pressure, rubbing in small circles. I let go of your hair and slide my other hand down your back. I pause to let my touch glide gently over each cheek of your lovely, inviting ass. Such a thing of beauty with its soft downy hair all standing up with goose bumps in anticipation. "You've been craving this haven't you?" You nod in response, "Y-yes Sir. P-please Sir." "Not yet my lovely, not yet." You groan softly as I move my hand lower and slide one finger between your remarkable ass cheeks and press gently on your tender little rosebud.

"Tsss…" you hiss as I move off and slide my middle finger into your pussy and focus the other fingers of my hand on your hardening little clit. I listen closely to your breathing and I watch your reactions, I don't want this to be too good for you, it is supposed to be a punishment after all, and when you sound as though you're getting close, I stop, completely, and move away from you.

"Ungh…please Sir&hellip. Please?!??" "Not yet." I move up behind you again, take each of your hands in mine, and cup them over your breasts. "Leave them right there," I whisper in your ear. "And if you cum, I will make you wait until tomorrow at breakfast for your orgasm. Do I make myself clear?" You nod your head silently as I begin massaging your breasts with your hands. "And do not stop until I tell you that you can." "Hunh…humh…Yes Sir&hellip." You nod again as I move away and again you moan your disappointment quietly.

When I return, I watch you playing with your breasts, massaging them, then pulling on your nipples, then flattening your hands completely to rub across your whole breast, all in an attempt to stave off your impending orgasm. It isn't going well, I can tell that you're close and you really want to cum. "Stop." I command, and you do, leaving your hands on your breasts.

"Good girl, very good girl." I walk behind you with the item I had gone to get. A heavy leather posture collar with "D" rings stitched all around. I pass it around your neck and fasten it in the back, making sure to pull your hair free as I buckle it tightly shut.

"Hands." I say and you move your hands behind your back and wait for me. I buckle on the wrist cuffs and attach short chains to them. I pull your arms across your back in an X and loop each chain through a ring on the opposite side of the collar, crossing your wrists in the middle of your back before hooking the loose end of the chains back onto their wrist cuff.

I move to your front and attach a long dog chain to the ring in your collar at the front of your neck and route it between your legs, making sure it slips between your pussy lips before putting just the slightest pressure on it and place the handle into one of your hands.

"Tsss&hellip." "You know the rules right?" "Y-yes S-sir." "Excellent." I move in front of you and admire my handiwork.

"Lovely, just lovely." I run both of my hands over your stomach and slide them down your waist and across your hips before tracing my fingers over that soft ticklish spot where your thighs meet your hips. You quiver and your body reflexively bucks to retreat from the touch, but you recover quickly, so I let it go. This time. I kneel in front of you and continue the caresses down your legs as I do. Touching you softly, and lovingly, but not before taking each of your pussy lips in my hands and pulling them apart so I can lick you there on either side of your chain.


"Ungh…oh God Sir. I'm so sorry." "Of course you are pet, but that doesn't change what happened does it?" You shake your head. "No Sir." I smile and continue down your legs and place the cuffs on each of your ankles when I reach them.

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I stand back up and take the chain from you. "Very good pet, no slack. Well done." "Thank you, Sir." Passing the loose chain back in front of you, I loop the portion that was between your pussy lips and lift it to your mouth.

"Open." You open your mouth and put out your tongue as if you're waiting for my cock, and I lay the loop of the chain that's coated with your juices on your tongue. You suck it in and I can tell that your tongue it doing its part to get all of your savory fluids out from between the links. "Don't dare let it fall pet." "I want you to know that I'm not truly angry, but I was a little hurt by your actions, and by your ignoring my requests.

You will be punished for that, however you've done very well so far and I want you to know that I recognize that." I move beside you and slip two fingers into your wet, waiting pussy from behind.

"Mmmhhh." you moan and your knees nearly buckle. I pull my fingers out of you and replace them with two from my other hand, cupping your sex and pressing against your clit with my palm… "Your pussy is practically on fire, pet, such a little slut aren't you?" As I slide one of my already wet fingers into your ass.

"Unhunh&hellip.eth thur." you manage around your chain. Again, your knees try to betray you, but I'm there and I catch your weight and you begin to hump my hands. You recover and support your own weight for better leverage, and climb quickly toward your orgasm. The closer you get to cumming, the faster you shift your hips back and forth, humping my hands and fucking my fingers in your pussy and your ass.

You look at me, raise your eyebrows, and mumble around the chain. "Hhnay hhI hhcum Slhir?" "Yes my little slut, you may." I tell you as I push a second finger into your ass and a third into your pussy.

Your orgasm hits you hard and you rock your hips furiously back and forth on my hands. I can feel your muscles tighten and milk my fingers, trying to pull them deeper into you as your hot cum runs out of you, over my hands and down your thighs. As the wave starts to ebb, your knees finally give out completely and I ease you to the floor and into my arms as you fall. "Hnnnn…hnnnn…hnnnn" as your orgasm racks your body and your legs spasm with aftershocks.

I wait for your orgasmic spasming to subside, listening to your breathing slow and come under control again, before removing my fingers from your clenching holes… the chain still in your mouth. "Such a good girl." I pull the chain from your mouth, replacing it with my fingers from your pussy. You suck them in like a newborn nursing for the first time, you clean them completely before releasing them and begging with your eyes for my other hand, you clean those fingers as well.

I lean in, and kiss your forehead, taking in your scent and pausing for a moment of pride in my little slut, and to enjoy your presence as I hold you close to me. I look down at you, your eyes are closed and your legs are still shaking slightly from your exertions. "Can you stand?" You nod, looking up into my eyes as you do. I help you up and make sure that you're steady on your high heels before I let you go completely.

Then I take up your chain and lead you across the room to the sliding glass doors. I stop you just in front of the doors and pull the chain down bending you over just past the horizontal.

I step back and look at you from both sides, then adjust your legs forward until I have you at just the right spot to push your ass out a little bit, and with your head up and looking forward, arch your back slightly.

"Beautiful, don't move." I move behind you, spread your legs wider than shoulder width so I have an unobstructed view of your pussy and run my hands over your smooth beautiful ass again. I spread your cheeks and lick down the entire length of your crack, stopping before I reach your pussy.

Back and forth over your twitching rosebud several times before I stop with my tongue pressing on your entrance, waiting until it relaxes and allows my tongue to slip inside. I slide my tongue in and out of your ass, hooking the tip of it upward as it comes out of your hole, then straight back in again. A little trick I've been able to do since childhood, I slide my tongue into you until my nose is against your skin, then I flatten my tongue out and pull the sides up forming a tube, then back flat again.

I do this several times, like a butterfly flexing its wings in the sun. I have never done this to anyone before, and I want to see your reaction.


I'm rewarded by soft moans coming from you as I pull my tongue out and lick you from your clit, up and across your pussy then back up and across your flexing rosebud and beyond it to stop in a kiss at the small of your back. You push back into me just to feel my presence and I reward you with a crack across both of your ass cheeks. SMACK! "Ungh…" is the only sound you produce. You really have been craving this… Good!

"I told you not to move little slut." "I'm sorry Sir, you just felt so good." I kneel down behind you and attach the spreader bar to your ankles. You wiggle your ass a little, and test your restraints as best you can, being careful not to stray from where I placed you. I squat down beside your head, turn your face to me and kiss you deeply. You slide your tongue into my mouth searching for mine, I can taste you on your tongue, and I can feel my erection strain a little harder at my pants.

I push your tongue back into your mouth with mine and you begin fucking my tongue with your mouth, moving your head around and moaning as you try to pull it from my head with your incredible suction. "I'm glad you're in a sucking mood." I say as I break the kiss and pull back to look at you again.

The lust in your eyes burning deeply into my gaze. I reach up, push a suction cup dildo onto the glass door in front of you, and guide you to it with your leash.

Your lips wrap around it. "Just the head for now slut." You stop yourself from blowing the dildo, and leave your lips wrapped around the head, "Excellent." I pull the leash toward the spreader bar and attach it to the clip in the center of the bar.

I leave no slack in the lead, it is there to keep you in place after all. I come back and kneel beside you, watching the drool begin to escape from your lips and whisper in your ear.

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"Okay, here are the rules for this game: First, your mouth must not leave that dildo until I tell you that you're allowed, if it does, if you stop sucking that cock, I will fetch the wooden paddle. And I will be merciless." You nod sightly. "Second, you may not cum at anytime, unless you have my express permission." Another nod.

"Third, when your nose reaches the glass, I will stop, and I will let you cum as much as your body can endure." You close your eyes and make yummy noises, making the dildo between your lips vibrate.

I pull back gently on the lead and your mouth comes off the dildo with a soft 'pop'. You swallow, your breathing has already become deep and labored. "Do you understand the rules?" "Yes Sir." Your voice is already husky with anticipation and lust. "Excellent." I say as I move you back to your task.

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"I almost forgot to mention, this dildo is an inch longer and half and inch bigger around than the last one you did this with." Your eyes widen briefly, then you smile that wonderful impish smile that you have and your eyes light up, rising to the challenge.

"You may begin slut." As you begin your task, I roll my shirtsleeves and stand in the small hollow where your lovely hips flare away from your waist and run my hand over your smooth skin. Down your back, around your waist then back around tracing your hipbones until my hands stroke over your lovely ass.

I look back and see that you're already half way to the window, so I pull back and land the first blow on your ass. 'SMACK' "Unf…" I hear you utter, but your mouth is filled and that's about all you can say. 'SMACK'. The other cheek.

"Mmmm…" "We'll see if you feel that way when your task is complete." 'SMACK' "Unf…" 'SMACK' "Unf…" 'SMACK' "Unf…" 'SMACK' "Unf…" 'SMACK' "Unf…" 'SMACK' "Unf…" With each blow, you are forced just a little further forward, I can't tell if this helps or hinders your progress, but it is lovely to watch.

After two more blows, your ass cheeks are a beautiful shade of dark pink and my handprint is becoming quite visible. I have tried to land each blow close to the same spot each time; I want you to remember this punishment for some time to come.

I rub my hands gently across the redness on your ass cheeks, and then pull your cheeks apart for a view of your glistening pussy. I can't tell which of these events tonight has made you the wettest, the bondage, the blowjob, the masturbation or the spanking. I'll have to be sure and ask.

I would love to expand on your favorite for you once this business is over. I look back at you and you are diligently working on your task.

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Sliding your mouth as far down the cock as you can, until your throat stops you. You push a little further, with your mouth open and your lips wide trying to force it just a little more into your throat, until your gag reflex creeps up on you and you have to pull back.

You pull your head back almost the entire length of the dildo, stopping at the head and leaving your lips wrapped around it. You relax those lovely lips just a little to let the accumulated saliva flow out of your mouth.

It's a viscous fluid, and as it runs out of your mouth and streams down your chin. hanging there, pausing, awaiting your decision. You to slurp some of it back in as youbegin your journey to the glass again. You really are a wonderfully dirty, nasty, horny little slut. I love that you're this way for me. As you near the point you stopped last, I slide my hand straight like a knife blade down your ass crack and rub it across your pussy and clit.

"Ungh…" you moan as your progress is distracted by my rubbing up and down between your lips, spreading your wetness. Applying just a little more pressure each time, I want to see how close to the edge I can drive you. My rubbing distracts you just enough that you forget what you were doing and begin to pull back again when… 'SMACK' The blow drives you forward and you re-focus on your task.

'SMACK' This time, you use the forward force from the blows to help drive you toward the base of the shaft slipping down your throat. 'SMACK' a little harder. 'SMACK' "Unf…" 'SMACK' "Unf…" 'SMACK' "Unf…" 'SMACK' "Unf…" 'SMACK' "Unf…" 'SMACK' "Unf…" 'SMACK' "Unf…" On the tenth blow this time, your nose touches the glass, and you stay there.

Both of your ass cheeks are a lovely deep red, painful and angry looking, the handprints almost a purple color are visible, but the redness has spread, obscuring the form somewhat.

Maybe a hand shaped paddle the next time we go toy shopping. Hmmm. I come to check on you, all trussed up and accepting of your punishment like a good girl. "Well done, little slut." Your only response is to move your head back and forth and around as you continue to try to suck your dildo to orgasm.

"Mmmm&hellip." I wonder at this, then realize that you've become lost in a little bit of fuck-lust. Your brain is completely saturated with sex, focused on sucking off the cock in your face, your body accepting of what's happening to it.

Liquid is running down your chin, as well as down your thighs, but you have done a wonderful job controlling yourself, and you did not cum without permission. I tug on your lead to unhook it from the spreader bar and pull you from the glass.

The fake cock remaining behind dripping with great long streams of your saliva. "Ungh…please Sir." I smooth your hair back then hold your face with both of my hands and pull you in and kiss you, all around your face, your forehead, your eyes your cheeks. "Well done pet. Well done indeed. You've certainly made me proud." I unhook the lead from the ring at the front of you collar and reattach it to one in the back as I move behind you.

I take my hardened cock out and slide it easily, completely into your dripping pussy. I pull almost completely out, then grab your hips and slowly ease it deep into you again, until you have all of me inside you.

"Ungh&hellip. Sir that feels so good. Please fuck me." "If you're sure that's what you want my sweet, nasty, sex crazy slut." I pull on your lead, slowly since you've been bent over for some time, and pull you upright in front of me. I drop the lead and gather all of your hair in one hand and whisper in your ear. "You should be proud of yourself slut, you did very well and I am most pleased." "Thank you, Sir. Please Sir…fuck me." "As you wish, my dear." With that I lean you forward just a little and keeping a firm grip on your hair begin slamming my cock into you.

"OhmygodSir!…may…I…cum…please?." Your words are broken by each slam of my hips into yours driving your hips forward as I pull you back by your hair to keep you where I want you.


"Yes…slut…you…may." "Ohhhfuuuuuccckkk!!!" you scream as your orgasm reaches up from your cunt and claims your mind. "Ungh…ungh…ungh…" is all you manage to get out before your second orgasm chokes all reason and recognizable thought from your mind. You begin spewing gibberish as you squirt all down my thighs and your legs begin to quiver.

"Uhnghofuumuuuyyyggh" is what it sounds like as you ride the orgasm to its pinnacle. Your body however knows exactly what it's doing as your pussy clenches and milks my cock, as I continue to pull your hair and fuck you hard.

"I'm close…" I growl. "Please…"you manage English again, "Can I taste it? Won't. You. Please.cum down my throat. Sir" "Oh…fuck!" As I pull out of your hot, sopping, sweet pussy and move around to your waiting face. I am so close that my orgasm begins just as you bend forward and my first shot hits you in the cheek just below your eye.

You take my cock in your mouth and slide it all the way to the back of your throat before the remainder of my cum surges out of me. You ravenously swallow the rest of my cum as my own orgasm recedes and you milk my softening cock, getting all of me that you can. I take your face in both of my hand again and lift you up to look at me.

Your legs are shaking and you look exhausted. I kiss the end of your nose, and then lick my own cum from your face before kissing you and slipping my tongue into your mouth. I feel your tongue searching for the saltiness of my fluid, and when you find it, waiting on my tongue, I let you take it from me.

I pull back from the kiss, and move behind you and begin taking off your bindings. Once completely freed, I rub your shoulders and elbows, making sure that while fatigued, you are not hurt. I take the toys to the other room, and when I come back, you're standing in front of the glass doors with your hands behind your back just like you were when I got home. All of the saliva and fluid is gone from the floor, cleaned up completely. I smile as I move behind you and begin rubbing baby lotion on your flaming red ass to ease the sting.

I finish and move in front of you and you throw your arms around me and kiss me as I lift you and move to the bedroom. I place you on the bed and climb in beside you, tracing small circles on your skin as we lie above the covers holding each other. "Thank you, Sir…I love getting spanked by you." "It truly is my honor, pet." You make cooing noises as you curl up beside me and drift away to sleep.

"Thank you pet, for all that you've given me." I whisper as I kiss the top of your head. But I don't think you hear me.