Stupid legal age teenager sluts had no idea they are to ride a monstrous cock

Stupid legal age teenager sluts had no idea they are to ride a monstrous cock
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Just like any normal day Madison walked into the office of JP Stocks, where she had been a broker for the last 2 years. She arrived promptly 45 minutes early everyday to make time to set up for the day.

Lately something was different. Her boss Jorden Greenfield had been showing up before her which was odd because normally he was there much later than she was. A little back story on these two is that they've always been pretty tight here at the company. Word on the street is she got down on her knees and begged for this job if you know what I mean.

Lately something about his demeanor reminded her of that sinful night of pleasure. She had a lot of work to do and she couldn't let the memory of his sweet touch distract her.

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Later that day Madison was called into Mr. Greenfield's office. He asked her why her report was missing some valuable data. She couldn't really respond simply because he sounded angry. The same way he sounded. That night. She was already unable to stop thinking about him that way all day long and as the day went on it had gotten worse.

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By this point she was turned on and wanted nothing more than an encore. She finally replied with a grin and a sincere apology. She told him she would fix it right away. Right after she solved the one other problem she was having. After being dismissed she left his office and went to the bathroom. She went into a stall and sat on the toilet seat. She slowly began to run her fingers from her neck down to her chest. She cupped each breast as she passed them. Her eyes closed envisioning her ravishing boss handling her in the sexiest way.

She left on hand on her boob caressing it gently while the other slid down deep into her panties where she penetrated her wet cunt with her premiscuous little fingers.

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She began to passionately fuck herself biting her lip trying to remain quiet not knowing if anyone else was in the bathroom with her. She pulled her breast out of her top and rubbed her nipple and she began stroking her pussy faster and faster until finally!!! ORGASM!! She threw her head back and released a yelp as her passion drained rapidly. She then cautiously checked if anyone else was in the bathroom. Once she was in the clear she fixed herself up and went back to the office.

Mr. Greenfield watched as she returned to the office and sat back at her station not knowing what dirty little secret she had just created. Although he did notice how nice her tits looked in the low cut top she was wearing. Though he felt bad about it he couldn't help but think how nice it would be to see them again. No matter! He had to maintain his professionality in the workplace. He told himself this everyday even though he woke up early every morning to arrive at work where it would just be the two of them alone so he would have a chance to make a move.

Later that night Jorden was getting ready to hop into bed and complete his night ritual of jerking himself to sleep thinking about her. The way her tits bounced when she walked. The way her lips shined from her cherry lip gloss.

How her sexy green eyes were magnified by her glasses.

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How her hair. Oh her luscious hair! He wanted to spray it with his cum so badly!! And then he busts his nut!!!!. He only ever gets this far into the fantasy before unloading all his nasty desires for her. Very occasionally he gets to the part where she strokes her long blonde hair back behind her ear and begins to suck his cock. This thought makes him cum the most! After his ritual is complete he falls asleep.

The next day Madison entered the office very uneasy because she felt a little guilty about what she had done yesterday. She just couldn't help but desire his 7 inch cock taking her the way it had before. Jorden did a lot of pondering lately about ways to bring up the idea of a sexual relationship between them. He finally decided a way to make it happen so he went to work extra early to prepare.


When Madison got to her desk there was a note on her keyboard that said "check your email" she opened up her email and she had a link from her boss.

She opened it and it was an ad for a fancy business trip vacation in the Bahamas.

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She walked into his office and asked him what the email was about? He told her that multiple company owners got the luxury of taking this all expenses paid vacation and they were allowed a plus one. He invited her and convinced her it was simply because they had known each other a long time and he heard her mention wanting to go on vaca there a while back.

She told him she would think about it. After a day of tough contemplating and deep thought. Why did he really invite me!? Is it possible that he wants it too?

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Is this really plutonic? Should I make a move? Will he make a move? She decided she would tell him yes first thing tomorrow morning. The next morning rolled around and she had another email from Mr.

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Greenfield. This one was more specifics about the resort and the hotel room. It showed a penthouse suite with a beautiful view. That had to be expensive she thought. She went to his office to give him the good news. After she told him he gave her all the info she needed to prepare for the trip. Mr. Greenfield was so excited he knew his plan was going to work. He got so worked up right there in his office that he got a massive boner just thinking about it and couldn't help but whip out his dick and jerk one off secretly while he watched her walk around the office.

He stroked gently at first not wanting her to notice him but he couldn't help himself for long as he rapidly jerked off building to one of the most intense orgasms he ever had!! As he came he looked down just in case she happened to look over and see the look of pure joy on his face. Successfully getting away with this act he returned to his work for the day. Fast forward 2 weeks of secrete fantasies and desires for eachoyher. The trip was tomorrow morning! It was 9 pm and they were getting ready for bed.

Madison was invited over to Mr. Greenfield's house that night to sleep because they were carpooling to the airport early in the morning. As they turned in for the evening Jorden came into the guest room to get her all set up. He noticed her wearing a very skimpy nighty and resisted very hard not to get a boner in his pajama bottoms. Likewise she saw his very built body with no shirt on and almost pounced on him right then and there.

After he got her all set up he kissed her on the cheek goodnight and they went to their separate rooms. Unable to control herself she quickly got in bed and began touching herself like she had so many times this week. She sucked on her fingers and ran them down her silk nightgown and then back up her inner thigh as she reach a puddle of warmth she began to massage herself with pleasure.

It didn't take long before she had an orgasm but she simply couldn't stop this time. One just wasn't enough!! She was out of her mind horny and couldn't help but fuck herself harder and deeper than ever!!

She managed to penetrate 3 fingers all the way in and she shook her arm in and out like she was whipping up eggs thinking of his cock pounding her deep and rough just how she liked it. She just kept thinking "he's my boss! He's my boss! He's my boss!" Loving the idea of her 'owner' using her like the little sex freak she wanted to be for him. As she completely forgot where she was at the moment she began to moan out loud soon turning into a slight scream as she milked her own vagina.

Jorden was having trouble sleeping because he was nervous about the trip. He got hot in his room so he got up to get a glass of water from the kitchen. When he got there he heard her moaning down the hallway. Unable to believe his ears he went to investigate.

He crept down the hall to the door of the bedroom she was in and he listened through the door. "Oh Jorden!! Oh mr. Greenfield!!" Her heard her moan for him and yelp too. This gave him an instant erection and he couldn't stop listening. He pulled his cock out of his pjs and began to stroke it to her moans.

Before long he could here her cumming and he had to stop himself from doing the same right there in the hallway. He quickly went back to his room so she wouldn't suspect anything and he finished himself in there. Soon after they both fell asleep he was finally truly satisfied and she was still completely oblivious. Early the next morning on their drive to the airport he asks "so howd u sleep?" She told him she slept amazingly and he told her he did too with a slight grin.

He knew he had all the power now and he was much more confident that he would get to fuck this beauty before the weekend was over. They arrived at the airport and soon boarded the plane. Once they had boarded the plane Madison quickly fell asleep as she did not like flying very much it made her very nervous and she panicked a lot. A couple hours into the flight she woke up and started to freak out because of some turbulence. Mr. Greenfield had just began to fall asleep when this happened and he woke up with the instant need to console her.

She had to run to the bathroom because she thought she would be sick. Jorden followed her to make sure she was alright. In the cramped airplane bathroom she was on her knees bent over the toilet seat sobbing and he was standing behind her running his fingers through her hair and rubbing her back.

She didn't get sick and she managed to pull her self together with the assistance of his soothing touch. She turned around reluctantly as she knew she looked terrible with tears smearing her makeup down her face. As he looked at her though in this position down on her knees with her makeup messed up it just reminded him of when she had taken his cock in her mouth 2 years ago. He loved her plump wet lips sliding down his shaft while she worked around his dick with her tongue and cupped his balls gently with her hands.

Thinking of this gave him a boner on sight!! Because it was already 5 inches away from her face in this position she couldn't help but notice it. She stared at it for a moment looking innocent as all hell which just turned him on even more. He decided this was it. This is my chance! He slowly reached for his belt buckle and unfastened it as he stared deep into her eyes.

He didn't know if it was real or imaginary but she gave him a slight head nod.

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After unzipping his pants she got involved and pulled them down to his ankles only exposing the shape of his hard cock through his right boxer briefs. She grabbed in through his underwear and stroked it softly still staring him dead in the eyes. This intense moment had both of them so weak and passionate for eachother they just couldn't control themselves anymore! As she pulled his briefs down he grabbed a chunk of hair from the back of her head and pulled her closer to him!

His dick practically hit her in the face as is sprung out of its dungeon like a beast. She didn't even hesitate for a moment to open her mouth wide and plunge her face almost all the way to his balls! She continued fucking her own face deep and surprisingly fast for only just beginning. Jorden could barely handle the intensity!! She was amazing at this and it was far better than he remembered!

She now got into a nice rhythm making sexy little gulping sounds as she choked herself "gluh!


Gluh! Gluh! Gluh! Gluh! Gluh! Gluh! Gluh!!" He got closer and closer to finishing and he felt his cock twitch with every thrust she put down on him! He was so close!! He didn't dare tell her he was about to finish for fear of her stopping or changing her rhythm in anyway!! When the cum welled up in his balls he pulled her hair toward his flexing abs and shot his load deep into her throat! He held her there for about 15 seconds! She gagged but did not budge!


After he let up go cum dripped down out of her mouth and a long string of sticky fluid connected her face to the tip of his dick. She pressed her lips to his sick to suck the rest out and give him the full pleasure she wanted him to have. She looked up at him just as innocent as before and said "just wait until we get to that resort". Part 2 coming soon!! Thx for reading!