Amateur party girls fuck and suck CFNM strippers

Amateur party girls fuck and suck CFNM strippers
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"And that is how the legs of a right triangle are congruent." The geometry teacher, Ms. Kastronis explained to her class. "Yes Jessica?" she asked as Jessica Levans raised her. "May I go to the bathroom?" Jessica asked. "Yeah, sure" Ms. Kastronis responded.

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Although you didn't have to ask to go to the bathroom in her class, Jessica asked anyway. Jessica, quite attractive for a high school sophomore, was very social but also tried to be a young lady. My seat in the class was in the back exactly one row next to hers.

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Of course, all girls wore thongs, skirts, and short shirts and Jessica wasn't any different so I always so her pink thong sticking out the back out her short skirt. It always got me horny.

After Jessica left I soon followed not asking to leave of course and went into the boys bathroom. As I began to do my business, I soon heard an "Oww" come through the bathroom wall, which on the other side was the girls room.

Being a little concerned and also knowing who was in there, I ran to it. When I first walked in I saw no one then I heard the noise again.

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I worked my way down to the fourth stall where I found Jessica sitting on the toilet holding her leg. "Oh Tom, I'm glad someone came, I was trying to take out my tampon when I suddenly had a charlie horse." I couldn't believe what she just told me. It was then I realized she had her skirt and tiny thong down by her ankles with a surprisingly clean tampon hanging from her vagina.


"Well is there anything I can do, I mean I've never really encountered this kind of situation before." I said trying to not stare at her now sweaty teen pussy. "If you would just pull my tampon out please, I can't really bend over" she said spreading her legs.


I then went down to pull it out. Once it was out I couldn't help but notice how beautiful her vagina really was. "Well there you go, can help you up or something?" I asked not knowing what to ask nor did I want to leave her.

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"Yes please" she responded. Naturally I had a boner by now and wanted to stick her so bad. Just as she began to stand up however, my erect cock poking out of my pants caught her in her clit. "I'm sorry" I said "It's just that your so beautiful that I…" I was cut off by her "Wow, I never knew how big you were, that, that actually felt kind of good" she said which made me even more hard.

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Just then she kneeled down fighting the pain in her leg to pull my pants down. My dick was soon being massaged by a half naked girl that was very hot. She then looked up to me then said "Fuck me". How could I resist. I soon stood her up, her pants already down, then began to pump her pussy. The moaning made me cum every time until she finally came which was then I bent down to lick up her juices and give her a few tease pokes in her sticky vagina.

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"That felt so good" she said catching her breath sitting down on the toilet seat. She then began to finger herself as I watched.


She soon came again which was my cue to eat her up. When everything was all done we returned to class together about fifteen minutes later. No one seemed to notice but as for me and Jessica, it was the time of our lives.