Busty brunette shemale asshole banged

Busty brunette shemale asshole banged
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Sammi and Joseph were quickly seated in the truck stop restaurant.


They were both hungry, quickly picked something from the menu and placed their order with the server. Joseph noticed that Sammi was smiling and seemed more upbeat. Before long they were talking about the truck wash, how much Ol'Jack loved water and how much fun they had playing in the water.

They were both laughing really hard about it when the waitress brought their food. As they were eating he said, "There's something I need to make sure you are aware of. Now that I've made my delivery what I typically do is pick up a load and transport it back East and after dropping it I try to make it home a few days if I can.


I have a run that will be ready to go East day after tomorrow. I know you said you were heading West but." He hesitated nervousness coming into his voice, ".you're welcome to stay with me.actually I'd really like it and so would Ol'Jack if you stay on the road with us." He hoped adding in the old dog's wishes would lighten the seriousness of the decision Sammi would have to make.

Sammi was dumbfounded by the question. For a couple minutes she hardly knew what to think let alone how to answer. She just stared blankly at Joseph a few moments before she started to think about the question.

She was angry at herself for not thinking of the reality that at some point he would turn his truck around and drive back from where he had started. She knew that eventually there was an end to the road and land.

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One could not indefinitely drive West. So now that she accepted that reality the next thing she had to consider was could she stay longer with Joseph and even head back East. Her original plan was to first ride the bus and then to catch rides with at least a few different people. There was certainly danger in every ride she hitched. But the one thing she had no knowledge of was if her mother or Roger were looking for her or worse if they had called the police and reported her missing.

The last thing she wanted to do was bring her problems to Joseph. He noticed her long hesitation in answering so he decided to let her off the hook for now, "Sammi, you don't need to decide right now. But you are most definitely invited and wanted to stay on the road with Ol'Jack and me. I know the road is not the best place for everyone." She was relieved she didn't have to give him an answer right then and there. He then changed the subject, "I still will keep my commitment to you for a nice dinner tomorrow night.

But I noticed you didn't have much clothing with you and I wondered if you would let me take you shopping tomorrow morning and get you a nice outfit for dinner tomorrow. I know you ladies like to do that for special occasions because my wife always did. Will you let me do that for you?" "Joseph, you've done so much for me already.

You haven't even let me pay for my own meals. You don't need to do that.

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We can just eat here again, I don't need a nice restaurant" she answered. "Well Sammi, you see, it's tradition. I celebrate the delivery of each load with a nice dinner and Ol'Jack expects a good leftover doggy bag" he added with a smile then added, "You can't deny an old dog a chance at good leftovers now can you?" His silly argument made her laugh. "No, we can't let down Ol'Jack" she replied laughter in her voice. Taking advantage of her laughter he asked, "So you'll let me take you shopping for an outfit in the morning?" "Ok" she agreed and shook her head hardly believing him using the dog to persuade her.

As they both finish their dinner they both started yawning. It had been a long day. The waitress brought the check and Joseph took care of it and they walked back to the truck. They got up in the truck and because of the bright lights of the truck stop parking lot he put a large window shade up in the windshield.

It made Sammi laugh and ask, "Is the sun coming up early?" He let her get into the sleeper first and change into what she wanted to sleep in and get into bed then he did the same.

He got in on the back side up against the wall. Once he was there he gently put his hand on her shoulder and rolled her on her back and leaned down for a kiss. All of his moves were so and deliberate so not to scare her. Within just a few seconds the kiss turned to a French kiss and became passionate quickly. Kissing Joseph to Sammi was so much more like TV and the movies loving and consensual compared to kissing Roger and his 'friends' which always felt aggressive and dominant by them.

Joseph often would break the long passionate kiss and change to short quick pecks and kiss the tip of her nose or chin. Even more important the old trucker didn't grab and squeeze or breasts and had not so far raped her. She hated the fact that was how she thought and was prepared to be raped. It had been so many years since Joseph had courted a woman hooking up with a lot lizard was very different and both parties knew it was just for the sex.

Part of him felt like a dirty old man, Sammi was quite obviously too young for him. But it was pretty obvious to him that something horrible had happened to this young woman and that was what put her on the side of the highway.

It had been a while since the last time he had sex and he wanted it very much but there was something about this girl.

He knew he shouldn't rush things but that didn't stop the yearning in his crotch. He decided this wasn't the time or place so he slowed the kissing and eventually laid back on his back. He held onto her arm on the opposite side of her body and gently pulled her facing him and then gently pulled guided her to lying her head on his chest.

He then softly wrapped his arm around her. Kissed her on the forehead and told her, "Goodnight." She was a little surprised that he rolled onto his back, pulled her onto his chest told her goodnight but she was also tired, it had been a long day. Now that she was lying on her side with her head on his chest she placed one hand on his chest and patted it softly and replied, "Goodnight." She closed her eyes and wanted to push all thought out of her mind but since she met Roger that had become an impossibility.

Once again her mind betrayed her and went back to the day after he raped her and then forced the rod inside her. The first time she saw herself in the mirror and she didn't recognize the person looking back at her.

_____________ The next morning Holly was woken by Roger coming into her room. He walked over to her closet and looked through it picking the clothes he wanted her to wear. He picked blue denim cutoff shorts, a black satin looking padded bra and black satin and lace trimmed thongs and a beige sweater. He said, "I've called in sick for you to school, we have better things to do.

Now take a shower and put those on." He then walked out of her room. Holly woke the second he entered her room.

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The minute her mind cleared from sleep her body reminded everything she had been through the previous day. When she moved she realized she hurt more then she had at first realized.

It hurt more then her worst period ever and she realized she didn't want to move or at least not fast. She struggled to get up out of bed and it really hurt to stand up and walk. She took her time getting in and out of the shower and then reluctantly put on the clothes he set out for her and headed out of her room.

It bothered and scared her that he had called in sick to school for her. He was waiting for her in the living room and the moment she entered the room he told her her he had her breakfast ready for her.

She was surprised when she went into the kitchen there was French toast, with powdered sugar on the table with maple syrup and orange juice and hot chocolate. She wondered what was going on and then couldn't help think maybe her mom left it for her so she sat down to eat. He stood in the doorway just watching and didn't do anything to antagonize her which made her even more nervous. She finished most of her breakfast except the glass of orange juice. When he thought she was done he asked her, "Are you finished with your breakfast?" When she nodded he told her, "Clean up your dishes and then meet me in the living room." Again she took her time to clean of the table and wash the dishes, for one it hurt to move around and she was scared of what Roger was planning.

But she knew if she took too long her might get violent again so it wasn't too long before she went to the living room. He was sitting there on the recliner and when she entered the room he pointed at the floor directly in front of him. Without too much thought she walked over and stood where he had pointed.

"You've been wearing that sweater a lot, is it one of your favorites" he asked? At first she just nodded but saw an unhappy look on his face.

Not wanting to get hit she quickly answered, "Yes." But that still wasn't good enough for him and he asked, "Yes what?" She couldn't resist rolling her eyes but then said, "Yes sir." He saw the eye roll but decided to ignore it for now and keep working his plan and asked, "Why do you like that sweater so much, because it hides your body?" She wasn't sure why since he picked it for her to put on today why he would be asking that, although it was a sweater she put on often and her first reaction was to shrug but again his facial expression showed that wasn't good enough.

She quickly said, "I don't know I just like it." With a stern voice he said, "Take it off!" Her eyes opened wide but again his expression and the pain in her belly took any thoughts of resisting out of her mind and she slowly pulled her sweater up and off over her head. He immediately asked her another question, "Why do you wear shorts and jeans all the time?

Aren't you a girl? You look like a fucking tomboy. Now take those off too." She looked at him very frustrated but not wanting to get hit again she complied.

As Holly unbuttoned, unzipped and then pushed her shorts down her legs she felt weak and ashamed. She couldn't believe how compliant she was becoming to avoid getting slapped or punched. She got her shorts down to her ankles and stepped out of them. She started feeling uncomfortable and self conscious as she saw Roger look up and down her body.

"You ate every bite of that breakfast, every bite of French toast, powdered sugar, lots of syrup and drank all the hot chocolate like a fat hungry pig. Is that what you are Holly" he asked his tone sounding cruel and intense. "No" she answered quickly. "Do you not mean yes sir" he corrected.

She didn't like what he said so she decided to try to have a little back bone, "No sir." He must have anticipated her reply because within less then a second after she got the "r" out of her mouth his hand slapped her face hard and he quickly retorted, "say, Yes sir I ate like a hungry fat pig." As he finished saying it he raised the same hand he had slapped her with and lifted it toward his opposition shoulder ready to backhand her other cheek.

She looked down and very softly said, "Yes sir I ate like a hungry fat pig." He lowered his hand and smiled a satisfied smile. Then he took a red marker and drew almost like a smile on her tummy the center bottom at the base of her stomach towards her pubic bone and said, "You have a bit of a pooch here" as he touched her tummy with all five of his finger tips his palm centered over her belly button and then wrote one word, 'FAT".

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Then he said, "Turn your back to me." She did as she was told and once she had her back to him he unhooked her bra and then told her, "Turn back around." Once again she followed directions while holding her arms hard against her sides to keep her bra from falling.

But he simply reached up to the base of the bra and pulled hard on it tugging it away from her. She didn't resist knowing the consequences. "You know, those are small tits really. You look like a little kid. They're inadequate just like you are" as he finished saying it he took the red marker and wrote starting on the inside of her right breast into her cleavage and then on the inside of the left, ""SLUT". He then drew a similar smile shape line at the base of each breast saying, "Such little tits, useless and inadequate.

He stood up from his chair and put his hand on her shoulder turning her to the side then moved behind her and pushed her towards the master bedroom saying, "Walk!" As they got to the entry to the master bedroom, the room he and her mother shared, her entire body tensed, it was bad enough he or his 'friends' had already raped her multiple times the idea of him doing that on the bed that he shared with her mother made her sick.

But it didn't matter to him that she stopped at the doorway he just lifted his foot placed it on the top of her butt and the base of her back and kicked his leg out hard shoving her hard forward into the room. It thrust her so hard and fast forward she lost her balance and fell to her hands and knees but before she could even begin to compose herself he grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her back up to her feet using his strength and a handful of her hair.

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Her hands, her right wrist and both knees hurt but what hurt the most was her scalp from him tugging her hair hard enough to bring her once again on her feet. He guided her by the shoulder to one side of the bed raising her anxiety.

Then he flipped a switch on the dresser and bright overhead lights turned on and Holly realized the two bright lights were aimed directly at her and he had guided her to standing before a full length mirror. "Do you see it Holly, do you see how little shadow those tiny tits of your cast on your body even with such bright lights shining on you?

They're tiny, boy like, useless and worthless. Can you see it in the mirror" he exclaimed with intense enthusiasm pausing for a moment to let his words sink in then continued, "What do those red letters across your tits spell Holly?" She looked at herself in the mirror, bruises still very visible on her breasts but the red marker also made the letters easily distinguishable even in the mirror image she softly answered, "SLUT." "What" he asked.

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With a bit more volume she replied, "SLUT." Once again he asked, "Slut who?" It took her just a moment to understand what he meant, "It says SLUT, sir." "Again" he ordered!

She answered her voice sounding more defeated, "It says SLUT, sir." But he was unrelentlng with his determination to break her spirit, "Who is a slut Holly." Tears started rolling down her cheeks and she even needed to sniffle and wiped her nose with her hand, "Me" "That's right you ARE a slut Holly.

Think how many guys have fucked you already" he said. He then continued to degrade her, "Look at your belly Holly, see the shadow under your belly, it's bigger then the shadow from your tits." What he was saying wasn't true but he was getting in her head and she had no idea how hard he had worked to get the right alignment with the lights and to make sure exactly where she needed to stand in order to create the shadows he wanted under her boobs and belly.

He then asked, "What word is written in red on your belly?" While more tears streamed down her cheeks Holly softly answered, "FAT." He continued to degrade, "That's right you chowed down on that breakfast like a fat little pig and look at that fat belly, it's what you are, FAT. He then caught her completely off guard and used his foot to push on the back of her knee but did hold onto her shoulder to keep her from falling into the mirror but she did drop to her knees. Even though he held her shoulder supporting her fall to her knees considering she had just fallen to her hands and knees a bit earlier it really hurt.

But the sound of his belt unbuckling and his fly unzipping took her mind off the pain bringing her focus to fear. Roger used her shoulder to turn her facing him and immediately touched her nose, cheek, chin and lips with his cock which started to harden. He then rotated his hips side to side making his cock slap against each of her cheeks.

The first few hits didn't hurt but still felt degrading to her but after he continued to do this several times he could tell it was getting in her head as she began to flinch and even lean back a bit. He quickly addressed that by grabbing a handful of hair on each side of her head with both of his hands using her hair to stop her from pulling away.

He continued cock slapping her face until his cock was hard and he noticed a tiny bit of wetness on her face as he began to leak a bit of precum. He now moved his hips back and forth a bit pressing the head of his cock to her nose, lips and chin getting them sticky with his fluids.

"You're not opening those pretty lips of yours, I know you know what a blow job is slut now get that mouth open unless you want me to smack that mouth" he said anger in his voice. Holly had not sucked a guys cock yet, but she of course knew what a blow job was. She knew he was serious and if she didn't open her mouth he would very likely hit her but the scent of his cock and the pre-cum was already filling her sinuses and making her nauseous. But she knew she had no choice and slowly opened her lips for him.

It felt more disgusting then she imagined when his cock began to push into her mouth. The taste was powerfully salty and she cringed and gagged but he only continued to push it deeper and deeper using his grip on her hair to keep her from pulling back. It disgusted her that she could feel the texture and odd shape of the head of his cock, the opening at the bottom side of the cock head as well as the indentation at the base of the head.

The feeling of the cock head sliding over her tongue was horrifying to her and she tried to push her tongue down as much as she could but that just seemed to encourage him to push it deeper on the in strokes and made her gag even more.

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Only after pushing the full head of his cock and part of his shaft into her mouth did he start moving it in and out. Again she could feel the texture of veins on the shaft and felt hair slide across her tongue making her want to throw up. Her inexperience and the revulsion showing on her face excited him even more and only helped his cock to harden more.

He continued to work it deeper delighting every time it made her gag. When he could feel the saliva and precum building he pulled his cock out of her mouth pulling a thick string of sticky spit behind it almost like a long string of pizza cheese. He intentionally pushed his hips higher to move the long string of spit into her line of sight and then pushed his cock to one side of her nose and dabbed his cock against her face smearing the wetness around.

She felt humiliated. Within moments his cock once again pushed at her lips and into her mouth. Her fear built when she felt him move his hands from her hair to holding her head right behind her ears.

Suddenly he began to push his cock hard forcing deeper into her mouth. Her eyes shot open wide as it made her gag hard and struggle to not throw up. He continued to ram his cock hard over and over forcing her to gag until she coughed and brought up fluids. When she did he quickly pulled his cock out and the fluids followed sliding down her chin onto her chest, tummy and legs. As soon as the fluids stopped coming from her mouth he once again pushed in and began stroking again.

For a few minutes and multiple thrusts he stroked in and out just a bit.


But the moment she seemed to adjust and accept it he once again held hard onto her head and pushed hard and deep and this time held there. Again her eyes shot wide open and she felt herself gag and she reached up in panic grabbing hold of his forearms trying to get him to let go so she could pull back but he held hard onto her head and kept his cock deep in her mouth.

Eventually she coughed up more fluids and when she did he quickly pulled his cock free from her mouth and the fluids followed his cock out of her mouth and spilled down onto her body. She was so focused on coughing and gagging that she didn't notice he was rapidly stroking his cock as she finally stopped spitting up fluids his cock began to squirt shot after shot of cum onto her face, hair and then breasts. He shot six streams of cum and then let a few last drops drip onto her as he grunted with pleasure.

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He then pushed his cock to her lips one more time and at first she did not want to open for it but he slapped each cheek a few times until she opened her lips and let him push in again. His cock quickly returned to flaccid but he wanted to make sure she at least got a taste of the fluids.

Tears again began to stream down her cheeks and he pulled his cock free of her mouth, placed his hand on her shoulder turning her back towards the mirror and said, "You're just a dirty, filthy worthless slut. Your only redeeming quality is your ability to milk cum from a cock." It took a moment before she looked up at the mirror and saw her body naked except for the small black panties.

She looked disgusting with the cum and fluids all over her face and body. She couldn't stop crying and he enjoyed watching her misery. He slowly tugged his underwear and pants back up, buttoned and zipped the fly and buckled his belt but never took his eyes off the reflection of her kneeling covered in cum, saliva and other fluids. He delighted at the look of terror and humiliation in her face and how even her posture communicated surrender.

He waited there several minutes delighting in the fact she waited for him to maybe do more but he after watching her break down for several minutes he told her, "Go clean up" and turned and walked out of the room. He walked back into the living room knowing they had just started the day, sat in his recliner and thought how much controlling and degrading another person like this was the most exciting thing he had ever done.