Gay guy gets a group facial jizz and an anal fuck

Gay guy gets a group facial jizz and an anal fuck
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THE SUMMER JOB I'LL NEVER FORGET As I finished my last final exam for the year, I was thinking of where to get a job this summer so I could continue to pay for my college education. By now, I usually had an idea what I would do, but so far, I hadn't found any opportunities. I turned in my test and left the classroom and walked a short distance to a bench and sat down.

It's a beautiful Spring day and I am really enjoying the warmer weather, the grass is beginning to green up and the birds are singing. The sun feels warm as I sit and continue to ponder where to find a job.

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I sure like the warmer weather as the girls all start to dress down, showing off their bodies and trying to regain their tans. I hate winter when all the girls wear a lot of clothes and you can't see their bodies. Now it's tank tops and shorts, wow how I love spring at KU. My name is Robert Moore.

I am just finishing my junior year at Kansas State University. I'm 22 years old, 6 feet tall and weigh 180 pounds. I work out with weights regularly and have a really trim body. My major is Ag Business and Marketing and hope to land a job in Ag Marketing when I get out of school, if I ever get out. My school career has been pretty rough, having to pay the expenses as I go. My parents died many years ago and I was raised by an aunt, my mother's sister.

My parents didn't leave me much so I've pretty well had to make it on my own after High School. I really don't want to get into heavy debt by getting student loans, so I work a lot.


I work here at the University in the weight room as a trainer. I help the male and female athletes with their training. The job ends with the school year so I'm currently unemployed. My girlfriend Alisha has an athletic scholarship to the University to play basketball. I sure wish I could have excelled at something so I could have landed a full ride scholarship, but, I didn't have time to play sports in high school, I had to work.

Anyway, back to the problem at hand, a job. I can go over to the Student Center and see if there are any jobs posted on the bulletin board. Sometimes one can find something there. As I walk across campus I see Alisha walking toward me. Ahhh, my girlfriend, Alisha. What a dish to behold. She is 6 ft. tall, long brunette hair, weighs about 120 pounds, and has a body to die for. Sometimes my friends tell me she looks like Shania Twain…and…actually she does.

I just love to motorboat her 36D tits. She looks like a dream in motion. We met here our first year. "Hi beautiful, what's up?" I ask her as she approaches. She smiles at me and says, "I'm just glad this year is finally over, I'm ready to go home for a while&hellip.are we still on for the weekend?" "Yes," I tell her, "I have reservations for dinner at the steakhouse and have made a room reservation at the Holiday Inn Express. I really don't want to be apart from you for the next few months…I already miss you." "Well lover, if you're still looking for a job, my Mom's sister is looking for a hired hand for the summer, you could come to Nebraska with me and take that job and we'd only be an hour apart," she said.

"That would be great, what kind of job does she have?" I asked. "Well, her husband was killed in an accident about a year ago. They had a large wheat farm and she is trying to keep it going by herself. She hires temporary help to help her during different parts of the year&hellip.why don't we call her and see if it would be something you could handle?" she said.

"That would be great, we can call her after while, maybe when we get to the hotel, that is, if you will leave me alone long enough to call her," I laughed. "Sometimes you're a real ass Robert, but I love you anyway&hellip.what time are you picking me up?" "I'll be there at 6, that should give you time to make that pussy of yours real sweet for me," I grinned and winked at her as she walked away and blew me a kiss.

Alisha and I have been dating now for over three years. I think that she could be the one. We decided that since this would be our last weekend together, we'd spend it together and fuck our brains out as we wouldn't be seeing each other for a couple of months. Well, if I can land that job with her Aunt, that would be great and we could be closer to each other for the summer. Alisha is a wonderful in bed. She is so uninhibited that she will do anything sexually.

We even had a threesome with my best friend a couple of times. The last time we had a threesome was a few months ago. My best friend Norm had a party over at his house. There were a lot of people there and the drinking was, to say the least, heavy. Everyone was having a good time talking and dancing. Alisha was wanting to dance and I was just not ready, so, Norm volunteered to dance with her.

I watched them dancing out on the floor, Alisha was a very sexy dancer and had the attention of most of the guys around the dance floor. She was wearing a very tight pair of jeans and a tank top, it showed off her body very well. After a couple of fast dances, a slow song came up and she and Norm continued dancing. I noticed that Norm had both his hands on her ass, squeezing it as they danced and Alisha was not objecting. I knew that she had had enough to drink that she really wouldn't object to much of anything right now.

After the dance was over, they came back over to where I was talking to a couple of guys. Alisha wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a hard kiss as she slipped her tongue deep into my mouth. She looked at me and whispered in my ear, "I think it's time for you to dance with me, and I mean now." I was not one to argue, so I went to the dance floor with her. The song was very slow and as we danced, Alisha drove her tongue into my mouth again. After that, she looked me directly in the eyes and said, "Robert, remember when you and I and Norm fucked a few months ago?" I told her that I remembered and it had been great.

"Robert, I want to fuck you two guys again tonight, is that ok with you?" she said. Of course I had no objections and I knew Norm wouldn't. Norm and I had been best friends for over 10 years and had shared a lot of different girls. We had shared his girlfriend a little over a week ago. She had finished her classes a few days early and had moved home for the summer so he was here alone.

When the dance ended, we got another beer and went to find Norm. He was sitting on the couch in the living room. We plopped down on the couch with him, Alisha between us. I leaned over and said to him, "Hey Norm, want to do a threesome with Alisha and me tonight?" A big smile crossed his face and he replied, "Well hell yeah, who wouldn't want to have sex with Alisha?" Alisha smiled at him and gave him a long deep kiss.

I looked over at Norm and asked him, "How long before this party is over and everyone leaves?" Norm smiled as he stood up, went to the stereo and turned it off, then went to the center of the room and made the announcement, "I'm tired and this party is over, everybody get the hell out !" The crowd looked a little dismayed and began to trickle out the front door. Norm came back over to the couch and sat down smiling. "I think they got the idea I wanted them all to leave, hell, it's after midnight and I'm horny as hell and Alisha looks damn delicious." In about half an hour everyone was gone.

Norm locked up and brought some cold beers into the bedroom, where Alisha and I were already naked. She was down on her knees swallowing my 7 inch cock and caressing my balls. It didn't take Norm long to strip and bring his cock over for Alisha to suck. She would suck one of us while she jacked the other.

It was heaven. Alisha got up and laid down on the bed on her back and spread her legs. That was an open invitation for me to go eat her sweet pussy, which I did while Norm delivered his 7 inches to her waiting mouth. He and I switched places several times before he mounted Alisha and pushed his cock deep inside her. She moaned around my cock as he began to fuck her slowly while he sucked on her nipples.

Alisha looked up at me and said, "Darlin', I want you to fill my mouth with your cum, I want to drink it all." Within a few minutes, I felt that good, good feeling building down deep inside my balls. Slowly, I could feel a load of hot cum pushing through my cock and exploding inside her mouth.

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Alisha was squeezing my balls with one hand while she milked my dick with the other. She swallowed it all and was milking every drop out of my rapidly softening cock. I sat back in a chair near the bed and watched my best friend fuck my girl. Alisha's arms and legs were wrapped around Norm holding him tightly. She was moaning loudly and saying, "Go for it Norm, fuck me hard, fuck me good, just fuck me……&hellip.shit I'm cumming, FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEE I'M CUMINNNNNNNNNNNNG !

She had pushed her pussy up to meet Norm's thrust and had put a death squeeze on him while her body pulsed with the orgasmic sensations that were shooting throughout her body. I could see Norm push his cock into her as far as he could and I knew that he was filling my girl's tight cunt with his hot seed. I walked around behind where I could see his cock penetrating her pussy.

His cum was oozing out around his cock and running down her crack. Alisha's arms and legs fell to the bed. For a few moments, Norm just lay there on top of her. He then slowly raised up and slipped his flaccid cock out of her, behind it a rush of hot cum ran down her crack and onto the bed. By this time my cock was hard and throbbing again. I crawled on Alisha and pushed my throbbing member deep into her hot wet pussy.

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Alisha opened her eyes and smiled just before she grabbed my head and pulled me to her waiting lips. She kissed me long and hard as she bucked her ass up to my thrusting rod, wrapping her legs around my ass and pulling me closer to her.

She wrapped her arms around my back and squeezed me tightly&hellip.I knew that she was cumming again. I continued my penile assault on her pussy, pulling out of her till just the head of my rod was inside her then slamming it all the way into her.

I felt my cock partially stretch the small opening of her cervix. I pulled back and pushed again, this time I felt the head of my cock enter her uterus just as I began to blow my load of hot semen inside her. She began to violently orgasm again while I was mixing my sperm with Norms. After we both finished, I rolled off of her and got off the bed.

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I stood up at the end of the bed and looked at my beautiful Alisha lying there, visibly sated. Her legs were still spread and I could see the thick stream of cum, that Norm and I had deposited, running out of her. She took her hand and scooped up a blob of the thick juice and licked it off, smiling.

We all decided to go out and get another beer before we began the next round. As Alisha got off the bed, a large gob of goo ran out of her and down the insides of her legs. She excused herself saying, "I need to go clean up a little, I'll join you guys in a minute." With that she went into the bathroom and Norm and I went to the kitchen.

We were drinking our beers when she came into the kitchen and opened one for herself. "Which one of you guys are going to lick my pussy while I drink my beer?" she asked. Norm immediately picked her up by the hips and lifted her onto the counter saying, "I'll do it!" He buried his face between her legs and Alisha began to moan. She leaned back onto her elbows and spread her legs to accommodate him then watched as he licked the remnants of the mixture of our cum from her well fucked pussy.

Norm and I both liked to eat fucked pussy. The taste of our cum had never bothered either of us and we had always been eager to lick our lover's pussies clean. Alisha had began to cum again as Norm sucked on her engorged clit. Her moans were getting louder and louder as she exploded into yet another orgasm. Norm got up and I took my turn. Her pussy tasted great. The mixture of all our cum tantalized my taste buds as I drove my tongue deep inside her hole. I lubed my index finger and began to push it into her ass while I licked her cunt.

I could feel her muscles tensing as she began to cum again. When she finished, we led her to the couch. Norm sat on the couch and Alisha straddled him with her legs taking his cock into her hot box. I lubed my finger with spit and began to push it into her ass, spitting saliva into her crack and letting it run down her crack to her ass hole. I lubed my cock and began to push it into her while Norm continued fucking her.

Soon I had pushed my cock balls deep into her ass and began to fuck her slowly. It felt great, I could feel Norm's cock pushing in and out on the other side of the thin membrane that separated her pussy from her colon.

We fucked her like dogs in heat for the next hour, all of us moaning and groaning at the pleasure we were receiving. I know that Alisha had at least 4 orgasms during this time. Norm was sucking on her nipples while I cupped her tits and squeezed them.

Again, Norm and I both began to unload deep inside her. When she felt our hot cum spurting inside her, we both felt her muscles spasm as she began to cum again yelling, "FUCK ME YOU BASTARDS, FILL ME UP WITH YOUR CREAM, FUCK ME HARDER&hellip.HARDER……FUCK ME, FUUUUUUUUCK MEEEEEEEEEE……… After we dismounted, we were all tired and went into the bedroom and slept together.

When morning came, we double penetrated her again before we all went our separate ways. I had found that Alisha was one hot woman that liked sex&hellip.all different ways. Now that school was out, I knew that I didn't want to be away from her so tonight I will check out this job with her Aunt.

I went to my dorm, showered and changed clothes and headed out to pick up Alisha.


I was looking forward to this night and had scored some Cialis from a friend so I could keep hard longer. It was going to be a great weekend.

I picked up Alisha at her dorm at six and took her to the Cattleman's Steakhouse for dinner. She looked amazing wearing a mid thigh black dress that was V cut to the center of her stomach and no back. I almost shot my wad in my shorts when I saw her. We had steaks and drinks, talked and laughed a lot.

After dinner, we were having a drink and talking. Alisha looked at me seriously. "Robert, we've been seeing each other for quite a while, I know that we love each other&hellip.where are we going?

Do you want to marry me some day and spend our lives together or what? I guess I would like to have some idea of where we're headed." I knew that I loved her very much, but the thought of the future had never really crossed my mind. She was all a guy would want in life, she is beautiful, a real partner, lover and confidant.

"Alisha, I've never thought that far ahead, but now that I am, yes I would want to be married some day, but not till I'm finished with school and have a means to support us.

I guess I just assumed that's where we were going with our relationship. But, yes I do want to spend my life with you." She got up from her chair and came around the table to me and gave me one of the most passionate kisses I've ever gotten in my life. She looked deep into my eyes and said, "That's what I wanted to know, thank you, now I know where we're headed. She kissed me again and went back to her chair.

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After coming back to earth, I noticed that everyone in our immediate area was looking at us and smiling. I guess I was a little embarrassed at the attention, I could feel my face getting warm.

Alisha picked up on it and grinned widely at me. She started teasing me. "Are you embarrassed to be with me, is that why you're turning all red?" she laughed.

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I just took a drink and grinned. After dinner, we went out and took in a movie. The movie wasn't very crowded and we were sitting toward the back of the theater. I felt her hand stroking my cock on the outside of my slacks. It felt wonderful. I could see her out the corner of my eye watching me as she played. She unzipped my fly and put her hand inside my underwear and squeezed my hardening dick. She pulled my manhood out of my pants and leaned over my lap. Her tongue was darting all over the head, licking the pre-cum off.

Slowly, she took it into her mouth and deep throated me and held it there for almost a minute, stroking the underside with her tongue.

She started going up and down on it and in a few minutes I filled her oral cavity with my hot cum. Alisha swallowed every bit of it then she sucked my cock for several minutes more, extracting every drop. When she finished, she put my cock back in my pants and zipped me up. She looked at me smiling, then kissed me.

I could taste the residue of my cum on her tongue as she pushed it deep into my mouth and then she said, "I love you Robert." When the movie ended, I couldn't wait to get out of there and get to the Holiday Inn. I wanted to see her naked. I wanted to be inside her. I wanted to feel her tight vagina clamped around my throbbing manhood.

I wanted to eat her pussy and feel her gush her hot cum into my mouth as she writhed in ecstasy. I wanted to make her feel good all over, time and time again.

I knew that in a short while I would have all of that and I couldn't wait. I had checked into the hotel earlier in the afternoon, so we went directly up to the room. While I was there earlier, I left some good wine to drink and a bouquet of roses for Alisha. When we entered the room, she saw the roses and ran to them to see the card. After she read it, she turned and smiled at me while dropping her dress to the floor.

I was in a trance as I saw her standing there in nothing but her thong and 4 inch high heels. My cock was about to climb out of my pants…&hellip.I couldn't get naked fast enough. As soon as I was naked, I went to her and kissed her.

I took her hand and led her to the bed where she kicked off her heels and we both crawled between the sheets and embraced for several minutes. I pushed her over on her back and started kissing her on her neck, then down to her beautiful breasts.

I cupped them with my hands and gently chewed on her erect nipples. She moaned and squirmed on the sheets as one of my hands went to her mound and lightly caressed the outer lips of her bald pussy. Her moans were continuous&hellip.I could feel the wetness oozing from between her pussy lips as I slid my finger just inside to the entrance of her love canal. She was grinding her hips and pushing up to engulf my finger.

I wouldn't let it enter just yet, I wanted her to desire penetration for a little longer. My mouth left her tits and I began to move down her body kissing her abdomen then stopped and pushed my tongue into her navel. My travel continued on down to her pubic mound……I lay down between her spread legs and pulled the swelled lips of her pussy apart and gazed at her engorged clitoris.

It was wet and was standing out waiting for any kind of contact. I put my lips around it and began to suck on it and lick it with my tongue. Alisha let out a loud groan and pushed her pussy into my face……I devoured it.

My tongue penetrated her and I lapped her sweet juices from her sopping wet pussy, thoroughly cleaning her. My tongue adventured further south and the tip just brushed her anus lightly. Her back arched and she grasped the sheets with her hands and squeezed as I pushed the end of my tongue slightly into her ass while two of my fingers pushed inside her and rubbed that little rough area just inside her pussy……the well known G-spot. While I rubbed that sensitive area with my two middle fingers, I began to rub her clit with my thumb and pushed my other index finger into her ass up to the second joint.

Then it happened, she exploded, her abdominal muscles formed a perfect six pack, her back arched high and she shot out a huge squirt of her cum which I caught in my mouth. I shoved my finger up her ass as far as I could get it and began to rub her G-spot rapidly with my other hand. My tongue was just below her vaginal canal licking her as she unloaded several more streams of her cum into my mouth, which I drank greedily…&hellip.she tasted so good. When her orgasm subsided, I slowly crawled onto her and placed the head of my hard cock against the opening of her pussy and pushed slowly in till my balls rested on her ass.

I was kissing her while she wrapped her arms around me, entwining my tongue with hers and lifting her ass up to get me deeper inside her.

I fucked her slowly and deliberately, savoring every inch that moved in and out of her&hellip.the pleasure was indescribable. She whispered in my ear, "I love you Robert, I always will&hellip.please never leave me." I looked into her wanting eyes as my cock slid in and out of her and saw the love and desire that was inside her.

I told her, "I love you Alisha," and kissed her long and hard. I was inside her for over an hour, fucking her slowly as she continued to cum several times. Her wetness had continued to increase as I continued to enjoy the pleasures of her body.

I felt her muscles get hard just before I felt my balls contract and I began to shoot my hot ropes of cum deep into her belly.

I was cumming like a race horse&hellip.I had never felt myself give up so much cum at one time in my whole life. Alisha was having a sensational orgasm as I continued to fill her insides with my love juice. When I finished unloading my seed inside her, I raised up on my elbows and looked at the beauty beneath me. Her eyes were closed and she was smiling…totally relaxed. I kissed her and raised up off of her, pulling my soft rod from her hot cunt.

I sat back on my heels and looked at her beautiful body lying on the bed. I could see a stream of my cum running out of her. I leaned down and began to lick her wet pussy clean and heard her moan. I spread her lips and connected my lips to her pussy and sent my tongue inside her.

I lapped up our combined juices, getting a mouth full, then delivering it to Alisha's waiting mouth. She sucked it all from my mouth, pulled me close to her and kissed me. She whispered, "I love it when you do that to me&hellip.I love the taste of our cum, please bring me some more.

For the next 20 minutes I ate her pussy and cleaned her completely. I felt Alisha cum three times as I licked her clean. She was lying on the bed like a rag doll, not moving, just breathing deeply. I crawled up beside her and cuddled with her as we fell asleep. I awoke and looked at the clock beside the bed, it was 4:25 AM. I looked at Alisha as she slept beside me. Damn she is beautiful. My eyes feasted on her naked body from her head to her toes. Every part of her is perfect. I thought back to our conversation at dinner.

I knew I was totally in love with her and yes, I do want to marry her some day. We have the perfect relationship, we can watch each other have sex with someone else and neither of us gets jealous or upset. I know that she also loves me totally. We are both very secure in our relationship. I removed my arm from under her neck and left the bed and go to the bathroom. After I finished in the bathroom, I returned to the bed.

Alisha had got between the sheets and was smiling at me as I got in. "I guess we forgot to call my Aunt, huh?" she said grinning. "So we did, I guess we can call her in the morning." I said.

We kissed and pulled the covers up to our necks and went back to sleep. We awoke at about 9:00 AM. We went to the shower together and made love……what a way to start the day. We got ourselves together and went to IHOP for breakfast. When we finished eating, Alisha called her Aunt. "Hi Aunt Lori, how are you doing this morning?" she asked. Alisha had her phone on speaker and I heard her Aunt say, " Fine, dear.

To what do I owe this pleasant surprise?" "Well&hellip. Mom told me you were looking for someone to work for you this summer, and I have found someone for you." "Oh, fantastic&hellip.I was beginning to get worried that I wasn't going to find anyone that wanted to come clear out here. Who is the guy you found for me?" "Aunt Lori, his name is Robert Moore.

I've been seeing him for the last 3 and a half years and he is a great guy. Would you like to talk to him?" "Sure, but I'd really like to meet him in person. When are you coming home?" Alisha was grinning at me, "I'm leaving here on Monday morning, if you're interested in Robert, he will come with me." I spoke up, "Hi, Mrs.

Harper……&hellip.this is Robert." "Well hello Robert, I'm looking forward to meeting you. I sure hope that we can work something out, I really need someone&hellip.and soon," she said.

"That's great, I'll follow Alisha when she comes home Monday and we'll come to see you on Tuesday." "Well Robert, if Alisha thinks you're ok, I will too. She is a great judge of character. I have some chores to tend to so I need to go. I'll see you guys on Tuesday then. Bye." Alisha was smiling.

"I know you'll really like her&hellip.she's great and I think that you will like working for her. I know I'll sure be glad to have you that close to me so I can see you more often." She kissed me on the cheek and scooted up close to me.

"What are we going to do today, besides fuck !" Wellllll, I think that sounds like a good idea, I guess we will just fuck. First I'll fuck you, then you can fuck me…& does that sound?" I grinned. Alisha was smiling as we got up and headed back for the hotel.

My cock was moving to attention as I walked behind Alisha and admired her beautiful tight ass. I asked her, "What's your Aunt like?" "Well, darling, she's 42, she has a great personality, she works hard on that farm and she is a wonderful cook. She and Uncle Frank never had any kids, she was unable to. They had been talking about adopting before the accident.


She has long dark hair, about half way down her back, but she wears it up a lot. She knows a lot about horses and owns some really well bred ones. I think she sells their semen. Otherwise, she raises wheat on the farm." That about covers it, she told me. "What happened to your uncle." "He was working somewhere out on the farm one day and didn't come in for lunch. Aunt Lori went out looking for him and found he had been ran over by a tractor.

They think he must have tripped a fell off the tractor in front of the rear wheel. They said he died quickly and didn't suffer. Since then, Aunt Lori decided she could keep the farm going on her own. There have been a lot of guys from the area that have tried to date her, but she has sent them all away and told them not to return.

She needs a man in her life again. Maybe she can find someone. I should suggest to her she get on that new web site, Farmers Only dot com. Maybe she could find someone there that would she would like." When we returned to the hotel, I was surprised to run into Pam Colbert, Alisha's best friend.

We stood in the lobby and talked for a while. In a little while, Alisha looked at me and said, "Surprise Robert, Pam is going to be joining us for the afternoon and anything goes." My jaw dropped to the floor as I looked at Pam smiling at me. Pam is about 5'6" and weighs around 110.

She has beautiful long red hair and a figure right out of the SI swimsuit edition. Her tits have to be about a 34C and her legs are long and toned. I looked at Alisha and asked, "Is this on the level, did you set this up?" She said to me, "I just thought that it would be nice to share you with Pam as kind of a last fling before summer, is that ok with you?" "Alright with me, hell yes I think this is going to be one wonderful afternoon." With that said, we all went to the elevator and went up to our room.

I opened the door and the two girls went in in front of me. I couldn't help but admire their nice asses as they walked in. We opened a bottle of wine. As we sat around the table talking and sipping on the wine, Alisha got up and turned on some music then began dancing.

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She started doing a strip tease, it wasn't long and Pam was on her feet doing the same thing. When they were down to their bra's and panties, they embraced in a long wet kiss that sent my cock into orbit. Pam led Alisha over to the bed, ripped the top covers off and pulled Alisha onto the bed and removed her bra then her panties.

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In short order she went to the floor on her knees and pulled Alisha over to the edge of the bed and buried her tongue in Alisha's dripping pussy. As I watched, my cock was getting harder and harder.

I stood and removed all my clothes and went up behind Pam and removed her bra then pulled her panties down to her knees. My hands went around her and began to squeeze her tits, gently pinching her nipples. I eased up behind her and slid my cock along her wet slit and began to push it back and forth. I heard a moan come from Pam as the head of my dick slid across her engorged clit. I slid one hand from her tit across her stomach to her pubic mound, then as I touched her clit she spread her legs further apart and told Alisha to get up completely onto the bed so she could lay there between her legs.

Alisha moved into the middle of the king sized bed and Pam crawled up to continue eating her pussy. My lips and tongue then had access to Pam's wet pussy. I ran my finger up and down her wet slit then pushed it a short distance into her. I then put my lips on her and began to lick her pussy as I toyed with her asshole. Pam and Alisha were both moaning loudly as they received their pleasure.

From the sound of Alisha, I knew she was getting close to an orgasm. Pam's pussy was wet and ready to be penetrated so I stood up behind her and slid the head of my throbbing cock into her hot, wet love channel. She moaned loudly as I thrust all the way in and Alisha began to cum.

I felt Pam's vagina begin to squeeze my cock as she began to cum. I couldn't stand it any longer and pushed balls deep into her hot box and began shooting my hot load deep inside her. I pushed my index finger into her ass hole and felt my pulsing rod through the thin membrane that separated her vagina and colon.

My orgasm seemed to last for an eternity. I could feel my spent cum running out of her pussy and down the insides of her legs. My cock felt really good inside her warm pussy so I just left it there while my erection softened, kneading her soft boobs while she came down from her orgasm. When my cock plopped out of her I sat back on a chair and admired the two naked women in front of me.

I could see my cum slowly oozing out of Pam's pussy. Alisha had gotten off the bed and came over to where I sat. She got to her knees and began to suck my flaccid cock and tease my balls.

In no time at all, she had me hard again. "Ok, big boy, I want you inside me right now. We went to the bed and I laid on my back. Alisha straddled my cock and began fucking me. When I saw Pam get onto the bed I knew what was coming. She smiled at me and straddled my head and lowered her still dripping pussy to my mouth as she embraced Alisha and kissed her.

I could taste the mix of our cum as I licked and sucked on Pam's pussy. The excitement of having two beautiful women on me and the taste of our mixed juices made my cock as hard as a rock.

I felt Pam cumming as I sucked on her huge clit. Alisha had increased the intensity of fucking me and was beginning to cum again. We all continued having each other the rest of the afternoon and into the early evening. We all took a shower together then went out to dinner. My cock was sore and my balls shriveled. I had not had such intense sex in a long time. As we sat waiting for our dinner we talked about the events of the afternoon. Pam said since she had missed her event earlier, she would just stay with us tonight and we could continue.

At this point, I really didn't know if I could perform or not. The girls smiled at me and Pam had a devilish look on her face, "Be sure to eat something that will give you energy, Robert&'re going to need it before this night is over." They both laughed as they grinned at me in expectation.

The night with the two of them was fabulous. I had some Cialis so I took one when we got back to the room. For quite a while I just sat in a chair drinking beer and watching Pam and Alisha pleasure each other. I sometimes think that watching two women together is as good as sex. My stamina ran out sometime around midnight. We all cuddled up in the bed and had a very restful night. On Sunday morning, Pam fucked me one more time before she had to leave.

Alisha and I just held each other and slept till almost noon. We showered and went out to eat then took in a movie. We went back to the room and had sex again then went to sleep. Tomorrow we will drive to Alisha's home then on Tuesday we'll go talk to Aunt Lori.

I sure hope I can land that job so I can be close to Alisha. It's becoming all too apparent that my feelings for her are increasing all the time. To be continued…………………