Geil Brünette big Tit Frau betrügt Mann mit einem Immobilien

Geil Brünette big Tit Frau betrügt Mann mit einem Immobilien
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Tom Dallas glanced at the clock on his office wall and muttered to himself, "Better get ready, they'll be here in few minutes." After putting down his reading he got up from behind his desk and arranged four very specially designed chairs in a semi circle around a single chair that was approximately seven or eight feet away.

He was just getting everything in place for his fourth period sex-ed lab session, when a light tapping at the door indicated his students had arrived. "Come on in, girls," he called out, "it's unlocked." "Hi, Mr.

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Dallas," the first girl offered with a smile." Hi yourself," he shot back while taking the middle chair." "Is everyone ready for a good session?" Three other senior girls followed Kate and took their places next to one of the four chairs. "Oh myyyy," Donna moaned softly while staring at the seat of her chair. "Does it excite you, dear?" the teacher asked softly. "Oh yesssssss!" came the quick reply. "Very much so!" The other girls were equally enthusiastic about their chairs and waited impatiently for him to give the go ahead.

"I think we're all set," he said a matter of factly. "Okay, everyone off with their panties!" Without hesitation each eighteen year old pulled up her skirt and hiked down her white cottons with one quick motion.


"We're just a little bit anxious, aren't we?" he asked with a chuckle. "We can't help it!" Beverly replied. "We're all running on the ragged edge!" "All right then," Tom said, "sit down and make yourselves comfortable." Each girl held her skirt up with one hand, while at the same time grabbing and incredibly thick dildo that had been attached to the middle of each seat.

Very carefully each girl positioned her pussy over the brutal invader, and then with eyes closed, lowered her organ down and around the huge latex satisfier. "Omigod!" Kari gasped. "I-I'm cumming already!" "I can't hold it back!!!" From past experience Tom knew that Kari was the most orgasmic of the bunch and so was not in the least bit surprised when the pretty little blonde went over the cliff without even trying.

The other girls settled down on their organs and began sighing softly as wave after wave of pleasure flowed through them.


When Kari finally came back to earth, she smiled sheepishly and offered, "I'm sorry everyone, but you know how I am……" "Yeah, we know," Blair laughed. "The hottest pussy in school!" "It's not my fault!" the blonde retorted.

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"Ladies, ladies!" Tom admonished. "Let's stop arguing and get down to the business at hand!" Everyone quickly shut up and waited for Tom Dallas to continue. "Now, would anyone like to ask a question or make a suggestion?" "Donna raised her hand and asked softly, "Can we see your penis, Mr. Dallas?" "Do you want me to?" he asked. "Oh yes!" all four of them replied in unison. "Please, show it to us!" "Can I suck it?" Kate begged.

"Now take it easy," Tom answered softly while standing up and dropping his pants, "everyone will get a chance to suck it." All four girls were now breathing shallowly as the forty five year old teacher slid his light blue boxer shorts down around his ankles. It was as if someone had jolted each girl with a jolt of electricity as they began to rock to and fro on the thick rubber peckers that had impaled their pussies. "God you have a big cock!" Kari moaned while lifting her cute little bottom up and down off the seat.

"H-he's hung like a fucking horse!" Blair gasped. "I-I've just gotta suck on that big prick!" Kate moaned. "I've just gotta suck him off!" Tom gave each girl a good long look at his long fat cock before pressing the call button on the intercom that sat on the corner of his desk.

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A moment later Mz. Franklin, the Latin teacher appeared out of nowhere at his side. "My oh my," she said softly while eyeing the four young women. "We seem to be fucking ourselves to death, don't we?" The young women, now desperate to taste the big cock, ignored the older woman's question and continued to ride the latex peckers for all they were worth.

"Say, I've got and idea!" Tom Dallas said enthusiastically. "W-what?!!" Kate gasped. "What's your idea!?!" "Ohhhh, just I just thought that maybe each one of you would like to tongue Mz. Franklin's pussy first." Kari was the first to realize that they weren't be given a choice, so she rolled her head to the side and panted, "O-okay, I'll suck her first!" "Very good, Kari," Tom said almost casually.

"Now be a good little girl and lift Mz. Franklin's skirt for her." Taking her place directly in front of the over heated young woman, Emma Franklin stood absolutely motionless while the eighteen year old gingerly lifted the hem of her skirt.

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"Oh, god!" Kari moaned. "She's not wearing any panties!" The three other girls immediately turned to ogle the huge dripping slit, and upon gazing on the freshly shaven mons, began driving the thick rubber cocks in and out of their pussies with brutal ferocity. While still holding the skirt above the teachers ample hips, Kari leaned forward and let her tongue slither into the damp fleshy folds of the middle aged instructor.

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"Sweet jesus in heaven!" Emma Franklin gasped out loud. "Oh yesssssss, right there, suck my fucking red hot clit!" The young blonde opened her mouth wide in a vain attempt to eat the big pussy in one gulp!


Never in her young life had she tasted anything so tender or tasty! She hungrily devoured the gaping organ until without warning the teacher stepped away before offering her organ to Blair. With his pecker now as hard as a piece of oak, Tom took his place in front little Kari and offered her cock for some oral servitude.

With her little ass bouncing up and down like a rubber ball, she grabbed his shaft with her left hand and guided it directly into her ravenous mouth! The second her lips wrapped themselves around the velvety head, her poor little vagina convulsed wildly around the thick dildo as a monster orgasm ripped through her loins unabated!

Just as her climax began to wane, Tom slid down one place and offered his meat for young Blair to feast on. This went on for another ten minutes or so, until all four girls had had the opportunity to nurse on Emma's fat pussy and Tom's super hard prick. "Feel better now?" he asked with a chuckle as all four girls sat shell shocked with the thick latex invaders still deep in their aching cunts!

When he was sure that they were all completely satiated, Tom sat Mz.

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Franklin on the front edge of his desk with her legs splayed wide open. Then after kissing her deeply on the mouth, he moved forward, allowing his manhood to slide easily into the burning cauldron that was her incredibly aroused cunt! "Omigod!" she gasped as the first stroke knifed deep inside of her. "T-this is always my favorite part!" "M-mine too!" he moaned as he began powering his massive organ like a trip hammer in and out of her helpless pussy! The four young women, almost was if on cue, began slowly rocking back and forth on their cocks until they were once again driving their pussies into and absolute frenzy!

Soon the room was filled with the feminine sighs and groans of sexual ecstasy as orgasms of mind bending proportions built steadily in their violated organs. "I-I'm almost there!" Tom Dallas gasped.

"Me toooooooo!" Emma Franklin screamed. "A-are you ready!?!" she panted. "Yessssssss, do it now!!!" he replied hoarsely. Then as the four young girls looked on glassy eyed, Mz. Franklin quickly dropped to her knees, and with her mouth wide open, took the head of Tom Dallas' cock into her mouth and milked it down her throat until he was void of his cum! At the same time she slipped her free hand into her burning snatch and frigged her flaming clit to a mind numbing orgasm of her own! Of course the four young women, Donna, Kari, Kate, and last but not least, Blair, again were whipsawed by enormous orgasms that left them totally shattered from the experience!

For a long time no one was even able to speak as highly elevated blood pressures slowly returned to normal. With his legs still to shaky to walk, Tom Dallas helped Emma to her feet and commented, "Now that, dear lady, is how a sex education session should be run!" "With a little stream of cum running down her chin she replied, "Mmmmmm, yes, I give them all an A for effort!!!" THE END