Black twinks ramming their asses with big cock

Black twinks ramming their asses with big cock
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Jade was a beautiful young lady who lived on the outskirts of London, England.

At nineteen years of age, she stood five feet seven inches tall and weighed approximately eight stone, or one hundred and twelve pounds. Her slender body and long legs made her look taller than she actually was, especially when she wore heels. Her long shapely legs added to the allure of Jade's tempting looks. High heels added a tantalizing wiggle when she walked. A pair of 32C breasts and a cute bubble of a butt accentuated her body. Her breasts just begged to be nibbled and fondled. Her butt also seemed to be sending an invitation as well.

It almost cried out to be patted and squeezed. Jade worked hard to keep her self fit and trim. She kept her body neatly groomed at all times as well. She had always wanted to be at her best for her long-term and now recently ex-boyfriend. She continued to maintain her stunning looks after they had broken up. Except when she was at work as a waitress, when it was kept in a tight bun, her silky raven hair was usually brushed straight and hung nearly to her waist.

Her hair framed her soft oval face. Her hazel eyes were hypnotic. Her lips were full and very kissable. For her boyfriend's pleasure, as well as her own, Jade kept her legs, armpits, and pussy well shaved. Jade attracted the attention of men that ranged in age from their teens to middle-age. One man in particular had eventually won Jade's focus of attention. She had broken up with her boyfriend just three weeks before meeting Jason at the restaurant where she worked. Jason was a thirty-five-year-old man that worked construction in the area around the restaurant where Jade worked.

His hard work kept him in excellent condition. Though a bit older than Jade's usual boyfriends, the thirty-five-year-old man treated her very well. They would chat whenever Jade could take some time off during her busy day. Most importantly, he really listened when she spoke. He never interrupted her as her ex had frequently done. Jason quickly became one of her regular and favorite customers at the restaurant. Any waitress would have enjoyed serving Jason. He was friendly, courteous, and easy to talk with when business was slow.

He also left nice tips. Jade had told him she wasn't interested in getting into another relationship so soon after breaking up with her ex-boyfriend.

Even so, Jason refused to be discouraged. He kept asking her out in spite of Jade's refusals. He felt she wasn't as fearful of another relationship as she was about dating a man sixteen years older than herself. Along with Jason's age had come a measure of self-confidence. He had not been discouraged by Jade's frequent but polite rejections. He merely continued to politely ask her out until his charm won her over. Finally, he had worn her resistance down. The beautiful teen consented to have dinner with him.

During that dinner Jason had been nothing but a perfect gentleman. They chatted about many subjects, but he never even made a pass at the nervous girl. That date at a very nice restaurant lit the fire inside Jade. She didn't know it at the time, but it was the flame of a love affair that is still burning brightly today.

Over the next month or so, Jason and Jade went out to dinner frequently, took in a movie every now and then, and attended a number of sporting events. Through it all, Jason continued to be a gentleman.

They had been dating for a little over a month when Jade consented to let Jason take her to his home after dinner one Saturday night. Jade knew Jason wanted to be intimate with her. Truth be told, Jade wanted the intimacy as well. Lately, every time Jason held her hand as he escorted her to her door, she could feel her heart race. One night, when he held her tight and kissed her good night, Jade could feel her nipples harden as her boobs were crushed against Jason's firm chest.

At the same time, she could also feel her panties getting wet as well. Jade's desire for Jason was as strong as his was for her. Jade was nervous the first time she accompanied Jason to his home.

She was not a virgin. She had given her cherry to a boyfriend when she was younger. She had also enjoyed occasional sex with her most recent ex-boyfriend. Truthfully, Jade was getting as hungry for sex as Jason was. She could feel her panties getting wetter and wetter as he drove her to his home. Jade and her ex had frequently engaged in sex and she missed the intimacy.

Her primary concern with Jason was whether or not she could she satisfy this older man, or if he would be able to satisfy her. Jade need not have worried. The first time she and Jason were together, he didn't merely fuck her.

He made love to her. As is typical of teenage boys, her previous boyfriends had usually just taken the favors she offered without concern for her personal satisfaction.

Jade couldn't understand why her legs were wobbly as Jason escorted her to his door. As soon as the door was closed and locked behind them at Jason's home, he took Jade into his arms and kissed her passionately. As their lips met her mouth opened invitingly. Jason accepted the invitation and their tongues fought a lover's duel. As they kissed, Jason's hands rubbed up and down Jade's back until finally settling on her firm ass. She gasped the first time Jason squeezed her butt's cheeks.

"I've been wanting to do that for weeks," He whispered into her ear. As Jason repeatedly rubbed and squeezed her ass, Jade groaned in pleasure. When he firmly squeezed both of her butt's cheeks and pulled her body firmly to his, Jade felt her body and spirit surrender.

She knew she was going to freely give herself to the middle-aged man who was tightly holding her ass. Jade's heart felt as though it was running laps in her chest as Jason kissed her passionately.

When Jason pulled her ass forward and ground his hard cock into her pubic mound, she responded in kind. Jade pushed her pelvis forward in a thrusting motion to encourage her new lover.

She loved the feel of his cock pressing against her pelvis and lower abdomen. She could feel her pussy's juices soaking through her panties. Jade broke their kiss and answered his unasked question. "Oh Jason, yes!" She then laid her head on his shoulder and began kissing his neck. "Jade honey, are you okay with this? Would you like to go to the bedroom? We can be more comfortable there," Jason asked. With a breathless voice Jade replied, "Oh yes, Jason.

Please take me to your bed." Jason surprised Jade by easily picking her up and cradling her in his strong arms. No one had ever carried her to bed since she had been a baby. They usually just took her hand and pulled her toward their beds. She put her arms around Jason's shoulders and kissed his neck.

He kissed her gently as he slowly carried her to his bedroom. She continued to nuzzle his neck as he placed her gently on his bed. Jason laid Jade on her back and climbed into bed beside her. He cradled her head and neck in his right arm and pulled her close for another long, tender, and romantic kiss. As they kissed, Jason began unfastening the buttons that ran down the front of Jade's snug-fitting black dress.

As her ample cleavage came into view, Jason bent and kissed the crest of each breast. Jade cooed her approval and lifted her chest up to Jason's face. She stroked the back of his head as he pressed his lips to her breasts. A few more dress buttons were released and Jason gave her panty-covered pubic mound a quick petting with his fingers. Gasping at the thrill she was feeling, Jade raised her hips in response to Jason's fingers on her pubic area.

She spread her legs to offer Jason a little more access to her body. The last few buttons were released and Jade's dress fell open and laid along each side of her body. The couple sat up and worked together to remove the dress from her arms and out from under her body. Jason carefully folded the dress and placed it on the nightstand next to the beautiful teen.

He then laid her back down and kissed all over her face, ears, and neck. As he placed another kiss on her ample cleavage, he rolled her onto her side and released the rear clasp of her bra.

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He then pulled her bra's straps off her shoulders and pulled the restricting article away from her body. He admired her firm tits as he tossed her bra over the side of the bed.

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With her C-cups free, Jason wasted little time before his lips and tongue were all over Jade's luscious tits. Her nipples were erect and seemed to be begging to be sucked. Jason obliged them. In turn, he sucked each hard nipple firmly into his mouth while swirling his tongue around and over them.

He repeatedly squeezed Jade's tits as he sucked them. She moaned and again pushed her chest up to meet Jason's mouth as he sucked. She moaned in pleasure and stroked the back of his head as he gently nipped each nipple and nibbled all over each of her tits. He pushed them together trapping his head between them and placed a hickey in the valley between them. Jade moaned even louder and pulled his head tightly to her chest. Jason firmly squeezed both tits and continued placing a love-bite on her chest.

When Jason released her tits he slid his left hand down Jade's smooth flat belly and petted her pussy through her soaking wet panties. "Please, Jason, will you take them off? They feel so wet," Jade asked. Without a word, Jason pulled his arm from under Jade's neck and crawled down his bed until he was beside her hips. Putting two fingers of each hand under her panty's waistband on either side of her hips, Jason began pulling them down.

Jade lifted her hips as her panties slid out from under her butt and down her legs. She lifted each foot to help Jason remove her panties. Her soaked panties joined her bra as he tossed them to the floor on Jade's side of the bed.

Jason then took the time to admire the beautiful girl lying before him on his bed. From her long slender legs, to her shaved pussy, to her flat belly, to her luscious tits, and finally to her beautiful face, there was nothing not to like about Jade. Her silky raven hair was fanning out around her head forming a dark halo for her face. The halo added to her enticing look. She was truly beautiful.

Looking back down to Jade's crotch, Jason stated, "I love a shaved pussy." He then bent down and kissed the top of her slit near her clit. Jade gasped, "Oh!" She spread her legs a little wider as an invitation for Jason to sample more of her wet treasure. Jason accepted the invitation of her spread legs as they were meant to be. He gave her a long pussy lip parting lick from near her asshole to her clit. He flicked his tongue over her clit as he pulled away from the teen's pussy. "Oh my God!" Jade tensed and cried out from the flick of Jason's tongue over her clit.

He lifted his head and told her, "Jade you taste and smell delicious. There's nothing better than the taste of fresh young pussy." He then returned his mouth to Jade's pussy and began to give her the best pussy eating she had ever received.

He tenderly licked then sucked each of her pussy's lips into his mouth. His tongue thoroughly swabbed her pussy's lips and probed her hot and juicy hole. As his tongue delved into her tight hole he lapped up as much of her natural lubricating juices as he could get. Jade reached down and pressed firmly on the back of his head.

She pushed Jason's face tightly to her soaking wet hole. She was soon thrusting her pelvis up to meet his tongue and begging for more.

"Oh God yes, Jason. Eat me! God I love what your tongue is doing to me. Please don't stop." As Jade began rapidly thrusting her pelvis up to meet his mouth, Jason sucked her clit between his lips and gently flicked his tongue over that sensitive bud.

She gasped, "Oooh! God yes!" Jade's entire body seemed to be vibrating as the waves of an orgasm washed through her. As she held her pelvis up to his mouth and pulled his face even tighter to her pussy, Jason tickled her asshole with the fingers of his free hand.

Jade wiggled her butt as if following the fingers teasing her ass. She moaned her approval of what Jason was doing to her.

When her orgasm began to ebb, he started all over. He slowly pushed two fingers into her pussy and began messaging her G-spot. As another orgasm sent waves of ecstasy through her body, Jade cried out, "Oh my God! What are you doing to me, Jason?" Before he was finished eating Jade's pussy, she had cum three times.


As the third orgasm washed over Jade, Jason covered her pussy with his mouth and sucked. He pulled as much of Jade's nether lips into his mouth as he could and swabbed them with his tongue. She was soon on the verge of another orgasm. She was gasping for breath and thrashing about on the bed. Jason kissed his way up her body and nuzzled into her neck.

He fondled her tits while Jade recovered her breath. When Jade had come back to her senses, she told her new lover, "That was fantastic, Jason. Lay back! It's my turn now." She then turned and laid her head on Jason's lower abdomen. She kissed the head of his cock and licked all over its shaft. She sucked each of his balls into her mouth and swabbed them with her tongue.

She then returned to the top of his cock and took its head into her mouth. She began bobbing her head up and down on Jason's shaft until he could feel his cock's head press against the opening to her throat.

He groaned in pleasure at the feeling of his cock pressed firmly to her throat, but Jade wasn't finished. She lifted her head up one more time before plunging down and taking his six and a half inch cock fully into her mouth and throat. She then began bobbing her head up and down without letting Jason's cock escape her throat's clutches.

"Oh damn, Baby! That's wonderful! You're going to make me cum real soon," He warned. Instead of pulling off Jason's cock, Jade pressed down even harder. "Huummm!" She hummed. The vibrations from within Jade's throat were all it took to push Jason over the edge.

"Here it cums, Baby! Oh hell yeah!" Jason fed Jade four or five strong surges of cum before the flow slacked off to a dribble. Jade continued bobbing her head up and down with Jason's cock deep in her throat. When his orgasm slowed, she pulled his cock out of her throat but continued to suck the dribbling cum from him until she could get no more. She then turned and cuddled up to Jason. She knew Jason would have to take a few minutes to recover.

She would be patient. After all, even though she had already cum three, she still had a hungry pussy that wanted fed. They cuddled while she slowly stroked his cock and he sucked her hard nipples and fingered her soaked pussy. It wasn't long before Jason's cock began coming back to life. Jade's tender hands soon had the cock she was holding standing tall with a full erection. Jason had kept Jade on the edge of orgasm by gently nibbling her nipples. Of course, his fingers gently petting and probing her soaked pussy had helped keep her short of breath as well.

Jade begged, "Oh Jason, I want you so much. Please take me now." Jason replied, "No, baby. I'm not going to just take you.

I'm going to make love to you." Jade cooed and replied. "Oh Jason, you can do what ever you want with me." He then rolled onto Jade's willing body. As Jason's hips centered over her pelvis, Jade widely spread her legs giving his cock free and easy access to her hungry pussy.

He moved up and his cock's head easily slipped into her hot hole. "Oh yes, Jason," she cooed. With one slow and steady push, Jason sunk his cock fully into Jade's tight pussy.


He was balls deep in her pussy and could feel his cock's head pressing against her cervix. "Oooh yes, Jason! That's it! You make me feel so full." Jade was nearly crying from the pleasure. "No one had ever been so gentle with me or made me feel so full as you are. Do whatever you want with me, Jason," Jade was practically begging.

Jason began stroking in and out of Jade's hot pussy. He would slowly pull his cock back until only its head remained in her hole. Then, with just a little more speed, he pushed fully back in until he was pressed tightly to her cervix again. Jason began increasing the speed and force of his thrusts.

In a short time, he was plunging hard and fast into Jade's tight depths. She raised her legs and wrapped them tightly around his waist. Jason thus had a better angle into her hungry hole. Her arms pulled his solid body firmly to her chest and crushed her tits.

She grunted each time he bumped into her cervix. She was soon returning each of his plunges into her pussy with thrusts of her own. "Umph, umph, umph. God… yes… Jason! Fuck… me… hard!" She could only gasped one word each time he rammed his cock deep into her core and hit her cervix. Jason neared his climax and spoke into her ear, "I'm going to cum, Baby." Suddenly, just as Jason began cumming deep in her pussy, Jade arched her back and tightened her legs around Jason's waist.

Using her heels on his ass, she pushed his cock as deep into her ravenous cunt as she could. Her cervix was bathed with his warm cum. She seemed to be vibrating beneath him as she cried out, "OH YES! GOD YES! SO GOOD! GIVE IT TO ME!" Suddenly, Jade collapsed beneath her lover. Her legs fell away but remained widely spread. Her pussy was rhythmically squeezing and releasing his cock as she tried to catch her breath. She continued to squeeze Jason to her chest with her arms.

"My God, Jason, that was fantastic." "Yes you were, Jade. It was you that was fantastic," he responded. They then kissed and cuddled passionately until they fell asleep. Sometime during the night Jason's cock softened and slipped out of Jade's sated pussy. Over the next several weeks, Jason and Jade went out almost every night.

They usually ended up at his home watching something on TV while they cuddled. They would occasionally end up in bed, but not always. Their passion for each other grew to a fever pitch.

One day Jade had a worried look on her face. Jason asked, "What's wrong, Honey?" "Jason, I know you're a man and not a boy. I need to ask you something.

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Would it bother you if I called you my boyfriend?" Jason laughed loudly. "Honey that would be wonderful. I thought we were already boyfriend and girlfriend. As a matter of fact, to celebrate our new status as boy and girl friends, I may have a surprise for you tonight." Jade's eyes sparkled and a smile spread over her face.

"Oh? I can't wait." That night after he took her out for steaks, they returned to his home. As usual they cuddled while watching a little TV and slowly undressed each other. Several times, Jade would look into Jason's eyes and ask. "What is the surprise you have for me?" He'd simply reply, "Later, Honey." When she again asked him what the surprise was, Jason suddenly scooped Jade up into his arms and carried her to his bed.

"Time for your surprise, Baby." She giggled and snuggled into his neck. "But what is it?" "You'll see." He answered as he laid her on his bed. The cuddled and petted each other until Jade was writhing on the bed. Her passion and her pussy were overflowing. She wanted to be fucked. Jason slid down her body and began eating and fingering her pussy. As she arched her back he sucked her clit between his lips and flicked his tongue over it. She exploded in orgasm as his sucked her clit.

While she was quivering in the midst of her orgasm, Jason slipped a wet finger part way into her tight ass hole. She gasped, "Oh!" She then raised her knees to her chest and held them there with her arms. Jason shoved his finger deeper into her ass until he had it was fully embedded in her asshole.

Even after her orgasm faded, she kept her knees held to her chest while Jason slid his finger in and out of her tight asshole. "Baby, your surprise is this.

I want to fuck your ass. I'll be as gentle as I can, but it may hurt at first. Honey, will you let me have your ass tonight?" "Your finger feels kind of nice, but I don't know about putting your cock in there.

I've never done that. I'm afraid it'll hurt. Your cock is so much bigger than your finger." "I'll go slow and use plenty of lube to ease it into you. You can stop any time you want. Here, let's try this." Jason then reached into his nightstand and retrieved a tube of sunburn cream.

That particular cream was not only a good lubricant but had a numbing effect as well. He coated his index finger and her asshole with the cream before sliding his finger back into her tightly puckered asshole. "Ummmm. That's nice." He then added more cream to his index and a second finger and directly to her asshole.

Slowly he pushed two fingers into Jade's ass. Jade wasn't sure about the new feelings she was getting, but she trusted Jason. She knew he wouldn't intentionally hurt her. Jason passionately kissed Jade and said, "Honey, roll over and get up on your knees." While getting into the position Jason had requested she asked, "You will be careful, won't you, Jason?

Remember, I've never done this before." "Of course I'll be careful." He then patted her upturned ass and kissed each cheek. He then placed his finger back in her ass. While fingering her asshole, Jason coated his cock with the lubricating cream. Jade began to push back as Jason repeatedly shoved his finger fully into her ass. "Oh my, that's nicer than I thought it would be. Mummmmm!" "Get ready, Honey. I'm going to fuck your ass now! It'll be easier for you if you relax your ass." Jason then placed his cock's head against Jade's puckered hole.

With a quick shove, his cock's head popped past Jades sphincter.

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"Oh!" Jade was startled more than hurt. Jason asked, "Are you alright, Honey?" "Yes! I'm okay. It hurts a little but not too much. You can have my ass, but please take it easy and go slow." "Alright, Honey. I'll go slow." Jason then pushed another couple of inches of his cock into Jade's virgin asshole.

"Ummph!" Jade grunted but said nothing more. Jason began taking slow strokes in and out of Jade's virgin ass. With each inward stroke he pushed his cock a little deeper.

In a short time, Jason had all but a couple of inches of his cock buried in Jade's ass. "Ummph! Ummph! Ummph!" Jade grunted each time Jason thrust his cock into her tight virgin asshole.

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She was being stretched to fit the cock invading her ass. "Just a little bit more, Honey. Are you still alright?" He asked. "Yes, I'm alright. It doesn't hurt all that much. I just feel so full. Go ahead! Give me the rest of it." Jade looked over her shoulder and smiled back at Jason.

Jason again patted her butt and took a hold of both hips. He firmly pulled her hips back toward his cock and thrust forward with force. The last of his cock burrowed deep into Jade's devirginated asshole. "Ummph!" She asked, "I've got it all, don't I?" She knew the answer.


She could feel Jason's hips pressed against her butt. "Yeah, Baby. You've got it all up your tight ass. Damn, your ass feels so good. Are you still okay?" He asked. "Yes, Jason. I'm fine. You can go ahead and fuck my ass if that's what you want." Still holding her hips, Jason began slow strokes in and out of Jade's tight ass.

The cream had done its job. Jade had felt little pain and he could slip his cock in and out of her ass with little effort. In a short while, Jade began returning Jason's thrust by pushing back when he pushed in.

"Oh Jason, that's beginning to feel good now. You can go a little harder if you want to." Jason picked up the pace and force of his thrusts. He was soon ramming his six and a half inch cock deep into Jade's asshole. It wasn't long before he felt his balls tighten.

Just as he started to cum, he tightened his grip on her hips and slammed his cock deep into her ass. He then pumped a load of cum deep into her bowels. When she felt Jason's warm cum flooding into her bowels Jade's orgasm hit her hard.

She thrust back to take all of Jason's cock and cum. She cried out, "Oh God yes! Fuck my ass, Jason. Fuck it hard!" "Oh God, Baby. Your ass is fantastic." He told her as he held his cock deep in her bowels and pumped his load of cum into her. As his orgasm ebbed, Jason repeatedly slammed his cock deep into Jade's tight asshole.

As his cock began to soften, Jason pulled out of Jade's tender ass. Jade continued to rock back and forth as if she were still getting fucked in her ass. She was gasping for breath. As she caught her breath, Jade lowered her hips to the bed and rolled over. Jason lay down beside her and brushed the hair from her sweaty face. He gently kissed her and asked. "Are you alright? What did you think of your first butt-fuck?" "Oh my God, Jason!

I didn't know it was possible for a girl to cum while getting it in her ass. Promise me we will do that again." "I promise, Baby. I hope to keep all of your holes well fucked for a long time to come. Now we need to get some sleep. We have a big day ahead of us tomorrow." Jade looked at Jason with curiosity.

"We do? Neither of us has to work. We don't have anything to do, do we?" He replied, "Yes, we do! I figure it will take most of the day to move you out of your apartment into our home here." Jade practically strangled Jason with the hug she put on him.

She eagerly accepted his unusual way of offering to share his home with her. "I hope you are taking your vitamins. If I'm going to be living with you, you will need to keep up your strength.

They both laughed then cuddled until they dozed off to sleep. Both Jade and Jason dreamed of their future lives together. The next day, before moving Jade out of her apartment, they spent sometime picking out her diamond ring. When they finally found just the right ring, Jason slipped it on Jade's left ring finger. Jade then made Jason a promise, "I promise you will find it difficult to walk tomorrow.

When we get home I'm going to fuck you senseless, my love."