Sapphix presents Anne using fingers solo

Sapphix presents Anne using fingers solo
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Harley pulled up in the small driveway leading up to his friend's slightly battered looking house. He had to talk to Anthony. He had known Sarah longer than Harley, and he figured that if anyone could help him out it would be Anthony.

He turned off the car, pulling out his phone to mindlessly tap around while he thinks of a plan. How could he possibly go about asking someone how to get a girl they had both known for years to behave like the girls in his dreams?

He didn't know. He certainly wasn't ready for the awkward moment right after the question was out there.

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"Fuck. Okay. You can do this. Harley, stop being a pussy. Just grow some fucking balls. You're trying to figure out how to practically own someone, and yet you can't get the fucking courage to go ask a question?" He whispered, his voice gradually turning into a growl. After opening the car door, he stepped out, tossing the phone onto his seat.


He slammed the door, his hands fists. He didn't really know why he was so angry with himself, but he knew he needed it.

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It helped him somehow. Harley took a deep breath, then went to the front door, giving it a firm knock. He stood there, waiting. It was at least five minutes before anyone answered, but, finally Anthony opened the door with a very unamused expression. "What?" He mumbled, his voice quick and unenthusiastic. "Anthony, are you busy? I need to talk to you about something. I know it's been a while since we've really hung out or done anything like that, but I'm trying to deal with something personal.

It involves Sarah." He replied, the last sentence much more hushed than the others. Anthony sighed, as if it was one of the hardest things he'd ever heard of. At last, he opened the door, waving Harley in. "Come on. I WAS sleeping, asshole. This'd better be good." He said a bit venomously.


Harley thanked the skies and stepped in, taking a seat on the couch. He looked up at Anthony, who even still, looked rather bored. "Now, what is it, dickhead?" He spat. He obviously still harbored a grudge after the incident with Felicia, but, that's another story. Still on the couch, Harley kicked his feet up. "Basically, Sarah and I have been together for a good while now. She finally gave me the go ahead for sex.

I have a few.unique things that I enjoy, and I need to know if it's possible to get them.


I know this might be hard for you to talk about, and even a little awkward, but I swear to you that I'll make it up to you if you just pull me through, man." Harley stated simply, his voice hinting slightly at desperation. Anthony looked almost shocked. He obviously hadn't expected something of that nature. Of course, he still wasn't happy in the least that Harley was there, but at least it wasn't about the incident four years earlier.

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"Well, what are they? If you're talking about her wearin' a schoolgirl uniform, then just ask her. Be specific." He replied, a bit less of a murmur this time. Harley hadn't expected any form of cooperation from his old friend, so he was speechless for a moment.

He opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came out so he shut it. "Oh.uhmm. Well, you see, I like to play the role of a Master, and I'm trying to find out the best way to encourage her to play along and be my pet. Well, if that's even possible that is!" He clarified, finally finding words, even if they stumbled over his tongue.

Anthony blinked twice, remaining silent. After many minutes of uneasy quietness, he speaks up. "You want what now?" He asked incredulously, his face scrunched up. ______________________ Sarah hmphed, crossing her arms haughtily.

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"There's nothing to wear!" She exclaimed, exasperated. "Although, I guess I won't be wearing it long." She thought, her cheeks burning red as she thinks about what she's going to do with Harley.

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She looked around, inspecting all of the clothes on her bed. She didn't think she had anything that would really please him. She knew what to go for, at least, she had an idea. Sarah was quite sure that she knew what to expect from Harley. She had been a bit noisy one night, and looked at his internet history. Every single porn video on the list was guys acting like the girls were their pet dogs or cats. It was a bit weird to her.

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She had never thought about what kinds of sex there were. She had always assumed that sex was sex, and that there were no other ways it could be done. In a rare case of arousal, she actually had played with herself a bit when she watched the video.

She didn't really know what was going on, but the way that the men talked to the women made her cheeks blush and her pussy wet.

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Of course, she had known that she enjoyed being talked down to deep in her mind long ago. She had always known that her whining and begging when he didn't buy her something or when he didn't go get her something from the kitchen had bothered him.

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She was always very curious about it. How could that make someone want to have sex? She shuddered, her cheeks suddenly very hot as she catches herself thinking about her begging and whining for him.

Except, this time, it won't be for a dress at the mall.