Unzensierte japanische erotische Fetisch Sex les Rave 2 pt 8)

Unzensierte japanische erotische Fetisch Sex les Rave 2 pt 8)
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After putting the finishing touches on his fourth dvd Jim calls Robert and says " come to the house, I have a gift for you and you better bring that $2,000,000 dollars ".


Minutes later Robert shows up with a briefcase with $2,000,000 dollars in cash inside and a very expensive bottle of champaign and after pouring a glass for Jim and himself Robert sits on the couch and prepares to watch the one thing he's always wanted to see. Robert watches the entire dvd from beggining to end without saying a word but judging from the huge smile on his face Jim knows that he's just made $2,000,000 dollars.

When the dvd ends Robert stands up and hands Jim the briefcase and says " you brilliant, manipulative, magnificent bastard that was the most amazing thing I've have ever seen, for a moment there I thought she was going to tell them that she was their mother " Jim says " yeah me too and I'm glad you liked the dvd ".

Watching copies of all 4 dvds Robert and Jim finish the bottle of champaign and Robert says " can you imagine if the boys knew they were fucking their mother?

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" Jim says " No that's impossible I gave my word that the boys would never know, I can make more movies with them if you want but the boys will never know " Robert says " I understand but that would be the ultimate incest movie, if you could pull off something like that I would pay you $10,000,000 dollars " Robert takes the fourth dvd, says thanks, goodbye and leaves Jims house. Over the next few days Jim keeps thinking about what Robert said, what if both parties knew that they were related and they still had sex?

that really would be the ultimate Incest movie and $10,000,000 dollars is always nice that's when it hits him, Julia and Simon, Jim perfects his master plan and the game begins. Julia and Simon are trying to live as mother and son, Simon has moved out of Annas house into Julias, still working as a dishwasher and going to school he helps his mom with the rent and other expenses.

They never talk about the few days they spent fuking eachother before they learned they were mom and son buts that's a memory that will never ever go away. A few days later Simon receives a letter in the mail that reads Dear Simon I haven't forgot about you and I meant what I said, when you do graduate I can guarentee you a job at any of my companies so study hard and good luck.

I can imagine life being very hard for you if people found out about your sexual activities with your mom so here's the deal I want you and your mother to make a video for me, if you do it then I'll make sure that no one ever finds out, show this letter to your mother and call the number on the bottom of this letter.

When Julia comes home from the strip club Simon hands her the letter and with tears in her eyes she says " we don't have any choice " she calls the number and she hears a womans voice giving a time, date and an address.


Julia and Simon show up at the time and date at the address wich is the same house where the fourth dvd was filmed, ringing the door bell the same woman that helped Jim with the fourth film opens the door and hands Julia a letter and 2 contracts telling them both to sign them. After signing both contracts the woman takes the contracts and gets in her car and drives away, Julia opens the letter wich reads {1.} This house if full of hidden cams that record everything.

{2.} In this video you will both refer to eachother as mom and son.

{3.} In the drawer next to the bed are Morning After Pills, in this video Simon will cum inside you, take a pills after the video is done. {4.} You will both act as lovers, I don't want to see any crying.

{5.} when the video is done pick up the phone next to the bed and press 9, after you do a package will be left on the table, take the package with you when you go home.

{6.} head to the bedroom when your ready to start the movie.

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Just before they get to the bed room Julia hugs her son and whispers in his ear " I'm so sorry, I love you " and Simon whispers " me too, let's get this over with ".

Julia enters the bed room first and starts undressing until she's in her bra and thong panties when Simon says " Mom I'm home " Julia says " I'm in the bedroom honey come give mommy a great big hug. Simon enters the room and hugs his mom tight and he says " did you miss me mom?

I missed you " Julia reaches down and grabs his crotch and says " yes I can see how much you missed me, don't worry mommy knows how to make her baby boy feel better " she get's on her knees and pulls his pants and uderwear down and takes them off she says " mommies baby boy is so big and strong " she licks his semi hard cock before putting it in her mouth and starts sucking it. Sucking his now rock hard cock and playing with his balls Simon lifts her up and starts kissing her neck, he takes off her bra and works his way down to her tits wich he begins sucking and he says " just like when I was a baby ".

He kisses his way down to her thong wich he removes and licking her pussy once he says " that's the hole I came out off " he keeps licking her pussy until she takes his hand and leads him to the bed. He lays her on the bed and spreading her legs he starts licking her pussy again grabbing and squeezing her tits, Julia lets out a soft moan and she says " your such a good boy you always know how to make mommy feel better ".

After a while he grabs her ankles in his hands and he slides his cock deep inside his mothers pussy and he starts to fuck her, Julia let's out a loud moan and she says " that's right baby, fuck your mommy, fuck your mommy harder, fuck your mommy deeper ".

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Simons keeps fucking her harder, faster and deeper hoping that he'll cum soon so he can end this video, but knowing that he's fucking his own real life mother is distracting him so he keeps fucking her harder and faster. Julia can sense this so she tries to help him by saying " that's right baby, give mommy your cum, cum deep inside mommies pussy and make your mommy a mommy again, this is too much for Simon, he moans loudly as he shoots load after load of his cum deep into his mothers pussy.

He pulls his cock out of her and says " thanks mommy that was fun, can we do it again later? " with her own sons sperm leaking out of her pussy she says " yes my baby boy anytime you want now go clean up before dinner " and Simon leaves the room.

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Julia opens the drawer and takes the jar of the Morning After Pills then picks up the phone and presses 9, she gets dressed and meets Simon outside the bedroom where she hugs him and says " I'm so sorry son, hopefully this nightmare will end now ". They see the package on the table, taking it they get in her car and drive home, when they get home they open the package wich has $50,000 dollars in cash and a note that reads Great job, I have the video and the contracts you both signed, Simon you don't have to work at the restaurant anymore so just focus on graduating from school, that job I promised you will always be available if you want it.

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Julia this part is for you, I have people watching you both all the time even when your at home so I want you and Simon to continue fucking eachother. As long as you keep fucking eachother then every year I will put $50,000 dollars in your account under the condition that you make sure that Simon graduates from his school. Julia looks at Simon and says " meet in the bedroom in 10 minutes, I'm quitting my job tommorow and I'm getting you a tutor.

THE END P.S. Please leave coments, I would really like to know what you all think about my " Games Rich People Play " series. All comments both positive and negative are welcomed, thank you in advance. Oh and again I appologize for the quality of my first 2 stories.