Private Classics Mysterious Woman Likes Anal

Private Classics  Mysterious Woman Likes Anal
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Like a precious bird that sings a song just for me I want to keep you locked in my gilded cage so only I can hear your special melody. To possess you so you give all your charms over freely and keep you for my own, for no one else but me. It is a desire so strong to withhold you from the world and lock you away as my sweet sexy slave. Control you like no other yet satisfy all your needs in a heavenly imprisonment that brings you to your knees.

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Seducing all your senses will be my new obsession, spending all my time with you teaching you my every lesson. My wish is to take you captive and keep you as my pet and to cherish you completely as no other soul has yet.

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I will dress you in leather and fine gem stones a collar made with care and display you on my arm for all to see you serve me there. Like a shiny new coin in my pocket you will always be with me, I will take you everywhere my pet for everyone to see.

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My needs are quite simple they are easy to achieve, ravish your mind and body so you will never leave. Fulfillment is so dangerous as it can never be, to truly make you mine I must always set you free.

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