Passionate beauty from asia feels fat dong entering wet slit

Passionate beauty from asia feels fat dong entering wet slit
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It was a cold, bitter evening. We had just walked round the quarry and now for some absurd reason someone had suggested to go to Furnace Park on the Barret estate. There were eight of us. Me, Holly, Nicole, Justin, Gemma, Jack, Amy and Jamie. We were all horny teenagers. Justin and Jack were 15, Jamie was 13, the rest of us were 14. Our relationships were complicated. Holly had a boyfriend, Gavin, who I'd never met and wasn't out tonight.

Nicole used to fancy Justin but Justin had kept pissing her off so she didn't like him as much. Gemma had been going out with Jack but they had recently split up.

And Amy was going out with Jamie, who had previously been out with Holly. Justin was just everyone's mate. And me, I was apparently a legend to everyone, even though all I thought I did was stand around and play music, while having difficulty speaking to any of the girls. I had once fancied Nicole and asked her out to get rejected. Now we are just good friends. Anyway, we were going to Barret Park. I was walking along with Nicole, arm in arm. Jamie and Amy were holding hands.

Justin had my iPod and was in his own little world playing Empire State of Mind by Jay Z; and Holly and Jack were walking behind everyone, talking. Gemma was on her own in the middle. We got to Barret Park around 8:30PM. I had to go in at 9, and since I lived far away it would take me around 15 minutes to walk home. I was feeling kinda giddy with my legend status and was going around, skipping (yeah I was known as the weird one). Amy and Jamie were in a corner making out.

Just then I went up to everyone and said spontaneously, "Are we all having an orgy over here?" "No," replied Gemma, "But if we were at least I'd be warmer." This took me by surprise, as all of the girls were REALLY fit, and I'm not exaggerating. Gemma was probably the second sexiest, after Holly. "Well maybe we should have one then." came Holly's voice.

This stunned me. Here I was with 5 really sexy girls being asked if I wanted to have sex with them! "Well then, come on!" I said, shocked at my own confidence. "Really!" said Nicole, "We're in the middle of hundreds of houses!" "Well that'll make it even more fun, won't it." Gemma said in an amazingly sexy voice.

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"Come on there's enough guys to go around." Holly said. By now me, Justin and Jack were speechless. "Okay, but I'm going with Jack." Nicole said hesitantly as she went and started snuggling up to him. "I take Justin!" Holly declared. "Guess that leaves me with you then." Gemma said to me, as she got off of the climbing frame. "Looks like it." I replied. Gemma was wearing a thin light grey top with long sleeves. She then had on a pair of dark sexy skinny jeans and Ugg boots.

She had a beautiful face, light pale skin, gorgeous 34DD tits, an amazing ass and a pair of killer legs. I pulled her close to me as we embraced sensually. We then started kissing passionately.

She opened her mouth as I opened mine. Her tongue dived into my mouth and started to explore the furthest reaches of it. I did the same with my tongue. Soon our tongues were dancing around with each other.

After about 3 minutes of passionately kissing we broke and she removed her grey top to reveal her soft milky tits encased in a black lacy bra. We started kissing again and soon I had unclasped her bra and slipped it down her arms to release her big pale boobs. I moved down from her lips and started caressing her neck with my mouth. She reached down and unbuttoned my shirt and took it off. My nipples became erect just like hers as they came into contact with the chilly night air.

After a minute I moved down to her beautiful tits and started sucking on them. She moaned softly as I pulled at them and bit them. She ran her smooth hands down my tanned chest and pushed my head in closer to her boobs. After a while I noticed that she was rubbing her crotch. I continued to suck on her nipples, but moved my left hand down her navel, rubbing her smooth toned skin before plunging my hands down her jeans into her panties.

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I started to pump my index finger in and out of her moist pussy. All the while she was moaning in pleasure. This, coupled with my tit sucking pushed her over the edge and soon there was a dark stain in her already dark jeans.

I took my fingers out her warm snatch and tasted her sweet juice. I then put them in her mouth and she sucked on my fingers coated in my saliva and her pussy cream.

She then took my fingers out her mouth and stood up to compose herself. I stood with her and she sank to her knees in front of me.

She undid my belt and jeans and out popped my rock hard 7 inch cock. She looked at its enormous size and widened her eyes. Reading her thoughts I cleared her doubts by grabbing her long brown hair and pushing her head into my crotch. I saw her mouth smiling around my cock as her twinkling blue eyes looked up into mine. She gave an amazing blowjob considering she was still a virgin. She weaved her tongue around my cock and the head, then took it out, spat on it, rubbed it around her big boobs before slipping it back into her mouth again.

It wasn't long before I felt my balls tighten and my hot white cum spurted out into her mouth. Instead of swallowing it, she first spat it out all over her milky tits, then pulled them up and sucked the semen and saliva from her boobs and swallowed the lot. After a large gasp, she stood up, still topless.

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Then it was my turn again. I picked her up by the hips and thrust her onto the table in the middle of the park. It was very cold and she gasped as I laid her warm body down on the freezing metal.

I then pulled off her Ugg boots and threw them away, revealing her sexy pale feet with cute little toes. I then took the bottom of her jeans and yanked them off and threw them away also. That left her in just her white cotton panties. They were already soaked and damp. I pulled her panties and ripped them off at the side, throwing away the rags that were left. I then spread her legs wide and too her left foot. I started by licking her cute pale toes. I could hear her giggling as my tongue tickled her.

After sucking her toes I moved my tongue up the inside of her left leg, hearing her moan more and more as I ascended. As I licked the inside of her thighs she took my head and thrust it into her vagina, my readily awaiting tongue diving deep inside it.

I licked the inside walls of her pink pussy, pushing into her womb. I then took my tongue out and licked her swollen clit up and down, biting hard on it. She was moaning very loudly at this point.

I licked down her crotch and stuck my tongue inside her tight anus. She groaned even louder then. After a while she started to shake violently and my mouth was flooded with her sweet cunt juices. I moved up and lay on top of her and kissed her, letting her taste her beautiful nectar.

She looked exhausted and I said to her, "Warm yet?" "Definitely." She under her breath, unable to speak from exhaustion. I then kissed her boobs once more and then slid off her. I took my jeans off completely, along with my boxers and socks. I then moved so that her ass was on the edge of the table, her legs dangling down. I moved between her legs and got my rock solid cock positioned at the entrance to her moist pussy.

I said to her, "Ready?" "For what?" she replied. "This." I said quickly, and with that I slammed my hips into her ass and pushed all my 7 inches into her. Fuck she was tight! I heard her screaming in both pain and pleasure. I felt my dick rip through her hymen and stopped when I was ball deep in her. I felt her relax slightly around my cock and her breathing slowed a bit. Once she was calmer I started pushing my cock in and out her pussy.

Slow at first, I built momentum and soon I was pumping in and out of her like there was no tomorrow. And it almost felt like it. I loved her. I just wanted to make love to her again and again for the rest of my life.

Soon I felt her clench her muscles around my cock. I felt my balls tighten and her pussy started to quiver. I didn't care I didn't have a condom, I didn't care if she was on the pill or not. I just wanted to squirt my sperm deep into her pussy. Soon we were both cumming hard. I heard her moaning and her body started shaking violently again. My cock was flooded with her juices and I shot my hot cum deep into her womb. After we had finished, I collapsed on top of her, my head between her boobs.

I could hear her panting and feel her chest rising and falling. Then I heard other people screaming and moaning. That's when I remembered that we weren't alone. I lifted my head and looked to see what was going on.

Justin was lying down on the floor with Holly straddling him, jumping up and down on his cock. Nicole and Jack had just finished and now they were on a nearby bench in a 69 position. Meanwhile Amy was sitting on a low wall with one leg bent on top of the wall and the other hanging down. Between them was the head of Jamie. I could see the look of ecstasy on Amy's face while Jamie was licking her pink shaved pussy. I could see that all the girls were shaved and were full of cum now.

To my left I then heard Holly moan as Justin's hot cum dribbled down her leg out of her pussy. She then collapsed onto him, exhausted, his cock still buried deep in her snatch. After a while we began to cool down and so we got redressed (the girls without their underwear as it had all been ripped off). All our clothes were fairly dirty from the wet muddy ground.

Then I remembered something. The time. I quickly looked at my watch. 9:30! Shit. I was in deep trouble. Then I remembered that my mum and dad and sisters had gone to a party and were staying overnight at my Nan's house. This meant that they wouldn't be back until midday the next morning. This gave me an idea. "Hey, aren't we gonna carry on?" I said.

"What do you mean?


We've fucked, and now I'm freezing." Holly said. "Well in a real orgy, you don't just have one fucking session then leave. You swap partners, have threesomes, fuck people you've never thought of fucking before, try different positions, different techniques etc." I replied. "Yeah but I have to go in soon, and anyway, I don't think I could survive any longer out here." Amy said.

"Well, this is the thing. You know I'm a legend? Well, my house is empty tonight, and will be until tomorrow lunchtime. We could all go there, and as long as we clean the place up, we can do whatever we want!" I said smugly.

"Dan I must say that that sounds amazing; but we all have to go in soon." Nicole said. "Then phone your parents, say you're sleeping over at Amy's or Gemma's or something." I said.

"I dunno." Gemma said. "Oh come on! How often do we get to fuck! And besides, I have a massive erection here that needs sorting." They all laughed and said ok, hesitantly. They all phoned each other's mums on the way to mine and got permission to stay round "someone's" house. In 15 minutes, we were there. I got my key and opened the door.

I explained where everything was, where all the drinks and food were and to clean up after the orgy. Then I pulled Holly into me and let everyone go.

Holly is rather short. She is around 5ft 5 with long brown hair. She has quite possibly one of the prettiest faces in existence, the best ass in the UK and the best legs in Europe. She had on a black sleeveless, spaghetti string-type tank top. These emphasised her now braless tits well. They were a bit smaller than Gemma's, about a 23C.

Round her waist was a pair of tiny denim hotpants. They only went about 2 inches down her smooth legs. This meant that her beautifully shaped legs were on full show, the muscular tanned thighs out on display. There was a thin translucent mark on the inside of them where Justin had cummed inside her and it had trickled down her legs.

On her feet were a pair of Ugg boots like Gemma. I led her into my warm and cosy lounge. I set her down lying on her back on the sofa and got on top of her. We started to kiss and explore each other's mouths passionately. Our tongues danced around with each other playfully. I then pulled the top of her top down to expose her large tanned boobs. I moved my mouth down and started sucking on the nipples for all they were worth.

Soon she was moaning loudly in my ear. In the background I could hear various moans, screams and heavy breathing coming from everyone else around the house. I suddenly looked around to find Holly had taken off her top somehow. I then looked at the floor and saw some black rags tossed onto it. That explained it. After 10 minutes of titty sucking I got up and pulled down my jeans and boxers for the second time that day.

Holly then sat up on the edge of the sofa and leaned forward, taking my rock hard cock into her warm mouth that I'd just spent ages kissing. Again I was amazed at how well this girl sucked my cock even though it was probably only her second.

After rubbing her tongue around the head of my penis for a while she pushed her head forward and I felt her mouth consume my cock. I felt the head touch the back of her throat and heard her gagging on my 7 inches.

I took myself out of her and she breathed out heavily. After giving me perfect head she lied back down on the sofa and pulled her legs into her with her knees above her shoulders to take her boots off. This gave me a brilliant view of her fine tight ass threw the thin material of her hotpants.

She was just taking her second boot off when I bent down and tore a hole in the seam between her legs, exposing her tight pink pussy. I then took hold of my wet slippery dick and shoved it into her small vagina. GOD she was tight!

Unfortunately she had no hymen to break through as it had already been taken by Justin in the park. In my first thrust I put all 7 inches of me into her. She squealed loudly as she adjusted to my thick member inside her womb. After about a minute I pulled my cock until only 1 inch was left inside her pussy. Then I just slammed it right back in her. I did it again, and again, and again until I had built up a fast rhythm.

She had already had 2 orgasms and was building for a third. I was getting really turned on by this obscure position as she still had her legs tucked into her chest. Soon I felt my balls about to explode, so I quickly pulled out of her, pulled her legs down, rubbed my dick and soon I was squirting white hot jizz all over her smooth tits and her fine tanned stomach.

After about 2 minutes of cumming I finished. She was covered in cum. She looked down, rubbed a finger over her body and sucked the cum off of it.

She then stood up and gave me another deep wet kiss. I could taste my salty semen on her tongue. She said thank you and then just walked out of the room with a chest covered in cum, a pair of ripped hotpants and one Ugg boot half-undone but still left on.

Fuck it was a pretty sight. By this time I was getting thirsty and so I headed into the kitchen. In there was Jamie and Gemma. Gemma was naked and sitting on top of one of my kitchen counters with her legs spread. Jamie only had his jeans on and was kneeling beside the counter with his head buried between Gemma's legs. I gave Gemma a high-five as I walked in and went over to the fridge. I took out one of my mum and dad's beers and took a big swig of it.

Feeling good already, I heard Gemma start moaning louder. I went over and casually moved Jamie aside and put my bottle at the entrance to her quivering pussy. Soon there was loads of her sweet cunt juice trickling into my beer. After her orgasm had subsided, I took another large swig and gave it to Jamie and let him have a bit. It tasted like normal beer, but had a slight sweet tang to it.

After his bit Jamie gave Gemma a bit of my beer and she then handed it back to me. I gave them both another high five before leaving the kitchen with Jamie taking off his jeans. As I walked through the hallway, I heard lots of noise coming from upstairs and so I put my now empty beer on the table by the front door and went up to see what was going on. When I reached the landing I heard grunts and screams coming from my parent's bedroom.

I also heard some girl voices and the shower. As I entered the main bathroom I turned to the shower to see quite a welcoming sight. In it were Amy and Nicole rubbing each other's wet bodies. They must've gone into my sister's bedroom because they were both wearing extremely tight bikinis which made their tits explode over the top. Also I could see Nicole's back against the condensed door and I saw that the bottoms of the bikini she was wearing couldn't be seen as they had disappeared into the crack of her beautiful ass.

Now, Amy is ginger. But don't let that put you off. She's a sexy ginger. She was skinny as fuck with quite small tits (29B) and the tightest ass ever. She was fairly pretty with curly ginger locks forming around her face.

Except now her silky ginger hair was wet and all over the place. Nicole is very pretty with light brown hair that was usually straightened. She has fairly nice 30D boobs and she usually wears very baggy clothes, giving the impression that she is slightly podgy. But in the tight bikini she was wearing she looked like a goddess. She wasn't amazingly thin like Amy but she had a nice flat, toned stomach and a nice pert bottom.

Her long smooth legs just topped it all off. I decided to join them so I took off my socks which I had left on since fucking Holly. I quickly opened the shower door and got in. They were at first startled by the cold air on their warm bodies but after a second they said, "Hiyaa," with a slight wink.

"Well hi." I replied and then they both bent down and started licking both sides of my long hard cock. They felt AMAZING. The feeling of two hot wet tongues licking my cock was sensation. After a few minutes of licking Nicole opened her mouth and took my cock in. Meanwhile, Amy reached beneath her and started sucking on my balls.

This was just fantastic. The feeling of Nicole's throat hitting the tip of my cock, with her tongue wrapping around my hard shaft, combined with the feeling of Amy licking and playing with my balls just completely blew my mind.

And the hot water cascading down onto my naked body only added to my stimulation. Due to this it was not long before I felt the inevitable tightening of my balls and the tingling in my penis. Nicole also sensed this and so she slipped her mouth off my cock with a loud "Pop" and started rubbing my foreskin up and down.

Just as I was about to cum, Amy's head popped up and soon I was spurting ribbon after ribbon of thick creamy sperm all over both of their faces. Soon I couldn't make out the features of their faces they were covered in so much cum. After my intense orgasm had died down they started licking each other's faces. They licked their cheeks, their noses, their foreheads, their mouths; just simply everywhere.

Soon all the cum was licked up and their beautiful radiant faces were restored. Then they got out. I felt disappointed and thought I was only gonna get a blowjob.

Then Amy turned round and curled her skinny finger up at me as if to say to me "You coming or what?" I walked out the bathroom and into my bedroom. I saw them lying on my bed wrapped in towels. I had never wanted both of them so much. Then they pulled off their towels to reveal their pale milky naked bodies underneath.

I saw breasts, tummies, nipples, pussies, legs, the lot. I quickly ran up to them and jumped on the bed between them. Our bodies were still wet and my bed was getting soaked. But I didn't care. They then turned and I felt their hard nipples rub my sides. I turned to my left and started kissing Nicole passionately. I then broke our kiss and started kissing Amy passionately. She then broke our kiss and started kissing Nicole passionately. And I just watched between this sexual lesbian kiss.

I was so horny. I then joined in and soon we just had our heads together, mouths open, licking the inside of each others' mouths. Just then I realised Amy was rubbing my cock with her small pale hands. Again it was rock solid and 7 inches.

Our kiss then broke and I was rolled onto my back. Suddenly Amy was on top of me, her hands either side of my head using them to hold her up. I couldn't see much else but I felt something warm and tight being lowered onto my dick. Sure enough Amy started moaning as her tight snatch adjusted to accommodate my thick penis. Soon I was at the hilt in her vagina and she started grinding her hips around my cock.

It felt so good and I couldn't help but moan. She then lowered her head while doing this and we started kissing. Soon I was reaching my orgasm and with that my cock exploded inside her as she had her orgasm, our juices mixing to make a cocktail inside her pussy.

I then looked to my left to see Nicole sitting on my white desk chair with her legs spread wide out, her hole hand buried in her deep snatch.

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She then had her own small orgasm and took her hand out and licked it, tasting her sweet juices. Amy then moved over to her and Nicole stood up and kneeled at the edge of the bed while Amy buried her head between her legs.

Nicole just poked her tongue out and slurped up both mine and Amy's juices. Then Amy got off the bed and I got up. Nicole then got onto all fours on the bed, her ass wiggling on the edge of the bed, inviting me. I needed no further invitation, and took hold of my cock, which was already hard again. I rubbed it up and down her warm pussy, teasing her clit. I stopped and prepared to enter her pussy but she stopped me and said, "No, in my ass." I shrugged and said okay. Repositioning myself I rested my cock at the entrance to her extremely tight pink asshole.

Just then Amy came in front of me and started licking Nicole's asshole. After spitting on it one last time she got up and I pushed my cock head into Nicole's anus. Fuck. This was tighter than Amy's pussy!

Even with the lubrication on my cock of Amy and my juices, and Amy's spit on her ass, it still took some force to get it in her. As I pushed into her, her tight hole stretched enormously as she screamed at the top of her lungs, mostly in pain, partly in pleasure. Soon I was all the way in. I drew my penis out her asshole, then slammed right back in, wincing at how tight she was. Meanwhile she was still screaming the place down. Soon I built up a pretty good steady rhythm and she began to enjoy it more.

Just then I saw Amy kneel between us on her back. She then stuck two fingers into Nicole's tight vagina. This turned me on so much that I quickened the pace. Amy then raised her head off the floor and started licking my balls and the bottom of my shaft as it went in and out of Nicole's asshole.

Soon I felt Amy's fingers in Nicole's pussy between the thin part separating her anus and her cunt. Nicole soon had several orgasms and so did Amy as she fingered herself at the same time.

Soon I finally felt my balls start swelling again. With one final thrust I buried my cock deep in Nicole's ass and unloaded my seed in her bowls.


I then pulled out of her and Amy cleaned my cock for my. Then I saw my cum start dribbling out of Nicole's ass and into Amy's awaiting mouth beneath. Some of it splashed her in the face but she managed to swallow most of it.

Nicole then got up, exhausted and licked all of my cum off of Amy's face and we shared another deep three way kiss, exploring the depths of each other's mouths. I could taste my salty cream on the inside of both of their mouths.

We then all collapsed on each other on my tiny single bed, extremely satisfied. After what felt like an eternity I finally felt my strength return. Amy and Nicole were still asleep so I got up quietly, slapped both their asses once and then went out into the landing. My house was beginning to reek of sweat, cum and pussy juice. I went into my sister's room and opened a window. The chill night air sent a small shock up my naked body, and through the night air I heard bubbles coming from the garden.

They had found the hot tub. I quickly ran downstairs and through the French doors in our conservatory. I was met by the hot tub, filled with hot bubbling water and a very drunk Justin, Jack, Jamie, Gemma and Holly.

They were pissed out of their heads. There were discarded beer bottles, glasses and even a large empty bottle of champagne lying around the hot tub. I was freezing so I swung my legs over the side and descended into the bubbly warmth of the Jacuzzi.

Soon I was warm again and I looked around. No one was having sex, strangely. Everyone was just singing, swimming and generally pissing about.

After around 10 minutes Holly announced drunkenly, "Okay I'm up for another round. Anyone else?" Justin and Jack willingly volunteered. So they sat up on the side of the tub and Holly took Justin's massive erection into her warm mouth while she used one hand to rub and massage Jack's. After 5 minutes Justin looked like he was ready to cum. As he was about to be pushed over the edge Holly withdrew and gave Jack the same treatment, while slowly rubbing Justin's cock.

Soon Jack was also ready to shoot and so she withdrew again and gave both their cocks a big wet lick. This sent them both over the edge. Soon there was two jets of white cream hitting Holly everywhere. It hit her face, her hair, in her mouth and on her gorgeous tits. When Justin and Jack finished Gemma helped Holly lick all the semen off. When Holly was clean again, Jack moved over to Justin and sat on his lap facing him, interlocking their legs together.

This then meant that both their solid cocks standing to attention next to each other like Mr. and Mrs. Penis. Holly then swung her leg over their cocks so that she was facing Jack, her awaiting pussy hovering over the two solid pieces of meat.

While Jack sucked on her dark nipples, she turned to give Justin a long wet kiss. She then turned back round to give Jack the same. She then started to lower herself onto the two patiently waiting penises.

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Justin and Jack both used one hand to position their cocks, Jack aiming for her pussy, Justin at her ass. As Holly lowered enough so that both cock heads were inside her two holes, she winced and moaned at the same time. She went lower and lower until all of both the dicks were all the way in her. She then pulled herself back up again and then slammed right back down again. She kept doing this, getting faster and faster. As her pace quickened, Justin and Jack started thrusting their hips into her holes as she moaned and squealed even louder.

After a while I heard the inevitable grunts and moans to signify them all cumming. As their thrusting got slower they started squelching as they moved together. I could see white creamy fluid pouring out of Holly's pussy and ass and into the bubbly hot water. Gemma swam over and swallowed the water and semen in one large gulp. Holly then lifted herself off of the cocks and cleaned Justin's and Jack's cocks for them.

Gemma then went over to Holly and thoroughly licked out her pussy and asshole, slurping up all of the salty juices. They then shared a full on passionate lesbian kiss, trading the juices. When the kiss broke I saw them both swallow deeply and that was the end of the threesome.