Dirt poor bf allows horny mate to drill his girlfriend for money

Dirt poor bf allows horny mate to drill his girlfriend for money
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There is religious material in this story.} .A big Yellow taxi pulls up., after paying the fare the door opens and Sally exits, very sexy legs make their appearance.a short dress showing thighs.Blonde hair styled short appears above the car door.

.rising., Sally leaves the cab.closing the cab door. .She took care to keep her hem in place; taking pity on the men standing outside hospital emerge smoking. Sally knows her looks can take a man-s breath away. .She wears a black dress with the hem-line a few inches above the knee. Two shades of black vertical lines running the full length of her dress.

Two of these lines truncate from her throat to her beasts exposing a black lace bra., and a strong hint of cleavage. .Sally wears a string of Black Alaskan diamonds about her neck.ranging in size from large too small as they spread out from the middle. .Sally-s legs are covered in black hose with opaque flowered patterns dispersed randomly.

.Sally loves heels.


This particular pair, black with red / black patterned heels, are gold tipped.thick.with a snap-quick release. Giving her weapons.shurikens. Sally-s shoes are square toe-d with a heavy - thick sole, good for self defence, and adding to the sound of her footsteps. .A stunningly gorgeous female of the species strutting; who could blame her.

Sometimes a girl just has to do what a girl has to do.and Sally had the looks to pretty much do anything she wanted. So, heels clicking.she walked., heads would turn.people would gawk. Sally would ignore them; power tripping ., you betcha. Sally approached the hospital entering via Emerge., handing her papers to security, she waited.

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Sally proceeded without question. Walking thru hallways past sick and injured people; stopping at the foot of one patient, a child. Sally looked at the mother; --- She will be alright.! Leaving after squeezing the child-s bare foot. Sally walked thru the boring semi-empty halls of hospital emergency.gurneys filling the halls, the sound of her heels reverberating through-out emergency.and elsewhere. People listened to Sally walking.drawing their minds away from their sorrows.

A woman-s heels clicking as she walks catches people-s attention. It has a soothing affect.even an erotic effect and so Sally walked, her steps a perfect cadence. Such a simple thing bringing so much comfort.or pleasure.

Sally turned up the last hall in emerge before the elevators.walking toward the last gurney. She stopped for a moment and smiled at the lonely old man lying on the gurney. he kind of smiled back but was too weak to be able to pull off even a smile.

Sally propped up his head so he could see better and walked on. . Clive watched this beautiful woman walk away.the kindness, her smile, she is an angel. .Although Clive was near death he still had his vision.for which he was very grateful. Clive watched her blonde hair move with her steps. He glanced down below her hem-line.looking at her perfect legs. Her step showed the strength of her youth.

Her toes pointing straight ahead.not off at an angle. She walked like a young woman who attended one of those special schools where they teach you to walk, Clive mused. Her hem-line provided a straight surface for her thighs to rise up too.those legs.moving back and forth with machine like precision receding from Clive-s location.patterned hose adding to the perfection.

Clive watched her - her suit jacket covering her from shoulder to waist hiding from Clive her shape. He watched her round the corner.a perfect creation. She turned her head. Her beautiful eyes looking at Clive from afar, winking before they disappeared. Clive closed his eyes holding onto this breath-taking display of beauty. MY God he thought.the luck, to have such a woman pass by me. And those heels, I would have loved to have seen those heels.

. Sally walked the long halls of the hospital leading to Molly-s room. It was late at night, near eleven pm actually.but that is how she worked. No interference. Sally was scheduled to arrive tomorrow; she knew that.Sally frequently deviated from plan.this time would be no exception. Sally neared Molly-s room.entering. Peter nodded; knowing who she was.the other guard had gone for a pee.

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Sally stopped., looking at Molly., all wrapped up in medical paraphernalia. Sally read the chart.taking a few minutes to examine Molly. This senseless act stirred up feelings in Sally she had not had in a very long time. She took a moment to calm herself. She looked at Molly: --- They-ve destroyed you.! Said Sally softly.

I will return you to your children; the world could use a miracle. Sally bent over Molly and taking hold of her head, Sally kissed Molly on her forehead. The machines attached to Molly showed a sudden impulse.then relaxed. Sally smiled: --- That will give them something to think about Molly.

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Sally left the room and talked with Peter for ten plus minutes. The second security guard showed while Sally was talking with Peter. He added to the conversation, although he was clearly having trouble with Sally-s good looks. Sally left Peter and his partner heading for the nursing station. She had the nurse open Molly-s file. Sally gave instructions, indicating Molly-s condition had improved slightly.

this information was added to Molly-s file.

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Sally also left the nurse in charge photo-copies of her credentials. Sally talked for a few minutes with the nurse, Claire, before she went to Peter and his buddy, Kevin, to say goodnight. They talked for a few minutes also before Sally proceeded to the elevators. Sally smiled at Claire as she walked by the nursing station.

. Claire watched Dr. Sally Hudson walk into the dimly lit halls of a hospital at night. She watched her body move.the sway of her hips, the swing of her arms, and strength in her step. and the sound of her heals on terrazzo. --- If GOD made man in his image, Claire thought; Dr. Hudson is a definite upgrade. Claire sat back in her chair, closing her eyes she listened to those heels.the sound fading with distance.

The heels stop; she heard the elevator moving. the quiet interrupted by a moving elevator.the elevator stops.a momentary pause.elevator doors open and closed. . Clive lay on the gurney, no one had checked on him. Clive felt alone, but he could still see that lovely young woman in his mind. That brought him comfort. He could still smell her fragrance.what a wonder she is Clive thought to himself. Clive sensed a presence, opening his eyes he saw her face.

She placed a gentle kiss on his forehead; what a treat from this blonde angel. Clive managed a weak smile this time. He felt her reach for an extra cover.placing it over him. The increased warmth was instant. She tucked his arms under this extra blanket.but as she did she pressed the back of his left hand to her bosom.


Clive had not felt a woman-s breast in decades. He felt the tears well up.

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[Oh no, I want to see her.the tears are getting in the way.] AS if she could read his mind.this angel dabbed the tears away with a corner of the cover. --- You will be leaving us soon Clive. I will stay with you until your angel comes for you.the things you will see Clive are incomparable to anything you-ve seen in this life. [Pause]. Whispering in Clive-s ear: --- You will no longer be encumbered by this body.


Hitherto shalt thou come, but no further: and here shall thy proud waves be stayed. Job 38.11 - Clive. [Sally liked to expand metaphorically Biblical passages.] She kissed Clive on the cheek, talking quietly of the life that awaits him.

She spoke of the apostle Paul; --- WE fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal - Clive felt a warm calm gradually taking over his body.

Her fragrance filled his senses., intoxicating.the soft skin of her face.her words. . SALLY kissed Clive one last time on his forehead. Pulling the oxygen hose from his nose she covered Clive, checking to be sure he was covered properly. Sally stood., paused., looking at Clive.saying a prayer., then walked toward the emerge exit.

She stopped and turned, looking down the dimly lit hall were Clive-s body lay. Sally felt a slight flutter in her heart. --- Clive-s ANGEL has taken him. She passed by security nodding.the doors opened automatically.

Sally stood outside the doors., for a minute; ---- Well Molly., your up next homey. Sally stepped into the night.black dress.blonde hair.heels: --- CLICK ---CLICK --- CLICK.!