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Hard Fuck with big cock and twinks
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Missing by Droid447 It had been a couple of weeks since Kyrsi and her sister Chloe were transferred to Iron City. They both worked for the company Acton Mining. The sisters were happy to be working and living together, even though this city was small and boring, located on a planet at the far edge of the federation. Kyrsi was 19 years old, assigned to the communications department as an assistant.

Chloe was one year younger and she was learning her way around the engine room. Their income was low, but they were sharing a room provided by the company within the mining facilities, so their expenses were also low, and they had enough to live comfortably. Neither of the girls heard the soft clicking sound of little legs against the metallic floor as a small robotic creature approached Chloe's bed and climbed onto the mattress.

It resembled an oversized bug, with a thick neck extending from its main body that ended in a round, flat surface like a flashlight.

As it touched Chloe's pillow, the young woman moved her head slightly but didn't wake up. The creature froze for a few seconds, then proceeded forward. When it was in the right position, the creature's face lit up, shining a stream of bluish light onto Chloe's face. The glow was very soft at first, but it quickly became brighter. Then it started to pulsate on and off at different speeds. Chloe began to dream, and in her dream she saw the most beautiful blue light surround her body.

She couldn't pinpoint where it was coming from and this made her anxious. Her eyes were wide open, but only in her mind. The sleeping woman felt the irresistible need of opening her eyes for real, so she could see the beautiful light more clearly.

When she did, an overpowering wave of blue light inundated her pupils and filtered into the deepest corners of her brain. She was now half awake, half asleep, and her heart jolted; part from fear, part from pleasure.

Chloe suspected that there was something wrong with this situation, but it felt too pleasing to complain. She stared into the light for a while longer, until the disquieting sensation vanished. It didn't take long for the creature to begin influencing her thoughts. First she forgot that she was partially awake, then she forgot everything else. *** The room was completely silent, but inside Chloe's brain her neurons were in overdrive. The blue light had turned red and things quickly started to heat up.

She felt her pussy moistening and twitching, as if it had life of its own. Her nipples swelled and felt wonderful against the soft fabric of her camisole. All this was a hint of future rewards. She just needed to follow instructions; to be docile and obey her leader. At this moment, her leader was the robot pouring light into her eyes and into her mind. Her pussy twitched again. Chloe saw an image of herself sitting at the edge of the bed.

The way this idea popped in her mind felt alien, but she obeyed anyway, mimicking the image. She did it quietly, careful not to wake her sister. Then she felt the robotic bug crawling up her back. Her instinctive reaction to scream was suppressed before it reached her mouth. The creature's controlling light waves were replaced by magnetic ones.

They manipulated the girl's neuroelectric signals in just the right way to keep her docile and obedient. Chloe was already hypnotized so she just needed subtle commands filtered through her skull. The last of these commands instructed her to stand up and walk out of the room.

After the first few steps, Chloe felt a drop of her vaginal juices dripping down her inner thigh. Her pussy was burning with need. The aroused woman had to make an effort not to drop down to her knees and rub herself to climax right there.

Kyrsi slept peacefully on her bed, unaware that her sister was being kidnapped at this very moment. *** Chloe walked down a path that she knew perfectly well until she reached the engine room. After crossing through the main door, she stood immobile for a few seconds. The image of herself completely naked popped in her mind and she made it a reality by removing her clothes.

More instructions poured into her brain and she continued walking to the lower level. Something big was waiting for her down there. A monster. Still deeply entranced, Chloe was staring right at the creature, but she was not looking at all. Only after the robotic bug detached from her head and jumped away, did she begin to regain consciousness.

Chloe staggered slightly as awareness slowly came back to her. She found herself in the engine room and had no idea how she got there. Even worse, she was completely naked! Chloe was too confused and scared to notice the cool air that flowed between her wet inner thighs. "What the fuck?!

What I am doing here? What is happening?!" Then she heard a crackling noise a couple of meters to her right. This time, Chloe was able to scream her lungs out. Unfortunately nobody was around to hear her. The engines room was completely sound proof and precisely for this reason the monster had chosen it. They were alone and the creature could do whatever he wanted to the helpless woman. Chloe was aware that several alien species worked at the mining company, but this wasn't one of them.

She had seen this kind of monster before only in the species catalog. She remembered it very well because she had made fun of the creature's squid-like tentacles protruding from its mouth. Chloe was not laughing now. "Get away from me!!" The monster moved forward. The panicked woman stepped back until she was cornered against the wall.

Being much taller than her, he loomed above the scared woman. Chloe looked up at the his head, with its tentacles churning and twisting a few centimeters from her face. She couldn't see any teeth, with provided some relief, but then again, he was so massive that he could crush her to death without much effort.

"Please don't hurt me!" Chloe pleaded. The creature grabbed her arms, holding the frail woman in place. Chloe felt the disgusting tentacles clasping her head and she screamed again, but this time the sound died in her throat. The strangest sensation began to spread across her brain.

It was like her thoughts were being pulled away, replaced by ideas of sin and debauchery. The astounded woman tried very hard to fight it, but it was impossible. She couldn't even move, much less reject whatever was being implanted in her mind. After a few minutes, Chloe realized that resisting was pointless. She wasn't sure if she came to this conclusion by herself or if it was being forced into her brain. It didn't matter.

It felt good to give in. It made sense to forget about all her fears and sorrows and embrace joy and obedience. Chloe moaned for the first time that night.

In the back of her mind, she knew that something bad was happening to her but she was becoming too enthralled to care. The ideas of sex and wild debauchery that poured into Chloe's brain, became evident between her legs after a few minutes. Vaginal fluids drooled from her pussy and it began to accumulate on the floor beneath her. The woman's arms hung limply by her sides and her legs no longer supported her weight.

The monster was still holding her in place, and she had to do nothing but enjoy the pleasure that was filtering into her mind through those wonderful tentacles. Then, as easily as breathing, her orgasm arrived. Chloe's eyes rolled back while pure ecstasy washed over her entire being.

Her empty pussy twitched and gushed while her moans became louder. The rest of her body remained still and obedient. *** After a long time, but that seemed much too short for Chloe, the creature released her body and left her kneeling on the ground.

She was immobile, deep in a trance, with her arms still limp by her sides. Her eyes were blank and her latest orgasm was still going.

She couldn't believe this was possible, yet here she was, enjoying the longest climax of her life. The monster broke the silence by giving Chloe a command, while his phallus emerged from his crotch and grew considerably. The woman's pussy twitched hard and her orgasm ended abruptly.

She had to obey. Nothing could get in the way. "Stand up and turn around." Chloe did as she was told. She stood up, turned around and bent over, presenting her ass to the creature.

The only thought on her mind was sex. Everything else had been stripped away. She couldn't even remember her own name. She didn't need to. At this moment, she saw herself only as a sexual being whose sole purpose was mating. But if she could see the size of the phallus that was about to penetrate her, she would be screaming in terror. Chloe was not a virgin, but she had very little experience regarding sex.

The creature couldn't care less about this. This female was his property now, to do with as he pleased. And at this moment he wanted to fuck. Chloe's pussy was as tight as expected. The monster shoved his phallus into the girl's cavity until the thickest became too wide.

It was important to keep her unharmed, so he went easy. Chloe felt the fat cock pushing into her body and it was anything but easy. For an instant, her instinct of preservation tried to fight back against her enthrallment.

Then the phallus entered a little deeper and she screamed in bliss. Resisting was unnecessary. This was the greatest pleasure she had ever felt. Little did she know that it was just the tip of the creature's cock. Corroborating that her body could adjust to his size, the monster grabbed frail teen and lifted her off the ground while he shoved the rest of phallus inside.

Chloe screamed again in elation. She could feel the phallus so deep in her body that it seemed impossible. The images that had been filtered into her mind under the influence of the tentacles were coming true. She had seen herself being ravished while held high above the ground, as she was at this very moment.

And she had seen more. A lot more!


There was so much debauchery to experience yet. She wanted to live it all. It was her new purpose. The creature was confident in his control over the feeble woman, but he was surprised that she yielded so easily. This mission was going to be so much fun.

As Chloe reached another climax, the monster realized that this female had a hidden propensity for wild sex that nobody knew about; not even her. "You are really enjoying this, aren't you?" He put her back on the ground and forced her to bend onto all fours, with her ass high up in the air. In this new position, the was able to pump Chloe's pussy from behind as fast as he wanted. The squelching sounds of his cock hammering the girl's pussy echoed against the walls of the room and mixed with her moans of unrestrained bliss.

Chloe was struggling to remain conscious, barely enduring the depth of the penetrations combined with the speed of his blows. But she had been instructed to stay in this position, and she would do so until told otherwise. At last, the creature reached his peak and discharged a big load of cum into Chloe's womb.

The exhausted woman felt the warmth of his seed filling her to the limit and this reignited her orgasm. The girl's body shuddered violently, but even during her climax, she stayed in the same position. The creature's balls twitched over and over until his sperm reserves were totally emptied into the receiving woman. His objective was not to impregnate her, but she was fun to play with. Maybe some time in the future he would spawn offspring with her. When he was done, the monster pulled back and Chloe couldn't hold her position any longer.

She crumbled to the floor while the accumulated sperm leaked from her pussy and puddled on the ground between her spread legs. Chloe's body was still jolting sporadically from the lingering aftermath of her powerful orgasm.

This had been the single most amazing experience of her life and she was not fully aware of it happening. "Come and rest with me," the creature said, sitting on the floor and resting his back against the wall. The monster had a plan to follow and he needed access to Chloe's brain again.

This time, she was delighted to allow him in. The aroused woman didn't hesitate for a second to lay down next to him and place her head under the churning tentacles. After a couple of minutes, her vaginal fluids started puddling beneath her body again. He finally allowed her to know his name: Afrit. *** The following night, Jennifer was getting friendly with an old acquaintance who was visiting the city.

Her ass was getting smashed against the metallic wall while her friend pounded her pussy with the wonderful cadence that she loved so much. "Yes… like that," Jennifer screamed. Jennifer was kind of a big deal. She was the first half-human born from a gyniod's pregnancy. Her mother, Cassandra, had been the perfect female robot, identical to a real woman in every way, created to infiltrate a long gone enemy.

That was before Cassandra came into contact with an alien device, the DNAR, which provided her with the capability of reproduction. Scientists were still trying to figure out how this device worked and they were failing miserably. Cassandra had raised her well, away from prying eyes, but as soon as Jennifer was old enough, she went her own way, craving independence. Cassandra was not too happy with this decision, but she had to let her daughter follow her own path.

That's what brought Jennifer to live in this small city. Here, nobody cared who she was or where she came from. Her friend, Dakurt, was a federation dealer that traded in anything that could provide a profit; most of the time legally, sometimes not so much. Every human male that Jennifer had met in the past, sooner or later learned who she really was. After that they never looked at her the same way. She hated that. She preferred to hang around with aliens, who were completely uninterested in the matter.

"I can feel that you are about to cum. I want your sperm in my mouth!" Jennefer said, gasping with excitement. Another reason that drove Jennifer towards male aliens was the formidable size of their cocks. Dakurt was no exception. Jennifer waited until the last second before falling down to her knees and engulfing Dakurt's cock. The first stream of cum hit the back of her throat and filled her mouth completely.

The second gush spilled from her lips and dribbled to the floor. His sperm tastes so good. Much better than any human's. Jennifer thought. "Shove it all in. Like you did the last time," Dakurt demanded. Hearing her mate's plea, Jennifer took a deep breath of air and swallowed Dakurt's rod until the girth was too much for her small mouth. This was so arousing to her that she felt her orgasm approaching fast. Jennifer's orgasm exploded within her loins at the exact moment that the doorbell rang.

At first she thought that her mind was playing tricks on her, announcing her climax with a dramatic sound. But then Dakurt confirmed that somebody was at the door.

"Are you expecting company?" Dakurt asked. It was strange, specially at this hour. Jennifer was not expecting any visitors. In any case, she was too busy swallowing her friend's cum, so whoever was at the door would have to wait a moment.

*** Jennifer opened the door, still naked and with her face smeared with cum. "Hi, can I help you?" "Hi… my name is Kyrsi. I heard that you are a private investigator." Kyrsi was taken aback when she saw Jennifer's nude body, but she pretended that she didn't care. This was her best chance to find her sister.

"Yeah? Where did you hear that?" Jennifer asked, trying to figure out who this woman was. "Please. I need your help." Jennifer pleaded. Her voice was broken. *** Kyrsi explained everything about her sister's mysterious disappearance.

She also said that she overheard Jennifer's name at the police station when she was trying to get some assistance. The police detectives were too busy, as always, so she thought that seeking outside help may be a good idea. "Chloe always tells me where she is. Something must have happened to her," Kyrsi said. While she talked, her eyes kept drifting towards Dakurt's big cock. He noticed and so did Jennifer. "Jennifer's services are not cheap.

Do you have money darling?" Dakurt intervened.

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"I have some money. It is not a lot but…" "Don't worry," Jennifer interrupted, checking Kyrsi's sexy body, "If you don't have enough money, maybe you can pay me in some other way." "I'll do anything." Kyrsi said, acknowledging that there was a real chance of getting Jennifer's help. Without giving Kyrsi much time to think about it, Jennifer walked around and gently grabbed her from behind.

She placed one hand on Kyrsi's left breast, and the other lifted the young woman's skirt. Dakurt moved forward, his cock already enlarging. "Let's see if you really would do anything. Just relax and enjoy the moment. We will find your sister soon enough." "You like my cock, don't you.

You have been staring at it," Dakurt said. God! This creature's cock is so big. Kyrsi didn't respond, but she was definitely admiring the alien's big phallus. Kyrsi was nervous. She had never been in a threesome before and she had no clue what to do. But she knew that the money she had saved wasn't nearly enough to pay for a private investigator, so she had no choice.

She had to play along. As Kyrsi removed her clothing, her pussy started moistening. She felt guilty that she was about to have sex with a couple of strangers while Chloe was lost and maybe in trouble. But in fact, she was doing this for Chloe. Hopefully it would be over soon and they could begin the search. At Dakurt's request, Kyrsi went down onto her hands and knees while he crouched behind her.

At this point, her heart was beating hard and her pussy was dripping wet. Kyrsi had sex with an alien once before, but on that occasion her partner had been rather small and not very skillful. She didn't care to try again. Today, the situation was totally different and Kyrsi didn't know what to expect. Jennifer was facing way, retrieving an Acadian worm from her locker. She only used her naughty pets on special occasions, and this certainly qualified as one. "Have you missed me, my darling?

Are you ready for action?" Jennifer asked the worm, as if it could understand her. "Not too deep, please! Your cock is so big," Kyrsi pleaded, looking back at the humanoid. "Here it goes." Dakurt exclaimed. He ignored Kyrsi's request and shoved his entire phallus into the woman's tight cavity.

He had plenty of experience with humans, and he knew that she could take it, and more importantly, she was going to enjoy it. Kyrsi yelped when she felt the fat cock penetrating to the bottom of her pussy on the first stroke. Her vaginal walls stretched widely to take Dakurt's meat. She had never felt so full in her entire life! Dakurt began to pump Kyrsi from behind.

She could feel his lower body smashing against her ass, which meant that his cock was buried to the hilt!

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The amazed woman quickly learned that her fears had been completely unjustified. Her body was capable of adjusting to his incredible size, and it felt absolutely wonderful. Kyrsi could hear Jennifer talking to her while this happened, but she was too overwhelmed to pay attention.

"Have you played with an Acadian worm before? If not, you are in for a treat!" Jennifer said. "Put it in her mouth!" Dakurt said, "Her pussy is going to twitch so hard around my cock." Kyrsi, overwhelmed by the hard pounding, only noticed the presence of the worm when it entered her mouth and squirmed down her throat. She couldn't understand what was happening, but the sensations in her pussy were augmented considerably. It took no more than ten seconds before she exploded in climax.

As Dakurt had anticipated, Kyrsi's pussy twitched hard while her eyes rolled back from sheer bliss. "The worm made her cum!" Jennifer exclaimed. *** Kyrsi wasn't sure of how much time had passed since Dakurt first penetrated her. She was enveloped in an orgasmic haze that seemed to have no end. At this moment, she was lying with her back on the floor and her legs bent over Dakurt's shoulders.

He was pounding her pussy with all his might. As if this wasn't overwhelming enough, the worm was still lodged within her throat while Jennifer had the other end sinking into her mouth. Jennifer was being generous with her new acquaintance, letting Kyrsi enjoy the bliss of true wild sex before trading places and becoming the center of the orgy.

After all, it was Kyrsi who should pay her dues to Jennifer by pleasing her in every way she was commanded to. For a moment, Kyrsi wondered if this was really happening. Everything was like a delirious dream; a wonderful wet dream that couldn't possibly be real. Then, another orgasm ignited within her body and her mind went blank one more time.

*** One hour later, Jennifer was bouncing up and down on Dakurt's fat cock, while Kyrsi was kneeling behind her, holding the worm with both hands and bringing it closer to Jennifer's ass.

By now, Kyrsi was completely devoted to her pleasing duties. She was recovering from her previous mind-blowing orgasms, but unbelievably enough, she was still horny. "Here it goes. Are you ready?" Kyrsi said more confident. "I am always ready, honey. Just let the tip sink in and the worm will do the rest." "You are a naughty bitch," Dakurt said with a smirk on his alien face. Kyrsi watched with amazement as centimeter by centimeter, the entire creature penetrated Jennifer's ass until only the end was visible.

Jennifer welcomed it with a loud moan. An orgasm was already building within her loins. Wow! How can she fit all that?! Kyrsi thought. Kyrsi's pussy twitched hard when she saw Jennifer's body jolting in bliss, gushing forcefully as she reached a convulsive climax.

It was so erotic to see the private investigator shuddering out of control. Jennifer went cross-eyed as she reached her peak. She couldn't remember how many times she had cum with that worm up her ass and a fat cock in her pussy.

Just like her mother, she was addicted to sex, and she embraced her addiction. After her first orgasm, Jennifer reached plenty more. Dakurt was holding her from behind, pumping his cock deeply up her ass, while Kyrsi knelt with her face between Jennifer's thighs and her tongue lashing at her clitoris.

The worm was now churning within Kyrsi's ass, buried almost as deeply as it had been in Jennifer a moment ago. Kyrsi was on the verge of climax, trying desperately to hold it back in order to keep doing her duties properly. She knew that another orgasm would have her twisting on the floor like a fish out of water. This was another first for Kyrsi. Licking a woman's pussy was new to her, but she found out that she enjoyed it and this excited her even more. But she had to resist, at least until Jennifer came again.

"Your ass is clutching my cock so good," Dakurt said to Jennifer. Feeling Kyrsi's agile tongue on her clitoris and Dakurt's fat cock in her ass was more than enough to drive Jennifer over the edge one more time. She moaned loudly while her legs trembled out of control and her pussy gushed into her new friend's mouth. "I am going to cum. Kyrsi must taste my sperm." The moment that Kyrsi realized that Jennifer was cumming, she felt her own orgasm washing over her. The worm was doing wonders within her ass and she couldn't hold back any longer.

Jennifer dislodged from Dakurt's cock and laid on the ground next to Kyrsi. She wanted to swallow Dakurt's cum again but it wouldn't be fair to her new friend. On the contrary, Kyrsi was not sure about what to do. The large phallus was right in front of her face and he was about to ejaculate.

The woman's orgasm was still lingering and she couldn't think straight. The only certainty was her extreme arousal. "Get ready. Here it comes!" "It is your turn to swallow his cum. Open your mouth wide." Jennifer commanded. Open… my mouth? Oh God! The stream of cum flew with perfect aim into Kyrsi's open mouth. The aroused woman felt it hitting the back of her throat an inundating her oral cavity. It tasted nothing like human sperm. It was very sweet and intense.

Even before the second stream reached her mouth, Kyrsi was craving more. "Swallow my cock!" Dakurt demanded. Kyrsi hesitantly wrapped her lips around the tip of Dakurt's phallus, as her mouth was filled again with sperm. Then she felt Jennifer's hand pushing the back of her head, and before she knew it, she had half of Dakurt's thick member lodged within her throat and still ejaculating.

She opened her eyes wide in astonishment. Then her pussy twitched hard, reigniting her orgasm. Kyrsi had almost passed out from the lack of air when the phallus stopped pulsating between her stretched lips.

Then Jennifer violently pulled the worm out of Kyrsi's ass and that was it. The woman's mind went blank from the overwhelming bliss that saturated her senses to the limit. The unconscious woman slipped to the floor as the phallus vacated her mouth with a slurping sound.

She didn't hear when Dakurt praised her skills. "You did good, Kyrsi. You are a natural cocksucker." Jennifer took Kyrsi's place and grabbed Dakurt's cock. "Do you mind if I borrow this?" During the next hour or so, Kyrsi vaguely remembered being used like a sex toy, until she regained consciousness, lying peacefully on Jennifer's bed. She stared at the bedroom ceiling, trying to make sense of everything that just happened.

She never suspected that sex could be so fulfilling; so wild! "I see you are coming back to us," Jennifer said, "Are you ready to start looking for your sister?" "We could have another round if you want," Dakurt suggested. Jennifer and Dakurt had opened a whole new world of debauchery for her. The astounded woman had come to an inevitable realization: she would have to do this again sooner or later.

It just felt too good to be shy about it. But first, she needed to find her sister. *** Meanwhile, Afrit had taken Chloe to a different location. Still in a trance, she followed him like a puppy, with her eyes staring forward and arms limp by her sides.

Her pussy was dripping wet with the expectancy of having his cock inside of her again. "Walk to him. He paid well for your womb," Afrit commanded. Chloe continued walking until she stumbled into a weird, ugly creature lying at her feet. Its main body was only a brown sac, with three slimy tentacles protruding from the top and two telescopic eyes projecting from the sides. The horrific appearance of this monster quickly started to brake through the entrancing effect on Chloe's mind. Her facial expression changed from serene to concerned as she turned her head down.

A cold limb caressing her belly was the breaking point. The young woman's self preservation instincts kicked in. Chloe screamed, stepping back and pushing the tentacle away with disgust.

The monster's compounded eyes were fixed on her. He couldn't understand why she wasn't keeping her end of the deal. He had paid good credits for her. "No!! Get away from me!" Chloe screamed. "What are you doing? Go back to him!" Afrit said angrily. Chloe took another step back before she felt Afrit's tentacles surrounding her head. The first thing that disappeared from her mind was the fear, then her self awareness.

The enthralled woman felt her nipples swelling again and her pussy gushed. Her mind was filled with images of sex, and one of those images depicted the creature that was right in front of her. He was going to fuck her so good. Without removing the tentacles from her head, Afrit gently placed Chloe on her knees, next to her "client".

With her eyes fixed forward, Chloe extended her tongue to receive one of the tentacles into her mouth. She pictured that tentacle penetrating deep into her body and her pussy twitched. Following the images in her mind, Chloe leaned forward, shoving the appendage down her throat. Afrit was moving her like a puppet without waking her conscious mind.

The only part of her brain that was fully functional, was the one controlling pleasure. It felt so right to obey her master. It felt so good to suck on that slimy appendage.

The client was smart and he quickly understood what was going on with this enthralled female. She was an unwilling slave and he couldn't care less. All that mattered to him was her fertile womb. He pulled his tentacle back a few centimeters and Chloe followed it, shoving it back into her throat. The monster kept doing this until she was completely on top of him, straddling his round body while leaning forward, with her torso at a ninety degree angle.

In this position, the creature's eyes had a perfect view of Chloe's pussy and ass, and he aligned his other two tentacles accordingly.

Afrit released his slave and stepped aside to watch the show. The creature was not certain which of the holes would allow him into the female's womb, so he probed both of them. Chloe let out a muffled moan when the tentacles penetrated her pussy and ass at the same time.

At first glance, Chloe appeared to be serene and absolutely compliant, with her legs spread wide and her hands resting on the monster's bulky body. But her mind was spinning with sensations unknown to her until this moment. The overwhelming feeling of having three big appendages churning inside of her body was putting her enthrallment to the test.

From time to time, Chloe's consciousness rose to the surface, finding herself in such an extreme situation, that was too much for her to endure.

Chloe preferred to let her self awareness retreat back into a far corner of her mind, and let her body be ravaged at the creature's will.

In any case, the wonderful pleasure that spread through her entire being was reason enough to let this go on forever. Afrit was still watching nearby, but he was getting excited by the multiple penetrations of his slave.

His cock began to emerge from his crotch. Not used to being just a spectator, Afrit decided to join the action. He assumed that the client wouldn't mind as long as the female's womb was available for impregnation.

Chloe's master stepped forward, grabbed the teen's head, and pulled her forcefully towards him. The tentacle lodged in her throat was pulled away as spittle flew off her mouth. Chloe didn't understand what was happening. She didn't want any of the tentacles to leave her body, but her only purpose was to serve and it was not her place to complain. Chloe landed on her back, still on top of the client, with her head hanging upside down. She could see her master's big cock approaching her face, and her pussy twitched hard around the tentacle in response.

The client's telescopic eyes watched everything. He was fine with Afrit joining the action. All that mattered was the female's womb, as Afrit had correctly assumed, and he was about to do what he paid for. "Open your mouth for my cock!" Afrit ordered. As Afrit forced his cock between Chloe's lips and shoved it down her throat, the client plunged his tentacle deeper into the woman's womb, forming a noticeable lump on her belly.

Chloe moaned from the pleasure of having all her holes filled again. She moaned again when she felt the tentacle in her pussy pushing further than she thought possible. An amorphous mass squirmed within the tentacle, enlarging as it moved forward, traveling the short distance between the creature's main body to Chloe's vagina.

It was the alien's equivalent of sperm, and it was going to steal one of Chloe's eggs with the purpose of transforming it into a small copy the creature. Right after the creature deposited his load inside Chloe's womb, he retrieved the slimy tentacle with a loud slurping sound.

Streams of goo connected the tip of the tentacle with the girl's pussy lips as it squirmed away from her body. Afrit saw this as the go-ahead to take Chloe's body all for himself.


He reached out and grabbed the girl's torso. The client is done. Now she is all mine. Afrit thought. Afrit grabbed Chloe's hips and lifted her off the client's main bulk. Chloe was now hanging upside down with Afrit's entire cock down her throat.

The enthralled woman felt her master holding the back of her head before he began pounding her mouth with a frantic pace. She reached another climax on the third stroke.

After ten minutes of fucking Chloe's face, Afrit reached his peak too and ejaculated down the girl's throat, inundating her esophagus and stomach. The entranced woman shuddered in response, feeling great pleasure just from serving her master. While the client slowly crawled away, Afrit positioned Chloe on the ground, facing down, and moved on top of her. He was far from satisfied and wanted to fuck a tighter cavity than her mouth.

Having already enjoyed the client's tentacles in all her holes, Chloe felt nothing but pleasure as her master shoved his long dick into her ass. This time Afrit paced himself, fucking his new slave with long, slow thrusts.

The night was young and there was still plenty of time before taking Chloe to the next client. He rested one tentacle on Chloe's head, reading nothing but bliss within the girl's mind.

She had surrendered completely. *** The first place that Jennifer inspected was Chloe's place of work. Kyrsi followed her around the engine room, looking for any indication of her sister's whereabouts. It didn't take long for Jennifer to find the robotic creature that had been carelessly left behind.

"Did you find something? What is it?" Kyrsi asked, The private investigator knew exactly what the purpose of this robot was. This was a solid lead. It confirmed that Chloe had been taken against her will. "This is an organic mind-control robot. It is used to subdue people for short periods of time," Jennifer responded. Jennifer explained how this type of robot worked. If the bug's memory was not deleted, it could show them where Chloe was taken while it was controlling her.

"Most likely, they used this robot to retrieve her from the bedroom and lead her somewhere nearby," Jennifer added. "I didn't hear anything when she was taken," Kyrsi said, feeling guilty, "Can we read its programing? Can it tell us where they took my sister?!" "It is possible, but deconstructing its programing could take days. There is an easier way, but you might not like it." Kyrsi agreed immediately when Jennifer suggested using it on her.

She would do anything to find her sister as soon as possible. Jennifer held the robot in front of Kyrsi's face and it immediately became active, using its blinking light. After a few minutes, Kyrsi was completely enthralled by the robot. So much that a drop of saliva was drooling from her lower lip. When the blue light turned red, Kyrsi started moaning softly. Jennifer was getting aroused watching Kyrsi being mind-controlled so utterly and couldn't do anything to stop her pussy from moistening.

"Wow! That was fast. She looks really sexy when she's entranced like this." Jennifer let the robot climb from her hand onto Kyrsi's shoulder. Then it attached to the back of her head. After a few seconds, Kyrsi started walking, staring forward with her arms limply swinging by her sides.

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She didn't lose her sexy cadence though, even under the complete control of the robotic bug. The woman's vaginal fluids were already dripping down her inner thighs, and Jennifer noticed. Jennifer followed Kyrsi a few steps behind. She couldn't avoid picturing Kyrsi on her knees, her unblinking eyes looking up while the bug instructed the obedient woman to eat her pussy without pause.

Jennifer's pussy twitched hard. I have to stop thinking about sex and concentrate on the mission. Jennifer scolded herself. *** Kyrsi recovered from the trance with no idea of what had happened. She looked around, confused and a little woozy. "What happened? Where are we?

Did it work?" "It didn't," Jennifer answered, "The creature just brought you here, to the bottom of the stairs." There were still inside the engines room, but Jennifer had an idea, "But I know where we need to go next.

There is only one individual who manufactures these little robots, and I know who he is." Jennifer was looking down at the robotic creature. The alien that built these types of devices lived nearby. It was time to pay him a visit. *** They entered the building and found Ulron, the inventor, testing one of his latest experiments, a sex toy based on a living organism. Kyrsi looked at Ulron, a short humanoid with reptilian characteristics, and then she looked astonished at the weird creature he was experimenting with.

A big ball of flesh with insect-like legs and a metallic device attached to the top of its body, most likely a control unit. The monster was extruding a very long and thick tentacle, and it was fucking a female volunteer. The female looked mostly human but with blue skin, a crested head and no hair.

She was curvaceous and actually looked very sexy. Ulron and Jennifer had met a few times in the past and he knew about her proclivity towards sex.

Ulron saw that Jennifer wasn't alone, and he immediately started to get ideas about further testing his new device. "Jennifer! Long time no see. What are you doing here?" Ulron asked. "Hi Ulron. I believe this little robot is one of yours," Jennifer responded, showing him the robotic bug.

Holy crap! Is that tentacle penetrating the woman's ass? Kyrsi thought, still distracted by the unbelievable mating scene. "Who did you sell it to? I need to know," Jennifer asked with a firm tone of voice.

Ulron was not easily intimidated, "Ummh… it is probably one of mine. But you know I can't tell you who the buyer was.

Secrecy is very important in my line of business." Kyrsi felt a tingling in her pussy while she watched the creature's tentacle churning and pushing deeper into the blue female.

That thing is huge! "However, I will tell you who the buyer was if you and your friend help me test my new device," Ulron said, hoping that Jennifer's sex addiction would help with her decision. Ulron was surprised to hear that the answer didn't come from Jennifer, but from Kyrsi.

"I'll do it. I'll help you if you tell us who used that bug on my sister." After hearing Ulron's proposal, Kyrsi didn't hesitate to accept the deal Jennifer was aware that the market for sex devices was huge and diverse. Ulron's toys could be really extreme. "Are you sure about this? Ulron's tests can get rough," Jennifer asked Kyrsi. The conversation was interrupted by a loud gurgling sound, followed by a tentacle emerging from the woman's mouth.

"Wow!" Jennifer exclaimed. "Excellent. It is working perfectly," Ulron said proudly, "My assistant's name is Lira, by the way." Holy shit!! Kyrsi thought, That tentacle is passing all the way through her body!! Kyrsi was the one who agreed to Ulron's proposal, but Jennifer got naked first and stepped forward, offering her ass to the churning tentacle that protruded from the Lira's mouth.

Kyrsi moved in front of Jennifer, still fully clothed, not sure about what she had to do. "My creation is magnificent. This creature is not sentient.

It acts by pure instinct, but I am able to control every muscle in its body by sending commands to my device." The creature pushed the tentacle deeper into Lira's ass and it projected further out of her mouth. The appendage twisted in the air, getting closer to Jennifer's body. Kyrsi saw this with fascination, More of it is coming out!

Ulron continued explaining, "I tell my device what to do, and it translates my wishes into electrical signals that control the creature's tentacles. Let me show you. -Penetrate Jennifer's ass and move all the way through-". Jennifer moaned when the tentacle pierced into her ass, and moaned again when she heard the words, -all the way through.

Kyrsi was watching everything with an astounded expression. How was this even possible? She pictured the tentacle inside Jennifer's body, pushing deeper and deeper, stretching her insides as it moved forward without stopping, no matter how tight it was. After a short while, Jennifer said softly between moans, "I can feel it.ummh. moving up within my throat!" An instant later, the appendage emerged from Jennifer's mouth. Jennifer had experienced pretty much every kind of sexual activity, but this was her first time in a situation like this.

She was on the verge of climax. "Oh my God!" Kyrsi exclaimed, "This is unbelievable." "Now it is your turn, Kyrsi." The tingling in Kyrsi's pussy was getting stronger as she watched more of the tentacle projecting from Jennifer's face. "You must let it into your mouth," Ulron insisted. I have to do this.

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Kyrsi thought. She was nervous but committed. The appendage pressed against Kyrsi's lips and she let it in just a little bit. The aroused woman was doubtful that it would fit inside of her mouth, but she had seen it coming out of Jennifer and she knew that the tentacle was pliable.

As if reading her mind, Ulron reassured her. "Don't be afraid. The tentacle will adapt to your size. Remember that you agreed to this." Kyrsi felt the tentacle passing between her lips and slipping down her throat.

She almost climaxed right then and there. As the three girls stood still, connected by a single tentacle, Ulron explained his project.

The creature was a cave dweller, with a brain the size of a peanut and tentacles that could extend several meters from its body. It used these tentacles to probe every hole on the rocks, big or small, searching for food. Ulron had the idea to use these appendages as living dildos. He only needed to control their movement. So far he was succeeding. "I already have a couple of customers waiting for the finished product," Ulron said. Kyrsi heard Ulron's voice, but wasn't paying attention to a single word he said.

She could feel the tentacle reaching so deep inside of her, that she couldn't tell where the tip was. But she was certain of one thing; eventually it was coming out of her ass.

She was both terrified and extremely aroused. It made sense to remove her skirt, so she did. It is going so deep! "Very good, Kyrsi! Your cooperation will be rewarded," Ulron said when he saw the girls dropping her skirt to the ground.

While more of the lubricated appendage passed between her lips, Kyrsi felt full beyond belief. Now she could sense the tip lurking within her rectum. This was more than she could take and Kyrsi exploded in climax.

Her pussy twitched hard and gushed abundantly while she did her best to remain standing, not certain of what would happen if she fell to the ground.

A moment later, the tip of the tentacle emerged from Kyrsi's anus. She was still cumming. Ulron watched with satisfaction as the tentacle passed effortlessly through three female bodies. The experiment so far was a total success, but it was not over yet.

He knew that this creature used its tentacles not only to search for food, but also for reproduction. This could be an added value that some of his clients would appreciate greatly. Not because they wanted to get pregnant, but because they loved to play with sperm. "-Fuck Kyrsi's pussy-" Ulron commanded. His device received the command, then converted it into electrical signals, which traveled the length of the tentacle and made the tip curl between Kyrsi's legs, aiming at the right position.

Kyrsi's eyes rolled back as the hardened appendage penetrated her vaginal cavity and squirmed to the bottom of her womb. It was so wild to know that the same tentacle that was fucking her mouth was also fucking her pussy. Her mind was spinning just thinking about it. The overwhelmed woman reached a new orgasm even before the previous one ended.

Ulron circled around Kyrsi's body to conduct a closer inspection. Then he gave the command. "-Ejaculate inside of her!-" He could actually hear the squelching noises as the sperm traveled the long distance from the creature's main body towards Kyrsi's womb, passing through Lira's entire body, then through Jennifer's.

It was so amusing. This new invention was going to sell very well. The sperm filled Kyrsi's womb and sprayed out of the crevices between her stretched pussy lips and the tentacle's skin. "-Good! Now pull out.-" Kyrsi shivered violently and almost fell down as the tentacle was forcefully retrieved from her pussy. It felt so good, that her orgasm was not slowing down. "-Vacate Kyrsi's body.

I want to fuck her myself.-" Ulron said. He was getting horny too. The overwhelmed woman felt a myriad of sensations as the tentacle squirmed rapidly within her body, retrieving from her inner cavities centimeter by centimeter until exiting from her mouth.

Kyrsi could finally relax and let her climax take over. She moaned loudly, feeling her legs weakening beneath her. A moment later, Kyrsi was lying at Jennifer's feet, trying to process what just happened. Then she heard Ulron's voice, telling her to move closer so he could fuck her. Was this part of the deal? Kyrsi was confused, but thought it best to comply. Ulron's cooperation was very importante to find Chloe, so she would cooperate as well.

"Move over here, Kyrsi. I want to fuck you." Jennifer also heard Ulron's demand and she knew that this was not part of the deal, but she was too busy to do anything about it. She had lost count of how many times she had climaxed already, but the tentacle was still protruding one meter from her mouth and she felt another orgasm building within her loins.

Obediently, Kyrsi crawled to the spot indicated by Ulron and waited on her hands and knees. Ulron positioned himself behind her.

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His long, rugged cock emerged from his body and aimed at her vaginal entrance. Ulron rarely got involved in his own experiments, but there was something about Kyrsi that he found very attractive.

Maybe it was her naivety about the debauched and violent world he lived in. Maybe it was her braveness and determination to help her sister. Whatever it was, he needed to possess her, even if it was only for a few minutes. Ulron shoved his cock into Kyrsi's pussy with a single thrust, eliciting a loud moan from the innocent woman. He started thrusting his hips back and forth with a slow pace, truly enjoying the moment. Then he gave another command to his device.

"-Pull out from Jennifer's body and fill her with cum in the process.-" As the long tentacle glided within her insides, Jennifer jolted and twisted violently in the midst of yet another orgasm. She managed to remain on her feet, but barely.

Sperm was pouring from her mouth as the creature ejaculated through the entire process, filling her throat, then her belly, and then her rectum. When the tentacle left her body, Jennifer fell to her knees, shivering violently. Sperm was pouring from her mouth and from her ass. She rested on the floor for a moment, recovering from the overwhelming orgasm. Jennifer didn't have to turn her head to know that Ulron was still fucking Kyrsi.

She could hear the girl's soft moans and the squelching sound of Ulron's cock pumping her pussy. Ulron looked at Jennifer with satisfaction, then commanded his device to vacate Lira's body.

If Jennifer, who had a vast sexual experience, enjoyed his living-dildo this much, then any female would enjoy it the same way. His invention was a total success. No further testing was necessary and his submissive assistant had been in an orgasmic trance for too long. "-Vacate Lira's body too. Let her rest.-" Jennifer crawled closer to the mating couple.

She and Kyrsi had fulfilled their part of the deal and more. It was Ulron's time to deliver. "Okay, Ulron. We did what you wanted. Now give us the name of your client." Jennifer said. At the precise moment, Kyrsi reached climax. The overwhelmed woman had never experienced so many orgasms in a single day and she was barely coping with it.

Her pussy was clutching Ulron's cock so hard, that she was driving him to the verge of climax. "I going to cum, Jennifer. Do you want my sperm down your throat?" Ulron asked.

Jennifer craved cum too much to refuse the offer. While Kyrsi crumbled forward to the ground, Jennifer moved around approaching Ulron's large cock. The prospect of having that long phallus penetrating her mouth and gushing sperm all the way down her throat was exhilarating.

She could get the client's name afterwards. "Yes! Give me your sperm," Jennifer responded. "I knew you wanted it," Ulron said. Meanwhile, the tentacle withdrew back into Lira's throat, rubbing her insides all the way down to her ass, increasing the mind shattering sensation. She held on to consciousness as best she could, just to feel this bliss a bit longer. Jennifer's pussy twitched when she swallowed Ulron's cock. She let it pass through her lips, into her gullet and beyond. Then her pussy twitched even harder when the big appendage pulsated and began discharging a large amount of sperm directly into her belly.

When Ulron was done, he stepped back, dislodging his phallus from Jennifer's mouth. Streamers of sticky white semen connected the woman's lips to the retreating cock. "Delicious! Now to the matter in hand," Jennifer said after gulping down the remnants of cum. "Few females are better than you at this, Jennifer," Ulron said, truly amazed. Kyrsi began to recover from her orgasm and lifted her head to see Lira lying unconscious on the ground.

The tentacle had vacated her body and now it waved in the air, waiting for a new command. I hope she is fine. Kyrsi thought. A moment later, Ulron was honoring his part of the deal. "I sold the device to a mind-flayer. His name is Afrit." "That is all I need.

A mind-flayer won't be hard to find on this small planet," Jennifer said excitedly. Kyrsi was so distracted by the tentacle, that she wasn't listening to the important conversions taking place beside her. That huge thing was inside of me? I can't believe it! "There are other devices a need to try. You both can come back any time," Ulron added.

"One test was enough, crazy scientist," Jennifer said. Jennifer and Kyrsi got dressed and walked out of Ulron's chamber. Jennifer was very good at tracking individuals and she was determined to find this mind-flayer quickly. *** Afrit wasted no time finding a new client for Chloe. He wanted to make sure that the young female didn't recoil like the last time, so he brainwashed her for a while before the client's arrival.

Chloe was now standing immobile, her eyes staring forward and her pussy dripping wet, waiting for the large doors of the basement to open. "He is here. Don't move slave," Afrit said as the door began to move sideways. The monster that stepped in was even more hideous than the first client. He had six arms that also served as legs, and its head was a round plate full with sensitive appendages that he used to visualize its surroundings.

Its rugged skin was red and he had a carapace that protected his upper body and supported his wings. Without making a sound, he approached Chloe and moved a finger along her crotch. The slave gasped but didn't move. This ugly individual was called Miguu and he had heard that human females were soft and warm, perfect for mating.

He didn't hesitate paying a large amount of credits to finally have the experience of having sex with a human. But first he needed to analyze the girl's anatomy. A long, flexible tongue emerged from a hole at the middle of his head.

Chloe's heart was beating fast. She could see this monstrous creature moving in front of her. Deep in the back of her mind, she knew that she should run away, but she didn't. She had been instructed to stand still, and it felt so sexy to obey. Chloe couldn't understand why she was getting so excited by this phallic tongue that pressed against her mouth.

Her pussy gushed when she parted her lips to let it in. She was still staring forward, immobile, but her body was bursting with inexplicable arousal. Chloe felt the tongue pushing in, passing beyond her throat and down her esophagus to a point where she couldn't tell how deep it was. Then the tongue started to shake rapidly, sending vibrations across every centimeter of her body and making her grunt with pleasure.

Miguu was making a map of Chloe's inner body, and he quickly realized that she was indeed perfect for mating. Although, he wasn't sure that she would be capable of taking his huge cock. The client also realized that there was a growing embryo within the girl's womb. His first task would be to pull that thing out of her. He didn't want any foreign objects messing up his sexual experience with such a delicate female.

The creature forcefully pulled his tongue out and Chloe had an unexpected orgasm. She had been so excited to begin with, that it took very little effort to make her cum. Before she knew it, she was on the floor shivering out of control. Afrit commanded her to lay on her elbows and knees and she obeyed without question, even in the midst of climax.

Thanks to the map he had formed in his mind, Miguu knew the exact location of Chloe's vaginal entry and he aligned his fat tongue at the right spot. Chloe, within the haziness of her mind, realized that the monster was going to fuck her now. But far from being afraid, she wanted this. She was still horny as hell despite her recent orgasm.

The penetrating was harsh and deep. Miguu plunged his tongue all the way into Chloe's womb with a single stroke. Chloe screamed in bliss, welcoming the assault. The excited woman felt like the entire world was pushing into her pussy and this affected her enthrallment. She began to remember who she was, and most importantly, she started to realize what was happening. A monster was fucking her! And she never felt so much pleasure in her life.

She thought about it for a second and convince herself that she was still in trance. There was no other way that she could be enjoying this monstrous ravaging this much. The creature's long tongue trashed around Chloe's body for a minute, making sure of collecting the entire foreign embryo, in order to pull it all at once.

The aroused woman was moaning loudly, still trying to understand her current situation. Why this felt so good? Afrit must have done something to her brain and turned her into a sex freak. Afrit saw that Miguu was being too rough and he got worried. Chloe couldn't be harmed, otherwise she would be useless to him.

"Don't damage her!" Afrit warned Miguu. The same way he pulled his tongue from Chloe's throat, Miguu pulled it from her vaginal cavity. The appendage swiftly vacated the girl's body, followed by the embryo that the first client had left inside, in the form of a brown, thick fluid. At this moment, Chloe reached another climax and this time she was fully aware of what was happening. She was having an orgasm while being fucked by a monster!

The tongue retracted into Miguu's head and he turned the girl around to face him. He wanted her to see his cock projecting from his crotch. Chloe was on her knees, with her arms limp by her sides, not resisting in any way. Her mind was still spinning from the lingering climax, but she acknowledged with amazement the huge phallus emerging in front of her eyes.

No way that thing was going to fit inside of her tiny pussy. With his cock fully erect, the creature pulled Chloe to her feet and turned her around again, facing away from him. The bewildered woman bent over, resting his hands on Afrit's body, who was now standing in front of her. "Please don't. Your cock is too big," Chloe whispered. Chloe begged them to stop, but she did nothing to avoid the imminent penetration.

Her pussy was dripping wet, showing her true feelings. The baffled woman felt the tip of the phallus stretching her pussy lips, and then her whole body expanded to make room for the massive penetration. Chloe felt her belly bulging and this could only mean one thing. The monster's cock was buried so deep inside of her, that it was pushing her insides outwardly from within! The ravaging was brutal and unyielding. As Miguu started waving her hips back and forth, Chloe's eyes rolled back from unexpected pleasure.

The helpless woman felt so utterly filled, that she could barely breathe. Yet again this feeling of suffocation only intensified her senses and spiked her arousal. This savage assault was causing her pain, but it was nothing compared to the overwhelming pleasure.

Chloe wondered if she was going insane. At this moment she knew that she was going to reach another embarrassing climax very soon.

Chloe felt the monster pulling her upwards until her feet no longer touched the ground. She was bouncing in the air with nothing to support her weight but the massive phallus that impaled her so delightfully. Miguu was truly satisfy with this human female. The rumors were all true. Chloe was warm and soft, yet her pussy was so tight around his cock. He also was on the verge of climax. They both reached orgasms at the same time.

Chloe's eyes rolled back, becoming white orbs of bliss, while her legs and arms jolted without control. She never thought that this level of pleasure was possible. And she was fucking a monster nonetheless. Miguu discharged a big load of hot sperm inside of the girl's womb. This was the first of many… or so he thought.

Afrit was afraid the Miguu's large cock might damage his slave, so he told him that it was enough, "That's enough. Put her down." Miguu obviously disagree and offered more credits, "I want more.

How much do you want?" "Uhmm… interesting," Afrit said, evaluating the offer. While the monsters talked business, Chloe was hanging limply, still impaled by Miguu's huge cock. She could hear them talking but she couldn't care less about what they were saying.

Her mind was lost in a labyrinth of impossible pleasure. Her dazzled brain considered the possibility that none of this was even real. Maybe it was all a wonderful wet dream. The creatures discussion was interrupted by Jennifer's firm voice telling them to let Chloe go. Miguu had no idea of what was happening and Afrit was very surprised that they found Chloe so fast.

"Let her go, assholes!!" Jennifer screamed. "Chloe!!!" Kyrsi yelled, seeing her sister being impaled by a huge phallus. "Huh?!" Miguu said startled. "Who the hell are you?" Afrit asked angrily. Miguu didn't want any trouble and immediately let Chloe on the ground, then he stepped back. Kyrsi ran to her sister's side to protect her, even though she wasn't armed.

On the contrary, Jennifer was wielding a small but powerful weapon that she was aiming at Afrit's chest. "Get away from my sister!" Jennifer screamed. "Step back!! You are going to jail for this," Jennifer said to Afrit. "Don't be so sure about that, puny human," Afrit responded. Believing that she had everything under control, Jennifer walked too close to Afrit. She knew that he was strong and payed attention to every move he made.

But there was something that she forgot to consider. With a swift move it his long tail, the creature knocked the gun out of her hand. "You are mine now. I will have three slaves instead of one," Afrit said.

Jennifer realized that she had made a mistake. Now there would be a hand to hand combat. Afrit was confident that without her gun, the small female presented no challenge. He had fought with male humans in the past and he had beaten them all without much effort. He threw a quick punch to Jennifer's face… And Jennifer was ready for it.

She blocked the punch, stopping Afrit's fist with ease. "Uh?!! You are not human! What the hell are you?" Afrit said, truly surprised by Jennifer's strength. He couldn't understand what was happening. How could this slim human be so strong? Jennifer quickly responded with a powerful kick to Afrit's head. Her unique DNA made her not only faster but also stronger than a normal human.

Afrit never stood a chance against her. "I am human, asshole. One that you have never seen before." The blow didn't kill Afrit but knocked him unconscious. A few seconds later, he was lying immobile on the ground. "He is down. Lets wait for the local authorities to pick him up. Your sister is safe now," Jennifer said. Miguu had fled the scene already. "Are you okay, Chloe? Did they hurt you?" Kyrsi asked her sister.

Chloe slowly recovered from her overwhelming orgasm. She sat hesitantly on the floor, realizing that her pussy was still twitching. The young woman was very confused and a little ashamed. "What happened…? I was cumming and…" Suddenly, Jennifer felt a strong discharge of energy blasting all over her back. She only had time to say two words before she lost control of her muscles. "Kyrsi! Run!!" "This was easier than I thought.

Nobody will help you in this place," the arriving alien said, holding a gun in his hand. The alien, a gray, skinny humanoid, had sneaked into the room and used a stun-gun to incapacitate Jennifer. His entire plan had worked perfectly. Kyrsi grabbed Chloe and started walking out of the room as fast as she could.

The gray alien didn't bother to look in their direction, ignoring them completely. He was focused on Jennifer's inert body, making sure that she didn't counterattack. I am sorry to leave you, Jennifer. But I have to get Chloe out of here. Kyrsi thought, looking back at her friend.

"You are mine, pseudo-human," the gray alien said to Jennifer. Jennifer's arms and legs jolted sporadically as the incapacitating energy still flowed through her body. But it was just a reflex; the stunned woman was unconscious. *** Jennifer woke up in the alien's lab. She was kept in place by a contraption that had large claws around her waist. The alien was standing next to her.

Jennifer hadn't met this gray humanoid before and she wondered why he was keeping her captive. "Who the fuck are you? Let me go!!" Jennifer yelled at the alien. "I thought you were smarter. You fell right into my trap," he responded. "Trap?! What are you talking about?" Jennifer asked. "I suspected it was you. The hybrid daughter if a gynoid and a human, thanks to the influence of the magnificent DNAR.

You are the key to uncover its secrets," the gray alien said calmly, then he added, "I needed to see you in action. It was easy to convinced the mind-flayer to kidnap Chloe.

Everything that had happened since the girl's abduction was part of my plan." "You won't get away with this, asshole!" Jennifer said infuriated. "I already have," he responded, "Nobody knows you are here. My name is Payk, by the way." Jennifer was truly worried about her situation. The alien was telling the truth; nobody was coming to help her. She didn't even know where she was. Payk explained how he paid somebody to mention Jennifer's name when Kyrsi was at the police station, desperate to find her sister.

He knew that Kyrsi wouldn't think twice about hiring a private investigator. He also knew that the mind-flayer, Afrit, was going to use a secluded place to sell Chloe's body, but Jennifer would have no trouble finding him quickly. The confrontation was inevitable and Payk would be able to see Jennifer in action. If she was the human hybrid he was looking for, she would defeat the mind-flayer easily. "You carry the secret of the DNAR in your cells; in your DNA.

You are the product of the impossible. Your mother was a machine that created life," Payk said. "First I am going to test your endurance; your capability of self healing. I'll analyze your brain waves. Maybe even enjoy them for a while… Then I will cut you in a millions pieces," he added without a shred of remorse.

"Let me go, asshol&hellip. Oh shit!" Jennifer saw another creature floating into the room. The woman's eyes drifted to the creature's hanging tentacle and she understood what Payk meant when he said that he wanted to test her endurance. If this idiot thinks a tentacle is going to bother me, then he doesn't know me at all. This will give me some time to plan my escape, Jennifer thought. The creature, which was nothing more than a brain attached to a metallic head, and a long, fat tentacle protruding from the bottom, got closet to Jennifer and aimed its appendage at her vaginal entrance.

The penetration was rough and reached all the way to her uterus. Jennifer intentionally moaned loudly, putting up a show for the gray alien. The lubricated tentacle felt good, but this was not the time or place to enjoy it.

She had to figure out a way to escape. The hovering creature reached the bottom of Jennifer's womb, but it didn't stop there. The tentacle curled around itself, forming a growing ball, and kept going in. The woman's belly began to expand and the claws that kept her in place opened accordingly to provide room. This was the opportunity Jennifer was looking for.

The claws are opening while my belly grows! Maybe this is my way out. Jennifer tried hard to suppress her arousal, but as more of the tentacle squirmed into her body, she lost concentration and her heightened libido started to take over.

The claws were wide open now and her belly was huge, but she couldn't move away even if she wanted to. The sensations were too overwhelming. He is making me cum! I'll reach one orgasm and then I am out of here. Jennifer believed that after her climax, she would be able to focus on her escape with a clear mind. Meanwhile, the tentacle trashed inside of her, bringing the captive woman closer to orgasm.

Jennifer looked as if she was nine months pregnant. Her pussy twitched incessantly while she pictured the tentacle churning and twisting inside of her, allowing more of it to penetrate her womb. She never felt so full in her entire life. Jennifer wasn't putting a show anymore. She was truly on the verge of orgasm… And she climaxed! Jennifer's arms and legs straightened out and trembled uncontrollably as a flash of white light exploded behind her eyes. Her pussy clutched the tentacle, making sure it didn't go anywhere while the strongest orgasm of her life shattered her body and mind.

The alien approached the shivering woman and placed a hand on her head to read her brainwaves. "Her orgasmic waves are so strong. Her brain is totally non-functional while she climaxes. This is interesting," Payk said. While Jennifer jolted spasmodically during her orgasm, Payk was trying to understand this pleasing sensation that filtered from the woman's brain into his own body. After centuries of asexual reproduction, Payk's species had little experience with the pleasures of the flesh.

"Her brainwaves feel so good. I wonder if her gynoid mother feels the same way when she climaxes." Jennifer's orgasm ended, but the long tentacle was still inside of her. Even though the claws were wide open, allowing her to escape, she laid limply on the device, catching her breath.

In any case, it would be difficult to move now with all that alien meat stuffed in her belly. Uggh… I have to admit that it was amazing… Jennifer thought, then she heard Payk saying something. "Remove the tentacle," Payk commanded the creature.

The hovering creature wasn't gentle. It pulled the tentacle harshly, untangling the knot of flesh as it slid out of Jennifer's pussy.

The girl screamed in bliss from the rough treatment and this time she wasn't faking it. Her pussy gushed abundantly as the last segment of the appendage vacated her body. And before she knew it, the claws closed again around her flat belly. "Get ready Jennifer. The second part of the test just entered the room," Payk said, pointing at the door. Jennifer heard heavy footsteps a few meters away and lifted her head to see what was going on.

She gasped when she saw a tall, massive humanoid approaching her. "Oh shit!!" Now Jennifer was wondering why she didn't escape when she had the chance. Then the woman's pussy twitched involuntarily when her eyes drifted down and she looked at his crotch.

The creature's cock was huge! "This female is tiny. She won't be able to take my meat. She will die," the humanoid said to Payk. "You'll be surprised, Krull," Payk responded, having witnessed Jennifer's abilities with the tentacle. Krull aimed his fully erect cock at Jennifer's vaginal entry. His phallus was almost as thick as the woman's calf. Jennifer tried to push him away with her feet, but it was impossible. He was too big and too strong.

"This is my associate Krull, Jennifer. Let's see if you can handle his cock," Payk said to an astounded Jennifer. "Stop! It is too big!!" Jennifer screamed. "Here I come, little human," Krull said with his low tone of voice. Jennifer shrieked as the massive phallus spread her pussy lips apart and entered her body. She could clearly feel her inner organs shifting aside to make room for the fat, unyielding cock. Krull shoved his phallus as deep as possible and stood still for a moment enjoying her tightness.

Then he began to move his hips back and forth, pumping her body with long, powerful strokes. "Your pussy is so tight!" He exclaimed. After a few minutes, the woman's pliable body adapted to his size and the brief discomfort soon turned into unbelievable pleasure. Jennifer never before had such a big cock inside of her pussy, and even she was amazed that her body adjusted so quickly. "I told you she could take it. And she can take even more. Let's fuck her ass!" Payk said. The floating creature approached the mating couple and moved its tentacle below the contraption that kept Jennifer in place, getting the tip closer to the woman's ass.

Krull was pumping Jennifer's pussy with all his might and every motion made the girl's belly bulge, outlining the head of his phallus that pushed her skin from within. "Are all human females this good? She is amazing!" Krull said with amazement. With Krull's massive cock stretching Jennifer's vaginal cavity so much, the tentacle creature found it difficult to penetrate her anus. But it persisted and succeeded. Jennifer screamed again when she felt the second appendage invading her already stuffed body.

Once again, Payk placed the tip of his fingers on Jennifer's head and analyzed her brainwaves. It felt so good. Maybe, instead of destroying her body, it was a better idea to keep her around and used her as a living stimulator. This sensation is addictive. This pseudo-human certainly enjoys being fucked.

Payk thought. "Her body is even tighter now! She is going to make me cum sooner than expected," Krull said between grunts. Jennifer was too overwhelmed to think straight. She was still aware that she needed to escape, but at the moment she couldn't focus on that. She felt the tentacle moving deeper and deeper within her body but she couldn't tell exactly where the head was.

until she felt it filling her throat and then her mouth. Now the tip was poking through her lips! The woman's eyes rolled back as the tentacle came out of her mouth and projected forward half a meter, driving Jennifer into another powerful climax.

Her pussy twitched hard several times, massaging Krull's phallus so delightfully, that he was reaching his limit. "Her pussy is crushing my cock. I am cumming!!" Krull yelled. Her orgasm is not slowing down. It is getting stronger. Payk ignored Krull and focused on the sensations emanating from Jennifer's brain. It was amazing. Krull pumped Jennifer's body even faster, until he stabbed her pussy one last time and stood still for a second. Then, with a loud roar, he discharged a huge load of cum into her womb.

Jennifer was going berserk with so much stimulation. Her legs and arms trembled rapidly, as her orgasm reignited upon feeling Krull's hot sperm gushing within her entrails. She is different indeed. No human could endure so much stimulation without losing consciousness.

Payk thought with amazement. Jennifer's orgasm finally receded as Krull ejaculated the last streams of cum into her womb. The woman's arms hung limply, giving the appearance of being unconscious but she wasn't.

Her brain was alert once again and she was getting ready to escape at the first chance. However, at this moment she couldn't go anywhere with a huge cock buried in her pussy and a large tentacle penetrating so deep into her ass that it was coming out of her mouth.

She had to be patient and wait. Meanwhile, Payk changed his mind about keeping her alive. His experiments were too important. It doesn't matter how good it feels to read her orgasmic brainwaves.

I have to see inside of her body and find the secret of the DNAR. "Bring her to the dissection table. It is time to make history." Payk said to Krull. Jennifer moaned softly as the floating creature pulled the tentacle all the way out of her body. Krull still had his big cock lodged in her pussy but now he was opening the claws. Maybe this was the opportunity that she waiting for, but she still felt weak from her last devastating orgasm.

She just needed a minute to recover. I'll bring nothing. I'm still not done with her. Krull thought, stating at the girl's curvy figure. Krull removed Jennifer from the claw and placed on the floor. Jennifer was on her hands and knees and getting ready to run. Only she didn't realize that Krull was behind her with his cock fully erect. It didn't matter that he just ejaculated inside of her, he was primed for another round of sex.

Jennifer became aware that he was behind her when she felt his large hands grabbing her hips and the tip of his huge cock pressing against her ass. Her heart jolted in fear and her pussy twitched with anticipation. "I will try your other hole. It looks small but I'll make it big," Krull said.

Jennifer went cross-eyed when the fat cock pierced into her ass and plunged so deep that it made her belly bulge once again. Some of the sperm than remained in Jennifer's vaginal cavity was forcefully expelled, splashing on the ground. "Your hole is tight!!" Krull exclaimed. The surprised woman knew that her second chance to escape was gone. She would have to wait until Krull was done before having another opportunity. At least she was enjoying it greatly. A new climax was already growing within her loins.

Krull was fucking Jennifer so hard, that her knees were lifted from the floor with every stroke. Jennifer's ass was indeed a lot tighter than her pussy and Krull didn't last very long before ejaculating again. The aroused woman felt his hot sperm gushing within her body and this triggered a new orgasm. Payk came back to see what was going on. He realized than it had been a mistake to hire Krull for this job. The brute was a wild card and was delaying his experiments.

"What are you doing? I need her at the table," Payk said angrily. Neither Krull or Jennifer acknowledged Payk question. They were too busy shivering in climax.

Jennifer felt her mate's semen accumulating inside of her entrails until there was not enough room. The white fluid found the only way out and erupted from her mouth. When Krull's cock stopped pulsating, Jennifer fell forward like a rag doll. Sperm was still drooling from her gasping mouth and now it was also gushing from her ass like a fountain.

"Are you done now?" Payk asked Krull with annoyance. He wasn't happy when he heard Krull's response. "Not yet. This female is too good. I will have her one more time." Jennifer was forcibly turned over. The exhausted woman now facing up, still lying on the ground, with her legs spread wide and the tip of Krull's cock pressing against her pussy. She couldn't believe that he had the stamina for fuck her again, but she wasn't complaining.

Jennifer took this opportunity to look around for an exit and she found it. There was a corridor at the far end of the room and the door was open.

But Krull was already on top of her and it was pointless trying to run at this moment. Also, against her better judgment, she wanted to get fucked again. Payk was losing his patience but Krull was an irrational creature and arguing was useless. No way this brute could understand the importance of his experiments. He would have to wait until Krull was done with the human hybrid. He is an idiot. Krull shoved his entire fat cock into Jennifer's pussy and began pumping her with a slower rhythm than before.

It became evident that he was getting tired, but he was not planning to stop before reaching his peak. Jennifer moaned sensually and spread her legs wider apart.

This creature had the biggest phallus of any humanoid that she had ever fucked and it felt wonderful. Krull let his massive body rest of top of Jennifer's slim figure and she almost disappeared below him. He waved his hips back and forth with surprising agility, shoving his entire cock every time. Jennifer was enjoying the ravishing more than she should.

Her life was in clear danger and here she was, embracing the monster that was fucking her against her will, and wrapping her legs around his hips like a sexual maniac. In the midst of the hard pounding, Jennifer was forgetting about escaping, and she was focusing on how good it felt to be pinned down against the floor by this massive monster, while his huge cock penetrated her so deeply that it was piercing into her womb. Jennifer yelped when Krull increased the pace; a clear sign that he was about to cum.

She wrapped her legs tighter around him. Krull thrust forward one last time, his cock jolted, and a warm gush of semen overflowed Jennifer's stuffed cavity. The rigid phallus pulsated again and more sperm poured in. This was all that Jennifer could take before exploding in climax one more time. Her pussy twitched violently multiple times, milking Krull's seed to the last drop. At last, Krull was done. He slipped to the side and immediately fell asleep while his big cock rested on Jennifer's thigh.

Jennifer laid immobile, staring at the ceiling. Her entire body was shuddering from her lingering orgasm and her pussy was still leaking sperm… But she had to push this blissful haziness away from her mind. Her escape was now or never! *** Krull was barely conscious and Payk was looking the other way. This was it. This was her chance to escape! Okay, this is it.

I'll run for the door! I need to find out where the hell I am. Jennifer thought, shifting into a crouching position. But there was something that Jennifer forgot to consider. The floating monster had silently moved behind her and, with a swift move, wrapped its strong tentacle around her neck. The surprised woman tried desperately to pull it off but it was impossible.

Jennifer felt her entire body being lifted from the ground as the appendage tightened its grip. It was choking her! After a minute, her mind began to fade off and she knew that her escape attempt had failed. *** Jennifer woke up on the laboratory table. Her arms and legs were spread wide, held firmly by metallic shackles. The alien was standing beside the table, looking down at her with an expressionless face.

"Did you really think that you could escape that easily? My floating pet and I have a mind link. I see everything it sees. I think a command and it does it," Payk said. Jennifer was truly worried now. Was this the end? Was she going to die like a lab rat, dissected into little pieces by a crazy scientist?

"We will keep fucking you while I finish preparations." Payk added. The floating monster shoved the tentacle back into Jennifer's pussy and didn't stop until her belly was bulging again. At least Jennifer was going to die while doing the thing she loved the most. Payk turned his head when he heard loud growling and heavy footsteps coming from the open area of the laboratory. "What the hell is going on over there?" Jennifer heard them too but she didn't turn her head.

She was too busy coping with the large appendage churning within her loins. Despite her terrible situation, Jennifer's body was responding as it always did. Her nipples swelled and her pussy was twitching hard around the tentacle. The commotion was caused by Kyrsi.

She was standing in the middle of the room and she was not alone. A large humanoid, even bigger than Krull, was helping her with Jennifer's rescue. Krull didn't know what to do. He was strong but he immediately realized that he was no match to the approaching creature with four muscular arms. "I can see Jennifer back there! Get him Tassik!" Kyrsi said to her partner. In fact, there was no chance for Krull to do anything. A powerful blow to the head sent him flying across the room, knocking him out.

Tassik continued walking towards Payk, who was waiting for him with gun in hand. "How dare you interrupt my experiments! You will pay for this!" Payk screamed. Payk discharged his shocking gun at maximum capacity. Tassik froze when he felt the stunning energy cursing through his massive body.

But a couple of seconds later, Tassik's redundant nervous system kicked in and he continued walking until he reached the skinny gray alien. A simple blow with the back of his hand was enough to brake his neck. The mind link between Payk and the floating creature was interrupted. The tentacle was still buried deeply within Jennifer's body and it remained there, immobile. *** When it was safe, Kyrsi approached the table. "Thank you for coming back for me. I thought this was the end for me," Jennifer said.

"You saved me sister. I had to come for you," Kyrsi responded. Kyrsi's eyes turned to the floating creature and its huge tentacle. The appendage was penetrating Jennifer's body so deeply, that her belly bulged obscenely. "What should we do with this?" she asked. "This creature was receiving commands from the gray asshole," Jennifer responded, "but now it is motionless." Kyrsi climbed on the table, knelt between Jennifer's legs and grabbed the tentacle.

It was so thick that she barely held it all the way around using both hands. "Pull hard. It is all coiled inside of me," Jennifer said, then held her breath. "Okay. Let me know if it hurts. Here it goes." Kyrsi started pulling and crawling backwards. When one meter of the appendage vacated her friend, she reached the edge of the table, and yet there was still more of it inside.

Kyrsi climbed off, standing on the floor, and kept at it. Wow! She had like two meters of alien meet stuffed inside of her! By now, Jennifer's belly had almost recovered her normal flatness. The aroused woman was moaning loudly, certainly not it pain, and her pussy was clutching the tentacle so hard, that it was difficult to pull the rest of it out. With a slurping sound, the tip of tentacle slid off Jennifer's body at the exact moment that she reached a strong orgasm.

The grateful woman arched her back as much as her restrains allowed while her pussy gush so hard that some of the fluid ended up on Kyrsi's face. Kyrsi was ashamed to admit it, but her pussy was tingling too.

After Jennifer came back from heaven and her restrains were removed, both girls calmly followed Tassik out of the laboratory. "How did you find me?" Jennifer asked. "Actually, Tassik found you! He is a great tracker," Kyrsi responded. "He certainly made an entrance. And where did you find him?" Kyrsi promised to tell Jennifer the whole story, but first she wanted to go back to Jennifer's apartment.

Chloe was waiting for them there. *** Once at her apartment, Jennifer had a million questions for Kyrsi. She jumped on her bed, next to Chloe. "Okay, start at the beginning. What happened after the gray alien knocked me down?" Jennifer asked. "Kyrsi told me about all the things you had to do to rescue me. Thank you both for that," Chloe said. "Yeah, I also told her that we couldn't just left you behind. We had to help you," Jennifer added.

"I appreciate that… so what happened next?" Kyrsi continued telling the story. *** She had decided that Ulron was her best chance to help Jennifer. He was certainly well connected with the underworld crowd, and he was a resourceful individual. They went to Ulron's place right away. Kyrsi explained the situation to him and he agreed to help, but as expected, he wanted something in return. "So, would you help us? Jennifer is your friend." Kyrsi asked Ulron.

"Fine, I'll help. But you have to do something for me first." Chloe's mind was still a little fuzzy from Afrit's spell, but now she was perfectly aware of what was happening.

Ulron told them that he wanted to test his "sexual mind replicators". Basically they were little devices that attached to the user's forehead, and were able to receive sexual signals from a paired device, then replicate those signals within the user's brain. "One of you will mate with my pet here and the other will do nothing," Ulron said. The pet that he was referring to, was a scorpion-like monster about three meters long, including the tail.

Wow! That is one big scorpion! Kyrsi thought. Chloe noticed that the creature's tail resembled a big, fat phallus and she offered herself as the main test subject without the slight hesitation. "I'll do it!" Chloe said excitedly while her pussy stirred. We could only think on letting that creature fuck her and she wondered if Afrit's influence was still lingering on her mind. Or maybe, after tasting the bliss of mating with monsters, she had become a monster slut.

One way or the other, her body was burning with need. Why do I want to fuck this monster so badly? I hope he doesn't brainwash us and make us his permanent sex slaves. Kyrsi thought, as she placed the device on her forehead. Chloe was doing the same. "Are you sure these things are safe?" Kyrsi asked Ulron.

"It is completely safe," Ulron responded. Ulron explained that the devices only affected the pleasure center of the brain. All cognizant areas remained untouched so there was no risk of unwilling mind control. Chloe didn't care about any of that. Her heart was beating fast while the scorpion-like creature aligned its long, thick tail with the entrance of her vaginal cavity.

Her pussy was dripping wet and a line of lubricating juice was dangling from her pussy lips. Fuck me! Fuck me with your big tale! "Okay, let's do this. We need to end this fast so we can help… ahhg" Kyrsi wasn't able to finish the sentence because the last word was replaced by a loud moan. She felt the massive penetration of the monster's tail as if she was the one being fucked. It was so weird… and so amazing! Chloe was not only enduring the savage ravishing&hellip.

She was enjoying it greatly! And all that joy was being transmitted into Kyrsi's brain. Both sisters loved each other, but they had never been so close in their entire lives. The creature began pumping Chloe's body and the young woman lowered her crotch, seeking for a deeper penetration.

She began to understand that her life would never be the same after her kidnapping. Having sex with monsters was her unavoidable destiny. It was becoming an irresistible addiction. Kyrsi was so overwhelmed by the wonderful sensations, that she could barely form a coherent thought. How could Chloe be enjoying this so much? Was she still in trance? It didn't matter as long as this bliss kept pouring into her brain through the mind link. After a few minutes of hard pounding, Chloe exploded in climax.

Less than a second later, her sister did too. They both shivered out of control for the longest time, unaware that Chloe's orgasm was feeding Kyrsi's and vice versa, in a mind-blowing cycle of bliss. "The devices are working perfectly. The pleasure signals are traveling both ways," Ulron said. As their orgasms subsided, both women crumbled to the ground.

Chloe fell on her ass with her legs spread wide and the creature's thick tail still buried deeply within her pussy. Kyrsi rested on her side, trying to gather her senses. Her legs were closed but she could feel something massive lodged in her pussy.

Even if it was just in her mind, it felt wonderful! "That was awesome!" Kyrsi said, breathing heavily. "I want more…" Chloe whispered. While Chloe was slowly waving her hips back and forth, enticing the beast to continue the ravaging, Kyrsi wanted to know it the test was over. Jennifer could be in danger and they were wasting time.

Although, it was difficult to concentrate with the nonstop arousing signals emanating from her sister and filtering into her own brain. "How do you feel, Kyrsi? Did you enjoy it?" Ulron asked. "Your invention works! It is incredible. Are you going to help us now?" The answer to Kyrsi's question came quickly. The tentacle forcefully vacated Chloe's pussy, eliciting a moan from both girls. "The test is not over yet. Let's try another hole." The sisters knelt facing each other, while the scorpion-like monster curled its tale behind Chloe and aimed at her anus.

Kyrsi was conflicted about how to feel. She wanted to help Jennifer as soon as possible, but she also couldn't wait to have that massive appendage penetrating her sister's ass, and therefore, her own. Kyrsi wondered why she felt so eager to be fucked by this creature.

She suspected that it was Chloe's influence. Her sister was enjoying this a lot more than she should. "It is too big.

I don't it think it will fit," Kyrsi said. "I'll make it fit. I want it inside of me…" Chloe responded with assertiveness. Kyrsi's sister is even hornier than Jennifer. This is a nice surprise. Ulron thought. The penetration was slow but unyielding. It spread the young woman's sphincter and pushed in, little by little, until it couldn't go any deeper. Kyrsi's pussy gushed from the intense sensation while her ass clench around nothing, trying to embrace the phallus that wasn't there.

Chloe felt so full and complete with this new assault, that it only confirmed what she already new. She was now a monster slut and her life was never going to be the same. She began to consider her possible future. How many monsters will she fuck with cocks and appendages as big as the one fucking her now?

As the ones that ravaged her when she was enthralled by Afrit? Her pussy twitched harder just thinking about it. Some of those debauched ideas, mixed with the present feelings of unrestrained pleasure, filtered through the mind link into Kyrsi's brain. The older sister started to receive this myriad of confusing sensations, almost as if she was reading Chloe's mind. She got scared that her sister was fantasizing about being fucked by other monsters while she was fucking this monster! "-Ejaculate inside of her.

I want to see them climaxing again.-" Ulron commanded. The creature heard its master's command and immediately released a load of white sperm deep inside Chloe's body. The woman's pussy gushed from the cold, yet pleasing sensation of the monster's fluid filling her entrails. Kyrsi felt it as well and she jolted so hard that she lost her balance and fell backwards.

Kyrsi's belly began to bloat from the huge amount of sperm being discharged, even though there was nothing really inside of her. The sensation was so real, that her body was adjusting accordingly. Ulron saw this with huge satisfaction. "This is better than I expected." When Chloe felt the sperm rushing up her esophagus and spilling from her mouth, she climaxed again. Like a mirror of her sister, Kyrsi reached an orgasm too, and she even jolted and twitched in synchrony with Chloe.

The same way as the previous time, one orgasm fed the other, making it longer and stronger. After such an incredible orgasm, it took the girls a few minutes to recover. Kyrsi lifted her torso and asked Ulron again if the test was over. Her words were cut off a couple of times since the large tail of the creature was still plugged in Chloe's ass.

"Is the te.st over? Can we h.elp Jennifer now?" Ulron answer the question while the beast pulled its appendage harshly from Chloe's body. Both sisters moaned simultaneously. "Yes, the test is over. My device works perfectly." Then Ulron said something else… "By the way, the individual that is going to help you just entered the room." Kyrsi and Chloe turned around, following the sound of heavy footsteps.

They both gasped when they saw a huge humanoid approaching the group. Everything about him was massive. Kyrsi noted that instead of two arms, he had four. Chloe noticed that instead of one growing cock, he had two! "This is Tassik," Ulron said, "The best tracker in town. He has agreed to help you." "You females look soft and warm. I will make a trade. Sex in exchange of finding your friend," Tassil said. Kyrsi was actually happy to hear this, since they had no money. But it was going to delay Jennifer's rescue a little longer, which wasn't good.

"I'll take an advance of my payment now, and the rest when the job is done." "Fine by me. Just remember that the woman you are helping might be in danger," Ulron said to Tassik. Yes! More sex! Chloe thought with excitement.

Without hesitation, Chloe turned around and knelt, offering her behind to Tassik. Kyrsi didn't want to be left out. She quickly straddled her sister and lowered her hips in a way that both pussies were in line with the creature's twin cocks. "This is going to be entertaining," Ulron said to the girls. Tassik didn't make them wait. He stepped forward and penetrated the girls' pussies. The females' cavities were warm, as expected, and they welcomed his cocks with a tight embrace that made him grunt with pleasure.

Kyrsi felt the fat phallus entering her pussy and moaned in bliss. Then she felt the other cock penetrating her sister and she moaned again, louder this time. The mind-blowing sensations were assaulting her brain from every angle.

Chloe was moaning too, fascinated by the wonderful feeling that flared in her pussy, and how it doubled inside of her brain by the signal coming from through mind link. Ulron's invention was truly amazing. Tassik grabbed Kyrsi's slim body and pulled her closer to him, shoving his upper dick a few centimeters deeper inside of her.

The astounded woman didn't understand how it was possible to have so much of his cock buried within her, yet she was doing it and it felt incredible. Ulron got excited by this debauched scene and his cock emerged from his body, quickly growing to full erection. Chloe first saw Ulron's feet stepping closer, then she lifted her head to see his cock right in front of her face.

She willingly opened her mouth wide and offered her throat to the alien. "You want it, don't you?" Ulron said to Chloe, confirming the teen's sex adiction.

The horny teenager extended her tongue and touched the tip, enticing him to fuck her face. Kyrsi felt a spike on the signal coming from Chloe's brain, and looked down to see her sister engulfing Ulron's cock. Just giving the alien a blowjob, provided Chloe with enough pleasure that it could be felt above the mind-blowing bliss of both penetrations.

The girl's pussy twitched hard several times and she felt her orgasm getting closer while the long, flexible phallus was pushed beyond Chloe's throat and penetrated deep into her gullet.

The orgy continued for almost half an hour, with Tassik moving his hips back and forth, fucking both girls at the same time, and Ulron doing the same, fucking Chloe's mouth as deep as he could. Every minute or so, the alien pulled his cock all the way out to let the young woman breathe, then he shoved his entire phallus back in, and continued pumping. Tassik wanted to get more comfortable and laid down on the floor, bringing Kyrsi with him. The astounded woman ended lying on his chest with his cock still buried to the hilt.

Unfortunately for Chloe, who was still kneeling on the floor sucking Ulron's phallus, this shift in positions left her with an empty pussy. Thanks to her sister's signal, she still felt a massive appendage lodged in her pussy but with half of the intensity. Kyrsi sat upright and planted her feet on the ground. Since Tassik was not pounding her pussy anymore, she was going to do it herself, bouncing up and down on his cock. Wondering why the monster stopped fucking her, Chloe pulled Ulron's cock out of her throat and looked back to see what was happening.

She saw her sister sitting on Tassik's lap, with the creature's phallus thoroughly sheathed by her pussy. She wanted to do that too!

Chloe stood up, turned around and grabbed the tip of Tassik's second cock; her cock! She needed that huge phallus back in her pussy, even if she couldn't keep sucking Ulron's cock.

She could do that later. "It is so deep inside of me," Kyrsi whispered. "Go ahead, mount him. This is his payment anyway," Ulron said to Chloe. Standing on the tip of her toes, Chloe barely managed to place the long cock right below her pussy. Then she lowered her hips. Chloe felt the other cock buried to the hilt within Kyrsi the whole time, and she wanted to feel this cock just as deeply.

Both sisters moaned simultaneously while Chloe sat down, allowing the huge phallus into her body. Ulron wasn't mad because Chloe stopped blowing him. He knew that the horny teen would not mind him using her ass instead of her mouth. "Do it! Fuck her! Fuck us!" Kyrsi said to Ulron when she saw him aiming his phallus at her sister's anus.

The sisters screamed in elation, mirroring each other, when Ulron's phallus pierced through Chloe's sphincter and penetrated into her body, Kyrsi and Chloe looked into each other's eyes, thankful for the incredible pleasure they were sending to one another. They were dizzy from the overwhelming sensations that saturated their brains. They felt unrestrained love. So much love that they couldn't think straight.

Their mouths got closer… The girls embraced each other and their mouths fuzed together in a sinful kiss. They didn't care. Passion was the only thing in their minds and they wanted to express it in every possible way. Their tongues dueled and their pussies twitched in synchrony.

This is unexpected… and exciting. Ulron thought, watching the hot scene. The orgy continued for a while. Kyrsi's orgasm was getting closer and she was certain that Chloe's was approaching as well.

She knew it was going to be devastating and she couldn't wait for it. Then she felt Tassik's cock enlarging inside of her and inside of her sister. He was going to cum too. It was perfect. "Get ready, my dears. I am going to ejaculate in Chloe's ass!" Ulron announced. The first one to reach climax was Tassik. Having both of his cocks squeezed so delightfully, he had no chance of lasting very long.

He roared loudly while he discharged a huge load of cum inside of the sisters' wombs. Kyrsi and Chloe froze for an instant before theirs orgasms exploded as well. Chloe's mind blanked out completely, but she could still feel Ulron's cock pulsating within her ass and hot sperm bursting into her loins.

The girls' bodies shivered violently under the spasmodic convulsions of their strongest orgasm so far. Their brains were, at this moment, void of any thought or sentiment except pure, utter bliss. For Chloe, this was the new meaning of life. And this overwhelming truth was being transmitted to her sister in the form of absolute surrender to the beasts; this one, and hundreds more to come. As the orgasms ended, Kyrsi slumped backwards onto Tassik's broad chest.

Her entire body was limp and tingling from the intense experience. She stared at the ceiling with half-opened eyes, catching her breath, yet she managed to say a few words… "Let's go. Jennifer needs help." Chloe was also leaning back, resting the back of her head on Ulron's shoulder, who was already pulling out of her ass. The randy teenager was sad that the orgy was over, but her sister was right; Jennifer needed rescuing.

In any case, she took comfort in the knowledge that this orgy was definitely not her last. *** Back in Jennifer's room, Jennifer was listening attentively to Kyrsi's story with two fingers plugged in her pussy. Chloe was doing the same thing. Even though she had been a participant, listening to the past events got her extremely aroused. "No wonder Tassik was so driven.

With this type of incentive who wouldn't?" Jennifer said. "After getting an advance on his payment, Tassik found you really fast. And you know the rest of the story," Kyrsi said. "Speaking of which, we have to give Tassik the rest of his payment," Chloe said. Kyrsi could feel a drop of her vaginal juices sliding down her inner thigh, making her realized how horny she was. Maybe Chloe was not the only one who found her new purpose in life.

Tassik barged into the room, interrupting the conversation. He had been outside making sure that it was safe. Now he wanted the rest of the payment and he was ready for it.

His two cocks were fully erect and needed attention. "We have some business to conclude," he said.

He is certainly big! Jennifer thought, looking at his cocks. Chloe jumped off the bed and knelt on front of the massive creature. This time she wanted him all to herself and she made it clear. "I'll go first! I want both cocks inside of me!" Kyrsi pulled down the zipper of her top, more than willing to participate in this new orgy, but her sister was already in front of her. What's up with Chloe? Looks like she has discovered the advantages of fucking monsters.

Chloe turned around and bent over, offering herself to settle the pending debt. Kyrsi wished she had Ulron's mind-devices at this very moment. "Hey you! Come over here," Jennifer said to Kyrsi with a seductive tone of voice. Ten minutes later, Chloe was shivering in climax. Her eyes were rolled back in utter bliss while her abdomen bulged from the massive appendages pumping in and out of her pussy and ass.

The young woman had discovered an entire new world of sexual possibilities and there was so much to explore. One meter away, Kyrsi's legs were trembling as her climax approached fast.

Jennifer ate her pussy with eagerness, happy to please her rescuer and new best friend. Jennifer lifted her smeared face from Kyrsi's crotch and said, "I am going to take you and Chloe to meet creatures you won't believe exist." The End. Autor's note: There is graphic (CGI) version of this story.