Sie Braucht Den Schwanz Dieser Homosexuell

Sie Braucht Den Schwanz Dieser Homosexuell
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The World's First Futa's Daughters Futa's First Naughty Awakening Chapter Three: Alyessa's Afternoon of MILF Delights By mypenname3000 Copyright 2018 August 21st, 2036 Alyessa Howards Three days after Ms.

Evans revealed that Mrs. North, the reverend's wife, was eager to fuck my futa-cock, I was trembling. I had an appointment to work in the Norths' yard, mowing the lawn and trimming the hedges. I did it once a week for them to earn money to help buy college supplies. I was leaving for college next week. This was my last chance. I couldn't believe that the reverend's wife, the wholesome Mrs. North, wanted to enjoy my futa-cock. My secret was out.

Mrs. Minx, my best friend's mother, had spread the word to her friends. More than a few of the women in my small community had eyed me. Had enjoyed my futa-cock. Ms. Evans, of course, had given me that wonderful titty fuck, and Tessa Isaacs, the owner of The Polka Dot Dress, had cornered me in the changing room. I pounded her hard against the wall with a hand clamped over her mouth to keep her other customers from hearing our passion.

My dick throbbed, tucked between my thighs. I was fighting my erection. I still was in disbelief that the preacher's wife would want to have sex with me. Reverend North was a caring man. I thought they had a great marriage, but. I was learning that these MILFs had come of age when Becky Woodward, my futa-mother, was exploding in fame. For the last nineteen or so years, they had read about her exploits or watched her naughty acts. They'd seen her cheering naked at college football games, witnessed her fucking reporters on live interviews, and watched those naughty Japanese game shows she used to produce where contestants competed for the right to ride her futa-dick.

Now that the first wave of my mother's futa-daughters, like me, were coming of age, these women had the opportunity to live out their fantasies. And I was the only futa in Jefferson, Oregon. I reached the white picket fence of the Norths' house. I trembled, staring at the two-story farmhouse, painted a light-blue.

It had a wrap-around, covered porch like most of the houses, over a hundred and fifty years old. I swallowed then winced at the door opened. "Alyessa," Reverend North said. He had a smile on his face. He was wearing a t-shirt and a pair of khaki shorts that left his bony, white legs exposed. "How's it going?" "Fine, Reverend North," I said.

"You leaving?" "Yep, I have to do the accounting for the church. But don't worry, my wife and a few of her friends are home if you need anything." "Friends?" I asked. Ms. Evans implied she would be here when I arrived. "Yes, yes, Mrs. Minx and Liddy Evans showed up for tea." He opened the gate and passed me. "I'm sure they'll let you join them before you get to work." "Yeah," I said, a guilty wave washed through me even as my futa-dick swelled to its full girth, taped to my juicy snatch.

My shaved pussy drenched my cock. There was just something exciting about a married woman. Something taboo and wrong about sliding into her. They were mature and beautiful. They shouldn't want my futa-dick, only their husband's cock, but they craved me.

I gave them something their husbands didn't. Couldn't. I swallowed, trembling. My heart thundered in my chest as I turned and faced the house. The right thing would be to walk away.

I wanted to do the right thing, but. My futa-dick throbbed, begging to be freed. Why was I still hiding it? Because of Jasmine? I was scared to tell my best friend the truth. I was hiding who I was from her, from everyone, for all my life.

If Mrs. Minx hadn't figured out what I was. I would never have discovered the joys of an older woman's passion. The gate creaked open. I couldn't walk away. I wanted this. Inside, I didn't have to be ashamed of what I was. I could enjoy myself. I could have a nice time with the older women. My nipples throbbed in my tank top, my round tits jiggling in my sports bra as I gained the steps of the wooden porch and rang the old-fashioned doorbell.

A buzzer sounded. The door ripped open. Mrs. North stood there naked. I gasped at the sight of her motherly face famed by her sleek, black hair. My eyes flicked down to those large, pillowy breasts. They were bigger than I thought, looking so soft, her dark-red nipples poking hard at me. They were three times as big as my own, looking so suckable. My eyes went lower to her dark bush hiding her pussy. "Oh, you're here," moaned Mrs. North. "I can't believe you're a futa." "Yeah," I said as the reverend's wife pulled me to her.

Her dark eyes were glassy. Her arms went around me. She was taller than me, her breasts pressing into my upper chest.

She hugged me tight, rocking me. "You're going to change the world. Your mother is a miracle, you know that?" I swallowed, my futa-dick throbbing.

"You're both miracles from God," she purred. "A new way for the world. I'm just so thrilled to experience it." I stared up at the married woman, my eyes blinking. "A. miracle. Me?" "You," she purred and the kissed me. I melted against the reverend's wife, kissing her with hunger.

My tongue played with hers, my heart screaming in my chest. This was all so unexpected. I whimpered into her kiss, my lips working against hers while my pussy soaked my dick. I was so hard. My futa-cock throbbed, fighting against my panties and the costume tape holding it tucked between my thighs and pressed against my pussy.

Why was I doing this? Suffering? Why couldn't I just be free? These women accepted me.


Loved me. They thought I was a miracle. That I wasn't a freak. It was wonderful. I felt so amazing as she pulled me into the room, her breasts rubbing at me through my tank top. I realized that Mrs. Minx and Ms. Evans were watching, they were naked, the living room was strewn with their clothing. I kept kissing Mrs. North, her hands cupping my cheeks while my eyes darted around, realizing these three naughty women had stripped naked the moment Mr.

North left. "Mmm, that is hot," Mrs. Minx moaned. My best friend's mother squeezed her golden-tan breasts. The blonde MILF sunbathed nude to get that even gleam. That was how this all started. "Yeah," Ms.

Evans groaned, her ebony tits round and delicious. She rubbed one hand between her thighs, fingering herself. My dick throbbed harder. Mrs. North broke our kiss. "Mmm, now we need to get you naked. I want to make love to one of God's precious miracles." "Amen," moaned Mrs. Minx, her fingers digging into her breasts. I blushed and nodded, eager for it. I didn't fight as Mrs. North grabbed the hem of my tank top.

She pulled it up my body, the cloth rolling up my sides. I shuddered. This wicked heat washed through me. I groaned into our kiss then broke it so she could take off my top.

My fiery hair spilled down around my shoulders. Then she pulled off my sports bra. "Oh, my, what a ripe pair of breasts," she moaned, grabbing my tits and squeezing them. I shuddered as the married MILF kneaded me. Her dark eyes smoldered. Her large tits swayed before her. "The real treat's in her panties," moaned Mrs. Minx.

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"Mmm, yes," Mrs. North groaned. She fell to her knees before me. I groaned as she tugged down my shorts, peeling the white, tight clothing off my hips and down my thighs. I shuddered, stepping out of them, my dick throbbing. "It must be so painful for you," she purred.

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"You have your cock tucked in there, trapped and aching to burst out." "I get used to it," I lied. "You shouldn't," she moaned, tugging down my rose-hued panties. I whimpered as she rolled them off my hips. She gasped at the side of my dick folded back and tucked between my thighs, soaked by my pussy juices. My sweet musk filled my nose. My freckled tits quivered. She made a tsking sound of disgust and ripped away the first piece of tape.

I whimpered, my dick twitching, barely held in place. Then she pulled the second. It swung out before her, almost smacking her in the face. Precum and pussy juices splattered across her features. "A miracle," she breathed.

"Thank you, Lord, for sending these creatures to us." She swallowed the tip of my cock. I groaned at the feel of the reverend's wife sucking on my dick. Her lips were sealed around my girth. Her tongue swiped around, tasting my precum and pussy juices. My snatch clenched as the pleasure shot down my cock. I gasped, this sudden surge shooting through me. My pussy clenched. The heat brimmed in me. My head shook from side to side. I felt like I was on the verge of erupting. Of just firing my cum into her mouth.

"Mrs. North!" I whimpered. "I'm going to cum!" She popped her mouth off. "Already?" "You're just that sexy, Anna," Mrs. Minx moaned. "Can't have that," Mrs. North said, staring up at me with glassy eyes.

"I want you in my pussy!

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I need to feel a futa in me. I dreamed of it before I married Ken. Please, please, Alyessa, you have to make love to me with your miracle cock." "Yes," I moaned, not fighting as the MILF leaned back, settling onto her Persian throw rug and pulling me down with her. I fell to my knees between her spread-open thighs. The married woman brought my cock towards her black bush. Her labia peeked pink through the dark strands. Her juices coated them. I leaned over her, my round tits swaying.

I whimpered as the tip of my clit-dick nudged into her bush. Her silky strands covered them. I groaned at the wicked caress. She slid me through her bush to her hot folds. I groaned, leaning down over her, staring into her dark eyes.

Such a look of awe appeared across her motherly features as she brought me to the entrance of her snatch. I thrust into her married depths. I groaned as her hot flesh engulfed me. My back arched, the pleasure shooting through me. This heat spilled down my cock and flooded my cunt.

I groaned as I dove deeper and deeper into her. "Oh, Lord, yes!" she moaned, half in prayer and half in rapture.

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"Thank you for bringing Alyessa into this world, for allowing us to unite our passions." "Amen," I moaned and then leaned over her, pressing my tits into hers as I kissed her on the mouth, her pussy clenching around my futa-dick. I pumped away at her pussy, thrusting into her juicy, married snatch. This was so wrong. Our naked breasts rubbed together, nipples kissing as I pumped my futa-dick in and out of her snatch. I groaned, my pussy clenching.

This heat surged through me. My eyes fluttered as my tongue danced with hers. This heat billowed through me. I pumped away harder, faster. I rammed my cock in and out of her pussy, reveling in this delicious passion.

Our tongues dueled while Ms. Evans and Mrs. Minx masturbated. "Mmm, yes, yes, pump that cute ass up and down," moaned my friend's mother. The blonde MILF let out a shuddering moan. "Ram that dick into her pussy! Anna's loving it!" Mrs. North moaned her agreement into our kiss. I broke it, staring into the eyes of the reverend's wife. Her dark eyes brimmed with passion. She gripped my ass, her fingernails digging into my rump as I pumped my young futa-cock into her mature, juicy depths.

"You're so big!" she moaned. "Oh, Alyessa, this is my dream! I never thought I would get to make love to a futa!" "Enjoy it!" I gasped, thrusting harder, pleasure spilling through me. "Yes, yes, enjoy it," moaned Ms. Evans, my Black teacher plunging fingers deep into her pussy. Her round breasts jiggled.

"I am!" Mrs. North moaned, her pussy squeezing around my dick as I plunged into her. Then I pulled back, that wonderful friction transforming into wild pleasure. "Oh, Lord, thank you for the miracle of Alyessa and her clit-dick!" "Thank you!" I moaned and, for the first time, I was thrilled to be a futa. I was having this wild fun. I kissed her hard again, my orgasm building fast at the tip of my girl-dick. I plundered Mrs.

North's married pussy hard and fast. I shuddered, my cunt clenching as the heat built and built in me. I couldn't take much more of this delicious, mature twat around my cock. Mrs. North felt too amazing.


She had such a hot grip on my dick. She squeezed and massaged it as I plundered into her, swelling that delicious ache. "I'm going to cum!" I moaned. "Yes, yes, yes!" howled the married MILF. "Flood me, Alyessa! Unleash your passion!" "Pump all that spunk into her!" Mrs.


Minx moaned. "Then I'm going to lick her clean." The sight of the blonde MILF licking her lips set me off. My clit-dick erupted before I could stop it. I plunged my spurting cock to the hilt in Mrs. North's pussy. The reverend's wife gasped, her eyes squeezing shut. Then her pussy spasmed around my dick.

As the pleasure swelled through me, my cock erupting hard and fast, I groaned. This was incredible. Her pussy writhed around my shaft. She milked me. She drew out my spunk. It fired deep into her twat. It flooded across her. I groaned, my heart pounding in my chest. Delight spilled through my body.

Jizz pumped out of my futa-dick over and over. Mrs. North squealed around my cock, bucking beneath me as I pumped her pussy full of my cum. I groaned, my back arching, my snatch convulsing. "Mrs. North!" I groaned as I fired that final blast of cum into her. My orgasm died into buzzing bliss.

"Mmm, that was so hot!" Mrs. Minx moaned, ripping her fingers out of her pussy. "Come on, get off of her, I want to lick Anna clean." "Really?" I gasped, shocked by that. I rose off Mrs. North, my softening cock sliding out of her pussy.

I gained my trembling feet and stepped back a few times. Mrs. Minx fell between Mrs. North's thighs. The reverend's wife gasped, her back arching.

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Mrs. Minx ate my cum out of her. "Oh, wow," gasped Mrs. North. "Mmm, that's it. Lick my pussy, Maddy!" My jaw dropped. Seeing the reverend's wife getting eaten out by a woman, enjoying lesbian sex, was somehow more shocking than her wanting to fuck my futa-dick.

My cock twitched at the sight, growing harder and harder. Then I was really blown away when Ms. Evans knelt behind Mrs. Minx. My eyes almost fell out of my sockets as my former teacher nuzzled her lips into Mrs. Minx's shaved pussy and licked. All three MILFs were engaging in such naughty, wicked, lesbian delights.

My dick swelled hard. I gained my second wind. "Oh, Lord, yes!" moaned Mrs. North as she squirmed on the floor. "Mmm, you taste good, Maddy," Ms.

Evans purred, her hips wiggling. My eyes were locked on her curly, black bush hiding her pussy. I fell to my knees in a trance. My pale cock smacked her dark rump, the cracking sound mixing with the sounds of pussy licking and women moaning in lesbian passion.

My futa-dick slid down her flesh, my pink tip nuzzling down her ebony skin. I pressed into her wiry bush. I groaned at the feel of her. She wiggled her hips, giving me the invitation to slide right into her depths.

"Ms. Evans, such a naughty teacher," I purred as my hands slid up her breasts. I gripped her tits, squeezing those round mounds. "I am," she groaned into Mrs. Minx's pussy. "Fuck her, Alyessa!" Mrs. North panted. She squirmed on the floor, her breasts jiggling. They were pillowy and soft. I thrust into my former teacher's pussy. She groaned as my futa-dick slid into her. My crotch smacked into her rump. Her butt-cheeks rippled. My tits heaved. I squeezed her breasts, kneading those firm, round pair.

She shuddered, her pussy stirring around my cock, massaging me with that wonderful silk. I stared down past my quivering breasts and watched my dick emerge from her pussy coated in her juices.

I shuddered as her twat clung to my flesh, squeezing around me. Juices flooded down my thighs, hot and sticky. She felt amazing. I thrust back into her.

I buried to the hilt in my teacher's twat. She groaned, her pussy squeezing around my cock. I moaned as I pumped away at her. I reveled being inside her. Older women were so sexy. So hot. I wanted to fuck every MILF in our town. They would all love my futa-cock. "Yes, yes, yes, pound her pussy, dear," Mrs. North moaned, both her hands gripping Mrs. Minx's blonde hair. My friend's mom feasted on Mrs. North's pussy, licking out my cum.

"Mmm, make a yummy treat." "God, yes," panted Ms. Evans. She wiggled her head and Mrs. Minx squealed. I shuddered, loving this delight. I fucked my sexy teacher as she ate my friend's mom who devoured the reverend's wife. It was a naughty chain of feminine pleasure. My futa-dick throbbed. My orgasm swelled as I plundered Ms. Evan's pussy. I thrust faster, harder into her. I stirred her up, her juicy flesh clinging to me.

My ovaries grew tighter, a fresh load of futa-cum brimming in there. I hoped I had bred her. That would be so hot. "Ms. Evans," I moaned. "Ooh, I'm going to fire so much cum into you. I might just breed you." "Mmm, give her a miracle!" gasped Mrs. North. "That's so hot! Yes, yes, do it!" I watched in awe as the reverend's wife bucked and shuddered. It was obvious she was cumming hard on Mrs. Minx's lips. Mrs. North gripped the blonde's hair, her tits heaving as she thrashed on the ground, her pants exploding through the air.

"Lick my pussy! Yes, yes! Lick up all my cream!" "Ooh, do it, Mrs. Minx!" I moaned, fucking Ms. Evans's pussy harder. I was inspired by this naughty sight. My dick ached and throbbed. The pleasure surged through me. Every thrust brought me closer and closer to exploding. My heart thundered in my chest. This heat swelled through me, threatening to drown me.

I licked my lips, my tits heaving before me as I fucked Ms. Evans. My hands kneading her tits worked down those plump mounds to find her nipples. She gasped into Mrs. Minx's pussy as I twisted them. The MILF thrust her hips back, working her pussy up and down my shaft. "Oh, you naughty thing!" she groaned. "Ooh, you're going to make me cum." "It's the best!" whimpered Mrs. North. "Cumming is the Lord's gift to women! We need to give each other so many orgasms! And you have.

You have your cock, Alyessa! It's how special you are!" "Yes!" Mrs. Minx moaned. "So suck my clit, Liddy! Fucking make me cum!" The blonde MILF kept licking Mrs. North. The reverend's wife bucked on the floor. It was clear she shuddered through another orgasm. My friend's mom wiggled her tan ass as Ms. Evans feasted. I heard my teacher sucking on something. On Mrs. Minx's clit? I bet so. My clit-dick throbbed in my teacher's depths. I tugged on her nipples and thrust hard and fast into her depths.

The ache built and built at the tip of my cock. I was coming closer and closer to breeding Ms. Evan. To pumping her full of my jizz. "Liddy, fucking, yes!" Mrs. Minx howled, her head snapping up from between Mrs. North's thighs. "That's it! Fuck!" I gasped, witnessing juices gushing out of Mrs. Minx's pussy. She coated Ms. Evans's cheeks. More cream spilled down Mrs.

Minx's tanned thighs. The scent of her sweet musk filled my nose. I thrust hard into Ms. Evans. "You squirted!" I gasped. "Liddy's amazing!" Mrs. Minx moaned, her back arched. "Oh, yes, yes, keep sucking my clit!" I buried into Ms. Evan's pussy, my dick on the verge of erupting.

As I drew back my futa-cock, my teacher's cunt went wild. She moaned, voice muffled by the blonde MILF's cunt. I shuddered, my teacher cumming about my cock. Sucking at my futa-dick. "You want me to breed you?" I howled and buried back into her depths.

My dick erupted. My cum fired into Mrs. Evan's depths. The pleasure screamed through me, slamming into my mind. I groaned, stars bursting across my vision. This heady rush surged through me. Dizzy rapture spilled over my mind. Ecstasy washed out of my pussy. My teacher's cunt milked my dick. "Pump all that futa-seed in me!" my teacher moaned.

"Breed me, Alyessa!" "Breed her!" moaned Mrs. North. She licked her lips, her hands kneading her large tits. "Oh, that's hot," Mrs. Minx panted. "Uh-huh," I moaned. Ms. Evan's pussy wrung out my cock. I groaned as her writhing flesh worked out every drop of my cum.

My head spun dizzily around me. My eyes fluttered. I gripped her, savoring this incredible delight spilling through me. I loved cumming in a MILF's pussy. Older women were the best. "Oh, Alyessa," panted Ms. Evans. "Mmm, you flooded me." "Uh-huh," I panted as I pulled out of Ms. Evan's pussy. Mrs. North sat up, smiling from her orgasm. I was dizzy from my second orgasm, my cheeks burning. I stumbled back and sank down in a recliner, my breasts heaving, my red hair swaying about my flushed face.

"Damn," I groaned, fanning myself and watching my cum leaking out of Ms. Evan's snatch. My pearly jizz stained her dark bush. "Mmm, I have to eat you!" panted Mrs. North.

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"Come sit on my face, Liddy." "Oh, yes!" my teacher moaned. She lifted her face from Mrs. Minx's cunt and moved over. I shook my head, watching in disbelieve as the reverend's wife and my teacher fell into a sixty-nine, both eating pussy, Mrs.

North devouring my cum out of Ms. Evan's twat. My cock, twitched, growing hard again, the pressure aching at the tip.

I wasn't my futa-mother, Becky. I couldn't fuck and fuck. "Mmm, I hope you have something left in the tank for me," Mrs. Minx purred. She backed towards me, shaking that golden-tan rump at me, her pussy glistening from Ms. Evan's licking. "Need a few minutes," I panted, my body buzzing from my orgasm. "Mmm, just think about sliding into this hole," the blonde MILF said. She parted her butt-cheeks, the finger of her right hand sliding down her crack to her brown, wrinkled asshole.

She pressed the tip in and whimpered. My dick sprang hard in a flash. "Really?" I gasped. "You're all nice and lubed up by Liddy's juices," the MILF moaned as she fingered her sphincter. "I want it. I want to feel that big futa-cock reaming my asshole." I groaned, the moans of Mrs.

North and Ms. Evans filling the air. I flicked to the two MILF's sixty-nining, ebony flesh rubbing on ivory. My dick twitched and ached. I thought I was empty, but I wanted more. "I love being a futa," I moaned as I slipped off the chair. "Wonderful," moaned Mrs. Minx. "Just slide that cock into me." I fell to my knees before her, my cock smacking into her rump. Pleasure echoed through the room, mixing with that naughty sound. Her fingers dug into her butt-cheeks, keeping them spread open for me.

I smeared pussy cream across her rump as I moved my cock into position. I never even imagined I would get this treat. I pressed my cock against her butt-hole, my heart screaming in my chest. I bit my lip, my pussy dripping juices down my thighs. I rubbed my futa-dick against her asshole, drinking in the feel of her backdoor. "Fuck my ass, Alyessa!" she moaned.

"Yes, Mrs. Minx!" I moaned and pressed my cock forward. I groaned as my dick pushed against her anal ring. Her sphincter widened. That brown hole swelled and swelled. It swallowed my cock. This new sensation, this velvety grip of her asshole, engulfed my cock. I slid into her bowels. My pussy clenched as the pleasure flowed down my shaft. It was different from what I was used to. This hot, tight grip that had me feeling dizzy and light-headed. I groaned, shaking my head.

My heart pounded in my chest as I sank deeper and deeper into her. She squeezed her bowels around me. It was different from pussy. Not as wet, though it had a juicy feel, a rougher delight from cunt. Not that silky slide. It was tight the entire way, too. I groaned as she whimpered, her back arching, blonde hair swaying about her shoulders.

"Damn, Alyessa! "she groaned. "Goddamn, you're hung! Ooh, you got that futa-dick in my asshole!" "Uh-huh," I moaned, my shaved pussy lips pressing against her rump. The feel of her tanned ass on my labia sent tingles rippling through me. Cream ran down my thighs. I drew back my cock and then slammed into her again. I buried into her again and again. I pumped my clit-dick over and over into her bowels. She whimpered and moaned.

Her asshole gripped me. That velvety delight massaged the tip of my cock. Pleasure spilled down it, making my pussy feel juicier and juicier. "Yes, yes, yes, pound me!" she moaned. "Oh, that's good! Fuck my asshole, Alyessa!" "I am, Mrs.

Minx!" I said, awe thick in my voice as my freckled breasts bounced before me. "Oh, wow, it feels incredible. You feel incredible." Her bowels squeezed around my dick. This wild ache sent dizzying lust spilling through me. I groaned, my pussy dripping juices down my thighs. This heat spilled over me. I groaned, my eyes rolling back in my head.

The heat surged through me. I gripped her hips, pounding her. I buried my cock into her depths again and again. This delicious heat washed through my flesh again and again. My dick throbbed in her bowels while my pussy juices ran down my thighs. Her velvety grip swelled the ache at my cock's tip.

That pressure needed to explode out of me. "I'm going to flood your bowels, Mrs. Minx!" "Good!" she moaned. She threw a look over her shoulder, her blue eyes glassy. "Just pound me! Ooh, I love it! You're such a naughty futa!" I grabbed my breasts, squeezing and kneading them as I fucked her.

I twisted my nipples as I drove my cock over and over into her. My labia smacked into her rump again and again. Naughty tingles of pleasure shot through me while my dick throbbed in her bowels' grip. My eyes flicked to Ms. Evans and Mrs. North. The reverend's wife gripped my teacher's dark rump. The pair moaned and gasped, feasting on each other with such passion.

I couldn't believe that they were getting so wild. That they were so naughty. "Anna!" whimpered Ms. Evans. "Yes, yes, lick all that cum out of me! Mmm, I love eating your pussy." I shuddered. Loved. Did they do this a lot? My head grew dizzy as the pair writhed together. I felt like I didn't know my town at all. It was so hot. These beautiful MILFs were doing naughty things with each other, and I was joining the fun. I was using my cock to give them such rapture.

I thrust harder, faster. I pounded into my friend's mom hard. I drove into Mrs. Minx bowels with all my strength, twisting my nipples. The ache grew and grew at the tip of my cock. I shuddered, coming closer to my eruption. My pussy dripped juices down my thighs. My ovaries brimmed with my cum. I tugged hard on my nipples. Electricity shot down to my pussy. I whimpered, my fiery hair dancing about my head. I shuddered as my orgasm swelled and swelled. I breathed in the wonderful musk of all our pussies, fanning my excitement.

We were sharing this wild passion. Moans echoed as we all approached our orgasms. Mine was just a few strokes away. I plundered Mrs. Minx's bowels with hard strokes, gasping, twisting my hard nipples. My pussy clenched. My ovaries quivered. "Yes!" Mrs. Minx howled. "Oh, Alyessa, you're amazing!" "Wonderful," whimpered Mrs. North. "A miracle!" "I am!" I gasped, so thankful to be a futa. I buried into Mrs. Minx's asshole.

My cum erupted. Pleasure shot through me. It slammed through my body. My pussy convulsed, juices gushing down my thighs as I pumped the MILF full of all my cum. "You sweet thing!" gasped Mrs. Minx, her bowels writhing around my futa-dick. "Oh, yes, yes, give me all that jizz!" "Then I'll lick her clean!" gasped Mrs. North. "Ooh, Liddy, yes, yes! I'm cumming! You know what I love!" I groaned, my futa-dick spurting blast after blast of cum into Mrs. Minx's bowels while my teacher squealed.

All of us were cumming. We were all filling the living room with our gasps and moans. Rapture and ecstasy slammed through me.

I threw back my head as my orgasm carried me to such a height. Stars burst across my vision. I drank in the bliss, hanging at the peak of my climax.

I clawed it, wanting to stay there. It was rapture for one moment of perfection. Then it died. "Mrs. Minx," I moaned, leaning over her, her bowels milking my futa-cock dry. "Yes, yes, yes!" the MILF howled. "Anna!" gasped Ms. Evan's squirming atop the reverend's wife.

I quivered there, my dick spurting the last blast of cum into Mrs. Minx's asshole when the front door burst open. I threw a panicked looked, expecting to see Mr. North striding in and finding the orgy in his living room. Instead, it was my friend, Jasmine, her blonde hair bouncing about her excited face. "Oh, my god, Alyessa, why are you ignoring your phone and.?" Her words trailed off. "Mom! Alyessa! What. what.?" "Oh, honey, no," groaned Mrs. Minx, her bowels clenching around my cock.

"Jasmine," I gasped, ripping out of her mother's asshole, my dick bobbing before her. My friend stared at my dick. Her jaw dropped. Then she whirled around and fled without saying a word, slamming the door behind her.

My stomach dropped. This wave of shameful guilt swept over me. She was the last person I wanted to catch me like this. "Oh, shit," Mrs. Minx groaned. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ November 12nd, 2045 Alyessa Howards "They made me realize that I wasn't a freak," I told Adelia as the cameras streamed our interview out to the world as I talked about that day seven years ago.

"That I was something special. It gave me peace. It let me enjoy myself." Adelia nodded her head. She had such lovely, coffee-brown skin. She was a MILF. She had borne one of my sisters, who was off to college, or so I'd heard.

My dick tingled. I put my hand on her thigh, feeling her warmth. She smiled back. "Did you breed any of those women?" she asked. "You thought you might have bred Ms. Bates." Ms. Bates was the pseudonym I used for Ms. Evans. I winked at Adelia. "I'm not the only futa in Jefferson any longer. I have a few daughters of my own.

Nothing to rival my mother, of course." Adelia threw back her head and laugh. "That's still wonderful." I did breed Ms. Evans that summer. When I came back for Christmas break, I was ecstatic to find out. I didn't breed the reverend's wife, and I never had sex with Mrs. Minx again, but there were a few other MILFs in the community that were eager. I left a baby growing in Tessa Isaacs that break. "In fact, I just found out I'm going to be a mother again." The audience applauded.

I smiled at them, loving the attention. "So, what about your friend, Marybeth?" Adelia asked when the clapping died down, using the pseudonym I gave for Jasmine.

"Well, I'm afraid, if anyone wants to know what happened, they'll have to read the book. I can't give away all the good bits." Her hand patted mine, squeezing it. "Maybe you could give me a private reading?" I winked at her. "Well," she said, straightening, "it has been a pleasure, Alyessa." She glanced at the cameras. "You can buy her book, Accepting Being Futa in a Post Becky World, in the online store of your choice. It's available as an ebook or a physical copy for those Luddites out there who love paper." A few women giggled in the crowd.

"Thank you all for watching. I hope you have a wonderful week." The lights on the camera's died. I survived my first interview. My futa-dick was eager for the other.

"So, what did happen with your friend?" Adelia asked, her hand sliding higher and higher up my thigh. I grinned at her. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ August 21st, 2036 I caught up with Jasmine at the park, scared and trembling all at the same time. It was a small swath of green grass near the center of the tiny town. She was sitting on a bench beneath a wisteria tree, staring down at her phone. "Hey," I said, slinking up to her. Her eyes flicked up at me, blue and distant. She then darted down to my crotch.

I didn't tuck my futa-cock between my thighs during my hasty dressing at Mrs. North's house; I was done with hiding who I was.

The bulge was a little obvious, even without me being hard. "So. you're a futa," she said, her feet rubbing in the dirt. I nodded. "You didn't tell me?" There was true pain in her voice. In her eyes. They brimmed as they stared at me. "Sorry," I said. I edged closer to her.

"I was afraid." "Why?" She bolted to her feet. "Have I ever done anything in my life that made you think I wouldn't be supportive of you? That I wouldn't be your friend if you didn't tell me?" I swallowed. I lowered my head. "No." "Then why, Alyessa?" I flinched at the pain in her voice. My right foot furrowed a trench into the dirt. My heart beat so fast, screaming through me. I had to say something, but my tongue just felt so heavy. It didn't want to work.

I didn't want to admit the truth. "So that's it?" she demanded. "Eighteen years of friendship, and you won't even talk to me? I thought we could share everything!" She marched up into my face and poked me in the chest.

I stumbled back, her fingernail biting into my sternum. I winced. Tears burned in my eyes. "Nothing? Is that all I meant to you?" I shook my head. "I. I. I didn't know how to tell you without admitting it to myself." "To yourself?" I looked up at her. "I just wanted to be normal." "You are normal!" She stamped her foot.

"There's nothing weird about futas. I know adults might think they're weird, but you're not. You're just you, Alyessa." I rubbed my arm. "Were you going to pretend your whole life? Were you going to fake that you.?" Her eyes widened.

"You don't even like boys, do you?" "No," I admitted. "All those time we talked about kissing cute boys, you were thinking about kissing my mom? Or Ms. Evans and Mrs. North?" I nodded my head. "I like women. Especially older women. They're." I trailed off, remembering that one of those women was her mother. I stared at my friend. "I'm sorry I lied to you. I didn't know how to tell you, and the longer it went, the worst I knew it would be, so I kept hiding it. I kept pretending to be something I'm not.

But." I drew in a deep breath. "I'm a futa, Jasmine. I'm so sorry for lying to you. I get that you hate me." "I don't hate you," she muttered. Then she balled up her fist and punched me in the shoulder.

"Owe," I gasped, rubbing it. "That's for fucking my mother!" she said. "Eww, is that why she had to change the sheets when I was taking a shower a few days ago? Did you and her?" "Well." "Oh, gross," she groaned.

"That's my bed!" "I won't do it with her any longer," I said. "I mean, I think she just wanted to fuck a futa. It didn't matter who." "Yeah, most girls are like that," muttered Jasmine. Then she gave a look. "Do you want to fuck me.?

I mean." Her cheeks went red. "You've seen me mostly naked!" "You're my friend," I said. "God, it's not like I want to bone every girl in the world." "Your mother does." "I'm not her," I said. "I'm Alyessa. I'm myself. I like older women. I'm sorry I fucked your mother. I get if you hate me or something." She puffed out her cheeks, her blonde hair dancing around her shoulders.

"I kinda want to hate you but." "But." She flung herself at me, hugging me tight. "We're friends. Friends stick together, even when one of them does something colossally stupid." I stood there stunned.

My arms twitched. I couldn't believe this was happening. They went around her, hugging her. I held my friend tight to me. My eyes squeezed shut. She accepted me, too. She didn't hate me. She had every right to. Tears burned my eyes. "Jasmine," I croaked. "I. I." "Oh, don't start crying," she whimpered.

"I'll cry, too, and I'm not wearing tear-resistant mascara. I'll look like a mess." "That's what you're concerned about right now?" I gasped. "Well, I was going to hook up with Carter in an hour," she said, shivering.

"You know, one little fling before we go off to college." I smiled. "Right, I wouldn't want to make you look like a mess." I hugged her tighter. "Thank you, Jasmine.

I don't deserve this." "I know," she said, rocking me. "But this is going to give me big-time bucks to cash in when I fuck up next time. You can't be mad at me for my first big screw-up at college." "Deal," I said, unable to help the joy bursting through me. Maybe if I was my mother, I'd be fucking Jasmine hard on the ground right now, but I wasn't Becky Woodward.

I was Alyessa Howard, a futa who had a thing for MILFs. I bet there would be a few of them at college. It was enough that Jasmine and I were just best friends forever. I was glad I hadn't ruined anything. "Just don't. with my mother, okay?" Jasmine said as she broke away.

"I won't," I told her. "I better keep an eye on her when you're around," she muttered, hooking her arm around mine. "I trust you. Now, come on, I need your advice on what I'm going to wear." I smiled as we walked off. It felt nice not having to tuck my cock, to be free and open about who I was. No one should be ashamed of the true person they were. Those they love should accept them, support them, care for them. That was the world I wanted.

A world I hoped my futa-mother was building. The END of This Story of the Daughters of World's First Futa