Black shemale enjoys a big white dick

Black shemale enjoys a big white dick
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THE SOUNDS OF INCEST A Mother's Moans, A Son's Sighs by Oediplex 8==3~ (By the way, since some folks asked, 8==3~ is my own emoticon invention entitled the 'cumming cock'; balls 8 shaft == head 3 cum ~ It authenticates emails sent by me in response to inquiries about further resources on the topic of Mother/son incest, including information about Pandora's Box the world's finest artist of M/s incest and who's 'il-lust-rations' are the inspiration for many of my stories.

Our collaboration on the graphic story "Slipping Into My Sleeping Mom" is available on-line elsewhere. For more information on that project email me. For a description of the sort of work he does read "Pandora's Box Got Me Mom's Box".) {Adult literature. The author neither advocates nor encourages any illegal or harmful activities which may damage oneself or another; either physically or emotionally or in any other way. If you find sexual situations offensive you are free to not continue reading this story.

This story is based on real people, real situations and real desires.} My name maiden name was Mona Coit; a moaner during coitus.

That's an unintended pun my parents made, because I have always been vocal during sex, even when I masturbate. I guess it runs in the family, I remember hearing my folks making love on occasion. Though, that was rarely and even then they tried to mask the sounds with music or a fan going or some other noise. It didn't work, but I respected their privacy and their room was at the other end of the house I grew up in, so I seldom listened in.

But both were making those primitive sounds we all make when screwing. Mom especially would tell dad how she wanted it. I don't know if it's from hearing her or just genetic that I do that too. But this story is not about them, it's about my son and I. Maybe if I had been the silent type, what happened would not have.

But I'm not, and it did, and we did. Yes, we fucked committed incest. I didn't intend for our actions to lead to our relationship, however since we crossed the line, there is no going back.

I'm now forty-two, we have been intimate for just under a year now. It happened last summer, when Jeff, my son, returned home freshly graduated from prep school. Ready to go to an Ivy League college in the fall. So he took the summer off, no camp counseling, no summer job, lazy bum time. Why not? We didn't need the money, his father's insurance had left us well off, that and the investments we had made. I worked high end real estate in a fancy community of Connecticut and made damn good money.

On top of all that, the house was willed to us by my folks, and we had lived in it since they retired to Florida, so finances were not any problem. Both my folks were gone now and my husband too. Dad had a massive stroke and mom and my husband both died of cancer.

My spouse most tragically three years ago. He would have been 45 in September. So it's just Jeff and I, in a big house, all by ourselves. Except that he was gone for most of the school year, of course. Therefore, I wasn't used to him being around the house. That summer I forgot sometimes that he was home and several times walked around in just my panties and bra.

When he came upon me in such a state of undress we didn't make a big deal of it and I would go and put on a robe.

On the other hand Jeff would parade in his jockeys in the morning for breakfast or at night going to the bathroom. It didn't bother me, except when he had a woodie in the AM.

The damn thing nearly would pop the tip above the waist band it was so long. One time we even had an encounter when we both were nude. I had been taking a shower and had neglected to close the door all the way, so as to let out the steam.

Just as I got out of the shower and was reaching to grab a towel - in walked my son naked as a jay bird. With an full blown erection. Now I know the natural thing for a gal to do is to cover up the best she can and snap up the nearest towel for modesty.

But I didn't. I was like a deer caught in the headlights, I froze at the sight of his gorgeous cock. I admit that I had been curious at what lurked beneath the briefs. I had always found the male member a thing of fascination. He stood there, an Adonis, a Greek statue, but at attention like the ancients didn't ever carve. It was more like those on the Hindu temples showing sex acts.

However, this was not stone but turgid living flesh. I hadn't seen a man's dick in three years, and this was a beaut of a boner. For his part he made the most of the long minute we stared at one another.

My body was still in fair shape having played tennis with my gal-pals, and gone to the gym in the mornings for one exercise group or another. My husband used to compare me to Tinkerbell, a spritely blond with a good bust and slim hips.

Jeff made a direct survey of my charms, the pink tipped melons and the wispy golden triangle of my pussy. I felt myself getting strangely tingly between my legs - as my nipples hardened and I blushed. If it had been his dad, I would have jumped his bones right there and then.

It was a hot moment. But Jeff finally retreated, saying, "Sorry, mom, I didn't think you were in here, since the door was open. I was going to take a shower." (Our home was 2&1/2 baths but this was the only one that had an enclosed shower equipped with a big adjustable head. It was off my master bedroom, the other downstairs just had a tub/shower and no frills.) "Unless you want to share one?" he offered.

"No, Jeffy!" I replied. "I'm finished, thank you very kindly. . ." I said with a tone indicating I would not go for that. The very idea of taking a shower with my grown son!! "Nice bod!" The young rascal called back through the door he closed behind him. The kid was getting more smart mouthed as the summer progressed.

"Remember, I used to change your diapers. I've seen your butt naked more times that you can count!" "Yeah? Well how's it look now?" And he stuck his hind-end back through, mooning his mom. I looked at the ass that poked out from behind the door. I couldn't see his face, but I knew he had a big silly grin on it.

I had to admit, he always had a great set of buns, and now they made my mouth water or somewhere else on my body moisten! "And if you don't want that thing paddled, just like I did when you were little, you'll get gone and give me some privacy.

I'll let you know when it's your turn." I said with a laugh. But his buns were scrumptious. "Stop being so cheeky with your old mom!" I said as I heard him leave finally. "Ta ta to the ta-tas," he called Later I wondered if that incident had been so innocent; if it had been merely accidental or more of a deliberate attempt to get a gander at me stripped. Well, he certainly got what he came for. To ogle me, and show off his prick and muscular physique too?

If so it worked. If his purpose was to get his mother interested in his body, that had done the trick. I wasn't warm for his form right then but in light of subsequent events, it had the desired effect.

********************************** I came home early one day from work. My schedule varied; as showing the properties was on the clients available time, so my hours were not regular. I arrived and entered the house, as I passed Jeff's room on the way to mine, I heard something through his door. I try to respect his privacy, but this was something that stopped me in my tracks. It was a female's voice. At first I thought he had a date over and they were making out.

But in a moment I realized the gal was having an orgasm! I kept listening, out of motherly curiosity don't want the kid to get some girl knocked-up. However, as I listen for a moment, I could tell that it was not live but recorded on tape. 'Ah-Ha!' I thought, 'He's got a porno tape on.' But then I heard the woman cry out, "Ooh! Yess!! Deeper, harder. . hard and deep" I know just how she feels, I thought to myself.

Then I had the psychological equivalent of a bucket of ice-water dumped on my brain. I knew how that felt because IT WAS ME!! That was me; that is, a recording of me, cumming! The tape played on even though my mind was completely stopped. "Deeper, deeper. . I want you deep, give it to me as hard as you can oh god fuck me. . fuck me now with your hard cock. . pound my pussy, make me cum, make me cum nooww!!

Yes, yess, YES I'M CUMMING. . UH UUHH!!" I listened to myself finishing my orgasm with heavy panting, giving way to little coo's and murmurs.

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It had been a good one! I acted without thinking. I grabbed the knob and swung the door open. There was my son, naked on his bed, his hand on his dick, his penis oozing white goo, his eyes closed, his breath ragged, his climax obvious, his oblivion complete he didn't know I was seeing him in the aftermath of masturbating.

I immediately realized that any confrontation would be totally embarrassing to us both, that I didn't have the slightest idea of what to say or how to deal with the situation.

I closed the door silently and went to my room. I locked the door to my bedroom not that I expected him to try to come in, but in an irrational reaction to protect my privacy. When to think of it I had invaded his. I couldn't imagine where he had gotten a recording of me having a climax. I sounded like that often enough when his father had fucked me had his dad made a tape of our love-making? I didn't think so. Why was he listening to his mother's orgasm, didn't he have any video pornography?

How often had he done this? My head was filled with questions. I took a couple of aspirin in the bathroom. I lay down and tried to sort things out in my head. It must have been when I masturbated one night. Perhaps a couple of weeks ago when I thought he was out and had given myself a real workout with my dildos. (Hey! A gal gets horny too!) But how?

A micro recorder under the bed? A wireless mike hooked to a receiver? Then I realized the simple answer. What ever the mechanism the tape was on, it was by way of the household intercom that was able to be either a baby monitor or call everybody to dinner or play the radio in any room. Seventies technology true, but still in working order and effective enough to do the job, as I heard for myself. Other questions arose, how often had he done that? Was he thinking of me or was it just the sound of a female climaxing that was his turn on.

How many recordings of me did he have? Should I confront him, or not? How should I handle this, ought I put a stop to it? How would he like it if the tables were turned? Stupid question he'd like it.

Well, I had sort of, hadn't I? There was Jeff, with his nice big (seven incher?) cock stroking and jism running out. I had always like to watch a guy jerk-off; my boyfriends, my husband, once I even caught my brother and he did it while I looked on.

Sure fellas didn't mind a girl watching, it fueled their fantasies. I used to even get my husband to do it as a form of foreplay, then before he would blast, I hopped on and finished him off; cumming myself with a nice explosion. I was one of those gals that liked visual stimulus. Jeff's image reformed in my imagination and I saw him in my mind's eye stoking the pink tower of power.

I unconsciously reached between my legs under my skirt and stuck my hands into my panties. "Yes, Jeffy, do it for mommy!" I said softly. The words said out loud startled me. Was I thinking about my own son? Yes I was well who could blame me? When I realized that I was diddling myself, I didn't stop it felt too nice being nasty.

The image of his body that time in the bathroom floated up. I thought about what if he had started to masturbate while looking at his naked mother. And what if I had also touch myself too, in front of my sexy son? God I was wet, as my finger rubbed the nub of my clit. I lay on my bed and the fantasy continued. I saw him reach over and stroke my nipples, he was getting close, I knew the signs. My finger entered my vagina, both real and his digit in my dream. He began to spew thick cream, and my spasm over took me as I lifted my hips off the bed and ached for a man to fill me, fuck me, make me take me over the brink into ecstasy.

I lay there panting for long minutes, sweating and astounded at what I had just done. I felt slightly guilty for my lascivious thoughts. At the same time I wondered if I could use the same trick to listen to my son on the sly, while he masturbated. Wouldn't that be naughty? Wouldn't that be delicious? ********************************** Not that night, I figured we had both gotten our jollys, but the next night I set up the intercom to listen in on my son. It took a couple of evenings though before I once more heard sounds that were him getting into bed and then begin to listen to his secret tape of his mother.

I had my dildos ready, I have several, vibrating ones, one that fits on a finger, etc. That evening I chose the one molded from a porn star with the 'natural feel'. It reminded me the most of my son's cock, it was almost it's twin, all seven inches.

The surreptitious nature of the spying and the eroticism of a forbidden foray into incest fantasy gave my libido a zing. I lay naked on my bed as I knew Jeff was on his, and as he listen to me on the recording I listen to him on the intercom. I could hear me moaning on the tape and my son saying, "Please mom, you're so beautiful, just let me see you again, like that time in the bathroom?" I got wet remembering that too.

I moved the dildo on my clit. "Yes, mom, let me kiss you; I can make you feel so good. . ." So he was thinking about me! "Just let me put the tip in? Just to see what it's like. . I promise I won't go too far, just the tip mom?" I moved the dildo, which I now thought of as 'Jeffy', down to my vagina and slipped the tip in following Jeff's fantasy. "Oh you're so hot and wet, mommy!" Indeed, I was! "Does it feel good? Maybe a little more, just half way, Okay?" I knew he couldn't resist his mommy's pussy.

I used 'Jeffy' to put another inch in. I amazed myself, here I was simulating fucking my son, while I simultaneously listened to him pretending to screw me. I could tell by the sounds from the speaker that my son was beginning to make long strokes on that sweet meat tube at his loins by the slap-slap of his fist beating a steady rhythm. I use the artificial penis in my vagina in like measure.

Then I heard myself crying out, "Ooh! Yess!! Deeper, harder. . hard and deep" The recording had reached that part where I was about to climax. And I was right there too, I was ready for him to thrust strongly and fully, the 'Jeffy' prick pushed up to my womb again and again.

The tape said the words for me. "Deeper, deeper. . I want you deep, give it to me as hard as you can" Jeff himself was now crying out, "Yes mom!! I need to fuck you oh god! Fuck me mommy!! "Oh god fuck me. . fuck me now with your hard cock", the tape played, I whimpered softly, "Yes. . .yess oh do it to mommy!" I heard, "Pound my pussy, make me cum, make me cum nooww!! Jeff said in unison with my pleadings, "Yeah mom! We're doing it, I'm making you cum, I'm cumming with mommy.

Jeffy is cumming in you! Ahh! Uh. . Uh. . uuhhh!!! And I screamed at the top of my lungs, "Yes Jeff, Yes, yess, YES I'M CUMMING Cum in me sweet baby, Oh Jeffy. . UH UUHH!!" The dildo was making me froth with action as my hand moved it in a frenzy to and fro in my cunt. I came so hard that my back arched and my feet clenched, as I pictured my son over me and pounding his stiff staff deep into my vagina and letting loose a big, hot dollop of jism.

Then all that I heard was Jeff and myself (both live and recorded) panting heavily and making those little cooing sounds and soft murmurs. It had been a good one! For both of us. - But - Had he heard me down the hall? I had screamed - had the recording drowned out my real orgasm, had Jeff been so preoccupied with his own climax and calling out that he missed the fact that I was participating in his imagined screwing of his mommy?

Or did he detect that there were two people in the house masturbating to the same fantasy? Oh god! What if he had heard me? Would he come and find me in my bedroom, on the bed, with my legs spread wide open, with a fleshy dildo still up my pussy?

He then would know I also had been guilty of incestuous desires. That his mommy had the hots for him too! Would he pull out the 'Jeffy' fake dick and plug in the real one? I couldn't let that happen. .


. now that the heat of the moment was over. . I realized that letting my son fuck me for real would be a disaster. At least a development I would have no idea how to handle. No, I would not let that come cum about. Fantasy was one thing, but actually crossing the line was completely something else.

I listened intently. But I heard nothing from the intercom. Did that mean he was coming down the hall even now? Then I relaxed as I heard the soft sounds of snoring. Wasn't that just like a man?

To fall asleep after sex no cuddling, no after-play, no going down to finish me off. Even if it was imaginary. Well, I had my vibrator I switched it on and gave myself another little cum before falling asleep too.

********************************** In the morning, I got up and took a quick shower, threw on the first night gown that came to hand out of the dresser and went downstairs to the kitchen. A little while latter Jeff appeared, but he said nothing to indicate he had any suspicion of what had been a mutual - abet in separate rooms - masturbation session.

He was in his underpants as usual. No morning woody, I was a little disappointed to observe. I guessed he wore it out the night before, thinking about being in his mom. I poured him a glass of orange juice and got him out the jelly for his toast.

He followed my movements, a peculiar look on his face. As I fixed him a poached egg I could feel his gaze on me as he ate. I put the plate in front of him, bending down to see if he would steal a gander at my breasts. Sure enough, he did. As I was placing the dish I glanced at his crotch, my prince's sceptre was bulging prominently in his drawers. And Jiminy! It was now poking the tip above the elastic, a bright russet plum with the hole glistening with a drop of clear pre-cum dew.

What had gotten the boy so worked up about, since he sat down? The thin fabric outlined the straining staff, I was mesmerized for a moment. Then his voice brought me back, "Gosh, mom you are so beautiful this morning!" I smiled, "Thanks, sweety. Have a good sleep?" "Yeah, I did. You?" "Oh I had wonderful dreams last night of a handsome knight who came and .

('boy did he ever come', I thought to myself) "annd hee. . .", I stalled as I saw Jeff smirk at the word 'came'. I wasn't the only one of us thinking in double entendres this morning.

"And he carried me away to an enchanted kingdom where we lived happily ever after." I finished. ('I certainly got carried away by your fantasy', went through my risque brain.) But I didn't dare say such a thing out loud and give my son the wrong eh, the right but naughty impression. I sat down to take a sip of my coffee and for a moment had a little fantasy of my own. I pictured going over to my athletic son and pulling his skivvies right off, exposing the rude rod that was already rearing it's sexy head.

In a single motion I divest myself of my nightgown and high stepped over his seated naked form. I offered one tit to his lips, the left, my most erogenous of the pair, with one hand and with my other hand deftly guide that burning log of manhood to the lubricated fireplace between my legs.

As I sink gently upon my son, Jeffy sucks in my nipple and squeezes my buns with both strong hands. He goes all the way up, and we stay like that for a whole minute.

Then I begin to do a lap dance like no other gal has ever given her guy, a hula girl has nothing on my hips. "Mom?" Jeff's voice breaks the spell and I crash back to reality. "Are you okay? You got this funny look on your face all of a sudden like you were thinking about -" "I'm fine!" I interrupt him before he suggest something too close to home. I abruptly pick up his plate and carry it to the sink.

After a brief moment Jeff gets up and comes up behind me. "Mommy?" Jeff says in an odd voice, did you," he hesitates, "did you wear that nightgown down here to breakfast for my benefit because if you did I really do appreciate it a lot." I suddenly become aware that I have on the sheerest gown I have, practically see-thru, and no panties, much less no bra or any kind of top.

I'm nearly naked. "A lot. . " Jeff repeats and as if to emphasize his point he pushes his erection right between my cheeks. I can even feel his hairy balls rubbing my ass and GOD! I've gotten a wet spot from where I was sitting thinking about fucking my boy and he must have been able to see it.

To make things worse I moisten again, so much so I must be dripping on the kitchen floor and I feel like I'm about to swoon into his arms. And he could do to me whatever he desires, because I desire lust for the same!! "Jeffy", I say to deflect what I had resolved last night to avoid, a consanguine coupling with my kid, " why don't you go and take your shower now?" He says in my ear, half serious, I can tell, "Want to join me?" "JEFFY!" I turn, a mistake because this puts my pussy and his peter in close proximity, brushing up against one another.

His arms go to my back in a tender hug. "I'm. .I'm your mother, you . shouldn't think about me that way." ('You're one to talk!" pipes up the naughty girl in my head). "Too tempting aay mom?" he teases, pushing toward me with his hips and I feel his hard-on against my mons. Little does he know, or does he suspect? Or does he know?? "If I was to take you up on your offer I don't think you could handle it.

I'd eat you up!!" I try bombast to make a joke, and laugh. "Is that a threat or a promise?" he tosses back at me and then to my surprise and delight but I dare not show it he gives me a huge kiss, right on the lips. It last longer that it should, but I am loving it so much that I let it linger, until he tries a bit of tongue.

At that, my maternal instincts makes a weak return to some semblance of sanity and I break it off and gently push him away with a tap on his chest. "Fresh! You're asking for a paddling on your behind, mister!" "Well, okay, but I could handle you if you took up my invitation; in fact, I would love to handle you all over." Before I can express my shock, or say 'I know you would' and follow him; he turns and quickly exits.

As soon as I hear his door close, I dash to my bedroom and throw myself on the bed, tummy down. I pull my diaphanous shift above my hips and thrust my fingers into my soaking, burning pussy.

I stroke the clit furiously and my climax rises like a skyrocket and I am about to burst into a spectacular explosion, when the sound of my door opening penetrates my dim awareness. I say, "OH! JEFFY!" both as I was thinking about him penetrating me with his big cock and as a protest that I have been caught in such a compromising position. He can see everything, I mean everything; cunt, anus, mommy's orgasm as the clutching nether lips flutter and the asshole contracts, my gasps and groans at the spasms which are racking my body.

"Jeez! I'm sorry mom . . I didn't mean to I was just going to take a shower in your bathroom." he sounds apologetic, but he doesn't withdraw. In some back part of my mind I realize that this is turn-about-fair-play but I am too embarrassed (bare-assed) and too much in shock and too much in the aftermath of a humongous cum to do much but mumble, "Jeffy, just go to your room, Sweety." He finally withdraws, shutting to door behind him.

'(I must remember to hit the button on the knob for privacy'), I resolve silently, out loud I say, "SHIT!!!". ********************************** I didn't see Jeff for the rest of the day. I guess he went out after he got dressed and was too unnerved to face me. Just as well, I had no idea what to say to him. I did a bunch of chores around the house, watched a soap, perused a magazine, but I was getting bored.

My motor had gotten running and I was full of sexual tension and erotic energy, more that I had in me in a long time. I figured, what the hell, Jeff is out of the house, I can play without fear of being interrupted play with myself, play with my dildos, play with forbidden fantasies, play with 'Jeffy' the joy toy that subs for my boy.

Boy, oh boy! I got naked and shut the door and made myself comfortable on the mattress. Now, let's see what does 'naughty girl' want to daydream about? How about the ravishing of the mommy? Hmm. . yes, Jeffy surprises me again, but this time he can't take the sight of his mom naked and writhing on the bed in sexual heat.

He strips down his jeans no undies, he's commando, and his shirt comes over his head in an instant. As I create the scenario, my hunk of rubber is working it's way into my center. Nude, my son climbs in next to me and firmly grabs my legs and spreads them. His penis is bobbing with eagerness and the prow is a purple plum of swollen lust.

I dream on. He begins to thrust in, smoothly, as his aim is sure and my cunt is soaked. He presses me down with our bodies contacting at the nipples and arms hugging one another for better leverage. Our lips are going crazy as our tongues dance and the smack-smack-smack of our loins clapping together echoes off the walls. He is grunting and I am crying his name, "Jeff, Jeff, oh Jeff, Jeff!!" My 'Jeffy' is flying in and out and pounding against my deepest inner being, my other hand is slapping at my clit like a tom-tom.

"Fuck me, Jeffy, fuck mommy!" I am at full volume. "Hard. . deep, harder. .

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. deeper, deeper, yes. . yes,make mommy cum, Jeff, Yess! Now, Cum in me, Cum in Mommy sweet Jeffy!! fuuckk mmeee JJeeffyyy" And as I sail over the moon in a peak spasm pure of pleasure I hear from somewhere, "Yes, mommy, I'm cumming too! I love you, mom, uuh! Uhh uuhmm. Ohh, mommm." Did I leave the intercom on? Was that from his room?

Was he listening to me again? I get up and rush to the door. It's lock. I open it. I step out into the hall. I don't see anything, but I stepped in something damp. I smell sex. Jeff was in the hall! God damn, was he spying on me again? I have to put a stop to this right now, I make a vow.

I turn back in grab my terrycloth robe no see-thru this time and march out in the direction of his room. I throw open his door and there he is, sitting on the edge of his bed, pants down, dick dripping semen, and tears in his eyes and a face about to break a mother's heart as he burst into bawling.

Of course this is totally unexpected on my part and instantly I go from anger to pity. "I thought you were calling me when I came home, so I went to your room, the door was locked and then I heard you.

. you cumming and saying you wanted to me to fuck you and I love you and I think your so sexy and I have wanted to. . to make love to you for so long and. and first I saw you in the bathroom and then I heard you last night over the intercom as I was thinking about you and you were thinking about me too and you didn't stop it but you came too and this morning when you looked so hot I thought maybe you were sending signals to me that you wanted us to.

. and then I didn't mean to see you doing. . masturbating and when I heard you through the door just now I couldn't help it Mom. Oh, jeez, don't be angry at me. . I love you. I love youu. . ." All but the last was said in a rush, gushing out like a pot boiling over, but the last little three words were said so softly and with so much yearning that it made what ever anger I had evaporate and what flooded in was compassion for my boy who was no different from his mom in having incestuous desires and fantasies.

I decided I needed to make it up to him and I could see that the object of my desire was close at hand. So I motioned him to scootch back on his mattress and pulled his shoes off and pants down. I then got him out of his shirt. Nude my boy looked up at me in wide eyed wonder and a shit eating grin beginning to spread across his face. "Let me tell you a little story," I began, sitting next to him. I took my hand and wrapped it around Jeff's cock and began to stroke.

"When your father and I were a young couple, just after we were married, we went on a camping trip with another couple whom were our best friends at the time.

We shared a big tent, we had one side and they were on the other. We respected each others privacy, but there were no secrets between us. Being married of course your dad and I put our sleeping bags together, as did our companions since they were engaged." Jeff's love muscle was firming up nicely with my ministrations.

"It happened that one morning, the other folks were feeling frisky, hell they were horny just like us, and they stated fooling around." I adored the smooth skin of my son's penis, I gently pulled up and drew down. "Well, we could hear them and see them moving under the bags, humping literally. That turned your dad and me on and we began to make love as well." Jeffy's eyes closed as the swollen flesh was hot in my hands.

So there we all were, fucking our partners on the opposite sides of the tent, sleeping bags bumping up and down like caterpillars and everybody moaning and groaning and whispering as we were cumming." Jeff reached out cautiously and put a hand inside my robe and began to caress my breast, the left one.

"We made each other hot, listening to one another. Later when we talked around the campfire we agreed that it was one of the most erotic point of our lives. Back then there wasn't so much access to porn tapes or the Internet." My nipple was in seventh heaven as my son stroke it. "It was better though, because it was live and so near, so personal and so free." We both were in sinc now with our playing with each other's bodies, almost like, not quite making love.

"Did you ever listen to Grams and Grandpa.?" my man-child asked as he switched tits. "Sometimes," I confessed. "Did you masturbate when you listened?" He asked his voice husky with sexual arousal. I gave into temptation and bent my head down to mouth my boy's dick.

"Umm-hmm" I confessed that I had to my kid, as I sucked on his boner and gave him a hum-job at the same time. "Did you ever want to do it with Gramps?" Jeff gasped, but before I could respond, he erupted in my mouth at the thought of incest between his mother and her dad. I had all that I could do to deal with the copious flow from my son and could not respond. After he had calmed down I smiled and told him, "No not really; I found it hot to listen, but a little embarrassing too, so I didn't invade their privacy much.

I had fantasies about some older men, movie stars mostly, but I understand where your coming cumming from." Jeff smiled at my pun, but he then loosen the belt of my robe and began to fill both hands with my tootsies. What fun! "Okay, now listen young man!" I sounded stern, but he knew I was being only semi-serious.

"We have done more than we should, more than I intended for to happen and as much as we ought, without going past the point beyond which we might not be able to control ourselves and do something that would be regrettable." "I wouldn't regret it," my less than innocent son said. "Well, I might, and if I did have guilty feelings and remorse would you want me to feel bad?" I asked looking him straight in the eye.

"No mom, I wouldn't. I see your point. I love you and would never want to do anything that would hurt you." "Okay then, lets just quit while we're a head." I saw the disappointed look in his face and modified my proposal. "Well, I guess we could leave the intercom on and stay in our rooms, but no fucking for real, just fantasy, just in your imagination okay? Wait a minute!" Something he had said before about the intercom finally struck me.

"What do you mean you were listening to me as I listen to you?" Jeff laughed, "Mom! Its an intercom, not just a baby monitor, there is two way talking. .moaning. . when you set it on intercom mode intercommunications - both talking and listening!" "Damn! So you heard everything last night?" Jeff nodded. "Mom, you do have the hots for me. You can't deny it now. We can have the intercom on, but why don't we just watch each other in the same place and cum together talking to each other and telling what we really want to do?" "Because that would be like smoking in a shed full of fireworks.

As dangerous as playing with matches in a dynamite factory. The temptation would be greater than we could handle and it could be very explosive." "I like skyrockets" "Enough! I'm going to shower, you can start dinner, buddy, and get out the good wine, we deserve it!" And then I went to my own bathroom and turned on the water.

But in truth I was still turned on too. But I did lock the door. ********************************** There followed several busy days where there was no convergence of Jeff and I in any intimate way, either intentional or inadvertent.

I was beginning to suspect what had at first appeared accidental on my son's part had been careful calculation. That he had intruded not so innocently in order to pursue where his prurient interests could be satisfied. Then again, neither was I entirely guiltless when it came to lustful listening.

It wasn't that our libidos were dormant, just that it seemed that a bit of space defused the waiting skyrockets for the time being. I had a regular tennis date with one of my gal-pals on Thursday afternoon. She had to cancel because her youngest was sick with some virus. I didn't think I could find another partner at the last minute, so I planned to work in the garden instead.

Jeff was hanging around, so I asked him if he would like to do some weeding. "I've got a better idea, mom. Why don't we play together?" Immediately I began to say, no, that I needed to do flower sort of activities and fooling around was not just a casual thing that we might do when there was time to get other things accomplished. Though in truth, at the thought my panties went damp. "No, mom, I mean why don't we play tennis together.

I might be a bit rusty, but I'll give you a run for your money. What do you say?" What could I say? I said okay. A few hours of exercise would be good for us both. Jeff was out of practice but he got better after a couple of sets and I had to be at my best to counter his stronger serve. Finally, we were down to the last game before our court time was up at the club.

Jeff suggested, "Why don't we make it interesting, mom? How about a bet?" "Okay, what are the stakes?" He smiled a foxy smile and replied, "How about a carte blanche treat, the winner's choice. The loser has to do what ever they ask within reason of course." "I know what I have in mind, already but you won't like it, weeding.

So you better be on your best game!" I called across the net. "What are you scheming?" His grin widened. "Ohh. . I'll think of something that you'll like doing." I could guess that it had to do with beds and bods. I determined that I wasn't going to let him have his way and keep love strictly a tennis term.

But I think I was hustled, or he was very motivated to win the prize. I lost. But he wouldn't tell me what favor that I was obligated for, just then. We drove home. I was glad to get back to the house and air-conditioning after the hot summer sun and workout. "I'm going to take a long shower and get cool and clean." I announced.

"Me too. In fact that's the thing I was going to cash in on. Let's shower together, okay?" I should have known! 'Well, what's the most that could happen in that small shower stall, anyway?' I thought to myself. ('Just don't bend over with your back to him!') naughty girl quipped. 'And make sure that he goes straight back to his own room afterwards,' momma Mona added.

'Or the sheets will get more soaked than the towels!' mother and minx chorused together. Sharing a shower would be fun with this lithe, attractive young man I thought to myself, just you don't get carried away, keep control, you're the adult. But at the same time I felt like a kid with a ticket for the merry-go-round. I answered, "Okay, but you have to behave yourself. You said within reason and we aren't going to have a lot of hanky-panky, we are just having good clean fun, nothing naughty!" "Right you are, a wash and nothing dirty!" he declared.

Right, who was kidding who? As we walked into my bedroom on the way to the shower, Jeff said, "Let me help you off with your top." He caught the bottom of my Tee shirt and swept it up and over my head in a single motion. "Thank you, honey but I can strip myself," I said casually, as I kicked off my shoes.

"But it's more fun to do it my way. . ." he came back in a suggestive tone and tugged at my tennis skirt, getting it half off my hips. "Oh, yeah?" I exclaimed as I grabbed his waist band and yanked down his shorts to his ankles so that he toppled backwards with his butt landing on the bed. I followed up with his jockey shorts with the same maneuver and now he was helpless with his feet raised high as I pulled both articles awkwardly off his legs over his shoes.

He sat up then on the edge of the bed and divested himself of his sweat soaked shirt, as I drew down my sports bra to my waist exposing momma's pair of pear shaped mammaries to her son's eager eyes.

I stepped between his spread legs, which were still shod with sneakers, and took his hands and very deliberately placed them on my waist. My son hooked his thumbs in my spandex sports bra and slid it down slowly, catching my tennis skirt and even the panties in his dexterous clutches and dropped them down to the floor in a puddle of cloth covering my feet.

I stood still. Jeff put his hands on my bare ass-cheeks and leaned forward drawing me slightly to him and kissed my lower tummy, and kissed lower and kissed lower again just above my bush. Talk about erotic! Romantic even. I got his wrists and moved his hands to my chest where they caressed my bosom with the gentlest of fondles.

If I didn't get us into the shower right then we would wind up on the floor with my kid between my thighs and his cock knocking at the gates of paradise. Indeed, I was lubricating from his kisses and the heady scent of male animal rising into my nostrils. My own womanly muskiness must have been in his face too, so close to my sexual center. I broke the spell of smelling each other's pheromones by turning toward the bathroom and said, "Last one in the shower makes supper!" and skipped over the carpeting like I was a schoolgirl, but this playground was adults only.

Jeff got rid of his shoes and socks as he hopped and stumbled after me in his eagerness to join in the game of rub-a-dub-dub with mommy. I turned the water on to lukewarm, a pleasant temperature for rinsing off summer grime and stepped into the stall. Moments later, Jeff opened the door and as he did I squirted body-wash gel on his hair and began to suds up his whole head.

Since this effectively blinded him I had the advantage for the moment. I made my way down his shoulders to his chest and enjoyed caressing his pects. Then I got more gel in my hands and hugged him to do his back, our nipples rubbed against each other's torso in soapy stimulation. I could tell that this aroused him as his cock was ramrodding my abdomen.

I turned him so the water rinsed his top half, but now I used the suds to wash his privates. His was at attention as I stroked it and clutched the two delicate eggs in hairy sacks, making sure to play with his balls before going under his scrotum to get the crotch.

I manipulated Jeffy so that the shower rained down on his front, rinsing, as I goosed him with a soapy hand to do his anus. Squatting down, I used more gel on his legs and turned him about-face so that I was "eye to eye", if you will, with the one-eyed snake that was proudly pointing in my direction. I opened my mouth and took it in, mouthing several inches, and I sucked and bobbed as my son held my head and moaned his appreciation.

Then I stood up and handed him the gel. I didn't need to say what was expected, and he kissed me full on the lips before starting lathering up mommy. He washed my hair and gave me a scalp massage. I love scalp massages.

He did my back and legs, his firm hands turning me as he needed to gain access or get me rinsed. Then he had me face him and kissed me again on the lips and his tongue slipped into my mouth like it was something we had always been doing. It felt natural to embrace him, as if our slick bodies and our Frenching were all part of a wonderful sort of slow dance, intimate and erotic as our arms snaked around over both buns and backs.

We were one of those couples intricately entwined on a temple in India, celebrating our sensuality as part of the way we worshiped. It was sacred, it was love, it was a uniting. Water sprayed over us bathing us in a baptism of arousal as my son's hand went between my legs and explored the folds of femininity he found.

My clit felt his stroke and my labia his digits, strumming through them as if he were making music. Then, I exhaled as one finger went inside his mother's pussy. I sighed as the second joined it. I gasped as they began to move, not so much in and out as back and forth, front to back, G-spot to the rear of my cavity; crooking his middle and ring fingers, waving within my empty place and seeming to fill it up. My legs went weak. His muscular arms steadied me as this crazy drubbing inside my cunt continued.

I was holding my breathe, my head was thrown back and my eyes were closed in ecstasy and my nipples were cherry stones.

I was on the brink before I knew what was happening and then it WAS happening. I skyrocketed into the stratosphere, as somehow my boy with his fingering made mommy contract again, and again, and again, in proxysms of pleasure as multiple orgasms rack my whole being.

I had never cum quite like it, standing and with just a hand job bringing me off in a jolting succession of climaxes. WOW!!! After that, the soaping of my boobs was almost anticlimactically you should pardon the expression. It was sweet though, as he washed them and then sucked them and fondled them like they were his favorite cuddly toys.

We looked at each other as the water rinsed sex off and still did not cleanse our minds of lustful thoughts, quite the opposite in fact. "I told you that you'd like what I had in mind!" my randy housemate ('mate'?) crooned in my ear. "God! Did I ever! I think that I could only stand a session like that but once a week!" I confessed, making an invitation to more water games in the future.

"Hold on to me, I'm still shaky from cumming so much. Where did you learn that?" "You inspire me, mom." "Get us some towels from up on the shelf honey." I instructed.

We proceeded to dry each other with the fluffy terrycloth and a little bit of touchy-feely along with the process. He remained hard. What was I going to do about that? He had not cum and surely I owed him at least a mighty fine blow-job? "Mom did you have any other family. . uh. . encounters?" Jeff asked. AHH! I knew what he was after, more incestuous dirt from mom. That was his secret turn on, not so secret to me any more though.

Suddenly, I got inspired myself on how to provide Jeff's jollys without risking a ravishing from a randy son. I led him to the bed and gave him the bottle of hand cream kept on the night stand. "Let me tell you a little story. . " I began. I lay on my tummy and instructed him to slather the lotion in my butt crack, then stretch out on me with his boner between my soft cheeks. As he listened to mommy's naughty tale he enjoyed her nice tail, hunching his haunches, humping my backside's valley.

"Once upon a long time ago before I met your father," I started. "I've always liked to watch a guy jerk off, it was a big turn on. It still is" "Did you finger yourself too, while looking at them?" "No, don't interrupt, just listen. I usually could get my boyfriend to do it for me, and after I became involved with your dad he would spank the monkey for your mommy.

But before that; one time I came upon my brother, Rick, doing it in the family room. Our parents were gone for the weekend and he thought I was sleeping over at my friend's house, but that was going to be the next night. So there he is in the nude with a couple of his girlie magazines, a nice big prick in his hand and nowhere to hide but he didn't even try to cover up." "Rick looked me in the eye and we didn't say a word to each other.

It was like we had mental telepathy." Jeff was into a serious rhythm on mommy's ass now. I continued, but embellishing the story for the sake of sonny's impending spurt. "I don't know what came over me, but I stripped down too. I sat beside him and watched as he slowly stroked the big totem pole between his legs. His balls were red and swollen with pent up jism. I could tell that he really needed to spout. I spread my legs wide for him to see his sister's cunt.

My clit was poking out of it's hood and my labia were pumped with blood like a flower. I was making a wet spot on the sofa I dripped so much." Hunch, hunch my boy was sawing away at my hinny. I could tell he was beginning to get near his peak. "Then, I reached out and took it, my brother's penis, just as he extended a finger to my hole and dipped into his sister's center. We did that for a few minutes and then he pushed me back on the divan and got between my legs while his.

." I stopped speaking abruptly as I felt Jeffy's penis prod my well greased grotto and begin to enter my well of love juice. Jeez! He was going in that wasn't suppose to happen!

"OH! Jeff! Noo, don't go in mommy!!" Yet it felt so good, so hot, so tempting to let it happen. I raised my hips in anticipation of illicit coupling with my child.

How could I control him when I couldn't control my own body? "Did he do it mom? Did Uncle Rick fuck you? You guys couldn't help it, could you? You both were too hot to stop, he thrust it in you and came, didn't he. And you came too, you both came together, creaming and squirting and. . " Luck was on my side, as Jeff hunched and humped he changed angles, slid up the alley of my ass crack.

Then he drew back too far, so that when he thrust again he buried his throbbing dick between my thighs, striking my clit obliquely and thus soaking the sheet beneath me with a generous dose of jism. Mission accomplished. Crisis averted, no thanks to my lustful cunt; simply due to the mostly fictional story of mine and the depraved longing for all things incestuous of my son's sinful imagination.

Thank God he didn't have a sister I thought. But he had been far too close to fucking his mom. To my relief, but in a way, to my regret as well. As I lay there in the aftermath of bring my boy off once more, he got up and got a wet, warm wash cloth to wipe up my messy tush. Well, I'm glad to see that I raised the youngster with some manners, I thought humorously to myself. But seriously, my thinking continued, he's going to make some girl a fine lover.

For a moment I was jealous of the woman who would get to have him as her paramour. But I realized that was silly, and I realized that I could have him if I wanted that privilege.

After I taught him the finer points, she could enjoy his attentions, as long as he came home to cum with mommy once in awhile. Cry-min-net-ly!! as Rick used to say, who's has depraved longing of incestuous feelings now? That was naughty girl lusting after her sexy son. Mona momma asked 'How you going to get grandchildren?' At once Mona thought, I'm too young to be a grandmother! Naughty girl wondered if her son would knock her up. Mona slapped naughty girl, but then laughed remembering she had her tubes tied ten years ago, so no worries there.

'Yes!' naughty girl smirked, 'We could screw all we want, if we wanted to, and I do want to fuck my son, as much as he wants me!' As if he could listen in to my internal dialog, Jeff said, "Gosh mom we almost did it.

I didn't mean to, but I was right there, I was in you, a little bit wasn't I?" "Yes, baby, but its better we didn't have that happen. Remember what I said, don't forget our limits. I know it was exciting to me too but still it can't happen. And speaking of which - I only watched Rick, I never got naked, we never touched each other.

I made up the rest of it to help make you cum on me." "Well, it worked alright. Almost too well. I wanted to put it in so bad right then.

I love you mom, but I want you. I know you want me too, even though you drew the line at having sex. Maybe someday you'll think differently, but until then I love you too much to ever do it to you unless you beg me or unless it's an accident like tonight or unless-" "NO, Jeff. Under no circumstances are you ever allowed in your mother's pussy, not in my life-time ever!" "Well, I was once, you know. I don't mean tonight." Did he do it when I was asleep?

How could I not know if he fucked me? What did he mean, was I passed out with too much wine one night? My mind reeled with confusion.

I looked at him with concern. "But of course, I was real young then, really only just a baby!" I almost slapped him for such a bad joke. "Yeah, you were totally into me, back then!" I crack one myself and we both burst into gales of laughter that went on for minutes and every time we looked at each other we broke into fresh giggles.

Finally, out of breath, I said, "Go to you room now, young man, you've gotten your bet paid in full." "I'll help you with the weeding tomorrow, mom. I'm good at doing dirty things with my sexy mother aren't I?" "Yes you are indeed, sweety. Yes indeed!" With that he exited and I rolled off the wet spot and fell almost instantly to sleep, 'some day it turned out to be' I thought as I drifted off and somewhere dimly I heard too inside my head, ('just wait until tomorrow!!') ********************************** I slept late.

Who could blame me? Then I had to run to get to work in time for an appointment with a client who was hosting a big open house the next day. I was busy, but still thoughts of the erotic home life that had developed in the past week surfaced now and then, giving me a tingle in my twat. I made no thought of what was next, just knew that I had keep from letting things go too far, but still understood that we would continue the delightful dalliance that defied convention and moral standards.

Well, those be damned, the hook was in and I knew this strange twist to our relationship was going to continue. When I got home that evening Jeff said he was in the mood for pizza and beer. Fine, I was not in the mood to cook. No hint of any sexual agenda on his part but I did get a wonderful big hug and kiss when he greeted me. I changed into a modest robe and we ordered pepperoni for delivery.

After our meal, we settled into the family room for some sitcoms and had a bowl of ice cream each. Just a typical evening at home, with no overtones of what had to be on both of our minds.

Until the late news came on, then Jeff turned to me. "Mom, you said that you like to watch a guy masturbate. Would you like to watch me? I mean. . I'd like it if you would. You don't have to do anything if you just want to sit there, but it's okay if you'd like to. . you know, get naked or whatever." I looked at him for a long moment.

Not because I had to make up my mind, of course I wanted to watch him wank, but to decide what I was going to do myself. I decided that I would just like to watch him; see the tool become aroused, look at his face when he climaxed, observe the eruption of sperm that spouted and to have a memory to cherish the rest of my days of my boy being a man in front of his mom.

I answered him, "I would. I would like you to do that and I want to do it here, on the couch. I am not going to suck you off like the other day because I wish to see the whole thing from beginning to the end, as you cream for your mommy.

"Can I look at you, as I'm doing it?" "Sure and we can talk, about what ever you want. But for this time you just touch yourself, those are the rules tonight." "Will you touch yourself too?" He made the inquiry hopefully.

"No, not until you cum initially. I want to see it all and not be distracted in any way. This is a special treat for me and I don't want it spoiled. But I'll let you watch me do it afterwards, and I'll give you a show you won't forget!!" "Deal!

Wait here while I get some stuff." Bring a couple of beers too!" I called after his retreating form. When he came back in about ten minutes he was loaded down with cans, tissue, lube, a towel and dressed only in his underpants. He handed me a beer and set the other on the end table next to his side. I popped the top off mine, took a swig and set it on the TV tray next to me by a plate of pizza crusts.

Jeff put the box of tissues on the floor where he was going to be sitting, draped the towel doubled over on the cushion and sat on it. He looked at me and smiled. "Ready for your little show, Mom?" He then shimmied off his white jockeys. I saw a big pink doodle dangling down from a brown tangle of hair over two testicles that hung loosely from below. A very handsome sight, if I do say so myself.

I loosed the belt on my robe and shrugged it off my shoulders, the terrycloth would absorb my wet spot, as I was sure there would be. I was bare underneath, I guess I figured that we would be fooling around somehow that night.

"Fire when ready, Gridley!" The quote seemed appropriate. My son poured a little clear fluid on his left hand and coated the rosy knob. "Do you use both hands on that thing?" I asked. "Just the left, I don't know why. The right seems to be foreign, and I use it to hold a magazine or book or. . " (a sly smile broke on his lips as he looked me in the eye and finished) "to turn on the tape or press rewind." My hand stroked my left nipple unconsciously as his penis began to swell.

My mouth felt dry as I gazed at my son stroke his cock, I took another sip of beer. "Mom, what did you think, when you saw me nude in the bathroom, that time I came in, remember?" "How could I forget? You certainly surprised me! I was kind of stunned, I couldn't think real well. I was frozen in place, like a prey that is spotted by a dangerous predator, and all I could see was this beautiful manhood standing long and tall and tempting as hell!" I laughed at the memory.

"You liked what you saw?" "Oh yeah! I had wondered what you had in your pants, if it was anything like your dad's. It's a duplicate by the way, like father like son, and a package that you should be proud of." "Tempting?" "That's what I was thinking about when I was listening over the intercom. How good that would feel in me not that we can ever.

. .; but I was fantasizing about you, listening to you thinking about putting that gorgeous cock up your mommy's pussy." Jeff's boner was bright and shiny as he added more lube and the skin stretched taunt over the straining staff. His hand began to quicken. "We made each other hot, didn't we, we got each other off imagining that we were fucking. I know we can't, but it's so hot thinking about being in you. Spread your legs mom, let me see where I'd put it." I complied and he obviously went up a few notches in excitement.

I was slick with my own juices and flushed in face and glowing with the bloom of arousal down there. My finger rubbed my button and then I used both hands to spread the labia wide. We sat there focused on each other's genitals for several minutes. I urged him on with little whispered encouragements and moans of my own in response to his soft groans. Then, I made an overt try at verbally getting him off. "Here's where you came from, baby.


There's where you want to get back into. Deep into mommy and let loose all your incestuous baby making cream, right at my womb, don't you sweet Jeffy?" "God! Yes mommy! I want to be inside your hot cunt and fill you with my jism and feel you cum on my cock. Fuck me! Mommy!! I want you so bad! His fingers were a furious blur as he became totally engrossed in the imagery of our imagined coupling. "Yes, Jeff!" I encouraged him, that's it fuck me, Honey!

Give it to me, cum in mommy, baby!!" "Uh!. . Yeah! Oh, Yes, Mom. . Uhh. Ah-hah! NownowNOWWW!" His face made a contortion, scrunched up in a grimace which expressed the almost painful pleasure of male sexual discharge.

A geyser of white ejaculation streamed out of the blow hole. It covering his fingers like a sauce was poured over a dish. So much! I was surprised. He out did his dad in volume, that was for sure.

I had a little contraction inside my vagina thinking about what it would be like, feeling that gusher deep up me. Wild!! "Good thing you thought of the towel, babe! Otherwise we'd have a cum stain as big as a saucer!" "I love you mom. Did you enjoy my performance?" "Worthy of a . . what do they call those porno film awards?" "I don't remember right now, but thanks.

Like I said, you inspire me." "Well your 'spire' was a divine steeple. Would you like to pray at the temple of Venus now?" My palms framed my bush and female parts.

"I will offer more than lip-service, I shall speak in tongues as I worship in her divine divide, the holy of holies, the sacred grotto of my mother goddess, the. ." I interrupted, "Actions speak louder than words, Sonny! Just eat me right now, for heaven sake! I'm so hot I gotta have a cum real soon!" I lay back, spreading my legs wide. Without another word, Jeff got off the sofa and on his knees taking my legs in hands. His face zoomed in on my center and he nibbled at my labia, then his oral digit did curls around my button of love.

It was exactly what I needed. He caressed all over my pelvis with his fingers, as his mouth sucked on my clit. I felt his squirmy appendage lick and dip into my hole and then strum the clit a bit.

Jeffy's head nodded and shook and made wonderful arabesques to enhance what his mouth was doing to his mother.

I noted that he had thoughtfully shaved tonight and his smooth cheeks added to my thighs sensuous experience. I thrust my torso, tilting to offer all my sensitive self to my son's administrations. My whole crotch was on fire with desire and I could feel the pending climax building from inside out.

My nipples were tender, yearning points of erotic excitement which I twittled with myself, because now Jeff's spread hands cradled my hips to stabilize my rocking body. I was so close! He concentrated on my clit again with quick licks and then gave long slides up and down my pussy and I began to feel the shaking. He gave a big suck to my pearl and it triggered the cascade of ecstasy I had been needing all day.

I jerked in uncontrollable racking spasms as the cum rolled over my complete being. I was electrified in my brain, a storm of short circuits made all thinking turn into only pure joy. The physical stress had to have a liberation for all that was spring-tight in my body, which became, in that singular moment, totally loosened, released and relaxed.

I felt truly happy and content, and at peace. It was the most special of orgasms, and my son had given it to me. I was filled with an overpowering sense of love for him in a different way than I had ever had before. Now he was my lover, my cherished partner in physical sexual pleasure, my paramour, my turn on, my mate who pleased me and whom I wanted to please.

Naughty girl was in control and momma was going to allow her baby boy to be spoiled and indulge him his carnal appetites. 'Noo!' momma Mona moaned to herself, 'I can't let him, we can't fuck, I'm his mother and even if I just had the best head of my life I must not. . .' But my thoughts dissolved as Jeff began to run his tongue on my thighs, then in my gash, upon my tender nubbin. He blew cool air in the moist valley and spreading his whole mouth over my sex exhaling a hot wind of tropic tingling.

My head went went back and my mouth gaped open and I was lost in the moment of renewed passion, he wasn't finished with me. I was going to get round two whether I wanted it or not, but of course I did. Whoopee! I couldn't tell you how long it went on. I built up and came down in multiple climaxes, the orgasms just wouldn't stop. I phased in and out of semi-consciousness, as the waves of total ecstasy came like the tide washing in.

Then, finally, I used what little energy I had left to let Jeff know I could take no more, I was exhausted. My robe was drenched with the saliva and cum which coated my bottom as well.

He broke off finally and with an effort heaved himself up on me, supporting his weight, but lying on me so that his chest rested on my tits and he was between my legs, knees on the couch.

His hard muscle of an organ was on my lower abdomen balls were mashed in my muff. He began to hunch and thrust his cock on my body. I figured, what the hell, after a job like that he deserved to have his way with me. A fella can only take so much and I never meant to be a cock tease.

I had no strength to fight him off anyway. And I was ready to be fucked. It was time, let him do me. I opened myself to his assault raising my knees and spreading for him. He wouldn't have any trouble getting in, I was fully greased and willing to be ravaged by my son. Let the incest fucking begin!! But it didn't, to my astonishment and a little disappointment too, but pleased at his self-control as well.

He moved on my tummy with quick strokes and then, in about thirty seconds maybe, he let go and came right there. I could feel the throbbing as his penis contracted several times and a warm puddle of goo spilled on my skin.

It reminded me of when I was back making-out with my boyfriend in High School. I realized that he had been primed to explode by his extended cunnilingus and he didn't need much to set off that meaty M-80.

Jeff then took tissues and wiped my stomach and between my thighs and then himself.

Black amp_ White Photo Opp

He pealed my robe completely off and picked me up in his arms like a groom carrying his bride over the threshold and took me to my bed.

I drew him down and kissed him as he covered me with the blanket. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" was all I could say and I was asleep even before he turned the lights out. I slept without any dreams I could remember, waking up fully refreshed, like my batteries had been recharged. I had an open house and a closing to do and another night with my son-lover to look forward to.

It was going to be a great day!! ********************************** The open house went very well indeed and the deal I closed on a big house (mansion really, with stables) that afternoon was a huge one. It made my month's income bigger that the last quarter's. I bought several of bottles of bubbly, a real expensive French brand and took them home to celebrate with my hot handsome man, the above mentioned son-sex machine.

Only we still couldn't have sex, damn it! But the playtime was so wonderful it almost didn't matter. My next thoughts began 'Yet, it would be so ni. . STOP!!!. . .', I had to mentally kick myself in the butt to get my libido back in line. 'Naughty girl' was never too far away it seems. I just couldn't give into her. After all, if Jeff had been gallant enough last night to be respectful of my boundaries, how could I not be chaste myself?

I could not be as wanton as I wanted to be, when my hero was sacrificing himself on the alter of my tummy instead of stabbing me with his dagger of love?

Still, DAMN!! I entered our love nest, such as home had become - if you will, to the aroma of cooking chicken and baking muffins and was that lemon cake? Holy-moly he had made dinner for real tonight, I adore lemon cake. I adore my son too, I thought. He was romantic and thoughtful and handsome and sexy and honorable; he was going to make a great husband, - someday, but that wouldn't be for awhile, in the meantime.

I had his love to myself. What if I was a little selfish? What mother isn't when it comes to her son? Tonight it was going to be just us, tomorrow I had off as it was Sunday, and it was going to be a great night! Get this! Jeff even had the table set, candles and all. He was either wooing me or angling for a new car as a graduation present. Of course, with one he had his independence and that was a good thing as long as he didn't go too far from momma.

Because I would miss him now more that ever. Yet, I still was unsure how far to let things go in the romantic department, that was a whole n'other kettle of fish. But I put it out of my mind, we were having chicken tonight, and why can't a boy cook for his mother now and then?

"I was going to make 'coq au vin', but I wasn't sure what wine would be best, so I'm serving 'coq of Jeff' tonight.

He kept a straight face until I got the joke. It was a good laugh. "That's okay, I bought three bottles of champagne for this evening to celebrate my big commission today." I proceeded to tell him about my triumphs at work over a delicious dinner. The second bottle was nearly done with the last bites of lemon cake.

I told Jeff that he might think about being a gourmet chef if his interest in computers went sour. He explained that he had looked in the fridge and not found anything interesting, so he went shopping. Jeff apologized for not getting to any weeding.

"The hell with the garden babe, if you can make lemon cake and make your mommy happy-meals 'extraordinaire', like tonight you don't have to ever look at another weed!" Jeff looked happy but a little preoccupied, I could tell something was on his mind, but I couldn't guess what.

I asked him what was bothering him, hoping that he wasn't beginning to have doubts about what we had done together. The physical relationship had been getting more and more involved, without my intending it to. "Well, mom to be honest, I realized when I was making our dinner, that you had made an offer to me but didn't follow through. Understandable in light of what happened, of course." I wanted to not let this great kid down so I asked, "What was that, Honey?

Refresh my memory." "Last night you said you'd let me watch you masturbate and that you would give me a show I wouldn't forget. I was wondering if you remembered that." He put on his best 'poor little boy' face, an act I recognized as his way of wrapping mommy around his little finger.

It usually worked and with this I was motivated for my own reasons to give him what he wanted. "Don't worry, Sweety, I'd be more that happy to let you watch momma diddle herself. Let's get the last bottle of wine and retire to my 'boudoir por la amour'. The last said with a exaggerated French accent. After all with the champagne and coq the evening was certainly a bit Parisian.

My language might have been not so hot but my French kissing was. As I demonstrated quite clearly as we clenched once inside the my chambers. We took our time undressing each other, though the clothing ended up in a pile on the corner chair, mostly, as some things like my panties and bra were tossed in a greater haste than earlier articles. As we neared becoming as 'au natural' as Adam and Eve before the apple, our aim was more careless. We finally were nude and we clenched like Siamese twins, kissing as our hands swept everywhere over each other's exposed skin.

We literally tumbled onto the bed and scrambled to the center of the posture-pedic expanse, where our make out session picked up pace. His mouth went places no boy should lick and kiss his mother. Mine was equally exploring in return. Fingers made magic with parts so private that only a spouse might discover. It was only brought to a pause when I had a awful thirst and we broke to pop the third cork. I turned down the spread and blanket, the sheets were fresh yesterday I thought I remembered; they would need changing tomorrow, that much was assured I knew.

I gathered two of my over-sized pillows to the center of the mattress propping my head up so I could watch too. I lay on my back and Jeff sat between my spread legs his knees bent and his hand played with his balls in anticipation. Talk about a front row seat! Any closer and he would be on stage. But I was still not intending for him to get into my seat so to speak no audience participation in other words. I was turned on and needed no help in being lubricated for my demonstration of how Mona twiddled her twat.

I had his undivided attention as I caressed my femininity. I fingered my pussy on the button and in the hole, through labia down to anus and back drawing from the fountain of Aphrodite the nectar Jeffy's tongue had tasted but twenty-four hours ago, using it to smear my clit and tease it to a bright little cherry.

I stabbed two fingers within my vagina and made mewing sounds as I plunged them further into my cunt. I let my son see what a lady did by herself, when she was no lady. A rapt look was on my boy's face as he was bewitched by the spectacle of a seductive sorceress displaying her most enchanting charms. The phallus which aimed in my direction, like a wicked wand of a wanton wizard, gave me the idea for my next sex act in this playing with one's self drama/bedroom farce/porno show.

But first I suddenly realized I needed a bathroom break. "Intermission!" I called out. They're serving bubbly in the lobby, would you get me a glass while I pee, I mean, powder my nose.

I giggled at the euphemism. I made a dash for my potty break while my escort for the evening of exhibitionism poured us fresh libations. He took a cue from me, and went to take a leak.

This gave me the perfect chance to get my toys from the closet and have the box on my nightstand ready for when he returned. I handed him his drink as he came back and we sat side by side on the edge of mommy's mattress.

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I took out the dildos one by one. "This vibrates, this wiggles," I turned on the switch and it animated like a fat short snake. "This tickles," I showed him the one that looked like a sea creature. "I saved the favorite for last. Now let me just tune you up. . " I bent over and sucked him to his full seven inches to compare bananas to bananas if you will. "AND this is the one I named 'Jeffy' after my hero," I smiled, pulling out the life-like tool.

I held it next to the original Jeff's jammer and sure enough I was right, a match. "Remember our intercom interlude?" "Lewd being the operative term, I'll never forget it mom." "This was what was I was using while I thought of you that night." Jeff took his penis rubber simulation-for-stimulation from me and in a very serious tone asked, " Can I do it to you? With this I mean. Can I make Mona moan with the clone from your closet?

Can I sock it to you with my name-sake? Please, mom, I want to see what your cunt looks like when it is making love to a cock that could be me." What could I say? I said, "Okay, that would be special." Once more I lay propped up in the middle and now Jeff had his feet hanging over the end of the bed and could view what the gynecologist saw, though I didn't have stirrups.

He began to use the artificial dick like it was his own. He sawed up and down through my bush and over the clit, parting the labia, slicking up the channel and stirring the yearnings I had wanting the real thing. 'If only he weren't my son!' one part of my head said and my heart said, 'Ah but this sweet boy is and he loves you with all that he has.' While my pussy piped up, 'including his hot cock and loaded cahonees' and my soul sang 'and I love him too.' Naughty girl made her voice heard clearly, 'If he wasn't your son it wouldn't be so exciting, forbidden fruit is the tangy taste, for the tart you are the electric of the shocking energizes us.

The temptation of sin that is the sensational and sensual carnal pleasure you crave. Give in, let the passion have its night of revelry. Because he is your own flesh, it is a reuniting back into one, the love that went out returns to give, bringing heightened joy. He wants you, you want him, you both want it to happen; why fight what feels so good?

Give in, give up your struggle to be the Madonna and be the mother-earth that nourishes from her womb the child of her flesh.' Jeez! I thought I just want to get off and he is going to do it to me and I won't have to feel guilty in the morning because we didn't really do it, not really.

Everybody just shut up and get on board the cum train and lets have a wild ride tonight. Enough said!!! Let's just have fun! With that I was able to relax and open up to my son screwing me, abet vicariously. I looked down and saw that Jeff was beginning to penetrate my vagina with the dildo, it had a light coating of my juices and it eased between the labia without trouble.

Jeff was looking like he was watching the most interesting thing he had ever seen. I might have been too, considering the intimacy of the activity. How many boys get to see the pussy of their mothers take in a man's member? I hadn't quite gotten this good a look-see even when I was married. Of course now days a video camera might provide an more anatomical close up, but who you going to get to film your most private acts? I could see the lips of my sex cling to the shaft as it pulled out.

I felt like I wanted to suck with my cunt as it thrust inward to my core. Now it was really beginning to get to me. We were doing it. Jeff was feeding 'Jeffy' up my cunt and withdrawing like we were going at it to beat the band. I could feel it touching my womb opening, if only it was him instead of it.

But I was verging, I was peaking, I was trembling on the brink, at the insistent plowing of the damn rubber prick. "Okay! I can't hold back any longer. I'm cumming, Honey! Oh Baby - Yes! Mommy's gonna do it, watch me cum, Sweety, this one is for you, I want you, Oh God! Jeff I want your cock so bad!!. AHH, Uhn Uh. heww-wee!" I took a moment to catch my breath. "That was good, you made mommy nice and happy, Honey." But something was missing in the experience, some vital element that should have been there.

But I was too fuzzy from wine and sex to think about what was not completing me in making love. Jeff crawled up to cuddle with me discarding the anatomical android namesake on the floor and we kissed and stroked and hugged each other.

Soon I could feel his penis poke against my leg and do a little hunch. Poor guy cooked and cocked for mommy, but hadn't gotten rewarded for his selfless service and servicing. I maneuvered him on top of me to see if we could do the abdominal dance with his dingy. He began as he had yester evening, but soon his motions were getting low and lower and then he was grooving in the grotto of love, his dick was getting slick and we were on the slippery slope.

Then the plea bargaining began in earnest. I should have expected this would happen! "Please, can I just put the tip in, mom, just the tip, I promise." (We know where that leads to!) "I just want to see what it's like. I love you, I'll keep control". . (Yeah but I'm more worried about me!) "It will feel good, it'll make me cum quicker. Please just the tip!" Perhaps anticipating a positive response or maybe he was too close anyway to the danger zone or maybe he planned to take advantage of my vulnerability.

. likely though he just couldn't help himself. What ever the case, his tip did enter my vagina's mouth. It did feel good. The flesh was hot and tender, soft velvet over a strong firm core. It didn't retreat, but the entreaty renewed. "I'm right there, mommy, let me do it, just a little bit, just the tip, just the tip, okay? The head moved forward, the folds opened, the boy was progressing to a man.

"Oh you're so wet and hot, mom. I neeed to see what it's like, please don't be mad at me. I love you mom." He kissed me so that I couldn't answer him yes or no and I was of two minds and hearts and souls on the subject, though my body was all for it. "It's good, it's so good!" The tip dipped and nuzzled and insinuated it's way with more advances than retreats. The head was well entrenched and drenched in my secretions and lodged in the opening like a cork, the pressure being in this case to make it's way inside the bottleneck.

As if thus worming into the cleft was not enough he began the second stage. Fantasy coming to life, I had heard before what cums next. "Oh mom, that's so nice, don't you want a little more, can I put it in half way?

Then I'll take it out, I promise. Just once in, only half of my penis. You like it don't you, mom, doesn't feel good?" "Too good, baby!" I gasp, I had no control, I did want him to do it, God help me, it had been so long since a male had been there in me.

And now he was three inches inside me of that seven inches of manhood. Three of the longest inches I had ever felt. "Yes, Oh mom! That's it! Halfway, a couple of strokes." His actions matched his mouth which was thrusting his tongue down my throat.

I matched him with tongue and thrust of hips as we began the ancient ritual of sex; his half became more than fifty percent on the next cycle of entrance and pull back. Again, again, and. . all of a sudden he thrust all the way in, to his root, in an involuntary stabbing of his cock into his mother's cunt. It struck bottom and then instead of the wild plunging of uncontrollable fucking I anticipated with welcome abandon, he pulled clean out and plopped the organ on my belly as it contracted in rapid spasms and spurting, spilled a generous puddle of ejaculate on my torso.

I was so surprised at the quick conclusion to this episode I hardly had time to sort out my mixed feelings and was even more immediately astounded when my sweet son began to cry and blubber the words, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry Ohh Moommy I'm soo sor-uhry!" Jeff cried profoundly as he hugged me and kissed me and generally fussed for several long moments.

I wasn't sure what his regret was initially, but what ever the case; that he lost control and went in me all the way, that he didn't finish the job, that he was trying to seduce me, or simply that he came too soon; I forgave him and wanted to comfort him.

For a moment he was the little boy who had skinned his knee and ran in tears to mommy to make it all better. I gave him kisses, then and now.

Soon the emotional outburst had drained and his energy ebbed and then he drifted off to sleep in my arms. I wondered at the almost surreal events of the evening, which topped a super day.

It was hard to take it all in. I also floated away to slumberland shortly thereafter. I dreamed of Jeff and I in a mansion on a desert island, riding horses on the beach and making love in the surf.

The sand-man then cleared the confusion from me about everything and showed me what was possible, then I dreamed no more. When I awoke, Jeff was still in my bed. It was mid-morning and I was no longer conflicted or confused, but saw what was the reality with clarity and no sense of guilt or dread. ********************************** As I studied the sleeping man/boy cuddled in my arms, his head resting on my bosom, I thought about what had been revealed in the night.

It held up in the light of day as being solid and sensible. First Jeff was old enough to have sex and make his own choices about partners. He definitely desired me, even before we had started this intimate phase of our relationship, carnal and naughty and beyond the norms of society it might be.

Then, while like two orbiting bodies in space, the mutual gravitational pull had drawn us both into the swirling mix of fantasy and actual physical contact, the forces were both natural and overpowering and inevitable.

So last evening's events were neither of our fault and both of our responsibilities. What had happened was that my son had fucked me, bring me to orgasm, but with a dildo first, which I accepted as a substitute for him, and it was Jeff wielding 'Jeffy' who had brought me off. The Jeff himself in a seduction strategy had penetrated my vagina, it was the sex act for real, even if somewhat truncated by the sudden ending.

Along with everything else we has done in the last couple of weeks all the lines had been crossed, both the tease and eyes completed, no holes barred from sight or touch in anyway between us. That just left the question of what my son had said last to me after 'coitus interruptus'. What had he been 'sorry' for? Why was he so upset when, having at last lunged into his longed-for goal of my pussy, why did he abruptly bailed out, with profound and profuse regrets? I certainly had no remorse, nor feelings of recrimination either for anything we had done in those moments of passion, only happiness that at last we were making love at last.

Indeed I was ready for the wonderful union that would be ours in this fabulous adventure of lust and love that had become a bonding between mother and son moving into a new stage that promised to be very intense.

Yet it all could go up in flames, dissolve into tragedy, wash away on a tide of disappointment, if Jeff's feelings were now negative about what we had shared. At this point, if it was up to myself, we could proceed full steam ahead. Have at it, do the dirty deed as much as we liked, become full fledged lovers in this love nest of a home.

I was ready to share my body and my bed with him, all the way whole heartedly. After all we had all but done it. Indeed, had done it, sort of. He was a thoughtful and sensitive sex-mate which was concerned more about my pleasure that his own. He had been patient and persistent in his attempt to score, but kind and caring and considerate as well.

He had earned the spot (wet as it was bound to be) in this bed; deserved my cunt as a reward for his cock; to copulate in consanguine bliss with my blessing. I longed now to have a really complete and totally beautiful session of love making with my sweet son. Face it, I really want my boy to ball his momma, that kid to bang my cunt and screw my pussy good. I wanted Jeff to fuck my brains out, until I'm so exhausted by having his dick in my hole that I can't walk the next day.

But does he want to now? Where is his head at, why 'sorry'?

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What would he say when he awoke? What had happened? Was what we had, and were headed to, spoiled somehow? I saw his eyes flutter and his breathing change. I held my breath, Jeff was stirring, he was again conscious and my fears flooded my mind even as love for this man/child infused my heart and made it swell. He opened his eyes and looked at me and smiled. God! I love you mom!" That brought my own smile and yet I was at a loss for words.

"Everything okay today?" He continued. "Last night was incredible. I loved making you cum. And I. . I didn't get you pregnant even though I got carried away. I couldn't help myself, it just felt so so very good. But I pulled out, I didn't have a rubber on and I realized that I shouldn't cum in you like that. I wouldn't want to create a baby. I wouldn't want anything to spoil our relationship, our love." "Is that why you you aborted the mission of making mommy?

You were sorry because you thought you were endangering our relationship with the possibility of pregnancy? That's all?" "Uh-Huh." "Silly goose! Maybe you don't remember, but I had surgery years ago, so that your dad and I couldn't have any more kids. You were only in second grade then, I think. I had a short stay in the hospital? We told you there weren't going to be any more brothers or sisters arriving by the stork.

That you were enough for us and our special boy. Ring any bells?" "Oh yeah, I do remember now that you talked about the stork and my being an only child by choice. But I didn't understand that meant that you couldn't get a baby in your tummy. Just that I would have no competition for Christmas presents." He smiled and I laughed. "Well, I had my tubes tied. Your father and I decided between our busy lives and some medical risks the doctor warned of after I had you, that one would be enough.

So when you were about eight I stopped using the pill and opted for the operation." So I could have cum in you last night? I mean and not gotten you knocked-up. I know I went too far and broke my promise, but it was the best feeling.

Thank you for not being mad at me for going over the line and finding out how awesome your pussy is. It was tight and hot and so wet and like silky inside and I couldn't control things once I was beginning to stroke.

You do forgive me? I won't do it again, swear to God!" The description of his indiscretion was getting me wet, and now that I had resolved the issues that were up in the air it was time to get down to having our sex. Since no 'issue' would be forthcoming from my womb, there was no barrier to my son's cumming in me.

Suddenly I realized that was what I was missing, the 'vital element' was his creaming deep in my vagina, feeling his orgasm within my being. "Jeffy, I have had time to think things through this morning, about last night, about everything, and I've decided it's okay. That it's all right for us to have sex, make love, fuck. I want you to do it with me, I want to do it with you and its okay to cum in me because that would make me cum too, in a big way.

"Really, mom?!" It's okay for us to have intercourse?" "Yes baby, get on mommy and have your dream fulfilled, fill me with your jism and make my fantasies cum true too." I spread my legs and he sided over to get between them.

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"I love you Jeff." "I love you too, mom." His cock was getting erect and felt hot against my thighs. I was already quite damp in anticipation of our coupling. He nudged the labia with the bulb and they gave way to the prodding. We kissed and Frenched in an unhurried fashion as he rested on the pillows of my breasts. I widened my thighs for a easier entering as my hips made my mons rise in seeking his tool inside me.

My arms went to hug him, then dropped to his buns and gripping the firm haunch, pulled him hard against my crotch. We both emitted a low groan as the tip speared into the entrance of my pussy at last. This time there would be no stopping of the ultimate act of incest. Love and lust had gained the triumph, and his conquest of his mom was complete as the cock slid in, inch by inch, to the very root.

I could feel him socked hard inside me. The head bumped my uterus. I rolled my eyes back at that internal touching. The withdrawal was slow and deliberate, a stroke of the bow on a violin, then easing in as a gentle as petting a kitten. Only this pussy was ready to ride the tiger.

Like the piston of a steam locomotive it began with deliberate strokes and picked up the pace with accelerating rhythm and growing power.


So firm and smooth the prick pumped in my yearning, burning cavity. Rigid rod prodded yielding tender tissue. Our bodies melded, our organs fit together, lock and key. The opening of mother was filled by son. He was flesh of my flesh reunited in my flesh with his, back to where he had begun.

I felt him work in and out with a confidence he had not had before. I gloried in the exquisite delight of a male member once more taking me, making me his woman. I was a receptacle for the cock that drove up into my center, again and again. I moved my hips to hump up, to take all that I could of that dick splitting my cunt, ravaging in my horny hole. Oh God! It was good to fuck again at last, and with this hunk of a son that was so hot for me, his mother, that he could not be stopped, not even by all the resolve we each once had trying to turn away from our wanton desires to commit this outrageous sin.

He was not going to finish until he had us both in the very insanity of passion. He pounded, my cunt gripped; he hammered, my pussy thrust; he shoved, I matched him to make our parts smack, smack, smack; the sound was animalistic. We were primitive beasts, we were divine beings soaring and singing, as we galloped in place and our cries pitched high and long and loud. "YES! JEFF!! give it to me!

Give it to me hard now deep, give it to me deep. . Harddeep. . UH! OOH! Harder Deeper!! The rising crest of my tsunami of an orgasm was building to a stupendous peak and would released huge energy, like the tidal wave that rolls over everything in it's path. "Yeah! Oh God!! Jeeeffy, I love you baby, do it to mommy, cum with me Honeyyy." His cock jack-hammered my smashed cunt even more, though it seemed that he had been banging my poor pussy as a sledge on an anvil just moments before.

The intensity was incredible, it was white hot poker encased in molten lava. I looked up at his face raised in an expression of a grimace. He was close as well. I could feel the head of his penis as it moved like lightningflashing in motion - to and fro within my vagina. "HAARRDDERR DEEEPERR, I'M Going TO CUM, I going to to CUUM!!" "YES, NOWW" he answered, "CUM FOR ME MOM, cum on me - CUM ON ME NOOWW - MOMMYYY!!" He shuddered, and jammed hard up to my mons, our crinkly hair all matted and fused down there.

The tip plugged in the nubs of my womb, where he hosed a torrent of thick emulsion. He was ultimate man-mate to my uber-uterus woman; adults we truly were and united in the midst of the most grown-up of actions. I released the flood and my cunt contracted and vibrated the climax of the long awaited need for my explosion to be triggered.

Dynamite in a pond, geyser and shock wave; we grunted and groaned and whined as spasms of ecstasy reverberated in our bodies like the pealing of great bells ringing a momentous celebration. Winded - out of breath, radiating the heat of burning skin, dripping like we had been sprayed with a nozzle, we collapsed into a soggy, smoldering heap of limp limbs and torpid torsos, our ragged breathing was all that was heard. But amazingly, after maybe only several minutes Super-Jeff maneuvered his dazed mommy to her hands and knees and, with the prominent prow of a ship's front spar over the bow, pointed his penis at the grotto of Venus, and sank up to the hilt his sword of love in my sheath.

There followed a controlled ride of wonderful sensations as he took me again, willingly, yet I could not have defended myself if I had wished.

My son held my hips and the swaying balls swung up against my clit, which protruded engorged with blood and liking the tickly taunting by the bouncing testicles. Stallion mounted mare, son was stud for his mom. The love machine was well oiled and in fine working order as we rocked together in mutual motion, connected by our genitalia, but bonded by love and erotic passions for each other. Suddenly, Jeff made a quick series of slams into my bottom, a rush of peak overtaking his dick.

Spewing once more within my middle, he provided the impetus for my own clenching/throbbing cresting. This time our chorus of sighs were a duet, signaling our join climaxing. As one, as well, we fell; side by side we lay; the throes of passion spent, lust slaked, love affirmed in physical sharing, so we finally drifted back into a lazy sleep.

Horses and beaches, naked frolics and balmy night under the stars in Jeff's arms filled my dreams. I awoke hungry. The bedding was a rumpled mess. Jeff was looking at me, his naked form sprouted a woody.

He grinned a devilish grin and whispered, "Let's take a shower!!" I just nodded my agreement. I should have known! I jumped up, surprising him. "Last one in the shower makes mommy!!" Jeff laughed and slowly followed.