Brunette cutie gives a terrific blowjob

Brunette cutie gives a terrific blowjob
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See my first story, "Ravaged" to get a good background on where this tale originates. This is another email written by me to my exwife while she was out of town(thats why its in 1st person).


It is fictional, but so-deeply rooted in truth that I felt I could put it in true stories. She has an overwhelming desire to have at least 3 guys at once. She has dreams about it constantly, and i may publish them later also.

She is afraid to unleash this desire, because she thinks she will never get enough afterwards. In fact, the only reason this hasn't occured is because we haven't found the right guys yet.


The dialogue of her "teasing me" is very true and happened between us. I hope you all enjoy! I receive a call from you, telling me that because of the delay in your departure for (omitted).you will be flying home in June for a few days.implying that you would like to see me while your here. I say I would love to see you and take a few days off work for that week you will be here.

So, we both plan accordingly to spend some time together at my home.

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You arrive at the airport around noon, where your father picks you up.and once you arrive home, you hop in your truck and make your way to my place around 6PM as planned. We decide that we are going to have no boundaries this week, so we begin the evening listening to some music and drinking a few screwdrivers.and as the time swiftly passes into the night, we begin to get tipsy.begin to get loosened up. What starts out as slow dancing in my living room to the sound of the radio, becomes much more erotic as the music's tempo changes and our desires increase.

We grind and we kiss.our breathing quickens and our hands explore. You try to drag me to the bedroom, but I look at the wall clock and say, "No, the night is yet in its infancy." You are a bit frustrated, but you laugh it off and call me a tease.

We go to the couch to cool down and have a few more drinks.and as the time passes, the drinks begin to go to our heads and the music to our hearts. I see as I glance towards the DVD player that its 10:15 PM.the night isn't so young anymore, so as you lean over to kiss me, I let the passion take its course this time.

Soft, gentle kisses transform into long passionate ones that have no break to separate them.

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Hands caress your breast.rub my growing manhood, all visibly aroused through their fabric coverings. Its 10:25pm; I don't stop you from straddling me.we wildly make-out as you grind on me; my hands urging your movements by roughly grabbing your rear.

The time now reads 10:30; Click!.a key hits the tumblers and the door swings in. You're startled, yet strangely I seem calm to you. Two guys walk in and say, "Hi bud, we made it." You see their blatant, hungry gazes as they check you out with no apologies. You look at me with aggravation and say, "Who are these people?!.", and before you can say more I cut your your words short. I say, "Don't say another word; you're just gonna listen. Understand?" "You've been stringing me along for months from afar.telling me how Im gonna miss out on your new, unforeseen wildness!

Rubbing it in, but never filling me in on it either!


Ive asked and asked, yet jokes and teasing is all I get from you.and the realization that you have held out on me all these years.

Tonight I'm calling your bluff!.Tonight I'm taking the wildness you have held back from me for all these years.and you are going to do as I say!" You're shocked by my unusual aggressiveness, and your first instinct is to rear-back, but you've been challenged and your competitive-ego wont ever let me best you.

In the back of your mind, you also know that you have asked for it because of your just never imagined I had it in me to be this way!

I say to you, "These two guys are some acquaintances I made while you were away.

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They're here because I'm going to let them have their way with you.and you are going to do as we say, because we are going to do it anyway." I nod to them, and the one with the key locks my deadbolt and puts the key away. You are still feeling the vodka, still heated up by our activities, and now feeling the rush from're scared, yet excited about what is unfolding before you. I stand up, then also pull you up by both your hands.

You're very nervous and a bit bashful, because no matter how much you bragged and boasted, inside you are still unsure of your boundaries. Yet, you are also a bit excited inside when you think about exploring these boundaries, so you glance at the two men who are looking you up-and-down at that moment.

They are both attractive, fit, and tailored to your tastes.but your thoughts are cut short as I try to pull you toward my room.

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You give me an unsure look, but allow yourself to be led into the bedroom.the two men following, closing the door. You still feel the urge to protest, but I begin to kiss you, begin to rub your nipples through the thin, silky fabric.

The two guys are forgotten by you as passion begins to warm you.their hands are all ready caressing your body by the time you realize it.

All prudence has vaporized as you are overloaded by all the hands groping and rubbing your body all over. I unbutton your blouse and they pull it back and down your arms.and with a flick of one of their wrists, send it flying across the room. You tingle as you can now feel their hands move over your bare skin, down your back.unclasping your brassiere.

That pair of hands now move back up your back, over your shoulders, brushing the straps off them as they make their way down the curve of your breasts.

You chest is burning inside as strange hands caress your breasts.strange fingers squeeze your nipples. We passionately, hungrily the two guys kiss the back of your neck; their hardness felt through their jeans.pressing against your rear.

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We both roughly, frantically unbutton each others try to reach in, but your arms are guided back, your hands coming to rest on their bulging jean-fronts as we still wetly lock lips. You rub them up and down, realizing that behind the denim there is a lot of manhood to be discovered.and as you do that, I let your thin slacks fall to the floor.leaving you only cloaked by the inadequate protection of a small, lacy g-string.

You cannot hardly take the sensation of one of the men removing your panties, trailing kisses as he stoops down to pull then down the length of your legs. Your knees could buckle as six hands hungrily explore your now-exposed flesh. You cant stand waiting any longer; you kneel down and pull my hot, hard cock out of my jeans, enveloping it in your soft, full lips as your hands trail over my butt.

The two guys open their jean fronts and uncage their manhood also.positioning themselves on each side of you.taking ahold of your arms.guiding your hands to their awaiting erections. You feel how large they are as you stroke both of them, still eagerly sucking on me. You then divide your attention between all three of us, taking turns sucking an all the cock surrounding you."man are these guys thick and large!" you think to yourself.

I cannot wait any longer to drive you crazy, so I stand you you up and guide you onto you back on the bed.but as I'm standing there, you roll over and take me hungrily back into your mouth, sucking me hard.not noticing me gesture to the two guys.

One climbs on the bed and positions his engorged head at your lips. Before you can ask if I'm ok with this, you feel him slowly enter you.parting your lips, sliding his shaft farther and farther into your soaking wetness til his whole length is within you.

You gasp, because you have never felt anything so large inside you.never had been this filled up before. I am aroused by feeling you moan on my penis as you surrender to the waves of pleasure coming from his quickening pace. Just as you feel your climax building, he pulls out and makes way for the other man.but he doesn't enter you as expected. He lies on the bed and guides your leg over til your straddling him. By now you need no encouragement and position yourself on the tip of his massive head, forcing yourself down its length, wondering if you can take it all.

You begin to ride him slowly, but soon your pace quickens, your yelps grow louder, and with each pivot of your pelvis, you take more and more of him til he is buried deep inside you. It is the biggest cock you have ever felt inside you before. You are riding him hard now; the bed is reach for my cock in front of you and stroke me wildly. The other guy approaches you, unnoticed til you feel his penis touch you.but before you can inquire.he also begins to enter your vagina from never imagining it possible, but you scream out in passion as you are filled by two hard, throbbing cocks, both thrusting like pistons inside you!

It is like nothing you ever experienced before.stimulation and arousal completely overtake you and you lose all control. You are sucking and jerking me frantically between uninhibited screams of passion. You climax more intensely than you ever have before as they both drive into you harder and faster. The guy behind you pulls out because he cant go anymore with out cumming.he steps back to cool down his overloaded passion. You really start slamming down hard on the man below you now and losing your last vestige of inhibition, tell him that you want his cum, you want to feel grind faster and faster as you feel him get even harder.feel it building up.he tries to stop you, but you just grind faster and you begin to yelp your way through yet another climax as you feel his hot cum explode inside you.

You pull yourself off him, but before you can catch your breath.the second guy plops down on his back, grabs you and lifts you bodily.placing you facing away from him on his stomach.

You reach before you and guide his penis into you and he starts thrusting up into you hungrily gaze into my eyes, begging for me with a look. I climb over you and once again you feel the amazing sensation of being completely filled by 2 men.

You just cannot hardly take anymore arousal and looking into my eyes lustfully, you ask me to cum, you tell me that you want me to cum inside want it all.You and I build toward our climax.the pace quickens.and you now loudly, wantonly beg for me to lose all control of yourself, as you feel not one but two hard penises explode hotly inside you at the same time.You are completely spent, completely you collapse on the bed; your legs shaking uncontrollably.

The two men get dressed and let themselves out.and as you drift off into exhausted sleep in my know that you have been truly taken as you always had wanted to be.