Gay cock Now this is a foursome that is well worth the watching

Gay cock Now this is a foursome that is well worth the watching
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MAY, 1999 I. Ashley was a caller. That's how it started. She'd called a few times over a few weeks, always asking to hear the same song, one that you could hear every forty-five minutes if you just turned your radio on.

It annoyed me, but I knew to expect it from a Top Forty audience. After the second call, she'd engage me in conversation before making her request, in the beginning with the usual questions: what's it like to be on the radio, what do you look like, what's your real name, etcetera. Lately, though, we'd exchanged more relevant questions with each other: how was your day, have you seen this or that movie, what do you like to do with your time off, and the like.

She was actually quite pleasant to talk to. She wasn't obnoxious at all. Her voice was soothing, and her speech was above par for her generation. She was really quite intelligent, and possibly more knowledgable about current events than I was. Talking to her during my shift was a welcome deviation from the normal brain-dead masses who called. Early on she told me that she'd just turned eighteen, and would be graduating from high school next month.

When I asked her what her plans for college were, she said she didn't have any yet. She just wanted to take a break from school before committing to a career, and I complimented her on her wisdom. Our two-minute conversations continued. On a Friday night a few weeks after the first call, I had an on-location broadcast to make from a local nightclub.

I made these appearances frequently, and they were almost always a treat. It was a chance for me to stretch my entertainment legs, and mingle with the population. It was also my chance to be the object of flirtation for seemingly unlimited numbers of stunningly hot, scantily clad young women. I'd never had difficulty getting women to take an interest in me, even before radio, but this was something different. The free pass that these appearances afforded me were certainly appreciated (a foot in the door, if you will), and I enjoyed without reservation the sexual escapades my pseudo-celebrity status rewarded.

This particular Saturday evening appearance was the standard affair; I'd arrive at around 9:00, set up and be ready to roll by 9:45, make the first test signal to the studio to confirm reception, and make the first broadcast at 10:15. Over the following three hours, I'd make two broadcasts per hour, on the fifteen and forty-five minute marks.

Between broadcasts, I'd circulate, hand out t-shirts and stickers, and perhaps hold random events inside the club, rewarding participants with promotional materials from the record labels.

At around 11:30, I was sitting in the passenger's seat of the van when I admired a particularly attractive girl emerge from the front door. She looked to be around five foot, three, with short black spiky hair. She was wearing a short denim skirt, fishnets, and a vented, neon pink t-shirt with cutoff sleeves. Black designer leather combat boots completed her ensemble, which seemed odd, but somehow she made it work.

After she'd taken several breaths of the comparatively cooler outside air, she briefly surveyed her surroundings, identified my van with the multicolored strobe lights, and began to make her way over. I felt a stir in my loins as I smiled to myself. Showtime. The closer she got, the better look at her I got. She had an exotic face; angular, almost Asian, and light skin. Magenta painted lips shared a natural smile as she approached. Her muscles were toned, and it was obvious to me that she'd earned her physique.

Her medium, perky breasts seemed well-formed. and her legs were shapely, yet muscular. Holy fuck, she was gorgeous. I took a gulp from my bottle of water. "Hi," she beamed with the most cheerful energy imaginable, piercing me with slender brown eyes.

"What's going on?" "Not much, just hanging out and making the waves." I was aware of my cheesiness, but I knew that it didn't really matter as long as I sounded like I knew what I was doing.

"Are you having a good time?" "Sure am. Getting sweaty from all the dancing. Which one are you?" That was a question that I hated, "Which one are you?" It made me feel like all deejays were interchangeable in the eyes of the public. Granted, a lot of us are, but I took particular pride in my craft. I worked hard on making my show flow seamlessly. In my time off, I'd practice my speech, timing, and mixing, always striving for perfection. I was passionate about my profession, so when asked which one I was, I felt as if I deserved more respect.

However, I knew that it was never anyone's intention to make me feel unappreciated, and that it was just an earnest question of unfortunate construction.

"I'm Vinnie," I replied with a generic smile, and extended my hand out the window to shake hers in greeting. She beamed and grabbed my offered hand eagerly. "Oh HEY! It's me, Ashley! You remember me?" My eyes widened briefly before I quickly regained my composure. This was Ashley? This was the anonymous girl I'd been talking to at work for that past few weeks? I started imagining private alone time with her; perhaps I would give her a graduation present.

I started to get an erection. "Hey, of course, I remember you, Ashley!" I was really laying it on thick. Then quite genuinely, "It's nice to finally meet you." Somehow, I had managed the response in a convincingly nonchalant manner. "I haven't talked to you in a few days. How are you doing," I asked her. She frowned. "Oh, stressed over finals. God, I can't wait 'til school is over." She put significant emphasis on the "God," and "wait," in typical teenage fashion. I smiled empathetically.

"Yeah, I know what you mean. The high school thing does remind me, though; how did you get into the club, seeing as how you're only eighteen?" Shifting only slightly in discomfort, "My friend let me borrow her ID. Most door guys don't look closely at pictures, only birth dates." Almost as an afterthought, and with a bigger smile, "Especially if you smile at them a lot." "Of course." Having run the door at a bar myself at one time, I knew exactly what she was talking about.

"Well, you're a sly little one, aren't you?" I looked at her in fake accusatory fashion, still smiling. She smiled big again and said, "You know it!

Promise you won't tell?" She knew I wasn't going to say a word to anyone. "I don't know. What's in it for me?" I followed her lead. Without missing a beat, "What do you want?" My head burned hot with the possibilities. "What do you want?" Where do I begin? "How about we just keep it our little secret?" "Deal." "So, how would you like a brand-spankin-new, top-o-the-line, cutting-edge, high tech Jammin' 97 tank?" When I was with someone I thought could appreciate the humor, I really liked to ham it up.

She giggled. "No t-shirts?" My generic response, "Ts for the guys; tanks for the girls. Unless you want to walk around looking like you're wearing a nightgown." She giggled again.

"A tank, please." I foraged between the front seats for a girls' small, black tank top, emblazoned with the station logo, and the stack produced one without much effort. "Here you go," I offered as I handed her the shirt.

She accepted it with a, "Thanks," before stuffing it between her legs and reaching for the bottom hem of the shirt she was wearing. She pulled the cotton up from her torso, and once the material had cleared her bra (her front-clasp, black lace bra), it caught for a few moments on the rhinestone encrusted leather collar I had somehow failed to notice, which matched the rhinestone encrusted leather cuffs I had also, somehow, failed to notice. With her arms caught over her head, and her view obstructed by the shirt that was stammering her escape attempt, I took time to observe her firm, toned torso.

She was quite athletic. I was even able to make out the faint trace of a six-pack, though just barely, and I thought to myself, Holy shit, this chick is serious, even as I pictured myself licking honey liquor from her perky breasts. My erection grew harder. Once she'd freed herself from the pink mess, she offered the crumpled shirt to me. I snapped my gaze from her body up to her face to find her looking me in the eye, and as if this sort of thing was done all the time, she asked, "Would you hold this for me?" I chuckled briefly as I accepted the almost weightless shards of cotton.

"Sure." I smiled at how free she was. She seemed either to not care about the scene she was presenting, or to be oblivious to the mild impropriety of it. Her entry into the new shirt was much faster and less eventful than her egress from the old, and once she was as comfortable as she was going to be with the fit, she again looked brightly at me, then spun around.

"Well, how do I look," she asked me with earnest interest. The shirt fit her snugly, and I was so, so glad. I responded quickly and coolly, "You look good." I decided to leap.

"The tank looks pretty good on you, too." She tilted her head down, keeping her eyes on mine as a new kind of smile formed on her lips, and both of her hands grabbed the very front of the shirt and pulled down. She remained silent as her body twisted to-and-fro in an obviously manufactured seductive shyness, and I was hard as a rock.

I suddenly remembered to check my watch to see that I was only a couple of minutes from my next check-in. "Oh, shit," I urgently remarked as I leapt from the van to get my headphones and mic from the side door as I dialed the studio on my phone for signal confirmation. While the studio's line was ringing, I turned back to Ashley to see her looking at my crotch, and I immediately remembered my erection, now deflating.

"Sorry about the interruption," I said, "but the show must go on, you know." There wasn't time for her to respond before the studio answered my call, and a minute later, I was reading promotional materials into my microphone, and convincing my audience of the fantastic time that was to be had, "Right here at Ground Zero, Lexington's Premiere Party Scene." I stole a look at Ashley. She was motionless, looking at me in utter concentration.

She appeared totally fascinated at what I was doing, as if in disbelief that this could be the origin of the magical noise on the sound machine in her car. She was completely entranced, and I paid her no mind as I finished my check-in.

I completed my outro, turned off my mic and headphones and set them down, and walked a few feet to where she was standing. The way she looked at me now made me just a little uncomfortable. She, on the other hand, looked a little too comfortable.

She seemed as if she'd just put some puzzle pieces together in her mind, and now she knew something that I didn't. Some girls are easy to figure out, Ashley was not one of them. "Sorry, again," apologizing one more time for good measure. "I wasn't paying attention to the time.

Still got work to do, you know?" She playfully latched onto my arm, and her touch reignited the fire in my loins. "Sure, no problem. Well, I'm gonna go find my friends. It was great to finally meet you!" "Yeah, you too. I'm here until One, so if I don't see you again, have a great night." My sentiments were sincere, if not complete. With that, she looked up at me, released my arm, and strutted back into the club, and I was fixated on her the whole way. Once my tour had ended, it was a quiet twenty minute drive back to the station, and I contemplated my brief encounter with the girl the whole way.

When I got back to the studio, I carried and stowed the broadcast gear inside, signed the work log, and went back to the van one last time to retrieve my bottle of water before getting in my car to go home. When I got to the van and reached for my water, I saw something that made me smile. I still had Ashley's t-shirt. SATURDAY II. After being out until 2:30, and not being able to wind down enough to sleep until roughly Five in the morning, I slept until around One in the afternoon.

Once I'd repeatedly and then finally wiped the sleep from my eyes, I decided to go for a swim. I didn't have to be in to the studio for my on-air shift until 7:00, so I had a few hours to waste. It was 3:00, full on, by the time I got to the gym. I almost never worked out, but I did swim a lot, so the use of its clean and quiet pool was well worth the membership fees charged by the gym.

When I hit the showers before my swim, I started remembering meeting Ashley the night before. I remembered, in slow-motion, her removing her shirt.

I remembered watching the flimsy, cheap pink fabric give way to fine skin, taut over well-toned flesh. Then I imagined her going on the remove her bra, hands reaching slowly for the front clasp as her eyes drew me in seductively.

I then remembered I was in the public shower at the gym, and I'd better get my shit together if I didn't want to embarrass myself with the erection that was stirring. I started thinking about the weather, and contemplated whether or not I'd be able to drop the top on my convertible Maserati.

Well, all the markings on the car said "Maserati," but I had no illusions about it just being a Chrysler LeBaron with fancy leather seats and Maserati badges. I enjoyed about an hourlong swim, showered again (focused, this time), and got dressed. I did decide to put the top down on the car, then I went on for something to eat. I enjoyed a cheap, fast, and incredibly unhealthy meal, then took the longest, most scenic route to work, thoroughly enjoying my impossibly overpriced LeBaron.

A few hours later, I was taking my seat in the studio, pulling my CDs off the racks in playing sequence for the first hour. I gathered my commercial spot recordings, and printed a few updates from the interwebs that I thought were relevant to my listeners. As always, I was psyched. Jammin' 97 was on the air. She was a ship; an aircraft carrier, launching songs as planes one after another, and I was her Captain.

It was a ridiculous analogy, but that's the way I liked to think of it. I fucking loved my job. After checking the weather on the super-duper, high-tech, industrial-strength "Jammin' 97 Weather Computer," also known as The Weather Channel, I learned that the clear weather was going to hold out all night.

"Clear skies and an overnight low of seventy-seven," I'd be sure to pass this on to my listeners. I decided not to worry about putting the top up on my car. Perhaps, after work, I would enjoy a midnight ride beneath the stars. At 9:22, she called. I know this exactly because after I'd settled in and gotten my shift in order, I happened to find myself counting minutes. I loved my job, but it's easy to get lost in one's thoughts between breaks, and today, my thoughts were of Ashley.

"Hey, you," the female on the line beamed. "What's up?" My standard, professional response, "Not much. Who's this?" "It's Ashley, Silly!

Who else would it be? WAIT, don't answer that." The way that she talked to me now had changed from before our meeting, and I hadn't recognized her.

She sounded different, somehow. I covered with the ever reliable, "I'm so sorry, Ashley. I talk to so many people every day, it's impossible to keep track." And without missing a beat or giving time for dissent, I continued.

"How are you doing, tonight?" Without answering, she asked, "Oh my God, is that your red convertible outside?" The studio was a relatively small, standalone building, housing a small independently owned company, one of the last independently owned radio broadcast companies left, to the best of my knowledge. It had only one am station, and one fm station. It was located on a main throughway on the outskirts of town, and it was clearly marked.

Parking was on the side, and was clearly visible from the street, so I was not concerned that she might be stalking me when Ashley asked about my car. The Jammin' Van and my car were the only two vehicles in the lot at the moment. "Yep,that's the one," a bit matter-of-factly, because I was momentarily focusing on the upcoming break. "Listen, hang on just a sec. I've gotta do something, but I'll be right back, okay?" "Sure," she easily replied.

"Okay, just hang on," then I set the phone down and donned my headphones. I cleared my throat, then opened the mic, waiting silently and patiently for the song to end.

I made my announcements, gave the weather, and fired up four commercials before finally playing the station identifier and starting up the next song.

It took about three minutes, total. Picking up the phone receiver, "Okay, I'm back. Thanks for waiting." Without a moment of hesitation, "That was so cool!" Again, a standard response to a standard remark, "It's what I do." "Where did you learn to do that? You know… How did you learn to be a deejay?" I chuckled lightly.

"Oh, that. Well, I had to go to school for four years, and that cost me upwards of eighty-thousand dollars. Then I had to serve a two-year unpaid internship in New Mexico, before I could get a broadcaster's license." A long pause. "Really?" "No, not really.

Just kidding." After she laughed, I continued, "I just got lucky. I'm a born entertainer with a natural, radio-friendly voice. Made a friend who happened to be a jock here who used to sneak me in after hours to practice and make a CD demo; he vouched for me when I gave my CD to his boss. Boss said, 'Practice under Rick, here for a few weeks, and if you're good, I'll put you on.' And that, as they say, is that." "Wow, that is so cool!" She seemed really impressed.

People often were, but I never really understood it. I just happened to be in the right place, and know the right people, and have the right skills for the job at the right time. As I said, I never understood it, but I never argued against it.

It went along with the idea that radio is magic. After all, I still believed that is was. "Yep," was all I offered. Best to leave it at that. "So, you're friends with Rick?" "Yep, been friends for years now." Rick (or George, as he was unsatisfyingly named by his parents) and I hit it off when I met him at a live broadcast at the opening of a new bar.

We had the same devious, villainous sense of humor, and we just kept carrying on until the job opened up at the station and he suggested I could fill it.

I didn't take much convincing. "Didn't you know, all deejays are friends; we have a secret handshake and everything." "Ha ha, very funny." Still, I knew she was amused at least a little. "I try." I'd had this particular conversation so many times. "So, when are you gonna take me for a ride in your convertible?" "Huh?" I had instantly become a moron.

My pulse quickened as she happily and just as assertively asked again, "When are you going to take me for a ride in your convertible? Oo, how about tonight? You just said it was going to be a beautiful night. Let's go tonight." "Uh, sure." Wait a minute, did she just tell me to take her for a ride without leaving me an out? And did I just say, "Yes?" "I sign off at midnight. Where do you want me to pick you up?" I decided to go with the flow; see where it took me. Her response was instant.

"My place is kinda hard to find. Do you know the Waffle House next the Museum and across from the hospital?" "Sure, I know the one." "Great.

You can pick me up there." "Okay, gimme until about twelve-thirty. I guess I don't have to describe my car to you." After I'd said it, I realized it sounded significantly cooler in my head. Ashley didn't seem to notice.

"Great! See you then." - click - Yup. See you then. III. Midnight came, finally. I'd had sex with several listeners before, so this wasn't really anything new. It felt new, for some reason, and I tried to think of reasons for that. She was the youngest listener I'd considered, and certainly the most beautiful so far. Maybe it was the way she'd moved on me, rather than the other way around.

Whatever it was, I didn't contemplate it long. I was going to do her, and it really didn't matter how or why. I had prepped for the next shift well before my relief, Steve, arrived at 11:40.

I was making sure I had all my ducks in a row so that I could walk out the door without delay as soon as I played the top-of-the-hour station identifier. Steve had seen this behavior before. "So, I guess you met another one at the club last night?" Steve knew me too well.

"Steve, you know me too well." He laughed. "Well, enjoy yourself." I paused, and looked him dead in the eye. "Steve, the idea is to enjoy her." He laughed again, and I laughed with him this time. He offered, "Have fun, see you on Monday," but I was out the door and admiring the full moon before he finished the sentence.

I knew it would take me less than thirty minutes to reach the Waffle House, but I liked to be early. It allowed for unforeseen delays, and, in the event of no delays, it might allow me to watch the arrival of my companion. The car had to drive itself to the destination, because I was too distracted trying to deconstruct my thoughts about Ashley. Why was I on edge? She was just another girl. We'd use each other, and we'd both enjoy the use.

It would be a one time thing, or not. It would be about sex, and that's it. If it continued, either it would eventually get old, or she would meet a real guy she liked for a real relationship, and that would be that.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. So why did I just miss the turn? I admonished myself without impunity, turned around, and pulled into the lot. Shit. She was already there. I could see Ashley sitting in a booth by the window with a clear view of the lot, and she saw me the moment I rolled in. She jumped up, tossed a salutation to the girl behind the counter, and walked purposefully to the door of the restaurant as I got out in preparation to open the car door for her.

Cos that's the way my momma raised me. When she exited the restaurant, I almost stumbled. She was wearing a deep ocean blue, floral print, spaghetti strap. backless dress that covered her to down to mid thigh, and afforded a clear view of her cleavage.

It fit somewhat loosely, but still showed off her Venusian figure. And the same combat boots from last night. How does she pull that off? Her shape appeared to have been made for the outfit. Then again, so it also seemed for the outfit she had worn the night before.

She was carrying a small, black leather hand purse as she raced to me with the bright smile I'd looked forward to all evening, and she reached me before I'd even made it to the front of my car. She lunged at me, both arms outstretched, and I had no choice but to catch her.

She hugged me tightly, and I knew there was no way she could not feel the growing bulge in my shorts. "Hey, you," she exclaimed. She was starting to either scare or excite me with her seemingly reckless abandon, but I couldn't tell which. Was it that which left me uneasy? She seemed simultaneously carefree and in complete control. I just couldn't put my finger on it. "Hey, Girlie, how are you doing?" I spun her around in the air until I could feel her grasp on me loosen, then I carried her, just like that, to her side of the car.

I set her down and bent over to open her door. Ashley whispered in my ear, "I've been thinking about you." What the hell just happened? I was lost. This bouncy, carefree girl had just flipped a switch, and became Supervixen, like Clark Kent in a goddamned phone booth. I was sharp, though. She had started the game of her own free will, and done so quite assertively, so without missing a beat, I stood back up and whispered back into her ear, "Oh really?

Well, I have something for you." She looked me in the eye. "What's that?" "I have your t-shirt. Do you want it back?" For some reason, this question puzzled her. "Okay?" I knew I had her. "I'll trade you," confident as I'd ever been, because I was about to assume absolute control. "What do you want for them?" I looked at her plainly and said, "Give me your panties." The heartbeat in my head was deafening, and I found myself praying that I would not break a sweat as she looked me in the eye for several seconds, perhaps because she was attempting to ascertain if I was serious, Which I most certainly was.

Then, without breaking eye contact, Ashley reached up under her dress, slid a blue thong down her legs in one swift movement, and rested one hand on her waist while the other dangled the flimsy article in the air by her index finger for all the world to witness. I smiled a smile of satisfaction, still keeping eye contact.

Inwardly, I was trying to figure out who was winning. I let her maintain that pose for several seconds, still waiting for her composure to break. And I waited. And I waited, my erection ever growing. She didn't flinch. She didn't even blink. After satisfying myself that I'd won our little standoff (and I'd done no such thing; it was a draw at best), I carefully reached up and wrapped my fingers around her outstretched hand, slowly taking from her the offered bounty.

I gently wrapped the already slightly damp thong around itself and put the thing in the pocket of my cargo shorts. With that, I pulled her t-shirt from behind what would soon be her seat, and offered it to her, to which she smiled triumphantly, and said, "Thank you." She was so damned playful, and I loved it. To that end, I said, "It's my pleasure." She smiled at that.

"Shall we go?" The switch flipped, and Superman was Clark Kent again. In a brief instant, her posture relaxed and she dropped her arm to her side. She bounced lightly, and exclaimed with almost childlike glee, "Yay," as if we hadn't just made the most lascivious spectacles of ourselves in the parking lot of a fucking Waffle House.

I opened her door for her, and she slipped into the seat as if it belonged to her. I closed the door and made it to the rear of car before I heard her cry, "Oo, I LOVE your handcuffs!

Are they real?" She was referring to the ones hanging from my rearview mirror. "Oh, you know they are." Of course they were real. I had stopped dipping my toe into bondage and domination; I dove into the deep end whenever and wherever the opportunity presented itself. The cuffs were police-grade, hardened steel with a secondary locking mechanism to prevent picking. "I have the matching leg irons in the trunk," I told her, which I did, in a leather duffle, with an assortment of various other tools and toys, but I didn't volunteer that part, as I did not want to scare her.

"I don't mess around with the kids' stuff." She playfully feigned fear. "Oh, should I be scared?" Reassuringly, I offered, "Well, that depends on what you're into, now doesn't it?" By this time I had opened my door and was reclining into my seat. She just smiled knowingly at me and said, "I guess it does." I fired the engine. "So, where do you want to go?" I was genuinely interested to see where she wanted to take us.

"Just drive on, Jeeves," she quipped, and I did as she took my handcuffs from the mirror and started fiddling with them. Once we were out on the road, only a few moments of silence passed before she spoke. "So, are you from Lexington originally?" I found it interesting that she'd go from handing me her panties to asking about my origins so easily. "No, actually. I'm from Denver originally.

My parents moved me here when I was a kid, and I just kinda stuck around. You?" "Born and bred. As soon as I graduate, I'm moving to Cincinnati." "Really? Why Cincy?" I found myself genuinely interested. "I've got some friends there and they love it.

And the music scene is supposed to be pretty good there, too. Do you have the key?" Her question threw me off a bit, because I didn't know what she was talking about. "Key to what?" "The key to these handcuffs." I quickly looked to find she had handcuffed her wrists together, and I knew what she wanted.

I laughed briefly. "I do have the key, but it is attached to my key ring, which is currently attached to the car." She exaggerated a sigh in mock resignation. "I guess I'll just have to wait until we get where we're going, then." "I guess so," as I laid my right hand high on her bare thigh, with my fingers nestled neatly and deeply between her legs, and my erection began rapidly trying to re-manifest itself within the confines of my cargo shorts.

I glanced over again to find her looking at me, her lips pursed in the most mischievous smile I'd ever seen. I looked back to the road, and felt her now cuffed hands come to rest on my arm. She then parted her legs, and guided my hand directly to her hairless sex.

My god, she was just as aggressive as I was, and my erection was becoming painful. Ashley was so hot and so wet that I was momentarily blinded by her lust. I just held my hand still on her while I refocused myself on the road. It took me several deep breaths to compose myself to the point when I felt safe to continue driving. I thought of a destination, and planned out my route. Then I was ready to proceed. I began gently massaging her wetness around the outside of her sex, in an almost absent-minded fashion, only occasionally brushing her lips or button.

My charade was pointless, as if I wasn't, in fact, paying the closest attention to every movement of every finger on every stroke; as if I wasn't relishing in the glory of her clean-shaven mound; as if I couldn't hear her nearly inaudible moans, begging for more. I was simply fiddling while I drove.

My ministrations produced more wetness as she wriggled hopelessly in my seat, causing her dress to work its way up nearly to her waist. She was exposed to the bright and full moonlight and warm night air, shielded only by my hand, and I could feel the wind working its way between her legs as she parted them as wide as the seat would allow.

We went like this in silence for several minutes before I looked at her once again to find her still watching my face, only this time, her expression was one of despair. She knew I would only be able to see her face for a moment before I had to turn back to the road, so she wasted no time before mouthing the word, "Please." Again, with just a little more urgency, "Please." I was going to gobble her up.

I looked back to the four-lane to see that we were just about to pass a tractor-trailer, and I smiled deviously. I glanced at her again briefly to see she was also eyeing the truck before turning back to me and pleading one more time, "Please." I began massaging her clit. She moaned hard and started sliding down in her seat as the car quickly approached the side of the truck. Glancing over, I could see that she'd closed her eyes, and I could feel her starting to shake as we neared the driver's window.

I massaged her faster as I matched my speed alongside the unsuspecting trucker. Positioned perfectly next to the truck, I instructed her to open her eyes and look at him, and another brief glance confirmed her compliance.

Dividing my attention between the road and the other driver, I waited for him to look. It seemed to take forever, but I was finally rewarded when I saw him look down into my car, and focus on the spell I was casting in the passenger's seat.

Once I knew he was looking, and I could see that Ashley could see him looking, I thrust two fingers into her, and began pistoning them repeatedly into her drenched sex. Her back arched as her body seized in her orgasm and she cried out into the wind.

I carefully divided my attention between the road, the other driver, and Ashley, and when I was satisfied that her explosion had subsided, I shared a look with the driver.

He had the stupid, shit-eating grin that I'd expected, and he pulled the air horn in appreciation, momentarily startling Ashley from her blissful denouement. I pulled my hand from her sex only long enough to flash a brief thumbs up to the driver before unceremoniously thrusting my fingers back into her, and she shuddered.

I accelerated past the truck, aware that we were near our destination. I looked to Ashley, who had opened her eyes and now appeared to be coherent. I pulled my fingers from her again, to which she flinched, and I instructed her to lick my hand clean. She grabbed my wrist with both hands and began frantically sucking her juices from my fingers. It was like she was possessed; like she was dying of thirst in the desert and the only water for miles flowed from my fingertips.

As she was doing this, I remembered that all the juices pouring out of her were coming to rest in a pool on my fancy, red leather seats. I didn't care, this was so fucking worth it. Ashley was so hot for me it seemed she could barely contain herself, and she was such a joy to excite that everything else was inconsequential. Once I was satisfied that she'd taken back all she'd given, and without looking at her, I commanded, "Now undo my zipper and show your gratitude." Again, she didn't hesitate an instant.

She was a driven woman, determined and unswerving in purpose. I provided some minor assistance by repositioning my body, and despite the minor inconvenience caused by my cuffs on her wrists, she quickly freed my already painfully hard manhood, then engulfed it fully in her mouth without hesitation.

Ashley suckled me as if her very life depended upon extricating the juices contained within, and her skill belied her age. She was too good at her craft. I'd been with women twice her age that had half the skill, or half the drive, for that matter.

She was spoiling me with her tongue, rolling it around my manhood, sliding up and down my shaft at every possible angle available, sucking so hard I feared she could implode. I had intended to hold out, but I knew there was no way I could withstand the assault being unleashed upon me. I decided to let go quickly so that I could be better prepared for later. Three minutes passed before I pulled into our destination and came hard into her throat.

She never missed her rhythm, she just kept on me until I began to soften in her mouth, and she did not spill a drop. She swallowed every bit that I gave her. When I finished coming, she gently sucked and massaged with her tongue all that remained. It took some time, but when she finally let me slip from her mouth, only a trace of her saliva remained on my manhood, nothing more. "Very good, Ashley. Very good." She raised her head from my groin, hovered in front of my face, smiling seductively, her lipstick diminished and redistributed about her mouth and said, "Thank you," then plopped back down into her seat, again like a giddy little girl, and I was momentarily troubled by her casual manner.

I told her, "You can take a few minutes to clean up your makeup, if you like." Ashley piped up cheerfully, "And you can take these cuffs off, now." I inwardly cringed. In spite of its description as "Fiction," this story is actually an embellishment of real experiences I had with a girl during my time on the radio. The first several chapters are absolutely true, save names and locales.

IV. It was four past One O'Clock when I took the keys from the ignition and removed my handcuffs from Ashley's wrists, then laid them on the center console. I was working to re-cage my now dormant sex as I was aware of her rubbing her newly freed wrists in typical fashion.

I had driven us to a walking park in a lightly wooded forest outside of town, directly off the four lane. While it was right on the main road, I knew the park got no traffic at night, and I knew a hill in the park where we could be concealed while we were able to effectively spot any vehicle entering, with plenty of time to recover from whatever we were doing to achieve some semblance of normal appearance. Anyone that found us would know that we were up to no good, but all evidence would be gone before they could get close enough to see.

As I opened my car door, I noted that she was, indeed, fixing her makeup. I retrieved my digital camera from the trunk before walking to the front of the car and sitting on the hood, facing away from her.

I stuffed the camera into a cargo pocket and smiled to myself, contemplating her vanity. She had to know how good she looked; how could she not?

A short while later, I heard her car door open, I turned my head to her, watching her exit, purse in hand. When she pulled the hem of her dress back down from her waist, I remembered the mess she'd made on my seat. I stood up to face her, and reminded her of the mess, and suggested that it would only be fair for her to clean it up since she made it. I thought she would just use the t-shirt I'd returned to her to sop up the mess, so I was rather stunned when she smiled seductively at me, bent over at the waist, and began licking up the evidence of her surrender.

Holy fuck, she was dirty, filthy, hot. I kept my car immaculate, so without care I watched in amazement as she left a sheen of saliva anywhere a trace of her juices could've been detected. My sense of humor momentarily got the better of me as I commented, "Or, you could just lick it clean." She happened to be finishing her task at that very moment, so she flashed that bright smile at me again.

"Happy to be of service!" I laughed, still trying to figure her out. "Okay, Ashley, let's go.

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She joined me at the front of the car and I took her hand, leading her into the park. The moon was high and bright, so we had no difficulty navigating. In no time we reached our destination at the top of the small hill. It was obviously an artificial hill, as its shape was too perfect and its location too singular to be natural. Here, there was a clearing with a circular plateau covered in lush, manicured grass, and sparsely outlined with concrete backless benches mounted to concrete pads.

I had let go of Ashley's hand. She instead hugged my arm as she'd done the night before, and I happily accepted her. After surveying our surroundings, we stared for several moments at the moon, and I was at peace. I then looked at her and she at me. I kissed her softly and slowly, and she accepted me. What the fuck are you doing? Are you fucking crazy? I couldn't help myself. She was just so fucking adorable on my arm and I got lost in the moment. I pulled from her slowly, and again she flashed her knowing smile at me.

As I turned back to the moon, the storms started churning in my head, and I knew I had to act quickly. "Okay, Ashley," I said, "Take off your dress and hand it to me." The mischievous smile again as she tossed her purse to the side, then she reached down and gathered the hem of her dress and slid it up over her athletic form, and I was again entranced.

Once she was free of the garment, she offered it plainly to me and asked matter-of-factly, "Boots, too?" "No, keep the boots." Steady, boy. She just smiled at me as she stood there in the moonlight, arms at her sides, legs slightly parted, watching me take her in.

She didn't fiddle, and her chin was high as she presented herself to me. She hadn't been wearing a bra, tonight, so she was now a clean, unencumbered form, glorious in her perfection. My loins were already stirring again. God, she was magnificent. The moonlight was bright enough to show off every line and curve of her body.

She was curvy but firm, somewhat muscular, but still completely and utterly feminine. She was perfect. Her medium breasts held themselves in place, two perfectly proud mounds, perfectly fitted with perfectly hard nipples. Her hips were breathtaking, framing perfectly her impressively sculpted belly, and reaching down to her gorgeous, muscular legs seamlessly.

"Turn around," I commanded. "Slowly." She complied without hesitation. As she turned, I was in awe of her fantastic beauty. She was a creature shaped by the hand of God, if there were such a thing. I was in the presence of greatness. When she had turned ninety degrees, I instructed her to stop, and I noticed that her back was arched ever so slightly, pushing her breasts and ass outward in her presentation.

I began moving around her, admiring her in at my own pace. Her bottom was round and undimpled. "Do you work out? You're in excellent shape," I complimented. Her response came easily, without hesitation or pride or shame, and seemed almost calculated.

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"Thank you. I work out a little, but I play soccer and volleyball on my school teams. I used to be in gymnastics and had a couple of years of ballet when I was younger. Also, I like to swim a lot, but that's just for fun. And I was a cheerleader last year, but I quit because of the drama." I chuckled quietly. Oh, is that all?

How fucking perfect are you? For the first time ever, I wished I was a better man, just to not disappoint this one woman. From behind her, I reached my hand between her legs, and gently stroked once across her labia, and she twitched.

I smiled greatly at this as I pulled back a finger moistened with the juices apparently flowing from her. I came around to her front, presented the finger to her, and told her to carefully lick up the drops so as not the mess her lipstick. She did exactly that. I believed I could tell her to do anything, and It would be done. I wondered what lines she wouldn't cross. I ran my hand slowly, lightly down her exposed form, from her shoulder down the inside of her firm, shapely breast, down her firm, toned abdomen, and down the front of her inviting pelvis.

When my fingertips glazed over her clitoris, she flinched again, and I finished my journey at her opening, running one finger purposefully between her still moistened labia. This elicited a gasp from her, and I smiled again as I withdrew my hand from her and brought it this time to my own mouth. I had to taste her. She was sweet, and she intoxicated me with her flavor. I could hear my heartbeat in my head again, and feel the increasing dissatisfaction in my loins.

I dropped her dress to the side, and swiftly wrapped my right arm around her waist, taking the small of her back in my hand. I laid her down upon the trimmed grass, positioning my still fully-clothed body between her legs. I leaned over her, reaching my hand up to touch her face.

When my finger passively touched her lips, she opened her mouth, taking it in and sucking gently. I withdrew my finger from between her lips, which she then left parted, and I began exploring her body more earnestly. I reached first for her right breast. I drew my hand down her elegant neck, carefully down her chest and traced gentle circles carefully around her nipple several times before gently and firmly taking her breast in my hand.

She was impossibly firm as I scoped the topography of her mound, coming to rest with her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. I squeezed gently, eliciting a soft moan from her now heavily breathing mouth, and lightly rolled her nipple back and forth. When I released her nipple, she sighed. I moved my hand to her left breast, cupping her straight away.

As I did this, I lowered my mouth upon her right nipple, and gently took it in. Ashley gasped again as I rolled the nipple with my tongue while I tenderly massaged her other breast. I let the nipple fall from my mouth, but let my tongue explore its intricacies further, circling and gently flicking as I began work on the other nipple with my fingers.

After a short while, I sat up from her on my knees, taking her in again. Her arms were stretched to either side of her, palms down, and her eyes were closed. She was so fucking beautiful, I could barely contain myself. I wanted to worship every inch of her body, and I knew I'd want to do it again and again. I leaned forward and positioned my hands on either sides of her, and centered my head above her breasts, then moved to place a soft kiss directly between her mounds.

Keeping my mouth open, I glided my face down along her flesh, teasing first one side of her stomach, then the other. From there, I planted kisses, tracing a line down the front of her pelvis to the top of her left thigh, then continuing down almost to her knee.

I then raised her left leg into the air, and began tracing kisses up the inside of her leg ever so slowly toward her dripping sex, stopping just as I reached it. I spread her legs far apart and raised them into the air as I positioned my arms under them, then let them come to rest on my biceps as I curled my arms over her.

My face was almost touching her, and my breath pushed hard against the fury before it. As I began planting kisses above and to the sides of her entry, I could hear Ashley moaning again, pleading again. I teased her relentlessly, enjoying fully this conquest splayed out before me.

She belonged to me. I'd done this countless times before, and it always happened the same way. I would ask her what she wanted, and she would say something generic, like, "I want you." I would tell her to me more specific as I continued to tease her. She would say something like, "I want your tongue," and I would again tell her to be more specific. This would go on, back and forth, until I got an answer that satisfied me, and then I would satisfy her.

This, or I would grow tired of asking, and decide to just fuck her. Always the same. "What do you want?" Ashley's response, "I want to feel your tongue carving tunnels into me. I want to feel your mouth sucking on my clit. I want you to draw your name along the inside of my pussy." I went mad with furious, passionate, needy confusion, and drove my tongue into her like I'd never done to any woman before, and was rewarded with a small yelp.

I couldn't get deep enough. As deep as I got, I needed more. I began writhing my tongue inside her, and was motivated by one simple word, over and over again: "Yes." She didn't scream it, but merely spoke it, and did it with such satisfaction, such command, that there was no mistaking that I was serving her completely. She knew that I was the one with the need, not her. I needed her to praise me for pleasing her, as surely as I needed food or drink or air.

She was all that mattered to me in that moment, and she knew it. My erection manifested fully again as I continued on her, in her, for I don't know how long. My face was bathed in her juices. I alternated between slipping my tongue into her, and sucking and flicking and biting her clit. All the time I kept kissing her. All I felt was need. I was compelled to satisfy her. After a while, I retracted my right arm from under her, and introduced two fingers, working them in a curling motion as I repeatedly stroked them in and out, all the while working her button with my tongue.

I could feel her excitement building, as I heard her breathing go shallow and her leg muscles start to shake on my arm. Soon, I will be rewarded.

Almost immediately, Ashley started to shake violently, and I could hear her calling out softly and shakily. The shaking kept intensifying until I knew she would break under the stress. Finally, she went silent and locked up, squeezing my head mercilessly between her powerful thighs. I continued undeterred and unabated until I felt her body start to go limp. Even then, I did not stop. I removed my fingers from her and began softly, painstakingly, and lovingly licking her down from her climax, and I continued this until I felt her hands reach down to retrieve me.

With both hands, she softly pulled my face all the way up to her own, where she looked me deep in the eyes and kissed me passionately.

I did not resist, and I was not afraid. I was engulfed in her rapture, and all was right with the world. Finally, she released me from the kiss and said, "Thank you." V. I sat up slowly, troubled by the feeling that something was amiss. I was concerned that I was so caught up in her already that I would lose myself, and I simply could not allow that to happen. I looked at her as she propped herself up on her elbows to smile at me. I just smiled back at her, as if in some kind of trance.

After a few moments of this, I decided to take her home. She spoke before I could, "Wow, that was great. You were awesome. Now come here, I want to try something." She leapt from the ground effortlessly and began walking to one of the nearby benches. You want to try something?

No more than two minutes before, she had been flooding my face with her sex, shaking and sweating to my touch and tongue. Now, she was up and about like nothing had happened. I tried desperately to understand her angle. In one moment, she was a boiling hot sex object (or predator, I still couldn't figure out which), the next she was a bubbly high schooler, capable of breaking out into cheer at any moment.

I simply could not figure her out. "What do you have in mind?" Way to tell her the plan, Dude. She motioned to one of the benches and said, "Here. Lay down here." "Okay." I wasn't about to correct her grammar; I was simply complying with her instructions.

I was still feeling more and more like this was a bad idea, but I couldn't help myself. My imprisoned erection was hurting, and my head was beginning to. "Wait," came Ashley's voice as I reached the bench. "Take off your clothes before you lay down," she commanded, without really commanding at all. "Oh really, now?" I was still playing the part, still trying to look like I was composed. She started doing that fake shyness thing again, where she twisted her body back and forth. Had I been altogether there, it might have occurred to me that such a demonstration was a ridiculous picture, since she was strutting around in nothing but combat boots, and not shy about that at all.

"Yup, I think you really kinda should." "If you insist," as I started taking off my shirt. I'd gotten down to my underwear and was in the process of removing them when I watched her retrieve something from her purse, then quickly hide whatever it was behind her back.

"Is that a condom?" "Nope," she happily chimed. "Do I need one?" "Probably," she playfully, yet cryptically surrendered. Here we go. I retrieved one of a few from my shorts pocket, and suddenly remembered my camera.

When I started to open the package, she jumped at me. "Wait! I wanna do it. I've never done it before, can I?" "Sure," as I handed the package to the free hand she offered, as her other was behind her back. I then finished stripping and began to lie down again as I noticed her returning to deposit the unidentified thing back into her bag. She quickly returned to me as I had reached a comfortable position. Ashley was absolutely beaming, now. "Okay, ready?" "Lemme have it." With that, she tore upon the wrapper and extracted the prophylactic from its package.

She handled the thing cumbersomely but confidently as she examined it closely. As she approached me, I realized that I had probably never been harder in my entire life than I was at that moment, and an electric shock ran through me as soon as she wrapped her left hand around the shaft to move it into position. She'd said she'd never done this before, but she was proceeding like a pro. She had me expertly dressed in less than thirty seconds, at which point she gingerly exclaimed, "Done!" I had to laugh at this.

Somehow, I was starting to relax. I just kept telling myself to go with it and stop thinking so much. Perhaps I was beginning to listen. "Are you ready," she asked casually, as if we were about to watch a movie. "Come here," I answered. She swung a leg over me, and it was clear that with the height of the bench, she was not tall enough to reach the top of my shaft to take me in.

Apparently quite the problem solver, she slid upward on me, my manhood pinned under her to my belly, until her entrance was even with the tip. Then she stood as high as she could, leaned forward with incredible poise and balance, reached back to take hold of me, and guided me into her as she moved slowly backward. She did this without ceremony, but certainly not without grace. As I felt Ashley's sex slowly take me in, I was amazed by how tight she was. Had she not been so wet, this surely would've been painful for her.

It may have been painful anyway. Then I stopped thinking, and allowed myself to be mesmerized by the experience unfolding over me. I realized that since she'd first straddled me, she'd been looking me in the eyes. It wasn't for guidance; there were no questions in her look. Only concentration. It didn't matter, anyway. As her warm folds enveloped me, I understood that there was nowhere else I'd rather be.

She was perfect, and, right now, she was mine. The process seemed to take forever, and I desperately needed to fill her. Finally, I felt her smooth mound touch my pelvis, and I knew that she'd taken all of me. She stopped here briefly, then slowly began to rock back into a vertical position, putting more pressure on me and forcing more of my manhood into her.

Her eyes still on mine, once she was upright, I felt her shift all of her weight onto me as she lifted her feet from the ground, and my hands came to rest on her thighs. Once she'd established the balance she was comfortable with, and she was using her hands on my abdomen only to maintain that balance, she closed her eyes. "Oo, isn't this nice," she cooed. I bathed in her beauty. She was surely the most lovely creature I had ever seen. She sat motionless, impaled on top of me.

This was, quite possibly, the greatest moment of my life. After a few minutes of her balanced atop me, she opened her eyes. "Okay," she chirped, "Ready to try something new?" "There's more," I asked, genuinely perplexed. "I'll be right back." Then, after all the effort she'd just put in to getting herself into position, she reversed the procedure, sliding upwards off of me. When she'd finally cleared me, she shifted her weight to the side and swung her free leg back over, and she was off me.

"Don't go anywhere." "Don't worry." I meant it. I smiled as I tasted her on my goatee. She went to her purse, and recovered the thing I'd forgotten about, then started playfully swaying back to the bench. "Okay, what have you got there?" I was actually eager to find out.

With fiery excitement, "Your handcuffs!" She swung them around to display the cuffs I'd absent-mindedly left on the center console, which she must have picked up when my back was turned.

"What do you want with those?" Of course, I knew the answer, but that couldn't be right. She had submitted to me, hadn't she? Even if she hadn't, it still looked like she had, didn't it? "I want to cuff your hands behind your back while I ride you." Oh my god.

Somehow, she had just uttered the most beautiful words ever spoken, and they sounded wrong. She was telling me to submit to her. This teenage girl was taking control. I couldn't stop it. I couldn't say no. I didn't want to say no. I was hesitant and eager and confused and utterly certain. This was not what I wanted ten seconds ago, but it's what I wanted now. Apparently, I was taking too long answer. "Oh, please, can I?" My god, she was so damned cute. Still trying to be cool, "Sure." She actually jumped with joy.

"Yay! Okay, put your hands behind your back." It was difficult, as the bulk of the bench made wrapping my arms around it backward nearly painful. Once the cuffs were closed, however, and I was able to relax my arms, I became quite comfortable. "Comfy?" She was precious.

"Yup," I answered truthfully. "Good." Ashley started walking toward her dress, and I began to panic. "Okay, I'm just going to run down to your car for a sec and I'll be right back, I promise." Fears of my car, my clothes, my wallet, and everything else I had here being stolen and me being discovered in this most immodest position were diminished only slightly by the fact that she'd just voluntarily reassured me, rather than called me a sucker.

My erection was fading rapidly, though, a fact that did not escape her attention. She made her way back to me while redressing, and began lovingly massaging my softening manhood. "Oh, don't be worried. I promise I'm just going to your car, then I'll be right back. Trust me?" Like I had a choice. Best to not antagonize her. "Okay, I trust you." "Good." With that, she gave my shaft one good squeeze, then reached into my shorts and retrieved my keys before sauntering off.

"Be right back!" Then she disappeared from sight, and I felt a little like throwing up. VI. I heard some talking, but only Ashley's voice, and I couldn't make out the words. Did she have a cell phone? I then heard my trunk open and close, and a few minutes later, Ashley reappeared carrying my bag of tricks, and I got a little dizzy. "Told you I'd be right back," and she dropped the bag next to me.

"Okay, after you were so assertive that you don't mess around with kids' stuff when I asked you about your handcuffs, I figured that you might have more stuff with you. So, I looked in your trunk and found these." She must have seen the fear in my eyes, because she continued.

"Oh, hey, don't freak out, okay? Right now I just want to put these ankle cuffs on you, too, and that's it, I promise." My hesitation was apparently obvious. "Please? It's just to complete the… Scene? You're already handcuffed, so adding the ankle cuffs doesn't really make a real difference. It just completes the mood." She pulled my condom off and started stroking my utterly defeated manhood again.

Pouting at me, she added, "Please? You'll enjoy it, I promise." Fuck it. "Okay, sure." Ashley didn't say anything, but her uncontrollable giddiness reappeared in full force. She had to know I was uneasy, and she winked at me, then started sucking me. It took only a few moments of her attention to return me to full hardness.

Once she'd achieved her goal, she withdrew and smiled at me before again removing her dress, and her boots this time, too. Then she took out the leg irons, and fastened them together under the bench. Again, once the fastening was complete and I relaxed, I was comfortable. She simply beamed at me. This stunning girl was paying me more attention than I thought I deserved at this point. She leaned over my face before kissing me long on the lips. I reciprocated wholeheartedly.

She then stood up and said, "Okay, here we go." I became a little concerned. "Okay, did you get another condom?" "Oh, Sweetie," she said, "I won't let you come in me." Had it been any other day, I'd have flipped my shit.

Right now, all I could manage was, "Okay." Well, at least I'll really feel her. I had to take comfort where I could find it. Though I paid it no attention, I was vaguely aware of something concealed in her hand as she repeated the process of mounting me. She lost a full inch of clearance when she had removed her boots, but still had legs just long enough to make clearance and maintain traction. Apparently having done it once before helped because this time the mount went a little bit more quickly.

She still took her time sliding me into her, apparently relishing the experience. I couldn't blame her, because her slippery sex accepting my uncovered manhood seemed the very definition of bliss, and she was more slippery than I ever could have imagined, and so, so hot.

Again, she was watching me through the process, but this time she had a smile on her face. Her smile seemed to say, "I own you now, you know?" I certainly did know. Ashley continued back as far as she could, and again rocked herself slowly upright until I was fully sheathed in her glory. This time, however, she did not lift her legs from the ground.

Instead, she just sat there, impaled on my naked manhood, and said to me quietly, "Perfect." She really was. We were like this for only a few moments before she lifted her left hand, and I saw what she was concealing.

It was, in fact, a cell phone. It wasn't a big, flip job, either; it was one of those new smaller ones that fit in your pocket. Money. She began dialing a number. I didn't immediately panic, because I expected she was calling a friend to tell about how she was riding "that Deejay." I'd never had it happen mid-coitus before, but there's a first time for everything.

"Hey!… Yeah,… I'm on him right now!… I know!… Find out for yourself." Huh? "I know!… I KNOW!… No… Oh, I haven't told him yet…" Huh? "Okay, how long?… Twenty minutes, got it… Oh, I'm pretty sure I can keep him entertained… What for?… Okay, so long as you remembered the camera…" What?

"Okay… Okay… See you soon… Mwah!… Bye!" Out loud this time, "What?" Ashley tossed the cell phone to the grass. "Okay, that was Kim, she's my best friend, and she's on her way here, and she might want to ride you, too." She was so damned cheerful about the whole thing I just let it slide.

"Also, she's bringing a digital camera so we can take pictures." "Oh, Ashley, you have got to be shitting me." Before I could protest further, she started rocking back and forth on me, and I lost some composure. "Come on, it'll be fun," Ashley assured me between heavy breaths.

"No, it won't" Her motions on me were making it more difficult to reason effectively. "What are you going to do about it?" She smiled triumphantly. "Just let it happen. Like I said, you'll enjoy it." I capitulated utterly, losing my ability to object in the waves of pleasure she unleashed upon me. "Okay." Ashley started riding me in earnest, eyes closed, rocking back and forth and side to side and round and around. I laughed to myself as a thought occurred to me. I'll bet she's had sex before.

She was really working now, losing herself in the sensations. Honestly, I was right there with her. I was a passive participant in this event, but she was stimulating me, and doing a damned good job of it. She had shed a most beautiful layer of sweat. It dripped down her temples, down her breasts, down her taut abs. And I could feel her juices pouring out over me. The sloshing noises coming from our sex was disgusting and dirty and beautiful. She was so fucking hot I couldn't stand it.

Harder and harder she rode and after several minutes, I knew I wouldn't last much longer. I summoned the strength to speak. "Ashley." She didn't acknowledge me. Louder, "Ashley." Finally, without looking at me, she responded almost as if I was annoying her. "Yeah?" "I'm gonna come soon… You gotta stop now." Again, she failed to respond. "Ashley,… YOU HAVE TO STOP NOW…" A few moments later, and punctuated by labored breathing, "Okay,… But I gotta tell you… Something first… Might freak you out a little…" I knew I had only seconds left.

Urgently, "Ashley,… Okay what?…" "I'm only sixteen…" I came right there. I came so fucking hard. And I came forever. And I poured what felt like gallons of my sex directly into her. She felt my flood as she started flailing wildly on my uncovered and violently erupting manhood, her pussy spasming around my bare cock, milking me for more even as I delivered more to her.

From the start, she began repeating, "Oh my god oh my god oh my god," until I lost track of her speech. I came into her until I knew I couldn't come any more, and then I did just that.

Still, she bucked on me, repeating, "ohmygodohmygodohmygod…" I almost passed out from the sensory overload just as she collapsed on my chest with a final, almost inaudible, "Oh my god." We laid there for however long it takes for life to be reignited, and she began to stir, sitting up again as soon as she was able, ensuring that my now softening cock would remain locked in place.

Very conscious of my position inside her, I spoke. "Only sixteen, huh?" Her response was slow. "Yeah, just last month. Told you I turned eighteen. Really sixteen." I stared at her blankly. "Nice." Real fucking nice. She offered coolly, "Not nearly as nice as the look on your face when I told you." She giggled a little. "Fuck, Ashley." "Oh shut up and relax. I won't tell anyone." Even now, she was smiling at me. "And I came in you.

I mean I really, really came in you. A lot." Her smile grew wider than I thought possible and she said dreamily, "I know." "You said you wouldn't let that happen." I was really trying to cope. "I know." Getting a little angry now, and still inside her, I waited for an explanation. When it became apparent that none was forthcoming, I asked, "So what the fuck, Ashley?" "I lied." I waited for more, but that was apparently all she had to say.

"You lied." Still smiling cheerfully at me, "Yeah." I was really starting to get pissed, now. "Goddamn it, Ashley…" "Relax, I'm on the pill. I was just messing with you. Everything's fine." I was dying. At least, I wished I could die. "Everything's fine? Everything's fine? Everything is not fucking fine, Ashley." "Yes it is." "No, it's fucking not." Then she looked down at me with a new look that terrified me. Her eyes spoke of control, consequence, punishment, obedience.

"Yes, Vincent, it is," and I knew I was done. I was now properly frightened. "Okay." I had officially given up. Then I heard the car pull in, and Ashley changed right back into cheeriness, which seemed to be her mode of default. Without removing herself from my cock, and now back at full perkiness, "Yay, Kim's here!" Yay, Kim's here.

Fucking A right, Kim's here. In spite of its description as "Fiction," this story is actually an embellishment of real experiences I had with a girl during my time on the radio. The first several chapters are absolutely true, save names and locales. VII. I heard a car door shut, then a new female voice yelling, "Hey, you up there?" Ashley yelled back, "Yeah, come on up!" I heard footsteps approaching from behind, then Kim exclaim, "Holy fuck, girl, look at you!" "I know, isn't it just so awesome?" Ashley seemed pretty proud of herself.


"For real. What's going on," Kim asked. Then, as an afterthought, "WAIT! Hang on, I gotta get a picture of this," apparently stopping just outside my field of vision. Oh, please no. "Well, we just came a few minutes ago, and I'm waiting to see if I can get him hard again and keep him inside me." Her description was so, so casual.

Ashley looked at me and playfully squeezed my deflated cock with her burning hot pussy. "No shit?" A camera flash. "That's fucking awesome." She finally stepped into my periphery. Ashley thought introductions were in order. "Vinnie, this is Kim; Kim this is Vinnie. Kim is sixteen, too, in case you were wondering." I sort of was, actually. "And on the pill." Not so much about about that part. Kim quipped, "No it's not, his name is not Vinnie Black there is no fucking way." Oh shit, here we go.

Ashley got excited. "Oh my god, you're right. I never thought about it. Go grab his wallet from his shorts over there." Kim was all too happy to volunteer. "I got it," and she moved out of sight again. "Here it is." Then, a few seconds later, "Man, you shop at Costco?" Ashley looked down at me accusingly.

"Vincent Black shops at Costco?" "No, Kim corrected, "Dean McCann shops at Costco. Dean McCann at 1136 Bramble Avenue, Lexington." I was still trapped inside Ashley, and I wanted to just wish myself back in time about three hours, to when I was safe. "Dean McCann? What's wrong with Dean McCann," Ashley asked. She looked at me comfortingly.

"That's a pretty name." "There's nothing wrong with it," I answered. "It's just not a very radio-friendly name. And even if it were, it's just customary to use a stage name in the business, anyway." Ashley was quick to catch on. "Makes sense, I suppose." I couldn't believe I was having that conversation, right there, right then.

I was chained to a bench in a park, my deflated dick still resting inside the pussy of a fiery sixteen-year-old, who I'd just filled with all the jizz in the world, and her schoolmate was rifling through my wallet.

This was the very definition of surreal. Ashley again, "What time is it?" Kim answered, "I don't know, I can't see. Like three fifteen or something." She paused. "Is he getting hard again, yet?" Was she impatient? Ashley frowned at me. "No. I think I'm gonna have to try something else." This time, she virtually leapt from me with the agility and grace of a gazelle, and I was honestly impressed.

Now firmly planted on the ground next to me, "I'm going to have to remember to pay attention to where I put him next time; getting on is okay, but getting off is wicked tricky." I silently started a meltdown at the mention of "next time," as Kim started laughing "'Getting off is tricky,' is it?" Ashley looked at her friend.

"Oh my god," and then joined her in laughter. I wanted to laugh. I really did. I just couldn't do it. Then Kim cried, "Holy shit, girl, look at you!" Ashley suddenly looked worried.

"What?" "Look at all the cum falling outta you! Holy shit!" Ashley looked down at herself in gleeful realization, and put a hand between her legs to catch the river still running out of her core. She then brought her hand up and showed the copious amount of fluids to her friend, then to me, then said, simply, "Wow," then unceremoniously wiped our mix of juices on my chest until she was satisfied her hand was dried as well as it going to be.

Ashley asked her friend if she'd brought any water, to which Kim replied that she had, but it was in the car, and left to retrieve it. Ashley started gently stroking my chest as she stood next to me. "Are you thirsty, Darling?" Ignoring the "Darling," I replied that I was.

Very. She tried to comfort me. "Okay, she'll be back with the water in a few seconds." She paused for a few moments before continuing. "Vinnie, or Dean, I know you must be upset, and maybe scared, too. Please relax. I promise I won't hurt you. I'll take really good care of you, and I won't let you get hurt.

I want to play with you, but I swear I won't hurt you." I looked up at her in bewilderment. I was trying to understand her. I needed to understand her. I needed to believe I was going to be alright. I was being forced to entrust my well-being to a sixteen-year-old girl, and as lovely and smart and cultured and benevolent as she appeared to be, I was most certainly not okay with that.

Ashley's eyes bore into me with rays of light and hope and tenderness, and for just that moment, I just let it in. I needed it to survive. I don't think she knew it, but I felt like I was breaking.

Or I was being broken, and If I wasn't careful to keep myself together, I would leave this hilltop a broken man.

But this once, just this once, I let this nubile goddess save me just a little. I heard Kim return, and she brought a bottle to her friend.

"Here you go, Ash." "Thanks, Sweetie." She took several big gulps from the bottle herself, then turned to me. "Are you ready?" I replied that I was, and she slowly started to tip the bottle over my mouth. She was concentrating intently, trying to afford me just the right amount as I greedily, yet cautiously gobbled up the water she offered. When my consumption slowed, she pulled the bottle away and asked if I was good, and I replied in the affirmative.

"Thank you, Ashley." And I meant it. Like everything else I'd seen her do, she'd done this perfectly. As she smiled down at me with comforting eyes, I could not help but smile at her.

She was so fucking bright and beautiful and perfect I couldn't bear it. Could she see how scared I was? "Holy shit, I got it," I heard Kim exclaim. Ashley's eyes darted up to her friend. "Got what? Oh my god that's perfect!" She raced to Kim, leaving me cold. Kim's voice again, "I found it in that bag. That's not your bag, is it? It's gotta be his." Fuck. Kim had just rummaged through my bag, and I really didn't want to know what she'd found that excited her so.

"That is exactly what we need," Said Ashley She soon reappeared at my side, holding a cock ring up for me to see. Kim finally stepped into view on my other side. Kim was also a beautiful girl.

She was taller than Ash, though from my angle I couldn't be sure of how much. She had long, straight Scandinavian blond hair, and a rounder, narrow face, and a tiny nose.

Her lips were narrow, but this suited the rest of her face. She wore a red tank top, but this did little to hide her form. Her breasts were a little larger than Ash's. Everything about her was a little larger than Ash, but I suspected that her body was proportionate to itself.

"We're gonna put this on you, and get you hard again," said Ashley. "Okay?" I looked at her, perplexed by the fact that she'd asked if that was okay. We both knew she was going to do it anyway. I just didn't get it. "Okay." She smiled, and turned to my deflated cock, grabbing it tenderly with her left hand as Kim disappeared again.

I began to wonder, if she'd never put a condom on somebody, how was she going to get this cock ring on? She held me upright, and positioned the ring on top. I was still super slick with our juices, and I was eternally grateful as she began to squeeze the ring down on to me, a look of total concentration and focus on her face.

The camera flash started again, and continued as Ashley said, "Oh, be sure to get our faces, kay?" Her instruction to Kim and the repeating camera flashes helped to keep me limp as she continued to massage the ring onto me.

It wasn't too long before she reached the base, and I was relieved. Ashley looked at my encircled manhood, then at me, and finally at Kim before smiling and stating triumphantly, "I did it." Then, without warning, Ashley bent over and, holding me up with one hand, took my soft member into her mouth, sliding slowly up and down, and sucking firmly but gently.

As she went to work on me, Kim started circling us, clicking away with the camera from every angle. I tried to ignore her. Soon, I felt myself stiffening under Ash's attention. I began to feel her on me, again. I closed my eyes and just let myself experience the blessing she was offering.

As I was growing in her mouth, I remember wondering if my life would ever be the same. When she felt me firming up, she hummed softly, as if in approval. Quickly, she had me hard yet again.

Slowly and gently she withdrew from my member. I opened my eyes in time to see her lovingly kiss the tip before slowly standing upright. She then looked again at Kim, who looked back at her before speaking. "Wow. That was fucking crazy." Ashley, "I know, right?" VIII.

Ashley appeared to assess the situation, looking back and forth between my face, my cock, Kim, and a variety of other subjects unidentified by me. She finally turned to Kim and asked, "Okay. You want some?" I began to liken my brain to a dam, holding my thoughts and hopes together in a reservoir. Little cracks had been forming all over it for the past couple of hours. Ashley's last question had just sprung a leak. Kim answered, "Nah, I'm good. The game wore me out." "Suit yourself." Then they both started laughing.

I was not amused. Ashley looked down to find me frowning. "Oh, don't be like that. Everything's going to be alright, I promise. Cheer up. I mean, how many times have you ever had a couple of hot girls tie you up and trade you off?" She smiled relentlessly at me. You'd be surprised. I returned her smile as genuinely as could. I was sincerely trying to not be bitter. Ashley smiled brightly at her friend, and hopped slightly before turning her smile to me. "Okay, let's go!" She swung her leg over me like she'd done twice before.

As she did this, a few drops of our sex sprayed from her onto my stomach, and I thought that this might be the dirtiest, sexiest thing I had ever seen. Even now, she still dripped steadily onto my shaft, helping her maneuvers seem effortless as she slid along me.

The anticipation was palpable Kim was close now, and I watched her in her wide-eyed amazement as she was about to see her friend slowly impaling herself on me. I wondered if they'd ever been with each other.

Ashley reached the part where she started backing onto me, but instead of reaching back for my sex, she looked at Kim and asked, "Would you mind giving me a hand?" Kim had been about to start taking pictures again. Instead, she moved forward to her friend's side. "Sure. What do you need me to do?" Ashley described the situation to her, and instructed her to hold me in position as she backed onto me. Kim said she understood, and I immediately felt her hand on me, along with the accompanying jolt from her touch.

Her hand felt as if it was a little less confident than Ash's had been. It almost felt as if she was afraid she'd hurt me somehow, and I was inwardly amused by her trepidation, right up until I felt myself at Ashley's entrance. She backed onto me slowly, and we again relished the slow joining of our bodies.

She felt almost custom-fitted to my form, and she was still impossibly slick with our juices. The ring around my cock did little to lessen the sensations I received from my lover. Soon, I was well enough planted, and Kim removed her hand from me, but did not back away; she stayed close, observing every detail of my union with Ashley, studying, taking pictures, as focused as ever.

My member twitched involuntarily inside Ashley's still moving form, and she lightly shuddered, but continued back until I was again fully enveloped by her, and she lifted herself upright again. Ashley exhaled, catching Kim's attention. The two looked and smiled at each other excitedly.

They kissed briefly, then Kim backed off. Ashley's eyes were locked with mine as she slowly rocked back and forth on me, her inner walls massaging my sex as her weight on me shifted. She brought her legs up, resting her knees at my sides and let her arms fall free. She was keeping herself upright now only by the positioning of her thighs and the movement of her hips, and I gasped at the knowledge of her suspension on me.

The camera flashes began. Ashley kept her pace for a while, eventually closing her eyes, concentrating, savoring the sensations she was drawing from me. I briefly looked at Kim to find her again studying her friend intently, and I smiled. After several minutes, Ashley's hands returned to my stomach, and she started fucking me in earnest. Now no longer content with the status quo, she wanted more, and she had a good idea how to get it. She brought her knees as close together over my chest as she could, pushing as much of her sex onto me as she could manage.

I simply wasn't far enough inside her. Except this time she winced and froze. Maybe I was. She returned her knees to their original position, again with a smile, and started riding. She began picking up speed, and I was in heaven. I watched her start sweating again. Her neck was breathtakingly beautiful. She was moving faster and faster and faster and faster with every stroke, and I could feel my member being pulled and maneuvered every which way, confined inside her tunnel, my flesh gliding effortlessly against and inside her own, our fury ever building.

I could feel her starting to shake on me, gushing her fluids out over me. The wet sex noises began again, the disgusting, dirty, beautiful noises.

I actually watched her fluids splash out from our union. I wished I could join her. I started murmuring, "Please, please, please…" over and over, and a tear came to my eye in the midst of my frustration. I would have done anything to come with her, though I knew I would have the different satisfaction of watching her disintegrate on top of me, and it was happening now.

Her movements on me stopped making sense, and she abandoned all attempts at keeping a rhythm. Now she was just flailing wildly, as if she were the object of exorcism. And in a way, she was. She was putting everything she was into purging a most primal and carnal spirit, and this time she would not be interrupted by my own exorcism.

She would follow the road to its end as I looked on from the back seat. Ashley started calling out with a random abstract noise. I did not think she was still capable of speech. The noise started deep inside her, and rapidly grew into an all out cry into space. She was the craziest, most beautiful thing I had ever seen as she started furiously slapping my stomach, her back arched impossibly, her head facing the skies to which she was calling.

The moonlight reflected off the drops of sweat she was shaking from her body. She was a goddess as she finally stopped, frozen, her mouth wide open, and her sex tried to squeeze the life from my manhood. She stayed that way for several seconds before she started to crumble upon me, and I became concerned she would lose her balance and fall to the patch of concrete beneath us.

As if she'd read my mind, Kim rushed in to support her friend. Several minutes passed like this, Ashley still precariously perched atop me, Kim still holding her up. There was an occasional movement or noise from her, but nothing material. Eventually, she raised her head and opened her eyes.

She looked drunkenly at me, then at Kim, and kissed Kim, briefly but lovingly, then turned back to me and smiled. She dripped with sweat as she cleared her dry throat. "Hi, Dean." I smiled back at her. "Hi, Ashley." Ashley then sat up, raised her hands high above her head, and stretched as far as I thought she could.

I felt the flex of her muscles on my manhood, and I lightly shuddered. She stretched forever, then was done. Once she had returned to her natural state of rest (still impaled on my rock-solid erection), she looked at me, then at Kim again. She dismounted me, slowly this time, apparently a little weak.

I smiled inwardly in satisfaction. She bent over expertly to pick up a bottle of water, then began drinking eagerly as she walked and stretched her legs. Kim looked on.

Suddenly, I felt Ashley's presence next to my face, and I turned to her. She looked into me deeply and said, "Thank you, Dean. You did good." Slightly impatiently, Kim inquired, "So, what are we doing now?" Ashley thought for a few moments and said, "Well, I guess it's time to go." Then she looked back down at me and said, "I think you should drive home naked." Eyes wide, I said, "I think you're wrong." "Kim, Dear, would you grab his clothes?" I looked over at Kim, pleading silently with my eyes.

She didn't see me. She just smiled at her friend, nodded once, and said, "Got it." Ashley looked back at me, smiling cheerfully and playfully patting my chest.

"As I said, I think you should drive home naked." I just closed my eyes, trying to accept the futility of my situation. From where I believed my clothes had been tossed, Kim said, "Okay, I'm going home, Sweetie." Ashley ran gingerly to her, and hugged her friend hard. Immediately, Kim shrieked, "Fuck, Ashley, you're getting sweat and cum and goo all aver me!" She was seriously annoyed, half-heartedly trying to shake Ashley off.

Ashley loosened up a little and offered, "Well, it wouldn't be the first time," to which Kim chuckled. "Okay.

Drive safe," and Ashley released her friend. It was the first time I'd seen them side by side, and I noted that Kim was significantly taller than Ashley, possibly by as much as a foot. "Oh, actually, before you go, give me his t-shirt," separating the small bundle of clothes Kim held.

She pulled away my shirt from the bundle, unceremoniously reached it between her legs, and began wiping our collected juices from herself, squatting down a little to assure maximum effectiveness, then shoving the shirt back into to the pile. Kim laughed in amusement, and a part of me wanted to laugh with her. "And one more thing," she said. "Gimme those shorts." Kim said, "What?" Ashley extracted the shorts now, and started reaching into pockets, looking for something.

When she pulled her thong out and gave the shorts back, I smiled. "I might want these," as she held them up for Kim to see. Kim nodded in agreement.

"Okay, you may go now," to which they both started laughing. Kim then bent her head down to give her friend a quick kiss, turned to the cars, and was off. As an afterthought, Ashley called out, "Oh, hey, send me those pics as soon as you download them!" Then, over at me, "I can't wait to see them." Kim didn't answer, only waved in acknowledgment as she continued walking.

Ashley then sauntered over to me, walking as she spoke. "Okay, where were we?" When she reached me, she began softly stroking my still slippery, and still rock hard member, and continued, "Why don't you take us home now?

To your home, I mean. Then we can try to get this cock ring off you, and go to sleep. "Okay?" IX. I really did not want to do this. I turned my situation over and over again in my head, looking for a way out. I was naked in a park, chained to a bench.

There was a naked sixteen-year-old girl with me, stroking my cock; she was covered and filled with my semen, and my genitals and face were heavily coated with her juices. My dick was being kept hard (painfully, now) by a cock ring.

My clothes were on their way back into town without me, with a different sixteen-year-old girl, along with a plethora of photographs of me being fucked by the naked minor next to me. The naked sixteen year old girl had just suggested that I take her home with me. I think that's it for the important bits. I was fucked. Royally and properly fucked. I considered a specific cliche involving dreams and nightmares. Did Ashley intend to blackmail me?

I was afraid to ask her intentions. Her thoughts so far had either thrilled me, or terrified me, or both. My head hurt, my breathing was shallow, and my mouth was dry as bone. I was dizzy and thirsty and I wished - God how I wished - I could just disappear.

"Okay?" Though still cheery, her impatience was evident in the exaggerated way she had repeated the word. Suddenly, I remembered a very important aspect of her being a minor. I tried to speak but nothing came out. The dryness in my throat had stifled my words. Ashley looked at me, a look of panic on her face. She released her hold on my erection as she said, "Oh my god I am so sorry!

You must be parched! I'll get some water for you." She looked about her feet, took a few steps, and bent over again. As royally and properly fucked as I was, I still couldn't help but appreciate her body.

She straightened again with bottle in hand and approached my face. "Same deal as before," she said. "Ready?" I nodded. She tipped the bottle to me slowly and I started to drink. It was difficult for the first few moments, but I quickly adapted, taking more than enough to restore my voice. Once I was hydrated enough to speak, she took the bottle from my mouth and began putting the cap back on as I spoke. "Your parents.?" I cringed as I heard the words escape my chapped lips.

"… Think I'm at Kim's." Beyond that immediate concern, I was not inclined to object. "Okay, let's go." She beamed at me ecstatically and nodded.

"Okay." She walked out of my field of vision for several moments, and when she returned, she had put her dress back on. She went first to free my ankles, saying, "Okay, just relax, and don't try to move too much." I didn't have the energy to remind her whose cuffs they were.

She bent over at the waist again (she had to be doing that on purpose), and removed the cuffs. I let my legs hang freely, not yet prepared to try to move them. She rose up, winked at me, and moved to my side. She asked, "Okay, you're not gonna try to run, are you?" "Really, Ashley?" I was not amused. She smiled apologetically, and bent again to release my wrists from the handcuffs.

My arms swung freely, and I sighed in relief as Ashley popped up again, observing me closely. "Just relax for a minute before you try to move." "Thank you, Ashley, but I've done this before." I looked at her, and the disappointment on her face saddened me deeply. I wanted so badly to not want to comfort her, but I couldn't help it. It was like I was facing two different people: one a calculated and heartless plaything, using me to satisfy her whims, the other, an innocent schoolgirl, just trying to have a good time and keep everyone happy.

It was one of the main contributors to my headache. "I'm sorry, Ashley. I didn't mean anything by it, I'm just a little stressed right now." I meant every word, but even as I spoke, I couldn't believe I was apologizing to her. I must have been out of my fucking mind. She started smiling again, cautiously though. "It's okay, Dean. I understand. You'll feel better once you're in bed." Then, she started in a realization.

"Oh my god, when do you have to be at work again?" I tried to remember when and where I was. In the past few hours, I'd somehow let the outside world slip away, as this hill had become its own little universe. "Uh… Monday evening?" I hoped that was right. "What day is it?" I genuinely couldn't remember." "It's early Sunday morning. Like, Four Thirty." Four Thirty.

My eyes went wide with a realization. "Holy shit, early morning runners! We gotta get the hell outta here." I started rolling off the slab, and cursed having not been in a little better shape.

My arm and leg muscles didn't ache, they fucking hurt. And my back lacked any flexibility, whatsoever. I winced in pain as I very nearly rolled uncontrolled onto the concrete pad beneath me.

Ashley reacted as soon as I had spoken, her face immediately shaping into one of severe concern bordering on panic. When she saw me starting to slip off the bench, she moved to catch me. I was inwardly amused by this as the momentary sight of her being crushed under my falling weight gave way to the recollection of her physique, and I considered that she might actually have the strength to keep my body from going over the side. Fortunately, we didn't have to find out, as I caught myself and re-stabilized.

She asked if I was okay, and when I replied in the affirmative, she took the cuffs back to the bag and shoved them in. She picked it up and returned to me.

I had been able to sit up somewhat upright, and had turned to my side, touching the concrete with my feet for the first time in forever. She sat the bag next to me before offering me assistance down. I thought about refusing her help, but didn't want to disappoint her again, so I took her hands before standing.

I had difficulty straightening my body completely, but managed it after only a few seconds. I was aware that Ashley was now regarding me with concern.

Did she somehow care about me? My wellbeing? She was an enigma to me. Was I her plaything, or her object of affection? I didn't ponder long, as I remembered my purpose.

Once I'd established myself vertically with confidence, I surveyed the park, looking for anything we might have left behind. The grass was bare, the park peaceful, and I momentarily appreciated the serenity before addressing Ashley. "You have my keys?" She held them up for me to see. I turned to recover the bag, and saw the scandalous mess we'd made of the bench. One could clearly identify every spot that had supported me, as it was a heavily darkened shadow of sweat on the concrete.

Then there was the still drying pool of sex that remained between where my legs had once been. It was disgusting, and I loved it, and I wished this night would just be over. I looked down at my slowly softening manhood. I picked up the bag, slung the strap onto my shoulder, and turned back to Ashley. She moved to take it from me. "Let me take that for you." I refused. "It's okay, I got it." She looked up at me, surprised, and clearly impressed by my undying sense of chivalry, even in the face of this insanity.

She was smiling at me with what appeared to be admiration and adoration. Why did she have to be so young? I couldn't let the moment slow us down. "We gotta go." We turned and started making our way back to the car. I was barefoot and my muscles were stiff, a hazardous combination navigating uncertain terrain. But this was what I called a "money park." It was almost religiously maintained, so I figured there must be some serious funding involved in its upkeep.

As a result, I wasn't to concerned about stepping on something which might hurt me, as long as I stayed on the path. It didn't take long for us to reach the car, Ashley clinging to my arm the whole way. I led us around to the trunk, and asked her to open it so I could deposit the bag into it. When the trunk was opened, I spotted the change of clothes that I'd always carried with me, but decided against trying for them. I didn't have the mental fortitude to verbally spar with her, and I knew she'd win anyway, so I just forgot about it.

Once the task was completed, I led us to her door and opened it for her. She was still looking at me, still in adoration, and I found myself suddenly trapped in her.

She looked into me for several seconds before reaching up a hand to pull my head to hers and kissing me passionately, forcing my lips onto hers. I could not refuse her. I just couldn't. I wasn't afraid to offend her, I simply felt compelled to reciprocate. I needed to return her affection. I still didn't understand, I just knew that I needed to share with her, and it frightened me. She released me from the kiss slowly, and allowed me to return upright, still gazing into her.

She smiled, shook her head slightly, and huffed, as if in disbelief of me, then slipped into her seat. I walked around the back of the car to reach my own door, and sat down. Ashley's hand was already outstretched with my keys dangling from her index finger, as her thong had been hours before. I smiled and thanked her as I took them, and began the simple process of raising my roof. Ashley protested. "Oh, why do you have to do that?" My answer was direct and frank without being belligerent.

"Because I don't want to get arrested." She smiled at my answer and did not say another word as the top ascended into position above us, and I secured it. Still smiling faintly, I fired the engine, put the car into gear, and started the twenty minute drive home. X. We drove for several minutes without speaking.

I wasn't thinking about anything, really, accept driving and reaching our destination. I'd reached the point of mental fatigue where I just didn't really give a fuck about anything anymore, and I just wanted to sleep.

It was Ashley who finally broke the silence. "Oh my god I just thought of something. Do you live alone?" I had to consciously remember; all thought required conscious effort now. "Uh, yeah," and I actually smiled at the unfortunate and somewhat comedic implications if I hadn't. "Oh, thank God. House or apartment?" Again, thankfully, "House." "Okay." At least she was demonstrating a little bit of wisdom, even if it was after the fact.

My contemplation was interrupted by her hands on my manhood, pulling uncomfortably, trying to remove the cock ring.

I held my breath as she moved quickly. Her inexperience and urgency caused me to jump in pain a few times, but the whole episode lasted less than thirty seconds, and I was immediately relieved. She dropped the ring on the center console, then gently stroked the tip of my spear, apparently recovering a small amount of fresh fluid.

In my periphery, I observed her bringing the finger to her mouth before sucking it gently. She then looked at me thoughtfully, and maneuvered over the console to take my limp manhood gently into her mouth.

My God, she's insatiable. I moaned softly as she slowly massaged me inside her mouth. I wasn't getting harder, and I knew I wasn't going to, but I thought that she probably also knew, and that her purpose was not to stimulate me.

She was caressing me with her tongue, her lips. She sucked gently, then licked the outside with careful and evenly distributed strokes, kissing it here and there, and taking me back in to suckle me lightly.

She was making love to my sex with her mouth. I didn't think I could have imagined anything so erotic before in my life. She bathed it, cared for it, worshipped it even, and I was in awe. She continued like this as we drove, and didn't stop until we'd reached my driveway. When we came to a stop, and I said, "We're here," She slowly and reluctantly withdrew from my loins, and allowed me to shift the car into Park.

I just looked at her in amazement, and she at me. I just let myself adore her, now. Her hair was a mess and her makeup was smeared every which way, her eyeliner now long drips mixed with sweat on her cheeks.

She was beautiful, and I adored her. She broke the spell. "Shall we go inside?" I just nodded in agreement, and we both turned to open our doors. My rented home was outside of town proper. I did have neighbors, but not a real neighborhood, and there was more than ample space between the homes. The border of my property was lined with evergreens, so unless someone was making an effort to see (which no-one was), I was afforded a modicum of privacy for my walk to my front door.

Ashley met me at the front of the car, her little black purse in hand. I took her free one, and lazily led her up the walk to the house. I unlocked the door and opened it, then stepped aside to allow her entry first. She said, "Thank you," and stepped inside, and I followed right behind her. Once inside, I closed the door, locked it, and flipped the light switch that controlled a nearby electric socket, and the room was illuminated in the soft ambient light of my floor lamp.

I looked at the clock on the wall: 5:08. I'd made it. I'd survived. I felt something break in my mind, but I didn't know what, exactly, it was, and I was too tired to care. Ashley slowly explored my modest home.

I had a pretty simple lifestyle. "Streamlined," I liked to call it. My home wasn't bare, but just simply furnished. While almost everything had a practical purpose, I'd taken care and time to select functional objects of unique or beautiful appearance. My home had character and peace, which was important to me when I sought refuge from the hectic and polluted outside world.

Ashley returned from the bathroom to inform me that I had no bathtub, almost as if she'd expected me to be unaware of the fact. Instead, I had an elongated shower, with the shower head at one end and small seats protruding from both. It was perfect for me. Sometimes, I liked to just sit under the hot spray, as if to rest as the water washed the difficulties of my complicated contemporary life away.

More peace. Ashley, however frowned at this, and I couldn't understand why. Suddenly, I realized that she'd intended to take a bath, and I was dissatisfied with my peaceful shower for the first time.

She saw my face reveal my disappointment, and spoke quickly to assuage me. "It's totally okay," reaching out to take my hand. "Come with me." She led me out of the entry way, and I deposited my keys in their customary position on the bureau. She led me slowly to the bathroom, where she released my hand and turned the hot water of the shower on. She began to disrobe, removing her boots, and placed them neatly under the basin. Then her socks, tucking them into her boots. She reached down and pulled her dress over her head in one swift motion, and I again admired her grace as she place the dress atop her boots.

She then hooked each of her thumbs between the ropes of her thong and her hips, and fluidly slid it down, removing her feet from it one at a time. She brought it up in her open hand, and we looked at it together. "God," she whispered, and I smiled. It was completely soiled, utterly unclean. Then we looked at each other, and she joined me in my smile. This, she dropped next to her boots before turning to me.

She checked the temperature of the shower, made an adjustment, checked it again, made one more adjustment, and reached her hand into the spray to be certain.

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Once satisfied, she took my hands, one in each of hers, and gently guided me into the shower, to step in after me. She positioned me under the shower head, facing away from her, and caressed my back as the water flowed around me. I just stood there with my palms in front of me against the side of the stall. I felt her hands leave me for a few minutes, but I did not move. A few moments later, her hands returned with my bar of soap, and she began washing me. She washed my body meticulously from the top down, leaving no spot untouched.

She massaged my muscles as she went. When she had finished the top half, she sat on the seat in front of me to finish the bottom.

As she was taking special care washing my manhood, a book cover flashed through my mind: Zen and the Art of Genitalia Cleansing. I laughed inwardly. When she had finished my feet, she stood, and I expected her to guide me under the water to rinse.

Instead, she told me to kneel, and I complied as my heart quickened. She guided my head downward, and removed my ponytail from its band. She found my shampoo, applied a good amount to my head before setting the bottle down, and then began to massage the stuff into my hair as I stared blankly at the floor of the stall.

Her hands on my head were hypnotic. She gently worked her fingers through the lengths of long, brown hair. "Your hair is too long," she remarked, but I was too tired to care. She finished, and without raising me guided my head back into the spray, keeping me on my knees.

She rinsed the foam from my head gently but diligently, ensuring that no soap remained. When she pulled me forward out of the spray, I opened my eyes and gazed up at her. Ashley was looking into me, smiling, and she was awesome.

She wasn't cool, or great, or excellent; she was truly awe-inspiring. Wondrous, even. She continued to puzzle me even as I was too weak to try to understand.

As I admired her, she worked up a lather in her hands, and I closed my eyes again as she carefully washed my face, starting on my forehead and continuing until she had covered every inch. She even washed my ears, and behind them.

I smiled as she was doing this and imagined what a goofball I must look like to her now, which made my smile expand into my cheeks. I hoped she was smiling with me. She finished, and pulled gently upward on the sides of my head, instructing me to rise. When I did, my eyes were still closed, and I imagined myself to be taller than I had ever been, taller than any man had ever been in history.

I imagined being great and magnificent and revered by anonymous masses who had come from miles to experience my greatness. I then realized just how exhausted I was, and started laughing at myself. As she guided me under the spray, I heard her ask, "What is it?" I knew I would be unable to articulate my sentiments, so I simply said, "Nothing. It's nothing," and somehow she was satisfied with that.

I rinsed, and once I'd finished, I stepped instinctively in Ashley's direction and opened my eyes to find her staring into me intently. I didn't freeze up so much as just stop moving as we looked into each other. We suddenly enveloped each other and kissed passionately, furiously, feeding on each other madly, running our hands all over each other's bodies.

She raised a knee up against my side, and somehow, my manhood was again stirring. Our tongues danced frantically in each other's mouths until our kiss burned out, both of us gasping for breath. I looked at her long, again, and planted a long, tender kiss on her forehead before trading places with her. I was out of steam, and had to sit. She did not seem disappointed as I thought she might be. I just sat and watched as she washed the night's activities from her pale skin. I was suddenly grateful for the extra large water heater that the landlord had allowed me to trade into the place.

He had insisted that I pay for it, and I repeatedly affirmed that I would happily finance the operation. Having enough hot water was of paramount importance to me, as the long times under the soothing water afforded me uninterrupted lengths of peaceful contemplation.

I must have fallen asleep, because the next I knew, I heard Ashley turning off the water, and I opened my eyes to watch her peek out around the shower curtain. She must be looking for a towel. "I got it," I said as I stood slowly, appreciating that my muscles had loosened remarkably since my entry into the shower. "They're in the hall closet." I didn't look at her as I exited and disappeared into the hallway.

Once I'd retrieved the large beach towel and returned, I found her standing outside the shower. Without missing a beat, I brought the towel purposefully to her head and began drying her hair. It amused me that my hair was longer than her own; significantly longer.

I tossed her hair in the towel for several seconds before gently wiping the water from her face. I dried her shoulders, her arms, breasts, and belly before turning her around and drying her back, bum, and onward, carefully studying and appreciating her form as I went. She was art, and she was flawless.

Once I had finished with her feet, I stood, and began drying my own hair vigorously. She picked my hairbrush up off the wash basin and ran it through her hair a few times before putting it back. She opened my medicine cabinet and began surveying its contents as I finished my hair and went on to dry the rest of me. She picked up my prescription bottle of antidepressants, looked closely at the label, placed it back without saying a word, and continued on with her inventory.

I finished drying myself off, and hung the towel on the nearby hook before reaching around Ashley for my hairbrush. I brushed my hair back, little by little, until the few tangles that had manifested under the towel disappeared, and I returned it to the basin. I brought the towel one more time to the ends of my hair to remove the last few drops of water that had been relocated there by the brush, then returned it to its hook as Ashley closed the cabinet and turned to me and spoke.

"Bedtime?" "Bedtime," I confirmed. I took her hand and led her to the bedroom. My bed was unmade, as any single man's bed would be, but I was grateful that I had changed the sheets a couple of days ago, and they were still unsoiled. I turned to face her, kissed her softly, and said, "Can I get you anything?" She shook her head silently. "Okay.

I'll be right back. She nodded and turned to move for the bed as I exited to the hall. I went to the kitchen and poured myself a small glass of water from the filter by the light spilling in from the living room, then went to extinguish the light. I went to urinate, then took my nightly dose of Zoloft with the water from the kitchen before flicking off the light and moving to the bedroom.

Ashley was already curled up under the sheets when I entered, and I saw that she'd turned on the lamp on the nightstand, so I tapped the off switch for the overhead, and joined her in bed. Like everything else in my home, the bed was only as big as I needed it to be; full sized. I was touching her before I even pulled the sheets up to my chest. She was facing away, so I curled up behind her, reached past her to turn off the lamp, and settled with my arm around her.

My face was nestled neatly at the back of her neck, my already sleeping manhood nestled in the part in her bum. She turned her head to me as far as she could, and I looked at her. I kissed her slowly and softly. She returned her head back to its position of rest, as did I.

I squeezed her tightly to me, and she cooed softly. "Goodnight, Dean," she whispered. "Goodnight, Ashley." In spite of its description as "Fiction," this story is actually an embellishment of real experiences I had with a couple of girls during my time on the radio.

The first several chapters are absolutely true, save names and locales. SUNDAY XI. I woke up once to find myself on my back, Ashley's arm and leg draped over me and her sleeping head resting at the crook of my arm and my chest. I carefully peeked at the clock so as not to disturb her. 10:42.

Back to sleep. The next time I awakened, I was hard, pointed straight in the direction of my head. Fingers were fiddling with the hair on my chest as a naked leg slithered up and down my own. I started to remember. Then, I started to panic. Oh my God, that didn't happen. This isn't happening. My heart started racing before I'd even opened my sleep-encrusted eyes. Ashley was still half on top of me.

Reality started to seep in, harsh as the afternoon sun crashing in through my bedroom window onto my face. I squeezed my eyes closed tightly, trying to lessen the onslaught on my dilated pupils, and simultaneously wished for a similar way to keep out the truth of my situation.

Ashley must have detected the small movement, because she shifted slightly and whispered, "Good morning, Baby." In an attempt to conceal my fear, I feigned a slow re-entry into consciousness. "Mmm… Good morning, Ashley." She appeared to buy into it, because she didn't speak again, and I was silently relieved. A moment later, however, her hand found my utterly stiffened member, and squeezed it gently.

I involuntarily gasped, and the gesture apparently encouraged her. She released me only to run her fingertips up and down my spear, slowly exploring every wrinkle, every vein, every slightest ridge on my manhood. She continued this for a short time before shifting her attention to my already tightening sack, keeping her thumb hooked on my shaft. She caressed it gently and evenly, without putting any undue pressure on the thing. Perhaps she was trying to wake me slowly.

That idea disappeared quickly as Ashley disappeared beneath the sheet. She shifted down, positioning herself between my legs. I felt her place a hands on the bed on each side of my waist, apparently holding her face over my sex. I felt her breath an instant before she placed a long, slow kiss on the underside of my manhood near its base.

She ended the kiss, only to begin another a short distance higher on the shaft. She repeated again and again until she was kissing the head. Then her lips withdrew, and I prayed that she would stop. She licked the thing from base to tip.

When she reached the tip, she opened her mouth and captured the end inside. She used her mouth to pull me vertical before starting to run her tongue in circles around the head of my sex. Everything she was doing was slow and deliberate. Her tongue came to rest on the underside of my shaft and she sucked softly. Then, as she continued to suck, she gradually engulfed the length of my manhood until her lips reached the hilt, and I shuddered.

She just held me there for several seconds before withdrawing to the end, her suction increased immensely. When she reached the end, she paused, then withdrew completely with a loud, singular slurping noise. I felt her begin sliding back up the length of my body, and when she straddled me, I knew what was coming next. I felt her face above my own, and decided to open my eyes. It took a few attempts, and when my lids finally parted, I found myself eye to eye with her.

I'd forgotten how intense she could be. She gazed into my depths. She was not smiling now, and my heart was trying to pound through my ribcage like a jackhammer through concrete. She was serious, her intentions clear.

This mattered to her, and I was afraid. I wanted to stop her. I wanted to say, "No." I wanted to tell her that this could not continue. I tried to say it with my eyes, but she did not see it. Or she didn't accept it. She moved backward, her pelvis tight on my belly, until she reached me. I could feel her heat, her wetness, even before her sex touched my own, and I didn't want her to stop anymore.

She backed onto me effortlessly, still slow and deliberate, and in one, fluid motion, I was all the way in. I knew I would not last long. "Please go slow," I begged her. She just looked at me blankly and said, "I know." With that she lifted herself upright, taking the sheet with her, and she was suddenly ablaze in the harsh sunlight as the sheet fell behind her. She blinded me, but I couldn't look away from her perfection. She was like some kind of torrid fairy tale.

Now, in this light, she was so much more beautiful than I'd been privileged to see before. The moonlight had simply not done her justice. I was breathless in her brilliance, and still, she did not smile. She stared a hole through me, singular in purpose, and started rocking. She was impossibly slick, just as she had been the night before, and I summoned every last bit of willpower, praying to a god I did not believe in for endurance.

She was rocking simply on me, back and forth, her hands resting on her hips. She was hypnotic as her rhythm seared into my soul. I just lay there, a willing subject as I felt the walls of her sex begin some type of milking contractions on my manhood.

It felt as if her core was trying to suck the cream from me. "Please, be easy." I was begging her. Instead, she said simply, "Time to come." Without warning, I erupted into her, and finally she smiled as my eyes closed.

I erupted into her not just my sex, but my spirit, and my mind, and everything else. The flood was beginning now, both inside her and also in my mind, and I craved it. I called out loudly to her, my guttural utterance of her name signifying my surrender. I wasn't shaking, I simply stiffened, thrusting myself into her as far as I could, and filled her with the bounty she'd worked for.

I gave it to her freely, even as she ripped it from me, my fists closed tightly around the sheets, my teeth clenched. Then, as quickly as it had started, it ended. I fell limp on the bed, and I could feel the muscles of her sex continuing to suck me, even as I softened. I continued to lay there as she remained impaled on my rapidly deflating manhood. I was fighting the urge to cry. And to laugh.

I heard her in the distance. "Dean? Dean, Sweetie? Can you hear me?" "I'm here," without opening my eyes. "Just checking. You're beautiful." I felt her hands on my stomach. I reached up and took her hands in mine. "Look at me, Dean." When I didn't respond, more forcefully, "Open your eyes and look at me." I complied.

She was smiling at me now, comforting and assuring. "You're beautiful, Dean." I smiled back at her, and I felt like a child. A child who was being brutally and efficiently broken psychologically by the sexual games of a sixteen-year-old girl. She spoke, "So, what's for breakfast?" XII. "Mmm… Bagels?" Ashley's eyes widened. "Oo, bagels. I love bagels." She gingerly leapt from me and the bed to land firmly on the floor in one motion, dripping my fluids from her sex the whole trip.

When she came to rest on the floor, she apparently felt me spilling from her, so she squatted low to the floor, her legs spread wide. She reached inside herself with her right middle and ring fingers, and unceremoniously scooped out as much as she could. She looked at her hand contemplatively, then brought it to me, smiled, and said, "Here you go." It wasn't the fact that she was suggesting I suck my own cum from her hand that shocked me.

I'd been fed my own juices before, as well as sucked the juices from other men. What really got to me was that the domme who was feeding me my own cum had been a high school cheerleader fifteen seconds before. I slurped eagerly, licking her clean. She spotted several drops which had landed on me, and she happily licked it up as if she were licking traces of pudding from an empty dessert plate.

Then, almost as an afterthought, she worked up a bit of saliva, and took my softened manhood into her mouth. She sucked hard on it a few times, like she was trying somehow to mix her saliva with the drying cum on my cock, then sucked hard one last time as she pulled herself off me.

Then, holding me up with her hand, she licked thoroughly around the base before releasing me and standing upright again with that signature bubbling smile. It occurred to me in that instant that she was a class-A, certifiable, card carrying freak, the likes of which I'd never known.

She energetically left the room as I tumbled out of bed. I opened a dresser drawer to recover a pair of boxers. I put my hair up before moving to join her Upon entering the kitchen, I found Ashley at the refrigerator, hand on wide-open door, bent over at the waist with her feet together (she must really love doing that), scanning my shelves.

"Where's the cream cheese?" Apparently, she didn't hear me enter, because it sounded as if she wanted me to hear her from the bedroom. "Nevermind." She retrieved the cream cheese, sprang upright, and closed the refrigerator door.

It was an absolute joy to watch her move. When she spun around and saw me, she was somewhat startled. "Oh! There you are!" Then, significantly less enthusiastically, "Oh, you put on underwear." "Yup." I confirmed her observation Then she asked playfully, "Why'd you do that?" I had been unprepared for that one. I paused for a moment before offering, "It seemed like the thing to do at the time?" "But I like you naked. I think you should take them off." "I just put them on." I wasn't trying to be argumentative, I just didn't see the big deal.

"Okay." She took the cream cheese to the bagels already on the counter. "Oh! Do you have a computer? I want to see if Kim has sent me those pictures, yet." "Um, yeah," as I began removing my underwear.

"It's in the living room." She turned to find me naked again.

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"Oh, yes. See? Now that's much better. Here, I'll take them for you." She marched right up to me and stuck her hand out. I was more than happy to give her the offending garment she sought. "Thank you," and she threw them blindly into the bedroom. As she passed me again, she stopped and pulled my face to hers in a loving kiss, holding it for several moments before releasing me and heading back to the bagels.

I started getting hard again, already. I sat down at the small breakfast table in the kitchen as she asked me how I like my bagel prepared. She served it to me exactly the way I described, then went back to fix her own. As I was waiting for her, I asked, "When do you need me to take you home?" She said, "I don't.

I might need you to drop me off at school on Tuesday morning, though" I was confused. "Don't you have school, tomorrow?" "Nope. Long weekend. Teacher in-service day or something." She continued.

"I'm supposed to be staying with Kim all week until next Sunday. When do you work next?" This conversation was really weird for me. I was used to circumventing work schedules in planning my time with a lover, not clandestine operations to smuggle teenagers back into the care of their parents. "Um… Tomorrow night," finally remembering what day today was. "What about your clothes?" "I'm gonna call Kim after I check for those pictures, and ask her to bring me some clothes." I started a little at that.

Having Ashley here alone was scary enough. I started to imagine my street lined with small, Japanese cars sporting Backstreet Boys bumper stickers when the police came to drag me away. Sheriff Whitaker - "Well, we knew something was wrong when we received a report of an unusually high number of Teen People magazines being delivered to this address." She finished fixing her bagel, then stowed the unused foods back in the fridge before joining me at the table.

She plopped down into the seat, then brought her left foot up to rest under her right thigh. Too fucking cute. We ate, and I observed her checking out my kitchen as she chewed. "I like your place," without looking at me. I smiled, not knowing whether she was being entirely truthful or not. "Thank you." I surveyed her intently as we ate, seeing her clearly, now. Tiny freckles sparsely dotted her cheeks, then began more earnestly on the sides of her neck, and led down to her shoulders and finally her chest.

I loved them. We finished our food. "Oh! I didn't take my birth control last night!" My eyes popped open wide as she darted into the living room to retrieve her purse. "Well, that's probably a pretty good idea, don't you think?" I got dizzy considering the idea of getting her pregnant. I shook my head briefly, and tried to go on with my life. She downed the pill with water cupped in her hand from the sink before I had time to tell her to use the filter, and I sighed, rolling my eyes.

Then, she came back to stand before me (God, she was so fucking beautiful), and said, "Okay, can I use your computer?" Who was I to say no? "Absolutely." She smiled, and ran into the living room. When I arrived, she was bent over the keyboard with her ankles crossed, looking over her shoulder at me, and I felt blood rush to my sex as I forgot her purpose there.

"I can't find the power button. Would you turn it on for me, please?" I smiled, and walked silently to the tower and hit the power button. She just waited there for the thing to boot up, bent over the key board, staring expectantly at the still blank monitor. I couldn't help myself, and reached out to touch her spine. She jerked slightly before looking back at me again with her smile and wiggling her ass. I ran my finger down her spine to her bum, then squeezed a cheek as she uncrossed her ankles.

Christ, she was so firm. How could she be so firm? I grabbed her hips and bent down a little, pulling myself against her, my sex rapidly inflating between her legs. She felt it, and reached a hand down her front to stroke me softly as I continued to rise. Soon, I was fully hard, being held down at the entrance to her tunnel, the top of my shaft now wet with the remnants of our awakening mere minutes before.

She pushed her legs together, trapping me between them, and shifted her weight from right to left and back again, massaging me at the intersection of her thighs and sex as I caressed her back.

A minute later, as I was preparing to enter her from behind, The computer finally finished loading, and she said, "Down, boy." Had I heard her correctly? Had she just told me to back down? When I didn't move for a few moments, she added, "You heard me. There'll be time later." I was devastated, but I tried not to show it. Instead, I slowly backed from her, the tip of my spear gliding between her slippery lips as I withdrew, causing her to inhale sharply, and soon I was clear of her.

She spin around, grabbed my shaft, kissed me, and said, "Go brush your teeth." I smiled and said, "Yes, Ma'am," before she released me and I left the room.

I brushed my teeth, rinsed, and rubbed warm water onto my face as my erection subsided, dreading what might or might not be waiting in Ashley's email inbox.

Were it not for the fact that she was sixteen, I'd be having the time of my life. As hot as she got me, as clever as she was, and as smart as she appeared to be, the inherent danger of copulating with a minor outweighed the benefits, even with Ashley. I had no moral reservations, as she was clearly a woman, with womanly needs and desires.

I also knew that there were some people out there who disagreed with me that had the power send me to jail and ruin my life. I brushed my hair as I contemplated the unknown element: Ashley, herself. My appetite for adventurous sexual games was strong, as was hers apparently. I was not certain, however, that she fully grasped the peril that she was putting me in. For a situation like ours to continue (and Ashley appeared to intend for it to continue), it would have to be very carefully maintained to avoid discovery, and Ashley had yet to demonstrate that she understood this fact.

And then there were the pictures. Ashley pleasured me and acted in care for me and served me and… Was she blackmailing me? The very fact of the photographs' existence was dangerous, but what were her intentions with them? Were they just for fun, or did she intend to keep me in check with them? She hadn't said anything alluding to blackmail, but her bringing up the photos at key times in our conversations had me second-guessing.

I stared at myself in the mirror, and realized that I'd been just standing there for several minutes. I sighed at myself and said to my reflection, "Okay, let's go." I found Ashley firmly entrenched in cyberspace when I returned to the living room. I approached her from behind to see an image of me watching her suck my cock centered on the screen, and I got sick. I put my hand on her shoulder and said, "Hey, Girlie." She started at this momentarily, but recovered quickly.

She was so excited. "Oh my God they're here and they're great! You have to see these, they're excellent, seriously!" She jumped up and shoved me into the chair, then proceeded to bounce up and down enthusiastically before asking, "Can I use your toothbrush?" "Sure." She rushed over to her purse, extracted her phone from it, then skipped out of the room, grinning playfully from ear to ear, and I began to scroll.

In many of the pictures, there were two faces; one of them was clearly mine and the other clearly hers. Well, that's that, then. Unbelievably, I wasn't really looking at the subject matter, but I still continued to scroll. And scroll… And scroll.

How many pictures had Kim taken? I closed the folder, and saw that it contained seventy-six files. Or seventy-seven. They were still downloading! I closed my eyes, trying to maintain my composure. The phone rang in the silence, scaring the shit out of me. I picked up the receiver. "Hello?" "Hey Vinnie, it's Jim. What's crackin'?" It was my boss. "Not much. What's going on?" My mind was certainly not all there.

"Mike called in for the seven to midnight, tonight. Losing his voice. Can you cover?" I almost laughed at him. "Oh, no, Jim. I can't. I mean I really, REALLY can't. I'm so sorry." "Are you sure, man? I really need you." I sympathized, and felt sorry for him. "Jim, I am so sure you would not believe it. I've got some shit going down and there is absolutely no way I can get out of it. I'm so sorry. Really. I mean it. Seriously." I so wanted to escape to work, but it wasn't going to happen.

"Okay, well, if you change your mind, please call me. I'm at the station." "You know I will, Jim. Sorry." "Okay, bye" "Bye." I heard Ashley talking in the bathroom as I dropped the receiver into its cradle. I frowned. Certainly, Jim would talk to Steve, who would tell Jim about the after-hours rendezvous I had last night, and Jim would think I was holed-up in bed with a hottie all day. Though this wasn't far from the truth, I'm sure my situation wouldn't be exactly the way Jim would picture it.

Things were already getting complicated, and it had only been fourteen hours since Ashley had handed me her thong. I sat down on the futon sofa, glancing at the computer in realization.

Oh, great; the added bonus of child porn. I waited there to see where she would lead me. Ashley soon reappeared with cell-phone in hand, announcing Kim's imminent arrival. She plopped down on my lap, wrapped her arm around my neck, and said, "Hello, Sailor." I smiled disingenuously as I reached an arm around her waist and placed the other hand on her thigh. "Hey." At this, she frowned exaggeratedly and said, "'Why Mister Gloomy Gus, Hm?'" I thought she was quoting a movie that I'd recently seen, but I couldn't remember which one.

"Work called; they wanted me to come in tonight." I was looking at the floor. "And are you going to?" Her tone was sincere. Then I looked at her. "Well, no. I told them I had something going on." She hugged me tightly. "Aw, you didn't have to do that." "Well," I explained, "I didn't know what you had planned, so…" I shrugged.

"You could have taken me with you." She was serious. Smiling, but serious. I drew a line right there. "Oh ho, that is not a good idea at all." She became inquisitive, and I became uneasy. "Do they not like for you to have guests?" Was she really going to make me spell it out for her? "Well, not necessarily, but if someone is there, they might start asking questions, and…" I trailed off.

And she picked up "And I'm eighteen, remember?" I was astonished at her simple evasion of reality. Of course! You're eighteen. How could I have missed that?

I felt the serious trouble sensation coming on again, but I just pretended to go along with it. "Oh, that's right! You're eighteen. Perfect. I already told him, 'No,' though." Then I added something I immediately regretted. "Some other time, maybe." This pepped her right back up, and she kissed me playfully.

"So what are we going to do today?" I pondered this question, and wondered if there was a wrong answer. "Well, how long did Kim say it would be before she got here?" I wasn't sure how this would help, but at least it bought me a few seconds. Suddenly, it occurred to me that I'd never had a fuck cause me more stress than this one. "Fifteen minutes, but that was five minutes ago." I thought about it. "Well, I would usually go swimming." "Oh!

Let's go swimming at Kim's place!" I couldn't help it, I laughed. "Are you crazy?" She thumped me on the chest and said, "Her parents are on vacation, Stupid. You didn't really think I would take you over there and introduce you to her parents, did you?" The thought had occurred to me.

"Well…?" Then something else occurred to me. "Wait, your parents let you stay over there while her parents are out of town?" She stuck out her chest and pointed her nose in the air.

"We're responsible adults." She saw me raise an eyebrow at this. "No, really. Kim and I are both straight-A students, we're in extracurricular activities and sports, we never get into trouble. Our parents and teachers love us! They trust us implicitly." "Implicitly, eh?" I smiled at her as she thumped my chest again.

It sort of made sense to me. My parents would never have dreamed of such a thing, but I could see how a parent might. "So, Kim has a pool?" I was starting to consider it. Ashley got excited. "Yeah, a really nice one, with a privacy fence. Oo, and a jacuzzi! Her mother's a neurosurgeon, and they do pretty well." "We'd have to all ride in her car; I wouldn't want my car to be parked there." Self-preservation mode was still active.

"Could I park nearby and she could ferry me in?" "Parking isn't really a problem, but if it will make you feel better, there's a Publix a few miles away." She thought about it for a few moments. "Perfect, it's settled!" It is? Time to roll with it, Dean. Just let it happen. "Okay." I considered the plan before turning to her and asking, "May I get dressed, now?" She pretended to think about it before granting me permission, and hopped up off me. "Oo, let me pick out your clothes!" Without waiting for my response, she bolted to my bedroom.

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I followed her at a leisurely pace to find her rifling through the clothes hanging in my closet. "This is all dress. Where's your casual stuff?" "In the dresser." I smiled as I watched her youthful motions. She moved so quickly. I couldn't recall ever having that much energy, even when I'd been her age. She had energy to spare.

I couldn't tell if her youthfulness made me feel younger, or just that much older. She picked out a henley and some cargo shorts, and tossed them on the bed before asking, "Do you wear sandals?" I laughed and said, "Yes, but Kim has them." Ashley smiled at me "Is she bringing them?" She kept smiling at me, and said, "I don't know. Maybe? I'll get you some socks, just in case." "And underwear is in the bottom drawer, no pun intended." I'd waited to use that line for years.

She had to think about what I'd said before starting to laugh. "Oh, that's a good one." "Yeah, I thought so." I was proud. "You won't need them," she said, matter-of-factly. "Actually, I swam before work yesterday, and my swim trunks never made it out of the trunk of the car to dry, so I will need some underwear to swim in." She just looked at me silently, waiting for me to put two and two together.

Finally, it sank in, "Or, I guess I won't, then?" She shook her head. Then, a few moments later, she added, "In fact, I don't think I like you wearing underwear at all. Ever. Okay?" She then opened the bottom drawer, scooped up all my underwear into one armful, picked up the pair she had thrown to the floor earlier, and strutted past me into the hallway.

I followed close behind. "What are you doing?" "You don't need them anymore, so I'm throwing them away," as she headed for the garbage can. "But…?" It was a feeble attempt at a protest, but enough of one to get her attention. She stopped over the can and looked at me, "But what?" Pick your battles, man. Pick your battles. "Nothing. Nevermind." So much for the bottom drawer line. "Yay," she exclaimed, and into the can they went.

I determined that she did, in fact, intend for our situation to continue. Without missing a beat, she zoomed past me again back to the bedroom, and her faithful puppy followed her again. When I arrived, she had socks in hand, and was tossing them onto my shirt.

"There you go." As I started to move to the bed to dress, she blocked my way, standing on her toes and resting her forearms on my chest with her hands on my shoulders, looking up at me appreciatively. I put my arms around her and tried desperately not to get an erection as I leaned in to kiss her, and there was a knock on the door. Ashley's eyes shot open as she yelled, "Kim!" Ashley ran from the room, leaving me to ponder whether I was supposed to get dressed now or not.

Deciding to err on the side of caution, I walked naked into the living room to greet Kim. Upon finding a barely clothed Kim hugging naked Ashley tightly in their greeting, I wished I'd had something to hide my rapidly inflating manhood. They hugged for a few seconds as if they hadn't seen each other in years, then kissed briefly on the lips. Oh yeah, today's gonna be hard. I laughed quietly at my internal double entendre.

They parted, and Kim gazed at me with the most brilliant blue eyes, scanning me up and down before settling on my face. I was dumbfounded by her beauty. Kim was tall; six feet, maybe better. She didn't look awkward, though. In fact, she looked downright stunning. She was almost as toned as Ashley, but with larger breasts, which suited her longer frame. Medium tan skin graced her natural, round face. I tried in vain not to stare as her lips parted. "Damn, Dean, close your mouth. Don't you own any other clothes, or do I have them all?" I composed myself, and raised a hand in greeting.

"Hi, Kim. Nice to see you again, too." Ashley laughed. "Actually, Ashley said she liked me like this, so…" Kim looked down at Ashley.

Ashley confirmed, "Yep. I want to have the option to press his flesh whenever I want." "Oo, you dirty girl." Ashley looked up at her friend proudly.

"You know it." They both laughed, and I was trying to get the joke. I was eager to start moving forward with my day. "So, what are we doing?" Kim seconded the question. Ashley piped up. "We're going swimming at your place," she said happily." Kim approved. "Great idea. Oh, here are your clothes." I moved forward to accept them before realizing she had been talking to Ashley, and was surprisingly disappointed.

I asked Ashley, "May I get dressed now?" Making a show of it in front of her friend, "You may." As I turned to the hallway, I heard Kim. "Damn, girl! WhoopSHSHSH." One hasn't really lived until one has been shamed in the nude by not one, but two sixteen-year-old girls.

I dressed silently and returned to the living room to find Ashley in a pair of cutoff denim shorts matching Kim's, a white tank top, and sneakers. She hadn't bothered with a bra, and my loins stirred again. it was then that it occurred to me that if I was going to be stimulated on and off like this all the time, I was going to be leaking all over the inside of my pants, which would soak through quite visibly to the outside, and I had to shake my head.

Fortunately, my gesture went unnoticed. As I was putting on my shoes, I remembered the felony on my desk, and asked Ashley, "Is it alright if I erase those pictures on my computer?" With genuine disappointment, "Why would you want to do that?" "Oh, cos they're a little illegal?" I was trying to be light hearted about it.

"Oh, Dean. We won't tell if you won't tell. Will we, Kim?" "Nope." I could hear the smirk in her word. Realizing I had lost, "Okay." I imagined Ashley and Kim sharing a knowing look behind me before standing up and turning to them. "Ready?" Ashley said, "Ready." I grabbed the keys from the bureau, and we were off. XIII.

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After hanging my soaking swim trunks on the porch rail to dry, we were off. Ashley rode with Kim, and I followed them. I was grateful for the alone time, and I used it to think about absolutely nothing, and to drum my fingers against the steering wheel to Depeche Mode.

It was only a ten minute drive, but it was my ten minutes. I followed her into the Shopping center parking lot where I would be leaving my car. I wanted to make the transition quick, so as not to be easily identifiable in a lineup, but Ashley yelled out her window at me to get my bag from the trunk.

When I looked at her in astonishment with my mouth hanging open, she added, "Just in case." I started practicing my speech in my head. "Hi. I'm Dean McCann. I'm a sex offender." I locked my doors, retrieved my bag from the trunk, and we were on our way. It only took us another seven minutes through ever thinning middle-class residences before reaching a gated drive, and I was suddenly flooded with anxiety. Where the fuck were they taking me?

Kim punched some numbers into a keypad, and the entry gate slid open. Once inside the gate, we continued for another minute and around a grouping of trees before pulling up to a rather large house, then into a rather large garage as the doors opened and closed behind us, and I was grateful for the privacy the enclosure would afford me as I moved from car to home. Ashley had been right; parking would not have been a problem as the house was hidden from the road. I almost succeeded in opening my door into the Range Rover parked next to me, but I caught it at the last second as I inhaled sharply through clenched teeth.

I toted the bag on my shoulder as Kim led us into the house. We passed a shiny, late model Viper and a recent BMW sedan on the way in, and I started forming Kim's family photo in my mind as we continued. Ashley was just as comfortable, and I could tell she spent a lot of time here. I crossed the threshold into the den and saw… Money. The place was furnished in money. It was all exceptionally tasteful, but also exceptionally expensive.

"Kim, Ashley said your mom is a neurosurgeon?" "Yep. A pretty big one, too. She's the Department Head." "Far out. What does your dad do?" Rocket scientist? "He's the District Attorney." "No shit," I asked, as casually as I could manage mid-cardiac arrest. "No shit." She smiled at the sudden discomfort on my face.

"Oh, don't worry about it. They're in Bora Bora until Saturday night," dismissing my obvious anxiety. "Oh, okay." I failed to see how her parents being in Bora Bora until Saturday night made the situation any more acceptable.

My head started hurting, but rather than think about the certain doom that awaited me, I focused on more immediate matters, like, "Who goes to Bora Bora?" Kim warmed to my sentiment. "I know, right? So, an old friend of my mom — and I mean a friend of my mom who's old — told her about what a great place it is, so my parents decided to go. They've been gone five days now, and they said they're having a good time, so… Whatever." We talked briefly about more preferred vacation destinations as she led me into the kitchen, and Ashley disappeared for a few minutes.

Upon her return, she was naked again, and was carrying a few beach towels. She offered Kim and me each one, and kept one for herself. "So, are you guys just gonna stand around all day or what?" As soon as Kim and I moved, Ashley made a path to the rear patio door, walked through and out, and we followed. Ashley hadn't lied; Kim's parents had a very nice setup. There was a large in-ground pool, surrounded by a boardwalk littered with padded patio furniture, and a medium gazebo with a jacuzzi.

The L-shaped house wrapped around the area on two sides, leaving a privacy fence for the other two. The fence was only about seven feet high, but judging by our approach to her house, the nearest neighbor was at least two hundred yards in any direction. Not too shabby.

Once Ashley was satisfied that I'd spent enough time surveying my surroundings, she stepped in front of me and said, "Okay. Now, take off your pants," before making a running dive into the pool. I looked at Kim standing next to me who smiled and said, "Better move, Dean." I began taking off my clothes as Kim went to a nearby lounge to begin disrobing. I was down to only my shorts when Ashley surfaced and saw me moving for the snap on my waistband.

She yelled in drill-sergeant fashion, "Can't you follow instructions, boy," and started laughing. As soon as the shorts hit the ground, I was running at the pool, diving into position to pull Ashley under. I grabbed her ankle and pulled down hard before surfacing. She bobbed right back up and called me a shithead. Kim had disrobed, and Ashley and I swam to the edge of the pool to greet her. She was impressive. Real model material. Kim's physique was similar to my own in that she was toned, but not muscular.

Long shapely legs, round pronounced breasts, truly an hourglass figure covered in smooth, warmly tanned skin, with no tan lines.

She had a small, well-trimmed, triangular patch of blond hair just a little above her hood pointing downward, as if to indicate the treasure that waited below, and it absolutely suited her. Ashley watched me looking at Kim. "Not bad, eh?" I looked back at Ashley, and wondered if I was being setup.

"Is there a right and wrong answer?" She laughed. "Nope." I looked back up at Kim, who was listening to our exchange with her hands on her hips and an expectant look on her face, as if to say, "Well?" "Not bad at all." Kim kissed the air at me, then looked at Ashley.

"Sweetie, I need help with sunscreen. Can I borrow your boy here?" Ashley replied without looking at me. "Sure. Just bring him back in one piece." My eyes were wide in mock disbelief, and she winked at me before swimming off. Kim looked expectantly at me again.

"Well? Come on." I began to extract myself from the water as Kim walked over to her chosen lounge and waited. I recovered my towel and brushed some of the excess water from me before joining her. I'd expected to apply the sunscreen to the areas she couldn't reach, in typical fashion, so I was surprised when she handed me the bottle and lay back, her eyes closed.

I applied a generous quantity of the goop to my hands, rubbed them together a bit, and went to work. Her flesh was tender but resilient. It was a pleasure confidently running my hands along the length of this girl's body, and my growing erection reflected that pleasure.

Every so often she would moan as I massaged the lotion into a particularly sensitive area, and her nipples hardened as I applied the lotion to her breasts. Though I don't think she'd intended to, she was coming alive to me as I covered her arms and hands. When I reached her designation patch, she parted her legs significantly, as if to suggest that I not miss a single spot, and I did not disappoint. Remembering my purpose, I didn't linger any longer than the job required, but I was thorough in my bid to reach every exposed inch of flesh.

Equipped with a large amount of lotion, my fingers rubbed light circles onto her sex, and she moaned again, her body tense. I expanded outward, continuing with her legs and feet, and when I'd done all I could on that side, she flipped, and I began covering her back. I reached her bum, and she raised it slightly. I applied the sunscreen to her buttocks, and as I did, her ass rose higher, as if she were presenting herself to me.

Again, I diligently covered every measure of her skin, reaching between her buttocks. When I went to cover her sex one more time for good measure, I noticed a small amount of moisture had gathered at the seam between her labia. I relieved her of it, and she moaned deeply. That was the last I touched her before leaning over and whispering in her ear, "You're done." She moaned in dissatisfaction. "Moh, not even close." I laughed and started to get up as I turned to the pool and found Ashley watching me.

"That was awesome," she said. "How long were you watching?" "Pretty much the whole time. It was a fantastic show. Makes me sad I don't need sunscreen." I didn't understand. "What do you mean, you 'don't need sunscreen?'" "My mother is Korean, and my father is Colombian, and for some reason that mix means I don't tan, I don't burn, I don't even shade.

The color that you see here is all there is." She waited patiently for my response. "Interesting," was all I could muster. Ashley just rolled her eyes, then smiled as she shook her head lightly. Her eyes were calling me an idiot, and I couldn't blame them. She crooked her finger at me and said, "Come here." When I arrived, I got down on the boardwalk and she kissed me for several seconds. As she released me, a thought occurred to me.

"You know, now that I think about it, I need sunscreen, too." I was so used to swimming at the gym that I'd forgotten about it.

Ashley smiled and yelled, "Kim! Dean needs sunscreen!" An instant later from her lounge, "Well, get over here, then." I started to object, but Kim wouldn't hear it. "Don't even think about it. Dry yourself off and lie down." I grabbed my towel, drying myself as I approached her, and lay on my stomach. moving my hair out of the way. "Your hair is too long," she chided. "Oi," I started, but was immediately silenced by her hands and cold lotion on my back; she hadn't bothered to warm it. She was quick without being vigorous as she coated my back and outward with the protective lotion.

She mirrored my own application to her skin, taking care to reach everywhere. "Flip," she said dryly, and I did, springing my erection into view, startling her. "Well, hello," she said to it as I closed my eyes.

She started on my chest out to my arms and down to my waistline before telling me to lift my right leg, and I could hear her shift around me. She covered first that leg and then the left before lifting them both, straddling the lounge as close to me as she could get, then lowering my thighs to rest on her own. My heart was racing as she massaged lotion onto my pelvis and down into my inner thighs. She worked from the outside of the untouched area and moved inward.

I kept my pubic hair closely trimmed, so her fingers moved freely about me. She reached my sack, and I gasped as she slathered far more lotion than was necessary onto it, leaving only my shaft uncovered.

I waited for her hands, but they didn't come. Finally I heard her say, "May I?" I was about to speak when I heard Ashley say, "Go right ahead." Suddenly Kim's hands were upon me, carrying copious amounts of lotion with them. I gasped and jumped, but her hands on my member kept me in place. She started working me, and she wasn't gentle about at all. Her intention became clear: she was simply trying to milk me as quickly as possible.

I opened my eyes to see her focused intently on what she was doing. I think she sensed me looking at her, because she smiled and said, "I'm just getting you ready for later." Understanding this, I lowered my head back down and closed my eyes, waiting for her to pull my seed from me. Her hands slid up and down on my cock furiously and relentlessly. She started coaching me, almost impatiently, "Come on… Come on… Give it up… Let me have it… Come on…" I started getting close, and I raised my head to look at her again.

She looked me in the eyes and commanded, "Give it to me now, Dean." And I did. She pulled ropes and ropes of cum from me. I watched as my first, large torrent landed on her arm, and she adjusted her motions to try to contain further spillage.

She kept pulling, and I kept cumming. She was emptying me, and I had to close my eyes again to the intensity of the extraction. She didn't immediately stop once I'd finished gushing, continuing for several seconds, and slowing gradually until she released me with one good squeeze.

She reached for her towel, used it to wipe my spunk from her arm, and wrung her hands in it repeatedly before lazily tossing the cloth on my shrinking dick and backing off the lounge. I heard her say, "I kinda like your boy. He follows directions." Ashley laughed heartily and exclaimed, "I know," and continued laughing. I haphazardly cleaned myself off while keeping my eyes closed, enjoying the slowly retreating fire in my loins. The sun warmed the length of my body, and I tried to remember the last time I'd lain naked beneath it.

Barring the inherent possibility of incarceration, today was turning out to be an alright day. The threat of arrest just didn't want to leave me. It kept tugging on the back of my mind, like a little boy tugging on his mother's arm, desperate for her attention. I was doing an alright job of ignoring it, but it was still there. Two victim's now. I'm now a serial pedophile. The faint smile that had rested on my lips disappeared altogether, but I remained in the lounge, determined to relax.

I heard Kim dive into the pool, then lost track of time. I was returned poolside by Ashley yelling at me.

"Dean, turn over, you're done on that side!" I raised my head and opened one eye at her to find her smiling at me. Her short black hair was clinging to her head, water dripping down her, her freckles peeking at me, uncovered by makeup. God, she was amazing. I turned over, and forgot time again. In spite of its description as "Fiction," this story is actually an embellishment of real experiences I had with a girl during my time on the radio.

The first several chapters are absolutely true, save names and locales. XIV. "Dean? How are you doing, Baby?" Ashley's voice and a hand on my back. Without actually thinking about it in my half-asleep malaise, "Good. How are you?" A kiss on my ear and I smiled. A sharp smack on my ass stung me into alertness as I jerked, turning to see Kim smirking at me.

"Good morning, pretty boy." Pretty? I couldn't recall ever having been addressed as "Pretty Boy" before. I looked up at her as I finished turning onto my back. "Anyone ever tell you that you have the bedside manner of a porcupine?" She put a hand on her hip and posed herself a diva. "I try." I looked back at Ashley to find her admiring me. My heart stopped again in her beauty, and I reached up my hand to stroke her water-streamlined hair, now slicked back against her head.

She smiled bigger, and sighed, as Kim picked up my own dampened towel in lieu of her own cum-stained one, and dried herself as she walked into the house. "We're hungry," she began.

"We're thinking pizza. Whaddaya think?" I hadn't had pizza in a while. "Sure." Then I remembered where we were. "Do they deliver here?" I was unfamiliar with the dynamics of a gated home.

She smiled at my inexperience. "No. We're too far out. We'll have to go get it." Having delivered pizzas myself a few years before, I suspected that it also had something to do with the fact that people with money don't tip. A guy in a trailer park will slip you a fiver, but people in houses like this one want exact change, and I despised them for it. Then I remembered that some money couple's hot young daughter had just jerked me off beside their pool, wiped my cum from her arm with their plush towel, behind their million-dollar home, and I found some closure.

"Do you want me to go with you?" "Of course, silly." I contemplated the scenario of leaving to go get pizza, and decided it to be an acceptable one. "Okay, let me get up and get dressed." She smiled gingerly. "Oh, you don't need to get dressed; you're not getting out of the car." I stopped. "You're kidding, right?" She couldn't possibly be serious. "Nope," she said smugly. "You don't need clothes if you stay in the car." I had to object.

"Actually, I'm pretty sure I do." Ashley started at me intently. "Are you sure about that, Dean?" I fucking hated that. I couldn't tell if she was threatening me or not, and it made it hard for me to like her. As I was deliberating, her expression changed to cheeriness, and she added, "Think about it, Sweetie, why would you need clothes?

No-one will see you. I tell you what, I'll get Kim to take the Land Rover; its windows are tinted. How does that sound?" It was less of a question and more of a request for confirmation. I knew I wasn't going to win, and the Land Rover sounded much better than Kim's wide open Subaru.

"Okay." "Great!" She asked me what I liked on my pizza, and I told her that I was easy to please. She giggled as she went to dry herself. When she started into the house, she tossed me her towel, and I dried myself before following her. I noticed that the clothes I had been wearing earlier had disappeared, and I was unsurprised. We found Kim in the kitchen, dressed again and brushing swimming tangles aggressively from her hair.

"Pizza's a go," announced Ashley, as Kim winced at us in pain, finishing her bout of brutality with the brush and setting it on the counter. I asked her if I could use it for a moment, and she made another jab about the length of my hair before giving permission. Ashley smiled at out exchange, passing out bottles of water she'd procured from who knows where, then said to Kim, "Okay, you call it in.

I'm going to get dressed," and walked hurriedly to the stairs, leaping up them in a moment. She was amazing. Kim watched me and my hair for a few moments uncharacteristically in silence. I returned the brush to her when I was done, and she asked, "Why is your hair so long?" I explained to her that I'd had short hair all my life until a couple of years ago, due to various reasons, and when I'd finally had the option of letting it grow, I'd gone with it, just to do it.

I'd grown quite accustomed to it in recent months, as it had finally become long enough to become manageable, so I was not keen on cutting it. She went silent again for a few moments before reaching for the phone and asking, "So, no clothes?" She had apparently noticed that I was not dressing for our expedition out to retrieve the pizza. "Nope," I responded, my dissatisfaction evident in my tone.

Kim ignored my delivery as she was dialing. "Didn't think so." She smiled at me a different kind of smile, and I felt she was beginning to warm up to me. I asked her where her bathroom was before disappearing down the hall. I reentered the kitchen a few minutes later to find them waiting for me. Kim had redressed in her earlier clothes, and was now sporting a cap, and I thought the look suited her. Kim said, "Okay, let's go," and we shuffled through the den back into the garage.

As we piled into the Range Rover, Ashley and Kim in the front and me in the back behind Kim, she declared, "Dean, if you stain my mother's seat with anything, so help me God, I'll fucking kill you." So much for her warming up to me. "Yaz'm," I replied, trying to lighten her mood with humor. Ashley chuckled, but Kim was unaffected. "I'm fucking serious, Dean. Don't fuck up my mother's upholstery." A more direct approach was apparently required.

"Got it," as I shut the door, and remarked to myself what a shame it was that such a beautiful girl as Kim should have such an abrasive temperament. The garage door opened, and Kim carefully navigated us onto the street.

Ashley and Kim started talking about something that sounded school related, and I had no frame of reference, so I tuned them out, watching the scenery go by as the little boy in my head kept tugging on his mother's arm.

Momentarily, I had stopped thinking about the enjoyment of my time with them, and was seriously trying to think of a way out of my mess. Before even considering the possible danger of opposing Ashley, I had to consider the fact that I was naked, in a strange car, soon to return to a strange house. Once I was back in the house, if I could manage to get my clothes back, I still had no idea how to get to my car. I decided in mild frustration that I would just have to ride this one out until I could get back to my car.

Perhaps then I would be able to find a solution to my dilemma. Traffic started to thicken, and I became nervous. I knew no-one could see me behind the privacy glass of the Range Rover, but my mind was still filled with worst-case scenarios. What if we're pulled over, or get into an accident? My head started hurting again. Soon, I was returned to the present as we reached the Pizza place, and Ashley waited with me in the car while Kim left to retrieve the pie.

Ashley unfastened her seatbelt and turned around in her seat. "How are you doing?" She was looking me up and down mischievously again. Even as stressed as I was, the idea of her checking me out still brought life to my loins, and my manhood shifted slightly. "Oh, hanging in there." I looked at her for a few moments, then resumed my scrutiny of life outside of my window. Ashley sensed my discomfort. "Oh Dean, you're fine. Everything's fine. I won't let anything happen to you." She seemed so genuine in her compassion.

"We're just gonna go back to Kim's, hang out, eat pizza, and have some fun. You're having a good time, right?" I kept looking out the window. "Well, yeah, but… I'm just stressed." I turned back to her, my face flooded with concern. "If anyone finds out, I will go to jail. You know that, right?" She frowned, and I could see that my words had saddened her. She paused for a few seconds before looking me in the eye, "Dean, I promise you that no-one will ever know." I'd yet to see her this serious.

I decided with a deep breath to clear the air. "What about the pictures? What are you going to do with the pictures?" "Sweetie, those pictures are for us, only. I will never show them to anyone else, I promise." She could see that I still wasn't quite satisfied. "I'm sorry I've been teasing you, but I didn't think it messed you up that bad.

I won't do it anymore." I sighed in relief. I still wasn't totally okay with the situation, but I believed her about the pictures. "Okay," I offered. She exhaled, and continued. "Dean. I like you. Kim likes you even though she doesn't show it. We just want to have some fun with you, okay? I promise you'll enjoy it. I mean, you're enjoying it so far, right?" I saw Kim exit the front of the building and said, "Here's Kim." Ashley turned back to the front as Kim walked to the passenger side of the vehicle.

I thought she was about to hand the box off to Ashley, and when her hand reached instead for the back door handle opposite me, I panicked. "What the fuck?" She opened the door, carefully slid the large pie box onto the seat next to me, and said, "Please keep an eye on this, okay?" I just nodded as I observed every single person in the world walk or drive by behind her before she finally closed the door. "Done," Kim said as she slipped back into the driver's seat, and in moments we were headed back in the direction of the house.

She and Ashley started talking about their school things again, so again I looked out the window. When I realized I was smiling softly, I began to understand that I was relaxing just a bit. It amused me that I would be able to relax at all being driven naked down the road by a couple of sixteen-year-old girls in broad daylight, and my smile grew larger.

I detected a lull in the girls' conversation, and decided to make an effort to join in. "So, Kim, you mentioned a game last night. Are you in sports?" As soon as I said it, I realized how lame I'd sounded. Kim said, "Yeah. I'm a bowler." Ashley started laughing and slapped her friend on the arm. "Um, I had a basketball game yesterday." Ashley was still laughing.

"I'm on the volleyball team with Ash, too." "I see. How'd the game go?" I suddenly felt ridiculous trying to initiate small talk in the nude. With just a little hint of pride, "We won, forty-eight to thirty-two." "Cool," and I was done talking for the short remainder of the trip.

Safely back in the garage, Kim and I were opening our doors when Ashley piped up. "Dean, Sweetie, would you mind carrying the pizza?" "Sure." Kim interjected, "Yeah, boy," and made the cracking whip noise again.

I just kept my head down and carried the pizza into the den, and Kim brought plates and napkins and drinks from the kitchen. She stole a kiss from Ashley as she handed her a bottle of water.

Ashley said, "Thanks, Sweetie." I stirred as I took my first bite of pizza. XV. A couple of hours later, I was in the pool, thoughtlessly treading water. The sun was getting lower in the sky. It had been around twenty-four hours since Ashley had asked me to take her for a ride, and I was now as relaxed as I'd been in that whole time.

Ashley's mother had called a short time ago to make sure everything was okay, and I'd excused myself outside as they spoke, quietly descending into the cooling waves. The girls had talked about making cookies shortly before the call, and I assumed that's what they were doing now.

I started to think about getting home. Would Ashley want to come home with me again? Oddly, I felt more comfortable being with her at home than somewhere else. I figured I somehow had more control at home, and under these circumstances, more control was better. Ashley was smart, as was Kim. I'd learned this in the last hour or two sitting on the floor of Kim's den, talking about everything and nothing with them as we listened to music on Kim's computer. They were both smart, but they were also inexperienced, and I couldn't trust either of them to make good judgements.

I was in the middle of the pool when I heard a splash behind me. I was shallow enough to get some footing, and turned to see Ashley's naked, submerged form gliding silently toward me.

She reached my knees, then used my body to pull herself up before me, and I held onto her waist once she'd surfaced. Cheerful as ever, she greeted me. "Hi," she said simply. I smiled, genuinely happy she was there. "Hi." She pulled herself closer, wrapping her legs around my waist, and I supported her in the water, her firm breasts pressed against my chest as my manhood began to stiffen.

We stayed face to face for several moments, scanning each others' eyes for something. I didn't know what it was, and I doubted she did, either. Her merry smile retreated from her lips slowly More and more I was beginning to appreciate her and the way she made me feel. I felt desired. She desired me.

And while it wasn't love, her desire for me was more than just the desire for my prick in her pussy. In the past couple of hours, we'd laughed and joked and talked and learned about the way each other thought about things. I was discovering that she was amazing through and through. I looked at her lips, and she moved them into mine, kissing me first briefly, then returning again for something more meaningful, and I happily joined her in her search.

Our kiss was not mad or burning, but it was substantial. Our mouths searched for some kind of satisfaction, and for my part, I somehow felt we were getting closer to finding it with every passing moment. My erection grew, finding its way upward to be stopped by her bum, and she began to move to and fro upon it. I moaned my desire into her mouth, and she ceased the kiss, pulling her head back to look at me, still moving along my shaft.

She loosened her grip on me to reach a hand down between her legs and grab my spear, carefully guiding it to her entrance. When she became satisfied with my position, she pushed down gently. I'd never made love underwater. I began to understand that the water was washing away her natural fluids, making it more difficult for her to take me, but she was determined. Her hands on my shoulders, she pushed down in little movements, serious concentration evident in her expression as she continued to look into me.

Again and again she pressed until I was deep inside her. Then, with one final pull of her legs around my buttocks, we were locked. She rested like this for a few moments before bending forward to kiss me lightly, saying, "Back against the side of the pool." I carried her there, my hands on her buttocks, and she told me to grab the edge, which I did. She kissed me one more time before laying back with her hands still on my shoulders.

She closed her eyes and began to grind into me slowly as I held on for balance. Though there was no rhythm or pattern to her movements, I could see that she was focused intently on what she was doing. I was enjoying her on me, but I could tell very quickly that I would not climax like this. I could tell she was enjoying me, too, so I watched her as she continued to move against me. I began to appreciate this unique experience. Though I was holding on to the edge of the pool, I still felt as if I, too, were suspended in the water, and that our union was so singular as to exclude the universe around us.

I closed my eyes in appreciation of the sensation, wondering if she was experiencing the same thing. I stayed like this for a few minutes before opening my eyes again to find Ashley studying me.

She was enjoying herself, but I could see that she was frustrated, I supposed that she would be unable to find release like this, as well.

I let go of the side of the pool and pulled her closer to me as I walked us to the shallow end. I lifted her small frame up off me and onto the side of the pool, resting her legs on my shoulders as I planted a hard kiss on her labia. She lay back on the boardwalk.

I watched rivers of water shimmer in the last of the direct sunlight as they cascaded down her flesh, and my heart skipped. I began planting tender little kisses all over the outside of her sex. Her skin was soft and cool, and I enjoyed the intimacy of the moment immensely.

I reached out with my tongue to separate her folds, and she moaned softly. The taste of the pool water was a little disheartening, but I continued with my exploration nonetheless, knowing I'd be rewarded for my persistence.

Running my tongue up and down the lengths of her folds, I would stray occasionally to plant a kiss on her squarely but gently. I moved up to tease her button, and she jerked softly. I took it into my mouth and sucked gently for several seconds, flicking lightly with the tip of my tongue, and she started to squirm.

I licked and kissed and sucked for several minutes before reaching into her. I parted her sex with my tongue, and she moaned heavily as I found the beginnings of her moisture releasing upon me, and the flavor was welcome after the pool water.

I dove for more, pulling her onto me with my arms wrapped around her legs on my shoulders, my tongue exploring her tunnel eagerly, yet lovingly. I was not aggressive, only persistent.

I continued on her like this for several minutes, withdrawing occasionally to lap up the juices she was beginning to spill freely. She was writhing and moaning and her hands came down to grab my hair, pulling me into her.

As my tongue explored her, my nose pressed against her button, and I turned my head slightly from right to left as I dove into her. After a while, she started shaking, pulling my head into her hard and digging her heels into my back as a long, deep wail escaped from far inside her. I pushed into her as far as I could as juices flowed from her copiously.

I continued on her without relent until her hands and legs released me. I slowly diminished my movements until I was merely lapping up her juices from between her folds, and still she shook. Finally she whispered, "Please, no more." I ran my the tip of my tongue up the length of her seam one more time before a final kiss, then stood up to see her laying motionless before me. She shuddered once, and I was satisfied. "Damnit, Ash," I heard Kim yelling from the door.

"You said I would be next!" Ashley started giggling. XVI. The sun was disappearing, racing off to find tomorrow as I washed my face in pool water and Ashley's giggling faded. When my eyes reopened, I looked at her to find her gazing at me adoringly. Kim had disappeared from the doorway, and I expressed my concern to Ashley that Kim had seemed genuinely agitated.

"Oh, she'll be fine," Ashley asserted. Kim and I had gotten more comfortable with each other over the pizza and following hours. She slowly became less abrasive and we'd engaged each other in some meaningful conversation.

I hoped she wasn't too upset. The automatic pool lights came on as I ascended from the water, my erection still quite prominent.

I detected faintly on the air the aroma of the cookies the girls were making. Of course, Ashley had abandoned Kim when she'd joined me in the pool, leaving Kim to finish the job herself.

I began to think I should check on Kim to make sure she wasn't pissed. I recovered a towel and began drying myself before sitting down beside where Ashley was still enjoying her afterglow, my feet dangling next to hers in the water.

I put a hand on her thigh as I said, "So what's going on with getting me home?" She didn't open her eyes. She only spoke softly into the air, "You're staying here with us, tonight. Kim and I decided." It had been a while since I'd shared a bed with two women, and I began remembering the pleasures of the arrangement before realizing a few difficulties with the plan tonight.

I began relaying them to her, "Well, there's a problem with that. I've got medication I have to take. And I'm gonna have to get back to my house sometime before work tomorrow because my headphones are there." One last thing, "Oh, and I'm not too keen on leaving my car in that parking lot overnight." Almost a minute passed before Ashley spoke again. "Okay. We'll take you back to your car and follow you home?

You can get whatever you need, and we'll bring you back here. Okay?" Without the cloud of blackmail looming over us, I was becoming comfortable with her passive dominance. I considered her plan, and agreed. I still would have preferred to have Ashley at my place, but her plan was acceptable. I started getting up before Ashley grabbed my arm.

"Where do you think you're going?" I stopped and turned to find her looking at me. I smiled and planted a kiss on her before answering, "I'm going to get some water. Would you like some?" Her response was immediate, "Yeah." She released me and I kissed her again before rising and moving into the house. Kim was wearing only a t-shirt and panties when I entered, and I gasped silently as I took her in, stunned by how good she looked in the thoughtless ensemble.

She was lifting cookies from a sheet as I composed myself. "Hey, Kim." "Hey, Dean." Her words were flat. "Want a cookie?" She was clearly not pleased, whether about being abandoned or left out, I wasn't sure. Whatever it was, it wasn't focused at me, and she didn't seem extremely perturbed. "They smell great," I said as I approached her from behind. I placed a hand on the small of her back, and reached around her with my free hand for a sample, my semi-erect manhood bumping gently against her leg.

She paid it no mind, and I stood next to her as I consumed the treat. "Delicious," my mouth still half full. She looked at me hopefully. "You think so?" "Oh, yeah," and I meant it. Kim was smiling at me now. I finished the cookie, then looked up into her beautiful blue eyes. I sensed a sadness, and it bothered me. I had begun to learn that she was a sensitive girl, and the idea that something with her was amiss did not sit well with me.

I reached my hand up to her cheek. "You're very beautiful," I offered softly. Her smile expanded and began to spread into her eyes. She really was beautiful, and there was depth to her beauty.

Her acerbic demeanor belied a tender complexity. I doubted her family could appreciate it, and I knew certainly that her own peers would have used it against her, were they to detect it.

Perhaps that was why her manner was so caustic. Even as I considered these things, I saw her defenses weaken, and she was even more beautiful for it. I reached up as I tenderly pulled her down to me, and I kissed her softly and carefully.

I released her and smiled at her, showing her how happy her acceptance had made me, and her own smile now seemed purified. We continued to gaze into each other for several moments before I broke free, and recovered a bottle of water, heading back out to the pool. As I approached, Ashley sat up. I cracked the bottle open and handed it to her. She took several large gulps before handing the bottle back to me, and asking, "She okay?" I smiled to myself and said, "Yeah, I think so," before taking a drink.

"So, am I sleeping on the floor or… How is this going to work?" Though I'd been made to sleep at the foot of a woman's bed before, I knew Ashley wasn't that kind of girl. Still, it was fun to stir her brain. "God, no! Why would I want you to sleep on the floor?" She seemed almost horrified at the idea. "Well," I began as seriously as I could, "It wouldn't be the first time." I was very interested to see where her mind would take her.

Wherever she was going, she was traveling quickly. She sat in silence for some time as I waited patiently. Finally, she began, "I don't want a pet… Well, I sorta do… Whatever, you're just sleeping with me." I chuckled softly.

"Okay." She slapped my leg playfully. "Don't laugh at me!" Then, she reached up and grabbed me aggressively by my manhood, smiling gingerly, and yanked lightly downward, catching me off-guard. I yelped in mild unexpected discomfort before smiling and saying, "Yes, Mistress." She smiled substantially at this as she continued to hold on to me.

Her hand still squeezing me, she said, "Come here," as she pulled gently on me. I knelt down and she kissed me for several moments before releasing my stiffening member and saying, "Help me up." I followed Ashley into the house before she made straight for Kim. Kim didn't look at her, removing new cookies from a new sheet. Ashley pulled down on her, kissing her on the cheek and saying, "I'm sorry, Sweetie; I couldn't help myself." Kim looked at her.

"I know, it's okay." Finally she smiled at Ashley and said, "Here, have a cookie." Ashley absolutely beamed at her friend as she took one from the pile and started chewing. "Mmmm, this is SO good." Kim just smiled as she finished transplanting cookies from sheet to plate. Ashley finished her cookie, then started to tell Kim the new plan.

Before she began, I said, "I'm sorry to interrupt, but I need to get this pool water off me. Is it alright if I shower while you two are talking?" Ashley was still looking at Kim when she plainly said, "No," before going on to pass her information to the other girl.

I was somewhat surprised at the way she'd casually dismissed me.

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I didn't know whether to be offended or turned on. Once she'd finished with Kim, she explained to me that we all needed showers, and she and Kim were going first. I said, "Yes, Ma'am," though still smiling, not quite serious about it. Kim finished with the cookies before Ashley quickly slipped me one more kiss before being led off in the hand of her friend. As they went, Kim said, "There's beer in the fridge, if you want one." Then they disappeared upstairs.

I absolutely wanted a beer. I grabbed a bottle, popped the top off, and took it outside with me to sit by the pool, enjoying the evening air as I contemplated. I imagined the best possible scenario for the girls in the shower, and smiled. In spite of its description as "Fiction," this story is actually an embellishment of real experiences I had with a girl during my time on the radio. The first several chapters are absolutely true, save names and locales.

XVII. Fireflies danced and branches rustled as my mind swam amongst the stars. It had been hours since I'd felt the dull distress of fear. I was beginning to grow confident in my situation. I finally believed that I would be okay through this escapade, and, should Ashley… Or Kim, or both wish to continue our shenanigans, I would be able to manage the conditions of our affairs, provided they'd let me guide them. I took a sip from my beer; the last. It occurred to me that my view of the sky was relatively unpolluted by ambient light from the small city nearby, and I concluded that we must be farther out from town than I'd previously believed.

The girls seemed to be taking their time, and I smiled again at the "best possible scenario" as I went to retrieve another beer from the refrigerator. The house was quiet, so much so that I found myself a little uncomfortable in it alone, and was eager to get back outside.

I had finished half of my second beer before I heard laughing from inside the house, and the joyful noise warmed me. I watched the door for several seconds before seeing Ashley's silhouette suddenly posing in it, as if she were making a grand entrance onto a stage.

She paused there only long enough to make a proper debut before making her way to me, and I could see that she was now clothed in shorts and a T Her hair was fixed the way she liked it, and as she got closer, I could see that she'd applied a small amount of makeup. "How's it going," she asked. I could not have kept myself from smiling if I'd wanted to, and I was sure I looked like an idiot.

I didn't really care. I'd only begun to feel the beer, and I was quite at ease. "Not too bad, I must say." She grinned. "How many have you had?" She took the beer from me and took a sip.

I was about to reflexively object before I caught myself. "That's my second," I informed her. I then noticed that she was wearing a t-shirt advertising her high school soccer team, and I cringed inwardly.

"That's it until we get back." She kept smiling at me as she took one more sip and said, "Get up. Go get in the shower." I looked at her for a few moments, captivated by her allure before she spoke again. "Now." Oh, I see. I got up and tried to slip by her before she grabbed me for a kiss, then released me again into the house. As I passed by Kim, she said, "Right at the top of the stairs to the open door at the end of the hall. Go through the bedroom into the bath. There's a clean towel on the sink for you." I said, "Thanks," and continued up the stairs as I wondered how many towels we had used over the day.

When I got to the bathroom, I became jealous of Kim's parents' financial wellbeing. The room was the same as my own in that it had a two-person shower, as wash basin, and a commode. However, my bath wasn't in hand-laid tile, glass and porcelain, as this one was. As I coveted the expensive nature of my surroundings, I told myself that such things were unnecessary and frivolous. Then I answered that I didn't care because I wanted it anyway. I showered quickly, merely gliding the soap over me, spending the most significant time washing the pool chemicals from my hair.

I noted that there were no seats in the shower, and I smiled to myself in triumph. I dried off, and headed back downstairs to find the girls in the den. I heard them laughing before I saw them. Kim asked, "What is this?" I rounded the corner, and saw the girls sitting on the floor, clothed as if ready to leave, staring me down, their faces absolutely afire with excitement.

Then I saw why. They were taking inventory. I saw large portion of my assortment of sex toys and bondage equipment strewn about their knees. "Oh, okay," I said. "I see what's going on." I saw what Kim was holding, and said, "That is a tail." She looked at it for a few moments, then the light went on, and she dropped it, momentarily horrified that she'd been holding such a device.

I laughed the hardest I had since meeting them. Kim asked, "You keep this stuff in a bag in your trunk?" She was in utter disbelief as Ashley looked on with genuine interest.

"What do you do with stuff after you… Use it?" Ashley laughed at her friend's hesitation. "I clean it," I told her. "Any time I use anything, it's sterilized before I put it back. It's all completely safe." "If you say so," she said, and Ashley laughed again. "Stop it, Ash," and she pushed her friend over onto the carpet. "Are you two ready to go?" I was getting a little impatient.

Ashley spoke up. "Yep, let's go." Apparently, she had forgotten my lack of clothing. I gestured at my nudity, "E-hem…" She looked at me quizzically before realizing.

"Oh, yeah. I guess you are going to need clothes this time." "Thank you," I said. She went upstairs briefly and returned with the garments and shoes in which I'd arrived, as well as the things Kim had taken home last night in a plastic grocery bag.

"Let's go," said Ashley, "You can get dressed on the way. Dressing in the back seat of Kim's Subaru wasn't difficult so much as inconvenient, and the sky was dark now, so I wasn't to concerned with being seen.

My second shoe was being cinched as we pulled next to my car. When we got to my place, the girls insisted on coming in with me, despite me having only to grab a few things.

I opened the door, and let them inside. Ashley followed me to the bathroom to retrieve her dress, boots, and utterly destroyed thong, then left me to tend to my affairs.

A few moments later, I heard Kim calling to me. "Where's your TV?" I called back to her, "I don't have one." A few seconds later, she tried again, "No, where's your television?" I thought it might take some explaining, so I went to tell her in person. "Yeah, I heard you.

I don't have one." Ashley this time, "A television?" "Nope." Kim again, and truly perplexed now, "What do you mean?" And away we go… "Well, you know what a television is, right?" "Yes?" Kim looked worried.

"Well, I don't have one." "Asshole." The look on her face was priceless. "Why don't you have a television?" I was really enjoying this. Most young people could not understand not having a television. I explained that I didn't understand it myself until I couldn't afford one.

Then, when I had money again, I found that I really hadn't missed the TV, and decided I was better off without one. She and Ashley looked at each other blindly, before Ashley asked, "What do you do with all your free time?" Serious as a heart attack, "I have sex with underage girls." Ashley looked back at Kim, "Boy, he is an asshole, isn't he?" I started to laugh.

"What are you standing around for? Go get your stuff." I retreated to the bathroom to drop my toiletries into a shaving kit, then returned to the desk in the living room to check for messages. The girls were watching me, like they knew something I didn't and they weren't going to tell me. I stopped, and started watching them, which apparently didn't go down well. "Are you ready," Ashley asked impatiently. "Yeah," I answered, "But I just thought of something; now that I know I can park at the house, why don't I drive my own car instead of riding with you two?" They looked at each other, as if in disbelief of my revelation, not understanding how they hadn't thought of it.

Kim started smiling as Ashley turned to me and said, "Because we're already here." Still trying to be helpful, I began, "But if I take…" "You're coming with us because I said so.

Now let's go." Ashley was trying to sound stern and was failing miserably, and Kim went outside, looking as if she'd start laughing at any moment. I just smiled and said, "Yes, Ma'am," before following Ashley out the door and locking it behind me.

As soon as we were in the car, and before Kim had even started the engine, the girls looked at each other. Then Ashley turned to face me. "Okay, Dean." she said, "Take off your clothes and hand them to me." XIIX. The drive back to Kim's house was uneventful. The girls engaged in school related conversation, and I tuned them out again.

There wasn't so much to see out the window this time, so I just contemplated what an amazing time I was having. Kim and I were getting along well, Ashley and I had cleared up the nature of our relationship, and I was again naked in the back seat of a car piloted by a couple of sixteen-year-olds. Ashley appeared to be trying on a Domme's suit. I wasn't sure yet if it would fit, but I could definitely tell she wanted it to. She had been demonstrating dominant moments since I picked her up last night, and they'd felt so natural.

Perhaps she was trying too hard now. I just didn't think she had it in her. I wanted to turn her over my knee and spank her for wasting her time.

If I could've seen one of the girls as a Domme, it would've been Kim. It had nothing to do with her physique, either. She just had a naturally dominant personality. In fact, I was perplexed by the nature of her relationship with Ashley. Even as dominant as she appeared to be, she often played equal to Ashley, sometimes even stepping in line behind her. I was very interested to learn more about the dynamics of their friendship.

Soon, we were in Kim's garage, and Kim asked, "Who wants cookies?" Ashley looked at her as if to say, "Oh, I am so freakin' there!" Kim ran off to the kitchen while Ashley led me only as far as the den, and told me to pick up the all the devices they'd pulled out of the bag.

Before I could begin, she grabbed my chest hair and pulled down until my face was just lower than her own. I winced before she kissed me, then, still holding on to me, she said, "Go wait for us in the jacuzzi when you're done." She released me and walked to the kitchen. "Yes, Ma'am," I said to myself as I watched her leave, my manhood rapidly inflating. Maybe she did have it in her. I found the timer for the jacuzzi, and turned it on, slipping into the water with a long sigh. I hadn't paid much attention to it, but I was still feeling the slightest bit sore from being chained to that bench the night before, and I was pretty sure some time under the jets would make the discomfort disappear completely.

I closed my eyes and leaned my head back against the padded rail, dissolving into the water.

I sat quietly in the dark, and I suddenly realized that the only sexual episode I'd had with Kim was earlier in the day when she had milked me, and to me, that had barely qualified as sexual at all. She had simply been preparing me for an encounter that never materialized, and I felt cheated.

I began to understand her frustration when she'd discovered Ashley recovering from my attention. I found myself hoping that Ashley had given her some attention of her own in the shower, just as I'd imagined. After being outside for about ten minutes, I heard activity, and opened my eyes to see the girls emerge from the bright interior of the house and head for the jacuzzi.

Kim carried what looked to be a glass of iced tea, and Ashley set down another glass of tea and a beer before handing me the half-finished bottle she'd taken from me a couple of hours earlier.

"Here's your beer, Sweetie," she said as Kim stripped out of her clothes. Ashley quickly followed suit, and soon they'd both slipped into the water, Kim on my left, and Ashley on my right, and I was hard as a rock.

Ashley sipped her tea, and spoke past me to Kim, "This is really nice. Good idea." "It really is, isn't it," Kim replied before tasting her own. I leaned back again, putting one arm around each of them, savoring the moment.

After a few moments, I felt a hand on my shaft, massaging me gently, With all the stimulation from the jets, it took me a few moments to determine that the hand belonged to Ashley, and I closed my eyes in enjoyment. Soon, I felt a new hand on me, and the first one left.

I smiled, understanding that I'd just been handed off. After a few minutes, Kim's voice whispered into my ear. "You know, Dean, I've wanted you to fuck me since this afternoon." My heart had moved into my head again, and the throbbing was intense. As smooth as I thought I was, I had no idea what to say to that. "So what are we going to do about it?" That was it? That was the best I could do? Ashley's voice now, loud enough for us all to hear clearly, "Here's what you're going to do about it, Dean: nothing.

You're going to sit there with your hands on the side of the jacuzzi." I turned to look Ashley in the eye. The hand continued to fondle me, and I knew what was coming next, Kim was going to ride me. Ashley looked right through me and continued, "And this is what we're going to do.

Kim is going to bend over the side of the jacuzzi over there, and I'm going to lick her and finger her until she comes all over me, and you're going to watch." I was dumbfounded. Speechless, even. Kim's hand was still working me under the water.

"You're going to watch, Dean, and you're going to keep your hands on the side of the jacuzzi where I can see them. Do you know why?" When I didn't answer for a few seconds, she said, "Answer me, Dean. Do you know why?" Weakly, my response came. "No." "Would you like to know why, Dean?" I didn't hesitate this time. "Yes, please." My face was hot, my mind burning hopelessly, and I became ridiculous.

She smiled. "Because if you're a good little boy, and you do exactly what I say, Kim's going to be nice and wet, and maybe, just maybe, if she wants you to, and you ask very nicely, maybe she'll let you fuck her later. Do you understand?" "Yes." "Say it, Dean." "I understand." Only I didn't understand. She couldn't have just spoken those words… Those filthy words. She'd changed. She'd cast off the tenderness, the light-heartedness.

She wasn't the same girl. She wasn't a girl at all. She was more woman than I'd been prepared to handle, perhaps ever. "Good." Then, something happened right before my eyes; the cold, aggressive domination melted away just as quickly, leaving sweet, tender, bouncy Ashley. Only I knew better. Gentle Ashley had never left.

I finally began to comprehend her dichotomy, and how she was completely unaware of it, and how it was beginning to serve her blossoming desires perfectly. She kissed me passionately, and I found myself emotionally connected to her. Somehow, I felt I'd planted something in her, and now wanted badly to be part of its realization. Show me, Ashley. Show me what you can do. She released me and smiled at me contemplatively before slowly turning to Kim.

"Okay, do it." I grabbed the padded rails of the jacuzzi hard, my arms outstretched to either side, as Kim smiled at me. Then the hand left me as she moved just beyond my reach before climbing out, resting her knees on the side padding, and presenting herself to us.

I lusted for them both as Ashley whispered into my ear, "Doesn't that look so good you could just eat it?" She was talking the way a little girl talks about an ice cream cone.

The almost childlike manner in which she was speaking was maddening. She was so fucking dirty. "Don't go anywhere," she whispered before setting off after Kim. I wasn't about to move. Even if I'd wanted to, I was too dizzy to safely extract myself from the water. I watched in utter astonishment as Ashley moved across the water to Kim, and placed her hands on the backs of the waiting girl's legs.

She slid her hands over the curves of Kim's buttocks, moving up her sides to caress her hips, bringing her hands to the small of her back. She glided her left hand down the outside of Kim's arse as the fingertips of her right drew a straight line down the part in her bum to skim along her sex and withdraw after brushing her clit. Kim shifted on the pads. Ashley brought her face to Kim's sex, and kissed it flat on, as if she were kissing a dear friend. She began to plant small kisses all around the outside of her entry, just as I'd done to Ashley the night before.

Kim was swaying now, clearly in desire and anticipation. Ashley's head obscured my view as she did something with her mouth that made Kim jerk softly. I was only vaguely aware that the jacuzzi's jets had stopped as Ashley repeated whatever she'd done several more times, each time eliciting a small jerk from Kim, before backing an inch or two.

She withdrew some saliva from her own mouth with her thumb before placing her hand on Kim's sex like she was supporting someone's chin, her moistened digit pressing on her clit. Then, she reached in with the tip of her tongue, running it up and down Kim's folds as she massaged the girl's button with her thumb. Kim started drifting backward against her friend Ashley continued like this for a minute or two, rubbing circles over Kim's clit, and occasionally moving her tongue up to tease the bud of the girl's arse.

Ashley backed her tongue away for a moment and quickly dipped her busy thumb into her friend's sex deeply, removed it covered with Kim's juices, and was about to resume work on her clit before Kim pushed back hard. Ashley stopped, and smacked Kim's bum firmly with her free hand, saying flatly, "No." Kim jerked, then moved herself back to her original position, and Ashley pressed on.

She continued for several minutes before withdrawing her hand. She replaced it with the other, plunging the middle finger in as far as she could reach before beginning to drill her friend's pussy. Ashley licked vigorously as she repeatedly thrust her finger into Kim's tunnel, now dripping steadily with a mixture of sex and saliva, and Kim started inching back again. Kim had begun a constant, low, half moan, half wail, and her voice shook in rhythm with Ashley's thrusts.

When Kim had crept backward far enough, Ashley moved her head back, slapped her friend's bum again, silencing her friend's noises. Kim returned forward again, and Ashley slipped a second finger into her gushing mound, to which Kim gasped. She returned to cover the girl's folds with her mouth. Ashley had stopped her repeated invasions, and now her fingers occupied Kim's trenches. I watched Ashley's wrist, knowing her fingers were wriggling their way around Kim's interior as Kim started shaking and pushing back against Ashley uncontrollably.

Ashley reached her free arm over her head to bring it to rest on the top of Kim's backside, almost as if holding on for support. They continued like this for several minutes, Kim seemingly teetering perpetually on the edge of rapture, and I wondered how long she could hold out.

It wasn't long, in fact, before Kim started moaning again. It was different now, building, and I knew that she was done. A few seconds passed before Kim started shaking uncontrollably, almost putting Ashley off. She was calling out to no-one, announcing her arrival, and it was glorious. Ashley let her mouth slip from Kim's quaking entrance to begin softly licking and kissing the outer folds of Kim's sex as Kim fluidly reached a peak, then began her coda.

Ashley left her fingers inside as her mouth caressed her shaking friend down from the pinnacle. Kim had worked just as hard for her release as Ashley had, and her exhaustion was apparent.

She continued to shake, but the vibrations gradually changed pitch from excitement to fatigue. Ashley withdrew her fingers and reached her hand out to my face, still tenderly kissing the womanhood she'd just conquered. Sliding my hands along the rail behind me, I reached out and accepted Ashley's saturated fingers into my mouth, sucking and licking hungrily at Kim's juices for several moments before Ashley pulled them away again. She climbed out of the water to whisper something in Kim's ear, then returned to face me in the tub.

"Come here." Without hesitation, I was next to her. "Get up there and put your cock in her and hold still." My heart felt as if it would escape through my mouth as I climbed up behind Kim and slid carefully into her.

She was tight, but I still cut through her almost effortlessly, as slick as she was. I buried myself and waited for instructions, my hands at my side. Ashley in my ear, "Can you feel that, Dean?

Answer me." Without looking at her, "Yes." "Doesn't that feel good?" I closed my eyes. "Yes." "Do you want to fuck her now?" "Oh, yes." I was beginning to shake in the overwhelming intensity of it all.

"Say it." "I want to fuck her now." I desperately did. "Good." I twitched inside Kim, and she squeezed me in response. "Now get off her." I couldn't move; she felt so good.

"Now." I backed out of her, my prick springing free and my chest aching in disappointment, and I stepped back down into the water. I looked down at Ashley as she moved to put a soft hand on Kim's back.

"Okay," she said, "You can relax now." Kim fell to the wooden floor so quickly I thought she might hurt herself. Ashley then pulled me into her and kissed me. My erection was pinned between us as she moved her face around my mouth, feeding Kim's sex to me. She was covered in it, and I couldn't get enough. Eventually, she pulled me from her by my hair and said, "Now sit down." I complied immediately, to which she cheerfully said, "Good boy!" Kim had rolled onto her side, and Ashley took her iced tea to her.

"Here you goSweetie." Kim started to sit up. "That was fucking awesome," as she took the glass from her lover. Ashley turned to me, "Would you like another beer? I brought you one." Without waiting for me to answer, she picked up the beer she'd left on the other side of the jacuzzi and handed it to me. I was speechless. "Close your mouth, Dean." Kim was looking at me.

"That's the second time today." I tried to apologize. "I'm sorry. Just… Wow." Kim again, "You're an idiot, Dean." I took a big swig from my beer and said, "I know." XIX. Ashley snuggled up next to me and said, "I wonder what time it is," as Kim reset the jacuzzi timer and slipped back into the water. Taking a leap of faith, I answered, "Does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody really care?" Ashley punched me softly on my arm.

Another surprise from Ashley; they just kept coming. I put my arm around her. Kim just said, "Someone does." I wasn't too disappointed. Ashley squeezed my shaft to find me stiff as a board. She said, "Well, Dean, I bet you wish you'd fucked her when you had the chance." She was looking at me now in serious contemplation. I took another drink. "That I do. That I do." I knew Kim and I would have sex pretty soon.

Still, having me slip into her then pull me right back out again was cruel, perhaps also for Kim. I decided I'd have to keep an eye on Ashley.

Kim said, "We need some music." Ashley was still concentrating on me, and I was trying to figure out what the hell she was looking at. Finally, she exclaimed, "That's it, I can't take it anymore." She stood up, took my beer from me, set it down, grabbed my hand and said, "Come with me. Kim, you come too." Kim and I exchanged puzzled looks as Ashley dragged me into the kitchen, where she pulled a folding footstool from the cupboard and said to me, "Sit down." Then, to Kim, "Get his cuffs." Kim went silently to the den as I sat down on the top step of the footstool.

She just looked at me, apparently waiting for Kim's return, and the erection that had just started to go away came knocking again. The muscle was starting to ache, and I realized that I hadn't had such an active twenty-four hours in a long time.

Kim called from the den, "Which ones?" I couldn't help but smile at the thought of my inventory. Ashley got a little frustrated before calling, "Just bring the bag." Seconds later, Kim arrived and set the bag down on the floor.

Ashley asked me, "Do you have two pair of handcuffs?" I looked at her incredulously and asked, "Are you kidding?" She pretended to be unamused, though I saw the sides of her mouth try to turn up in a smile. "Okay, funny boy, get them out." I started digging, shunning myself not for the first time for not having devised a system of organization for my bag, yet. It didn't take long for me to produce two pair, and I handed them to Ashley.

She fastened each arm to its respective side of the stool, then frowned. "Kim, get his ankle cuffs." I suddenly felt that I needed to sit down with her and tell her what the proper names for these devices were if she were going to continue using them.

Kim recovered the leg irons, and Ashley secured my legs to the stool. I just sat there smiling. Once finished securing me, Ashley stood up, sighed, and said, "Okay… Kim, go get your mother's clippers." I tried to jump up, failing miserably.

"No fucking way." She was going to cut my hair off, and I was not too pleased about it. Kim asked, "For real?" "For real," Ashley confirmed. "Go get them." Kim made her way quickly into a hallway as Ashley began trying to convince me that it was a good idea. "Dean, your hair is too long…" I interrupted. "For what?" Again, "You hair is too long; Kim and I both agree." She continued, "Now, if I'm going to keep looking at you, it has to go." "Oh, you have got to be shitting me." I was getting really concerned, but at least my erection was rapidly deflating.

"Please don't do this, Ashley." She held my head against her naked chest as she tried to comfort me. "Dean, it's going to be alright, you'll see." She released my head to look at my face. "Have I lied to you?" I looked her dead in the eye and said, "Yes. Fuck yes, you have, Ashley." I couldn't say it enough. "Yes you have. Yes you have." She paused for a few moments in realization.

"Okay, my bad." She was really trying. "But I'm not lying about this." Kim returned with a small bag, but she kept her distance from us, obviously extremely uncomfortable. I just glared for a while at Ashley in silence, knowing there was no way out of it. "You know, Ashley, I should really stop letting you chain me up." "Dean," she started, "You're going to look so much better, I promise." I was tired of arguing.

"Fuck. Just fucking do it." I'd never been fond of arguments, preferring diplomacy whenever possible, but she had crossed the line. And now, I was done. "In fact, take it all. Just shave it all off." Both girls stood there, continuing to look at me, perhaps contemplating the likelihood of their safety.

"Well? Fucking do it." Still, they just looked at each other, and I reached the end. I looked back and forth between them before coming to a decision. I took a deep breath, and said to the floor, "Uncuff me." No-one moved, and I looked up at Kim. "Seriously, uncuff me." Kim looked at Ashley briefly before saying, "I'll go get the keys," and she disappeared up the stairs.

I sat there, trying to not lose my cool. I hadn't yelled yet, and I was working hard at maintaining my composure. I didn't look at Ashley, and I suspected that she wasn't looking at me, either.

My head was burning with fury, my muscles were tensed, and my teeth were clenched, but I was calming. I knew Ashley wasn't going to cut my hair now. I was also fairly certain that she knew her game was finished. She had pushed too far too soon, and now her fun was over. I wondered without looking if she was about to cry.

Kim returned with the key and my clothes, and quickly uncuffed me, freeing my hands first. Once I was free, I sat there for a few moments, getting ready to make my move. I stood up, took a deep breath and said, "Give me the clippers." Kim had set the bag down on the counter.

She reached for it and handed it to me directly as Ashley looked on. "Okay, bring me a mirror." Ashley and Kim looked at each other, looking as if I'd just spoken to them in another language.

"It's okay, just bring me a mirror." Kim left for a few seconds and returned with a hand-held mirror, handing it to me with the "What Are You Going To Do" look in her eye. I plugged the clippers into a wall socket over the counter, and took a long look at myself in the mirror. Then flipped the switch on the clippers, held my breath, and took the first long stroke into my temple.

I was a few strokes in before I realized things would go better if I had the use of both of my hands. As calmly and neutrally as possible, I said, "Would someone please hold this mirror for me?" Ashley appeared next to me, and took the mirror. Once my hands were free, the clippers made quick work of my hair. As I continued, my stress eased away as I was focused on my task.

I could see Ashley's face in my periphery, and she was starting to smile. Soon, I was running my hands over the stubble on my scalp, looking for strays. I switched off the clippers, set them down on the counter, and said to no-one in particular, "I'm going to need a fresh razor." Kim said, "I'll get you one of mine," before running off upstairs.

"Just leave it for me in the shower," I told her. Finally I looked at Ashley. She had an iffy smile on her face. I was already getting over my anger at her, but I was perfectly content to let her stew in uncertainty and remorse for a while longer, so I remained expressionless. Her smile started to fade. "I'm going to take a shower. I don't know how long it will take." Then I went upstairs, where Kim guided me to her razor and yet another towel.

I was in there for quite a while. It was the first time I'd run a razor along my skull, so I proceeded with a significant degree of trepidation. But I was ultimately satisfied. I couldn't see myself, but I detected no remaining stubble under my fingertips, so I was done, and I rinsed my head of the soap I'd used in lieu of shaving cream.

I decided to give the rest of me a once over to rid myself of the jacuzzi chemicals and noticed that the girls were now watching me from just inside the bathroom door. Once I was clean, I stepped out of the shower and dried myself.

As soon as I looked at them, neither could contain their pleasure at seeing me like this, and I couldn't help but smile back at them. The bathroom mirror was fogged, so I still did not know what I looked like. "Would someone please take me to a mirror?" They each grabbed a hand, and dragged me into the bedroom and sat me down at a dresser. They each took a shoulder as I had my first looks.

I didn't look bad. In fact, the girls had been right; I looked better than I had with the long locks.

I didn't know what, exactly, they'd intended to do with my head before, but they were apparently pleased with my decision to go all the way. My scalp was pale, though, and I knew I'd have to spend a few days in the sun to balance things out.

I looked at the girls in the mirror. "Yes?" They answered in unison, "Yes!" In spite of its description as "Fiction," this story is actually an embellishment of real experiences I had with a girl during my time on the radio.

The first several chapters are absolutely true, save names and locales. XX. "It looks great, Dean. How does it feel?" Ashley was absolutely giddy with excitement. I ran a hand over my scalp. "It feels cold." The girls started shamelessly fondling my head as I started to take in my surroundings. The large bedroom suite was impressive, yet tasteful. Classic maple flowed seamlessly into contemporary brushed nickel trim.

A couple of framed classic movie posters adorned the walls: The African Queen and Casablanca. A computer sat on the desk situated next to the door to the private bath. I started to notice some odd things about the room.

A bright red lips telephone sat next to the computer on the desk, a backpack rested at the entry into the room, and an old teddy bear was nestled neatly at the intersection of the two pillows on the bed.

The accessories did not fit the furnishings. "Kim, is this your room?" "Yeah. Why, what's wrong?" She'd seen the confusion on my face. "Nothing," I began, "I just didn't expect your room to look like this." Kim looked at Ashley. "What did you expect, butterflies and princesses?" They started laughing.

Realizing I was beginning to look like an ass, again, "No, it's just that this is a really nice bedroom. And very new. I mean, your bed is so big. I guess I just expected something smaller and more… Used." I hoped I was being clear, even though I knew I wasn't.

She stopped laughing. "Oh, I got it all for my birthday. My parents asked what I wanted, and I told them a new bedroom. We went downtown and I picked it out. Dad said I should get something that I could use even after I moved out, and this is it." Then she looked at me, "Why? Don't you like it?" Her look seemed to be daring me to say the wrong thing. I answered truthfully, "I absolutely like it. Excellent choice. I was just surprised, that's all." She frowned at me as Ashley looked on, clearly amused at my discomfort.

Looking for an easy out, I asked no-one in particular, "Hey, where's my beer," then rushed my way past the girls and down the stairs, and out to the jacuzzi to recover my now warm beverage. I grabbed the girls' teas as well, and went back into the kitchen. I found a broom and dustpan in the closet, and cleaned my hair from the floor. A few minutes later, it became apparent that the girls were not returning directly, and I decided to take our drinks upstairs. I went through the open door into Kim's room, and I heard a shower and talking coming from her bathroom.

I made my way to the computer and powered it on, hoping to check my email. As I waited for the computer to boot, I tried to listen to their conversation from my chair. I couldn't make out what they were saying. Whatever the subject matter was, they weren't too serious about it; the conversation was frequently punctuated by fervent laughter.

I smiled at their happiness, running my hand over my naked head. My head really did feel cool, and I was having difficulty adjusting to my skull's open exposure to the air.

I had done a really good job shaving, and I couldn't find a single whisker protruding in rebellion. I'd surprised myself, and I smiled, impressed by my own accomplishment. A few minutes later, the computer was ready, and I found the connection to the internet. The unpleasant electronic screeches and scratches finished as I heard the shower being shut off. The connection was made, and soon I was reading a message from a friend in D.C.

She'd written to let me know that she'd finally sent me a copy of a rare CD that had been stolen from me some time before. I replied in thanks, telling her that I looked forward to our next phone conversation. As I sent the reply, the girls emerged from the bathroom, wrapped in towels. They saw me sitting at the computer, and greeted me, Kim continuing to her dresser, and Ashley moving behind me. She put her arms over my shoulders, reaching her hands past my chest to my stomach, and kissing me softly on my neck as she purred quietly.

I took her hands in my own and tilted my head to the side, accepting her affection. She whispered into my ear, "What are you doing, Baby?" I was amazed that something so simple could quicken my pulse so easily.

"Just sending a message to a friend of mine," I said softly. "A girl?" I tensed at the question, and Ashley felt it immediately. "Relax, Dean. I don't care if you have other women." She started nuzzling my neck again, whispering, "I have a boyfriend. Don't worry about it." Then, as an afterthought, "Is she hot?" She asked the question in a heavy, obviously erotic breath, and my manhood twitched. I had to think about it.

"Well, yeah, but it's not like that. She's in D.C., married and has a kid." I wasn't trying to make excuses, I just didn't want there to be any misunderstanding. "Where's your boyfriend?" In another, sex-laden heavy breath, "Not here." She turned my head to her and kissed me firmly before joining Kim at the dresser to brush her hair.

I turned my chair around to watch them. Kim looked to be almost done brushing. God, she was breathtaking, even wrapped in a towel, her bright blond hair reaching the small of her back. I'd come to think she was about four inches taller than myself, making her just taller than six feet. While she wasn't quite graceful, she certainly didn't lack elegance. She carried her long frame with precision, but her movements somehow stayed fluid, and she never seemed cumbersome.

I smiled now, watching her in silent awe. She caught me watching her, capturing my eyes, and smiled knowingly, as if to say, "I know what you're thinking." She set her brush on the dresser, then walked back to her bath, unwrapping the towel from her on the way, and watching me watch her the whole way. "Let's watch a movie," Ashley suggested into the mirror as she finished brushing her hair. Kim returned without her towel and moved back to the dresser. "I'm game." She opened a drawer and withdrew red lingerie of some kind.

She asked Ashley, "What are we going to watch," as she donned a satin and lace nightgown. Ashley had finished with her hair, and was following Kim with her eyes as she dressed. "Let me put something on, and we'll have a look." She then walked to the nightstand on the far side of the bed dropped the towel on the four-poster, and searched briefly through a drawer to recover what looked to be a large, pink t-shirt.

She slipped the shirt on as Kim moved to the door and disappeared down the hall. Ashley grabbed her towel, came around the bed, and walked to me. I could see now that the t-shirt was a nightshirt, and the long garment hugged her frame rather nicely, reaching only down to her upper thighs. Watching the girls primp and dress had stiffened me significantly, and I could see Ashley observing my fledgling erection as she approached. She straddled me on the chair, her hands around the back of my neck, and said, "Are you going to watch a movie with us?" The feel of her strong legs on top of my own sent even more blood flow to my growing manhood, and her teasing maneuvers were clouding my brain.

"Well, of course," I said. "What else would I be doing?" Other than pounding you into next week? She smiled cheerfully and said, "Good, let's go." She hopped from me and took her towel to the bathroom before joining me on the way out. Downstairs, Kim was just closing the kitchen door to the pool and moved to a thermostat as Ashley led me by my hand to the den and set me down in the middle of the sofa. "Wait right here," she instructed before heading into the kitchen with Kim, and the air conditioning kick on.

I heard glasses clink and popcorn popping before Kim emerged to bring me another beer. I said, "You know you don't have to get me drunk, right?" She smiled and winked at me before returning to the kitchen, and I wondered if life could get any better than this. Well, if they were eighteen… Soon, the lights were turned off and Ashley returned with a bowl of popcorn and what appeared to be two glasses of wine.

She handed me the bowl, and sat against me, a glass in each hand. She was followed shortly thereafter by Kim with a large flannel blanket, a wine bottle, and a DVD.

She dropped the blanket next to me, so I began to spread it out over Ashley and me while she deposited the shiny disc into the tray on the machine. Once we were all situated under the blanket and the giant television was on, I asked no-one in particular, "So, what are we watching?" Kim answered, "The Big Lebowski. Have you seen it?" I shook my head as Ashley chimed in, "The dude abides." Kim agreed before joining us under the blanket on my other side, and accepting her glass of wine from Ashley.

The movie began, and it wasn't long before we'd polished off the popcorn, leaving the bowl off to the side on the floor. The girls took their time with the wine, whereas I made short work of my beer. My hands were free, and I wrapped an arm around each of them as we laughed at Nihilists and disembodied toes. I was listening to John Goodman explain what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass when I felt Kim's hand on my thigh. Her touch was cool under the warmth of the blanket as my sleeping member stirred.

She didn't move her hand, as I expected her to, and after several minutes, I'd forgotten about it. A while later, Ashley's hand went to rest on my other leg, and bumped against Kim.

They looked at each other and started laughing as I just smiled at the television. Their hands joined, and remained entwined on my lap for the remainder of the movie, until eventually Sam Elliot told the three of us he'd catch us later on down the trail. Kim stood up and made for the kitchen as Ashley turned to me and said, "Come with me," then stood up with her hand outstretched to me.

I took it, and she led us upstairs to Kim's room. She took me to the queen-sized, four-poster bed and told me to lie down, which I did as she turned on the lamp on the nightstand. She kissed me in the dim, soft light, and said, "Stay right here. I'm going to check my messages." I was puzzled, and a bit disappointed, but I obeyed, watching her covered form glide to the desk and sit. I watched her for a few minutes, my desire for her growing stronger as I remembered her sliding onto me the night before, how tight she was, and how wet she'd become on my tongue.

She was paying me no mind as my erection manifested itself fully. The more I looked at her, the more I wanted her, and waiting was growing more difficult by the minute.

XXI. A noise at the door caught my attention, and I turned my head to see Kim poised in the doorframe, studying me, sipping a fresh glass of wine as she took me in. She was breathtaking by lamplight in her long nightgown, smiling seductively, hunger in her eyes.

She moved toward me, and was vampish in her slow approach, setting her wine on the dresser as she crossed it to reach me, then slipping the nightgown from her shoulders and letting it fall to the floor as she continued.

My heartbeat thundered in my ears as she climbed onto the bed on all fours, straddled my body and brought her face to mine. She then rested her nude form atop my own, her head on my chest, the length of her torso pressing softly down on me, her legs resting along the outside of my own. My now rigid manhood was pinned to my stomach, trying to flex under her pressure. She simply cooed, apparently enjoying the extensive contact our bodies now shared.

After a few moments, she brought her face back up to mine and kissed me purposefully, and I began to explore once again her naked back as our tongues danced.

I then watched as she retreated from my mouth to slide down my tensed body, planting kisses as she found her way to my spear. She pointed it skyward with her hand, studying it keenly from several angles, before looking up at me, flipping her long blond hair to the side, and extending her tongue to it as if to taste it.

I watched in fascination as Kim bathed me with her tongue, running it in short and long strokes up and around the entirety of my manhood. Her hair fell back into place, obstructing my view, but that only intensified the sensations of her work on me. Then she pointed the thing back to me and planted a firm kiss flat on the underside before releasing me and slithering back up my chest. I reached down to her, carrying her face and hair as she approached. We kissed again, more urgently this time, as I felt her shift over me.

She shifted upward, past my head, and my mouth began moving over her chest and the tops of her breasts as my hands journeyed down her waist to her firm buttocks. She was breathing audibly now, her excitement increasing with the attention she was allowing me to give her. She backed down and lifted herself upright on me, her hot, dewy sex coming to rest on the underside of my shaft.

She rocked forward and back in short motions, riding the track my manhood provided to her labia, her lips separated over me. She looked over at Ashley, and my gaze followed her own. Ashley had repositioned herself on the chair to watch us, now straddling it, her chin resting on one of her forearms on the back of the chair.

Her other arm was extended between herself and the chair, and the hollow in the chair's back showed Ashley running circles over her button with her middle finger, rapt by the show she was seeing. Kim stopped moving, and I looked at her to find her eyes fixed again on my own. She leaned forward over me, kissing me as one of her hands reached between us to find my manhood. She broke the kiss and positioned me to enter her as she pushed back. Her slippery tunnel engulfed me little by little, her hand returning to my chest once I was secure in her.

She closed her eyes and continued onto me as she softly hummed, and I was soon fully encased in her warmth. She sat upright, my length shifting inside her, fueling my desire. Her hips seemed to surround me as her breasts were suspended weightlessly before me. Her hands rested now on my belly, and she pushed herself down onto me as I arched my back, extending myself into her before relaxing again onto the bed.

I reached a hand to her breast as she started moving. She moved up and down, releasing me only minutely before sliding back down on me, mashing into me in small circles at the base of her strokes.

One of my hands rested on her thigh as the other caressed her breasts, my fingertips softly brushing her nipples, and sometimes squeezing them gently. She changed her motion, now sliding back and forth on me, and I looked at Ashley again. Her nightshirt had ridden up to her waist, and she bit her bottom lip lightly as her hand skimmed left and right in short, feverish strokes across her sex.

Kim started working faster and I looked back at her. She was looking into me, as if she was searching for something. Sweat had begun to materialize on her brow, and she was all the sexier for it. She began soft grunts with each stroke. Her passion was building quickly, but not quickly enough for me.

I pulled her forward to me and she followed when I moved to put her on her back. Now over her, and still nestled inside her, I kissed her feverishly and made short quick thrusts into her as I explored her mouth. Her hands were on my bottom, pulling me into her with each abbreviated jerk. I stopped moving as I raised my head to look at her.

She looked through me, begging me to continue. I rested over her for a few seconds, admiring the lustful creature beneath me. Kim seemed so irresistible, I wondered how I could have waited so long to have her. Keeping my eyes on her, I began long, smooth strokes into her. I would retreat almost to the end, nearly slipping from her, then push slowly back into her as deeply as I could reach.

She closed her eyes, and I increased the frequency of my invasions. Her wetness became immeasurable as I slid through her effortlessly, wet, splashy noises filling the room. She started moaning and twisting her nipples, and I felt my own pressure beginning. I pulled from her completely.

She cried softly, and her eyes, opened wide in desperation, seemed to be losing focus intermittently as her hair was beginning to mat, and she was fantastic. I smiled at her and slid down her body to come to rest at her sex. She was absolutely soused, her slicks spilling down between her legs. I lifted her knees up and tried to recover as much of her juices on my tongue as I could before centering on her clit.

I kissed it softly before taking it into my mouth, flicking it gently with my tongue a few times. I moved down her seam to its bottom before extending my tongue between her lips, coming to rest at her entrance. I pushed into her with my tongue as my nose nuzzled her button.

I reached into her as deeply as I could, twisting and writhing as I went. I was rewarded with louder moans and fresh rivers of sex from deep within her. I withdrew my mouth completely, again eliciting noises of desperation. I brought my hand to her, resting it flat against her sex. She jerked, and I smiled.

I put gentle pressure on her before sliding the hand down along her, then thrusting two fingers into her. Her whole body seized briefly as her back arched before relaxing again, accepting my intrusion. I reached around inside her, searching diligently for nothing but a response, and I found plenty. I pushed against her insides, twisting my fingers, straightening and curling and swimming through her as I sucked gently on her clit. She was moaning constantly now, her hands coming to rest on my bald head in affirmation of my endeavors.

I slowed gradually, eventually coming to a stop, my fingers resting motionless inside her. In a few moments, Kim began shifting uncomfortably, tapping me arrhythmically on the head, and crying softly in dissatisfaction.

I removed my fingers from her and she shuddered as I moved over her again. I looked at her, and her eyes were pleading with me, begging me to finish her. I hovered over her, touching the tip of my spear to her flooded sex. Kim pushed against me, as if by sheer will she could pull me inside. I teased her like this for several moments before asking her, "Are you ready?" She just nodded at me feverishly with her glossy eyes wide open, an addict offered a fix.

"Are you going to come for me?" She repeated her frenetic affirmation. I pushed into her with one quick stroke, and she moaned heavily, her hands again on my bum pulling me into her as a moan surfaced from deep within her. I reached into her far, pushing on her hard. I stayed there as I flexed myself inside her, and she jerked lightly. She wrapped her legs around me, and I knew she wouldn't let me go again.

I kissed her softly, and began. I started slowly, pushing into her with gentle strokes. Kim received me with low noises of contentment, moving with me in anticipation of her resolution. My compulsion must have been evident. Just as she needed release, I needed to release her. Her hips rose to meet me as I repeatedly invaded her, faster with every attack until my motions became involuntary, my strokes automatic as I plunged into her relentlessly.

In the distance, I heard Ashley's trembling voice softly announcing her orgasm. Somehow, the knowledge of her release triggered a new level of determination, and my motions in Kim increased in speed and intensity. As if Ashley's climax had been her cue, Kim said simply, "Yes," and her muscled began to tighten on me.

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I spoke the word back to her, and was finally rewarded as she was slowly engulfed by her flood. Her legs pulled me hard into her, her fingernails digging into my shoulders as her hands closed around me.

She latched onto me completely, pulling me close to her and ending my assault. Her mouth opened, but no sound came out as her head began nodding crazily, beating itself against the pillow again and again. I could feel her juices escaping around me now. I was pushing myself as deeply into her as I could, filling her for the duration of her crescendo, and her tunnel was gripping me tighter than I would've imagined.

I held on, though, fighting off my own desire to join in her rapture until her head collapsed into the pillow, and the rest of her limbs released me slowly.

I stayed inside her as I began softly kissing her face and neck. After a few moments, I pushed myself up as Ashley crawled up onto the bed next to us. She kissed me, and I flexed inside Kim, causing her to spasm lightly. She then bent down to kiss Kim. I extracted myself from Kim, and she jerked and sighed into Ashley's mouth as I collapsed on my back on the side opposite Ashley, closing my eyes for a short rest. Ashley asked, "How are you doing, Baby?" I was pretty sure she was talking to Kim, so I didn't respond.

Soon, I heard Kim answer sluggishly, "I'm really great." I chuckled to myself at her drunken demeanor. There was movement on the bed, and I gasped lightly when I felt Ashley's mouth upon my still hard member. She wrapped her lips around the underside of my shaft and slid upward to take me into her mouth.

She circled my tip with her tongue before drawing me in completely, stripping Kim's juices from me. She sucked hungrily, and I wasn't confident I could endure her talents for long, especially after having just weathered Kim's storm.

Mercifully, she withdrew and began tenderly lapping up the remainder of Kim's fluids. Kim rolled over and kissed me as Ashley cleaned me. She started delicately, seemingly sharing her recovery from the euphoria I'd freed inside her. Soon, though, our passion was reignited as we longingly dove into each others mouths. She moved Ashley from my manhood, whispering into my ear, "I want you to come in me." My heart leapt as she straddled me again, hurriedly this time, and sank me into her sex as quickly as she could manage.

We both shuddered this time before she started her brutal assault. I looked at her in time to watch her begin bouncing on me frantically, and Ashley's face floated into mine to kiss me passionately.

Kim alternated between bouncing and riding and grinding as she watched Ashley kiss me. Ashley rose up and told Kim, "Stop for a second," before facing her and reaching a leg over my head to bring her sex down on my mouth. No sooner had she come to rest than Kim began grinding on me again, and I worked my tongue frenziedly through her folds. Ashley's demand for my attention help distract me from the sexy crazy mess that was Kim springing upon my manhood.

Kim soon relented, and I could hear muffled moaning over me. I was plunging my tongue with ferocity, focusing on Ashley's pleasure to distract me from my own, but when Kim slowed on me, I started picturing the passion the two girls were sharing over me, and I began to lose the fight. I called into Ashley's sex as I erupted into Kim's. I thrust myself upward, planting my seed as deeply as I could manage as Kim pushed down on me hard, her walls squeezing me again.

I was insane, suffocating as I pulled Ashley hard onto my face, blindly stabbing my tongue at her. Kim spasmed on me as I came, and I could feel her body shaking softly upon me in an aftershock. I was dizzy and on the verge of tears before I released Ashley from my mouth, twisting my head away for air.

She carefully removed herself from my head as I gasped for breath. She looked at me with mild concern, her hand gently massaging my chest, but as soon as I'd recovered my wits, I reached for Kim and pulled her to me, kissing her furiously.

Finally, I was spent, and I fell to pieces on the bed. My eyes now closed, I sensed the girls kissing, Kim still impaled upon me, but not for much longer. I felt her slip from me and move to Ashley, and I became vaguely aware of Ashley being pleasured by Kim as I passed out. XXII. I had to pee. The room was dimly lit by the lamp on the nightstand, and I was alone. I weakly got myself up onto the floor and made my way to the bathroom.

I was covered in dried sex and still tasted Ashley on my mouth, and I laughed softly at my condition. I wondered where the girls were, and I considered putting on a pair of shorts before remembering I had no idea where my clothes were, and I laughed again. I left to find them, grabbing the almost full glass of wine Kim had abandoned on the dresser on my way past.

As I reached the bottom of the stairs, I heard them talking softly. I found the girls in the kitchen, clothed again. Ashley was sitting at the bar, and Kim stood across from her, each with a half-empty glass of milk and the plate of cookies planted neatly between them.

"Save some for me," I said as I was nearly upon them. "Dean!" Ashley got down from her stool as I arrived and hugged me hard as Kim came around the bar to do the same.

They embraced me warmly, and I returned the sentiment. It felt nice, and it concerned me. It concerned me that I or we should be feeling something.

This wasn't supposed to be warm and fuzzy; this was supposed to be cool and fun. "Hey Babies," I said as I squeezed them tightly. The greeting sounded simultaneously awkward and absolutely right to me, so I just let it go. I kissed Ashley's forehead and Kim's cheek before releasing them, and asked, "What's going on?" Ashley volunteered, "Post-coital munchies." I contemplated what she'd said for only a moment before bursting into laughter. I knew exactly what she was talking about, but I'd never heard anyone word it like that before.

She just smiled at me as Kim started giggling. I was overcome. "You are fucking wonderful." As soon as heard myself say it, I dreaded and regretted it. I tried to hide my fear even as my laughter ceased and the sincerity fled my smile.

What the fuck was I doing here? I'd spent all day frolicking and fucking two sixteen-year-old girls while someone's parents were out of town, and now I was laughing and carrying on and feeling… I disgusted myself, and I just wanted it to be over. Ashley was staring at me, her face awash with panic. "What's the matter?" My mask had failed, and I backed away.

"Oh, Ashley." I was dead serious now, and Kim looked terrified. "You are so wonderful. You both are. And this is all wrong. I have no business being here. You are too young for this and I am old enough to know better." It all came pouring out. "I should have stopped this when we went for pizza. Nothing good can come of this." I was talking to them both, now, but looking at the floor.

"I like you, both of you, a lot. I mean it. But this has to stop." I meant it, every word. The sex in and of itself was bad enough, but if I should start feeling for either one of them, or worse, both of them, I would be doomed. The room was silent for an eternity. I finally looked up at Kim first to find her looking at me in utter disappointment, tears welling in her eyes, and I wanted to die.

I looked to Ashley. Ashley looked at me as if I'd just called her mother a whore. "Dean, you dumb fuck." I turned my head back to the floor as she continued.

"You stupid asshole. You have no idea what the fuck is going on here, do you?" She wasn't raising her voice, but she was angrier than I though her capable. "Dean, what the fuck do you take us for? Do you think we're a couple of kids? Or you're taking advantage of us? Is that it?" She was really pissed, and I just stared at her, speechless.

"You think I'm a virgin or some shit? Dean, do I fuck like a virgin? Does Kim fuck like a virgin? You know we have sex. Or maybe you think you're too old for me. Well, you're not the first twenty-something I've fucked, either. You are the first person we've shared, but that's no big deal." She paused in contemplation before continuing in a calmer tone.

"Dean, I really like you. You're smart and respectful and mature. Kim really likes you, too. You're wonderful too, Dean. You're wonderful, too." Everything she'd said made sense, and I wanted to agree, but nothing changed the fact that our relationship made me a criminal.

I didn't want to speak, but I had to say it. "It's illegal." "Bullshit." She hadn't hesitated a second. "That's bullshit, Dean." She started fuming again, but somehow maintained her composure. She thought for a few seconds before speaking again. "Have you ever smoked pot, Dean? I have, have you?" Of course I had. "If you haven't, Kim's got some in her drawer upstairs. It's the same thing, Dean. It's a bullshit law that everyone breaks because there's nothing wrong with smoking a bowl.

It's illegal, and you can go to jail for it, but everyone does it anyway." She really had my head spinning. She was making sense, but I was too afraid to give in.

I wanted so badly to give in. She continued, "Dean, there's nothing wrong with us having sex. Kim and I are women.

We want things that women want. We do things that women do." She paused for several more moments. "Fuck, Dean, in fucking Michigan, we wouldn't even be having this conversation, because the age of consent there is fucking sixteen." She stopped to let that sink in. She was right. About everything. They were women undoubtedly. And it was absolutely a bullshit law. But there was still the matter of the feelings. It took every last bit of strength to begin speaking. "Ashley, I… Both of you…" Words failed me.

"You are both fantastic. I'm… I'm worried about feelings…" I didn't know how to finish. To this, Ashley smiled. "Oh, Dean. Dean, Sweetie, what's wrong with feelings? I mean, really? What's the worst that could happen? We could fall in love and have to wait two years to tell anyone.

I'm not saying that's what I want to do, I'm just saying…" I could see her thinking. "Kim and I have been best friends for… Three years now? And we've been having sex for like, three months. I love her, and she loves me, but we're not in love. But we're more than friends. It's hard to explain." Then she looked at me, adding, "I didn't think I'd have to explain to someone like you.

I just assumed you'd get it." I looked at Kim. Her eyes had dried, and she was looking at me pleadingly. I wanted to kiss her. I wanted to kiss them both. Ashley spoke again. "Dean, look at me." I did, and found her smiling confidently at me.

"You know I'm right, I can see it in your eyes. Don't blow it. You know I'm right." I stood there for a lifetime, Ashley looking through me. She had me. I did know she was right. She had it all figured out. So why wasn't I moving for her?

She figured that one out, too. "Come here, Dean." I did, straight away. I went to them and kissed them both repeatedly, and they accepted me, squeezing me hard enough to remind me of their strength, and peppering me with kisses.

I whispered between them, "You are both so fucking wonderful, you have no idea." Kim finally spoke, "Well, I do. We are so fucking wonderful." I laughed as she continued. "Now shut up and have a fucking cookie, and don't ever fucking do that again, you motherfucker." XXIII.

The cookies were even better with milk. I was sitting next to Ashley and had pirated her glass for the cookie or two that I had intended to eat, which had become four or five. She gave me playful shit about absconding with her milk. When I told her I didn't know that word, I thought she was going to blow a fuse. "How can you not know 'abscond," she asked incredulously.

I just gestured the universal "nobody's perfect" motion, and let her take great glee in teaching me a new word. I was still apprehensive, but for different reasons. Rarely did I meet someone I genuinely liked more than just in passing. I genuinely liked both of them - Ashley a little more than Kim - and I was worried about getting carried away.

I didn't let it get to me, though. The girls were talking about weaknesses on their volleyball team. I didn't hear a word. I just watched them in awe as I munched on really good chocolate chip cookies. The dynamics of their relationship fascinated me. Save the one incident early in the evening, they were content to share me, and there didn't seem to be any jealousy.

Suddenly, I remembered something. "Ashley, tell me about your boyfriend." The girls looked at each other, clearly unprepared for this discussion. They seemed to be silently voting on who got to tell me what. Finally, Ashley spoke up. "Chris." Kim interrupted, "What a dipshit." Ashley shot Kim a look of irritation as she continued, "He's an artist, sort of." She seemed unclear as to how to proceed.

"We got together a few months ago. I liked him because I thought he was deep." Kim chuckled before Ashley cut her off. "Yeah, I know." Then back at me, "He's not deep.

More like moody. We're done, I just haven't told him yet." Kim got excited. "Oo, can I tell him? Please?" Ashley just looked at her. "Kim doesn't like him." "Aw, what gave me away?" Kim was trying not to laugh.

"Well, every time I mention him you say, 'What a dipshit." She started shaking her head. "Well, he is a dipshit. Seriously, Dean, he's a fucking moron." Kim was getting pretty intense, now. "He wears a fucking derby and suspenders, like he's a fucking extra in Clockwork Orange or some shit." I knew she was serious about this kid because she was tossing expletives like candy in a parade.

I'd heard enough about the dipshit. "What about you, Kim? Do you have a dude?" Her smile began fading quickly. Ashley answered for her. "Kim doesn't have particularly good luck with guys." I found this impossible. "No fucking way. How could you not have your pick of dudes?" Kim was a viking goddess, and I did not believe that she couldn't find a good man… Or boy. I was still wrestling with semantics.

Kim spoke begrudgingly, "Well, Dean, I'm so tall that the only guys who are ever interested in me are big jocks, and they're all dicks." I had to think back to when I was in school to put two and two together, but it made sense, and I felt sorry for her.

"Kim, men are idiots and assholes. How tall are you?" "Six one," she answered. "Okay, you're four inches taller than me." Then I looked her in the eye to be clear about my intention as I said, "If I saw you on the street, I'd come on to you in a heartbeat." I meant it.

Her smile returned. She paused before speaking, "That's why I like you, Dean. That, and you make me wet." I smiled back at her. "I'm always happy to oblige." Ashley laughed. We talked for a little longer about things meaningful and inconsequential before I started yawning. I turned to Ashley, "So I'm sleeping with you?" She was looking at Kim when she answered, "Yep." "Well, I'm about to pass out again." I really was. I asked, "Where are we sleeping?" Both girls turned to me with looks of disbelief before Kim spoke.

"You know, Dean, for such a smart guy, you can be a real dumbass sometimes." It took me a few seconds to make the connections before I figured it out. "Oh, we're all sleeping… Together… We're all in the same…" Then, with a thumbs-up, "Got it." I didn't know how I could've missed that one. Perhaps I was just too tired. Or, more likely, I had just been a dumbass like Kim suggested.

They continued staring at me in astonishment until I spoke again. "Can we go there now?" Ashley laughed as Kim shook her head, saying, "Let's go," and we made our way upstairs. Ashley asked, "When do you work tomorrow?" As tired as I was, I didn't have to think before answering, "Seven to midnight.

I need to be there by six forty-five, so if you can get me home by five or so, that should be good." A few moments passed before Kim spoke, "Fuck it, we'll just take you to work and pick you up after, and you can stay with us again tomorrow night." I didn't think about it too much before deciding it was a good plan. "Okay, then just get me there by six forty-five." I had pulled the covers back on the bed before I somehow remembered my medication.

I was about to speak when I turned around to find Ashley standing behind me with a pill and a glass of water. My chest filled with appreciation for her as I took her face between my hands and kissed her softly.

"You are amazing," I whispered in her ear. She grinned giddily as I took her offerings and thanked her. Kim had disrobed again and was moving to the other side of the bed as I asked, "Okay, who's sleeping where? I mean, what's the arrangement?" The girls apparently hadn't thought of this part, as they looked at each other for the answer. Ashley finally spoke to both of us. "I guess Dean will sleep in the middle? Does that sound right?" Kim nodded unsurely before Ashley continued at me.

"Like I said, we've never done this before, so…" "Don't worry about it," I assured her as I heard birds chirping in the dark outside. I soon found myself centered in the bed on my side. Ashley had cuddled up in front of me as she had the night before, and Kim was behind, holding me as I was holding Ashley.

I smiled in the dark, utterly content. "Goodnight, girls." n spite of its description as "Fiction," this story is actually an embellishment of real experiences I had with a girl during my time on the radio. The first several chapters are absolutely true, save names and locales. SUNDAY XXIV. I was on my back, and one of the girls had made her way between my legs under the covers. My eyes closed, I didn't sense the other girl on the bed as my flaccid manhood was enveloped by either Ashley's or Kim's mouth.

I kept my eyes closed, enjoying the safe anonymity of the moment as someone was quickly sucking me into erection. She started slowly, but was becoming more aggressive. It didn't take long before I was completely solid, and she began bobbing her head up and down on me with such speed that I could not keep track of her strokes.

I'd never had anyone attack me with such ferocity, and I suspected it was Kim who was assaulting me. She slowed, and was sucking with incredible intensity as she slowly moved up and down my shaft. She sucked me down to the hilt for several seconds before resuming her initial shock-and-awe attack strategy. She continued for several minutes, alternating between tactics, before I felt my climax quickly approaching.

"I'm going to come," I said softly. She stopped with half my spear trapped in her mouth and started simply sucking as hard as she could, her tongue stroking the underside rhythmically. I came almost immediately as she continued to suck my sex from me, her tongue massaging me every time she swallowed. Though my orgasm was not intense, it was immensely satisfying.

Once my initial pulses finished, she relaxed her suction until finally she was merely pulling on my deflating manhood. Once she was satisfied that no more of my fluids were forthcoming, she pulled from me silently and slid up my body, emerging from under the blanket. It was Kim, just as I'd imagined. She smiled and said, "Good morning, Pretty Boy," before blessing me with a quick kiss, and I smiled back at her.

"What's with the 'Pretty Boy' thing?" I'd never considered myself to be pretty exactly, and the reference seemed odd to me. "I dunno. I just fits you." Then, challenging me playfully, "You got a problem with it?" I just shook my head happily. "Not at all." She rested her head on my chest for a few moments before saying, "That's the first time I've ever done that." My eyes went wide in surprise and confusion.

"Which part?" "I've never swallowed before. Never liked anybody enough." I was flabbergasted. She lifted her head up to look at me again, and without being too intense, said, "I really like you, Dean." She was getting to me. "Come here," I said as I pulled her face to mine, kissing her passionately. I tasted my sex in her mouth, and my tongue began searching for more as my member twitched hopefully. "I really like you too, Kim." Her eyes lit up and she hugged herself against me as best as she could, considering she was still laying on me, and I wrapped my arms around her.

I could have lain there like that for hours, but Kim had other plans. "Come on," she said. "Ashley's making breakfast." She threw the blanket from us and rolled off me to land with her feet on the floor before she grabbed my hand, dragging me to the side of the bed.

Her strength impressed and excited me. She led me by my hand downstairs to the kitchen to find Ashley in her nightshirt making pancakes, and she appeared to be all business, a look of utter focus dominating her expression. She had already fried up a plate of bacon and some sausage. When she saw us, she dropped her spatula on the counter and her face exploded with girlish joy as she ran at me and screamed, "Dean!" She landed on me so hard I thought she'd knock me over as she wrapped her arms around me, trying to squeeze the life from me.

I hugged her back, trying to maintain secure footing. "Good morning, Ashley," I said before she escaped back to the stove and flipped a pancake. "I trust you found your wakeup call to your satisfaction." She was smiling slyly at me.

I looked at Kim as I answered, "I did. I absolutely did." Kim shared Ashley's smile as I turned back to the chef. "So, you cook, too?" "Just breakfast," she answered. "I don't do it very often, but today seemed like a good day for it." It occurred to me that I could not have fantasized a better morning… Except for the age thing. I just could not seem to let it go. I no longer had any reservations about the girls' ages, but the fact still remained that I was breaking the law repeatedly.

Perhaps it was good that it was always there; perhaps it would keep me sharp and careful. I looked at the clock on the wall to see that it was nearly 1:00. I asked Kim as she sat down on a stool, "How long have you two been up?" She thought for a moment before answering, "About an hour." I shook my head with the realization of the difficulty they would have tomorrow.

"It's gonna be a bitch for you two tomorrow morning, getting up for school." Working in the evenings, I had no concern for myself whatsoever. On the other hand, I suspected the girls would be like the walking dead through classes tomorrow. Then, another thing occurred to me. "Don't you ladies have finals or special shit going on or anything like that? You know, end of the year stuff?" I had no idea when the last day of school was. "Nope.

That's next week. And I don't think we'll have too much of a problem tomorrow, as long as we're in bed by two." She didn't seem concerned in the slightest. Ah, to be young again… "How do you like your eggs," Ashley asked as she retrieved the carton from the refrigerator. I had to think about it; I couldn't remember the last time I'd had a proper breakfast. "Uh, scrambled, I guess?" Why couldn't I remember how I liked my eggs? Bizarre. "Okay. Also, there's juice and stuff in the fridge.

Help yourself." One girl had awakened me with a blow job while the other was cooking me breakfast, and I had done… Absolutely nothing. While I was nearly certain that most guys would be perfectly content with this situation, I was not. "Is there any way I can help, anything I can do?" Ashley smiled as she shook her head, so I turned to Kim.

"Can I get you a glass of juice or something?" "Oh, a great big glass of orange juice would be awesome. Thank you, Dean." I nodded my head at her and asked Ashley where to find glasses. I was deep in contemplation as I poured the juice. While I wasn't really scared anymore, I was mindful of the emotional connection I was forming with the girls, and I knew that if I wasn't careful, I could very well fall for one or both of them.

Then I started thinking about a hypothetical polyamorous relationship with the two. Were the girls falling in love? Were they already in love? Were they even capable of knowing what love is? I was nineteen the first time I fell in love, but I'd always heard that girls mature faster than boys. I realized I had stepped out my depth with these thoughts, and it was probably best I just tried to forget about it for now. I found myself standing at the counter with two full glasses of juice and the bottle in my right hand.

I had no idea how long I'd been there, starting blankly out the window. I looked at the girls to find them both scrutinizing me intently. I knew I had the deer in the headlights look. Kim spoke first. "What the fuck are you doing?" Ashley laughed. I didn't know what to say. "I'm sorry, I just got caught up in my brain." A short and vague response seemed like the best course of action.

I put the bottle of juice away and took Kim's juice to her. "What were you thinking about?" Kim just couldn't play along. "Nothing." Please let it go; please let it go; please let it go… "Bullshit. What were you thinking about?" Then she sprang an ultimatum. "Tell me, or I'll tie you up and tickle you until you piss yourself." My eyes were wide as I said, "Well, that's new." I couldn't tell if she was serious, and I was becoming a little uncomfortable.

Ashley had finished cooking, and was watching us as she brought us our plates of heaping breakfast foods. "Well?" Kim was not going to let me get away. "Okay." I had to be careful about how to put it together for them.


"Don't panic, but it's about what we talked about last night, okay? I'm not going back on anything I said, I'm just curious about some things you said. Okay?" Kim hadn't changed her facial expression, and I took that to mean that she was listening with an open mind. So far, so good. "Last night," I looked at Ashley as I continued, "you said that you and Kim are more than friends.

What, exactly, does that mean? I mean, I know you have sex, but is there some kind of emotional significance to what you said?" I prayed I'd been clear enough. Neither one of them said anything. After several moments, they looked at each other, then Ashley said half-jokingly, "Good job, Kim." "Well shit, Ashley.

I didn't think he was going there. How was I supposed to know." They were still looking at each other, asking each other silent questions. Finally, Ashley spoke. "I love Kim, and she loves me…" I nodded, encouraging her to continue. "When we started sleeping together, we both felt like we were the best friend each other had ever had.

And we talked about how we felt about each other." She stopped again for several seconds, apparently trying to find the right words. "We, uh… We just kind of agreed that… We just are… It is what it is, and it doesn't matter what we call it." Now, both of the girls looked utterly confused. She really hadn't cleared anything up, but based on her inability to articulate or understand her feelings on the subject, I believed at the very least that Ashley was in love with Kim, and it wouldn't have surprised me at all if Kim reciprocated.

I could tell by their body language that the topic was sensitive to them both, and that they were both struggling to identify the nature of their relationship. I did not envy them their confusion. After another stretch of silent communication between them, Ashley asked, "Does that answer your question?" "Nope," I began, "but it's okay because I think I get it anyway." Now they were puzzled by my response, and Kim asked, "What do you get?" I looked her squarely in the eye and asked, "Do you really want to keep going with this?" Without missing a beat, Kim said, "Pass me the maple syrup." XXV.

"Fuck," I said. We had finished breakfast, and the clock was floating around 2:15. I was thinking about work as I loaded the dishwasher as I remembered something important. Ashley had disappeared, leaving Kim and me to clean up.

"What's the matter," she asked. I sighed before answering, "I need my headphones for work tonight, and I left them at my house." Kim agreed, "Yeah. Fuck." She thought for a few moments before asking, "Are they special headphones, or can you use any old pair?" I explained that I didn't need my headphones, specifically, but I needed a good quality pair for work.

She said, "My father has a pair. Do you want to see if they'll work?" Without waiting for me to answer, she ran upstairs, and I finished loading the dishwasher. Ashley returned. "Where's Kim?" "She went to find a set of headphones." I explained my situation as Kim returned to the kitchen with a rather nice Sony rig that was actually better than mine.

"This is perfect. Are you sure it's okay if I use them?" Kim handed me the set and said, "Yep, but if something happens to them, my father will kill me, and then I'll have to kill you." "Got it." I set the rig on a table in the den, and returned to the kitchen.

"So, what are we doing now?" Ashley said, "Jacuzzi until our food settles, then swimming." The plan sounded good to me. Then she added, "But first, Kim and I were talking, and we think you should wear your cock ring until you go to work." "What?" I had heard what she said, I had simply been singularly unprepared for it. "Put on your cock ring," Kim commanded. "We want you nice and hard, just in case." I said, "Okay," nodding in mild confusion as Ashley's hand opened up to produce the ring.

She must have pocketed the thing at some point, saving it for later. I'd felt my member awakening moments earlier at her first mention of the ring, and I knew I'd have to move quickly to get the ring on before I stiffened too much.

It was in position after only a few seconds, after which she helped me reach full hardness with her hand. "That's better," Ashley said. "Okay, jacuzzi." Then she pulled me outside to the tub by my erection. The sun was partially shielded by a thin layer of clouds as we arrived, and she said, "They ought to make leashes for these things." Then, it hit her, "Wait, do they?" "They do," I said. "Not for this particular ring, but they make cock rings with leash hoops on them, and they also make collars for your cock that you can fit a leash to." She smiled up at me.

"They make collars for my cock," she asked. Kim smiled, clearly amused. I tried to recover from my poor syntax. "Well, I didn't mean your cock…" She interrupted, "Oh, but I think you did." She squeezed me firmly. "This is my cock." Kim cleared her throat. "I mean, it's our cock. Mine and Kim's." She turned to Kim, "Sorry, I wasn't thinking." Kim waved it off.

"Don't worry about it. Wait!" Then Kim turned to me, as serious as a heart attack, and asked, "Oh Dean, do you have one of these rings or collars we can attach a leash to?" I chuckled and said, "As a matter of fact, I do have a ring and a collar, but it's a little late now." "Damn it," Ashley exclaimed.

"Okay fine, but from now on, wear the cock ring for the leash." Her eyes lit up again. "Actually, you know what? You should always have the cock ring on when you're with us. All the time. You know, the one for the leash." She looked to Kim for confirmation, and received it before clarifying.

"Okay, from now on, whenever you are with us, you will wear the leash ring all the time, unless we say otherwise. Got it?" "Got it." Wow.

Even my professional Domme hadn't enforced anything like that on me. Of course, our relationship had been more intimate than a standard Domme/sub relationship, so there was a significant amount of leeway afforded me. I wasn't sure how this new situation was going to pan out, but I'd give it a try.

My thoughts were interrupted by Kim. "Oh! You know what?" She looked at Ashley. "Let's get the tail!" Ashley's eyes were wide as the sun as she looked at me. "Yes, let's." I was apprehensive about what was coming. I'd gotten comfortable with the casual nature of our relationship, but the possibility of the new dynamic excited me, and I was eager to see if they could convincingly dominate me.

She led me back to the den, again by my… Her cock, and told me to get the thing out of my bag. I dug for a few seconds before finding it, then a few more seconds to find the lubricant. I explained to her how it worked and how to fit it to me, then confirmed that she understood. Kim was smiling so big that I thought her cheeks would split. Ashley said, "Okay, bend over." I complied, placing my hands on the seating area of the sofa as I heard her open the tube of lubricating jelly. A few moments later, I felt the cool stuff on the ring of my bum, followed immediately by her fingers rubbing it around the entrance, and pushing a small ways into me.

Then I heard the tube open and close again, and I waited. "Oh, please let me," I heard Kim say, and she really meant it. I was genuinely surprised, considering how she'd acted when I told them what the device was. Ashley answered, "By all means. Remember, go slow." I heard them change positions behind me, then I felt the tip of the thing on me. I relaxed, preparing to receive the instrument as she pushed it gently into me.

I opened to it, and she paused, apparently uncertain in her application. "Okay," she asked, and I responded affirmatively. She continued slowly and carefully, and I appreciated her caution. I felt myself gradually widening to accept it as she continued to push into me, filling me with the tool until it slipped into place. She stopped and asked, "Is that it?" "Yeah," I told her.

"You got it." I was as hard as I had ever been, and my heart was trying to beat its way out of my chest. No-one said anything, so I just waited for the command to stand… Or kneel. Finally, Ashley asked, "Can you stand?" "Do you want me to?" I hoped she would understand that I moved on their command.

"Yes. Stand up." Slowly, I lifted my body upright, acclimating myself to my new ornament. Once I was vertical, I again waited for their words. Kim spoke first. "Wow. That's some crazy shit." They both laughed, and I smiled at their amusement.

Then she asked, "Can you sit with that thing in you?" "I can," I replied. I was really enjoying being the tool for their education. Ashley asked, "Can you wear that in the jacuzzi?" When I said I could, she reached around me for her cock again, and led me back out to the jacuzzi. Kim followed. When we got to the jacuzzi, I waited briefly for one of them to tell me to get in as Ashley removed her nightshirt. Then, she said, "Wait. Go get the camera," and my head throbbed in shame and excitement.

"Oh yes," Kim exclaimed. "The camera!" She disappeared into the house for a minute before returning, camera in hand. Ashley positioned me to her liking and grabbed her cock again before Kim began snapping pictures. She took five or six before saying, "Okay, I want some," and she traded the camera for me. Kim squeezed her cock tightly as Ashley started snapping away. Kim was posing every which way, really playing up the scene, before saying, "Hold on.

I want one with his cock in my pussy." "Your cock," Ashley corrected. "Yeah, my cock!" I was growing dizzy with excitement as she positioned herself in front of me and bent over, resting her hands on one of the gazebo's supporting pillars. "Put it in," she commanded, "but only part way." Then, as an afterthought, "And put your hands behind your back." Her legs were together, and she was too tall for me to reach, so I told her she needed to spread her legs.

She complied, and I pushed into her a couple of inches before she said, "That's enough." I entered her without any resistance whatsoever, as she was unbelievably slick. Had she gotten that excited already? My cock cock was already aching for activity, and I wanted so badly to just bury myself in her.

But I obeyed, and waited patiently with my hands behind my back for the pictures to be taken. A few digital camera clicks later, Ashley said, "That's awesome. I got it," and I waited for instructions. Kim wiggled on me a little before pushing back onto me all the way, and wiggling a little more.

Ashley snapped a few more pictures before saying, "I want a few like that, too." Kim moaned in dissatisfaction before saying, "Oh, alright," then, "Get outta me." I backed out of her without hesitation as she moaned again. She took the camera from Ashley, who positioned herself the way Kim had before her.

"Okay," Ashley began, "Just a couple of inches, just like you did with her." She gasped as I slid into her, and she was just as slick as Kim. I couldn't believe how easily these two young women could be aroused.

I went in a couple of inches and stopped, my hands again resting behind my back, and Kim started snapping. Ashley pushed back onto me as Kim had done, and Kim continued taking pictures. Then she pulled forward and pushed back again, grinding against me this time.

"I can't wait," Ashley said heavily. "I have to fuck him now." She stood straight up, popping me from her sex. "Go get his bag; let's see what else he's got. Wait!" Then, to me, "You go get it." I moved quickly, reminded of the tail with every step.

Between the way it was penetrating me and holding me open, and the swish of the tassels in rhythm with my pace, it was impossible to forget. Ashley said, "Take out anything that you think we might want to use on you." I was so hard I could barely thing straight. I rummaged through the bag, removing several items.

Among them were, of course, all of my restraints, and some other goodies. I produced a ball gag, a riding crop, cat o' nine tails, a hood, and more. The girls looked on in curiosity and delight as I removed the implements one by one. They asked no questions, so when I'd finished, I asked if they needed any explanations.

They looked at each other and shook their heads. All of what I'd brought out was pretty self-explanatory, so I was not too surprised. I stood and waited for instructions. Kim spoke first. "What should we do with him?" The possibilities that I was entertaining were impossibly fantastic, and I was entirely too eager to learn what they would do with me. Ashley asked, "How about we chain him to one of the lounges?" If I could've gotten any harder, I would have. "Good idea," Kim said.

"Should we gag him?" Ashley thought for a few moments before offering, "No. What if we want to ride his face?" The way they were talking about me as if I weren't standing right next to them thrilled me to no end. "Good point," Kim said before pulling me to a lounge. She laid the back down so that the lounge was flat.

"Lay down." The girls stood over me, one on each side in contemplation. They looked like they were trying to figure out the best way to secure me to the lounge before Ashley cuffed my hand on her side to the frame of the lounge. Kim followed her lead with the other hand as Ashley recovered my leg irons and looped the chain under the lounge, securing my legs in place. I watched them as they began evaluating their work.

"Okay, he looks ready," Ashley said. Kim thought for a moment and said, "What about sunburn?" Ashley smiled at Kim. "I guess you better get the lotion again." Kim smiled, and retrieved the lotion from the lounge we'd occupied the day before. She came at me with a wicked grin, and applied the lotion to me, beginning with my feet, and working her way up. When she reached my encaged erection, she made a point to play with it for several moments, stroking it repeatedly up and down, as if in reenactment of her previous assault on me.

Her hands on me were torturous, but not as torturous as when she slid me inside her to rest as she finished applying the lotion to the upper half of my body. When she finished, she tossed the lotion aside, ground herself into me softly, and leaned over to kiss me.

She whispered into my ear, "Oh, you sad, sad boy," then removed herself from me to join her friend next to the lounge. XXVI. I was more terrified and excited than I'd been in a long time. I was strapped to the lounge, and two exceptionally beautiful young women were deciding how to use me for their entertainment.

I could not have written myself a better fantasy. Ashley confirmed with Kim, "We're taking pictures?" Kim nodded. "Okay, grab the camera. And the blindfold." Kim brought the blindfold to Ashley, who fixed it to my head. Mere seconds later, I felt Ashley swing a leg over me, point her cock upright, and drop down on it in one quick motion.

We both gasped as her weight came down on me, and the new pressure shifted the tail in me, stimulating me further. She said contently, "Oh, yes," then brought her feet up on the lounge next to my hips, and started jumping up and down on my erection. I heard the camera clicks begin, and I wanted to cum. I was already stimulated up to the line, but the ring held me there, keeping me from going soft or reaching climax.

My manhood had become unbearably sensitive, and the sensations Ashley was feeding me were overwhelming. I started moaning, powerless to bring an end to the inescapable and pleasurable torture to which I was being subjected.

Suddenly, Ashley stopped on me. "Yeah, get the ball gag." My heart was pounding, and soon I heard Kim approaching. "Open your mouth," Ashley said before pushing the firm rubber ball between my teeth and fastening the straps behind my head.

The sensations of the straps against the newly bald skin on my head was slightly uncomfortable, but I forgot about it as soon as Ashley started shifting back and forth, my cock sliding around inside her. Her fingers pinched my nipples tightly, and I involuntarily thrust into her. She started twisting and tugging on them ferociously, and I was writhing under her as much as my bindings allowed, trying to escape the painful pleasure she was unleashing on me. She laughed softly as her breathing was becoming labored.

She stopped tormenting my nipples and brought her hands to rest on my chest as she started just bouncing up and down on me. Her pussy was getting tighter on me now, sending intolerable waves of pleasure through my hardened member, even as every downstroke shifted the tail in my bottom, compounding my stimulation beyond what I thought I could withstand. Mercifully, I could tell she was getting close. "Dean… I'm going to cum on you now… I'm going to cum on my cock… My cock… Oh God, I'm cumming on my cock… I'm cumming on my cock… Oh God…" Her voice trailed off as she was thrashing upon me.

I was spinning under the overload, white spots dancing across my blindness, and I was shaking in my need for the release I was being denied. She was rocking on me as my head beat itself into the lounge cushion, and I feared I would cut my wrists on the cuffs as I futilely tried to rip my restraints from their anchors. Her movements slowed as she reached the other side of her flood, and still I shook. A primal noise surfaced from my chest.

It would have been a moan or call of some sort, but the ball gag distorted it into an animalistic growl as I continued to twist under her. I could feel spittle escaping around the ineffective seal of the gag to fall across my cheeks and down to the back of my neck. Finally, her rapture ended, and slowly I regained control of my functions, trying desperately to catch my breath through my nose and around the gag. My eyes were wet, and I realized that the blindfold had captured the tears that my eyes had expelled in my frustration.

My erection continued to flex autonomously inside Ashley, and her pussy repeatedly squeezed me reflexively. I wanted to cry in unmitigated dissatisfaction. Ashley spoke. "Wow…" She was breathing hard, and I imagined her chest heaving, covered in sweat. I heard Kim from a few feet away, "Holy fuck that was hot!" I felt Ashley shift on me and I jerked.

"That was awesome," Ashley said. "You gotta try this." She slowly removed herself from me. Once I could no longer feel her, I started to shiver. I was shivering in the eighty-something degree heat. My muscles ached, and I felt there was no possible way I could endure an immediate session with Kim, and I was afraid.

"I need to cool off," I heard Ashley say, and a few moments later, I heard a splash in the pool. "Jesus," Kim began, "He's shaking." The blindfold was removed and I saw Kim's concerned face towering over me.

"Dean, are you okay?" She unfastened the straps for the gag and slowly pulled it from my mouth. "Oh my God…" I just lay there, panting heavily. The shaking stopped, for the most part, and I closed my eyes again, resting my mind.

"Honey, are you okay?" She sounded seriously concerned. I heard Ashley get out of the pool and walk to us. "Yeah." I began. "I'm thirsty." I recognized my temporary preference for simplified speech. It had been a long time since I'd experienced anything as intense as what I'd just endured. Ashley said, "I'll be right back." I heard Kim pulling the adjacent lounge closer and I opened my eyes to see her sit on the side of the thing, positioned right next to me.

She touched my chest and I flinched. She withdrew and tried again, laying her hand flat on my center. "Jesus, your heart's going a hundred miles an hour. Are you okay?" "Yeah. I'll be fine." I couldn't quite remember what "fine" felt like, but I was confident I'd find it again sometime. I managed a smile. I was a difficult smile, but it was real. Kim's concerned face was bringing me peace, and I was becoming calm from her hand on me. Ashley came back with a bottle of water, and positioned herself to my side opposite Kim.

"Same as the other night. Are you ready?" I replied that I was, and she fed me water. She was so wonderful. Kim was wonderful. As I drank, I was becoming lost in them. They were perfect, and I needed them, needed to be with them. When I'd finished drinking, I thanked Ashley, and lay there for a while with my eyes closed. Ashley asked, "Are you okay?" She sounded just as concerned as Kim, and I smiled. "Yeah, I'm good.

How are you?" I opened my eyes to see happiness wash over her face, and I was redeemed by it. "I'm good," she offered. Kim said, "Maybe we should give him a break." "No," I said immediately, my smile gone and my tone suddenly urgent.

"Use me. Please use me." I didn't tell her, but I needed her to use me. "Please." Even as I didn't know if I could continue, I was certain I could not stop. I needed to satisfy Kim, just as I'd satisfied Ashley.

I could not disappoint her. Kim looked at Ashley before asking, "Are you sure?" I'd never been surer. "Oh, yes. Please use me. Please." She smiled and moved her hand from my chest to her cock, stroking it gently along the juices Ashley had left behind.

"Positive?" "Yes." I knew she'd have me now, and I was relieved. Her smile grew larger before she let go, and leaned in to kiss me.

I sucked on her mouth hard, trying to breath her into me. As if she understood my desire, she moaned into my mouth as we kissed. She broke from me, and reinserted the ball gag, again fastening the straps behind me, and covering my eyes again with the blindfold. My body seized in anticipation, my muscles locked, knowing what was coming, and I wondered if I was actually capable of following through. It didn't matter now; I was committed, unable to object.

She spoke to Ashley, "Okay, go get the camera. I put it on the table over there." Kim put her hand on my chest again, and again I was calmed by her touch. She kissed my chest a few times, then moved up to my neck as I felt her leg swing over me. Rather than guide her cock into her with her hand, she slid up my body, then back down until she bumped the tip, then repositioned herself to line up her entrance with me. Once she'd made the connection, she pushed back, moaning, taking me into her to the hilt.

I shuddered, and she squeezed me inside her as the camera clicks started again. She lay motionless on top of me, her cock resting inside her. "God, Dean," she whispered, "You feel so fucking good. How can you feel this good?" My fears melted away, and I wanted to smile for her. Then she whispered, "Here we go," before sitting upright on me, and beginning a slow, gentle rock. I moved inside her as she rocked. I didn't know how or why, but I was relaxed now.

I simply enjoyed her motions on me. She hummed softly, stirring my heart more than my body. It was not that being enveloped by her wasn't magnificent, but more that she was taking such pleasure in me.

She paused her course after a while to gently grind onto me, and I was again reminded of the device in my rear. It was no longer shameful to me, less of a symbol of submission. Now it was like a badge of ownership. I no longer doubted that these fantastic women could keep me. They had claimed me, and I was proud to be desired in such an absolute fashion by them. I belonged to them, and I wanted it that way. Kim, the girl I'd once considered abrasive, was caressing my chest as she rode me, and I began to wonder if she was trying to be easy on me out of concern for my wellbeing.

I didn't want her to be easy on me. I wanted her to use me to satisfy her carnal desires. I pushed into her what little I could under my restraints, hoping to encourage her to let go. She stopped for a second before saying, "Okay." Then she brought her knees to rest at my sides and started sliding up and down on me, slowly at first, gradually increasing the speed and strength of her strokes.

It wasn't long before she was bouncing on me forcefully. "You like being my toy, don't you. You want to be my bitch." She was finally getting it. I did like being her toy. I did want to be her bitch. "You better fucking make me cum." She started rocking on me with renewed vigor, and finally I felt useful, truly wanted. She was sliding back and forth on me, her motions now rough, careless, almost abusive. Now I was becoming excited again.

I envisioned her hair being tossed to and fro as she shifted her weight along me repeatedly. I pictured beads of sweat shaking free of her freckled breasts as she mauled me with reckless abandon. I felt her hand on my nipple as she pinched and twisted beyond my ability to tolerate, and I growled as I thrashed under her.

She slapped my chest as she began bouncing again, and I could feel the walls of her pussy tightening on me. I was going to make her cum, just as she'd demanded, and I felt my mind being offered up to a specific kind of madness.

I needed her to need me. I needed to finish her. I was on fire, and I wanted her to burn on me as I burst into flames. I was crazy, and she was crazy on me, her release unfolding as I pushed a different growl around the ball gag.

I was an animal being tamed by its mistress, a horse being broken. She called out, "Ah fuck!" Her motions stopped making sense. She was seizing and releasing on me again and again, moving in random but determined gestures. I felt her sex spill out onto me, and somehow I came with her. My release was exquisitely painful and glorious as my body locked up. She grabbed my shoulders for leverage as she bucked on me relentlessly As her climax continued, so did mine. I was not erupting into her, the flow of my seed constricted by the ring.

As she kept moving on me, the sensations on my manhood were compounding. My release wasn't really a release at all, but a continued pinnacle of pleasure and agony. I began jerking, my motions in her perpetuating Kim's orgasm for what was seeming to be an eternity.

Her cock stayed hard for her, and she used it completely. I began shaking and growling, unsure of how much more I could take. After several more seconds, Kim finally started slowing. The walls of her sex continued massaging my manhood, and it twitched repeatedly, trying to plant a seed that was not forthcoming. Kim's denouement was short; she recovered quickly to sit upright on me as my shakes subsided.

I was still grunting softly, still riding out my aborted release. She ripped the blindfold from me and my eyes jerked open at her. "Jesus, Dean. Are you okay." She reached behind me and unfastened the ball gag, taking it from me and setting it on my chest. My eyes were wide even in the blinding sun.

"I came." Kim looked at me in surprise. "You came? I thought…" "Yeah," I said. "I'm still trying to come." Ashley had moved in. "What do you mean?" "The ring…" I was wincing. Ashley tapped Kim on the shoulder. "Get up." Kim arose from me. They looked on in astonishment as my erection was still solid. Kim bent down and started stroking it and I shuddered at the stimulation.

"If you came, how can you still be hard?" She was perplexed, but that didn't stop her from massaging her cock. "I orgasmed, but the ring is keeping me from ejaculating." Even as Kim's hand was working me, I began to feel my erection finally diminishing, and a few seconds later my seed began to flow from me, covering Kim's hand.

Ashley said, "Holy shit." The fluid just kept on coming, faster as I continued to soften. Kim kept stroking me, and finally I called out low and long in my release.

After a while, my sex stopped flowing and Kim stopped stroking me, wiping her hand off on my belly and chest. "You weren't supposed to cum, Dean." Kim sounded disappointed.

Ashley chimed in, "Yeah, so what the fuck, Dean?" She was clearly and intentionally mirroring what I'd said to her two nights before, and I was embarrassed.

"I'm sorry…" "You're sorry?" Ashley wasn't really upset, but she was going to have some fun with me.

"What are we going to do with you now?" Kim asked, "Will you get hard again?" "Yes," I said. "Just give me some time" "Well, it's almost five now," Ashley said. "Better make it quick before we have to take you to work." "Oh man." My heart sank. "I'm going to need a shower, too. I don't know if we'll have time for more before work. I'm so sorry." Kim said, "You don't need a shower." "Nope," Ashley agreed. "You're going to work just like that." My heart started racing again.

"Please don't make me go to work like this. It's work. I can't." Kim said, "It's not like you're waiting tables or some shit like that. You work alone, right?" "Well, yes," I began, "But I'll see people on the way in and on the way out." "Too bad," Kim said. Ashley was just smiling as she continued, "You shouldn't have cum." Ashley chuckled at this. I tried to think of a reason why this would be dangerous, and I could think of none.

The age of the girls was irrelevant, and I knew I'd catch some shit, but I wouldn't get fired. There was no way out of this. "If I get hard again before work, I won't be able to take this ring off, so can I do it now?" Kim said, "No." "Yes," Ashley countermanded. Kim looked at her for an explanation. "He can't really go to work with an erection.

That's just a little too much." Kim rolled her eyes. "Fine." "Thank you," I said. Ashley looked at me. "'Thank you,' what?" I hesitated, not immediately understanding. Then I got it. "Thank you, Mistress." She hopped slightly, giddy as a teenager. I considered the ridiculous obscenity of the situation, submitting to a couple of sixteen-year-olds. Since I'd accepted their age, it merely added a significant taboo aspect to our relationship, and I found it thrilling.

Without warning, Kim reached down, worked the ring off, and set it on the deck. I was impressed by how easily she'd managed the task, without a single pinch or stretch.

"We should get something in return, though. Let's see what else he's got in his bag." They both went to the bag, leaving me chained to the lounge.

I enjoyed the time at peace.