Gay sex slave gets bound and flogged

Gay sex slave gets bound and flogged
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FROM THE BEGINNING (The Daughters) The girls broke free of the two men, and ran to their mother.

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They held each other, looking fearful at the casino boss. "Well what are going to do about this problem?" He asks Krystal. "Don't hurt them, they are still young and did not mean any harm by this." She pleaded with him. "You are so far behind in your interest payments, maybe what you need is some help in making those payments up." He said to her.

"No, I won't let you do it. I will quit. I will go to the police if you hurt my girls." She ranted. "Maybe what she needs is a little persuasion." The boss said to the two black guys. "I get her this time, you had her last time, you get them girls?" The biggest black guy said to the other one, as he reached for Krystal.

He slapped her a couple of times, and pulled the robe off her. He grabbed Krystal, as the other guy grabbed the two girls.

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The two girls start to scream and cry, and the casino boss told them, "You better shut up or he will hurt your mother really bad." The big enforcer grabbed Krystal by her hair and hauled her over to the bed. She fought him with all her strength, till he had enough and lifted her by her hair and slammed the heel of his hand into her stomach.

She saw stars as the pain shot through her body. He tossed her on the bed and she curled up into a fetal position. She could not think, it was like she was in a fog. Her stomach hurt bad, and so did her face and head. "I is gona fuck both of dem holes so hard you won't be able to walk for a week." He boasted as he started to undo his pants.

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Katie and Kathy had seen enough and just screamed at the casino boss. "Please stop him, we will do anything that you want us to do, just don't hurt our mother anymore." They cried together. Krystal could hardly speak as she was in a lot of pain. "No girls don't do it, don't let them get their claws into you, you will never get free of them." She croaked, but neither girl seemed to hear her.

"That is what I wanted to hear cooperation from everyone, all right pull your pants, maybe at a later time you can fuck her." The casino boss said. "Bring her over here." He told the big black guy. He picked Krystal up like she was a doll, and brought her next to her daughters, and as he stood her up, he gave her ass a nice hard spank, that almost knocked her down.

"All right I have a very special client downstairs, and his two sons are with him." The boss stated. "Are either of you two girls' virgins?" He asked them. The both shook their heads no. "Both of you on some form of birth control?" He asked again.

They both shook their heads yes. "Well I could have gotten a whole lot more if you were virgins, but o well this will work out ok anyway." He said.

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He looked at Krystal, "You no the drill get all three of you ready, you got one hour and I want you down by the bar by then. Do you understand?" He said softly but with a firm tone. Krystal shook her head yes that she understood. "OK ladies go get ready and look your prettiest, lets go boys." He said as they left. An hour later, Krystal and the girls were at the bar, they looked ravishing all dressed up.

"All right here is the plan, you and the girls get yourself some wine, and go mingle with those three guys over there. Get them loosened up and take them up to your bedroom upstairs. I had the couch taken out and two more beds installed. You three fuck their brains out. You got that." He instructed the three of them. They all nodded yes.

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Each girl suck and fuck each guy at least once. With Krystal's two girls fuck his two boys a couple more times. While Krystal lay on the bed with their dad sucking on his cock.

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When the men dressed and left, the girls laid back on the beds exhausted, with spunk leaking from their pussy's. The casino boss came in a short while later with a big grin on his face. He gave each girl 200 dollars. "He was so happy with the way the evening went and with your services, he left me a large tip." He told the girls. " He told me he would be back in a few weeks, and would call in advance to set up another session with you and the girls." Krystal work her usual three parties a week while I was gone, and the girls worked a couple parties a week with her, for the next couple of months.

One night while the three of them were in the bathroom getting ready for the night's work. The casino boss came into the bedroom.

"Hey get in here." He shouts to them. The girls walked into the bedroom with their robes on to see what he wanted. "Do you know what tonight is?" He asked them. They all shook their heads no. "It is employer appreciation night." He told them. With that there was a knock on the door, and the two black enforcers came in each carried a bottle of champagne on ice.


He popped the cork on one bottle, and poured out six glasses. He passed them around to the three girls, the two black guys and himself.


By the second bottle of champagne Krystal and the girls were starting to feel the effects. They were getting very relax with some blurred vision. The men just sipped their glasses, and kept the girls' glasses full. The casino boss nodded over to his two enforcers, and then at Krystal, and then over to the bed. They both caught the drift, and got up and helped Krystal over to the bed, and took off her robe. The biggest of the two got between Krystal's legs and started to play with her pussy.

It was already wet, and he just got the juices flowing with his fat fingers rubbing her clit. The other guy had his cock out and was slowly feeding it into Krystal's mouth. Back and forth he went, each time shoving it deeper into her throat.

You could see her throat bulge from his size. He would pull it back when he heard her start to gag. The big guy, having gotten her pussy soaking wet, spread her lips, and invaded her pussy with that monster cock of his.

She wiggled and squirmed as it hurt going in, spreading her almost as wide as when she gave birth to the girls. She could not scream out in pain, as a big black cock was buried deep into her throat. The casino boss moved to the couch next to Katie and Kathy, and removed their robes. Both girls dropped to their knees, and took his pants and underwear off him, and started to suck on his cock.

Katie worked on the head and sensitive underside of the head, while Kathy was licking his shaft, and balls. With two hot hard bodies working his cock over the boss knew that he would not last long.


He pulled Katie up to him and she impaled herself on his hard 6" cock. The thickness of it filled her young pussy. She rode his cock, while Kathy sucked on his balls, and licked her sisters pussy and star hole. The boss gave a big grunt and blasted his load of hot cum into Katie's young pussy. Katie raised herself off his cock, and Kathy sucked his cock clean, and licked the cum out of Katie's pussy.

Then the girls sucked his cock back to life and Kathy rode it, while Katie did the licking. Something had happened to the three girls, as they all seemed to snap, and accept the fact that they were now the casino's fuck toys. They were broken and would do anything that was asked of them by the casino boss.

As with most women that the casino gets their hands on, they seem to lose that will to fight for their freedom. Over on the bed they changed position, with Krystal riding the big guys cock, and the other guy was behind her, with some lube rubbing it over her anal hole and his huge pecker.

Slowly he pushed his cock into her anal hole, she did not think it would open wide enough to accept him. She started to wail in both pain and pleasure. Finally he was fully inside of her ass, and was starting to fuck her hard, as he slapped her ass a few times.

They both fucked her hard and were doing some ball slapping. "Fuck my ass you bastard, fuck me hard. Spank my ass. I have been a bad girl. You you big son of a fucking bitch, just keep fucking my pussy make me cum in buckets." She howled at him. She could feel both of their cock's as they pounding away at her two holes.

The sensation of feeling both of their cock's rubbed against the wall of skin that separated her pussy from her ass, was adding fuel towards the build up of a major orgasm. She was screaming loudly now as getting fucked in both holes caused her to begin having a massive orgasm's.

Cum would have poured out of her pussy, if that massive black cock did not fill up her hole. Both guys were grunting and talking vulgar to her, as they were getting close to cuming. They both blew their nuts at almost the same time, filling both of her holes full of steaming hot cum. As they both pulled their cock's out of her, their cum flowed out her two holes just like lava from a volcano. She licked and sucked cleaned both of their cock's.

"Hey over here." The boss hollered as he points at both Katie and Kathy.

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The two enforcers came over and grabbed the two girls and took them over to the bed. Where they sat down and made Katie and Kathy suck their cock's hard again.

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When they got their cock's hard, they got up and turn the girls over the bed and mounted them dog style. Both girls gave a gasp when the felt those monster cock's enter their tender young pussies.

But they quickly got into the rhythm of pushing back when they felt the big cock thrust in. Krystal got off the bed and walked over to the casino boss. She got down on her knees and started to lick and suck on his cock. Under the actions of her talented tongue, is was not long and his cock got stiff as a steel pole.

She stood up and mounted him, feeling his cock invade her tender abused cunt. As Krystal rode his cock cowgirl, so she could watch her two daughters get ravished by those to monster black cock's. The black guys fucked each of her daughters twice and once in the ass, and then made them suck their cock's clean.

By the time the men left, all three of the girls holes were tender and sore from being fucked so many times. The room reeked of the smell of sex, and the girls just lay on the bed with cum dripping out of them.