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Jenny's hypnotic devotion to animal rites 2 (estimated 23 mins reading time) Get up, come on get down with the sickness. Madness is the gift, that has been given to me : Lyric - Disturbed Chapter 2 Unlike the tiny waif-like girl of her childhood, whom had so often been sexually abused, the luscious blond twenty-three-year-old Jennifer Parker sitting passively before her psychiatrist now, was actually a lovely, full grown woman, even if still only five-foot three inches tall.

Her eyelids fluttered gently now, and her thirty-six-D breasts rose and fell rhythmically beneath her blouse, as she exhibited the classic look of someone under deep, clinically induced hypnosis. Doctor Schwarzkopf had been treating Jennifer in his luxurious city office for several weeks already. However, he also had an extensive knowledge of her case history.

He knew from police reports and other accounts he'd managed to obtain; That Jennifer had been rescued from a satanic black Sabbath almost eleven years ago. One which the cult members had been performing with the specific intention of summoning up a demon.

Even by Jennifer's own accounts, although she didn't fully understand her roll in the events, the night had been long awaited by the cultus of the church of Satan, since they wished to use the supposed increased magic of a planetary alignment to help them in their unimaginably fiendish, if not completely deluded desirers.

Jennifer had become a ward of the state after her timely rescue from their clutches, and placed secretly into a secession of foster homes.

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Some of the family's who had billeted her over the years, had been good Christian folk who did their best to make up for, through prayer and even baptism, what some off them had realized was, by any standard, a terrible episode in any young person's life.

Still. Jennifer had grown up, unable to shake the memories of her torrid tenure as the demonic cults sexual pin cushion. In fact, over recent years the often remembered snippets of insanity she recalled, un-beckoned and disjointed, had become increasingly erotic to her. So strong had these recalled visions become of late, they had been making her life increasingly difficult.

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She found herself having obscenely erotic fantasies while at her work, having to run to the toilets to masturbate her maddeningly throbbing clit and pussy as she imagined her body being used in the nastiest sexual ways imaginable.

She had married a nice young man when she'd turned 21, and their sex life had been fine at first. But nether-the-less, she had become increasingly veracious in her sexual appetite. At first she'd started using dildos while her husband wasn't home. Then she'd found she'd progressed to needing one electric humming plastic phallus in her pussy, while she frigged anther roughly in her ass.

But like a Pandora's box, this just seemed to cause her cravings to grow stronger. She fantasized about having threesomes with another man besides her husband. Then other women; groups of people all at once! And lately, she had even started thinking about buying herself a male dog for the purposes of sex.

At that point, Jennifer had started become fearful for her own sanity, and so, when her young husband had suggested she seek help, and then gone further and actually booked an appointment with Doctor Schwarzkopf, a highly respected psychiatrist, she had decided it was probably for the best. And now after weeks of appointments, she felt confident that the kindly Doctor was close to helping her at last.

"Specto suscitatio" Doctor Schwarzkopf baritone voice had told her only moments ago, and she had immediately relaxed. The erotic, sad and chaotic memories of the black masses early and unexpected finish, faded into the tranquil floating blackness of the cave inside herself.

She felt tranquil now, alone all of a sudden, as if at the bottom of a deep, silent ocean. It was the wonderfully safe place she'd been taught to hide within herself so many times, during her hypnotherapy sessions with the kindly Doctor Schwarzkopf. A lower place inside her very being, far from the residual pain of her unbearable childhood memories of satanic ritual abuse, and the horrible visions that made her fearful, sick and anxiously aroused all at once.

The little girl inside her enjoyed the quiet, restful darkness of this place within herself. There was only her own relaxed self-conscious, and she knew she'd be safe in here for now. "Jennifer! Jennifer.

can you hear me?" the voice of Doctor Schwarzkopf questioned after some moments. The deeply hypnotized woman nodded her head slowly, and the little girl inside her felt relieved and happy once again to hear his guiding voice.

"Jennifer, It's time you woke up. When I count to three you WILL wake up, but you will remain calm, you will stay under my control. You will remain open to my suggestions at all times. Do you understand?" "Um hum," Jennifer answered. "Very good. Its time you learn the truth about the root of your disorder.

On the count of three. You'll wake up Jennifer. All the way up. Remain calm. All the way up. Remain calm. One. Two. Three!" There was an indeterminate period of time, during which, all manner of obscenity danced before Jennifer dementedly, in roiling, seething darkness as she began to awaken once again.

She was vaguely aware of her clothing being tugged and plied gently from her body. Unseen, yet knowing, fiery fingers seemed to caressed her quivering adult body. Teasing her luscious nubile nipples maddeningly erect, insinuating themselves within the yearning crevasses of her rapidly heating sex-organs, and making her tingle, with a searing flame of longing in her lovely, lubricious loins. As her eyes began to open she began to panic.

The smoothly stroking palms and plying fingers where still caressing her highly aroused body. Purple robes with gold emblazonry, featureless white masks, bobbled in the dim lighting of the familiar old church hall all about her.

"Remain calm Jennifer!" Mr. Black commanded sternly for close by.

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As her eyes began to focus she recognized his unforgettably evil image standing just before her, cloaked in his ceremonial black vestments; gold mask, and long gold artifice of horns upon his head. "What. the. FUCK.?" she stammered, finding her voice already thick with lust, as the many fingers of the congregation pressing in around her continued to pleasure her erotically charged body. "Remain calm Jennifer! I'm your friend, we have always been your big family Jennifer, welcome home!" "B.But how.ooooh?

Jennifer's question ended in a shudder of lust as someone's finger wiggled, oh so nicely, in her butt. "We brought you here while you were sleeping my dear." "B.but.but YOU!" "Don't delude yourself any longer my dear. You always knew that we would find you one day. It wasn't easy I assure you lamb. But you are worth the effort after all I see." The familiar baritone of Doctor Schwarzkopf spoke to her soothingly, as Mr. Black leered at her gorgeous female frame. "Stand up now Jennifer, and follow me.

Tonight the stars have aligned again, and we must complete the ritual we started all those years ago. Come to me! My darling little daughter. And from all of us. Welcome home again!" Many hands helped Jenny rise on lust weakened legs and shaky knees.

Incomprehensibly, even to herself, she decided to play along, in fact, she wasn't even really all that shocked she realized. She suddenly felt more at home than she had in years, and found herself following Mr. Black past the old familiar altar she'd adorned so many times before, and up onto to Dias of the chancel at the far end of the church. She took a place beside him as he'd indicated to her, then turned to face the hundreds of masked cult members whom had gathered to complete the unholy communion service that had been so rudely interrupted years before.

She stood before the evil congregation, showing beautifully every curve of her luscious naked physique. Her body demanding sensuality from herself. In the face of the growing awareness of her need . a desire for sexual fulfillment, she knew she must allow herself to trust; her beautiful young body screamed for it, and she found she wasn't frightened any more. The rational part of her mind knew that she should probably run away right now, but her hypnotically conditioned mind rejected that, completely.

Suddenly, Mr. Black cleared his throat before addressing those around him, "O Lord Satan, we beseech thee, show kindness to those of us who deserve it, we pledge ourselves to your unholy vengeance, let us be responsible for your evil blessing here tonight!" And then he turned to Jennifer. "Jenny! Do hear me?" "Yes." "Do you accept that you are just another animal of this world?" "Yes.

I do" "Will you offer your enthusiasm on all-fours? Do you reject the praising of the flaccid Christian bosom? And instead, offer your physical, mental, and emotional gratification to The Beast! Gratification. Fuck yeah! That's what I need right now, for sure! Jenny realized as she answered. "I do!" Jenny took a blood filled goblet he handed her then, to her full red lips and drank from it in toast.

After she handed it back, Mr. Black stepped in and kissed her. They stood there on the stage for a moment, embracing and kissing. Working their tongues deeply and ferociously into one another, while their restless hands fondled and probed at each others bodies.

Then Mr. Black pulled away. He commanded Jennifer, "Feel yourself, caress yourself girl!" The gorgeously shaped fair-skinned blond began to probe at her open, spilling cunt with avaricious fingers.

She closed her eyes and stood swaying back and forth in a trance of passion. On some level, she knew her own husband was watching her from the crowd just then, but she only felt euphoric understanding in her heart.

She was the big family's sexual magnet after all, and she knew right at that moment, she had finally come home. where she belonged. Then Mr. Black stepped forward and guided her to where a pentagram was blazoned on the floor, and director her to lay within it. There was a goat standing to the side of the pentagram, and as soon as she approached, he raised his bearded head and stared at her meaningfully.

He was a muscular, brawny black brute. His amber eyes gazed at her and his muzzle twitched. His cock was hanging slack under his loins, just the tip of his cock-head poking out from his hairy black cock. His cock-knob was glossy and black and his balls were white, in starling contrast with his pure black body and cock-shaft.

Is he the same one I'd ridden years before? It doesn't matter. He seems very pleased to see me, Jenny thought. And now she was laying, head, arms and legs, each taking up position in the five points of the ancient symbol of its star.

And then, as she laid spread out nakedly before them all, Mr. Blacks voice boomed out again; "In the name of Satan, the Ruler of the earth, the King of the world, I command the forces of Darkness to bestow their Infernal power upon this bestial union!" and then he asked Jenny directly: "Unholy sister, do you give your mating signal?" "I do!" Jenny found herself replying from her heart.

Jenny jerked her head around just then, as she was bumped at her cheek by the snout of the big black Billy-goat. The big animal slopped its thick tongue against the sensitive flesh at the base of Jenny's slender throat, sending a hard shiver through her whole body.

Then he stepped casually over Jenny's outstretched legs, dipped his head down, and began lapping his wide wet tongue against the upper slopes of Jenny's bare young tits. The congregation watched in wide-eyed wonder while the Billy-goat nuzzled the pretty blonds big tits and crinkling nipples, sucking and slurping and slobbering heavily all over the beautiful mounds.

Jenny was shocked at the pleasure that the animal's licking tongue sent flowing into her tits. The rough stroking of her hardened nipple buds brought both pain and pleasure, but the combination felt wonderful, and made her tummy tense with a new kind of lust. The sensations grew within her, filling her body with strange new feelings with each new stroke of the goat's abrasive tongue. It tickled, it hurt, it warmed, it rasped, she thrust the huge firm mounds of her tits upward and outward for the animal to lick.

Damn, it felt good. Her nips had never been harder. They seemed about to explode, they were so distended. How they ached. But the ache was wonderful. It seemed the goat liked to use his teeth as well. She could barely stand it as he nipped her nipples as he licked them. Her tits were on fire, her nipples searing points of flame. And the undersides of her tits felt as though they were being rubbed raw with wet sandpaper.

It was hell. But it was a burning hell of wild pleasure. Jenny couldn't remember before experiencing such insane sensations, although she had dreamed of feeling such wonderful things.


Her whole body was quivering in a frenzy of overpowering need, urgent lust. She felt her ass cheeks tighten and lift her off the ground. She was shaking hard, her whole body jolting and jerking with the pleasure of the goats' tongue. She knew she wanted to fuck and suck again in front of the congregation, just as she had as a child.

She would not be content until she had completed a sensual extravaganza that could never be duplicated in a thousand years. She wanted to be the cults undisputed queen of erotica. She had to. Not out of any threat of death, but because of a wild compulsion within herself. She struggled to her knees, then stood up close into the old goat.

His long jaws were munching on his cud, but the horny beast was obviously interested in the naked, aromatic female before him. Jennifer wasn't sure if it was true, as they said, that a goat will eat anything but she sure as hell hoped he wanted to eat her pussy. Jennifer stepped up to the animal, sidling up to the goat's head. She shoved her trim little belly out and the brute snuffled his moist snout around in her slickened fuck-slot, snorting and blowing.

The goat could detect the scent of musky female fuck-readiness in her heated human cunt. The animal was bleating and shuffling its excitement. It raised its muzzle and sniffed at the secreting vulva that was so rudely thrust into its face. It lunged the fuzzy pubic mound at Jenny's cleft. It sniffed and lapped and then it began to eat at her pubic hairs. Gripping him by his horns, Jenny rose onto her toes, grinding her groin against his bearded muzzle. Then she got a handful of his silken beard and jerked his head around, as he breathed in the heated fumes of her captivatingly crimson cunt-crack.

As the goat pulled her cunt-hairs roughly out, Jennifer let out a mournful cry of passion that delighted everyone. Clutching the goat by the horns, the sensual blonde pressed its head deep into her crotch as his raspy tongue laved up her tingling cunt-crack. The goats prick began to rise, his dark cock-knob squeezing from its animal sheath. His balls started to inflate like white balloons. Jenny trembled in anticipation of all the hot fuck-juice that was causing his balls to expand.

She squirmed on his fluttery, scraping tongue until her cunt began to really simmer, then she pulled away. She knelt beside the creature and reached under him, fondling his balls and stroking up and down his cock-shaft. She marveled at the incredible barbed head of the animal's inhuman cock. She tried to imagine what it must feel like to have such a bizarre, hook-headed phallus, with its curled-back cock-head's flaring rear ridge, stroking and gauging within the soft fleshy folds of a human females confining, catching cunt.

"Mmmmmmmmm." She purred at the idea, and the crowd swooned at a trickle of pre-cum that spilt from the animal's piss-hole, glistening creamy and yellow against his dark cock-meat. Jennifer leaned in and licked up a glob his gross, goatish goop. She savored its pungent maleness on her tongue, loving the creamy, musky taste. She sniffed at his cock-head and laved it with her tongue. More pre-cum oozed into her mouth. Curling her fingers around his cock-shaft, the beautiful, young blonde slipped his animal cock-head into her mouth.

Locking her soft lips tightly around his hardening prick, she could feel his tasty cock swelling rapidly as she sucked.


In less than a minute the handsome black Billy-goat had a horrendous hard-on. Moaning, she sucked the goat's cock-head right into her mouth, suckling on it hungrily. Her cheeks drew in and her lips twisted on his cock. She also began to work his cock in her fingers. Feeling it swell and grow stiffer, she grasped it firmly in one hand and sipped its barbed knob in her voluptuous mouth. Then, as if the passion and energy of a thousand centuries of devil worship were within her, Jenny devoured the beast's randy cock.

Working her pretty head up and down on its knobby length, trying to drive it deeper and deeper into her mouth. "Ahhhh!" she sighed, as more pre-cum washed over her thrashing tongue.

The animal grunted and his hindquarters heaved. He felt the magic of her human mouth, and now he began to fuck his cock into her willing face. In the audience, cult men and women were swooning together now. Overcome completely by the wondrous sight before their eyes, the horny men and women began to grope and fuck one another. Hands searching tentatively into wet cunt mouths, hot lips sucking longing cocks. Some of women cultists began to moan and cry out together in passion. One girl was lying prone on her belly between another's legs, sucking and kissing at the open lips of a red-haired vulva close by the pulpit.

Meanwhile, Jenny opened her mouth wide, taking the goat's slick cock-head back into her throat and running her lips right down to the root of his cock. She was sure if she tried hard enough, she could take the goat's cock into her throat, balls-deep.

Gorging with a glutton's glee, Jennifer bobbed her head up and down on the beast's thrusting prick. His balls swung into her throat as she sucked greedily on his cock-stalk.

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Then she pulled her lips back up and mouthed his pounding prick-head passionately again. Jennifer was sorely tempted to let the goat empty his balls into her mouth, but her cunt was blazing hot, her pink cunt-slot fluttering and pursing like a mouth.

She ran the goat's prick into her throat, thinking about how lovely that long, fat cock would feel up her cunt-hole. She gulped his cock down like a sword-swallower, right to the hairy root, her chin rubbing against his balls. She blew, sucked, tongued and hummed, playing his prick like a musical instrument, as she rubbed and kneaded his swollen animal balls with her finely thrumming fingers.

Jennifer sucked back up his slobber-soaked cock-shaft and gulped on his cock-head, blowing down his cock and dancing her tongue against the throbbing underside of his delicious cock-meat, then bumped her face down to engulf his cock again, as he humped and fucked into her lovely feminine mouth.

Pre-cum was dribbling down her throat steadily now, and she knew that she had to stop sucking the animal or else she was going to get his full cum-load in her mouth and, delicious as that prospect was, she had her burning cunt to consider. She gave him a last push-pull with her lips, then slowly drew her mouth off his animal cock-meat. The goat snorted and stamped. Jennifer's saliva was steaming from his hot meat. His hairy cock-stalk was matted with saliva and his dark cock-knob glistened with her spittle.

Jennifer tugged his prick down, then let it snap back up. His cock vibrated and hummed. She rubbed his slippery cock-tip against her tits, pushing her stiff pink nipples into his dripping piss-hole, massaging his cock and balls with both hands, sliding his cock between her plump tits and letting his cock-knob run into the hollow of her throat.

She kissed his slimy cock-tip lovingly, then rolled away and turned onto her hands and knees, her ass toward the beast. "Fuck me!" she urged, delighting the crowd again as she gave her ass a grinding, thrusting jerk toward him. Her head was down on the ground and her ass was hiked up high, thighs parted to give him access to her smoldering, gold-fringed groin.

The goat jammed his muzzle into her flooded fount, nostrils flaring as he blew up her fuck-hole. He butted her playfully with his horns, then snuffled around in her pussy again. Goat-slobber filled her creamy cunt and dripped from her taut clit.

Then the nimble brute mounted her. His haunches heaved and he threw his legs around her hips, gripping her tightly with his cloven hooves. His prick flared at her crotch. He humped and his long cock slid up, burrowing through the taut crack of her ass. Jennifer reached back between her legs and took his hairy cock in her hand, guiding his cock-knob back into her fuck-slot. She moved it around, stirring her dripping honey-pot, then pulled the tip of his cock-head into her foaming fuck-slot.


The goat leaped as if he had been struck by a high voltage current, every nerve in his body sparking, every sinew jumping. His cock hooked at her cunt-mouth just like an bloated rubber arrowhead. Jennifer's pussy-slot was sucking on the head of his cock, just like her mouth had done before, her clit flaring on his slick cock like a tongue. The goat was enchanted by the mysteries of her human body. Her mouth and her cunt were interchangeable.

He could fuck her in the face and her fuck-hole could suck him like her mouth. Jennifer wiggled wantonly under the brute, squirming and jerking. She felt his balls, buffeting her butt. The goat hammered deeper into her cunt.

His dark cock disappeared and her cunt-lips clamped around his hairy cock-stalk, rippling, pulling, fluttering. The goat danced over her haunches, his hooves scrambling on the floor, his front legs yanking her lithe loins back to his. While his amber eyes were glowing with goatish glee. He fed her more stiff prick, burying half of his long, throbbing cock in her tunnel of lust. Her cunt-walls gripped him, clinging tightly, molding her cunt around the contours of his cock. Her pussy-muscles fluttered, closing in rings on his cock, dragging him deeper.

With a lurch, the animal hooked his hairy horn into her fuck-hole to the hilt. His swollen balls jammed in her crotch and her wet cunt-lips were plastered around the thick root of his thick animal prick. The goat held his cock buried in her as Jenny's talented cunt pulled and sucked tantalizingly. His flaring cock-head glowed in the core of her cunt while its hooked head gouged against her grateful g-spot, and his hard shaft wedged and levered in her tensing cunt-tunnel.

Jennifer gurgled with joy, loving to be so full of prick. His cock-head was so deep that she thought it must be bumping around in her vital organs, threatening to jam up her throat and come sliding out of her mouth, so that she could suck him while he fucked her. Mmmmm what a horny, fucked-up thought! She began to shove her ass back and forth, fucking herself on the goat's cock as he clung to her haunches.

She pulled her pussy up to his cock-knob, then pushed back and took him balls-deep up her fuck-hole again. Snorting, the brute began to fuck his prick into her, ramming out as her trim little ass shoved back.

His stiff cock hissed into her frothy cunt-hole and her cunt squished and slurped as he withdrew. With his horns held high and his amber eyes glazed with lust, the handsome goat began fucking his cock into her with blinding speed.

"OOOOOH, fuck yeah!" his horny female squealed with joy, as the lusting animal further increased the tempo of his rapid thrusts. Jennifer moaned, feeling every precious inch of that horn humping hectically inside her hot hole.

The beast jumped and danced, cavorting capriciously, fucking her like she'd never been before. The blonde's full ripe tits were jiggling like crazy as the big goat fucked her crouching body.

He was practically knocking the breath out of her every time his rigid rooter fucked into her cunt.

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Jenny met him stroke for stroke, grinding and pumping like an animal herself, primitive in her passion. As his cock plunged in, he tilted her ass up and jammed her head to the ground, as if fucking her right into the timber. She twisted, winding her cunt around on his cock as he withdrew, then slammed back to meet him as he plowed into her again. Watching excitedly, the whole congregation could easily see how much the little woman was enjoying her first fuck with a goat.

Apart from being perversely erotic, the unwholesome fuck action had the drama of witnessing a man trying to pull his boathook from the gumming mouth of a writhing, thrashing shark. Meanwhile, Jenny's pretty little face was distorted with lust as she wantonly slammed her cute little ass back to meet every deep plunge of the animal's prick.

Helplessly aroused by the delicious friction of the handsome Billy-goat's cunt-clapper, Jenny was creaming all over the slimy length of his bright-black goat-cock, making his prick glisten obscenely with her slippery wetness. His tight-fitting cock was stuffing her cunt full and pumping cunt-cream out. The foaming girl-goo slid down her crotch, lathering her groin and running down her tense thighs.

The horny woman's face was glowing with excitement as she eagerly took the hard, rapid strokes of the animal's fucking prong. The hard meat of his thoroughly aroused cock was pumping the hot juices right out of her sizzling pussy, her own thick cunt cream splattering all over the goat's shaggy belly. "Yeah! Fuck my horny cunt!" Jenny wailed loudly. "Fuck my ass off!" The goat's hips were moving at a blinding speed as he excitedly fucked his throbbing cudgel into the slick hotness of Jenny's little, gold-fringed human cunt.

There was almost a lusting grin on the face of the bearded animal as he feverishly fucked into the hotly writhing woman.

With the screaming ecstasy still mounting in her fiery cunt, the insanely aroused blonde was slamming her ass back even harder to take the full thrust of his plunging cock.

"FUCK, GOAT, FUCK!" she shouted. Holding his horns high, the magnificent goat was humping into Jenny with a savage powerfulness, rocking her beautiful young body, making her firm tits bounce beneath her with joy.

Jenny was in a state of unequaled ecstasy, and everyone could clearly see how much she was enjoying herself. Her pretty face was twisted into a wicked grin of lust as she slammed her sweet cunt back around his wildly fucking goat-cock. "EEEEEGGGHHH!" she wailed in wanton delight.

"FUCK ME, FUCK ME!" The pretty blonde's face was glowing with sexual bliss, squealing with rapture as she took the repeated thrusts of the animal's hard goat-prick. The goat's hips were twitching and jerking with a blinding speed as he feverishly fucked into the slippery slickness of her hotly clutching cunt. Jenny's beautiful young body was being thoroughly fucked by the rampaging animal's steel-hard cock. The machine-gun rapidity of the goat's deep thrusts were almost more than the writhing blonde could stand.

The wanton joy built and built in her seething loins as his hot, hard cock streaked in and out of her juicy cunt. Feeling herself rushing toward a traumatic orgasm, the beautiful young woman braced her hands against the ground as she slammed her cunt back around the hard, slippery length of the goat's plunging cock.

"OOOOOOOH!" she suddenly squealed to her audience. "I'M COMING . COMING!" Jenny's orgasmic feelings began building hotly around the throbbing length of the goat's prick as her cunt muscles involuntarily contracted around his hard cock-shaft. She started to climax. The waves of bliss rushed across her belly and shot like electric current up her trembling thighs. The waves came higher and faster, each one rushing upon the one before, mingling into one foaming crest. As her fuck-hole had filled with girl-cum, the goat's mighty cock flew in faster, fairly floating up her cunt.

His balls slapped in, spraying a mist of cunt-cream from her crotch, whacking her like a blackjack each time he thundered in to the hilt of his prick. The beast was fucking his prick to her frantically now, as he neared the peak. His balls were pumping, ready to blow. Suddenly he started to cum. His jism poured out in a tidal wave. The animal pranced and bucked and snorted as he shot his goatish cum into her in jets and spurts, draining his big balls steadily.

His cum filled Jenny's cunt and her cum-juice flowed onto it. As he filled her cunt-slot, thick, foaming cum gushed out, the girl's pearly pussy-nectar was streaked by the beast's yellow cum.

Jenny's face flushed crimson as she felt her own climax coming with a great savage roar, like a tsunami wave of sound and all consuming pleasure steaming onto a tropical beach.

Jennifer's clit exploded. Her cunt creamed and cramped. The girl was coming in her clit and then coming again in the depths of her loins, creaming in the very core of her cunt as the animal stuffed her. He fucked in with thundering fuck-strokes, his cock a flashing lightning rod in her cunt. She heard the beast bellow and felt his hooves tighten over her hipbones, hauling her back toward his balls. She hung, teetering on the edge of the most beautiful, blinding orgasm of her entire life, her long blonde hair hanging down, her throat straining for breath.

Then suddenly her entire body was vibrating madly and the seething secretions of her lust came gushing down around the beasts lewdly pulsing prick. He shot as he fucked in, then shot again on the recoil. Her own coming increased, peaking with the brute. She gasped and whimpered and moaned, going crazy with the joy of having his goat-cum hose her fuck-hole.


Jennifer cried out in ecstasy as she felt his goatish goo flood her womb. Instantly her mind was awash with a million searing blazes of white hot flame, destroying every thought except the piercing, lust-inciting feeling of the rutting, gushing goat cock exploding deep within her eager cunt, which hungrily milked his jerking cock, until every last drop of his viscous load was sloshing deep up inside her passion distended womb.

She would have screamed for pure joy, but she could only moan out to the crowd, "OOOOOOH! My GOD! It's so wonderful!" Slowly, the satiated relaxing euphoria overcame her like nothing she had ever known before, nor ever would again. Through her delirium that swallowed her, she was only vaguely aware of Mr.

Black, saying something over her exhausted, panting body. "Satan, lord and master, she has acknowledged the power of our magic! Please take from her, exactly what we wish you to put in!" And the others too were calling out, slowly at first, but quickly gaining in speed and volume as they intoned a magic incantation with their fevered adult voices.

"Specto suscitatio.

Specto suscitatio. Specto suscitatio. Specto suscitatio.Specto suscitatio.Specto suscitatio. Specto suscitatio. Specto suscitatio. Specto suscitatio. Specto suscitatio. Specto suscitatio." the cultists chanted, performing their prearranged parts in the culmination of the celestial event they longed to witness Await awakening!

But who would awake and whom would have to wait? As one evil, eternal sprit was freed and lifted at that moment, yet another was sucked down. Down, down, down into darkness. Miraculously, a brand-new Jennifer Parker rose easily to her feet just then, as the goat dropped dead behind her.

Arch she-demon Barbelo looked around her with her lovely new blue eyes, inspecting the congregation, now shrieking all about her. Many of the unholy brethren went irrevocably insane when they realized what had happened. However, the atrocious Mr. Black found his tongue, and as was his duty, he recognized his most unholy mistress by throwing himself prostrated at her feet, before concluding the congregations evil machinations with the last words of their spell; "May the perversion of humanity be completed through the realization, in a living woman as the platform for this demon.

And may we now go forward together using mankind's latest technologies in the persistent creation of hell on earth, HAIL SATAN!" The gorgeous blond woman's body, her eyes glowing like two blue bonfires, looked down on her priest and smiled in pure evil, as the quickly fading feeling of Jennifer's vital essence sank away.

However, even though Barbelo had now possessed a glamorous female body, it's former owner's spirit hadn't entirely ceased to be; In fact: There was an indeterminate period of time, during which, all manner of obscenity danced before Jennifer dementedly, in roiling, seething darkness as she continued to regress. And then, she achieved her final altered state.

She was at the bottom of a deep, dark ocean. A lower place inside the crucible of her very being, which used to be so far from the pain of her unbearable childhood, and the horrors that made her fearful, sick and anxiously aroused.

However, she found no rest in her deep dark cavern now. She was only twelve years old again, naked in a fevered, fearful, loathing hell, in which she was writhing, damned forever to excruciating lust. Unseen, yet knowing, fiery fingers seemed to caressed her quivering little body in the hectic, howling darkness. Teasing her little nipples maddeningly erect, insinuating themselves within the yearning crevasses of her over-heated sex organs, and making her tingle, with a searing flame of longing; Never to be quenched again.

"No! I please stop. I'm burning! Please. nooooooooo!" Jenny's tiny spirit squealed and writhed in torment. But there would never come. a loving voice -- to lead her out again.