Frisky babe is pissing around in advance of her lover fucks her

Frisky babe is pissing around in advance of her lover fucks her
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Let me start by saying that there is a LOT more story in this chapter, and a bit less sex. For those after only the sex, I'm sorry, but I hope you like the 3-4 page sex scene that is in here. Also, there is no actual incest in this chapter, but it is referenced, hence the reason for the 'incest' tag. I dunno what happened to the other chapter 7, somehow it became truncated when I pasted it into this sight.

It should be in it's entirety now. Sorry for the confusion. As always, comments are deeply & truly appreciated. I hope you enjoy, but if not, lemme know why. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I hung up the phone in frustration. The agency I had worked with to buy our new place refused to give me Betty's number, and would only tell me that she was absent, and would return my calls when she got back from her vacation time.

I haven't seen her since that afternoon she had given me that great titty-fucking, and then screwed me to a great ejaculation. I'd worried about her, when she hadn't shown up to the housewarming party, but she refused to get back in touch with me.

That had been a few weeks ago I heard a knock on my office door, and yelled for whomever it was to enter. Dixie walked in, and smiled at me. She must have sensed my mood. "What's wrong?" She asked as she sauntered over to my desk. She had on one of her stripper outfits, a short black leather dress that barely covered her ass, and occasionally offered glimpses of her black thong underneath as she walked.

"Just business," I lied, not wanting to tell her the truth. I felt bad about lying, but I usually kept my occasional dalliances to myself, except when they joined into the fun with my girlfriends and me. "But things are looking up, now that I am looking at you," I complimented her. She laughed at my corniness, and sitting on the edge of my desk flashing her black thong at me, she leaned forward to give me a peck on the lips.

"That's why I love you, you know that?" Her eyes sparkled as she looked down at me. "Because you always treat me like I'm the only one in the world for you, even though I know there are really three of us." It was my turn to smile now. I did try to make each of my girlfriends feel special. "So. Did you come in just to tease me with that outfit, or was there something else?" She hopped off the desk, and planted her rear in my lap.

Grabbing both my hands, she placed them on her abdomen, and leaned back, placing her head on my shoulder and her lips near my ear. "Oh, I dunno. Teasing can be rather fun, don't you think?" Her hips started to gyrate against my groan in the way that I have noticed only strippers can really pull off, and I moaned to let her know I appreciated what she was doing to me.

The door to my office opened, and I tried to move Dixie off of me, but she still had hold of my arms, and kept them around her slender waist. Everyone in the club knew I was sleeping with Geo, Dixie, and Amber, but I preferred not to flaunt it. I wondered what Dixie was playing at, as she was usually circumspect as well. When I saw that it was Amber walking through the door, I immediately realized that they had planned this.

My cock twitched under Dixie at the thought of what they might have planned, and as she continued to grind against me.

I pulled Dixie tighter to me, and nibbled the back of her neck. Amber walked over to us, and even with her pregnant belly sticking out, she was still a seductive woman, and somehow still pulled off the grace of a professional stripper. "I see I arrived just in time," she said, leaning over us, and nibbling the side of my neck. I moved my hands down Dixie's stomach, to the opening of her too short dress, and touched the fabric covering her crotch.

It was already wet. I pressed against where I figured her clit would be, and was rewarded with a throaty moan from the brunette. Amber pulled Dixie from my lap, and I was disappointed, until she leaned over and planted her lips against mine, her red hair falling down on my shoulders. Her tongue ran along my lips, before darting between my teeth in a coy dance that she knew I enjoyed. I threw my arms up to pull her gently into my lap, only to have her nimbly pull away.

I found both women looking down at me, a serious expression on both their faces. Only then did I notice that a third person had entered the room, as Geo walked up and stood next to them. They all wore the same unflappable expression. The look was only slightly marred by Amber's and Dixie's flushed cheeks. "What's going on, ladies?" I asked, starting to get nervous.

Normally all three women in my office like this would mean some fun, but the looks they were giving me nixed that idea. "We've been talking," Amber said, and I raised one eyebrow at her serious tone. "And we've decided that you need to get Geo pregnant," Dixie said right after Amber.

"Now you know how I feel about that!" I reminded them, my anger rising slightly. I had been clear in my adamancy about that very subject numerous times. "And we don't care," Geo told me right back. "Until I get pregnant, or at least, until you start trying to get me pregnant, none of us will sleep with you." In shock, I could only close my mouth, as what she had just said ran over and over in my mind, like a broken record.

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Before anything could even enter my stunned brain as a response, all three women turned their backs on me, and walked out, closing the door behind them. I went to the two-way mirror that showed out onto the main floor, and watched as they hugged each other, and then looked up to where I was watching them.

Even though I knew they couldn't see me, I still shuddered. I was now horny as hell, and my three girlfriends had just informed me that I would be celibate until I started cumming in my sister again.

Well, I could play that game too. I knew how horny they got, and soon they would be coming back to me, one at a time. * * * A couple days later as the sun was just cresting the horizon, I drove to the agency Betty worked at, and noticed her car in front.

I was starting to debate if I should wait for her to come out, or if I should go in, when she relieved me of having to make that decision, by coming out. "Betty," I yelled, as I got out. She looked at me, only to get that 'deer in the headlights' look then dropped her head to her ample bosom.

"I'm sorry to bother you at work, but I have been worried about you," I told her as I walked up to her. "Yeah, I got your messages. I was hoping you'd realize I didn't want to talk to you when I never returned them." I felt my gut sink, as her words penetrated my mind.

"Did I do something wrong? I didn't tell your agency about what happened," I tried to assure her.

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"I-it's not that," she told me shakily, then heaved a large sigh, which did wonders for her chest and my currently undersexed cock. Even after two days, the girls were holding out on me.

Not only that, but they were avoiding me too, not giving me the opportunity to turn them on as much as they had left me the other night. That was part of why I had actually taken the time to drive out here, while the girls were in school. "Look," Betty said, finally lifting her gaze to meet mine, "I lied to you, okay. I do have a boyfriend, but for some reason I just couldn't resist you right then, and so I lied. It was wrong of me, but I-Oh hell, I don't know! Just leave me alone, okay.

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I haven't told Harold, my boyfriend, and I would understand if you went in and told my boss, but I would really rather you didn't." The way she seemed so truly downtrodden and sad tugged at my heartstrings. I would miss having the opportunity to have my hands on those luscious tits again, but I couldn't be cruel to her, even if she had lied to me.

"I won't tell. I already promised that, and I keep my promises." I watched as her big red lips split in a relieved smile. "Just know that if you ever leave this, Harold." I left the rest unsaid, and held back my own grin as I saw her eyes dart to the bulge in my pants. I swear I saw her tongue touch her soft lips momentarily, before she shook herself, and looked anywhere but at me.

"Thanks," I could hear the relief in her voice as I noticed her body visibly relax. "I know I don't deserve it, but thanks. And trust me," her eyes finally lifted back to mine, "If I ever need something that big in me again, I know who to call." Betty surprised me by giving me a tight hug, mashing her tits against my chest, and making my groin ache all the more for it's being ignored.

As I drove back home I saw Diane, my neighbor, outside. I had been saddened to hear that her son had been in a terrible accident, and now had to rely on her and his sister to help him out. I pulled over in front of her house, and she looked up at me, flashing her beautiful smile as she did so. "Hey John!" she greeted me. "I was actually hoping to see you. I have to run some errands later, and was hoping that Jason could call on you if he needed anything?" This wasn't quite what I'd had in mind when I'd pulled over to talk to her, but realized how foolish it would be of me to try to sleep with her again.

She had been a lot of fun, but had never hinted that she wanted a repeat performance. "Sure," I told her. "Just give him my cell number, and I should be home all afternoon." Bored out of my mind, and horny as hell, I finished in my head.

It wasn't till I pulled into my garage that the idea of another BBQ occurred to me. If it ended anything like the last one, I would get some action for sure! I decided that this time I would keep it much smaller though, and just invite Diane's family over. Who knows?

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Maybe I'll even get a crack at Diane's cute auburn haired daughter. Later that day I heard a lot of swearing and vulgarities being yelled at from next door, and popped my head out to see what was going on. A rather attractive redhead, (Though I didn't consider her to be on Amber's level) was pounding on Diane's door, and screaming at Jason. With her colorful language, it didn't take me long to figure out what had happened. Way to go Jason, I thought in admiration of the man.

Apparently he'd just fucked her and kicked her out. At least someone is getting some, the gloomy thought struck me. Would it really be so bad getting Geo pregnant? Was it worth all this hassle? I quickly squashed these thoughts as I walked back inside, and turned on the radio to drown the obnoxious girl out.

* * * The next morning I was able to catch Amber before she ditched me for the day, and asked her if she would invite Diane and her family over for a BBQ tomorrow. The look she gave me said she knew what I was up to, but she still did it for me. I felt bad asking her, with her pregnancy and all, but everyone else was already out the door before I even woke up.

My girls were playing hardball, and the only problem was, it was me being hard all the time, and no one to take care of my balls. I jumped in my car, to go shopping, and try to get my mind off my own problems. Halfway there my phone rang, and I pulled over to answer it.

"John man, where are you?" Joe's voice sounded in my ear. "I've a young lady here by the name of Betty who says she has an appointment with you." "I don't remember having an appointment, but I'm on my way." I said, as I hung up, and flipped around. Shopping could wait. I only knew one Betty. I recognized the car in the parking lot, and I entered through the employee's entrance. Joe met me just outside my office. "I dunno what kind of appointment you had with her, but she refused to tell me anything else," he told me.

A flash of memory of Joe screwing Geo popped into my head, and I felt my jealousy rise somewhat. I rarely ever got jealous, and I stamped the ugly feeling down. That had been when I'd promised my sister that anyone but me could get her pregnant.

She had been so happy then, but apparently it hadn't been working for her. She'd gotten my other two girlfriends to turn against me now. "Thanks, Joe," I told the burly man. All my bouncers were bigger than me, but I knew I could hold my own in any strength contests. Besides, when it came to bouncing, I preferred to use my brains over my brawn. "Don't let anyone disturb us." Joe gave me a wink, as though he knew what I was after. I didn't know if he would run to tell my women what I was doing or not, but if he valued his job, he'd keep his mouth shut.

I found Betty seated in front of my desk, her face in her hands, and I could hear the soft sounds of her sobbing. I quickly closed the gap, and placed my arms around her, pulling her into a hug. She cried into my shoulder for a few minutes, getting it nice and wet as I patted her back, trying to figure out something to say. "You probably think I'm crazy," she finally said when her tears had lightened. "No crazier than any other woman I know," I told her teasingly, hoping to lighten the mood.


I never dealt well with serious situations, and always tried to make light of any I was forced into. Some people either appreciated this, or they didn't. Apparently Betty was one that appreciated it as she flashed me a smile through her red eyes. I stood, grabbing some tissues from my desk, and handed them to her. She accepted them gratefully, and dabbed at her eyes. "You probably want to know why I am here, after our talk yesterday," Betty stated when she was done with the tissues.

"Only if you want to tell me," I said, trying to be delicate. I wasn't sure how this appointment was going to turn out, and I was hedging my bets. The last thing I needed was to drive this beautiful black woman away. Looking at her now, even with the tear stains running down her cheeks, I thought she would make a terrific stripper.

I wondered how well she could dance. The incongruity of this usually prim and proper woman dancing in my club struck me, and I had to stifle a chuckle.

"Last night I went to see Harold," she started. "I realized that if I truly cared for him, I had to confess what we had done." She paused to hiccup a couple times before continuing. "He then informed me that he already knew. He said he didn't care about me or who I screwed, and only used me for a fuck toy." Betty broke out in tears again, and I hugged her back to me, thinking that this Harold guy was quite the bastard, and needed to have his ass kicked.

"I don't think he will be fucking anyone else anytime soon. I left him trying to decide if he needed to hold his eye or his crotch. I'm stronger than I look." I couldn't help but laugh at the picture this brought to mind.

I didn't know if it was all that he deserved, but I was happy he'd gotten it. "By the time I got back to the office, he'd already called and told them everything. Now I don't have a job, either!" I don't know why I said it, but the words were out before I could haul them back. "I'd hire you here, but I don't know if you could do it. You absolutely have the body for it." Betty pushed me away, and looked at me in shock. I should never have said that to this prim and proper woman.

I waited for her to start yelling and screaming at me for being such a pervert. "I have a Bachelor's degree in finance, and you want me to work at a strip club?" Her voice was surprisingly even as she asked this. "I was just trying to help," I said defensively.

"Forget I said anything." "No, no. I want to hear this." She told me in that same even tone. "How much do your. um. girls make a night?" I thought about it for a moment, and then took the averages of Geo, Amber, and Dixie.

They were my top three dancers, and usually pulled in the most. "On a slow night, maybe as little as five-hundred. Much more on a busy night." The club had picked up its business after I had done some remodeling and advertising, and was doing even better than ever.

At the rate we were pulling in money, I would have Larry paid off in only a few years. "Per NIGHT?" Betty's even voice finally broke in shock. "How many nights a week do they work?" "As many as they want." I replied evenly, as I sat on the edge of my desk. "I don't force them to do any more than they want. We have a schedule out a week in advance, and the girls just let me know when they want some time off." I could tell she was doing the math in her head.

"That's a LOT more than I made as a real-estate agent, if I worked only four nights a week! Especially in this economy." "Well, yeah. It's good money, but you would have to be comfortable dancing and stripping in front of an audience." I warned her.

She gave me a shrewd look as she examined me. "You don't think I could do it, do you?" Her tone gave me a warning of its own, so I tried to steer the conversation in a different direction. "I always start the new girls out as bartenders and hostesses, until they learn all the rules." Betty stood, and started to walk to the door, and I figured I had really upset her. Thinking it was best to let her just go, I kept my mouth shut.

When she reached the door, however, she locked it, and turned back to me. "Do you have any music in here, or do I need to image some?" For some reason, I didn't quite catch on to what she meant. "I am applying for a job here. I assume I need to try-out, or whatever it is you call it." I spun around and started up some music on my computer, only to have her tell me to play something else. After a few songs, she finally agreed to one.

Her red business suit and skirt weren't usual stripper fair, but the way she started to sway her hips to the music, and move her hands along her sides added to the eroticism of her outfit.

Her fingers toyed with the buttons to her jacket, releasing them one by one to the beats of the base pouring out of my speakers. When the last one popped free, she threw her head and shoulders back, thrusting her large chest out and slipping the jacket from around her in one quick motion.

She now stood in a white blouse and red knee length skirt. Her breasts heaved under the tight white fabric, and her hips continued to swirl above her slender stockinged legs. Betty turned around, and bent over at the waist till she touched her right ankle. She shook her booty a couple times, as her eyes looked at me seductively.

She then started to gently run her hands up her leg, all the while watching me with her large brown eyes. When she was fully back upright, she unzipped the side of her skirt, and then ran the backs of her fingers up her sides till they were over her head. She started doing what I call the genie dance: gyrating her whole body, starting with her hands and then working the rotation down her arms, through her shoulders, breasts, and hips.

As she moved, the skirt started to slip down, slowly revealing her white panties underneath. The song ended, and another one started, but Betty didn't miss a beat. She kicked the skirt to the side when it finally puddled around her ankles. She was facing me again, and my mouth was dry, as I looked at her. She smiled at the expression that had to be plastered on my face, but kept moving to the music.

Grabbing the bottom of her shirt, she inched it up, bit by bit, till finally she pulled it over her head. She now stood in her white panties and bra, and stockings. "What are the rules on touching, boss?" Betty asked seductively, and it took me a few tries to work moisture back into my mouth.

The fact that she'd called me 'boss' didn't even register. "The customer can only touch where you indicate." She giggled, and I found even that part of her seductive. "I meant the rules for me touching you." I felt like an idiot. "You can touch wherever you are comfortable.

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I haven't seen a customer yet that stopped one of my girls from touching them anywhere." Betty sauntered over to me, as I sat on the front of my desk, and slowly drew one of her long nails down my chest, as she bent forward.

Her large breasts hung from her chest, held up by only her bra, and it seemed such a weak object to hold such beauty back. As if reading my mind, she reached back, and released the clasp. Her bra almost seemed to snap off her, as her breasts sprang free from their confinement.

Betty stood back upright, and turned her back to me again, but not before I noticed just how hard her nipples were. She planted her rear in my lap, and a moan escaped from my lips before I could stop it. It had been too long since a woman had touched me there. Almost I grabbed her hips, but I remembered at the last moment to play the customer.

I couldn't touch her yet, and it was torture. Thankfully she leaned back against me, and grabbed my hands, placing them on her ample bosom. I started to kneed them as I tweaked her dark nipples between my fingers.

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I barely heard her moan over the sound of the music, and she pressed her ass harder against my straining groin. As the next song started, she pulled one of my hands down to the crotch of her wet panties, and I started playing with her pussy through the cloth. This time there was no denying the moan that escaped her lips, and I started to nibble on the back of her shoulders.

"So," she said in a breathy voice, "do I get the job?" "Yes!" I said immediately, and she spun around, grinning from ear to ear as she pressed her large soft lips to mine in a powerful kiss. Her tongue forced its way into my mouth, and then played along my teeth and gums, while her hands worked at my pants, trying to get them down and off.

As soon as my aching cock sprang free, I felt her hands grasp it, and start sliding up and down, using the pre-cum that was pouring from the tip as lubricant. I moaned into our kiss, loving the feel of her slender fingers bringing me closer to climax. "Keep that up, and you'll have me cumming soon," I told her, breaking the kiss.


She dropped to her knees, and swallowed my bulbous head between her succulent lips, and that was enough for me. My pent up climax shot down the back of her throat with such force, I feared I was going to hurt her, but she just kept moaning and sucking as I shot gob after gob down her gullet. When I finally came down, she looked up at me, licking her lips. She stuck her tongue out to show me the huge load in her mouth, as she swirled it around, playing with it between her teeth.

Still smiling, she then closed her mouth, and visibly swallowed the entire load in one gulp. "I'm glad you're still hard," she told me, her hand still working my stiff member. "I could really use this beast inside me right now." She stripped her panties and stockings down, before standing back up, and pushing me down on my desk.

My keyboard pillowed my head, and I must have landed on the volume control as the music grew louder. I pushed the keyboard out of the way, as Betty crawled on top of me, and then turned around. I watched as she grabbed my cock, and started rubbing it between her already moist lips. I reached down and grabbed two handfuls of her awesome booty just in time for her to start swallowing my penis into her canal.

We both moaned at the connection, and I couldn't help but admire how the lights in my office played of the smooth ebony skin of her back as she took me deeper inside her. "Fuck, this is so much bigger than Harold's!" she mewled loudly, though I doubted anything could be heard over the music outside. "Oh, I have needed something like this for awhile. Fuck the shit out of my cunt, boss. Fuck me hard!" Not wanting or willing to argue, I used my grip on her round ass cheeks to move her on top of me, till I felt the last of my length slip inside her.

Her hips pressed down hard as she ground her pussy against the intruding pole for a couple minutes, and I was glad I had already cum once, as this surely would have had me blowing by now.

She started to shudder on top of me, as I felt her nether muscles grip and massage my length. I sat up, wrapped my arms around her waist, and placed one hand over the place where we were joined, pressing hard on her clit as I moved us off the desk. She was surprisingly light in my arms, as I bent her over the desk, never losing contact with her inner folds.

As soon as I was sure her feet were firmly on the floor, I released her, and stood upright. Grabbing her hips, I started thrusting in and out of her, matching my rhythm to the base of the fast paced song that was now playing. It turned me on to see her tits mashed against my desktop, bulging out at her sides, as I pounded her further and further up my desk, until her thighs finally pressed against the side of the desk.

"Oh, yes! Fuck me harder, boss. Fuck me, fuck ME, FUCK ME!" With her body unable to move with each powerful thrust, I could feel myself hitting bottom in her, as her moans grew louder and louder, finally hitting a crescendo as she came again and again.

I could sense my own end coming, and from the feeling, it was going to be a powerful one. I held back as long as I could, and remembering that she wasn't on any birth control, I pulled out of her. She spun around as she dropped down. "Cum on my tits, boss. I wanna feel your hot cum all over my big fat tits!" I didn't need any further urging as my first shot hit her in the chin.

She lifted up some, as I aimed lower for the second and subsequent shots, covering as much of her globes as I could. I felt like my whole body was on fire as my ejaculation went on and on, and I even had to lean forward to brace my hand against the desk to keep me standing.

When I was finally done, I looked down at my light cum on her dark tits, and smiled at her. She returned the smile, then closed her eyes as she started rubbing my cum into her soft skin. "Mmm, I love the feel of your cum on my tits, boss. So warm and slippery." She started rubbing her nipples, and I watched in amazement as she started having another orgasm from what she was doing.

When she recovered from her final orgasm, we both redressed.


"I hate to say it, but I still have to start you out as a hostess. I'll make sure you make enough to make ends meet, till I can get you on the stage." I told her. "Thanks, boss. I truly appreciate EVERYthing," she smiles as she winks at me.

"And another thing," I say as she starts heading out my door, "My name is John. No one calls me boss around here." * * * I met Jason for the first time the next night at the BBQ. He looked pretty bad with both of his arms in a cast, but from the way both his mother and sister doted on him, I actually got a little jealous. All three of my girls were practically ignoring me.

They would talk to me if I talked to them, but otherwise they only talked to Diane and her children. At one point Jason had to go to the bathroom, and his sister, Lisa, jumped up to help him. I kind of wondered if something might be going on between the two, at the slightly flushed way Lisa looked at her brother, but was distracted as Diane started talking to me.

"So John. This is a lot tamer than your last get together." "Yeah," I replied uncertainly. "I'm still not sure how that all happened. Just one wild night, I guess." "I'm going to go see what is taking them so long," Geo said, and I just nodded, thinking back to the wild orgy that had taken place in my back yard a few weeks ago.

I'm not sure if it was where my mind was, or something else, but I was fairly certain that I heard the sound of a moan, and Geo's dirty talk from up stairs. I saw that Diane had heard it too, as she turned in that direction. "Maybe I'd better--" She started, but Amber cut her off. "I'm sure their fine. How has Jason been handling his situation?

You both seem to be taking good care of him." "Oh? Yeah, I'm sure you're right. He was really embarrassed at first, but has been taking things in stride. He's pretty resilient. I honestly think he misses working on computers more than anything." Okay, I definitely heard Geo that time. "What kind of computer work does he do?" I asked to fill any silence.

I knew Geo was up there right now, letting him fill her with his cum. I thought it was unfair that she could continue to screw other men, but she was stopping Amber and Dixie from pleasing me. At least I'd had the opportunity to be with Betty again, I thought, and then felt guilty for it.

Wasn't I treating the woman like a fuck toy, just as Harold had? I resolved that I would treat her better in the future. "Programming of some kind," Diane said, and I had to think hard to remember the question I had asked. "Hmm, maybe I'll have a talk with him.

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I might be able to use him." I said absentmindedly. I was picturing Jason plowing into my sister. Making her speak to him the way she always talked dirty to me. Maybe I really should put an end to this whole farce, and get her pregnant. What were the real chances of having a deformed baby anyway? I loved her just as much as I do Dixie and Amber. It wasn't like I couldn't afford to take care of another child.

I imagined what Geo would look like pregnant, and mentally smiled at the image. The three came back down, and from the self satisfied smile Geo gave me, I determined that she could go to hell as far as getting her pregnant was concerned.

Later on I pulled Jason aside, 'to talk business', ostensibly, but in truth to discuss what Geo had done with him.

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"You're not jealous?" He asked in surprise. I had to laugh, but it almost seemed a bit forced. "I learned to conquer my jealousy issues long ago. Besides, you're just there to get her pregnant. It's me she loves." I knew she still loved me. I just wished she showed it in other ways. That night as my three guests left rather drunk, I turned to my three beautiful girlfriends asking, "So who's up for a dip in the pool?" Almost as one, they rolled their eyes, and turned to go to their rooms, leaving me to clean up the mess from the BBQ.