Nice cock for a laid redhead

Nice cock for a laid redhead
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My parents were going away on a second honeymoon and left me home by myself. Now my house is the biggest one on the block and we have a huge pool in the back yard. So I decided after my parents left that I would throw a huge pool party.

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The day my parents left I saw them leave with their bags and drive off to the airport. After I lost sight of them I quickly ran to the phone and called up Nick. "Yo I am throwing a huge party at my house Saturday night you in. 'Yea definitely Colton" "cool see u then" After I hung up I called 15 more people and they all said that they were in. so after I got all of my ideas for the party I went to my lounge chair out by the pool. Now I am 5' 10'' great abs and nice body, which is what everyone says.

I was laying out on my chair soaking up the hot Florida sun.


When I heard a high pitched yell come from next door. I looked up and it was my neighbor. She was the hottest thing I have ever seen. About 5' 6" with the best tits and ass that I have ever seen. She and I had been friends for a long time and she always was over at my house. She came over and pulled up a chair along side of me. I said" what's wrong Abby" She said "My bitch sister will not leave me alone." "She is leaving with my parents tonight on a trip to go see my grandparents, But I'm not going" I said" cool do you want to come over Saturday night I am having a pool party.

"Sure I'm in" " hey do you want to go swimming" sure let me just go and get my bathing suit" Abby ran back to her house. When she came back out she was wearing the skimpiest bikini I have ever seen. I always thought she had the hots for me but I never made a move.

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She came over and jumped right in the pool and I followed her. We swam around and played a Marco polo game and climbed out. After I got out I had a stiffening dick and I tried to cover it up with my towel. It had no effect.

Abby went back to her chair and spared back out to dry off. I sat down but didn't spread out to try not to show her that by now I had a ragging hard on.

I kept seeing her peek over at my dick. I now knew that she was checking me out. She made the first move and asked me why I wasn't laying down.


I couldn't tell her so I spread out with a huge tent in my swim shorts. She gave out I little bit of a giggle and I said what. She replied "that's a pretty big tent you got there" I started to blush in the face and she sat up.

I also sat up but she pushed me back down. I looked up into the sky and I felt her soft hand yanking at my shorts pulling them down. I could not resist and she pulled my swim trunks right off leaving me naked out in the open on my lounge chair. She gave a dirty little smile and started to jack me off.

I, still being a virgin, have never felt something so amazing in my life before. She started to go faster and faster. I was in heaven. I heard her push her chair out of the way and I felt her mouth rap around my mouth swallowed all 8 inches of my dick. She gagged a little but she was alright. I started to groan mad moan I was say I'm gunna and right when I let out those words 6 huge squirts of cum started to gush out of my dick.

She swallowed at least 2 and let the rest hit her fantastic tits. I reached around her and while untying her bikini top got a nice make out kiss with her and me and her ran inside and jumped on the couch. I sat on top of her and used my cum as lube to titty fuck before I heard her mom calling her. She ran in the bathroom and cleaned up gave me a kiss and ran out. That night I laid there in bed and just thought of what could happen tomorrow at the party.

The next day I was so excited to have everyone come over for the party. As all the guests came over the party was getting loud. The guy across the street was going to call the cops if we didn't quiet down. So I turned down the music and the party went on. All night Abby was hitting on me and my fried nick was getting a hard on. Abby was wearing the same Bikini as yesterday and it was turning me on as well.

People started to leave one by one and it ended up being me, Abby, and Nick. Nick was going o spend the night anyway. We were all gathered around my TV watching a horror movie when Abby said that she wanted a glass of water. I said I will go get it.

But before I could get up Abby jumped up and sad ill get it. She walked out into the kitchen and did a sexy dance on the way. Now if you are sitting on my couch you can see into the kitchen if you are sitting in the right place.

I was looking into the kitchen to see if Abby could find a glass. I saw her reach into a door and pull out a plastic spoon. I was so surprised when I saw her start to use it like a dildo.

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She went on by fingering herself for about a minute and came skipping back. After the movie was over Abby asked if she could spend the night. Me and Nick looked at each other and could not refuse.


We all went up stairs and went into my room. I pulled out the air mattress and a sleeping bag for Nick. I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and when I came back I saw Nick and Abby had found my "secret" box of porno mags and videos.

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I ran over and was stopped by Nick. Abby then said pop one into the TV and let's watch it with you naked.

She said if I didn't she would tell my parents about the Box. So I striped down naked and lay on the couch. Nick sat on the floor and Abby snuggled up close to me.

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About 10 minutes I had a complete hard on. I looked down at nick and so did he. About half way through the movie I started to see a wet spot in the bottom of Abby's pajamas. I reached over and started to rub Abby's pussy and she started to moan. Nick seeing what I was doing didn't miss a beat jumped up onto the couch and started to make out with Abby. After about 10 min Nick and Abby broke their Kiss and nick pulled off her top exposing her perfect tits. After Nick Pulled off her Top I ripped off her bottom and teased her pussy with my dick.

After a couple of minutes Abby yelled stick it in me. She grabbed my ass and pushed my dick in her pussy. I was fucking her when I felt something very hard enter my ass. IT was Nick. Now we are all screaming and Abby keeps moaning that she is going to cum I felt her just explode in an orgasm and Nick pulled out of me and I pulled out of Abby just before I came. Then I and Nick jerked each other off until we came all over Abbeys chest and tits.

After we came we all just laid in amazement from what just happened and we all eventually fell asleep.