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Teen with hot bush gets it railed hardcore
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Bachiatari : Samantha's Encounter "Yesterday evening, a pile of clothes and a purse were reportedly found on a local metro subway line. They belong to a woman by the name of Ami Strauss, who never returned home that night. If you have any information leading to the location of this woman or of her captors, please contact your local authorities.

Next up, why eating donuts may be bad for your health." Samantha changed the channel to something less dark and, let's face it, real. She flipped through the channels for a while before finally turning the television off. "There's nothing good on TV these days." She tossed the remote to the side. "Oh well. I guess I'll have to find something else to do." She wandered around her apartment, looking for something to do.

It was late, so she didn't want to go out. Playing cards? "No, I'm no good at solitaire or any of those games." Call friends? "Nah, they're probably asleep or something." Movie? "I guess I could watch a movie, and maybe eat some popcorn. Yeah, that's sounds good. Better than nothing, at least." Samantha looked through the small stack of DVDs she had standing next to her DVD player.

She picked out an exciting action-adventure movie, cooked up some of her favorite microwave popcorn, and sat down to watch the movie. The story was crap, but it was full of exciting action and explosions, just what she needed to get rid of her boredom.

Mind-numbing action and explosions. After the movie, she turned off the television, brushed her teeth, and went to go to bed. But when she walked into her room, there was someone else waiting for her. Lying on her bed was a girl, a woman who looked about her age. She was naked, and covered in intricate designs, like tattoos or paint. "Who the hell are you? Get out of my apartment!" "Look, I'm not going to stay, I was just looking for some excitement. Aren't you looking for some excitement, Samantha?" "I don't know how you got in, I don't know how you know my name, but I'm going to call the police if you don't get out now!" "And how should I do that?" "The door would be nice, but I'll throw you out the window if you insist." Samantha turned around to show the stranger the door, but it was gone.

There was just more wall. She looked to the window, but that was gone too. "What the hell kind of a trick is this? What do you want from me?" "I told you, I just want some excitement. You do too. Isn't this exciting enough for you?" "Actually, it's too much excitement for one night, thank you. Now let me leave!" The woman got up from the bed, and, as her eyes began to glow red like fire, she said.

"I can't do that, the fun's just started." She reached out and grabbed Samantha's arm. Samantha tried to pull away, but found it hard to resist.

"Hey, what are you-" Pulling her close, the woman planted her lips on Samantha's and kissed her, passionately. Samantha tried to push away, but something inside her was changing.

She was beginning to enjoy it. She stopped pushing, and began kissing back. Something in the back of her mind was telling her that this was right, against any feeling she had to the contrary. The nagging thought became louder and louder as the kiss became more and more passionate, until there was no doubt in Samantha's mind that this was the best course of action.

The only course of action. They continued on like that for a few minutes, until the strange woman finally broke away. "Samantha, lay down on the bed." Samantha obeyed.

The woman proceeded to pull off Samantha's top, running her hands over her luscious, supple breasts. Samantha moaned softly, which encouraged the woman to become more active. She began tugging and rolling Samantha's nipples between her finger and thumb. Samantha moaned a little louder, and the woman proceeded to straddle Samantha, leaning forward to lick at her nipples.

Samantha reached out to her, holding her head close with one hand while stroking her own, moistening pussy with the other.


The woman kissed Samantha again, and got off of Samantha. She proceeded to pull down Samantha's now-wet panties, and stuck her head between Samantha's legs. Samantha had never felt anything like it.

She was moaning and panting soon as her new friend licked at and nipped at her clit. Sometimes her tongue strayed inside her moist lips, wiggling around a little, before returning to it's primary target. Samantha, meanwhile, was playing with her breasts, moaning and breathing heavily.

This just felt so.right. Samantha had never felt this way about anything before, she knew with absolute certainty that this is what she wanted more than anything else. And then, just as the woman shoved her tongue deeper into Samantha's pussy, Samantha came.

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She tensed up as her juices began to flow, giving her friend a mouthful of fluid. But the girl didn't stop. As soon as Samantha loosened back up, the girl took it one step further. She pulled her mouth away from Samantha's wet pussy, and instead began to lick at her asshole. Meanwhile, she slid two of her fingers inside of Samantha's pussy, and slowly began to push them in deeper.

Samantha laid there, panting, moaning, and happy. Her eyes were closed, her arms spread out wide. "This is amazing!" She thought to herself. As the girl fingered Samantha's pussy, and poked her tongue inside her asshole, Samantha came yet again. Finally, the determined girl pulled away, moving to kiss Samantha, a kiss that she passionately accepted.

Then, Samantha whispered in the girl's ear, saying "I want.something inside.me. There's.a box.under the bed.toys.pick one." she said, between deep breaths.

"Nonsense. I've got what you want right here." The lines on the girl's body began to glow red, and something began to happen.

Slowly, a penis grew from somewhere inside her pubic hair, poking out like a sore thumb. It was real, though, 100%. "How'd you.do that?" "Its part of me." "Then.go for it." The part of Samantha which would have questioned something like that had fallen silent since the first kiss, and all she felt was acceptance and certainty. There was no reason for her to question it, it was what she wanted most. The girl positioned Samantha so that her legs hung off the bed and so her pussy was just at the edge.

She poked at Samantha's wet hole with the tip of her ten-inch-long penis. "Don't hesitate, go for it." The girl rammed forward forcefully, penetrating deep inside. "Ahhhh!" was the unanimous exclamation. "You're so tight!" "You're so big!" The girl pulled almost all of the way out, and then forced her way back in, continuing at a break-neck, furious pace.

Samantha was panting heavily and moaning, her entire body shaking. And then, the ride was over, and the girl pushed forward one last time, and then pulled out, launching her load across Samantha's bare body. Samantha climaxed as well. Looking down at her beautiful breasts, the girl said "Samantha, how about I fuck your tits next." Samantha, who was too out-of-breath for words, simply nodded. Straddling her body once again, the girl positioned her cock in between Samantha's beautiful breasts.

She pushed them together, squeezing her cock in between. Samantha began to lick the head of it. The girl started slow, Samantha running her tongue along the cock as it pushed forward and back. As the girl picked up speed, Samantha began to grind her breasts against her cock, and began allowing it into her mouth. They were both moaning and panting at this point, and it wasn't long before the both climaxed.

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The girl blew another load inside Samantha's mouth, some of it making it out her nose. She also leaked some of her fluids out onto Samantha's body. "Samantha, it's your turn. Here, a little something to help you." The girl slid her cock back inside of Samantha's warm, wet pussy, and released a strange purple fluid.

It was cold inside her, and felt strange for Samantha. But not as strange as what happened next. From within her, she could feel something pushing to get out. It pushed harder and harder, until, from underneath her skin, a bulge began to form. It started small, and slowly grew in size until it looked exactly like the other girl's cock.

And then, with a quick adjustment, that's exactly what it was. The girl wasted no time. As soon as it took shape, she wrapped her lips around it and began licking and sucking at it.

It was unlike anything Samantha had ever felt. She could feel pressure building up inside her, she could feel waves of pleasure every time the girl's tongue rubbed up against it. The girl, sensing her lover's oncoming orgasm, took the cock out of her mouth and began licking at its head.

Samantha blasted a full load of cum into her lover's face. Samantha felt strange. This feeling, she couldn't explain it. It felt amazing, but she wasn't sure how to describe it. The girl licked some of the cum off her face. "Samantha, you taste delicious.

Now let's see how good you feel inside my ass." The girl got down on the floor on her knees, her arms stretched out onto the bed. Samantha got up, her pussy dripping wet, and positioned herself behind the girl. The girl reached behind and grabbed the end of Samantha's cock. She positioned it outside her asshole, and pulled it forward, so Samantha's head was resting just outside it. "Go for it." Still wet from earlier, Samantha found it easy to push the tip of her cock inside her lover.

But as she pushed deeper, her friend got tighter. The girl was moaning in delight as Samantha slid in, inch by inch. "Faster, Sammy! Fuck me faster!" Samantha pulled her cock most of the way out, and began to push her way in again.


It wasn't long before she was thrusting at a regular pace, the girl moaning loudly now, and breathing deeply. "Faster, Sammy! Faster!" The girl reached back and began to finger herself, in time with Samantha's ever-quickening thrusts. Samantha felt like she was going to explode. She quickened her pace to a break-neck speed, and with one, final, deep thrust, she let loose a second load inside her lover's ass.

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"Yes! Yes! Cum inside me, Sam!

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Ohhh!" The girl lay there, leaking, twitching, exhausted. She had come as well, and had let a load of her cum go on the floor. "I love you, Samantha! Stick your cock inside my pussy, and leave it. Don't move, I have another surprise for you." Samantha did as she was told.

The girl filled up with more of that purple stuff, some on which leaked out onto the floor. But Samantha could feel the girl getting tighter. "Ooh, you're growing tighter!" "No, you're growing larger." Samantha pulled her cock out, and, sure enough, it had grown 2 inches in length and was now about an inch and a half in width. "Samantha, fuck me again. I want to feel you inside my ass again." Samantha pushed her head inside her asshole again. This time, she was much, much tighter.

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But that didn't stop Samantha. She began thrusting, and as soon as she did, the girl began moaning loudly and panting, clinging to the bed sheets as every thrust rocked her body. "Fuck me faster!

I want your cum inside me again!" Samantha increased her pace. Samantha was having the time of her life. This was the best she had ever felt. The girl felt the same way. As Samantha released her third load of warm seed deep inside her, she let out a scream of pleasure.

"Ah! There's so much." Samantha pulled out and let off the last two shots onto the girls ass. The girl was panting and completely out of breath. "Give me.everything you've got." Samantha changed her tactic.


This time, she began to push up against the lips of the girl's tight pussy. The girl secreted some of that fluid, and Samantha's cock swelled again. Almost 15 inches long, and almost 2 inches wide as well. Samantha's cock slid in easily, despite the tightness.

The girl let out another scream of pleasure. Samantha didn't waste time with any of that slow start bullshit. This time, she just went for it. She was thrusting as fast as she could, and moaning and panting while she did it. Her mind was slipping from her, the feelings of pleasure were so great. The girl was panting, moaning, and occasionally screaming in pleasure. And then, as Samantha forced her way through the girl's cervix and penetrated almost 15 inches inside her, she let loose her fourth and final sticky load of seed for that night.

It filled up the girl's womb, and began to leak out. Samantha's mind was blown by the ensuing orgasm. She collapsed, right on top of the heaving body of the girl, who was unconscious. While unconscious, she heard a voice, that strange new woman's voice. It was calling for her.

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Just the sound of her voice caused her to feel like she was on the edge of orgasm. She was kneeling now before the woman, whose skin had taken on a pinkish hue, and whose tattoos were now a dark maroon.

The woman looked down upon Samantha, and Samantha could see that she had a small pair of horns poking out from her temples, and small fangs that punctuated her smile. The demonic woman looked down upon her, smiling, and said, "You're mine now, Samantha, mine." Samantha could feel a wave of pleasure wash over her as her body was consumed by a sort of pink flame, tattoos like the ones on the woman's body taking shape in her own skin.

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It felt so right. She was there, with her new friend. Her new lover. Her new.master. Samantha was reported missing a few days later by one of her coworkers when she failed to show up for work several days in a row. No trace of her could be found in her apartment, it was as if nobody has ever lived there.