Rough gangbang short clips kinky birthday desires

Rough gangbang short clips kinky birthday desires
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This is my first story, so please leave some comments, thankies <3~ I sat up slowly and streched my arms out wide as i sat on the sofa, groaning a little as the aches released, and caringly draped my arms around the gorgeous boy next to me.

Kyle, my boyfriend for a few years now, was sitting beside me, with me resting my head on his lap only a few seconds ago. I loved lying like that, curled up just next to him, feeling so safe and protected. I gently rested my head now on his shoulder, closing my eyes from my sleepiness.

Maybe i should describe us first of all. I'm a 18 year old named Austin, I'm 6'5", slightly chubby - not quite fat, thanks to the recent training Kyle has been putting me through - and despite my size, I'm much more of a caring person than i would appear. My partner, Kyle, is a year and a half younger than me, and is a little shorter than me, at 5'9". Me and him met online, and since then he has flown over to me in Scotland from his home in Virginia, probably about 6 months before this story occured.

He has a very muscular body, not too much, but wonderfully toned. His small, well excersized body makes him simply adorable when i get his dressed up in a skirt and stockings, but more on that another time.

Even thought there is a clear size difference between the two of us, i'm definately the one who would ask to be cuddled first, and he is certainly the better of us at being in a Top role. Anyway, back to the night.

Cuddling close to him, the TV continued to flicker the room with light, the movie we were watching drawing to a close.

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In an attempt to acclimatise him better with UK culture, I'd been getting him into popular Brittish movies: Tonight was "Shaun of the Dead". From spending more time looking up at his face rather than the television, i could tell that he was enjoying it, and the jumpy parts gave me an extra excuse to cling to his perfect body. Now, i was slowly nodding off, and the credits were drawing. "Well, that was pretty good!", he said with a grin, slowly standing up from where he was sat, causing me to flop down onto the warm couch beneath where he was.

He smirked down at me, and rushed off to the kitchen. Upon hearing the coffee machine start up, my ears twitched ever so slightly, smelling the faint scent of ground beans.

This was one thing he had managed to get me into since he'd arrived, by now just the sound of the machine made my mouth water in anticipation. Bringing through two cappucinos, he placed them on the table, and one instantly disappeared down my throat, the sudden caffiene making me alert almost instantaneously.

Smiling at him, i pointed at the other cup. "Aren't you having any darling?", puzzled by the fact it even managed to make it to the living room without him gulping it down. "Hehe, no.They're both for you," he said with a wink. "We've got a long night ahead of us.Need you perfectly awake." This intregued me even more, his slightly dominant yet assuring voice coming through told me he had something special in mind for me.

I eagerly sipped the second cup, and no sooner had I placed it down on the coaster, i felt his arms wrap under me and lift me up into a cradling position. I clung tight to him, giggling slightly, from the mixture of fresh energy and excitedness.

He carried me through into our bedroom and dropped me down ontothe fluffy, purple bed, crawling ontop of me and kissing my lips so gently. He let out a quiet growl (god, how my heart flips at that wonderful sound.), and pinned my shoulders down gentlty to the bed.

I smiled up at him, my cheeks going redder by the minute. "Hehe.Eager, are we, darling?", i said with a feminine giggle. "Hard not to be, love.Your head was resting on a very specific place all the way through that movie.", he said with a low murmer. Whilst we were watching our film, i made sure my head nuzzled gently ontop of his crotch, just to tease him.

Now it seems like that teasing worked. Blushing and biting my lip gently, my hands carressed his hips absentmindedly. "Aww, but i know how much you love it, babe." "I do.However, it's not nice to tease someone like that.", he whispered as he leant in and started nibbling my earlobe gently. I let out a little girlish moan at this, my body shifting slightly under his pinning hands.

Before i could reply h sat up off of me, and reached under the bed, pulling out a box and placing it bedide us. "And this.This is your punishment," he said with a caring smile. My eyes cracked open a bit more, looking at the box curiously. He chuckled slightly above me, getting fully off of me and letting me open up the box. My face went a bright crimson colour when i saw the contents, butterflies fluttering in my belly.

My mouth moved absolutely speachlessly. Inside, was a black and white, crinkled French Maid style dress, with very long black silk gloves and thigh length stockings, and ontop of the pile was a little pair of white lace panties.

I looked between the box, to him, and back again, my mouth agape. He was chuckling and blushing a little at my reaction, struggling to keep his dominant face. I slowly managed to string some words together, shakingly saying "Th-this.this is.w-wonderful.". I'd always wanted a maid outfit, ever since our days of online cybersexing. He smiled down at me, brushing my red cheek gently with the back of his hand. "Anything for my little pet.".

His words sent shivers up my spine: I loved being Pet, and it was even more special from the rareness of him using that name. "Now, go and get changed.Master wants his cute maid to look all nice and pretty for him." I quickly nod and scamper off of the bed, stumbling and falling to the ground.

With my face against the carpeted floor, my rear was high up in the air. Kyle quickly yanked my jeans and boxers down and slapped my bare butt softly, yet firmly. "Silly little pet, be more careful.I dont want my little toy to get broken.", i heard him say. Scrambling to my feet, i carried the box with the outfit into the ensuite bathroom, not bothering to pull my clothes back up and winking just as i shut the door.

I stood with my back on the door, giggling quietly and blushing so so much. I couldnt believe it.I was going to get to be a maid! I eagerly slipped my shirt off, and pushed my jeans and boxers down to my feet, my 6.5" cock springing free, almost fully erect already from my excitedness. I gave my self a little stroke, moaning slightly. As precum started to leak out the tip of my erect member, i forced myself to stop, needing to get ready for my sexy master.


I lifted the maid dress out of the box and held it out infront of me, only just now noticing that the skirt portion was much shorter that i'd expected.

Shrugging, i slipped it on over my head, wriggling my arms out of the sides, i patted and softened down the dress, smiling so happily at that familiar feeling you get when you wear a skirt. It turns out i was right, the skirt only came down to the bottom of my round butt, making the lower parts of my cheeks just visable.


The front of the black material was obviously tenting out from my erect and eager cock underneath. I rubbed it slightly from the outside, feeling to soft material on my sensitive cock head. I stopped myself once again, lifting up the lightweight black silk gloves, and slipping them up my arms, reaching to a few inches above my elbows. I lifted up my right leg onto the edge of the bath, feeling my smooth skin that i'd just shaven this morning. My skin tingled under the feeling of the luxurious silk, making my skirt tent up even more.

I kissed my own bare knee before slipping the stocking up my leg. When i let go of it halfway up my thigh, it immediatly slipped downwards. I let out a defeated groan, before noticing another piece of fabric in the box: A black lace garterbelt. Kyle knows exactly what i like, i thought to myself, before flipping up my skirt and clipping the belt around my waist.

My cock twitched again in the fresh air, and i rubbed my length slowly with my gloved hand. Fuck, that felt good.One thing i've always loved since my early puberty was the feel of silk on my cock. unable to contain myself anymore, I jerked my cock fast, biting my lip to keep me silent, the silk sliding up and down my cock faster and faster.

I rocked my head back and opened my mouth, moaning but with no noise coming out, my load shooting all over the back of the bathroom door. I panted hard and fast, milking the remenants of cum from my cock, dripping to the tiled floor. I rested for a minute, before i heard my Master calling with a joking sort of tone from the bedroom; "Hurry up, my sexy little maid.Master's waiting." I hurridly slipped my stockings up my soft legs, and then slipped my new bright white panties up, the back slipping between my round ass cheeks, i tucked in my now extra sensitive cock into the front of them, moaning as i feel the lace material around my privates.

I clipped the garter belt onto the tops of them, adjusting to the perfect length, and checked myself out in the mirror. Damn, i thought.I look pretty good. The dress must have been sold for a flat chested female, because it fitted my boy chest perfectly. Creaking the door slowly open, i stood so shyly in the doorframe. In the bedroom, Kyle had turned the lights off and instead all around the room were candles of all shapes and sizes, making the room glow with the flickering orange of candlelight.

I let out a barely audible, yet embarressing squeak of happiness, briefly forgetting my new outfit i was wearing. On the bed, Kyle was laying on his side, facing me, smiling that lust-filled grin he does so well, his cheeks blushing up a subtle crimson.

Gaining courage at the affect i had on him, i bit my lip slightly and walked into the room, swaying my hips seductivly, like a good little maid. I walked over to the side of the bed and his hands instantly started rubbing my hips softly while i swayed them from side to side. "What does my master want from his new maid.?", i asked, my voice purring quietly. On the bed, he shifted slightly, trying to re-arange his obvious bulge but failing terribly. I giggled quietly, biting my lip harder and blushing as red as the soft bedsheets.

Waltzing around to his feet, he lay onto his back, his big bulging pants so much more visable now. Kneeling down by the end of the bed, i softly kissed the bottoms of his feet and slowly up his smooth ankles, smiling up at his blushing face.

He tried to regain his composition, ordering with a straight face "I think my m-maid should take care of his master.". Even when he tried to make orders, he was still just so adorable. Nodding happily, i went up between his legs, undoing his buttons clumsily with my fingers and pulling his zipper down with my teeth, always keeping eye contact with him.

Grasping the hips of his jeans, i tugged them down, crawling backwards as i did, leaving his bulging boxers alone for the time being. I made my involuntary, quiet, horny growling sound as i saw his precum already making a wet circle on his underwear. "All in good time, Austin.", i thought to myself, pulling his pants all the way off and setting about kissing his legs, starting with the left one.

Licking and pecking little kisses all the way up, i carressed his skin as caringly as possible, wanting to please my new owner as best as i could. As i moved up his bare, smooth leg, i kissed up the inside of his thigh.

We both shaved our legs frequently, or should i say, we both shaved each other's legs frequently. His skin was so amazingly soft, it made my recently spent cock in my panties start swelling all over again. As i reached the bottom of his boxers, i could smell his sweet precum, hear his heavy breathing.

Grinning to myself, i went up and left a gentle peck on the tip of his bulge, before going back and teasingly kissing his right ankle once again, keeping him on the edge. I heard a little, needy whimper from him, so i made this much faster than the other, for both of our needs.

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Moving up the inside of his bare soft thigh again, i nuzzled my nose lightly between his legs, underneath his bulging erection, forcing another quiet moan from him. I kissed all the way up, over his precum stained underwear, and licked at his waistband, pushing my tongue down under it. My hands came up and started sliding his boxers down, his rock hard length flicking out freely and hitting the bottom of my chin softly.

I made a small, pleased giggle, looking up at his blushing, needy face. I inched down a little and kissed the very tip of his hard cock, making it jump and throb slightly. Pushing my smiling lips down onto it, i sucked the head of it into my watering, hungry mouth. Hearing his little, cute moan, i gained more confidence and pushed down further onto his length, feeling some of his tasty pre leak onto my tongue. My tongue pressed and rubbed at his little cock slit, making him gasp quietly.

I muffled a giggle around his perfect cock, and pulled up off of it, swirling my tongue over his sensitive head. I heard a low, familiar growl coming from his chest, and swallowed slightly, preparing from what was about to come. His hand rested on my head and suddenly, his hips thrust upwards, pushing his entire length into my mouth, and shoving the first inch or two down my tight throat, grunting loudly as he did. My cock was pressing against my silk panties, leaking precum as i felt him slide into my eager mouth.

He held there for about thirty seconds, before i tapped him on his hip gently, out little callsign. He gently took hold of my hair and lifted me off, smiling down at my blushing face, my mouth open and gasping for air. He wonked at me, and I gave him a little nod, making him almost instantly roll over ontop of me, my head underneath him, my mouth wide open.

He pushed his cock into my mouth, slower than the first time, and pulled out all the way, a string of saliva and pre hanging from my lips to his cockhead. Holding my head under him, he slowly started to regularly thrust in and out of my mouth, picking up the pace and going deeper each time. I couldnt help but reach down to my bulging skirt, flipping it up and rubbing my pantie clad erection. Fuck, it felt so good to have him fucking my throat.

Forgetting about my own pleasure, my hands came back up and wrapped around to his perky, smooth ass, gripping and squeezing it as he thrust in and out of me. Pulling him eagerly deeper, my nose pressed up against his body, holding him inside of me until my vision started to blur, letting him go, my hand going back and freeing my cock, rubbing my shaft hard and fast.

I dont think i noticed him getting up off of me, because before i knew it, i felt his hands grasping my knees, pushing them up against my chest. His finger ran up and down my ass crack, teasing over my little hole. I let out a lusty, needing whimper, blushing under him. My words were shaky as i spoke, my hands sliding up and down my cock harder and faster.

"P-please master.P-please f-fuck me.?" He grinned at my horniness, pushing up against me, his cock laying between my smooth cheeks, leaking precum onto my hairless sack. I pressed up against him, whimpering more and more hornily. Before i knew it, he lined up his large cock with my hole, and slammed his entire length into me, making me yelp out in pleasure filled pain.

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I felt his cock shove up into my tight hole, stretching it with his width. My hands dropped my pre-ing cock, gripping at the bedsheets as he slide out of me and shoved back in, grunting heavily. He started to slowly fuck me, using his whole length slowly but forcefully. I whimpered and moaned femininly under him, blushing even more.

"Ooohhh.M-more m-master.!", i called, hearing my submissive voice escape my lips. "Anything for y-you, maid.", he groaned, speeding up his thrusts into me, his hips slapping against my ass cheeks loudly. My cock jumped and thickened more and spurted precum up my chest as he pressed at my prostate. My hands started to rub my chest under my dress, squeezing my own nipples gently as i'm fucked hard on the bed.

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I heard Kyle's dominant growl again and he pounded hard into me, leaning over my body and pinning my shoulders down to the bed. I blushed and moaned even more, loving his rough fucking, my cock quivering with pleasure. "A-ahhh.M-master, i.i'm g-gonna.AAAahhhh.". I couldnt get out a whole sentence, the pleasure was too good.

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Raising my ass from the bed more, his balls slapped against me as he pounded harder. I bite my lip hard, whimpering hornily as i shot my thick, white cum all the way up our sweaty bodies, hitting him on the chin as i came. He moaned above me slightly, my asshole clenching around his shaft from my orgasm. As my tight hole tightened even more, he erupted his hot load deep into me. As i felt his cum hit my prostate, my cock immediatly leaked another, less powerful load up onto my abdomen.

Panting and moaning underneath him, my hands shakingly went around his torso, holding him close to me, his cock slid out of my cum filled hole, leaking its last cum onto my bare asscheek.

He kissed my cheek softly, panting as much as i did. I cuddled his body so close to me, feeling my cum squish between us. I let out a little giggle, kissing his neck caringly. "Hehe.S-seems like my d-dress needs c-cleaning already." He smirked and blushed with me, leaning up and kissing me on the lips softly with a little wink.

"Well, y-you're the m-maid." Fin~