Denise in rough hardcore anal sex scene by Ass Traffic

Denise in rough hardcore anal sex scene by Ass Traffic
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Catherine is a 16 year old "goth-type" girl next door. she is actually kind of unremarkable when we first moved in 4 years ago, but now she has a certain maturity and confidence in her presence.

she is about 5'2'' and of average build with brown hair and eyes. now, i say average as she normally dresses down, but as we've lived next to each other, i have noticed that she has one kick-ass rack.


for someone so short, she has, i am guessing, a big C or D chest and combined with some of the slim-fit jeans she has been wearing, her body is developing into quite the fuck magnet.

needless to say, it's hard not to notice her nowadays. her tits nearly smack her in the face since she mostly goes bra-less and you can really see them jiggle when she walks by the house or does some chores such as raking the leaves. just seeing her tight ass bend over and having her tits dangle down from her chest as she picks up the leaves always gets my cock hard.

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i just sit on the porch sometimes "reading" a magazine, but really im just trying to get the best view of her tits. im not sure about everyone else, but it's something about that soft white porcelain skin that those types of girls have that just make their breasts that much nicer.

i have noticed that she has been hanging with some high school guys who are of the criminal element. she has been ditching school a lot more and doing drugs in her backyard.

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she kinda graduated from "softer" drugs such as pot to more dangerous drugs such as heroine and cocaine. although she is still the girl i remember, it doesn't look like this path will lead her to any good. as much as i spend the day fantasizing about fucking her and blowing my load across her creamy white tits, i figured it's a long shot at most.although her change in lifestyle gave me an idea and i was also at the right place at the right time.

one night, a few of her friends came to pick her up and i decided to follow them. they went to a club and after a bit of partying, she left the club with her guy friend who is a pretty well-known drug dealer in the city. long story short, there was a scuffle in the alleyway of the club and i broke out my cell phone to film the incident and Catherine and her friend stabbed a girl over a drug deal.

the murder hit the news the next morning as the victim was killed in the incident and the suspects were at large. i couldn't believe what had happened and i couldn't believe that i was actually there to catch it on my phone. i was hoping to do some sleuthing to blackmail her, but this was the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. i saw Catherine a few days later and the police still did not have any leads on the killers. she seemed like a nervous wreck as she smoked on her porch.

as i approached, she was a little rattled, but she still looked sexy as hell. she had on those loose fitting sheer t-shirts and every inch of that fabric draped all over her tits and her nipples were poking out as i could barely make out her enormous areoli. she sat on the chair with her feet up to her chest and she wasnt wearing any underwear as i could see her ass crack from behind.

i asked about her guy friend as he doesnt hang around anymore and she said that he moved out of the city and transferred schools, a likely alibi. i mentioned that the club on the weekend was craaazy, and it was more crazier with the murder.

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her face, as pale as it normally is, was white as a my cum. i told her i was there and had to take a "smoke break" in the alleyway, i was probably one of the only people that may have seen or heard anything that night. she froze. the cigarette fell from her mouth and burned her shirt on her left breast; this sudden jolt made her chest heave in the most glorious way. she said nothing, she just stared. i on the other hand, had a sly look on my face as i was fixated on her tits and crotch, the whole time i didn't even look her in the eyes.

i told her that i had a feeling i knew who performed the crimes and that i MAY have further evidence to support what happened that night. she slowly came back to reality and looked me in the face, but i was transfixed on her body. her breathing was so heavy that her chest seemed to expand double the size as her bosom pressed hard against her shirt.

i explained to her that i wanted her to be my sex slave. as long as she promised to fuck me, i would keep this quiet forever. she skipped school the next day and came into my house from the backyard. she wore a very tight, ripped white t-shirt that hugged her hour glass body and highlighted her very dark nipples.

she had low rise skinny jeans that clung to her apple bottom and looked fantastic in every possible way. she was a little hesitant at first, but i quickly hit the play button to play an edited version of the scream of that night. her face was in sheer horror and she knew that i meant business.

i told her again, if you fuck me and do everything that i want, i will keep this between me and you. she nodded her head quickly and we began. she sat on the couch and i quickly pounced on her. i pushed her back and ripped off her jeans. it was so violent that i nearly pulled her whole body off the couch.

she was not wearing underwear and had a little bit of stubble, but was pretty much clean shaven. i immediately dug my tongue into her pussy and licked and smelled what young vagina tasted like.

she groaned in approval as i stuck a digit inside and massage her gspot. it didn't take much probing, but she was cumming clear fluid all over my chin. i was shocked at how orgasmic she was, but she actually flustered me a bit as the intensity in her eyes were just as wild as mine. i ran to the washroom to grab a razor and ordered her to shave the rest of her muff. i propped both her legs over my shoulders as she sat on the couch and i watched birds-eye-view as she creamed up and removed each layer of pubes with 10 delicate strokes.

her clean shaven pussy got me so excited that i ate her out again and this time i used a bit of the pussy juice to stick two fingers in her asshole. she shrieked in pain and pulled back, but i forcefully held her pelvis down as i sucked on her clit and fingered her tight shithole.

her eyes were in pain and she whimpered, but it was pain and pleasure as i rimmed the front and punished the back. my cock was rock hard at this point and i quickly shoved it in her throat. there was no pause or warning, i rammed my head and shaft past her pouty lips and into her tonsils. i smashed through her mouth with such vigor that she gagged hard, which made me pound it even deeper.

her neck nearly expanded to twice its size as she could not breathe and the tears were streaming down her face. her gag reflex lubed up my cock from tip to base and i pulled out of her mouth and slammed her back down to the couch and flipped her creamy white legs into the air. her ass hung over the edge as i forced my cock into her asshole. she let out a cry but i muffled that with my kisses. i stuck my tongue so deep into her throat as she gurgled and moaned.

i tried to fill every orifice as i banged her balls deep into her ass crack and worked vigorously on her gspot with my fingers. she proceeded to cum again on my shaft as i pumped her in the backside and this nearly put me over the edge. i completed the rip in her top and tore into her breasts.

they were magnificent. the contrast between her dark nipples and creamy white chest was a sight to behold. her nipples were extremely erect as i bit down on them and sucked and flicked them with my tongue.

she was in ecstasy. she moaned for me to ram it in her ass deeper and i slowly realized that she was enjoying this as much as i was. the whole experience was dizzying as she was clamping down hard on my cock with her sphincter and her pussy juices were still dribbling out of her vagina onto my shaft. i was so enthralled that i bit down so hard on her tits that i left teeth marks. she urged me to cum and "shoot it were you want" i pulled out of her ass and immediately grabbed her with two hands by the hair and started face fucking her.

i was on the brink as my head started to swell. she was gagging hard as spit and saliva were painting a pretty messy picture all over her titties. on my umpteenth pump, she fought to open her eyes while she blew me and the moment we made eye contact, it put me over the edge. my cock was lodged in her throat and she stuck her tongue out to JUST lick my ball sack.

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i was caught in the frenzy and euphoria. her tongue started a crescendo of waves in my cock as i came load after load into her throat.


she was choking and with each near hurl, it made me even more excited. i rammed my cock into her face with relentless passion and as my orgasm started to subside, a lot of the cum that she had not swallowed, was dribbling out of her mouth and made a fine white mess all over her tits. we were so out of it as the passion and intensity was anything i could have ever imagined from a 16 year old.

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my fantasies have cum true and i finished by giving her a bit of oral and rimmed her anus. she was a literal mess after our frenzied encounter, but i promised her i wouldn't tell anyone as long as she kept her promise of fucking me. if any of you ever see a mug shot of Catherine on tv, just know that i was a good citizen in taking the law into my own hands.