Xxx small boy gay sex photos Daniel shift up onto the futon and into

Xxx small boy gay sex photos Daniel shift up onto the futon and into
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Chapter 15 Ray leaves for Japan Friday morning came early and Ray was up and gone by sunrise. Kathy got up after she heard him leave and put on her jogging clothes and went out for a run. Just as she came out of her house Myron came out of his front door dressed for a run. "Good Morning Mrs. Tatum." He said, as he walked over to her with his hand out. Kathy said, "Good Morning Myron, shall we run together today?" They took off on their usual route and ran three miles.

As they got back close to home Myron said, "I gotta stretch out and cool down. Once again Kathy admired Myron's package and he saw her looking.

"When we going to get together again so you can enjoy some of this?" He said, as he flexed his cock inside his spandex. "Soon I hope." Kathy said. She said good bye and left him standing there. She got home and went in for a shower.

Brock woke up when her heard his mom come in the front door. He slid his boxers on and went to see how she was doing this morning. He found her in her bedroom brushing her hair out in front of the dresser mirror. Brock walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. They greeted each other and then went in and showered together.

Brock and Kathy finished breakfast and Brock cleaned up the kitchen while Kathy started the laundry. Brock was just finishing the dishes when Kathy came into the kitchen and came up behind him and reached around in front of him and rubbed her hands down his firm abdomen and sought out his soft member hanging down his thigh. She squeezed it and ran her hand along its length. "I have a surprise for you Brock darling, this afternoon we are going to visit my new friend across the street." "Oh Mom." He said.

Chapter 16 Ray's Surprise The plane landed in Tokyo Japan that first evening and Ray grabbed his luggage and headed for the exit. He looked around for his ride and saw an older Japanese man holding a sign with his name on it. He walked over to him an introduced himself. He noticed the man was dressed sharp and looked all business. The man introduced himself as Hiro and said, "Follow me." He led Ray out to a limousine and opened the back door for Ray.

Ray got in and Hiro shut the door behind him. Then proceeded to put Ray's luggage in the trunk. They drove for about twenty minutes to a large Hotel and stopped in front of it. A young Japanese man opened Ray's door and he stepped out.

The young man seemed to be in his early twenty's and was very polite. His English wasn't the best but Ray understood the welcome and as they shook hands Hiro came around the back of the car and spoke to the young man in Japanese. Hiro opened the trunk and handed Ray's luggage to him. He then turned to Ray and said, "Nagi will show you to your room, if you need anything contact him at the front desk.

Your meetings start in the morning at 10:00 am. I will be here to pick you up at 9:30, be right here and ready." Ray said, "Ok, Thank You Sir." Hiro spoke again to Nagi in Japanese, then turned to Ray and said, "Do not leave the Hotel unless you are with me is that understood?" Ray thought that was a strange request but agreed anyway.

As Nagi got Ray settled into his room he asked Ray if he needed anything else and Ray said, "Yes I'm starved, could you bring me a Ham and Swiss on rye sandwich, a salad and a bottle of wine to go with it?" Nagi said, "Of course Sir, right away. Would you like a massage after your meal Sir?" Ray was surprised by that offer, but thinking it over said, "Yes but not from you I hope." Nagi laughed and said, "Oh no Sir, I'll send Meeka in for that." They thanked each other and Nagi rushed out without waiting for a tip as Ray thought that was different.

Ray had no more unpacked his bags and changed into his pajamas when there was a soft knock on the door. He went over to the door, opened it and was stunned at the beautiful little Oriental girl standing there behind a food cart wearing a very colorful Oriental robe. Ray, after his initial surprise stepped aside to let her come in. She smiled and pushed the cart into the room. She immediately went to work setting up his meal at a low table at the side of the bed.

She finished her work and turned to Ray saying, "Hello my name is Meeka." "Good Evening Meeka I'm Ray." He went closer to her and stuck out his hand. She just bowed before him and said, "You like massage after your meal?" Ray said, "Yes that would be very nice." She smiled and said, "Ok fine." "You enjoy meal, I start your bath." Ray was liking this already.

She was so different from American women in the way she carried herself and the way she looked. Ray sat on the floor in front of the low table and began eating his meal. He heard the bath water running in the other room and poured himself a glass of wine. He finished his meal and his first glass of wine and poured another as Meeka came out of the bathroom. She smiled and said, "Your bath ready for you Sir." Ray, thinking she was going to clean up the food and make ready for the massage, was totally shocked when he got up and she went into the bathroom with him.

Then he saw the bathroom and was taken back a little. He was expecting the normal Hotel bath and shower combination. But what he saw was anything but normal. The tub was huge, it must have seated at least four people. The fiberglass tub surrounded by porcelain tile was nestled in the corner of this large room.


It had a wide ledge all the way around it with mirrors on three sides. Candles were lit and glowing on on the one end along the back side there were little plants and pots with flowers growing in them. The other end held towels, various kinds of soaps, and a few wooden bowls. As Ray stood there taking it all in Meeka came around in front of him and smiled looking up at him with her big brown eyes.

She began to unbutton his pajama shirt and then took it off his shoulders and let it drop to the floor. She then dropped to her knees in front of him and began to untie his bottoms. Holy shit Ray thought, "This is getting very interesting." As she got the bottoms untied she stood back up and untied the sash to her beautiful robe. Ray gulped as he thought about what was coming next. His dick began to rise as Meeka opened her robe.

Ray felt his cock jump as he took in her petite little body. Her perfect little breast were just handful size standing upright and firm.

Her aureolas were dark brown about the size of a dime. Her nipples were a lighter brown and stood proudly away from her breast about a quarter of an inch. As Ray looked further down her body he saw a patch of black hair thick and long.

He swallowed hard again as she dropped the robe off her little body. As he was taking in her beauty she reached behind her head and pulled the pins out of her hair dropping them to the floor. Her black hair fell down past her shoulders and completed the breath taking sight before him. He stepped back to look at her fully and said, "My god, your beautiful." She smiled and stepped toward him as she dropped to her knees once again reaching out, began sensually pulling down his pajama bottoms.

Ray was completely hard by then and his clothing got hung up on his hard on. Meeka pulled the pajama bottoms out over his hard cock and slid them down. Ray looked at her beautiful face as his cock sprung free from its confines and bumped her on that cute little nose. Her eyes got even bigger if possible as she gazed upon his stiff member.

She smiled, looked up at Ray and leaned into lick the head of his cock. By this time his cock had leaked a little pearl of pre-cum. Ray groaned at the brief touch of her warm tongue as it swiped over the pearl.

She stood up and held out her hand. Motioning to the tub Ray got the idea and stepped up and down into the steaming bath water. She followed in right after him and told him to sit facing away from her. He wanted to sit facing her to take in that hot little body of hers but did as he was told instead.

She scooted up close to him and reached for the sponge like thing on the ledge of the tub. As she did her hard little nipples raked across his back and sent shock waves right to his cock. Meeka gathered the sponge in one hand and the soap in the other and began to wash his back. She gently washed everything above water. She then said, "Please turn around." More than happy to oblige Ray turned around to face her.

She then put her dainty little hand on his chest and gently pushed him back against the tub wall. As he leaned back he began to relax and she started washing him again. Once he was lathered up she took an empty bowl from the side of the tub dipped it in the water and rinsed Ray off. After a minute or two she moved beside him and said, "Please sit here." Ray raised up out of the water and set on the edge of the massive tub with his legs in the water.


He leaned back and looked at this beauty as she began to wash his thighs. Working slowly toward his raging hard on. Once there, she soaped it with the sponge and then began rubbing his balls with the other hand. Once she had him lathered up she reached beside him and took the bowl and again dipped it into the bath water. She brought it up and poured it slowly over his groin, rinsing away all the soap.

When satisfied he was soap free, she scooted in between his legs and began the most sensual blow job he had ever had in his life. Not ten minutes into it and Ray was ready to explode. Meeka being a professional recognized the signs and said in her cute Japanese accented English, "You cum now, and again later?" Ray thought, "Oh hell yeah!" He just smiled and nodded his head.

Meeka increased her work on his cock doing amazing things to his cock and balls. She dropped her hand away from his balls and reached into another bowl beside him and brought her oily fingers to rest on his asshole. Ray jumped at the surprise and tightened his ass cheeks.

Then as soon as he relaxed Meeka jammed a finger into Ray's ass hole and took his cock head into her warm silky mouth. She began to jack him off furiously and fingered his ass at the same time. Bobbing her little head up and down timing her strokes perfectly. It proved too much for Ray as he grabbed the back of her head and jammed his hard as stone six inch fat cock in her little mouth till his cock head was banging her tonsils and unloaded a huge blast of cum right down her throat.

She surprised him again by not gagging and just swallowed his whole load. He shot three good sized salvos down her pretty little throat before she came up for air. She licked his head and shaft clean before looking up to him and smiling. Ray smiled back and said, "That was simply amazing Meeka." "Thank you so much." Meeka looked deep into his eyes and said, "You very welcome." As Ray's cock began to soften, he stood up with his cock right in her face and slapped her with it and then turned around and bent over.

Up till this point the little oriental doll had been telling Ray what to do and he was more than happy to do it. But now he told her as his ass was in her face, "Lick my asshole please." Meeka didn't hesitate one bit as she leaned forward and licked the remaining oil and ass juices from Ray's ass crack and ass hole.

"Mmm," he moaned as she rimmed him good. He felt his dick coming back to life and pulled away from her and turned back around. His semi hard cock slapped her face again and she giggled. "Now its your turn," He said, as he lifted her little body out of the steaming water and placed her gently where he had been sitting.

As she leaned back against the warm foggy mirror Ray spread her legs and dove into her sweet looking little pussy. To his surprise she was shaved smooth from her clit to her ass hole. He ate her to a screaming climax in just a few minutes. Ray ate her pussy like a starving man.

After Meeka came down to earth from her mind blowing, toe curling orgasm Ray started licking her again. He had her stand up, turn around, and bend over. Ray licked Meeka's ass hole when she turned around and stuck it up in the air. Then he trailed his tongue to her pussy hole, stiffening his tongue he began fucking her little pussy hole with it. She was enjoying this so much she didn't notice Ray's finger slide into her ass hole.

When she felt the intruder her ass hole tightened up and tried to push his finger out. Ray said, "Oh no you don't you little vixen, fair is fair." With that being said he playfully smacked her ass. She relaxed then and concentrated on Ray's tongue as it fucked her little treasure hole and then would dart down to her clit and he would suck on it.

Soon she came again flooding Ray's face with her juices. He lapped up as much as he could, and the rest dripped from his chin into the steaming water. Once she recovered she stood up on weak legs and said, "Now we start massage for you. Ray woke up the next morning by his wake up call he had set earlier the evening before.

He fought to clear his mind he seemed so relaxed he was still half asleep as he sat up in bed. Chapter 17 The Forest's At lunch time on Monday Kathy walked across the street to Judy's house and knocked on the door. A moment later Judy opened the door. She greeted Kathy with a big smile and a firm lingering hug. "Hello Kathy, What brings you by?" She said. Kathy smiled at her as she stepped back from the friendly hug and said, "Your phone number for one thing. So I don't have to walk over here every time I want to talk or invite you over." Judy laughed and said, "Oh yes how silly of me not to have given it to you on your first visit." "Please come in," Judy said as she stepped aside.

Kathy stood still and said, "Oh I just came by to get your number and see if you and Randy were busy later this afternoon. I wanted to bring Brock over to meet you and for him to get better acquainted with Randy." "Oh I see," Judy said with a naughty little smirk.

"Well Randy won't be home till about 3:30 but I'm sure he would be glad to see you any time." Kathy said, "Well check with him to be sure and call me, here's my number." She handed Judy a note with her number on it. "Ok, that sounds like fun," Judy said.

They hugged again and Kathy gave Judy a quick squeeze on her firm butt cheek as she turned and headed back across the street. Judy went inside and called Randy. She told him of the tentative plan for the neighbors to come for a visit and he was very excited to be able to see Kathy again.

He was thinking of that sweet light brown little star fish of hers he had seen and briefly licked the last time she was over. But he wasn't sure how that was going to work out with her son Brock there. Judy finished talking to Randy and called Kathy.

They talked for a few minutes and Judy told them to come over at 3pm. It was set then and as Kathy set her phone on the table she looked across to Brock and said, "We're going over to the neighbors at three o'clock this afternoon Brock, are you about finished in the garage?" Brock kinda frowned and said, "Mom I was thinking of spending the afternoon with you, alone." Kathy got up out of her chair and walked around the tab;e and stood next to him, her big firm left breast right at his eye level.

As she rubbed it on the side of his face she ran her fingers through his hair and said, " Oh honey that's so sweet. But you need to get aquatinted with Randy and meet his mom Judy.

I think you will like them both once you get to know them." He turned his head into her breast and nuzzled it playfully saying, "Ok Mom if that's what you want. But I'm going to have to make up for lost time when we get back home, you better be ready." Kathy just smiled and said, "Ok." As she walked back to her side of the table and began clearing her plate and glass she was thinking to her self, "If I know Judy Forest all your gonna want to do is sleep when you get home." Brock finished unpacking the tools and set up the work bench.

Grudgingly he went inside to get cleaned up. As he walked past his mom's bedroom door he heard her getting ready in her bathroom. At 2:55 they were heading out the door with a chilled bottle of wine and a plate of cheese and crackers.

As soon as Kathy rang the door bell Judy opened it. "Welcome neighbors, Please come in." She said with a big warm smile. They came in and Kathy introduced Brock to Judy.

Brock stuck out his hand and Judy said, "Nonsense young man I'll take a hug." With that she stepped up to him and wrapped her arms around him. Brock felt a little awkward at first but as her firm but soft breast mashed into his lower chest and abdomen all that went out the window.

He squeezed her hard enough that not only were her tits smashed into him but their groins made brief contact as well. He felt his cock lurch in his pants just a little as he stepped back. She took his hand and led him into the living room as Kathy followed along, smiling to her self. They sat and made small talk for a few minutes and Judy asked Kathy to join her in the kitchen and they would serve the wine and cheese.

When they got into the kitchen Judy asked Kathy to unwrap the crackers and get her dip she made out of the fridge and that there were chips in the cabinet. "My goodness Kathy you never told me your son was such a hunk." Judy said.

"Well you never asked." Kathy said with a smile. Judy said, "If its ok with you, after a glass of wine I'll give him the grand tour of the place and end it at the hot tub." As Judy was talking and Kathy was busy Judy spiked Kathy and Brock's wine with a quarter of a ruffie each and a little Spanish Fly.

"Are you planning to seduce my son Judy?" Kathy said with a real serious look on her face. Judy was kinda stunned for second thinking Kathy saw her spike the drinks. But before she could answer Kathy smiled and came closer to her.

She set the items she had down and slid her arm around Judy's waist and whispered in her ear. "Because I think that's a great idea.

It will be interesting to see how he reacts. He's normally very shy." Judy was so relieved she wasn't caught, she decided to cover her tracks even better and up the game a little.

Pulling Kathy over by the fridge to be sure they were out of Brock's sight, she pulled her in tight and kissed her full on the lips. Kathy already knowing what to expect, kissed her back quietly.

Suppressing a moan as best she could, as she felt Judy's breasts press into hers. The memory of Judy's beautiful full firm breasts came back to her and she couldn't wait to suck on those hard nipples again.

They finished up and brought everything into the living room. Brock was sitting there on the end of the sofa as Judy bent over in front of him to set the tray of of wine glasses down he was afforded a great view down her low cut blouse. He saw the lace on top of her bra and some wonderful cleavage which made his cock stir just a little. She passed out the wine making sure they each got the right glass.

They toasted to new neighbors and good friends. As they sipped their wine and talked Brock began to relax and told Judy what a beautiful home she had. Judy said, "Oh thank you, would you like a tour?" Brock accepted as he took Judy's offered hand and asked Kathy if she wanted to come along.

She declined saying she would refresh their wines and catch up in a few minutes. Judy showed him around the down stairs and they looked out at the patio area and the pool. Then she took him upstairs, as they were climbing the stairs Brock starred at her ass the whole time.

He got a good look at it as she went ahead of him and put little extra swing in it for him. She showed him Randy's game room with a big screen TV and an eight foot, ¾ inch slate bed pool table. She mentioned he would have to play a few games with Randy when he got home.

Then Judy led him back down stairs to her Master suite. The room itself was huge and very tastefully decorated, but when she led him into the bathroom he couldn't believe how big it was too. When he saw the hot tub he said, "Wow that looks custom made." Judy said, "As a matter of fact it is." She went on to explain how the jets can be controlled individually and the under water lights and temp controls. Brock said, Boy that is really nice." Judy could tell the ruffie was working by the lustful gaze she saw him give her at the top of the stairs a few minutes earlier.

So she said, "Would you like to try it out?" Again as she looked from the hot tub to him he was devouring her with his eyes. To Brock he heard the question but it didn't register. He just stood there looking at her.

She said it again but this time stepped right up to him and pressed her breast into his side. "Would you like to try it out? Judy said again. Brock starring right down her top said, "Yes I would." Then he looked up to her eyes and got a little flustered and stuttered a little saying, "the hot tub I mean." Judy giggled and said as she began to unbutton her blouse, "Did you bring swim trunks Brock?" Brock looked confused, he was thinking shit I didn't bring any trunks I'm going to miss out, but then she was undoing the buttons on her shirt like she was going to change right in front of him.

He managed to mumble, "No I didn't." Judy was on her third button by then and her wonderful cleavage was starting to show. She said, "Well good, because I didn't either!" Judy dropped her blouse to the floor and stood there looking at a shocked Brock. Her black laced see through bra was on full display.

Brock felt his cock begin to grow in his pants and became alarmed, not sure how to proceed. Just then Kathy walked in carrying four wine glasses and a half empty bottle of wine. Brock looked at her and then to Judy standing there in her sexy bra. She took her cell phone out of her back pocket and laid it on the edge of the tub, then began to take her pants off. Brock looked back at his mom and stuttered, "Mom, I, I, we weren't…" Kathy said, "Well Brock you can't get in there with your clothes on." She walked over and sat the glasses and the wine on the end of the tub.

Turning around she began to take off her blouse and jeans as well. Once Brock figured out what was going on he thought, "Oh shit I gotta get in the tub before I get a boner." He quickly started getting undressed, fumbling around with his shoes and pants.

The women both giggled at him as they finished stripping of their clothes. Brock got his shoes off and pants down in record time and as he was lowering his boxers he looked at the women, both standing there nude.

He almost got in the tub with his shirt still on he was in such a hurry. Judy got a quick glance at his package as he dropped his boxers and turned around. It was growing rapidly at about seven inches as he sank into the tub and turned to look at the two milf's again.

They were stunning, Judy had a golden brown tan like his mom but unlike Kathy, Judy had no tan lines. Judy's Pubic area had a small short patch of hair where his mom was shaved completely smooth. Kathy's tits were definitely bigger but Judy's were more than a handful at a respectable 34c.

They closed the gap between themselves as they embraced for a long hug and sensual kiss. Brock couldn't believe his eyes as he sat back in the tub with his cock at full mast. His nine plus inches was as hard as a lead pipe by the time their lips parted.

Kathy could wait no longer to get a hold of Judy's nipples as she kissed her way down Judy's neck to her left nipple. Kissing it and nibbling it. Her right hand went to Judy's right tit and began rubbing and pulling on that nipple as it began to swell and stiffen up.

"Damn that feels good Kathy," Judy said as she let her hands roam over Kathy's back down to that firm bubble ass of hers. Brock was watching this whole time and couldn't help but begin to stroke his long rigid staff. He stayed away from the big bulbous head knowing he would cum immediately if he touched it much at all. The scene before him was so fucking hot. Finally they broke apart and held hands as they got into the tub.

Judy stayed standing as Kathy lowered herself into the seat next to Brock. Judy turned around to pour the wine, as Kathy reached for Brock's cock. Finding his hand firmly wrapped around it she moved his hand off it to her crotch and put her hand on his cock and began to stroke it up and down the full length, slowly. Brock said, "Be careful Mom, it's locked and loaded. You two were so hot there a minute ago I'm about to go off right now." Kathy stopped stroking him all together and moved her hand to his balls as Judy turned around with the glasses to see what was going on behind her.

"Oh I see you two are getting comfortable." Judy said with a lustful smile. "Yes we are very comfortable with each other aren't we baby?" Kathy said as she gave Brock a hot kiss right on the mouth. Judy passed them a glass of wine and sat down across from them. She leaned back and began to relax as the bubbles from the jets swirled around the top half of her boobs that were sticking out of the water.

Brock was looking at them and wanting to suck them so bad.


Kathy looked where he was looking and said to Judy, "Why don't you come over here and set on Brock's lap?" Judy smiled and said, "Are you sure there's room for me over there?" "Oh we'll make room for you." Kathy said with a seductive smile.

Giving Judy the go ahead to play with her son was all Judy needed. She was sure Brock wouldn't object at all. She sat her glass down after taking a big drink and floated across to Brock and raised out of the water to sit in his lap. Just as she went to sithis big cock nudged her pussy. "Ooh, that's a big one there," She said as she reached for it. She couldn't get her hand all the way around it, but she began to slightly rubbed it all over.

As she sat down, she pushed his massive tool up against his stomach with her pussy. The tits he had been drooling over for the past hour were right in front of his face. He didn't hesitate to lean forward and take the right nipple in his mouth. He felt more than seen his mom lean forward and take Judy's left tit into her mouth. They sucked her tits together for several minutes as Judy began to grind her hot pussy against Brock's cock. Brock surprised himself and his mother as he asked Judy if she would like to suck his aching cock.

Of course Judy wanted to see that big thing she had been grinding on. She smiled and eased up off his lap dragging her warm pussy along his hard length. Brock got up and sat on the ledge of the garden tub, his drink still in his hand. As he came out of the water his dick surface the water like a submarines periscope.

Judy's first close up look at it took her breath away as she moaned in delight. Judy got on her knees before Brock and slid her hand over his stiff tool once again, marveling at its size and hardness. She began to lick the big head and ran her tongue over the pee hole. Kathy stood up and moved behind Judy. Standing in the tub she reached down and began to massage Judy's breasts.

Working her hard nipples over simultaneously she began kissing Judy's back and neck. Judy took the head of Brock's cock into her mouth and began to suck him as she pumped his long shaft with a firm grip. Brock thought, "Oh shit I'm gonna cum!" Instead of warning her, he grabbed the back of her head and lunged forward sending his shaft to the back of her throat. The first big spurt about drowned poor Judy, but she managed to swallow it as the second one came right behind it followed by two more big salvos.

Judy couldn't keep up and as she began to choke and sputter Brock released her head and she pulled off his spurting cock. Another shot of warm thick pearl white cum hit her in the face and another sprayed her tits and on his mom's fingers.

As Judy coughed and tried to catch her breath Brock felt so bad for forcing his cock into her like that. But the two gorgeous milfs had him so worked up, not to mention the work the Spanish Fly and ruffie cocktail were doing to him. He just lost control for second there. He apologized and Kathy said, I'm sorry Judy he should have warned you that he was ready to shoot. Judy turned her head and looked at Kathy, cum running down her face and dripping onto her tits, she smiled and licked her lips.

Kathy moved into her and began cleaning the still warm cum off Judy's face. Brock just sat there stunned at the scene before him. His cock still hard as a rock, he jerked a little as he heard Judy's cell phone ring.

Judy kissed Kathy as they shared Brock's cum. She stood up, grabbed a towel and dried her hands off before picking up her phone. "Hello," she answered as she held the phone to her ear. "That will be fine dear" she said as she hit the end call button sitting the phone down. Something clicked in Kathy's mind when she heard Judy say those words. As she thought about it she remembered Judy saying that the last time she was here and her son showed up with a hard on a few minutes later.

Judy turned and looked at Brock. He was leaning back against the wall with that big stiff cock standing straight up in the air. "My my that's a beautiful cock on your son Kathy." Judy said. Kathy smiled and said, "Yes it is, think you can handle some more of it?" Judy's come back was, "I'm pretty sure I can, but the question is, can he?" With that she stepped out of the tub and picked up a towel and began to dry off.

Kathy joined her and then Brock stood up a little wobbly and reached for a towel Judy handed him.

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He stepped out of the water and began to dry himself off. Judy dropped her towel stepping up to him and said, "Here let me help with that." Once they were all dried off, Judy took a hold of Brock's still semi hard cock and led him to her bed.

Kathy wrapped her towel around her and excused herself asking if anyone needed another drink. They both said, "Water please." As Kathy headed to the kitchen. Brock crawled onto the center of the big bed and rolled onto his back.

Judy crawled onto the bed and sensuously crawled between his spread open legs. Brock tucked a big pillow behind his head and said, "See something you want, Ms. Forest?" Yes, something I want and need." She said, as she leaned into his crotch and began licking his huge heavy balls. Kathy went to the kitchen remembering the phone calls Judy had gotten both times she was here.

She began to look around the kitchen, suddenly feeling very suspicious of her friend in the bedroom. She went over to the counter where Judy had fixed there drinks. Under close inspection she saw a light dust on the counter.

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She ran her finger in it and brought it to her nose and smelled it. It smelt familiar but she couldn't place that smell. "Hmm" she thought. She took a damp paper towel and was cleaning the powdery dust off the counter as the front door opened. Kathy realized she was only in a towel in her neighbor's kitchen so she stood still and quiet. Randy came in and shut the door quietly and headed for his Mom's room. Kathy got in the fridge and got out four bottles of water and headed back to Judy's bedroom.

Brock was laying there with his eyes closed enjoying Judy's obvious oral skills. Neither he nor Judy heard Randy come in. Randy stood there looking at his mother's ass in the air and could guess what she was doing to the neighbor guy he had met briefly a few days before. But as he stepped closer and to the side of the bed, he would have never guessed at the size of the cock she was trying to inhale.

"Damn," he thought, this guy is hung like a stallion. Kathy came in just then and saw Randy looking on at the scene in front of him. Wondering what he must be thinking, but also wondering if he wasn't right on cue after his call to his mom. She said, "Well hello Randy. You seem over dressed for the occasion." "Oh hi Kathy, I could say the same for you." Brock about pissed right in Judy's mouth as he saw her son standing a few feet away, as Judy continued gobbling his cock.

Hardly missing a beat, Judy said as she pulled the big cock out of her mouth, "Hi son, you and Kathy can join us if you like." "I like very much, How about you Kathy?" He said, turning to look at Kathy holding the bottled water and her towel up.

"Yeah sure, give me a second, while I go get the wine. I'll be right back, don't start without me Randy." She said. Kathy sat the water down and headed into the garden tub area. Picking up her glass she sniffed the tiny bit of wine left in it and smelled the same smell as the dust on the kitchen counter minutes ago.

Then she got Brock's glass and smelled it. Same thing, then she took Judy's glass and smelled it. Not the same. That confirmed her suspicions without any doubt. She took Brock's glass (it had the most still in it) and topped it off, then poured some in Judy's and headed back to the bedroom. She handed Brock's to Randy and took a sip from Judy's glass. Kathy sat her glass down crawled up behind Judy and began licking her ass crack and juicy pussy.

She smacked Judy on the ass a few times as she withdrew her tongue. Randy climbed on the bed, stood up and walked up next to Kathy's head. Tapping the head of his cock on the side of Kathy's face. Kathy pulled her face out of Judy's slippery crack and looked up into Randy's eyes as she took his six and a half inch young hard cock into her mouth.

When Randy stepped up on the bed Brock was watching him to see what he would do. As he seen what he did with his cock to his mother's face, he told Judy to mount his big fucking cock and ride like the wind. Judy and her smoldering juicy pussy were more than ready for the challenge. She backed away from his cock with her face, turned to Kathy as she had a mouth full of Randy's cock.

She kissed her on the cheek, Randy pulled his cock out of Kathy's mouth and stuck in in his mom's mouth. Judy gave it a quick hard suck and then went after Brock's big cock like a hungry whore. This kinda pissed Randy off a little so he force fed Kathy his cock till it was banging off the back of her throat. Of course Kathy being used to bigger and longer cocks took Randy's whole cock into her mouth and began moaning in pleasure.

Randy looked at Brock and smiled as he pumped Kathy's face full of his cock. Brock noted a bit of jealousy in Randy and on one hand felt bad for him, but on the other hand felt like he would show Randy who the top dick was gonna be around here. He was pissed for Randy's rough treatment of his mother's face and mouth. All this went on with the women none the wiser, but the guys both knew what was going on. As Judy rubbed the big head of Brock's cock against her wet slit lubricating it Randy pulled his cock from Kathy's hot hungry mouth and pushed her backwards onto the bed at Judy's feet.

As she rolled her head towards Judy she smiled as she was just in time to see Brock starting to enter Judy for the first time. She could tell Brock was enjoying it and she could tell from Judy's grunts, groans and moans that she was having trouble adjusting to Brock's size. Randy looked over to see what Kathy was smiling at to see a perfect view of Brock's big cock head enter his mother. He thought to himself, "He's gonna just wreck that pussy of hers before I even get a chance at it." He turned his attention to Kathy's big tits as he kissed and sucked her hard nipples.

He determined in his mind that he was taking Kathy's ass today. Kathy felt Randy's hard on pressing against her abs as he sucked her tits. The way he had been handling her since he got on the bed, Kathy felt the jealousy he had for Brock and decided to defuse this situation before it had a chance to grow. She said, "Does Randy like these big tits?" Randy said, "Hell yes, their fucking huge!" Kathy pushed her tits together and said, "Then how about you come up here and fucked them with that big hard cock of yours?" Randy needed no further encouragement as he quickly straddled her chest.

Spitting in the valley between her tits as he pressed his stiff member into that tight cleavage. He placed his hands on hers and pressed harder than she was. As he began to pump her hard he reached back and began to rub her pussy. She noticed again how much rougher he was with her than that first time they were together.

She let him fuck her tits with wild abandon until he shot his load all over neck and her chin. Then she pushed him off of her and got up off the bed and said, "Come with me mister, you have made a mess." As he got off the bed he heard his mom groaning and looked back to see Brock working his cock further and further into his mom's tight pussy. Judy was grinding down on Brock's big cock and rotating and humping her hips to try and make room in her hot juicy little hole for Brock's enormous cock.

Randy turned and followed Kathy to the Garden Tub area. Out of sight of the other two and ear shot, she told him to sit. Pointing to the edge of the tub, Randy had a feeling he was in trouble and did as he was told. "Randy why are you being so ruff with me?" Kathy asked.

Randy was afraid to admit his jealousy of Brock and his big cock so he looked down at the floor and didn't answer her. "Come on Randy, if you want to continue our fun you have to tell me." She said. Finally after stalling for a couple minutes he said, "Brock gets to fuck my mom and I don't. That big cock of his is going to spread her pussy so wide and stretch it out so bad that if I ever did get my dick in her it would be like slinging a hot dog down a hallway!" Kathy had to look away to hide her smile and not laugh at his description.

"Well Randy there's no denying my boy is rather oversized, but let me ask you something. How does my pussy feel?" She asked. Randy thought about it for a minute and then it dawned on him that Brock was fucking her too. He wasn't sure what to think of that.

As he was trying to process this new information he said, "Your pussy feels good." "How long as he been fucking you?" Randy asked her, with a bit of jealousy in his tone of voice. Kathy said, "Since right after we moved here, about two weeks.

Randy I know your hurt because of this and I want to make it right for you, for all of us." She thought about it for a second and said, "Well as right as it can be considering the circumstances." Randy took a deep breath and let it out then he said, "So what do you plan on doing about it?" As he asked that question he could hear his mom on the bed grunting and shouting "Yeah give it to me, pound me with that big cock." He looked at Kathy, knowing she had heard it too.

He raised an eye brow as if to say, "Well?" Kathy stepped up closer to him and said, "Well to start with you've been a bad boy, so clean this cum off of me with your tongue and swallow it." Randy wasn't into eating his own cum, especially as it was getting cold and starting to dry around the edges.

But he figured if Kathy could help him into his mother's pussy, it would be worth it. So he dove in with as much passion as he could muster and licked her neck down to her tits and all the way to her belly button. Once she was satisfied with his work she said, "First of all I agree with you about being able to have intercourse with her, hell oral sex is already over the line. So here's what we are going to do." "I take it you have never had anal with her either?" "Shoot no are you crazy?" Randy almost shouted.

"Keep your voice down," Kathy said. "Ok, where's your lube?" Randy looked at her dumb founded for a second and then said, "There is some in the bedside table with her dildo and there's some in the cabinet behind you." Chapter 18 Ray's hard work in Japan continues Ray had presented his Boss with a proposal for their Japanese partners three weeks ago.

His Boss liked it and told him to go to Japan and present it to them exactly the same way. So that's what Ray was going to do about three hours from now. He rolled out of bed, got ready and went down stairs to find the fitness area of the Hotel. At the front desk he was given the directions and went on his way. After his workout he headed to his room, got ready for work and left to go find some breakfast.

He met up with Hiro at 9:30 sharp and was whisk away by Limousine to Nagasaki Tower where his meetings would be held. It was a huge building, the landscape around the building was immaculate and tasteful. Ray was impressed to say the least, the whole place wreaked of money and power. At the front entrance there were two Japanese men, they looked more like guards than door men.

Dressed in black suits, which bulged out under their arms. Ray was sure that those bulges represented hand guns of a large variety. As the limo pulled up and stopped, another man came out the door and stepped up to Ray's door. For being Japanese looking he spoke perfect English as he opened Ray's door and said, "Welcome to Nagasaki Tower Sir." Ray said, "Hello" as he stepped from the car with his brief case in hand.

As Ray began to move toward the front door to the building the man said, "My name is Mamoru Tanaka, these are my brothers, Kenta and Takeshi. They would like to inspect your brief case before we enter." As he said this the two men blocked the doorway waiting for Ray to offer his brief case for a security check.

Ray offered it to Kenta, but he wouldn't take it. Mamoru said, "Please open the brief case Mr. Tatum." Ray opened the brief case and turned it toward the two men. They looked in it and shuffled the folders around. "Thank You Sir." Mamoru said. As he took Ray's brief case, the brothers searched Ray's body and then stepped back motioning toward the door.

Once inside Mamoru led Ray to the Receptionist desk and spoke to the lady there in Japanese. She looked at Ray, smiled politely and handed him a Visitor badge. Mamoru then escorted Ray to the elevators and pressed a code into the number pad beside the elevator button. When the elevator door opened there was a man standing there who ushered them in.

Once they reached the top floor Mamoru led Ray into a huge conference room and asked Ray if he needed anything and that Mr. Nagasaki would be in shortly. Ray said a water would be nice and he took a seat.

Mamoru left and a few minutes later a beautiful Japanese lady came in with a pitcher of water and glasses.

As Ray watched her move through the room he noted two things immediately. She moved gracefully in her tight black dress with a white stripe down each side.

Secondly for a Japanese woman she had amazingly large breast. She smiled at Ray as she sat the tray down on the table and said, "Hello Mr.

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Tatum, my name is Rikka and I'll will be taking care of you while you are here at Nagasaki Tower." Ray was looking directly at her amazing chest and then glanced up to her face. "Well that sure sounds nice Rikka, Thank You very much." Ray said. "Anything you want or need will be provided by me during your time here Sir." She said. Ray was thinking to himself that her tight little body could bring a lot of pleasure to him but not here he thought. About then Mr.

Kei Nagasaki walked into the room and greeted Ray. As the morning business meeting went by quickly Ray was glad when they broke for lunch. Rikka came in and spoke to Mr. Nagasaki in Japanese and then turned to Ray and said. "Sir if you will follow me I'll escort you to lunch." Mr.

Nagasaki smiled at Ray and said, "I'll see you in two hours Mr. Tatum." Ray thought a two hour lunch was a bit long, but he had no idea what he was in for. Rikka took Ray in the elevator down two floors and into a spacious room with a grand view of Inokashira Park with it's big trees lined around a beautiful pond.

Rikka led Ray to a big sofa near the windows and sat him there. She took his order for lunch and disappeared into another room.

Soon she came back with a Kimono robe on, like nothing Ray had ever seen. It was short, barely covering her ass. The background color was black, it was covered in red flowers of different sizes. Along the lower hem there was a one inch wide white band and also along the cuffs of the sleeves. In the middle there was a white sash tied in a beautiful bow in the back. Rikka was a site to behold. Absolutely stunning, as she sauntered into the room she came up to Ray sitting on the large sofa and straddled his legs and sat right on his lap.

In about three seconds Ray had a hard on that was stretching his dress pants to the max. Rikka felt the stiff cock in front of her and slid forward till it was nestled against her pussy. As she dry humped Ray's cock she leaned her big tits into Ray's face.

At this point Ray was beginning to think he understood the two hour lunch. As he buried his face in Rikka's cleavage his hands came up to loosen her robe. He could tell she was naked under this silky soft garment. Her breast were large and firm, unhindered by a bra. Ray could feel the heat coming off her crotch as she ground against his cock. Ray thought he was going to cum in his pants and said to Rikka, "I have to get these pants off before I make a mess in them!" She stood up and took him by the hand and led him to another room.

Ray felt the change in temperature as soon as he entered the room. It resembled a garden. There were trees lining the room and big leafed plants surrounding a hot tub. Along the sides of the hot tub were these cushions about four inches thick covered in some kind of leather or vinyl. Rikka began to undress Ray and hang his clothes on these strange looking racks off to the side.

Once she had Ray completely nude she opened her Kimono and Ray got his first look at her naked form. What a form it was too, her hair fell across her cream colored skin covering the most beautiful 38D tits, her waist dipped in and her hips flared out slightly.

Rikka stunned Ray as she slid the Kimono off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. She took Ray by the hand once more and led him to the edge of the hot tub. As he stepped onto the pearl white cushions he noticed they were warm to the touch. Rikka stepped down into the tub and helped Ray ease down into the steaming, bubbling water.

She stood before him as he sat down her beautiful full black curly bush was right in his face. He leaned forward and nuzzled it with his nose. As he took in her musky female scent his dick throbbed below the water. Ray reached behind Rikka and took hold of her firm ass cheeks and pulled her closer to him, burying his face in her bush. Working his tongue below her hairline, (as she was shaved clean from her clit to her taint).

He began running his tongue along her slit tasting her as he went the full length of her slit. Once he reached her tiny hole he stiffened his tongue and dug into her opening. As he brought his tongue upward slipping out of her hole, his tongue was covered in her creamy girl juice. Rikka moaned and pressed her pussy mound harder against Ray's stiff tongue.

Ray pulled on her hips lowering them into the water licking and kissing his way up her delicious body.

When he reached those voluptuous breasts he began licking her stiff little brown nipples and sucking and nibbling on them. Rikka leaned Ray back into the seat as the water came up to his shoulders she straddled his hips again feeling his stiff prick against her belly.

Ray couldn't wait any longer, he pushed forward and stood up lifting Rikka with him as he went. He laid her on the pearl white cushions along the tubs edge and spread her legs as they dangled in the steamy water. Ray moved between her legs and dove into her pussy face first.

This was his meal for lunch as he licked her sweet pussy from one end to the other, stopping occasionally at her clit to flick it with his tongue and then suck the hole thing into his mouth. Rikka was moaning and saying something in Japanese as she wiggled her hips and grabbed Ray by the hair and shoved her creamy loins into his face.

After Ray brought her to her first orgasm he stood up and placed the head of his throbbing cock at her wet entrance. He paused looking at her, damn she was gorgeous. Rikka smiled at him and thrust herself onto his stiff pole. Ray leaned into her and drove his inflamed cock head into her heated snatch.

He pummeled that sweet tight pussy in this position for a few minutes and he felt his balls start to churn. Knowing his own orgasm was moments away, he withdrew his cock and climbed all the way out of the tub. He had Rikka turn around and positioned her on her knees with her head on the pearl white mat. Her ass was high in the air he moved in behind her on his knees. He readied his cock at her juicy entrance and drove it all the way home in one thrust. Rikka grunted and moaned as Ray went balls deep in her tight pussy.

Every thrust of his was matched with one of her own. Ray pounded her pussy for all he was worth for over twenty minutes and finally with a final deep thrust he came in her tight hole. As his cum came blasting into her he roared like a lion. It was one of Ray's most powerful orgasms he could remember and her little pussy just couldn't contain all his cum as it came running out of her hot hole and dripped onto the cushions below her up turned ass.

Ray pulled his cock out of her and sat back on his haunches looking at her gaping pink pussy. Rikka moved forward and turned around, looking Ray right in the eyes she leaned down and licked their combined juices of the pearl white cushions. Then worked her way to his cock and licked it clean as well. The rest of the afternoon business meeting went by fairly quick as Ray finished his presentation. Kei Nagasaki rose from his chair shook hands with Ray and said, "Very Good Mr.

Tatum, I'm looking forward to finishing this up tomorrow." As he left the room Rikka came in and said, "Is there anything else I can do for you Mr. Tatum?" Ray smiled and said, "Only if you can come to my Hotel tonight at seven." "I think that can be arranged," she said with a lusty smile.

Ray moved over to her took her in his arms and kissed her hard on her thin little lips. Hiro was waiting for Ray with the limo at the front doors of Nagasaki tower.

He took him back to the Hotel and as they pulled up Nagi was there. As the limo stopped Nagi opened Ray's door and said hello. Ray said, "Good afternoon Nagi." Ray looked past Nagi to see two men coming up behind Nagi rather quickly.

Just then Hiro came around the limo and pushed Ray back into the vehicle slamming the door behind him. Ray sat up looking out the window if the limo. Nagi spun around and caught an open palm to his forehead knocking him to the ground. Before he was even on the ground Hiro dropped kicked the other man in the face and he flew through the air and landed ten feet from where he had been standing. Nagi rolled to his feet as Hiro faced the man who had hit Nagi.

As the man braced himself to take on Hiro, Nagi came up behind him and went to the ground sweeping the man's feet from under him and as his head bounced of the concrete, Nagi chopped him in the throat with the edge of his hand. By then Ray saw Hiro on his cell phone. A moment later a black cargo van pulled up and four Japanese men leaped out, took the two men off the ground and put them in the van and sped off. Both Hiro and Nagi straightened their clothes and looked all around the area.

Then Hiro opened the limo door and told Ray to come out quickly and follow Nagi. Ray did exactly as instructed, bringing his brief case with him. Nagi escorted Ray directly to his room. At the door to his room stood a rather large Japanese man who Nagi spoke to in Japanese.

Then he looked at Ray and said, "Due to the incident downstairs, Iwao will be outside your door tonight. He will watch over you and keep you safe." Ray said, "What the hell was that all about anyway?" "Never mind that now, you are safe.

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Is there anything I can get you now?" "Yes there is." Ray said, with kind of a pissed off tone. He was thinking all this shit was going to screw up his plans for the evening so he wanted Nagi to understand he wasn't too happy. "I will need dinner for two brought in tonight, I would like Chirashizushi, and for desert I would like Wagashi served with tea." Nagi said, "Yes Sir, right away. Will that be all then?" "Not hardly my friend, I will need Meeka for the entire evening, and I'm expecting Rikka from Nagasaki Tower here at seven for dinner.

See to it please." Ray said firmly with no smile. Nagi bowed to Ray and said, "Yes Sir, right away." Chapter 19 Randy's Revenge Kathy took the lube from the cabinet behind her and led Randy back to the main part of the bedroom. Judy had been working Brock's cock into her pussy for at least twenty minutes and she still had two inches of his massive cock to go.

Brock looked down his torso watching his cock work it's way into Judy's tight hole. Judy was still sitting up, grunting and moaning each time Brock's cock hit bottom. Kathy laid the lube on the bed behind Judy and slipped around her to lie down beside Brock and began kissing and sucking her way up Brock's chest. Randy came up on the bed behind Judy and began nipping her shoulders and neck with his lips and teeth. Judy was in total ecstasy as she rocked back and forth on Brock's huge shaft.

Kathy nuzzled up Brock's neck and nibbled his ear. Then she whispered, "Brock honey Randy is really jealous because your fucking his mother and she won't allow him to. Oral sex only, can you imagine if I did that to you?" She licked his ear and nibbled it again.

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"Don't answer me, just grunt and shove your big meat up into her a little bit more and I'll know you understand." She whispered as she licked his ear. Brock bucked his hips up into Judy with a grunt and a moan. Kathy kissed Brock on the lips and went back to nibbling his ear. She whispered, "Get Judy to lay on your chest when I get up, Randy's gonna start playing with her ass. When she tries to raise up, hold her down." Kathy was wondering if this was going to be a good idea or not.

But the wheels were already in motion and then she remembered that Judy had been drugging her and Brock. She kissed Brock one more time and got up off the bed. She moved to Randy and kissed him on the back of the neck as he continued to caress his mother's back and neck as she ground her pussy down onto that huge cock that was buried inside of her. Kathy moved to the bedside table and stood there looking at Brock, once she made eye contact she nodded her head at him and he rammed his mighty cock up into Judy.

She felt his cock head bang into her cervix and she leaped up a little to relieve the pressure. As she did Brock wrapped his arms around her and brought down to his chest and began kissing her hard. Kathy reached in the drawer of the bedside table and brought out Judy's dildo and stepped back to where Randy was at the end of the bed. She smiled at him and then said loud enough for Judy to hear her, "Randy look at your mom's pretty ass." Randy took the dildo from Kathy and moved between Judy and Brock's legs.

He leaned over and began kissing and caressing his mother's ass. "Lick that pretty ass Randy, rim it good." Kathy said. Randy went into Judy's ass crack with his tongue and fingers, kneading her ass cheeks like a Baker with fresh dough in his hands.

Spreading her full globes of ass flesh and digging his tongue into her tight little brown starfish. He was able to get the tip of his stiff tongue into her and wiggle it around.

Judy was writhing in pleasure as her pussy was just stuffed full of big, thick, hard young cock and her ass hole was being played with. Judy moaned and hunched her pussy onto Brock's cock, close to cumming all over his big shaft for the first time. Randy held the dildo out to Kathy and she spread the lube all over it.

He turned his head away from Judy's crack long enough to look at Kathy and smile. Randy immediately turned his attention back to his mother's ass. He spread her right cheek open and laid the vibrating dildo in the crack of her ass. The buzzing pressure on her ass hole was a bit of a shock, but instantly turned to pleasure.

Judy started to raise up but Brock held her down tight to his chest. "Hold still Judy, we're going to make you cum like you never have before." Brock growled in her ear. Once Randy heard that he began to probe Judy's ass hole with the dildo, just around her opening at first. Then Judy began bucking back and forth between Brock's cock and the dildo. The pressure Randy was applying to the dildo caused it to penetrate his Mom's ass as she bucked back and forth.

Judy was so turned on and close to her climax she began to push back onto the dildo more and more as Brock's cock continued to pummel her pussy. Randy looked at how much of the dildo she was forcing into her own ass and was astonished. As soon as he realized how much she was taking in her cherry asshole he knew she was about to cum. Quickly he moved his cock into position and slipped the dildo out of her ass and shoved his cock into his mother's gaping ass hole. She had been taking about four inches of the dildo up her ass on her own, but Randy gave her all of his six and half inches all at once.

You can be sure she felt those extra inches. Randy thought "Oh man her ass is tight." Judy, was still humping back and forth when she suddenly realized she was humping Randy's cock and not the dildo. She immediately began to thrash around and tried to get up to get her son's cock out of her ass. Brock held her tight, smashing her tits into his chest. Judy shouted, "Brock let me up, damn it!" Just then Kathy stepped up to the side of the bed and put her hand on Brock's arm.

"Don't you dare let her up Brock." Kathy said as she glared at Judy. "Kathy!" Judy shouted at Kathy as she tried to wiggle free. Randy was getting a good rhythm going in and out of his mom's tight rectum. Brock was enjoying having his cock buried in Judy's tight pussy.

But when Randy shoved his cock into her, Brock felt her pussy tighten up even more as he could feel Randy's cock rubbing against his own through the thin membrane that separated them.

Kathy said, "Listen here Judy you deceptive little bitch, I know you drugged me the first time I visited your home and you and Randy took advantage of me. Then today you did it again and drugged my son. So you just lay there and take what you have coming to you.

When Brock heard this he was pissed. He picked up his pace and timed his thrust to be opposite of Randy's, so Judy was constantly full of young hard cock. "Pound that ass Randy!" Brock shouted. Randy, just glad to finally be inside his mother kept his rhythm steady. Judy gave up trying to free herself and decided to make the most of her situation.

She started working her hips back and forth between the two cocks she was impaled upon. Grinding her clit against the meaty lower shaft of Brock's cock.

The trio kept this up for about fifteen minutes. Brock felt his balls begin to churn and the head of his cock was swelling up. "I'm gonna cum!" Brock shouted as he unloaded his first squirt from his big cum filled balls right into Judy's quivering tight pussy. Brock gave another mighty thrust up into her and shot another big load into her, bottoming out against her cervix.

"Ugh" was all Judy could manage to say. She was pinned between Brock and Randy so tight she couldn't back off Brock's huge cock as he rammed her good and hard a third time. Brock was still pissed off thinking of Judy drugging them and especially since she had done it twice to his mother. After his orgasm he felt Randy's cock rubbing against his and his own cock remained hard, so he just kept fucking up into her with short hard strokes.

Brock yelled at Randy, "Come on Randy, pound that ass she's been holding out on you! Fill her ass with cum!" Now Randy picked up his pace and gave her long strokes burying his cock balls deep on every stroke. He hammered his mother's sore ass for a full 10 minutes non-stop until finally he shoved his whole cock into her one more time with a loud grunt and came in her ass, and it was a big load from all the frustration he had built up. Brock said, "Roll her off of me Randy." Randy slid his arms under his mom's arm pits and with his cock still in her he rolled over on his back bringing her with him.

He pumped up into her ass a few more times from that position and was starting to get a nice rhythm going when Judy finally gathered enough strength to dislodge her son's cock from her ass and roll off of him.

Judy was a mess, her hair was wet from sweat, and sticking to her face. Her eye shadow had ran down her cheeks, her pussy and ass hole were both red, swollen and leaking cum like crazy.

She looked a sight. Kathy looked at her and smirked. She said, to Brock, "Its time for us to go home son, our work here is done." As they were gathering their clothes and getting dressed to leave, Kathy looked into the bedroom from the Jacuzzi area and saw Randy holding his mother as she wept.