Blonde venus in latex lingerie shows her beauty to the world

Blonde venus in latex lingerie shows her beauty to the world
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It had been about two months since i transfered schools and moved to my new neighborhood. I was not the best looking kid but i guess its true that personality matters most because i had plenty of female friends and girl friends. It was another boring Sunday afternoon when i heard a knock at the door.

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Since i was sleeping, i got up slugishly and went to answer the door. At the door was one of my female friends Tabatha or Tabby for short. We chatted by the door for a while and then i invited her inside. We went to my room and just hung out for a while.

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While listening to music we started talking about sex which got me hard. I had sex two times before this so i was'nt very expirienced.

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We soon got bored of my room and went to my living room, while sitting on the couch i was joking around and proposed to have sex. To my suprize she said yes but we could'nt because my mom was in the other room. I asked to see her tits but she said she was self concious but would let me feel them, so i did.

They were about C cup and very firm as you would imagine a 15 year olds tits would feel like. She asked me to fool around but i said i didn't like kissing and she responded "neither do i". So not knowing what to do i got up and went to the bathroom. While in the bathroom i thought about what i would do next, when i came out she was just looking at the t.v.

I sat next to hear and reached over putting my hands on her hip and making her turn over and sit on my lap.


As she sat on my lap she started grinding which made my about 7 inch cock harder than it already was. I put my hands up her shirt feeling on her tits as i imagined what my cock going into her tight and wet pussy would feel like.

I had almost forgot that my mom was still in the house so i went to her room and closed the door so i would be able to hear when she came out.

I went back and sat next to her, i asked her to fuck right now but again she refused because my mom was there. She said she would let me finger her as she started unzipping her pants. I reached under her panties and felt her soft pussy lips, it was the wettest pussy i have felt.

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I slowly slid my middle finger in her pussy as she let out a soft moan. I started making my finger go in and out of her hot wet pussy as she rolled her eyes back in pleasure. Soon i put in my index finger as well as she let out a louder moan.

I asked her if it hurt and she said no so i just kept on going.


My fingers were not going in all the way so i got on my knees and told her to lower her panties and lift her legs up as she did. The sight of her young tight pussy lips was unbelievable and her wetness was actually dripping off of her pussy. I inserted my two fingers and started going faster and faster as she held on to my shoulders and moaned with more regularity. I stopped for a second and took my fingers out and licked them, she had the taste of a virgin even though she wasnt one.

I slid my fingers in again and began to finger fuck her some more.

When she came i stopped, pulled my fingers out and sat next to her as she pulled her pants up. 15 seconds after we got done my mom came out of the room. She asked me if my mom worked that night because she worked the night shift and i said yes.

We made arrangments for her to come over at 10-11 P.M and we would fuck then.

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Tell me what yall think and i might write what happens that night.