Para as gostosas minha piroca

Para as gostosas minha piroca
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I woke up early and leaned out the front door to grab the paper. My breast juggled and my nipples harden in the morning air. I look up to see our neigber, Mr.

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Pete, stairing at me from his door. I imagen I must looked a sight. I hadn't gone to wash my hair, I had bruses from rough handleing and I was still wearing a suede collar. I smiled wide and waved as I bent to pick up the paper.

As I turned around I saw you were still asleep and I smile to myself. We had fun last night. Picking me up from the airport was the funniest thing's I'd ever experianced. You tell me often enough I'm beautiful, but I just don't see what you can and so I feel more around average.

I wore a short pleted pink and white skirt that looked as though it had been a white skirt that was tiedied at the frenges and a white neckstrap tank top. My hair was curled with light makeup and I had my pink suede collar on. I had gotten off the plane in flip-flops an over the sholder bookbag full of things I might need on the plain.

Lotionhairgel, hand sanitizer, hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, and a my portabul toy.

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The fact that I hadn't worn a thong made me glad this long trip was over cause I was ready to jump the next guy that passed me, without so much as a Hi first.

Makeing it to the luggage belt, I picked up a large rollar sute case and put it on the ground. When I turned around an older gentleman was staring at me. From my face to my ass and back. I smiled wide at him winking as his wife turned toward him. Giggling out loud I turned to walk away. It made me feel good that I could pull his attintion so easily but I didn't let it go to my head. Walking out of main sicuritey I weeled my sutecase over to a chair and sait down. God I hate long trips, I thought.

Looking around I couldn't see the man who was to pick me up. But you had spotted me as soon as I walked out into the waiting area. I stood on a chair to get a better look of the room and spoted you leaning against a wall smileing at me. I waved and hopped down from the chair and ran over to you. Mannaging to give the whole airport a nice view of bald pussy and ass in the prosses. Letting go of the carrying case I wrapped my arms around you and hugged you close.

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You were so much taller then me, but that just made it more fun, I told myself. As we walked out to the car you asked for the remote and it took me a few moments to understand what you ment. Turning my backpack around I pulled out both the USB and the cordless remote and handed them to you. As we reached your caryou asked me to turn around and bend over for a second as you opened the car door. I slid in front of the seat as I bent at the waistspreading my legs at an angle that would allow me to get deeper into the pose I was in.

Pushing in a finger you hit the tip of the toy and I moaned as you also grazed my g-spot. Smileing you patted my ass and told me go ahead and get into the car. As I sat in the seat I took off my shoes and curled one foot under me and buckled my seatbelt. Getting in the other side you lifted my skirt again, looking at my pussy, and smiled wide. I leaned forward and kissed you lightly, loving the feel of your lips on mine for the first time.

We spent the time driveing and talking as you tested the veriouse speeds and my ability to talk while it was on veriouse stagouse. By the time we got to your home I was soaked and worried about having stained your seat.

Stopping the car you reached over and kiss me again.


This time more passionately befor. Suddenly my seatbelts undone and I'm in your lap kissing you, needing you so badly I can barly control my breathing. You break the kiss and smile up at me and I almost melt right there in your lap. Opening the door you let me climb out, smacking my ass as I climb onto the sidewalkflushed from the excitment a few seconds earlier.

Leading me to your door you walk me inside carring the big sute case filled with dresses and tights and stockings and thongs and skits and what not then I might ever need on this trip.

Walking up behind me you pull me to you and I squeal in suprise as. I lean against your muscled frame and I can't help but sway slightly with the need to swallow you hole. Then I feel you pulling at my buttons and pushing down my skirt.

Then over my head gose my shirt and I stand in front of you completely naked. I turn to see you.


Your button down black shirt and worn bluejeans look right at home on you and I gracfully throw myself to the floor. My hair cascadeing in a ripple of curls around my head and shoulders.

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On my knees I push my ass into the air, spread my legs, strech out my arms and make sure my shoulder touching the ground. I can hear your footsteps walk around me as I continue to bow befor youawaiting your approvle.

I feel you reach down and touch my pussy, I want to push back, to show you how much I want you. But I hold still. "You may get up" I hear you across the room now.


When did you stop touching me?I get up and follow you to the couch, but instead of sitting beside you I sit in front of youbetween your legs on the floor, as though it's comon place. Tiltling my head up I kneel and run my hands along the thighs of your jeans, Running my hand over your cock and back to your mid thigh.

I smile and you lean over and kiss me. The taste of you makeing me moan as I instantly get wet under your touch. "Yes" you sayas though to read my thoughts I smile and pull out your cock takeing it ,already simi hard, into my mouth and sucking on you vigorously.

I moan around your cock as I feel the viberator go up again and I wiggle a little, fidgeting at the thought of you rather then the little egg inside of me. I moan again I Feel myself pulsing with excitment and want. I come up from your cock and with a light blush across my cheek. "Masterplease fuck me." My blush deepening at the request and your smile.

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You grab my collar and bring me around the end of the couch bending me over the edge so my ass is in the air and my heads on the pillows of the cussions. I automatically lay my hands over my head and as I feel you sticking in a finger I squearm.

You pull out the egg and lay it on a table behind the couch for later, along with the remotes. Slideing in slowly you stop at my entrance teasing me. "Please Master, please fuck me. Please?"I push back but don't get to far without your help.

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As you wrap yourself around me I can't help but moan in pleasure, wanting more. As you pick up pace I can feel myself building and want more than anything to cum for you for the first time. "Please may I cum, Please!" My pussy clenching. I feel you speed up and your hand reaches round my frame and finds my clit. As you worry it and continue to pump my body goes wild.

I buck in responce, my body trembling with the need to cum. "Cum now.


" You say. The command in your voice all to clear and my body responds like you were the remote and my body the recipient. As I feel the wave was over me I feel you cum, spraying my walls with a thick coat of your cum. We sit there for a few moments. My ass in the air, breathing heavy on the couch, your hand on my ass cock still deep inside of me.

I finally rolled over, rushing to the bathroom to clean up. As I come back out I smile happily as I walk up behind you and lay my hands on your chest. As I stood there a thought crossed my mind.

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This was gonna be one HELL of a trip.