Babe gets anal and creampied by hubbys friend

Babe gets anal and creampied by hubbys friend
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This is a story about an online Bondage slave to a Lesbian mistress. Earlier in the story(which unfortunatley i am not allowed to include) The Mistress broke me the slave into dirty fucking in the early evening and despite her insatiable hunger for sex (god i love that about her)as she went to sleep i was told to think of the most depraved things and do them till i could no longer continue.

After completing it i am to Publish this on XNXX. I call this piece i hope you everyone enjoys it.

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Feel free to email your comments to [email protected] I am 5 feet tall i 83 pounds im skinny i have sorta poochy cheeks that give me an innocent/naieve look, im 26% indian 25% german 23% irish and several other nationalities make up the last 26% my hair is auburn with deep and lighter reddish brown tones my bust size is 32c and my dress size is 4. i often use large fruit such as bannanas,cuccumbers, sweet corn and bottles my favorite object to use is i Condom and the Road Cone in the Corner of my room *i put a rod inside of it to stiffen it up just right* to get me my hobbies are MMORPG's *massively multiplayer online games* Fucking,Fucking,and More Fucking (if its a good week ive been laid at least 12 times in 7 days*Sighs happily* or i get a stupendous week and am fucked at least 30 times in 7 days.

it probably still wouldnt be enough =D. i am in a Deep online relationship with a Mistress i plan on staying with for the rest of my life (and hopefully move into the next step of our online relationship (i.e.

me moving to her and becoming her at home slave =D *crosses fingers* next year!!) *Fucking wow the sex is SPECTACULARIFIC STUPENDOUS UNFUCKING BELEIVABLE ORGASMS SEVERAL REPEATED ORGASMS!!!* i have 2 dildos one rather large anal plug that hurts to go in (i wear it on hot days) it has a vibrator and a control that is attached by a cord i cut a hole into my pocket and slip it through or i use a garter belt if i am wearing a mini skirt.

I am Deeply Deeply Submissive in nature. Very playful and loving. at times been accused of being evil and angelic (usually within a five minute period ^-^ ). I am Permanently horny even during PMS *another reason why my mistress is so awesome *sigh* shes horny 24/7 too) i love cuddling sitting on my mistresses lap and laying my head on her shoulder for a nap and I LOVE LESBIAN BONDAGE!

i am a Submissive lesbian and my mistress is a dominant lesbian she is very beutiful i cannot say much about her except that she is absolutely wonderful to me (i still get punished for doing bad stuff) but i still love her with all my heart and pledge my Mind Body and Soul completely to her.

I Am Her Slave Gladly. if you have any comments or would like to speak with me via MSN Messenger send me an email with your MSN Messenger Address (if wanting to contact Thru MSN Messenger) and i will get back to you promptly (also leave times you will be available online for chat =P ) or just send me an email if you have any comments about what i did tonight.

And if all goes well and everyone likes the story perhaps you may hear somemore Real stories from my sex life and perhaps some of my. Sicker fantasies *giggles*. ^-^ P.s. Omg i am so sore and i really hope my mistress will love this *evil grin* cause im not gonna be able to walk right for at least 2 weeks!!!

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P.p.s. i will not cheat on my mistress as i said in the above statement i am her Property and Hers Alone And will Remain that Way. *blows a kiss to all the people out there* I hope you like it!!!! P.p.p.s: I'm Also Irrasistabbaly Caaaauuuttttee!!!! *giggles* *innocent look as she points to the halo above her head*^-^ Playing For Mistress!!!

Slave says: i just brought in a cucumber into my room its at least a foot long im sucking and deepthroating it with your cumm in my mouth lathering it and sucking on it lovingly Slave says: im sucking on the other end now mistress it makes me so horny having your dirty cumm in my mouth dripping off my hair and rubbed into every pore on my body * Slave says: im gonna fuck myself with the cucumber mistress im gonna shove it in immedietly im not going to ease it in im gonna fuck your Dirty Slut Pet's pussy raw then im going to push it all the way in my ass and fuck myself till i cumm dirty all over me and into the bucket Slave says: *i have it against my pussy lips mistress its only a half inch in and its so huge already Slave says: *shoves it in hard arching her back gasping and panting in pain* ommmggg it feels so good inside mistress im imagining its your hand on the cucumber mistress Slave says: *pushes it in hard and fast twisting it fucking your sluts pussy Raw for you* ommmmggg!!!

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it hurts so much but its wonderful its so big im taking all ove it in im only holding onto the very edge and forcing my had hard into my cunt its slapping so hard mistress it hurts but its wonderful its so big Slave says: omggg mistress im so close i have the bucket right here im only in my collar with my tag on it im your property mistress my purpose it to make you happy Slave says: *pulls the cucumber out her ass gasping and shoves into her ass screaming in pain and pleasure* Slave says: im cummmmmmmminnnng mistress im cummmminnng dirty my piss mixing in with my cum dripping down my legs splashing in the bucket and all down my inner thighs it feels so wonder full mistress* Slave says: i have plastic all over the floor mistress there are big puddles im handstanding with my shoulders flat and my knees are on the ground holding me stready my face exstatic with pleasure* im putting 2 rulers into my pussy pushing them in as deep as i can without losing them the cucumber is deep inside my ass only half an inch is out im imagining my dirty cumm is yours mistress Slave says: Pushes the rulers wide against my thighs spreading it so badly it hurts *i shove a ball inside a racket ball and pull the cucumber out forcing it deep inside me spreading me wide all the way inside* Slave says: *pulls the cucumber out forcing it into my ass whimpering and pouting in pain and pleasure* Slave says: *picks up the bucket holding the piss and cumm* im gonna poor it inside me now mistress i want your cumm all the way deep inside me *poors the cumm feeling it splash over my ass and pussy drenching my tits and hair i arch my neck to suck on my dripping wet nipples Slave says: pushing your last dirty cumm all over my nipples rubbing it into every pore of my body oh god it feels so good mistress i love rubbing your dirty cumm all over my body Slave says: *pulls out the 2 rulers out of my pussy making sure to keep the ball inside so her mistress cumm will stay there* omg mistress i have so much of your dirty cumm inside my pussy its so fucking hot mistress i want to cumm so hard Slave says: *swirls the 2 cups of piss and cumm in the buck it around sniffing it and loving the smell* imstranding up now mistress im gonna poor it all over my face im gonna hold my mouth open i saved some of this dirty cumm and your last dirty cumm in the glass next to me im gonna swallow all of the dirty cumm that falls into my mouth mistress *Throws her head back* Slave says: *Pours the piss and cumm on her face moving up from her chin slowly lingering over her mouth to drink half of it i close my eyes still savorying your flavory i poor it up past my nose and soak my hair in it Slave says: *gasps reaching for the cup of cumm i hold it in my mouth swishing it around and gagging loving the taste as i gargle it* im holding your cumm in my mouth now mistress im going to slowly drink it drop by drop as i hold my pussy shut with your piss and cumm inside and forcefucking my ass with this giant cucumber when im done mistress im gonna gather up all the cumm Slave says: im gonna poor it onto the plastic and lay int it licking it up inch by inch Slave says: ive drank so much water mistress i have to pee already im starting to cramp but i want to cumm dirty for you mistress Slave says: *pulls out a second Longer, Wider and Knobbier cuccumber and lays it on the ground* Slave says: *I slowly let the Filthy cumm inside my pussy drain down my crack over the tip of the cuccumber in my ass and back into the bucket Slave says: *gingerly spits out her mistresses cumm into the cup careful to save every single drop Slave says: *forces my arm into my pussy whimpering in pain i force it all the way in up to my elbow and grip the ball making my fist twice as big i pull my fist out forcefully whimpering in pain at with every little inch of my pussy Slave says: * holds the dripping wet racket ball in my left hand i lift up the bucket stopping to wiff the sweet fragrance of you Filth *i tilt my head back gagging as i swallow every drop of your sick Filthy cumm Slave says: i pick up the glass and gingerly slips just i tiny capful of the last swallow into the big 60 ounce cup im using to hold your cumm Slave says: *still holding the racket ball in my left hand i pick up the second larger cucumber and forcefully gag fuck deep into my throat trying to swallow it to get it even deeper inside as i gag horrendously Slave says: *turn the cuccumber around to its widest end 3 and 34 of an inch wide!!*im gonna suck every inch of this cuccumber fuck stick for you mistress*Shoves it Hard down my throat gagging and throwing up but unable to spit my vomit because the cucumber forces it back down inside * Slave says: *FORCE IT DOWN HARD INTO MY THROAT STRETCHING IT WIDE AND FORCING ME TO SWALLOW A PORTION OF IT* Slave says: *gags and retches onto the floor after finally pullint it out* Slave says: *presses the wide end against your Filthy Sluts Cunt on my feet arching at an angle with my thighs against my i push the wide end in just to the beginng of 2 and a half inches i brace the cucumber behind me arching my back further* Slave says: *i lean back jamming the cucumbers 15 inchs all the way up into my pussy and screams at the top of her longs several times and moans and cries kneeling up over the bucket to cumm dirty unable to move the cucumber at all* Slave says: omg mistress my pussy is stretches so tight i cant get it out mistress im gonna cumm!!!!

im gonna cumm dirty around this giant Fuck Fruit *slamming the cuccumber in my ass in and out* im gonna cumm!!!

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i can feeel my pussy tightening even move im gonna cumm!!!1 Slave says: CCCCCCCCU;;;;mggggggggggggggggggg aaaaaaaa Slave says: [email protected]!!!! heerrrrrddd *sprrways into the bucket and everywhere as i spasming wildy* Slave says: *forces the dripping wet racket ball into my mouth and shoves my fist in after it forcing it past my toungue and gags on It And the Filthy cumm forces against my throat* CUUJUMMMMMHHHGGGGGGGGGGG Slave says: omggggg they hurt so much oh god it feels good *whips her hand around and slaps her ass Soaking wet with filth hard enough to bruise* Slave says: Cummmmmmmmmmmiiiinggggggggggggggggggggg Slave says: *Slaps her other cheek even harder wanting to wimper in pain but cannot through the gagging* Slave says: ooohhh goddd im cumming everywhere!!!

Slave says: *gags grabbing the giant cuccumber and forces it downward trying to swallow but unable too* Slave says: *forces the cuccumber hard inside screaming through the gags and cumming even harder* Slave says: *gasps spitting the ball out filthy cumm pooling in her cheeks and on her tongue Slave says: *eases the giant cucumber out first and slowly eases the smaller anal one out as well Slave says: *takes a cold steel pipe 8 inches long and 1 and 12 inchs in diameter and ever so slowly eases it in Slave says: *Poors the bucket of piss into a large rubber bag containing half a gallon of piss* lifts the rubber bag high and hooks it upwards* *holds tightly to the metal pipe forceing it towards my clit* Slave says: *pics up a enima attachment and connects it to the bag *leans my head back arching my chest forward and my hips back i slide the enima tube down my throat swalling it and fucking my throat with it getting it wet with cumm and drool from the gags* Slave says: *pushes the enema tube into my pussy shoving it all the way inside i turn it on forcing all your Dirty Cumm inside of me Slave says: *stops at the end only a few cups left pulls the enima out of her pussy and sucks a cup of warm juicy pisscumm straight from the tube and filles the 60 cum cup to the top with the last of it* Slave says: *begins to lick the floor slowly licking and wiping up piss* Slave says: *puts the cumm cup in a safe place and rolls all the plastic up* Slave says: picks up the giant cup of cumm and slowly sucks every drop through a straw slurping even the last little bit on the bottom of the cup.

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Slave says: *lays down fresh plastic on her bed and lays down on it rolling a second sheet of fresh plastic over me to protect the blankets i place the blankets carefull not to get any cumm on them and slowly drifts off to sleep dreaming of her Mistress commiting Filthy acts on me* Thats all!!! email me your comments to see how i did!

or if you have some questions leave youre msn messenger address and times your online and can chat!

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Take care everyone. P.s.

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This is for my mistress who will read this in the morning. I love you Mistress.

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and i Hope you love the story and are pleased ^-^ *kisses her mistress lovingly pressing my breasts to yours and carresses your ass* P.P.S. *Blows a kiss to everyone* i sincerly hooe everyone loves it!!! even the guys are welcome to come chat with me even tho im a lesbian Take care all! and i Hope you all have Spectacular Sex!!!!!!


Yours Truly [email protected]