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Standing on the corner of the street, Kelly knew she was going to get business fast.

Dressed in a tight flowery tank top and short gym shorts, her long legs, and huge breasts were bound to attract a lot of attention. She had some luggage with her, empty but it helped with her back story.


She looked around and glanced at her phone, pretending to be lost in the town she had grown up in. Sure enough, after about 10 minutes looking puzzled, a handsome young man in a suit,who looked to be about 27, came up to her. "Sorry to bother you miss," he said, staring at her breasts, "but I couldn't help but notice that you looked a little flustered?

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She smiled at the man, judging him, "You look a little lost." "Yeah actually, I'm from a small town in california, NYC is a little crazy." He chuckled, "It can be miss, perhaps I can help," "Could you?

Thanks for that, the city scares me a little," she said in a small innocent voice. The man laughed, "Nothing to be afraid except for the odd mugging." He paused, "So, where ya headed?" "I'm actually looking for a hotel.

I just arrived an hour ago," "Hah, me too, I'm staying in Hilton down the street down the street, it's not bad." "Oh," She smiled, this one was going to be easy, "Do you mind helping me get there, my bags are a little heavy." a complete lie, but she wanted to make him feel stronger than her.

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"Sure. Uh, I never did catch your name," She beamed at him, "I'm Kelly, and you?" "Brian, nice to meet you Kelly," He picked up her bags and Rey walked the few blocks to the hotel.

She checked in and they put all the bags away before coming back down to the lobby. "I'm a bit hungry," Kelly said in a suggestive voice, "You know any good restaurants around here?" "A few," Brian said, taking the hint, "I was out looking for lunch too as a matter of fact," He paused, and smiled, "Would like me to take you to lunch Kelly?" She smiled, and said sweetly, "Oh Brian, I would indeed like to go to lunch with you," Brian couldn't hold it in any longer and burst out laughing, Kelly followed suit a few moments later.

Half an hour later, they were seated at a semi-fancy pub, about a mile from the hotel.

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They chatted and made small talk. It turned out Brian was the chairman of a large bank, and he was on vacation here. Kelly faked a story about visiting relatives, but they bought off well and were sitting quite close to each other when they had ordered. Kelly looked around for the waiter for their food and caught the eye of a young boy, maybe 15 or 16 looking at her.


Not at her chest as she was accustomed to, but straight into her eyes. When he realized she had seen him, he slowly winked and turned bak to his meal. She thought about it and thought him very interesting, but she pushed the strange boy out her mind as he had to keep her mind on her current customer. Their food arrived and they both dug in, hungry after the wait. Slowly, Kelly began to drop hints as they finished their meal. She squeezed his thigh, and had started walking her fingers up her clients leg.

He finally took the hint and slowly turned his head to whisper seductively, "How much do you charge?" he said quietly, his lips tickling her ear.

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"400$ up front for 2 hours," she murmured back, glad she didn't need to go the dirty route of explaining, "But you can tip afterwards if you want." He smiled and went back to his meal. With her hand on Brian's leg, she felt his pants tighten, as his cock got ready for what was to come.

He paid the bill and they left restaurant arm in arm.


As she passed by the young boys table though. She dropped a small slip of paper with a scribbled handwritten phone number. They stopped at an ATM so Brian could get some cash. He handed her 3 crisp 100$ bills, and 2 more 50's. She rolled through then put them in her back pocket, and pecked Brian on the cheek, "To the hotel," she laughed. She liked Brian, and figured she might as make him a regular customer and/or a friend.

He chuckled in the same way he had before, and she smiled. Kelly likes his laugh. They walked into the hotel and rode up to 7th floor in the hotels shiny elevator. They both walked to his room and he pulled it open to reveal. A normal hotel room. A king sized bed, a desk, a table with a TV, and a few lamps. He closed the door behind him and snaked his arms around Kelly, kissing her neck. "You're so beautiful, I wanted to fuck you since the moment I saw you.

Kelly laughed and turned around to face her lover. "Well, you can do it now." she kissed him on the mouth now, probing his open lips with her tongue. The pair began to make out by the door, and Brian kicked off his shoes and moved them towards the large bed.

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Kelly disengaged and smiled as she kicked off her heels and pulled off her cammie, revealing a lacy black bra that made her tits look even bigger than they were. Brian smiled and took off his own shirt, showing off a flat but not muscled stomach, and a fair amount of chest hair.

They lay down on the bed and again she stuck her tongue around his mouth as he reached behind her and unclipped her lacy undergarments, the bra loosened but staid where it was, stuck between the two moaning lovers.

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Brian sat up, and lifted up the black bra to reveal a huge rack, firm, with medium sized nipples, Kelly could tell Brian was impressed and gave a little shake so they wobbled.

He gasped for breath, "Those are two most beautiful boobs I have ever seen," and proceeded to shake them up and down with his hands. He began to finger her nipple and she moaned, he had obviously done this many times before. He brought his mouth and tongue into play next, swirling the nipple around, causing a fresh batch of moans to escape Kelly's mouth.

With all the attention though, she realized she was getting paid to pleasure him, not he her. She let him play with her tits for a few more minutes before ordering him up and laying him down on the bed where she bad been lying.

She tugged her shorts and panties to the ground in one move, and knelt next to Brian, slowly tugging down his pants, She unbuttoned them and pulled them off, allowing Brians boner some air. He smiled when she saw the size, a good 6 or 7 inches, longer than her average, but shorter than her biggest, she preferred this size of cock because she didn't feel sore for days afterwards, even of the pleasure wasnt as good. She rubbed her hand around the head through Brians thin boxers, and he groaned.

"Come on Kelly, I'm dying here!" she laughed and began to tug at the waistband to his shorts. "Be patient, Big Boy, you have a while with me, so don't worry about it. She pulled his boxers down revealing the throbbing erection underneath. She slowly leaned down to kiss the head of the large cock. Savoring the taste, she decided that it was better than most.

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After a few more licks, she pushed her head down onto his dick. Licking it up and down, and then pushing her head back down. She slowly began to push his dick deeper and deeper into her mouth, until it reached the back of her throat, she held it there for a few seconds and then let it slide out and gasped.

Deepthroating was one thong she did best.

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Slowly he began to facefuck her, asking for more, and she decides it was time to skip the foreplay, and she stood up and pushed him down onto the bed in one move. Kelly then leaped up next to him so that she sat up on top of him, she positioned his cock at her pussy, and sat down.