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Fuck cock anal boy and gay man makes twink cry Kyler Moss is all
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*IMPORTANT* This is a new account for superkev123, I can no longer access my old one, so I am re-posting all my old ones here, and will also be uploading new ones. Chapter 16 == There was a soft knock at the door. It woke me up. Probably Jessica coming over for another midnight session, I thought. Except when I opened my eyes, I wasn't in my room. I was still in Jessica's. In her bed. And someone was at the door. I sat bolt upright, turning to look at Jessica lying naked behind me.

She slowly opened her eyes, still relaxed and not sharing my panic. The door opened, and I turned to see Rose standing with a stunned look on her face. Jessica sat up quickly, forgetting to cover herself and so revealing her naked chest in the process.

I looked back at the door but Rose was already gone, sprinting off downstairs.


I shared a blank look with Jessica, each of us just processing what had happened. She slowly smiled at me before clamping her hand over her mouth to stifle her laughter. She fell back, giggling and twisting on the bed. I smiled at her reaction, despite the sudden sense of dread I was feeling.

This was going to be tough to explain. "I guess we've been caught!" Jessica laughed, sitting up again. "My fault." I sighed, "Shouldn't have fallen asleep." "Well, I forgive you." she laughed, jumping out of bed to get dressed.

Of course, she'd wanted this all along. For Rose to be in on our secret. The one person I least wanted to find out. Jessica dressed quickly, then turned to me. "Alright, damage control." She said confidently, "Since she knows now, we should go explain everything to her, right?" "Not everything." I said, standing up and putting on my clothes, "As far as she knows, this is just sex, ok?

No. no control or anything else. And no. love." She frowned for a second before smiling again. "Ok, that's fine." She said cheerfully, "As long as she knows it's happening, I don't really care." I finished dressing and we made our way downstairs.

I was amazed by how carefree, even excited Jessica was acting. I felt like we were heading towards execution. It occurred to me how unfair I'd been in wanting to keep this a secret from Rose. She was really the only person Jessica had to talk to, and having to go through everything without her couldn't have been easy. Yet another mistake I'd made.

We walked into the kitchen to find Rose still looking shocked in the centre of the room, almost on the verge of panic. "What the fuck!?" she screeched as soon as we entered.

"I know, right?" Jessica laughed, still seeming completely unconcerned, "Surprise!" "You fucked my brother!?" She shouted "What the fuck!" Jessica just laughed.

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"Just calm down and we can talk about it." She said lightly. "Talk about what!? How did this even happen?" "Well, it was a few months ago." Jessica started to explain. "MONTHS!?" Rose screeched "What do you mean 'months'? You've been fucking my brother behind my back for months!?" "Oh, whoops." Jessica said, "Yeah it's been a while I guess. Basically we-" "God, I don't want any details!" she interrupted. Jessica just laughed again.

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Neither girl had looked at me yet, and I was content to let them sort it out. I was still confused by Jessica's complete lack of concern at her best friends anger. "I wasn't going to give you details." she said, "I was just-" "How?" Rose interrupted again, "How is this even possible.?

I mean. when? Your parents aren't gone that often!" "Fridays, usually. After you go to sleep." Jessica answered calmly. "Oh, so what you. you wait for me to fall asleep beside you and then go across the hall to fuck my brother!" she shouted, "and then what. just slip back into bed with me?" "Well I always shower afterwards." Jessica said, managing to sound slightly offended.

"Fuck." Rose said, "This is insane.

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And why are you smiling?" "I'm just waiting for you to stop freaking out so we can talk." she said. "Why didn't you tell me?" Rose demanded. Jessica hesitated, and I finally said something.

"I asked her not to tell anyone." I said, and finally Rose turned to me "You asked.? But why would you keep this from me?" I watched as her anger quickly melted into sadness.

"I thought we were supposed to be friends again." "Yeah well why do you think that is?" I asked, "I mean, we weren't friends when it started." Rose frowned, but didn't answer. "Why do you think we've been getting along so well lately?" I continued, "When it started. I didn't know what was going to change between you and me, if anything. It just seemed easier to keep it a secret.

And then suddenly you're making me sit with your friends and inviting me to parties. It was easier to just to keep it private. I mean, God, who wants to have this conversation?" Rose thought about this, and slowly seemed to accept it.

"So this. you two being all friendly. it's because you were. involved?" I nodded. "So. what?" She said, looking at us both, "What. what the fuck is this?" "Its just sex." Jessica said, easily repeating the lie I'd told her to. "Just sex?" Rose said disbelievingly, "Jesus Jessica, I never thought I'd hear that from you. I mean. you hate sex. You don't even masturbate!" "Yeah, I used to hate sex." She said. "But. you know, it turns out it's pretty fun when you're doing it right." A hint of a smile appeared twitched at Rose's lips before she frowned, looking back at me.

"And you. both of you, I mean. I thought you hated each other." Jessica shrugged. "It's pretty hard to stay angry at your only source of orgasms." She said lightly. That got her. Rose couldn't help but laugh a little, and then she seemed to finally relax. She let her shoulders drop, and sat down on top of the table.

I tried not to think about what we'd been doing on that surface the day before. "Jesus." She sighed, taking her head in her hands, "This is so surreal.

I mean, I've spent the last few months hoping you weren't about to suddenly turn on each other again, and now." Jessica sat down next to her, barely flinching when her badly bruised ass took her weight, and I moved over to lean against the counter. Jessica hadn't stopped smiling the entire time.

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I guess she knew that Rose would eventually relax. "Ok, so explain this to me." Rose said, lifting her head. "I mean, why keep it a secret?" She looked at me when she said this. I knew from the way she'd reacted earlier that she was surprised I was the one who wanted privacy. It probably didn't make sense to her; a loser outcast like myself should probably have been screaming from the rooftops if I'd so much as kissed a girl like Jessica, whereas she would probably take a fair amount of criticism just by being associated with me.

Or maybe not.

Even as I thought about that reasoning, I couldn't be certain how accurate my assessment was. Would anyone really care who Jessica slept with? But then I thought about how quickly my classmates had surrounded me after my confrontation with Mike. How at least half of all conversation between Rose, Lissie, and Becky during lunch was focused around who was fucking who, and how, and where.

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They were obsessed with other people's business. "I'm just a private person." I said, "It's no-one's business." "Alright. I mean, most guys would want to spread something like that around but." she trailed off, and I smirked.

"God, and I've been pushing Becky on you this whole time, jeez." "Oh I don't mind if he wants to hook up with someone else." Jessica cut in, "It's none of my business." I flinched at this admission. This was a weird enough conversation without bringing that whole thing into it. "Seriously?" Rose said, turning sharply to face her, "You don't care if your boyfriend sleeps around. You." I guessed this was related to what Jessica had revealed to me this weekend, about her parents being unfaithful.

"He's not my boyfriend." she answered simply. "I don't own him." Again I frowned at her, feeling like her might be getting close to dangerous territory. I felt exposed enough just talking about my sex life with Jessica in a general sense, I didn't want the dark details to even be touched on. Mentioning ownership at all was definitely a risky area. Rose just shook her head, amazed.

"So. my best friend and my little brother have been fucking behind my back for. for months." she summarised, still sounding amazed. "You know what? I think I can live with that." she smiled. Jessica put her arm around her and hugged her close, and I felt a weight lift off my chest. this could have exploded in my face, ruining one of the best things to come out of this whole complicated mess.


"So. how did it start?" Rose asked. Jessica hesitated and glanced at me. "It just sort of happened." she said. "Around the time I broke up with Mike." Rose looked at her, lifting her eyebrows. Jessica's smile finally faltered, and she blushed slightly, looking away. "Or maybe it was.

a little bit. before I broke up with Mike?" She said. "You left Mike for my little brother?" Rose asked. "Pretty much." Jessica said, then suddenly grinned. Rose looked at me, then leaned closer to Jessica.

"So I'm guessing he doesn't have the same. problem that Mike had?" She asked, glancing towards my crotch. I felt myself blush, and suppressed the urge to cover myself.

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I didn't want my sister even thinking about my cock, never mind asking questions about it. "Actually, pretty much the opposite problem." Jessica answered. "Opposite?" Rose asked, shocked. "Well, let's just say you really shouldn't be calling him your 'little' brother." "Oh!" Rose said, looking at me again. She smiled with an odd sense of approval, again glancing at my crotch. "Good for you, bro." She said "Alright, this is getting weird." I said standing up, "I'm going to get a shower." Both girls giggled at my reaction.

"Jessica, you're not going with him?" Rose joked. "Oh yeah, do you want some company baby?" Jessica asked, laughing with her. I flipped them off over my shoulder as I walked out, causing them both to burst out laughing again.

I got my clothes from my overnight bag and went to the bathroom. I glanced in the mirror, and I couldn't stop the wide grin that split my face. Rose knew, and it wasn't a disaster. I sighed yet another breath of relief, and got into the shower.

The only concern now was making sure nothing more got out. No other sordid details. I got dressed and found the girls in the living room, sitting on the couch and talking closely. "My turn for the shower." said Jessica, noticing me enter.

She jumped up and walked by me, winking as she did. I hadn't seen her this happy in forever. "So." Rose said as I sat down, "Not so little brother." "So." I said. She paused for a few seconds, just staring at me in disbelief.

"I can't believe you're fucking Jessica." she said, "I mean, it defies all logic!" I laughed. "Yeah, I'm as surprised as you are." "I mean, not that you're not. attractive, or anything. but Jessica's like crazy hot!" "She is." I said. "I mean, did you see her boobs this morning?

I haven't seen them for a few years, they're amazing!" "Are you surprised or jealous?" I asked, laughing. She laughed with me.

"Well. my mind's still pretty blown, but I'm. I'm happy for you." she said, "And her too, I guess. She's always been so weird about sex, you know? To see her actually be able to talk about it, to joke about it. it's good for her." "Glad I could help." I joked. She smiled. "Seriously though." she said, "I think this could be a really good thing.

As long as. as long as you don't hurt her." I noticed the sudden seriousness in her tone. "I'll try not to." I said. She nodded. "Try hard." she said, "I don't know about this whole "just sex" thing you have going on.

I was sure Jessie would never be into that sort of thing no matter who the guy was. Just. promise me you won't hurt her." "I promise." I lied. I frowned, thinking about what Rose was saying. And just like that, I was mad again. Jessica had been hurting me for years, and after finding out about she and I, Rose's first thought was about whether or not I would hurt her. Forget the fact that this was my first relationship ever, that I was just as new to all this as Jessica was.

Did it not even occur to her that I could get hurt? That I might be just as vulnerable as her friend? Maybe it was just because I was a man, and typically people are more worried about the woman getting hurt.

Also there was a little splash of guilt mixed in with that anger. Because of course, I HAD hurt Jessica. Consistently and deliberately. But&hellip.there were other feelings bubbling in the background. I realised&hellip.I couldn't hurt her if I tired. Not the way Rose was talking about anyway Rose and I talked while Jessica was gone. She asked me a bunch of surprisingly invasive questions, which I mostly ignored or refused to answer, but in all it was a pretty light conversation.

She didn't seem to mind that I'd been lying to her for months. Jessica hadn't been worried at all. I guess she knew her well enough to predict that she'd get over her anger pretty quickly. Eventually Jessica joined us again. It wasn't as awkward as I thought it would be. After one or two jokes about the situation, Rose seemed once again to be completely at ease.

We slid back into the same kind of dynamic we'd been developed in these recent months. If anything, it was even less tense because now I wasn't actively hiding something from Rose. When it was time to leave, Rose actually went out first to leave the two of us alone, winking and telling us not to take too long.


It blew my mind how quickly Rose had become comfortable with this. "So I guess that's it." Jessica said, smiling. "Yeah." I said, "The big secrets out." She glanced over my shoulder towards the door, then stepped in to hug me.

"I'm so glad I can talk to her about it now." she sighed. "Just. be careful." I warned, "Don't tell her too much." "Don't worry, I'll keep all the kinky stuff out of it." she laughed. I smiled at the phrase. "Ok, good." I said. "Oh, if you still need to talk about it. the kinky stuff, I mean, just tell me next time. In fact, I want you to do some research. I'll email you some stuff I want you to read about this kind of relationship." I started mentally cataloguing the most useful blogs and information resources I knew about BDSM.

"So there's really like. a whole community about this?" she asked. "Well, yeah." I said, "It's a pretty big subculture. There are probably hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of people who do things like this. Some people dabble, maybe use handcuffs occasionally, and some people live their whole lives like this." "It's pretty exciting, actually." she said, "I don't know.

it's like. different." "I thought you didn't want to be different?" "Well I've always been different." she said, "At least now I know how I'm different. And besides, you're different too." I smiled.

"Yeah I guess I am." She leaned in to kiss me, but paused before our lips touched. She sighed slightly, then kissed my cheek.

She pulled away, looking slightly disappointed. I smiled wider, then pulled her into a deep kiss. "Alright." I said pulling away, "Time to go." "Bye Sir." she purred. "Later, slut." I answered. I headed out to the car, and Rose took us the long two minute drive home.

We didn't talk much more about it, except for me telling her that I wanted things to remain secret. She knew, but that's as far as I wanted it to go. She seemed confused, but agreed not to tell anyone else. Although I think that was more for Jessica's benefit than for mine.

That night I went to my bag of tricks and looked over my collection of toys and tools. I was even more excited to try some of this stuff now, now that Jessica knew what she was actually getting in to.

I wanted to keep exploring the limits of our perversions. The limits of pain that her body could withstand and still find pleasurable. How much pain I could inflict and still enjoy. This wasn't going to be easy, and for me it would be a constant struggle against my own dormant anger, my own selfish desire to just rip her apart, I knew that. But for now, she trusted me. And she loved me. And, as I'd realised&hellip.I&hellip.

The end ========== So.here we are. The end of this road. It has been a long one, with a variety of twists and turns. There will be new stuff coming soon.

As I said at the beginning, these are my stories, on a NEW account. If you want to get in contact, check my Forum profile. Any fans, well wishers, or if you just have any questions, suggestions or the like are welcome to get in touch.