Gym una mujer casada y como gusta los mexicanos mexico vs el salvador

Gym una mujer casada y como gusta los mexicanos mexico vs el salvador
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It was the middle of the week and no one else was in the campground, so the guys carried me over to a wooden table, that was just a few metres away. One of the guys, very considerately,placed a sleeping bag on the rough wood, before they laid me on it right near the end.

It appeared that they had already worked out who was going first, because there was no arguing as Brett got between my legs. He said, "I've been dying for another go at that cunt of yours." He pulled out his already hard cock, and worked it into me.

I spread my legs wider as his cock started pressing into me. I felt terribly guilty about doing this again but I needed it. I looked away and tried to pretend it was Jason thrusting into me. My breasts were bouncing up and down with the force of his cock slamming into me. He wasn't gentle but I didn't want it gentle and loving. Not from them!

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This wasn't making love. This was just sex! I wanted it rough! I wanted to be punished by their meat battering rams. I just lay there and got thoroughly fucked. David came to the side of the table and pushed his cocktowards my mouth.

He turned my head back and told me to open my mouth. He grabbed a handful of my hair and rubbed the head of his cock all over my lips. He was laughing as he asked if I wanted his cock in my mouth, or up my arse.

I have never had anal sex, with anyone, not even Jason, so I opened my mouth and David started to fuck my face. I wasn't really giving good head, but he didn't seem to care. He just held onto my head and pushed his cock into my mouth, as if he were fucking a cunt.


I felt tears coming to my eyes as his cock repeatedly hit the back of my throat. I knew how to give head. I just couldn't take him all the way that quickly. I deep throated Jason sometimes and he loved it!

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I knew if I didn't start swallowing, David would keep bashing his hard cock into the back of my throat. The next time he pushed forward, I swallowed and took him all the way down my throat. My head was turned to the side, and I could feel his hairy balls on my cheek for a second, before he pulled out. Brett was still pounding away at my cunt, and I tried to get into a rhythm with the cock going down my throat, and the one in my cunt. Brett's pace was picking up, and I knew he wouldn't be much longer.

I was actively sucking on David's cock now, and swallowing him every few thrusts. A minute or so later, Brett came inside me, and was quickly replaced by someone else. I have no idea who it was. My face was otherwise occupied! It took almost ten minutes to bring David off. I think he was deliberately holding back, so I would have to suck him longer.

Eventually he grabbed hold of my head, and pulled his cock almost all the way out of my mouth. Then he shot several loads of cum over my lips and tongue. He told me to swallow his load, and I swirled up all the cum from my mouth with my tongue, and swallowed it all in one go. I was still being fucked by whoever had taken Brett's place.

A few seconds later another cock was shoved into my mouth. Four of the men fucked me, and three came in my mouth, before they changed my position. I was rolled onto my stomach and bent over the end of the table. My feet just barely reached the ground.

With my legs were spread, I was forced to stand on the tips of my toes. Someone's hands grabbed my hips, and he stuck his cock inside me. I couldn't suck cock in this position. I lay bent over the table, as I was repeatedly pounded into. I was surprised that it didn't hurt more after the gangbang only a couple of days ago, but it seems that the cunt recovers quickly. I rested my head on my arms, and let them take turns at me, until I felt the one with the giant cock pushing at my cunt. He was easier to take this time, but that is a very relative term.

It wasn't easy! I looked over my shoulder and saw that Andrew was the owner of the monster cock. He smiled at me, as he eased his thick prick inside my slick opening. I forced myself to relax, and allowed my cunt to open up instead of resisting.


He had his cock inside me much more quickly this time. Within a minute he was giving me his full length. I could feel how hard he was and my cunt was being stretched to the maximum, especially when he was deep inside me, and the base of his cock opened me right up. I couldn't help grunting with every thrust of that monster inside what used to be my tight little hole. I found myself wondering if Jason would notice the difference, now that I had been repeatedly stretched.

Would I be loose and unsatisfying to him? The guys used me for about two and a half hours, before someone said that Jason could be back soon.

I gathered up my clothes, and walked naked to the shower. There was no point in being modest anymore. I stood naked under the shower, and rinsed the cum from my cunt, and washed myself clean with soap. One of the guys refilled the canvas bag, so I could have a longer shower.

I even washed my hair, to get the cum out of it. When I was finished I dried myself and got dressed in clean clothes. The weather had turned warm, so I wore a light cotton dress. I felt clean for the first time in days.

That didn't last very long, because the guys had been watching me the whole time, and David said he was ready to go again. Brett said it was too risky, because Michael and Jason could be back any minute. David said he didn't care. He took me by the hand and led me into his tent. I didn't get fully undressed. David just pulled my knickers off and got on top of me.

He fucked me hard for a few minutes, and filled my cunt with his cum again. I was pulling my knickers back on as David left the tent and I heard him say, "Anyone else?" A moment later one of the others was in the tent, undoing his pants.

I lay back down again and removed my knickers, which I hadn't even fully got back on, as the next guy took his turn screwing me. Two more guys came in the tent next. They had me doggy style, one in my mouth, and one up my cunt. Someone called out that they could see Michael's truck coming. The guy in my mouth pulled out, and stuck his cock back in his pants, and left the tent. He said, "Too late! Stay where you are." Johnno was still fucking me from behind.

He held firmly to my hips and kept going. I could hear the truck pull up, and I heard Jason's voice outside. I turned and whispered to Johnno that we should stop, but he just shook his head and kept quietly fucking me.

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The guys outside were all talking. I heard Jason ask where Johnno and I were. David said Johnno was sleeping, and that I had gone for a bit of a walk about half hour ago. Johnno was still fucking me with my boyfriend right outside.

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I was trying very hard not to make any noise as he slammed into me. Less than a minute later, Johnno emptied his balls inside me again. As Johnno went to give the other guys a hand, I snuck out the back door of Johnno's tent and made my way out of the campsite. I couldn't believe what was happening. I was fucking all my boyfriend's 'friends' repeatedly, and we were getting dangerously close to being caught.

I tidied myself up and tried to get rid of that 'just been fucked' look. I straightened my dress and that's when I realised that in my panic I had left my knickers behind in Johnno's tent. I had cum leaking out of me, and there was nothing I could do about it.

I made my way back to the campsite, and acted as if I had been away on a pleasant walk. Jason didn't seem to suspect a thing. At the first opportunity I went to my tent and got another pair of knickers to put on. The guys had brought back lots of ice and plenty more alcohol from their shopping trip. That night after dinner the main drink was Vodka and orange. I noticed that the guys were trying to get Jason to drink more. They weren't being too obvious about it but when I saw David mixing up a couple of drinks, I noticed he was putting three or four times as much vodka into Jason's drink.

It's kind of obvious how things were going to go from there. Jason was comatose by 9pm and I was being gangbanged again five minutes later. Michael got to go first, because he had missed out during the day, but they all fucked me again. Most of them came in my mouth as well. The next couple of days was a series of quick fucks. There were no more gangbangs, but they took turns finding excuses to take Jason away for a while, and I was being fucked regularly.

Someone took Jason out to gather some more firewood, and three guys fucked me while they were gone. Mostly it was just quick blowjobs though. That way I didn't need to get undressed. That camping trip was over six months ago.

Jason still doesn't suspect anything, as far as I know. Most of his friends from work fuck me whenever they can. Even a few of his friends who weren't on that camping trip have been told about me. It's a rare week that I don't get two or three guys fucking me.

Most of Jason's friends from work visit me at lunch time, a couple of times a week. Never more than two or three at a time though.

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They seem to be taking turns to keep Jason busy at work, while the others come to our place, and fuck me. Jason mentioned that work wants him to go away on a business trip for a few days, in a couple of weeks.

I know when he goes, I will have most of his 'friends' over, and I will get seriously gangbanged again. I'm looking forward to it!