Sissy vicky does my starter test

Sissy vicky does my starter test
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[Please like and comment. Everything is appreciated!! I'll be out with a new series within the week] -------Early Sunday Morning Grace, Abby, Marcus, and I had crashed at two different places in my room.

Grace and Abby were on the bed while Marcus and I were on the floor.


We all were laying naked in my room. Grace and Abby were asleep on the bed. Marcus and I were wide awake just staring at each other in awe of each others bodies. Marcus and I decided to go to the master bathroom. We decided to step in the shower to mess around with each other. Marcus made the first move as we began to make out with each other.

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I reached down towards his dick and stroked it. Marcus went down to his knees and began to stroke my dick. Our dicks were super hard at this moment. While Marcus was sucking me off, he was stroking himself. Both of us reaching to our climaxes together.

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As I was releasing my load into his mouth, Marcus was cumming all over my feet and on the shower floor. We took our fun into my room where we were greeted with a room full of moans as Grace and Abby were pleasuring each other in the 69 position. Marcus got onto his hands and knees on the bed with his cute bubble butt in the air.

I got down and starting to eat his asshole making it as wet as possible. I was able to stick a few fingers inside as well. I teased him with the head of my dick before inserting just the head inside his tight asshole. Meanwhile, Grace and Abby were going at it with each other. Their moans filled the room and now Marucs' moans filled the room.

I slowly moved my dick in and out of his asshole before picking up speed. Grace and Abby broke from their position and moved over to Marcus and I.

Grace moved over to Marcus and began intensely making out with each other.

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Abby came over to me and made out with me. I was able to get a hand down towards Abby's pussy and began to play with her clit, and I was able to slip a finger into her tight pussy. I was beginning to reach my climax inside Marcus' asshole, Grace and begun vigorously stroking Marcus' dick to get him to his climax as well.

I pulled out of Marcus and came all across his ass at the same time he leaned up and came all over Grace's tits. ---------- Later Sunday Afternoon It was getting late and Marcus, Grace, and Abby all had to leave but we were able to mess with each other one last time. They wer packing up their stuff naked before they noticed that I was super hard. Abby was the first that darted over to me and got onto her knees and began to stroke me off with the help of her sister. Marcus got down on his knees and began to finger both of their pussys.

Both of their moans vibrated through my dick. Grace was the first to get up and pushed me down into my couch and hopped onto my dick.


As she slid down my shaft, Marcus then inserted his dick into Grace's asshole. Her moans began to fill the room. Abby sat on my face as I began to eat her pussy.

Marcus and I alternated thrusts into both of Grace's holes. Her cum began to cover both of our dicks.

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We both neared our climaxes as we then released our loads inside her holes. As we pulled out Abby once again licked up all of the leaking cum. Marcus then grabbed my dick and began to suck me off. Marcus then hoped onto my dick and began to ride it. Abby wanted to try something new. Grace helped Abby up onto Marcus' dick and placed his dick inside Abby's asshole.

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Picture this, I'm on the bottom while Marcus is riding my dick, while Abby is riding Marcus. The moans filled the room. Grace went to work of Abby's pussy.

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She was doing the works. She was fingering and eating Abby out. Abby was moaning louder than ever before. Grace began to work several fingers into her little sisters pussy.

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This led to Abby climaxing so hard that she squirted onto her sisters face. Abby got down from Marcus and Marcus got off of me. Abby then climbed onto my dick. I slid my dick into her extremely wet pussy. Marcus came up behind her and stuck his dick inside Abby's asshole. Abby released moans that I'm sure the neighbors heard. We alternated our thrusts very slowly. Grace climbed onto my chest and began to make out with her sister to mask the moans, even though you could still hear her.

I then had the opportunity to play with Grace's ass. Wetting my fingers, I stuck a finger inside her asshole and moved it in and out of her.

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The tightness of Abby's holes led to both of us climaxing once more. We were going to pull out, but Grace clearly instructed us to cumminside her sister for the first time. Our thrusts intensified as we neared climax.

Marcus fired off his load first into her asshole. Grace came over and licked all the cum from her little sisters asshole. I was still inside her sister. My thrusts were as fast as ever before. Abby's cum came dripping down my dick with Abby moaning loudly. I finally reached the point of climax and released my thick ropes of cum into Abby's pussy.

Her pussy then dripped of cum which allowed her sister to clean up the extra mess. Once the cum was in Grace's mouth, she came over to her sister and began to trade the cum with her sister through a make out session.