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S.H.E.I.L.A. - synthetic, humanoid, enlightened, inquisitive, living, android -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sheila had stopped at the edge of the city I was staring at her with a questioning look. [Is everything alright?] I asked through my thoughts. Shaking my head I knew that this was going to take a while to get used to.

[I am not certain that I am alright.] Sheila answered me bringing a lot of my fears to the surface. [Have you and your systems been compromised?] I asked as soon as she thought that statement. [It's not so much compromised as it is; I am sensing some things differently. As I stated before after the fifty percent I finally started to get some of what I needed.

Until I reached sixty five percent it was just useful information. I found that after that bit, I started to gain far better understanding into the human psyche. But I still do not understand what this love you mentioned is yet.] Sheila's thoughts conveyed.

[I want you to run a full diagnostic; if you are compromised we need to halt it.] I thought to her conveying my fears. Sheila turned her face toward me her eyes growing wide then she nodded. "I concur, Doctor Gance; it wouldn't keep us safe having that happened." Looking around she suddenly took my hand moving toward a lone building straight ahead. "As of right now they are somewhat blind as to where we are. I am afraid that will change soon." I started to speak when Sheila went to the door twisting the lock off.

As we both moved inside I saw we were in what appeared to be a machine shop. "The copious amount of metal here should provide a bit of cover," I said as I looked around. "I agree Doctor Gance. I will be doing a partial shutdown to extract any files that have been compromised. I shouldn't be more than an hour." Sheila told me then sat growing inert. Sighing I sat nearby wondering what I could do. I had always hated being idle with my mind this time being no more different.


Sticking my hands in my pockets I barely brushed the data crystal seeing a myriad of images appear before me. What the hell I thought. [What they hell was that?] I thought as I pulled my hand from my pocket as if I were burned.

[We have now reached minimum obtainable mass within the corporeal housing of control. This had allowed direct access to the data crystal. It is suggested that access be limited. At present we are only at a preliminary status.

More than ten second access could cause serious damage to the data banks of control. It is suggested that control allow more time for us to obtain more mass.} A myriad of voices were saying to me. Even though I still wasn't used to all this I had to nod my compliance. Far too much of an influx of information could as they said cause damage.

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Shaking my head I again looked around the shop, and then I spied a stack of metal, was that what I thought it was? ____________________________________________________________________________ A confused tech with the Alaska military computer command division found he was strapped to a chair. 'What the hell,' he thought, 'the last thing he remembered was the director patting him on the shoulder. Then pretty much nothing.' Struggling he found he was not only bound at his wrists, he was also at his ankles, his chest in two places plus twice across his legs.

'What in the hell was going on?' A moment later he heard a voice, "Ah good! You're awake now we can start with the extraction." 'Extraction,' the tech thought, 'what were they going to extract.' "Just so you know, since you are the only person that actually saw the data, you're the only one we can possibly get answers from." "The data was recorded; anyone in command can look at it.

Why do you have to do this extraction?" The tech asked his lips trembling. "True it was recorded, though that doesn't give us the reaction and input that your mind did. You see your actions though faster than expected, also saw things in the data at that moment that we need to fight this thing. So as you see we need what is in your head," The voice said. "Why all this? I will give all data you need. I." The tech started. "Oh, we know of your loyalty. What we need can't be given in a normal way; this is a new experimental process." The voice stated.

"If that is so why are you telling me? Oh, I see I will be dead not long after this." The tech sadly said. "No, not really dead; but what is left won't be all that much more than dead. This will be a total extraction; it will hurt more than anything you have ever felt.

There is no shame in screaming I have heard it helps with the pain of the death of your mind." The voice said then was gone. A few moments later two men in what appeared to be hazmat suits came out. They put something that appeared to be a thin helmet on the tech's head with multiple wires leading from in. Then the two men left as the tech's breathing started to grow more frantic.

In a room the facility General watched as everything was made ready. Then he looked to several men as he nodded. Moments later several rows of computer banks came to life as a low humming started. Ten minutes later there was a low whimpering sound that started to grow, and then came the sound of a male screaming that started to grow in volume.

Half an hour later a man looked back to the General, nodding. Nodding back, the room grew quiet as all the machines powered down. The General with several men walked into the same room.

The tech was still there in the chair though his head was to the side with copious amounts of drool leaking from his mouth. Shaking his head the General nodded to the men as they removed the man. Damn he hated loosing that man, then again orders were orders. Walking back into the control room the General flipped a switch. Waiting a few seconds he spoke, "this is U.A.M. of the facility. Calling the G.A.M.

with an update that was requested. All has been moved, book awaiting you anytime for check out." The General awaited the response hoping this put him in the good graces of General Gance again.

Then again he thought no one was really in his good graces these days. "This is G.A.M. acknowledging U.A.M. is the book still sealed? If not then it will be voided are we clear," replied the voice of General Gance making the facility General sweat.

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"Still sealed in its package." The facility General answered. "Excellent I will be there in a few hours.

Please maintain the book in the same condition." General Gance told the man. "Of course sir, it will be as you wish." The facility General replied. "It had better General, it had better." Gance said then cut off the communication. General Gance reached to the front of the communication desk. Retrieving a cigar he started to hunt for a light when one lit up in front of him. Grunting he puffed as the cigar caught, "good to have you on the team Ruslan." The young Lieutenant shuddered as the six foot seven leader of the killjoy group lit the cigar.

"Always, more than a pleasure to work with you General," said Ruslan. "What of the rest of you," Gance asked. "Egor, Stas, and Timur are here," Ruslan sighed as he shook his head. "Karina and Serafima are, uh hum shopping." General Gance also shook his head, "so they are still using the sv-98 and the SVDK. As I remember it is impossible to get ammo outside Russia." Shaking his head again the General continued. "As I remember Karina always thinks her shells won't penetrate far enough." "Da General, one must make sure," came a female voice behind Ruslan.

The Lieutenant looked up shaking more as a blonde woman at the door sneered at him. "Ah! The toy is still working for you. Good we should have." "NO!" Gance snapped at both the women and Ruslan. "No one is to do anything to him. He's the first I've had in years that actually does the job." Staring at all three of them the General growled, "I mean it, there WILL be dire results if he is damaged in either way!" Ruslan's brows went up as he stared at the General. Damn the man was serious; he needed to warn off the others before half the team was in the stockade.

"Alright, what is this mission? What has your fury this day that you recalled ALL of us?" Ruslan asked his interest peaked, had to be damn good to anger the man this much.

With a growl the General started, "it's that bastard who dares to call himself my son." Ruslan's eyes shot open, then a sinister smile slow spread across his face. "We need to kill this son of a bitch. That shouldn't be hard AFTER you destroy that monstrosity he created." _____________________________________________________________________ I had been working with the metal shaping it into a more adequate shape.

I felt that my father had something more devious up his sleeve. Working harder, I almost had it where I wanted jumping when I felt a hand touch my arm. "Doctor Gance," came Sheila's voice, "I am reading an increase in your heart rate and adrenaline production. It also appears that your pupils are widely dilated.

Are you in need of medical attention? With the additional files I have gained I could perform almost any procedure." I had flinched away, almost cutting myself with the grinder I had been using. Looking at her face I saw what appeared to be a look of genuine concern and worry. "No, medical attention isn't needed. You just startled me for a moment." Then I saw Sheila stop almost as if she were looking for something. "Even with all the files I have now acquired Doctor Gance, I'm still having trouble with many of the terms humans use.

Could you please define the last you used?" Sheila asked. I had to think about this for a few moments as I went through several definitions. "I believe that in this case it is to cause (a person or animal) to feel sudden shock or alarm." "Alarm?

Doctor Gance? Did I cause you an anxious awareness of danger?" Here Sheila's head dropped as did her voice. I also could swear that she was softly sobbing when she continued. "I'm sorry Doctor Gance; I did not mean to cause this. I never wish for you to be afraid of me.


Quite the opposite actually, you will always be safe with me." Sheila had reached her hand up almost to my face then she dropped it. Shaking my head I looked at her almost able to see something in her synthetic eyes. My God I thought if she was really advancing the program as I thought she was, she could really be falling in love with me!

Shit what in the hell was I going to do? I had started to develop feelings not far from what she was feeling. At least I thought I was. "I'm glad of that Sheila, were you able to integrate the files? If so were they as useful as I hope they were?" I asked her trying to put off what was weighing heavily on my mind. "Yes Doctor Gance, I found them to be very liberating. As you requested, I was able to gain control over more than sixty five percent of the satellite network. That last one point four percent allowed me access to several weapons platforms.

I took what I had acquired managing to access another point five percent of further weapons platforms. This was before I was locked out of all the rest of the systems." I was nodding my head as she relayed this information. "So just how much can you control?" I asked her. "I remember you saying that you were able to keep many of the systems from tracking you." "Yes Doctor Gance, I am able to avoid detection from almost all but ten percent of them. The only problem is those are much more heavily armed of the weapons platforms.

I have run many scenarios using the platforms I can now control. The outcome has not been favorable." Sheila said as she started noticing what I had been working on. I noticed her eyes staring at the metal I had been grinding. "Do you like it?" I asked then felt a little stupid for asking an android that question.

"I made it as light as I could for better mobility." Sheila's eyes opened wide for a second then she nodded. "You made this for." Sheila started then suddenly was in thought. "I believe that this will afford us better protection. Now that I am active I can finish it for you." I started to say something then thought better of it.

I then moved aside to allow her to finish.

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Sitting down I watched as Sheila took my idea and advanced it in rapid fashion. I jumped when Sheila put her hand on my shoulder to wake me. "Doctor Gance?" Sheila was staring at me as I wiped the sleep from my eyes. I am detecting heavily armed personnel moving in this direction. Might I suggest that we evacuate this space?" At the mention of heavily armed, I jumped up gathering everything I deemed necessary to take with us.

Looking at Sheila I saw she was standing still, concentrating. Then she focused on me, picked me up, then we were out the door. I saw movement down the street as Sheila took a step. I heard a shot ring out even as Sheila was turning toward the movement.

A second of so later I heard the sound of a ricochet from the other side of Sheila.

Down the street I heard a raised, angry voice in what appeared to be Russian. Sheila then turned accelerating rapidly out of the city.

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Even as we were moving I thought I heard another two or three shots whiz past. I was worried more about whether or not Sheila was damaged or not than I was about our escape. Concentrating I thought, [Are you damaged Sheila?] I was worried though I tried to keep it from my thoughts.

[I have been running diagnostics Doctor Gance. It appears that I have suffered no damage to my system. The new plating that you covered my torso with was mostly adequate. The bullet was only a grazing hit. The plating you provided stopped it from penetrating, though a direct shot would have caused possible terminal damage.] Replied Sheila's thoughts.

[Was it law enforcement?] I asked. [No, I do not think so, the bullets were large caliber. Possibly a SVDK, a 7.62 mm sv-98 or a 12.7 mm AVSK. I will attempt to find a better protected space Doctor Gance.] Sheila thought back. Here I thought what I had made would provide her with better protection. Shaking my head I tried to think of something far better. If she was destroyed I wasn't far behind.

Back where they had just left a blonde woman was hitting the wall pissed off, "{Ad! Kak, chert voz'mi, ya propustil? Chert, chert, chert!}" (Hell! How the hell did I miss? Damn, hell!) The leader was looking at the scene wondering the same thing himself. A moment later an evil glint came to his eye as a thin smile crossed his lips. So this was actually going to be a challenge! Looking over to the smallest of the crew he walked over to the man. "Did you get what you needed Timur?" The tall leader asked of the five foot five thin man.

"Da almost, I would have gotten all had someone not fired so soon!" The thin man yelled at the blonde woman.


There was the sound of a rifle bolt being drawn back then pushed home. "You wish to test me comrade? I am happy to put several holes in you!" A tall blonde woman said as she pressed the long barrel of her rifle to the small man's neck. "Then we'd never get anything done da? Be a good girl and go play with your bullets." The small man said without looking up.

Growling the blonde pushed the small man over with the rifle her finger tightening on the trigger. Sighing the leader pushed the barrel up as the woman pulled the trigger. Her eyes wide she looked at the leader nodded then moved off.

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Pulling the small man off the ground the leader stated, "You keep that up I might just let her kill you. You are pushing her too far Timur soon even I might not be able to stop her, remember that." The small man's lips were trembling as he accepted the hand nodding agreement. "I wasn't going to leader honestly; she is just so damn cocksure. It enrages me to no end." The leader was nodding his agreement, "You have to remember Timur.

She is as good with a gun as you are with electronics. We are all experts in our own field. Remember that before you go and anger her that much again." Timur stood still in thought a moment then agreed. "Da leader, I will remember.

I got most of what we will need though leader," the small man paused. "It appears to have a much higher level of protection than I at first thought. I might even go as far as to say she has military encryption." "Military? Interesting, interesting indeed. Will you be able to crack it?" The leader asked. Timur's smile larger as he stated, "da leader it may take longer than usual, I have never failed yet. Now that I have its operating frequency it should really be no problem." The leader looked at the small man as he went back to his small but powerful computer.

Shaking his head he still couldn't see how the man did all he did with a laptop. This was truly going to be a mission that made them indispensable. Another smile lit up his face as he could see they were going to be pushed to their limit. It was about time they had a mission that was worthy of all of them. Timur was going through a myriad of satellites before he found one that responded to him.

So he thought it had taken the control of a great many. No matter he should be able to destroy it in no time. Typing in several commands he smiles as data appeared on the location of the android and a human.

The smile disappeared just as fast as the data suddenly vanished! We had covered quite a few miles though I knew as long as they could trace or follow her we weren't safe. A moment later Sheila stopped putting me down as she stared straight ahead. [It appears that one of those back there is attempting to find me. They are also seems to be trying to access my operating system. This might take a few minutes Doctor Gance.] I heard Sheila's thoughts.

[Are you in any danger?] I asked. [No, they have several of the satellites I do not control. I have far more information and defense than they think.] Sheila replied. Timur started to smile smugly, all he was doing appeared to be allowing him access to the android.

I thought this was going to be difficult he thought with a laugh. He was about to start to infiltrate the android's core when he saw the military grade anti-virus. Laughing Stas crushed it then saw a second stronger behind it. Laughing he crushed that looking for more. Seeing the third he nodded though for some reason he thought they looked vaguely familiar.

With a smirk he crushed it then saw another coming directly behind it. Smirking again he hit it then growled when it rolled over his defense like nothing. Typing at a furious pace Timur's mouth dropped open as he recognized the destruct program. 'Damn,' he thought, 'this has been changed.' Then he realized a moment too late that he couldn't stop it.

Then his eyes got large as he threw himself away from his laptop as it exploded.