Gay muscle police galleries first time Stolen Valor

Gay muscle police galleries first time Stolen Valor
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Okay, I've had some comments saying that they though I changed Josh and he's way too cocky. Let me clear all those issues up. That's Josh's character. He's cocky and you'll just have to get to know the characters. Also, with the moving too fast thing, that's just because I'm new to this and still figuring out how to go about this kind of thing.

So bear with me and just understand this is my writing style. Thank you!! …………………………………………………………&hellip. I slammed the door to my house closed and leaned against it.

I was breathless mostly because I'd been running, but also because I just had some of the best sex of my life! I'd been frustrated with the new girl on the block, Lillian, because she'd been silent for the past week as if I didn't exist.

Just today though, she'd gotten some free time, invited me over, and I managed to do her in the pool. It was great. The swishing of the water added to the rhythmic…it would have been better if her parents hadn't shown up. We'd nearly gotten caught. I had to scale their backyard fence and run for my life.

I'm lucky to be home in time anyway. Dad should be here soon. If he's not gotten drunk or hung up at a stripper club like the usual.

Who am I kidding, he won't be home 'til one in the morning. Sometimes I wish I had normal parents…but then I wouldn't have the freedom I do. I walk over to the refrigerator and pull out an ice-cold water. It was a hot day. I step in something wet and realize my shorts are dripping all over the kitchen floor.

I change quickly and wipe it up, then I sink down onto the couch and flip on the TV. Nothing good is ever on, so I turn it back off. Then I hear my cell phone alarm going off.


When I pick it up I see I have a text message…from Mel. Melanie, my ex-girlfriend. The one who only led me on for sex. It was good sex, but we never had a normal relationship and she was always cheating on me.

Not that I cared, I cheated on her with a blonde chic who was way too slutty to be anybody's serious girlfriend. Anyway, I read the text. Hey, sweetie, I'm bored. Wanna do something? Does she seriously think I'd go for something like that anymore? I'm about to write back and deny her request but I think about it for a second. Why am I hesitating? I really don't want to get back into this with Mel. Especially when I have a chance with Lillian.

I'd better be careful how I word this to Mel. If she finds out about Lillian, she can be a real bitch. No. Yep, it's that simple. That should do it. I send the message and lean back, relaxed. Why would Melanie wanna get together with me again anyway.

I try to think of something better to do than sit here. Then I get another idea. I pick up my cell and dial Lillian's number. "Josh?" she answers. I still love her voice. "Hey, beautiful. We caught?" I ask. "Keep it down! No, and why are you calling me?" "Do you wanna do something real this Friday?

Maybe a movie?" I offer. There's a pause on the line. "You mean like a real date?" she finally asks. "Yes, there's something I wanna discuss with you too." I don't want our relationship to end up like Melanie and I. "Okay, pick me up at five?" she concedes.

"Great, see you then," I whisper, hoping I sound confident and…well…bad. I enjoy making her nervous. This Friday should be fun. The door slams in the kitchen and I hear heavy footsteps stomp into the room. When I look up, I see Dad…and he's drunk as hell.

His eyes are red, his dark hair is messed up, and where's his shirt? "Boy, what are you doing lazily sitting around?" he hollers at me. Then I see someone behind him. Holy shit, he brought a brunette chica home! What the hell?! The girl looked to be in her early twenties with green eyes and the skimpiest outfit ever.

Her skirt just barely fit over her butt and her shirt only came to the top of her stomach with no sleeves. I bet he picked her up at the stripper club. "Relaxing. Who's this?" I counter. She waves daintily at me, batting her eyes. I smile politely, then return my stare to my drunken father. "Synthia is none of your b-b-back stab. So scat out of…out of…my way," his speech is slurred and he grabs the chic's wrist and leads her back to…the bedroom.

Of course. I smile in disbelief and lay back. In a moment I'll be hearing enflaming noises of ecstasy. Sure enough, if it isn't five minutes later, loud moans are echoing from the back room. The noises escalate and I can even hear the bed hitting the wall as it rocks back and forth.

Then Synthia's screaming. Her shouts are enough to make my blood rise. At least I'm over Melanie. That would have been us a few months ago.

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I just hope Lillian doesn't turn out to be a slut. She was awfully forward today. Friday evening I brush my hair and dress in my best casual clothes.

Not to brag to myself, but I look hot. I swipe my dad's car keys off the counter and head outside, hoping to escape him and Synthia, which he brought home a second time. I slip into the car and turn the ignition. It rumbles on. Surprisingly enough, Dad was able to afford a Camaro. It's jet black with red pin-striping along the sides and it's a hell of a smooth ride.

I could have walked over to retrieve Lillian, but a Camaro pulling up at your door make a hell of an impression. I put it in park, leaving the engine to rumble and approach the two-story town house. The first person to step outside to meet me is a tall, rather intimidating man with combed blond hair. He must be Mr.

Rush, Lily's father. "Hello, Mr.

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Rush. I'm-" "Yes I know who you are and I know you're here for my Lillian. Let me say something to you boy. I don't like your swagger or your sporty ride and I sure don't like your confidence. If you had any respect, you'd have approached me for permission to date my daughter. You treat her like royalty or I'll come after your ass and teach you a lesson you're grandchildren won' forget," he barks. Wow, I'm speechless. If he even had the slightest hint of what Lily and I have done, he'd have cursed my grandchildren's grandchildren.

Poor Lily must be in prison here! Then I see her. Lily strides out, slipping past her father. She's in the most beautiful blue and white sundress ever imagined and her angelic blonde hair is combed neatly and swept behind her shoulders. Once again, I'm speechless. Her blue eyes meet my brown eyes and we're locked.

But I quickly break the gaze before her father changes his mind. "I'll t-take care of her, sir," I force out, nervous of his opinion. He really brought me down a level, but I know Lily can't take her eyes off me.

"Be careful, Lillian," Mr. Rush orders his daughter. She rolls her eyes but she nods and gives him a hug. I escort Lily to Dad's car and slide in beside her. Lily slides her hand up the stick shift and smiles. "Nice car," she comments with a devious smile.

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"I know," I chuckle and shift into drive and we're off. "Your dad is sure…" "Controlling? Intimidating? Dismissive? Yeah, he gets on my nerves with his overprotectiveness," she finishes for me.

I smile at her. We pull into the movie theater and walk in, her in the lead. She has a damn sexy walk and I'm sure my swagger makes us a hot couple to anybody watching us. But she leaves me in awe every time. We get out tickets and make our way into the theater. "Wanna get a large popcorn and soda?" I offer. "Sure, we'll share," she slips her hand in mine and follows me to the counter.

"It's all on me." I hope I can make a gentleman impression on her tonight. I don't want our relationship turning out anything like Melanie. We pick our seats all the way in the last row where we can have our privacy as well as not have to crane our necks up to see the huge screen.

"So what did you wanna talk about?" she asks me once we're settled. We have to whisper because the movie has started, but I get the feeling she's not too worried about the movie. "I just want to make sure we're on the same page. I want to get to know you in many ways." I know that came out a little more intimate then I planned.

"I wanna show you a different side of me." "Look, I know you're trying to make yourself the good guy, but listen. You once told me that I wasn't safe around you and that's why I went for you. Because I'm tired of being safe. I want some crazy, uncontrollable side of me to come out because I am so restricted at home that I feel I'll suffocate.

So if you plan on treating me like a Barbie toll and holding my hand in everything we do, you've got me wrong." She fires at me. Wow, so that's how it will be.


"Okay then," I whisper and we focus on the movie. After the movie, we get in the Camaro and instead of taking her home, I take her on a back road I know all too well and park the car by the woods. Then I sit back and just look at her. "So, are we on the same page?" she asks. "I hope so," I say, knowing where I want this to go. I already know she wants me to push the limits, I just have to make sure I take the right steps in getting there.

She must have caught onto my plan because there's a devilish gleam in her eye. I lay my right arm over her shoulders and lean over. She meets me the other halfway, allowing me to take her mouth in mine. Like every time, our tongues entangle in perfect unison and I am blown away by how perfect she is. We slide into the back seat, still joined in an oral fantasy, and I wrap both my hands around her waist. Fuck, I'm already going hard and we've only kissed!

I slide my hands under her sundress and pause at her breasts. "You sure you trust me?" I whisper in her ear. I love playing the bad guy. "Should I?" she whispers back. She's caught on to this trash talk game already. I smile and suck her neck. Her slim, tan body curves under me, slipping into a more comfortable position. My hands explore up her stomach and over her breasts, taking time to rub her nipples and turn her on. She's breathing heavier already and I close my mouth over hers, but only for a moment.

She pulls away and I think I've blown it. Fuck, what did I do? "Take my dress off," she whispers the order. Her smile melts me and I can't resist.

I slide her dress up over her head and off. Then I lay back on her and take my right hand down between her thighs. I slide my fingers under her panties and slowly rub her pussy, fingering her clit and getting moans from her.

She's already soaking wet and she starts to grind her hips on my fingers. Ah shit, here we go. I remove my bra and she sits up and take my pants off for me. "You ready?" I ask.

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She looks up at me in disbelief. "The hell do you mean 'am I ready'?" She lays back down and I lay on top of her, taking the head of my dick and rubbing it slowly on her pussy. She moans loudly and I stifle her following moans by covering her mouth with mine.

I can't wait any longer and I don't think she can either. I push in and she squeals in pleasure. I pull out and back in several times. She twists under me, sliding her leg out and giving me better access.

I grunt as I thrust into her harder and begin to pick up a rhythm. Oh God, this time I'm gonna make her scream. All my dark thoughts are swimming through my mind and I try not to lose control.

I don't want to screw this up. I pump harder and faster, building the perfect grind and suddenly I feel myself being to build a climax as well. She starts moaning louder and soft yells escape her. "Uh…uh…uh uh…AH," she yells. I thrust fully into her and she screams and I pound at her pussy harder.

It feels so good. Her fingernails dig into my back and my hands grip the leather seat. I can feel the car rocking under the pressure of our unison and I pound harder, feeling my climax approaching. It's coming harder and stronger and I'm thrusting in faster. I want this so badly. Then, Lily is screaming. It's an inhuman scream or glorious pleasure and just then, mine hits too.

I yell and slam into her and she screams louder.

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This pleasure is unearthly, her grip around my cock and my cum unleashing into her body. Then suddenly, car lights hit us. Pure terror flashes through her eyes and I lay on her, but the lights down go away. I hear an engine rumble to a stop and the lights are shining through our window. "Fuck, this is bad," she whispers, scared. I pull out of her and hurry to pull my pants on. I get the zipper done just as somebody knocks on the window beside me.

GOD DAMN SHIT! Lillian is still purely naked and exposed and it's clear what we've been doing. And there's a man staring through the window. I open the door, intentionally bumping it into him and step out. "Can I help you?" I ask through gritted teeth. I can smell alcohol on his breath and his hair's a mess. And his cock is out of his pants. "You sure can. Give me some of that fine chic and I'll let you go," he snarls. He rubs his cock and locks his gaze on Lillian, still lying in the back of the car.

I glance at her urgently and she gets the hint. Quickly she begins to dress, but the man places his hand on the car door. "Don't touch my car," I order. This could turn back. The man turns and laughs. "Dammit boy, I warned you. All I want is a quick fuck of this little slut and I'll pretend this never happened." "No, you can't do that.

Just leave us alone." But he opens the door and begins to lean in. Quickly, I grab his shirt and yank him back. He swings an arm at me, but he's too drunk to nail a punch.

I sock him in the mouth, close the door, and jump into the car. Lillian's shaking as she hurries to dress and I tear out of our spot, kicking up dust as we fly down the road. I don't stop 'til we pull up by her house. I'm out of breath. Lillian is still terrified. "Lily, I am so sorry." I am out of breath and I fall onto the center console of the car.

She leans over and places her hands on mine. "What were the chances, huh? Nobody got hurt. Thank you," she is starting to pull it together now and she's clearly thankful nothing happened. But it was way to close.

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I should have been more careful. "Next time I won't put you in a situation like that," I promised to her. It seems every time we get going and I'm able to get what I want from her, something bad happens. This time, it could have cost us our lives. She lifts my head up and kisses me. It's a warm, open, lovely kiss and she's clearly happy with how the night went regardless.

I kiss her back and help her out of the car. "Why do we always get caught?" she asks, saying what I was thinking. I shrug and escort her to her door. "I'm sorry, Lily. I had a good time at the movies." I rub her shoulder, hoping to comfort her. "I did too. Good night," she kisses me again, then goes into the house. "Good night," I whisper and take the Camaro back to my house. When I go inside, Dad's passed out on the couch and Synthia's putting her clothes back on in the bathroom.

I walk into my room and lay on the queen size bed. I can't help thinking how Lily almost got hurt tonight. How messed up can this be? Are we not meant to have a relationship? I can't stop thinking about what might happen next time. Who might catch us next time. If there is a next time… …………………………………………………… Okay, so how do you like it so far?

It actually took I turn that even I didn't expect! LOL, that's how I write though. Sometimes things just happen as I go. I hope it was a little better for all of you, let me know what you think. Stay tuned for part four!


Thank you!!