Mature milf strip tease on webcam

Mature milf strip tease on webcam
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This scene was originally part of a book I am writing, but I ended up changing the storyline to allow them to escape in order to save her sister from fate worse than death.

Also, for where I was publishing it online this scene was too erotic. ;) But it was too good not to share, so enjoy! If you want to read the whole story, even though this scene is no longer in it, you can find it on under the name "An Irish Flower".

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My pen name there is Genevive. It has some other steamy love scenes you may enjoy. ;) Background: Maeve was kidnapped from her home so a rival Lord Camlin could force her to marry his son, Weylin, so Camlin can claim her father's lands. Although it was a forced marriage, Weylin and Maeve fell in love.

But despite Camlin's threats, she is not able to conceive the child that will gain him the lands he wants, and she and Weylin unsuccessfully tried to escape. Camlin snaps, throwing his son in prison and taking out his insatiable rage on defenseless Maeve. ******************************************************************************************************************** He was furious. "You have not born my son a child, you are not even pregnant! You're either barren, or you have somehow convinced him to fool me into thinking he has taken you!

We'll find out which sin you are guilty of!" He slapped her hard across the face. "And to make matters worse, you would try to escape from me, and have pulled my son into your whore's schemes!" She struggled against him, but he was too strong. He whispered in her ear, "You will bear me a child; I will make sure you a not a virgin!" He ignored her screams and threw her onto the bed.

She struggled against him, but he only laughed. He forced her down and straddled her, pinning her arms down with his knees.

He released his wrist knife and cut away the top of dress, releasing her delicate breasts. Her struggles only made them bounce more, causing him to leer at her. He leaned down to suckle them as she begged him to stop. Finally he tired of her cries and stuffed a torn piece of her dress in her mouth. He ripped a long piece from the hem to tie her hands together in front of her. He lifted them over her head and attached the remaining end to the bedpost.

He laughed at her tears. "I like to enjoy my women for a long time. get comfortable, you'll be here a while." With her hands and mouth secured, he moved down to straddle her legs and cut what was left of her dress, leaving her naked. He stood up, avoiding her kicking legs in amusement. He slowly took off his shirt and shoes, then started on his pants. She cried through the gag as he finally stepped out of his clothes and loomed over her.

Grabbing her legs, he spread them apart and moved on top of her. She could feel his hard erection pushing against her opening, but he didn't enter her yet. Instead he moved his body back and forth on top of her, causing her nipples to become hard and her sex to become wet against her will.

She sobbed, angry that he body could respond this way to such a vile man. He ran his finger along her opening and smiled darkly. "I knew your body would respond, even if your mind didn't." He removed the gag and held the knife to her throat. "You'll do what I tell you, or I won't hesitate to kill you." She resisted the urge to scream again, hardly able to see through the tears.

He sat up and moved up until his member was pulsating in front of her mouth. "I'll thank you to pleasure me now, my lady," he said firmly.

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He pushed his member in her mouth, almost choking her. He pushed in and out and slapped her when she didn't start to suck him. Obediently she did, the red mark throbbing on her cheek.

After what seemed like eternity for Maeve, he tired of her mouth and slid down her again.


She was hoping he would be happy without penetrating, but that was not the case. She cried out as he pushed inside her, filling her with his massive member that had defiled so many women.

He pounded her again and again, ignoring her stifled pleas. Eventually she gave up and let him push into her without screaming; she had no strength yet and the damage was done. She felt him shudder as he finished inside her. He got up slowly and frowned. "No blood. I guess my good for nothing son did take you after all. Since you are not with child, that means you are barren- and useless to me. You are a failure to me and to your husband!" He cut the fabric tying her to the bad and pulled her to her feet.

She offered no resistance; she had none left. He dressed himself and wrapped her in a cloak and led her downstairs. He brought her to the main hall where his men were milling about. They turned to look at them, staring at her.

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Confused, she looked at him. "My lord?" He looked at his men and explained. "You will never bear a child of our bloodline, so you are useless to me.

And for that failure you deserve a harsher punishment than I alone can give you.

Therefore my men." He motioned his hand across the room, ".are going to help me finish the job." Suddenly realizing his meaning, she screamed wildly and tried to run, but the cheering, leering men grabbed her. Ripping off her cloak, they took turns holding her down so the the others could rape her over and over again. The first man was the captain's steward, a pasty, fat man who had a lazy eye.

He crawled on top of her, his fatty flesh repulsing her. "I'll make you enjoy this," he chortled and he gasped in pleasure as he entered her.

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He pushed in and out only a few times until he finished inside her. He was quickly replaced by the head guard, a massive man who like it rough.

He pounded her, not caring how he hurt her. While he was inside her, another guard forced open her mouth and thrust his member inside, nearly choking her. The men holding her down fondled her breasts, sometimes licking them when there was room to get their head in. After a few had satisfied themselves inside her, they turned her over against a stool that stood waist height, forcing her limp legs open with their knees.

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One man raped her from behind while another stood in front of her, forcing himself into her mouth. They laughed at the tears that streamed down her face. One after another, all 17 men in the room used her that night, most more than once.


Finally she blacked out, unable to cope with what was being done to her any longer. Weylin's voice was raw from yelling; his arms hurt from pounding and pulling at the bars like a madman. He threatened to kill the guards when he was released if they didn't let him out now. His prison cell was infuriating; he knew what his father was doing to Maeve at that very moment, and he couldn't bear the thought of his dirty hands on her.

Exhausted from his long efforts, he finally collapsed on his knees, praying to every god he knew to protect her.

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Then he heard them- Maeve's screams above him- and in horror he realized just how terrible his father's retribution truly was. He let out a long cry and covered his face with his hands. Sobs racked his body as he tried not to think about what the guards were doing to her. "Maeve, I'm so sorry!" He cried.

"I was supposed to protect you, and now look what he has done!"