Anal loving girlfriend handles cock

Anal loving girlfriend handles cock
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It was a typical hot sultry South African day in the outskirts of Johannesburg where we lived at the time. My mother and father, me nearly 17 and my sister Alison who had just turned 18.

Mum and Dad were at work in the furniture store they owned in the centre of Johannesburg. Ally and me were lazing around the large house as we were both on vacation, me from school and Ally from college.

The house was hot because the windows would not open very wide because of the bars. With the amount of murders, rapes and burglaries every house in our district was like a fortress. I was dressed only in shorts and Ally was only just covered in a pair of sawn off, thin denim shorts which showed everything and a cotton bikini top which just about covered her nipples.

She was one hell of a looker and she knew it. It was hard to keep the local lads away.

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We had a good relationship for brother and sister and got on well. I was sitting in the kitchen having a drink and Ally had gone outside to put some rubbish in the bin.


Suddenly I heard a scuffle and looking up saw Ally being frogmarched into the kitchen by a large black man. He had his arm around her pinning her arms to her sides and a hand over her mouth. Following them were two other black men, one as tall as the first and the other smaller, but very powerfully built. He was the one obviously in charge. 'Don't make a sound' he said to me and I saw he had a large knife in his hand, the sort used to slash undergrowth.

He motioned me to remain seated as I had started to get up. Then he looked at Ally and said, 'If you scream or shout that will be the last, understand?' and lifted the knife. Ally nodded. The man who held her took his arms away. My mind was racing but I knew there was nothing I could do. 'Where's the money?' demanded the spokesman. 'I haven't much, just a few rand,' I replied.

He smiled. 'You rich,' he said, 'Where's the money?' 'It's locked in the safe and my dad has the key'. 'Show me' he said. I showed him the safe and surprisingly he accepted my word. Taking Ally and me from room to room they began to search the house picking up small articles of value and putting them in a carrier bag from the kitchen. I kept watching Ally because I knew she must be thinking what might happen to her.

We came to the last room which was my mum and dad's bedroom. They looted a jewellery box and started going through the drawers. Suddenly one of the tall men let out a laugh and held up something he had found in a bedside drawer.

It was a dildo, a large and nobbly one and from the base it looked like it was a vibrator. He then came up with a tube of lubricating jelly. He sniffed the dildo and said 'Shit'.

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He passed it around. Ally and I looked at each other. Mum and Dad had hidden depths. The spokeman turned to Ally and held up the Dildo. 'You like?'. Ally remained still. He turned to me and pointed to a chair against a wall facing the bed. 'Sit' he said. I sat. 'Take your clothes off,' he said to Ally. Ally just stood there. She looked calm but I knew she must be terrified. The man lifted a powerful arm and waved the knife, smiling a little.

His control was frightening. Ally knew that resistance was futile and would be painful. She reached behind her and undid the bikini top. I had never seen her naked before and her breasts were beautiful.

The three men murmured their approval while Ally just stood there. The man slightly waved the knife again and smiled at Ally. She took her shorts off to reveal minute panties which she then took off. Four pairs of eyes looked in admiration. 'Very nice' said the spokeman and took Ally's arm. He led her to the bed and pushed her down, rather gently I thought. 'Lie down' he told her and she did. The two larger men took off their clothes revealing very large cocks. The bigger was at least 10 inches and thick.

They were both very erect. One of them started to get on the bed but the spokesman stopped him. 'We play first' he said and they all laughed. The spokesman put his knife down on the dressing table which was on the other side of the bed from me and gave me a look, He didn't need to say anything. Taking his clothes off, they were all only dressed in vest and trousers he revealed a cock that was beautiful.

Although not as long as the others, only about 8 inches, it was thick and suited his powerful body perfectly. Ally was lying on her back but her taught breasts had not sagged much.

I noticed that her nipples were now quite pronounced. The spokesman climbed onto the bed and gently pulled Ally's legs apart. He began to stroke her pussy and as he did so the other men bent and sucked her nipples. I thought that this was not the first time they had had a girl together. The spokesman then inserted first one and then two fingers into Ally. I heard her give a little moan which surprised me.

After fingering her for a short while he suddenly reached for the dildo. He slowly pushed it into Ally without any trouble and I realised she must be very wet. She gasped as he worked it faster. One of the other men was beating his cock on Ally's breast and when she gasped he slid his cock into her mouth.

She did not turn her head away and he began to fuck her mouth. For a while all that could be heard was the slurp of the man's mouth on her breast, the slurp of the dildo in her pussy and the slurp as she sucked on the cock. Then the spokesman said, 'Now the other one'.

I did not realise what he meant until he pulled the dildo out, lubricated it generously and, pushing Ally's legs up pushed it into her arse.

She began to struggle but once he had got the end in she stoipped. I watched in awe as he slowly pushed the dildo right into her arse. Suddenly the man who had been fucking her mouth gave a moan and a sort of shout and I realised he was shooting his load into her mouth.

He was the other side of the bed to me and I could see that Ally was swallowing hard. Watching her with that big cock in her mouth and the dildo up her arse I realised I had a raging hard on. After that it became a free for all. They took it in turns to fuck all three of her holes and i remember seeing cum leaking from her pussy and arse.

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I had realised earlier on that she seemed to be enjoying herself. Two of the men were sitting on the bed while the third, one of the taller men was fucking Ally in the arse while she was crouched on all fours. The man said something in his native language and the other men looked at me. The man pulled his cock out of Ally's arse and sat back on his heels with the huge cock in the air. Pulling Ally off the bed the other two made her sit in my chair and shoved me onto the bed.

They pulled off my shorts leaving me naked. I could not believe what they were doing. 'Nothing funny' said the spokesman and indicated the knife. They made me get on all fours and after lubricating the dildo they pushed it slowly up my arse. It stretched me wide as they pushed it in and out. After a while they took it out and the man who had been last fucking Ally's arse pushed his cock up mine.

Suddenly the spokesman shouted out and laughed while pointing out that I had got a hard on. 'He like it very much' he said. He was right.

To m y great embarrassment in front of Ally I could not hide it. The spokesman began to wank me and then had an idea. Pulling Ally from the chair he made her suck my cock while the large cock was pounding my arse.

I could not help it, I suddenly had to release my cum into Ally's mouth. She swallowed without a murmur. The tightening of my arse muscles as I released must have set the man in my arse off because he gave a grunt and unloaded in me.

The three of them were getting dressed when we heard the Police siren. All three panicked and still half dressed rushed out of the house, the one only pausing to grab his knife. We watched them as they got through the hole they had cut in the fence to get in and disappeared.

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The Police siren continued and faded. They were not coming to us. I fetched my dad's gun from where it was hidden but they did not come back. I could hardly look at Ally but after a while she smiled and came and hugged me. 'It's alright' she said. The three had not taken their loot so we put everything back into place, including the dildo.

We decided to say nothing about what had happened and this is the first time it has been revealed. We told our parents that we had disturbed men cutting the fence.


The only time it was ever mentioned after that was afew days later when Ally said to me, ' I wonder who's arse the dildo was being used on between mum and dad,' and laughed.