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Glamour gf ficken
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It was another day at league of legends in well known map called sumoners rift. At mid lane there were two arch nemesis- Katarina, the sinisters blade and Lux, the light of Demacia.

The fight between these two is nearly done.

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Looks like this fight goes to Katarina, because she has Lux pinned down to the ground, denieing her ability to fight back. And there was Katarina, on top of Lux, holding her in one place. As this fight was about to end, as Katarina was about to secure the kill, something strange happened. All the hate and bloodthirst in her body were surpresed by Lux, Katarina felt the warmness of her body, beat of her heart, the sweat smell of her hair.

All that made her think ^why cant i kill her, i know i have to, but my body. It. Feels warm. It feels. good^. Then she looked at Lux's face. The blode young girl had her eyes closed, afraid of what might come. Katarina couldnt take her vision of cute Lux's face.

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Now she knew what she had to do, or what she wanted to do to helpless little Lux. Katarina moved her face closer to Luxs and kissed her lips. Lux opened her eyes open as she felt something soft and warm on her lips instead of cold metal in her chest.

She saw what Katarina was doing and couldnt believed it. She closed her eyes, not wanting to believe that this is happening.

She blushed hard. Her hopes of escaping this unexpecting event were lost as she had no mana left. She tried resisting the kiss, but she felt her own strenght being sucked by this kiss. She knew she couldnt brake free so she stoped resisting with force. Katarina broke the kiss and started slowly kissing Luxs neck. As she did that Lux body started responding to this pleasure with moans. To Lux those moans were embarrasing, but she couldnt stop doing it.

Katarina got even more aroused as she saw Lux blushing with embarrasment and pleasure.

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She became more agressive with her kisses, taking little love bites. -What are you doing to me?!- Lux screamed this question as she her body was still enjoying the feeling.


-What does it look like?- Katarina responded with a wicked smile. -You cant do this!*moan* This is wrong!*gasp* Even you arent like this!*shiver* You werent in to this before!

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-I guess you didnt knew me well-replied Katarina-you can only know other by mind and body-with that said she moved her head lover to Luxs chest. Her round breasts and tender belly looked like their about to pop out of armor. Since that did not happened, Katarina had to do it by herself. She took one of her dagger and ripped Luxs armor apart. Line that dagger went by revealed larger areas of Luxs chest, cleavage and parts of her breast. Now Lux was complety enjoying this, even if she tried to resist it in her mind, her body was already swiming in pleasure and extasy.

The reason of such feeling were because Lux never touched her body and all of this was new to her and it was very pleasent. Katarina finaly got her prize-the feeling of Luxs round breast in her hands, seeing pale white cleavage, touching hard niples with her fingers. All this was moved aside whe Katarina moved her head to left breast and started sucking the tip of the nipple. Such sensation send shiver thru Luxs spine, she started gasping and moning as she felt the tip of Katarinas tounge flicking around her breast and nipple.

This didnt last long because Katarina went lover to belly and from there she went even lover, letting Lux know where she was going.

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She indeed knew what was about to happen, but she coulnt do a thing since she was pinned down and drained of mana. Not to mention all the pleasure that her body had to feel from Katarina.

Now her head licking Luxs belly and moving closer and closer to her crotch. Her armor skirt and thights were quickly removed leaving only panties to cover Luxs pussy that were already wet from all the pleasure. Katarina looked at her panties, soaking with all those juices, feling flatered that all this is happening because of her.

She wanted to enjoy this moment, so she didnt removed Luxs panties right away, she started sucking and licking her pussy thru the fabric. The sensation drived Lux crazy, she didnt resisted Katarina, she was completly controled by her. As Katarina was finishing sucking juices of Lux panties, she slowly removed them from her body, exposing Luxs wet pussy with few pub hairs. Now Lux was completly naked on the ground, breaving heavily and shivering from embarassment for letting all this happen to her, but now she couldnt change it for it went far beond point of no return.

Katarina waited no more, she dived in between of Luxs legs ans mounted her mouth around her pussy and started licking it. Luxs pussy juices were flowing inside Katarinas mouth.

-Stop, ah! Dont lick me there, ahhh!- screaned Lux, but Katarina continued on what she was doing. Lux tried using her hands to move Katarinas head away, but she was too weak to do that, so she just layed there, letting her body away in to the pleasure.

She slowly moved her hands over her own breast and gently started to rub them, increasing the pleasure.

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She touch her erected nipples with her fingertips, sending small waves of pleasure thru out the body. Katarina saw what she was doing and that made her even hotter.


She felt her pussy getting wetter and wetter in her leather costume. She started massaging her own pussy without taking of her leather armor making her pants even more wetter then it is. Luxs was about to cum, she couldnt control herself no more. Now she had her hands on Katarinas head again, but this time she was pushing it into her pussy instead of moving it away.

Katarina felt her her tounge being squezed by Lux pussy. She knew that Lux was close to her climax so she didnt stopped. She wanted to tease her more, but her desire to taste her girl juices was even higher. Climax hitted Lux with such force that she almost fainted. She trew her ass up in air, quickly followed by Katarinas head and upper body. Lux screamed as her pussy exploded on Katarinas face taking every last drop of mana away from her body. Katarina clamped her mouth around Luxs pussy swallowing as much cum as she can, and whit that she jerked herself off to her own climax.

And there they were- laying on the, both heavily breaving from climax and both blushing from realising what just happened. With all that excitement Katarina heard a whimpering -Its not fair!. End of part 1. If this does well i'll make a second part soon ;)