Granny fucks small penis gay Ludo is a adorable and slim youthfull

Granny fucks small penis gay Ludo is a adorable and slim youthfull
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His head rang as the back of it was slammed against his locker.

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He glared at the backs of the laughing group of jocks as they walked away then slumped to the ground trying to drown out the ringing. "Matt!" He turned as his two friends Steven and Jake ran up to him. They helped him up and Steven asked, "Dude, are you ok?" " Yeah, I'll be fine." He assured them, "Not like this isn't a usual thing." "Those stupid jock bastards think they own this place." said Jake.

"They do." He said, "No one gives a damn what they do, if the any of the teachers did something it just be more work for them." He opened his locker and grabbed his backpack out of it then slammed it shut. "Anyway, one more year and we're out of this hellhole for good." He turned and headed towards the exit and shout back "I'll see you guys on Monday!" Thank God the weekend was here, he didn't think he could stand this place another second.

He walked down the steps leading up to the high school then went over 2000 Dodge Neon sure it was kind of junky looking but she ran like a top. He got in, started her up, shifted to drive, then pulled out of the parking lot and headed for home.

"Just a few more months, then it'll be over." He thought to himself then he smiled. He was 18 now had his own car and job and high school was almost over, things were finally looking up for him.

He listened to his iPod as he drove then finally reached home and parked in the drive-way; he quickly got out and went inside. His mom would be at work, she was always working to provide for herself and him since his dad was some jerk boyfriend she'd slept with in college and ran out as soon as he learned she was pregnant.

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The least he could do for her was keeping the house clean and make sure a dinner was ready for her when she came home. He went into the kitchen then set a pot of water to boil, then stuck some noodles in and started to heat tomato sauce and put some spices in it. He went into the living room and watched TV while waiting for dinner to cook.

His mom walked in as dinner finished cooking, she seemed cheerier than usual. "Hey honey" She said as she flashed him a sweet smile and he couldn't help but smile a bit himself, "I'm going to get cleaned up before dinner ok?" "Sure thing mom." He answered back as he went into the kitchen to prepare dinner. He sat at the dinner table with the food all set out when finally his mom came down from her shower and freshening up.

His eyes widened as he turned and looked at her. She was wearing her hair in a ponytail and she was wearing white short shorts that hugged her bodacious ass tight showing it off, and a hot pink tank top which he could tell she had no bra under. He quickly looked to his plate of food to keep himself from staring.

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"Why the fuck is she wearing that?" He wondered to himself as he started to eat his spaghetti. "Everything ok sweetie?" she asked as she sat across from him. He quickly looked up to answer "Fine." Then looked back at his food as he ate, and another thing he asked himself "Why am I so hard?" After an awkwardly silent dinner he cleaned up as his mother went into the living room. When he finished cleaning he walked into the living room and sat on the couch next to his mom who was watching some cheesy horror movie on TV.

After a few minutes she laid her head on his shoulder, he didn't say anything just noticed that she smelled of strawberries. Then came the part of the movie where the killer jumps out and murders someone his mom let out a little yelp and buried her face in my neck. "It's too scary, I don't want to watch anymore." She said "Well then." His sentence was cut short as his mother started to kiss his neck softly "M-Mom, what are you doing?" "Something I've wanted to do for a while." She threw one of her legs over his so she was straddling his lap then she puts her nice full lips to his.

He couldn't help but kiss back her lips were so hot and he loved the feel of them against his. He came to his senses and quickly broke away. "Mom, stop it this is wrong!" he exclaimed. "Is it?" she said as she rubbed the crotch of her shorts against his hardened cock. "That's not what this is saying." "Damn my cock." he thought to himself.

"Look, it just is. You can't do it." He said. "Why do you want to do this with me?" She paused for a moment then wrapped her arms tight around his neck and pressed close to him. "Because, I love you… more than just as a mother.


You treat me better than any man ever has and I want to keep that. You're getting so close to not needing me anymore but I still need you honey." He just stared at her for a few moments then wrapped his arms around her and kissed her passionately.

He couldn't believe he was this, yet it was all he wanted to do. He loved everything about it; her scent, her touch, her warmth, all he wanted was her. He broke away only to quickly say something. "I love you too mom and I'll stay here as long as you need me." She smiled "Oh baby!


You've made me so happy!" They resumed their passionate kissing each other's tongues exploring the other's mouth. "You've taken such good care of me, now let me take care of you" She winked at him then unbuttoned and pulled off his pants and boxers and slide down to her knees in front of him. She tentatively kissed up and down his shaft then took his head into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it.

"Oh mom… that feels so good." He whispered as she slowly slide more of his cock into her mouth until she was nearly at the base then she slowly bobbed her head up and down.

"Oh please go faster." He said and she responded by bobbing her head at an increasing tempo, after only a few minutes of this he knew he couldn't take much more.

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"Mom… I'm gonna cum…" He managed to get out in between gasps and groans. Only moments later he shot and spurt his sperm down her throat. She swallowed all of it then stood releasing his cock from her mouth. She grinned at him and giggled "Did my boy like that?

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You sure came quickly." He smiled sheepishly "I've never had any kind of sex and you just so beautiful mom." "Good, I'm glad I get to be your very first woman" She slowly pulled off her shirt then took off her shorts and panties oh so slowly teasing him.

He studied the naked body of his mother in awe. God she was beautiful, her tits weren't huge just big enough for a handful with perky, pink nipples. She was a bit overweight but it was in all the right places giving her amazing curvature. Her pussy was glistening with moisture, and had only a small well-kept patch of pubic hair on it.

She straddled his lap once more, his cock already erect again. He alternated sucking on each of her nipples and fondled her soft, supple breasts for a few minutes. "Please ride my cock nice and hard mommy." he begged, all he wanted was to feel her pussy around his member. She smiled and kissed him then positioned her pussy right over his cock then slammed down onto it. "Oh God." He groaned. Her pussy was so hot and tight around his cock yet she was so wet she easily bounced on it.

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It felt amazing he was surprised he didn't cum at her first bounce, yet he held out as she bounced on his cock faster and faster. The way she fucked him, it felt better than he had ever dreamed of in any fantasy and after several minutes they were both close to climaxing.


"Oh mom! Don't stop! I'm gonna cum!" He yelled. "Cum for me! Cum deep in your mommy's cunt!" She screamed. She came spurting her juices all over his cock and her twitching pussy grasps and squeezed his cock making him shoot his load into her. For what seemed like forever the stayed frozen together in orgasmic pleasure then they gradually relaxed in each other's arms.

"Mom… that was amazing. Can we please do it again?" He asked She smiled "Of course baby." They made love several more times that night ending up in his mother's bed cuddling together.

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He couldn't have been happier; he'd fallen in love with his mother in a whole new way and had an entire night of hot, lusty sex with her. Now he'd get to fall asleep with her in his arms; feeling her warmth and being intoxicated by her sweet scent mixed with strawberries.

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is my very first sex story and I know it's not even close to as good as some of the stuff here but I'll continue to work on my writing and hopefully will write better stories for you guys to enjoy.